Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization,Unique Donors,Donations,Matching,Total 77,11015,REMOVE 100 CHILDREN FROM THE STREETS OF LUSAKA.,vincent Mpande,FOUNTAIN OF HOPE ASSOCIATION,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11023,"creation of income to 20 women, a man of Morocco",mohamed zaifoun,cooperative agricole tamaloute,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11058,Education is Freedom for 500 Orphans in Indonesia!,masri suryana, - Duplicate Do Not Use,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11041,Elgon Youth Development Centre,kyewalyanga fredrick,Elgon Youth Brass Band Association,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10919,Saves pregnant woman and Baby Lives in cameroon,kamdan erris,Jeunesse Active & Entreprenariat Cameroon,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11193,SUPPORTING THE HEARING IMPAIRED AND THE AGED,angelica mwololo,"community intergration, rehabilitation & empowerment for the disabled(cired)",0,$0,$0,$0 77,10995,PROVIDE NUTRITION TO ORPHANS IN NEPAL,ang sherpa,ADPIN,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10958,Support Israeli Social Entrepreneurs,Yoram Lavi,HUB TLV LTD,0,$0,$0,$0 76,9813,Free Education Material for Poor Children,Wise men Civic Welfare Association,Wise Men Civic Welfare Association,1,$10,$2,$12 32,10819,A school in Liberia for children living in poverty,William Ward,"Smile Liberia International, Inc.",6,$670,$90,$760 59,11134,Cultivating the next generation of women,Wheatonia Malekebu,Rebuilding Respect for Women,7,$135,$20,$155 77,10754,"Give light to 2,000 children in rural Kenya",Wawire Robert,Action for Child Development Trust,0,$0,$0,$0 54,11156,Bring schooling to 200 pygmy children in Cameroon,Vise Chin,Leeiyen,2,$250,$30,$280 77,11157,Access free education for 60 pygmy children,Veronique Folack Sijou,Women's Promotion and Assistance Association ( WOPA ),0,$0,$0,$0 72,10865,Silk Weaving Training Center in Cambodia,Vanntha Ngorn,Color Silk (Cambodia) Non-Profit Organization,1,$30,$4,$34 65,11248,Build Classrooms for Primary Students in Uganda,Valence Lutaisire,Youth Focus Africa Foundation,2,$70,$8,$78 77,10808,Mobile veterinary clinics for elephants in Laos,Tracy Brookshaw,ElefantAsia,0,$0,$0,$0 73,10898,Support Sexual Abuse Prevention Education in Kenya,Tom omwenga,Child Aid Organization Kenya,1,$25,$4,$29 77,11096,Provide food &medical care to 500 orphans in Kenya,Tom Kinyanjui,Youth Organization For International Volunteers,0,$0,$0,$0 10,10909,Clean water for 400 school children in South Sudan,Todd Hardesty,Alaska Sudan Medical Project,14,"$1,685",$122,"$1,806" 62,11308,Help people who want to be helped,Tim Vang,MYC4 Foundation,1,$100,$15,$115 54,10946,"Bring Forth The Light" to Blind Children,Thuan Hoang,Viet Blind Children Foundation,1,$250,$38,$288 77,11014,Provide emergency WASH to 2500 families in S Sudan,Thomas Gany,Christian Mission for Development (CMD),0,$0,$0,$0 41,11264,Eco-school for girls in northern Thailand,Thewin Akkharasilachai,Association for Community and Ecology Development (ACED),5,$525,$71,$596 77,11148,Manage flooding in a Nicaraguan elementary school,Theophilus Malone,Engineers Without Borders at Portland State University,0,$0,$0,$0 42,11086,Service Expansion Using Wireless Tablets,Terrence Young,Community Education Group,13,$495,$35,$530 77,11286,Let us unite and ensure a child's well-being,Tajana Lobanova,NGO Children - Part of Society,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10837,Give hope to 800 disadvantaged youth in NYC,Suzy Akrofi,"Bi-Habawalk, Inc.",0,$0,$0,$0 77,10988,Help Horses and Therapists Change Lives in NJ,Susie Rehr,Special Strides Therapeutic Riding Center,0,$0,$0,$0 71,11013,Help protect Malawi's elephants,Susanne Kneissl,Wildlife Action Group International e.V.,1,$35,$0,$35 29,10977,Read&Connect:Georgia Joins the Global Conversation,Susan Smith,Radarami,10,$755,$112,$867 73,10772,Give girls in Nairobi slums education and hope,Susan Kanguha,Ngando Universal Centre,1,$25,$4,$29 32,11009,Reintegrate Street-Connected Children in Kitale,Su Corcoran,Child Rescue Kenya,4,$670,$82,$752 77,11071,Suffering Disabled Children need your support!,Stuart Naturinda,TINFS,0,$0,$0,$0 50,11019,"Called To Rescue's New Safe House in Vancouver, Wa",Steven Johnson,Called To Rescue,6,$325,$19,$344 77,10766,English Language training for resident refugees.,Stephen Smith,The Papillon Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10854,Kids4Trees/LA Schools Environmental Education,Stephen Redner,Kids4Trees,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11265,Nutritional support for HIV/AIDS women in Uganda,Stephen Esaku,Organization for Development and Solidarity (ODS),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11114,Position 77Orphans to be radiant readers in Haiti,Stacy Zant,Girls and Guys Organized for Anointed Living Inc.,0,$0,$0,$0 1,10843,Saving Lives With Emergency Care in Rural Uganda,Stacey Chamberlain,Global Emergency Care Collaborative,76,"$4,570",$424,"$4,994" 77,11221,Ratanmani Vidyalay for Tribal children in Tripura,Sreelekha Ray,Voluntary Health Association of Tripura,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11224,Second chance education for orphans in Mbare,Spiwe Chakawa,Chiedza Child Care Centre,0,$0,$0,$0 18,10960,Provide crucial care to 15 AIDS patients in Ghana,Sonjelle Shilton,HardtHaven Children's Home,17,"$1,160",$62,"$1,222" 40,11305,Send DC High Schoolers to Malawi to Build a School,Skyler Badenoch,buildOn,10,$550,$11,$561 68,11126,Youth educational radio show for HIV prevention,Siphiwe Nkambule,Super Buddies Club,2,$48,$6,$54 25,10991,Giving Youth a Free Space to Learn at Media Lab,Siok Sian Pek-Dorji,The Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD),3,$800,$48,$848 77,10917,ensure food to 500 vulnerable families in Bumula.,Silas Muchenje,Jubilee Farms Kenya,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10792,Educate & Rehabilitate 25 deafblind children,Shivkumar Sharma,Sense International (India),0,$0,$0,$0 47,10942,Give needy kids life and hope through education,Shiku Waithaka,sports for change,4,$340,$21,$361 27,11172,Provide disability care and education in Uganda,Sharon Crary,Social Promise,4,$771,$90,$861 63,11272,Educate Deserving Children in Uganda!,Shannon Bryant,"Arlington Academy of Hope, Inc.",2,$80,$8,$88 77,11277,Nutrition Clinic for 500 Children of Juba's Slums,Shachar Zahavi,IsraAID,0,$0,$0,$0 52,11225,Restore eyesight to 2000 villagers in India,Satish Girija,Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra,3,$276,$15,$291 77,10849,Assistance to children in foster care,Sarah Smith,Foster Angels of Central Texas Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11059,"75km Ultra Marathon for Girls' Education, Kenya",Sarah Edson,The Amazing Maasai Girls Project,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10824,"Water, Hygiene & Sanitation for Congolese Refugees",Sam Muhumuza,Rwenzori Community Development Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10932,Keep 200 Orphans in school in Evbuotubu Community,Sam Ajufoh,Action For Community Development,0,$0,$0,$0 2,10859,Good Practices in Bioenergy Feedstock Production,Salim Mayeki Shaban,African Christians Organization Network,1,"$4,000",$0,"$4,000" 77,10855,SPORTS FOR DEVELOPMENT CENTER FOR UNDERPREVILEGED,SULEMANU DAHIRU HADJI,DREAM SOCCER ACADEMY MAMFE,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10980,TEACH PEACE EDUCATION TO 500000 STUDENTS IN KENYA,STANLEY KARIUKI,LIFE FOCUS GROUP,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10931,Child Sponsorship Programm for 126 orphans,SEKITOLEKO ACHILLES,Child Hope Restoration,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10992,Send an Indian Tribal Girl to High School,SANJIB BHATTACHARYA,BARADRONE SOCIAL WELFARE INSTITUTION (BSWI),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10906,"Microenterprises for 240 Women, Bomi County",Rufus L. Cole,"Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation, or LICORPA",0,$0,$0,$0 77,11268,Fight HIV-Related Stigma & Discrimination in India,Roy Wadia,Heroes Project,0,$0,$0,$0 66,11064,Life Lessons Through Basketball,Rochelle Coleman,Five-Star Foundation,3,$60,$2,$62 56,11237,Help Palestinian Farmers Grow & Export Their Crops,Robin Twite,Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information,4,$175,$15,$190 77,11262,"Keeping 39,000 children Five and Alive in Uganda",Robert Mugerwa,Program for Accessible Health Communication and Education (PACE),0,$0,$0,$0 74,11203,BEE HIVES FOR RURAL FARMERS TO EDUCATE THEIR KIDS,Robert Kibaya,Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO),1,$21,$3,$24 77,11230,training skills opportunities for urban refugees,Robert Hakiza,YARID (Young African Refugees for Integral Development),0,$0,$0,$0 73,10838,Cure poor kids with heart disease in rural China,Robert Detrano,China California Heart Watch,1,$25,$0,$25 77,11290,Gulf Coast Disaster Relief,Rob Adcock,Northwest Tennessee Disaster Services,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11085,A Ray of hope for the less previlleged Childrens,Richard Mugagga,Saints Center Ltd,0,$0,$0,$0 59,11280,Renovate for 2300 underprivileged Lithuanian kids,Regina Sevelkaitiene,Informacijos ir paramos gausiai seimai centras,4,$135,$16,$152 77,10835,Give a disabled athlete 3 months sports training,Rati Misra,Special Olympics Bharat,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10821,Milton Anglo school for Sight Loss,Ranjan Kumar Biswal,Milton Charitable Foundation For The Visually Handicapped,0,$0,$0,$0 17,10879,Preventing school dropout of 400 children in India,Rahul Thomas,Sahaara Charitable Society,14,"$1,170",$116,"$1,286" 50,11200,Help Sierra Leone Break Free from Elephantiasis,Rachel Forst,Sabin Vaccine Institute,8,$325,$24,$349 5,10810,Life-changing jobs for deprived Vietnamese youth,REACH VIETNAM,REACH,15,"$2,670",$307,"$2,977" 77,10842,Protect 320 Poor old people in bihar / India,RAVINDRA NARAYAN SHAHI,ACTION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF DEMOS (ADD),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11137,Improve water and sanitation in villages in Kenya,RAPHAEL BULUMA,INTERNATIONAL FAITH REHABILITATION DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (INFAREDEP),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11260,Educate Children with Disabilities in Nepal,Purna Shova Chitrakar,Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal,0,$0,$0,$0 75,11049,Give 100 children in Agra hope through education,Punit Asthana,Indian Dreams Foundation,1,$20,$3,$23 61,11056,Rape Prevention for 1000 Children in Nigeria,Princess Olufemi-Kayode,Media Concern Initiative - for Women and Children,6,$120,$14,$134 77,11256,Rescuing Children Working in Brick Factories,Prativa Subedi,"Women Awareness Center, Nepal (WACN)",0,$0,$0,$0 77,10996,support to needy poor girls to complete education,Pramod Zinjade,Mahatma Phule Samaj Seva Mandal (MPSSM),0,$0,$0,$0 67,10953,Help raise fund for 35 old age people in Nepal,Prakash Rai,Society Development Centre (SODEC),1,$50,$8,$58 77,11259,Feed 500 deserted aged slum scavengers in India,Prakash K,Guard Society,0,$0,$0,$0 40,11063,Bring a new dawn to 200 children in Cambodia,Phymean Noun,People Improvement Organization,4,$550,$68,$618 77,10969,Educate 60 Street Children in Kilimanjaro Tanzania,Phillip Watson,Msamaria Center for Street Children,0,$0,$0,$0 35,11218,"Educate 400 Needy Children in Sarlahi, Nepal",Phanindra Dahal,Hoste Hainse,5,$605,$8,$613 26,10765,Support Girls' Education in Rural Nepal,Peter Mason,Edge of Seven,6,$775,$101,$876 77,11194,American Lindy Hop Championships,Paulette Brockington,Artspectrum,0,$0,$0,$0 24,11283,Train 10 Midwives To Save More Lives in Ilam Nepal,Paula Dhanda,Worldwide Healing Hands,19,$990,$53,"$1,043" 48,10740,Ramping up fistula repair in Sierra Leone,Paul Ugalde,Population Media Center,6,$335,$46,$382 11,11211,Sponsor Shipibo Youth Permaculture Training,Paul Roberts,Alianza Arkana,24,"$1,680",$206,"$1,886" 77,11246,Give at-risk Colombian children a safe home,Patricia Gonzalez,Fundacion Ninos de los Andes,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11368,Creating Healthier Families One Child At A Time,Patrice Pooler,"Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, Inc.",0,$0,$0,$0 77,11175,Income generating program for Community School,PLAN SYLVAINE,Ek Pahila,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10747,"PLANT A 100,000 TREES IN SCHOOLS IN GITHUNGURI",PETER KINGORI,ADOPT A TREE PROGRAMME,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11255,caring for 50 underprivileged children in Nigeria,Opeyemi Agbaje,OROL Youth Empowerment Initiative,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11178,"Classrooms For ADC Primary School, Northern Kenya",Omondi Otieno,The African Centre for Volunteers (ACV-KENYA),0,$0,$0,$0 66,11215,Help Educate 50 Deaf Children in Ghana,Oluu Mahamadu Mahama,Savannah Kids Education Project,2,$60,$9,$69 77,10175,Lectures to youth - the condom is preventing STD's,Ofra Balaban - Kasztelanski,CHEN - Patient Fertility Association,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11269,"WASH in School (WiS)-for-11,000 Ugandans",Obong Felix Okello,All Nations Christian Care,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10921,RESCUING 200 GIRLS FROM FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION,OMBERE STEVE NGEDE,HEARTS OF MERCY EVERYWHERE(HOME),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10610,Empower trafficked girls & women through education,Nusrullah Balouch,Hasaan Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10994,Healing Through Sport.,Nosizo Sibanda,Youth for a Child In Christ(YOCIC),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11043,Empower 300 Women & Adolescent Girls of Bangladesh,Nilufa Akter Eaty,Welfare Association for Development Alternative (WADA),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11080,"Lighten up lives of 50 Blind kids in Mumbai, India",Nikita Ketkar,Masoom,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11044,RAKSHA (Protect 50 Survivors of Sex trafficking),Nihar Ranjan Raptan,Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10972,"Games, Toys and Craft Materials for Rachel House",Nicola Gunn,Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11229,Food for life,Nick Turner,Street Action,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11231,TREES FOR SOLAR PROGRAMME,Nicholas Ngece,Volunteers For Africa - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10869,Nutritional management of children orphaned by aid,Ngemonza Bokombolo,ATPAL asbl,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11000,Save10000 children in tororo from mosquito malaria,Nelson Edmond Obella,Voluntary Efforts for Rural Developments (VERDE-Uganda),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11220,Educate 20 child labor and aware their parents,Neha Mehta,Vikas Samarthan Kendra,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11192,Bridging gaps among youth on HIV/AIDS in Cameroon,Ndi Abanda Alphonse,Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services(CBCHS),0,$0,$0,$0 76,10764,BE Your Dream! to Make Every Dream Count,Nathan Webster,DREAM BIG COMMUNITY CENTER,1,$10,$2,$12 77,10897,disaster relief to 3500 marginalised poor people,Nara Narayan Sharma,Society for Animal Welfare and Management (SAWM),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11081,Restore Hope For 100 Vulnerable Children In Uganda,Nanziri Mirina,Zion Youth Initiative (ZYI),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10901,Los Angeles Pup My Ride,Myla Burns,Best Friends Animal Society,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10923,Skill training for Mentally Recovered People,Mustafe Good Nuur,Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization,0,$0,$0,$0 38,10866,Tiny Toones Dance School Challenge,Mungo Parnell,Tiny Toones,10,$565,$36,$601 77,11181,Chicken for 100 orphans in Buwunga sub county,Muhwezi Henry,Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10733,Microloans For Poor Women (Widows) in Uganda,Moses Okeng,Hope for Orphans and Widows Community Association-HOWCA,0,$0,$0,$0 28,11102,Textbooks Needed for 500 School Children in Haiti,Monique P Garrity,Partners for Haitian Children,11,$770,$59,$829 77,11273,Playgrounds & Vocational Project for Jamestown.,Mohammed Tahir,DUNK Grassroots,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10782,Livestock for Vulnerable Community,Mir Bahadur Khan Talpur,Social Watch & Welfare Development (SWWD),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11168,Adult and Children Literacy Education in Teso,Micheal Anguria,SHINE AFRICA MINISTRIES(SAM),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11195,Help Colon Cancer Patients Get Treatment in the US,Michael Sapienza,Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 75,11097,Nutritional support to 500 orphans in Koguma Kenya,Michael Ouko,Victory Foundation Programme,1,$20,$3,$23 33,11017,Global Education Professional Development,Michael Furdyk,Taking IT Global,8,$625,$89,$714 77,11153,Older People volunteering for older people,Methaporn Khuanpanya,Foundation for Older Persons' Development (FOPDEV),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10962,Send Boxes of Hope to a Hospital in Bangladesh,Meridith Rentz,MedShare,0,$0,$0,$0 36,11202,Provide scholarship for 8 bright girls in India,Melissa Rancourt,"Greenlight for Girls, asbl",4,$580,$87,$667 77,10867,SCHOOL GREENING & ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROJECT,Melaku Hailu,Women and Children development organization,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10433,Fuel Saving Stove for 50 poor families in Ethiopia,Melaku Hailu,Women and Children development organization,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10340,WINGS: Taking Flight Against Sexual Abuse,Megan Chuhran,WINGS Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11150,Help Provide Games Kits to 600 Rural Children,Megabridge Foundation,Megabridge Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11053,"Improve performance for 14,562 Tanzanian Students",Mbwana Kambangwa,ALISOD,0,$0,$0,$0 75,11051,Education+Plus for 100 Displaced Kenyan Children,Mary Omondi,"DWELE (Development Work in Education, Livelihoods and Environment)",2,$20,$3,$23 49,10558,Rehabilitation for burn survivors in Taiwan,Marie-Claude Pelchat,Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation,6,$330,$12,$342 77,11209,Leadership skills training for 100 Nigerian youth.,Marcus Akor,The Bridge Organization,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10890,Educate 90 Students in Sri Lanka - ItOnlyTakesTen!,Manjula Dissanayake,Educate Lanka,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11206,Organic Agriculture for Rural Development,Maheswar Ghimire,SECARD Nepal,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10986,Re-unite street kids with their families,MULABBI SAMUEL,CHILDREN'S REHABILITATION PROGRAMME UGANDA (CREP UGANDA),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11149,EVENING EDUCATION CENTER FOR 99 DISABLED IN INDIA,M.A.Hasan Sahani,INSTITUTE FOR THE HANDICAPPED AND BACKWARD PEOPLE,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10965,Combating Force and Early Marriages,Luvenia Cole,Forum for the Rights of Women,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11189,Student Support Program (SSP),Luis Rana Gain,Human rights & Environmental Action Development (HEAD),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11285,Textbooks for 5000 students in Haiti!,Louis Elneus,"Haiti Lumiere de Demain, Inc.",0,$0,$0,$0 77,10848,University Education for 209 Girls in D.R. Congo,Longondo Eteni,AFRICA AGAINST AIDS,0,$0,$0,$0 64,11018,Special Needs After School Enrichment and Respite,Lisa Roberts,Richard Rosenthal JCC of Northern Westchester,3,$75,$4,$79 55,11258,Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence in SA,Lindsay Henson,Lawyers Against Abuse,4,$215,$25,$240 22,11125,Provide nutrition for 500 families in South Africa,Linda van Oudheusden,Missionvale Care Centre,17,"$1,023",$123,"$1,146" 43,11067,"Sparking growth for 10K Ethiopian farmers, weavers",Linda Whitmore,MEDA - Mennonite Economic Development Associates,6,$400,$41,$441 6,10812,Building Jobs in Haiti with Building Blocks,Leroy Close,"1000 Jobs/Haiti, Inc",19,"$2,575",$266,"$2,841" 77,10798,Reading Resources for a school in rural Kenya,Leila de Bruyne,Flying Kites Global,0,$0,$0,$0 21,11198,"Sanitation for 3,500 Earthquake Victims in Haiti",Leah Page,SOIL,10,"$1,025",$56,"$1,080" 77,11101,Empower women to nurture 800 children in India,Laura Peterson,Hands to Hearts International,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11274,Health Literacy for 200 Women/Girls in Upper Egypt,Lara Pimentel,ProLiteracy,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10926,Empower Women of Uganda in Bee-keeping Project,Kyobe Shadrak,Empower And Care Organization (EACO) Uganda,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10968,Primary Education to refugee children in Kampala,Kulihoshi Musikami,People for Peace and Defence of Rights - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11088,Working Together Against Child Trafficking,Kodjo DJISSENOU,La Conscience,0,$0,$0,$0 39,10941,Inspiring Communities Globally to build Peace,Klaartje Spijkers,MasterPeace Foundation,15,$560,$39,$599 77,11184,Empowerment for disable people in Bangladesh,Khandaker M. Shamim,Social Development Programme (SODEP),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11122,Sponsor a Child in Need for Education.,Kennady P,Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society,0,$0,$0,$0 7,11270,Equip School for 500 Primary Students in Uganda,Kay Helm,Tributaries International,13,"$2,560",$216,"$2,776" 30,10675,Help Ugandan Organizations Help Themselves,Kathy Lynch,Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment,8,$745,$52,$798 77,7910,Provide food security for 150 children in S.Africa,Kathy Fourie,ACVV PE SOUTH,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11249,Music Instruments & Supplies for NYC Kids,Katherine Canning,"Education Through Music, Inc.",0,$0,$0,$0 19,11174,End animal suffering in KCMO urban core,Kate Quigley,Chain of Hope KC,17,"$1,155",$16,"$1,172" 77,11177,Children Rescue Program - YSI,Kashif Frank,Serve,0,$0,$0,$0 67,11176,Community Innovation resource centre,Kaganga John,Kikandwa Environmental Association,2,$50,$4,$54 77,10954,Provide clean-safe water to 5000 Ngyeku villagers,Kaanaeli Moses Mafie,Tanzania Environmental Development and Animal Power Society (TAN-EDAPS),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11309,over 150 ovcs in sironko district will benefit,KITOBO PAUL,BUMATOFU HAND OF GRACE,0,$0,$0,$0 62,11252,Monitor sea turtle health for 1 year in Australia,Julie Traweek,Sea Turtle Foundation,1,$100,$15,$115 77,11208,Help/Give130 a wheelchair or white cane this Xmas!,Joy Lai,Eden Social Welfare Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11060,Vocational Skills and Micro-enterprise Development,Joy Daniel,Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10928,education-support-and-needy-care-to-25000-togolese,Joshua K. W. ADAGLO,Mission Vie Comblee (VICO-TOGO),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11216,Clothing Poor Children Uganda Project,Joseph Mukungu,The Little Shoulders Education Trust - LITSHED,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11039,Support Computer Literacy of 160 Kenyans a year,Joseph Odero,Kibera Slums Community Development Program (KISCODEP),0,$0,$0,$0 64,11021,Developing Costa Rican Squatter's Settlements,Jose Francisco Arias Perez,Boy With a Ball,2,$75,$4,$79 77,11191,YOUTH AGENT OF CHANGE,Joel Samuel Feyisola,"Sunshine Progressive Youth Alliance, Ondo State",0,$0,$0,$0 67,10807,Professional dance tuition for township youths,Jocelyn Freed,Zama Dance School,1,$50,$8,$58 77,11022,Green Print Action Girls.,Joanes Jang,Child Aid Development Foundation International,0,$0,$0,$0 62,11254,Care and Support 50 HIV+ Orphan Children in India,Jeyapaul Sunder Singh,Buds of Christ Charitable Trust,1,$100,$15,$115 77,10811,Support 6 community library centres in Kenyan slum,Jeremiah Mzee,Progressive Volunteers,0,$0,$0,$0 70,11055,Save a child from entering into forced sex trade.,Jaya Singh Thomas,CHAITHANYA MAHILA MANDALI(CMM),1,$37,$6,$43 77,11183,A Self-Sufficient Organic Greenhouse for PWDs,Jaoko C. Ochieng',GreenSite Empowerment Project (GSEP),0,$0,$0,$0 60,11242,Help and wrap up me!,Janny Cantillana,Fundacion Beata Laura Vicuna,2,$125,$0,$125 77,10967,"Training 1000 farmers in Kagwe, Kenya",Jane Itati,Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11173,Shelter needed for FGM victims in rural Tanzania,Jamie Landsman,Network Against Female Genital Mutilation (NAFGEM),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11282,Christmas Gift to Families Affected by HIV/Aids,James Waruiru,Fountain of Hope Youth Initiative Group,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10974,Build a school for 400 vulnearble kids in Uganda,James Malinga,Mountains of hope childrens ministries,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10976,EDUCATION FOR 50 NEEDIEST PUPILS IN NAIROBI,JOSEPHAT MARWANGA,GRAPEVINE SCHOOL(COMMUNITY BASED SCHOOL-CBO),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11045,support 224 teen Mothers and their kids in kenya,JOHN KITUNDA,APPROACH CENTRE FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11052,VEGETABLE & FRUIT GARDENS IN 10 SCHOOLS IN JINJA,JOHN BAPTIST,environmental conservation effort (ECE),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11089,Vocational training program for school drop girls,JAYAMALA M,WOMEN FOR WOMEN,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11179,Save 15000 children frm sanitation&hygiene disease,Isaiah Oluwatobi Owolabi,HACEY's Health Initiative,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10955,Peace Toto,Isaac Waithaka,Master Peace Kenya,0,$0,$0,$0 61,11151,GIFT THE GIFT OF EDUCATION TO AN UNDER-SERVED GIRL,Indraani Singh,Literacy India,2,$120,$18,$138 77,11159,Community Poultry Farming Initiative Sierra Leone,Ibrahim Oumarr Jalloh,Salone Microfinance Trust (SMT),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10918,"St, peters Free Hostel send a children to school",IMMANUEL . GEORGE .,"ST,PETER'S SOCIAL SERVICE & DEVELOPMENT TRUST.",0,$0,$0,$0 44,10908,Better Safe Than Sorry - Medical IDs for Epilepsy,Holley Moseley,Epilepsy Society of Northwest Florida,12,$390,$26,$416 58,10956,Help 40 Liberian Children Walk,Heather Barnes,miraclefeet,2,$150,$15,$165 77,10711,Renovate an impoverished school for 450 needy kids,Harriet Anyiam,African Child Care Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10892,Advocacy for youth in environmental protection,HERI SAGALI,THE INTERGRATED YOUTH FORUM,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11025,Scaling up malaria for impact in Mbonge and Tombel,HARRISON AJEBE NNOKO NGAAJE,AJEMALEBU SELF HELP (AJESH),0,$0,$0,$0 62,10882,"Give 50 Young Girls Purpose, Vision, and Hope",Gwendolyn Young,Seed of Hope Foundation,1,$100,$0,$100 31,11196,Empower 22 African Communities to Protect Primates,Gregg Tully,Pan African Sanctuary Alliance,20,$740,$53,$793 77,10984,Increasing Access to PMTCT Among Pregnant Women,Godfrey Canwat,Hope and Peace for Humanity,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11073,Restore hope for the hopeless child in uganda,George Mugenyi,Cosma foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 58,11035,Help a Tanzanian Orphan Complete Primary School,Gayle Kliever,GLK Student Fund (Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Fund),8,$150,$7,$157 77,10769,Construction of a Development Education Centre.,GaspardSaffaGbokoh Ngevao,Association for Peoples Empowerment (APEM),0,$0,$0,$0 23,10910,Improve facilities for young people and volunteers,Gabrielle Bridge,Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre,18,"$1,000",$141,"$1,141" 77,11180,Send 100 teenage drop-out girls to school in Kom,GWAIN Fulai,A Common Future,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10983,Pathfinder club - Desbravadores,Flavia Aquino,Clube de Desbravadores,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10825,support deprived kids in day care centres Zimbabwe,Fezile Ncube,Hope Tariro Trust,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11054,MITIGATION OF CLIMATE CHANGE / REDUCTION OF HUNGER,Festo Sikagonamo,ELIMISHA,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11065,Library Setup & Internet access for rural dwellers,Faozey Nurudeen,Creative Technology for Development Initiative (CTDI),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10933,Rehabilitation of 80 Commercial Sex Workers,FOMBO FRANKLIN FON,NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11079,Community empowerment through food seed production,Esther Kiruthi,Community Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Environmental Program (CSHEP),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11091,Project for 30 peasant families in Colombia,Esmeralda Barrios,Corporacion Biodiverso,0,$0,$0,$0 12,11003,New Media Advocacy Training: Cameroon,Erin Wildermuth,Youth Advocacy Network,14,"$1,570",$108,"$1,678" 77,11061,Afghanistan:Wheelchair Rugby & Bring Empowerment,Erika Montoya,Arcangeles,0,$0,$0,$0 75,10929,Improving Child Health in Rural Uganda,Eng. Deo Kayondo Lubanga,Mission for Community Development (MCODE),2,$20,$2,$22 3,11297,Give Me Shelter,Elizabeth Jackson,Animal Rescue Fund of MS,153,"$3,595",$388,"$3,984" 77,11027,Remote Support to Russian Children w/Down Syndrome,Elena Prokopyeva,Downside Up Limited,0,$0,$0,$0 57,11228,Solar Light & Rural Entrepreneurship for India,Ekta Kothari,Environment Conservation Society (Swtich ON),4,$160,$21,$181 60,10912,Support Trafficked & Abused girls in Kenya,Edith Murogo,Centre for Domestic Training and Development,3,$125,$4,$129 77,10922,Support sixty kids clubs for children in Nigeria,Ebunlomo Walker,Initiative for Integrated Community Welfare in Nigeria (IICWIN),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10894,CLIMATE CHNAGE ADAPTATION TRAINING TO WOMEN GROUPS,EDWARD MUNAABA,AFRICA PARTNERSHIP ON CLIMATE CHANGE COALITION,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11188,Hope 50 Female Drug Users( FDUs) in Okara Pakistan,Dr Kulsoom Akhtar,Active Help Organization (Regd.) NGO,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11160,Provide heart surgery to international children,Diane Morgan,HeartGift Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 51,11107,Support African Illustrators of Children's Stories,Deborah Ahenkorah,Golden Baobab,2,$280,$17,$297 13,11094,Education is Freedom for HHA's kids,Debbie Harvey,helping haitian angels,16,"$1,475",$124,"$1,600" 77,10796,Partnership for Visibility & Human Rights,"David, Kuria Mbote","Gay Kenya Trust, registered as KELEGA Youth Emp Gp",0,$0,$0,$0 54,11244,O'Brien STEM Academy - Energy Education,David Gibson,Envirolution,1,$250,$0,$250 16,10856,Save the lives of children with cancer in Zimbabwe,Daniel Mckenzie,Kidzcan Children's Cancer Relief,3,"$1,220",$150,"$1,370" 15,10973,Engaging with Congress on Climate and Resilience,Daniel Bresette,Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI),5,"$1,245",$153,"$1,398" 77,11040,Build Enterprises for 300 People Living with AIDS,Damascus Onyango,Sule Integrated Development Organization,0,$0,$0,$0 4,11281,Gaza Tutoring Program for children in most need,Dalell Mohmed,KinderUSA,18,"$3,495",$253,"$3,748" 77,10840,Affordable Sanitary Pads For 1500 Ugandan Girls,Cyprian Dusabe,ST. MARK INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11012,Creating secure communities for 650 girls in Kenya,Cynthia Coredo,Boxgirls Kenya,0,$0,$0,$0 73,10949,Children at Risk Education Fund,Cosmas Opondo,Children Rights Information Network-Kenya,1,$25,$4,$29 77,10818,Help Develop Women & Young Entrepreneurs in Africa,Cornelius Nartey,Association of African Entrepreneurs,0,$0,$0,$0 60,10987,Save 1000 Children At Risk From Malaria in Ghana,Claudius Thompson,Hoops Care International,3,$125,$8,$132 77,11001,Delivery of prostheses to 30 soldiers in Colombia,Claudia Patricia Berrio Gutierrez,Fundacion Heroe Camina,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10880,ENHANCE 400 INDIAN GIRLS WITH COMPUTER SKILLS,Christopher Xavier,DIVINE TRUST,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11147,Education and feeding program for 60 war affected,Christopher Misodi,Refugee Kids Foundation(REKIF),0,$0,$0,$0 28,10907,Train 24 Freelance Journalists in First Aid,Chrissy Heckart,"Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues, Inc. (RISC)",12,$770,$93,$863 23,10860,Sport clubs for disadvantaged South African kids,Chris van der Merwe,Inspired2Become,1,"$1,000",$150,"$1,150" 77,10911,Bethel China,Chloe Banks,Bethel China,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10899,Women Capacity Building&Empowerment Project.,Children Care Development Org,Children Care Development Organization (CCDO),0,$0,$0,$0 14,10850,Swaziland: Help 50 orphans become future leaders,Cherry Brandstater,New Hope Centre,10,"$1,330",$78,"$1,408" 77,11219,On-line Education for Lay Counselors,Charles Tauber,Coalition for Work with Psychotrauma and Peace,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10809,Education for 300 Urban Poor Children,Channy Nop,Sunshine Cambodia,0,$0,$0,$0 8,10722,Empower 100 Rural Women in Rwanda in 100 Days,CarolineAnne Argrave,Action Technique Pour un Developpement Communautaire - ATEDEC,16,"$2,152",$125,"$2,277" 46,10086,Build a Kitchen in Cambodia that Feeds 800 Daily,Cambodian Children's Fund,Cambodian Children's Fund,8,$375,$11,$386 77,11046,Send 50 boy to school in Kenya for 1 year project,Calasine Idewa,Integrated interventions to alleviate poverty in Kenya (ITAPK),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11223,Promoting TheTeaching & Learning of the Girl Child,CHARLES KALINZI,Bajja Initiative for Community Empowerment,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11082,Push me Once Piglet for 200 women In Gulu,Bukenya Muusa,Volunteer Action Network,0,$0,$0,$0 56,11115,Build a school for rural students in Brazil,Brazil Foundation,BrazilFoundation,10,$175,$16,$191 77,11100,End sex trafficking &human bondage:raise awareness,Bonnie Erbe',PBS' To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe',0,$0,$0,$0 77,10930,"Themes: Education, Children, Health, Hunger",Bogere Alphonce,FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT(FED),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10952,Provide School Materials to 255 orphans in Ihanja.,Bernard Sungi,Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care (OVCC),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10945,Build a School,Benazeer Baig,Raza Educational & Social Welfare Society,0,$0,$0,$0 53,10891,Life Coaching for Repeat Offender Youth in Toronto,Ben Marshall,Canadian Foundation for Prevention of Family Violence,5,$275,$11,$286 77,11234,Raise cancer awareness across 5 Canadian cities,Barry Stein,Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada,0,$0,$0,$0 76,10688,Water for 2000 villagers for 25 years,BP Agrawal,Sustainable Innovations,1,$10,$0,$10 77,11095,:: PROMOTING TRIBAL LIVELY-HOOD THROUGH AGRO-F,BIKASH RANJAN RAUTRAY,ARASMIN,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11152,Securing Livelihoods of People with Disabilities,BADE GOPAMMA,DIVYA JYOTI MAHILA VIKASH,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11133,Education for 250 working children in Chiapas,Ayelén Amigo,Melel Xojobal A.C.,0,$0,$0,$0 69,10316,Dry up their Tears: Help Conflict Affected Widows,Asghar Khan,Policy Research ANd Development (PRAND) Organization,1,$42,$6,$48 77,11226,Educate 1400 adolescent on reproductive health,Arif Sikder,EC Bangladesh,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10963,flood victims awareness and self preparedness,Arif Paul,Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity - STEP,0,$0,$0,$0 45,11197,Social Inclusion through Theater in Bolivia,Ariana Markowitz,Asociacion Pro Arte y Cultura,5,$380,$22,$402 20,10752,Social Forestry in Uganda: Setting a Precedent,Anthony Kalulu,Organic Perspectives,3,"$1,060",$150,"$1,210" 77,10793,Rescue a Sick & Abused Child in Cameroon,Angeles Mbwoge,Abandoned Kids,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11190,Enabling 50 spinal injuries person survive.,Angela Balaba,Spinal Injuries Association-Uganda,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10852,Books for Children in the Aboriginal Community,Andrew Kay,Aboriginal Literacy Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 34,11271,Prevent Sexual Abuse for 1250 children in Colombia,Andres Felipe Cardona Arango,Corpolatin Medellin,14,$610,$41,$651 77,10951,Release Sobbing Daughters from Sexual Abuse,Amish Nathwani,RESCUE FOUNDATION,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11287,ALO 116- Albanian National Child Helpline,Altin Hazizaj,Children's Rights Centre Albania- CRCA/DCI Albania,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10861,CBS Humanities Fund,Alphonso Slinger,Christian Benevolent Society (NPC),0,$0,$0,$0 77,10989,Water Capture for Andean Families (50 people),Alonzo Zarzycki,Fundacion Urundei,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11185,Help 20 orphan children from Russia to walk again,Alina Yalkovskaya,"Shag Navstrechu, St. Petersburg Public Charity Organization for Disabled Children and Adults",0,$0,$0,$0 77,10916,Give 4000 People with clean water in rural Maracha,Alice Inzikuru,GOOD HOPE OF THE MARGINALIZED (GHOM),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11103,Energy Efficient Cook Stove for Poor Families,Alexander Kedje,Shape Lives International,0,$0,$0,$0 76,10913,Help Give Backpack of Hope to a Child in Nigeria,Albert Ezeigwe,Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation,1,$10,$2,$12 77,11201,Support Girl Child Education-Cameroon,Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku,Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC),0,$0,$0,$0 37,11024,Create Jobs in Liberia,Ainsley Butler,Building Markets,9,$570,$40,$610 77,10839,ENHANCING RIGHT TO LAND 760 WOMEN/GIRLS TANZANIA,Aidan Peter,Building Equality,0,$0,$0,$0 73,10881,Sport for Peace for Children in Northern Uganda,Adicho Bernard Isaac,Art for Children Uganda - ACU,1,$25,$0,$25 77,11245,Microloans to Poor Erunmu Women for business,Adebayo Folorunso,Lifeseed Economic Empowerment and Poverty Reduction Initiative,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11235,"Educate over 150 Children in West Point, Liberia",Adam Butlein,Liberty and Justice Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11236,Non-formal Primary Education for Vulnerable Girls,Abid Lashari,Nawabshah Disability Forum,0,$0,$0,$0 9,11120,Hope for Somalia,Abdurahman Jama,East African Community Services,11,"$1,885",$244,"$2,129" 77,11170,Livihood to 28 persons with Disability B R Palli,.RAVINDRA V. NATH,RURAL SMALL INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY,0,$0,$0,$0 77,10744,Build orphanage for 200 children in Uganda,${projectDonations.projectUser.fname} ${projectDonations.projectUser.lname},Kalambi community outreach project (KACOP),0,$0,$0,$0 77,11020,Pencil and paper for nature to Mindanao children,${projectDonations.projectUser.fname} ${projectDonations.projectUser.lname},"Bukidnon Resource Management Foundation, Inc. (BRMFI)",0,$0,$0,$0 77,11169,EDUCATION SUPPORT FOR 200 ORPHANS/NEEDY IN KENYA,${projectDonations.projectUser.fname} ${projectDonations.projectUser.lname},ufunguo community development project,0,$0,$0,$0 77,11083,Eradicate jiggers in 3 districts in Kenya,,Balm Kenya Foundation,0,$0,$0,$0