Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Donors,Amount Raised (USD),Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 128,17349,Create a Safe Space for Children and Youth,CHANNDIMA WIJERATHNA,9959,HELPING CHILDREN,1,25,,25 26,17201,Send a Child to School in Haiti for a Year,Karen Wienberg,9950,"Little Footprints, Big Steps - IDO",41,"6,000",,"6,000" 104,16989,Provide Clean Water for Rural Family Home School,Robert Bortner,9790,Community Empowerment Network,1,200,,200 124,17340,Providing Safe Drinking Water for War Affected.,Chamila Kodagoda,978,Child Rehabilitation Centre,3,60,,60 128,17414,The Shattering The Silence Tour/Documentary Projec,Connie Lee,9386,FACSA Foundation,1,25,,25 132,17006,Reintegration Program for unemployment youth.,Mustafe Good Nuur,9188,Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization,0,0,,0 132,17138,Providing safe water to 50 mothers in Mpigi,Florence Nakaayi,9166,"Joint Efforts for Youth, Uganda (JOY-Uganda)",0,0,,0 132,14997,EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN THROUGH MICRO CREDITS,NGAH PATIENCE ROHKA,8810,BAMENDA WOMEN CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT UNION,0,0,,0 132,17235,Help Put An End To Domestic Violence,Cathy Russell,8698,The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust,0,0,,0 117,17183,Education for Underprivileged Indian Girls,Paula Rodriguez Sierra,8675,Prime Educational and Social Trust,1,100,,100 132,17017,Feeding 300 Severely Malnourished Children.,Sr. Maria Gorretti Namuwulya,8072,Kitovu Hospital Project,0,0,,0 132,17085,educate 50 vulnerable orphans in slums of Mbuya,Nabagajja Roy,7509,Rise and Shine Association,0,0,,0 62,17170,Educate slum child in Kenya,Jeremiah Mzee,7493,Progressive Volunteers,27,"2,395",,"2,395" 21,17208,Help 20 kids in rural Angola receive an education,Debbie Hildebrand,7355,RISE International,42,"6,250",,"6,250" 132,16727,Sanitary Towels & Education for Girls in Kenya,Bishop Raymond Mutama,7219,Universal Fellowship Organization,0,0,,0 54,17110,Help 50 Young Leaders from US & Korea Join KASC!,Yuuki Shinomiya,6970,International Student Conferences,56,"5,020",,"5,020" 132,17040,"EDUCATION/FOOD PROJECT FOR 7,000 SCHOOL CHILDREN",Ackson Banda,6007,Volunteers Welfare for Community Based Care of Zam,0,0,,0 113,17325,"Replace a TEAR with a SMILE of a Sextrafficked",Jaya Singh Thomas,5725,CHAITHANYA MAHILA MANDALI(CMM),4,135,,135 132,17404,Infra-structures for 20 mentally retarded persons,M.Parama samy,5166,shepherd,0,0,,0 125,16756,Improve Education For 2000 Deaf Children in Kenya,Jacob Ireri,4850,Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya,1,50,,50 93,17317,Help 100 Poor Families in Suriname Care for Pets,Karen Menczer,4507,Animal-Kind International,7,385,,385 132,17032,Medical treatment to 360 Indian pregnant women,Razakbhai Vagadiya,4482,Lok seva Shikshan Vikas Trust,0,0,,0 99,17384,LIVELIHOOD FOR THE CYCLONE AFFECTED 1000 FAMILIES,RAJENDRA RANA,3257,ALTERNATIVE FOR RURAL MOVEMENT(ARM),9,275,,275 128,16712,"Malaria treatment for 10,000 children in Malawi",Nazlie Chan Wing Yen,2789,World Medical Fund for Children,1,25,,25 30,17417,Stop Kenyan Univ. Corruption: Whistleblower Fund,Nathan Samuels,24664,"Not In My Country, Inc.",79,"5,742",,"5,742" 50,17366,Passarim - Teach music to Brazilian children,Anna Thereza Guolo dos Santos,24555,Associacao Pela Familia,48,"5,058",,"5,058" 7,17378,Help Teens Promote Healthy Food Access in NYC,Katherine Soll,24527,Students for Service,42,"10,116",,"10,116" 132,17375,CHILDREN AND PARENTS TOGETHER,Mariana Pisarska,24519,ALLIANCE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH,0,0,,0 132,17080,Scaling up of HIV/AIDS services via urban leaders,mwebembezi Jostas,24518,Human Rights and Democracy Link Africa-Ride Africa,0,0,,0 80,17236,Bring the Arts to 240 Youth in Rural Ecuador,Patricia Galarza,24499,Corporacion Humor y Vida,15,650,,650 56,17335,Help Mexican Artisanal Fishers Prevent Dive Injury,Tarah Mayes,24496,Olazul,68,"5,000",,"5,000" 132,17230,Provide Education for 30 Rural Women from Bosnia,aida brzina,24494,fea. Forestry and Environmental Action,0,0,,0 61,17382,75 YOUNG SALVADORANS DEVELOP THEIR ENTREPRENEURSHI,Keysi Rivera,24492,Asociacion Movimiento de Jovenes Encuentristas (MOJE),40,"2,400",,"2,400" 108,17305,My feet walk the talk for youth in Swaziland,C. Bongani Dlamini,24486,Youth for Christ Swaziland,5,160,,160 121,17082,Grant A Wish Food Program,Vital Thomas,24482,"Grant A Wish, Inc",2,75,,75 2,17151,Safe Childbirth in Rural Tibet,Rebekah Loy,24475,Amitabha Foundation,225,"25,868","4,000","29,868" 29,17104,Educate a visually challenged child for one year,Roshan Fathima,24470,Indian Association for the Blind,43,"5,817",,"5,817" 55,17229,Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program,Jacqueline Audige,24467,"AUMAZO, INC.",40,"5,005",,"5,005" 101,17129,Urgent need to support the needy street children,Michael and Esther Erwachu,24462,Revelation Childrens Ministries International,2,260,,260 53,17313,Coexistence Project for Children,Gamze Karadağ Koç,24461,Mavi Kalem Association,93,"5,027",,"5,027" 95,17174,HIV care to 5000 unattended children in Cameroon,Rosine Cheno,24457,Research for Development International (R4D International),2,360,,360 27,17351,Build Two Urgent Classrooms for 52 Kenyan Children,Richard Monyer,24456,"Harvest Blessings Center, Inc.",46,"5,975",,"5,975" 63,17341,Corail Lherisson's First Community Computer Center,Harry Gray,24447,"Protect the Children's Future, Corp.",15,"2,225",,"2,225" 15,17185,"Help save 3,000 lives in Pakistan",Mehwish Iqbal,24439,Aman Foundation,42,"7,425",,"7,425" 90,17086,Livelihood support for Muong survivors of violence,Phuong Do,24434,CSAGA,5,425,,425 32,17318,Powering Homes and Empowering 100 Women in Liberia,Yvette Judge,24429,SEGUE Liberia,45,"5,545",,"5,545" 33,17276,Brincando de Bola - Protect 750 Brazilian children,Silvia Abranches,24424,Fundacao Cafu,45,"5,520",,"5,520" 100,17300,Students Learn Waste Management in Tibet,Rebecca Havens,24422,Tibetan Village Project,6,261,,261 132,17372,Increasing enrolment and decreasing dropout rate,Muhammad Shah Khan,24416,Nana Sahib Development Society,0,0,,0 132,17289,"A Peaceful Africa for Girls, Women, Men and Boys",Rasel Madaha,24408,AGEN-USA Inc,0,0,,0 56,17238,Stress reduction in 2 high-need classrooms in RI,Vanessa Weiner,24407,ResilientKids Organization,58,"5,000",,"5,000" 22,17280,Enable volunteer consultants tackle global issues,DSO Team,24402,Development Solutions Organization (DSO),116,"6,183",,"6,183" 125,17275,HELP AFAR - HELP MORE - ANIMALS SMILE!,L David Farr,24400,Advocates For Animal Rights,2,50,,50 18,17222,HIV Care for 5000 children/caregivers in Swaziland,Daran Rehmeyer,24397,Kudvumisa Foundation USA Inc,50,"6,750",,"6,750" 121,17212,Technical Education to needy & deprived community,Sheraz Shah,24395,Deewah Development Organization,1,75,,75 66,17343,Jobs are the Answer for Rural Disconnected Youth,Betsy Burch,24392,"YouthAbility, Inc.",11,"1,870",,"1,870" 25,17389,TX No-Kill Shelter Care for Abandoned Dogs & Cats,Janet Hunter,24390,Humane Society Dallas County,61,"6,135",,"6,135" 106,17292,Music and Art in Recovery Treatment of Teens Pilot,Delaine Faris,24384,North Texas Recovery Foundation,3,175,,175 52,17121,Provide Quality Care for Rescued Horses in Texas,Angie Alspaugh,24369,Easy R Equine Rescue,48,"5,035",,"5,035" 132,17281,"Fund a Diploma, Break the Cycle of Poverty",Adenike Akintilo,24368,Clay Pots...A Place to Grow,0,0,,0 11,17240,Ounce of Prevention,Sharon Scott,24348,ICEC,56,"8,190",,"8,190" 132,17377,Promotion of culture of reading through local folk,Ahsan ul Haq,24342,Rural Educational Development & Welfare Organization (REDWO),0,0,,0 47,17116,Water Treatment Systems For Schools In Haiti,Bill Farrar,24330,Fountains of Hope International,43,"5,090",,"5,090" 121,17246,Reach-3068-Nigerians-with-HIV-prevention-services,Philip Kalio,24327,Support Initiative for Sustainable Development,1,75,,75 48,17302,Home of Restoration in Uganda,David Lippiatt,24323,WE International Inc.,16,"5,070",,"5,070" 132,17092,Uplift 240 poor South Africans relying on donkeys,Michelle Griffith,24320,The Farm Animal Centre for Education,0,0,,0 19,17047,Empowering 50 HIV+ kids in India through education,Shirish Lawate,24310,Manavya,64,"6,493",,"6,493" 115,17061,750 East Jerusalem Palestinian Women Demand Rights,Hagai Agmon-Snir,24306,The Jerusalem Intercultural Center,3,120,,120 96,17348,From Enslaved to Empowered in Serbia,Marijana Savic,24300,NGO Atina - Citizens' Association for Combat Trafficking In Human Beings and All Forms of Gender-Bas,7,335,,335 73,17386,Raising Public Awareness on Waste in Armenia,Serda Ozbenian,24297,Armenian Environmental Network,34,"1,235",,"1,235" 70,17231,Sports to Empower 500+ Refugee Girls in Jordan,Lara Farah,24293,"Reclaim Childhood, Inc.",15,"1,332",,"1,332" 125,17272,Pathari Village Project for Indian farmers,Jitendra Karkera,24267,Save Indian Farmers,2,50,,50 42,17368,Livelihood Skills for 300 Kenyan Nomadic Girls,Adeso USA,24263,Adeso,43,"5,165",,"5,165" 132,17247,Ending Violence In The Girl Child and Women Nig.,,24247,Friends in need empowerment initiative,0,0,,0 81,17144,Famine Preparedness -3000 Kenyan Girls/Families,Debby Rooney,24244,BEADS for Education,13,626,,626 40,17171,Help Lithuanian Kids in their Battle with Cancer,Justina Melinauskaite,24238,Mothers' Union,86,"5,220",,"5,220" 20,17332,Save family ties for 10 Russian orphans,Varvara Penzova,24234,Charity Fund 'Our Children' ('Deti nashi'),68,"6,295",,"6,295" 132,17311,Linking Education with Child Health,Hazer Gul,24230,Islampur Cottage Industries Association,0,0,,0 59,17387,Support 430 children with cancer in Colombia!,YOLIMA MENDEZ,24228,Fundacion Colombiana de Leucemia y Linfoma,31,"3,055",,"3,055" 79,16980,Hope Abides,Brent Adams,24226,Hope Abides,14,680,,680 102,17334,Children development through sports in Bucaramanga,JULIANA URIBE,24210,FUNDACION COLOMBIANITOS INC.,5,250,,250 115,17189,Educate 648 pupils affected by Floods in Zimbabwe,Hillary Musarurwa,24191,Practical Empowerment & Networking Youth Asssociation (PENYA),3,120,,120 78,16970,Needs-based training for homeless women in Tbilisi,Ekaterine Gejadze,24189,Women's Fund in Georgia (WFG),25,770,,770 128,17214,classes construction for 100 children of the MARA.,Joseph odupoi,24183,MAASAI MARA WOMEN EMPOWERMENT GUIDE ORGANIZATION (hereinafter referred to as the 'MWEGO').,1,25,,25 6,17062,Save 880 poor Vietnamese from TB & Drug-Resistance,Luan Vo Nguyen Quang,24172,Freundeskreis fur Internationale Tuberkulosehilfe,151,"12,845",,"12,845" 46,17179,Help Revolutionize Education For Peruvian Children,Mariel Sifuentes,24169,EnsenaPeru,56,"5,100",,"5,100" 86,17331,Empower 90 Youth as Waste Wise Managers in Dimapur,PAUL LOKHO,24163,PRO RURAL,5,550,,550 132,17088,Floods and landslides in Bosnia and Herzegovina,Jasminka Tadic-Husanovic,24162,HA 'Prijateljice',0,0,,0 132,17055,Hostel for poor children in India,G.K Swamy,24161,Purkal Youth Development Society,0,0,,0 132,17131,Sign Language Centre helps,Marketa Stodolova,24160,Neslysici s nadeji (Deaf Hope),0,0,,0 49,17209,Resettle 150 widows and single mothers of Katsiru,Bernard Nsabimana,24159,IHUDAF,50,"5,066",,"5,066" 12,17133,Provide School Sponsorships for 10 Kenyan Children,Christina Carlson,24155,Action Two Africa,52,"8,105",,"8,105" 132,17057,Increasing income of 500 tribal farmers of Odisha,JUGAL KISHORE PATTNAYAK,24150,MAHASHAKTI FOUNDATION,0,0,,0 125,17226,Education for 50 poor children in Kyrgyzstan,Irina Trofimova,24146,Children of Tien-Shan,1,50,,50 48,16893,Camp for 400 Kids with Autism & Medical Needs,Dragonfly Forest,24139,Dragonfly Forest,47,"5,070",,"5,070" 125,17081,Infrastructure to Holy Trinity Monastery,Diogo Leandro Parreira,24132,Monges da Trindade (Monks of Holy Trinity),1,50,,50 132,16968,Education Support and services for OVCs in Kigoma,Sophia Nasibu,24128,KigomaWomen Development Group,0,0,,0 132,16951,Campaign to end Early and Forced Marriages,William Tabot,24126,Center for Environment and Human Development,0,0,,0 34,17140,Enable 250 Liberian Children To Go To School,Ron Israel,24109,The Global Citizens' Initiative,54,"5,370",,"5,370" 132,17411,'Working towards the future of the Kenyan child',janes samua,24104,Supporting Primary Education Across Kenya (SPEAK),0,0,,0 132,17051,Send a Child to School in Pakistan for 1 year,,24099,Sustainable Development Association (SDA),0,0,,0 132,16901,Increasing enrolment of 379487 girls in Baluchista,Atta Ul Haq,24091,Youth Association for Development,0,0,,0 132,16884,Rural Knowledge Hub for Tribal Youth of Bengal,Asok Ghosh,24083,Society for Equitable Voluntary Actions,0,0,,0 126,17257,RESTORE HOPE TO 500 UGANDAN ORPHANS (6-24 YEARS),JOSEPHINE NAKAKANDE,24079,Eco-Agric Uganda,2,30,,30 5,17243,Supporting Higher Education for students in Ghana!,Peter Okantey,24048,NAPE Foundation,52,"13,826",,"13,826" 87,17074,Book to School Project in the rural areas of Laos,Jamie Bounleuth,24046,EDF-Lao,11,514,,514 132,17192,Improving community based tuberculosis care,Daniel Datiko,24031,HHA - TB REACH ETHIOPIA,0,0,,0 13,17270,"Give A New Smile to 20 Children in Uraba, Colombia",Sergio Alberto Pérez,24009,Fundauniban,53,"7,807",,"7,807" 132,17199,Skill acquisition training to 1000 youth in Ghana,olamiju abiola awodire,23996,community peace and development foundation (COPEDEF),0,0,,0 107,17156,Support 30 1st Generation Female Students of Color,Lucia de Zavala,23994,Honoring Women Worldwide,5,165,,165 4,17346,"Integral Care for 120 Children and Youth, Caracas",Francisco Segnini,23993,Hogar Bambi Venezuela,53,"15,405",,"15,405" 109,17064,Empower 600 Rural Women and Children in Rwanda,JEAN DAMASCENE UWIZEYIMANA,23989,RWANDAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION,4,155,,155 132,17250,Care of Mentally Retarded Childen,Ramaswamy Rengaraju,23940,Indian Social Service Institute,0,0,,0 106,17308,Food-security & education for 350 villagers in ZIM,Claudia Koehler,18799,Nhindiwa OVCs e.V.,5,175,,175 132,17287,"Health and Respect, Rights for All",Projeto Maos Solidarias Maos Solidarias de Promissao,18793,Projeto Maos Solidarias de Promissao/SP,0,0,,0 132,16899,CHANGING MY LIFE,McArthur Matukuta,18784,Solomonic Peacocks Theatre,0,0,,0 8,17252,Help save 3000 underprivileged Mothers & Children,sundas waheed,18782,Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust,48,"10,060",,"10,060" 132,17167,Help Educate 48 Girls in Rural Tanzania,Susan Bachar,18755,Africa School Assistance Project,0,0,,0 68,16962,"Grass Roots Sea Turtle Conservation, Costa Rica",Nicki Volunteers,18750,ASVO,26,"1,587",,"1,587" 41,17358,Education for the underprivileged in Mombasa slums,PATRICK SAISI,18748,ANGAZA NURU COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION,46,"5,205",,"5,205" 132,17093,Vocational Training for 200 slum youths Kenya,KANUTI MUKHABI,18746,LEVOZY SELF HELP GROUP,0,0,,0 131,16807,Ensure food security for 500 households in India,Dr Sujit Bairagi,18708,Dolphin Foundation,1,10,,10 10,17175,Free Summer Academy for 500 Bulgarian Children,Anjela Deyanska,18707,Teach For Bulgaria/Zaedno v chas,54,"8,194",,"8,194" 132,16920,PROMOTING SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR THE NEEDY BOY CHILD,ALLAN OMOLLO,18701,BOY CHILD INITIATIVE,0,0,,0 132,17123,TO IMPROVE THE HUMAN RIGHT CONDITION IN D.I. KHAN,Liaqat Ali Khan,18697,HORIZON DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION,0,0,,0 120,17361,Let's Feed the 60 hungry children's from Macedonia,Dusko Hristov,18691,Food for ALL - Food Bank Macedonia,3,85,,85 132,16881,DEAF&DUMB child EARLY EDUCATION & REHABILITATION,Kumara Guru,18685,SABARMATHI SOCIAL SEVA SAGAM,0,0,,0 124,17242,Encouraging HR defenders in monitoring ESC rights,bishnu pukar shrestha,18678,CAHURAST.Nepal,2,60,,60 39,17283,Help save injured and orphaned wild parrots,Joshua Bridwell,18677,REP for Wildlife; SoCal Parrot,49,"5,225",,"5,225" 114,17160,"Help Save Kittens, Puppies & Pregnant Moms",Catherine Edwards,18676,PetConnect Rescue Inc.,2,125,,125 51,17165,Uplift Jamaican Schoolchildren Through Science,Keriayn Smith,18663,Society for Scientific Advancement,62,"5,055",,"5,055" 132,17136,Educate and Train 40 vulnerable girls in Kenya,vivian nyaga,18662,VIVIAN KARIMI FOUNDATION,0,0,,0 43,17347,500 Hungry Children - A Lasting Solution,Alan Silva,18660,Feed the World,51,"5,156",,"5,156" 17,16863,Emergency Veterinary Care for Pets of the Homeless,Genevieve Frederick,18654,Feeding Pets of the Homeless,87,"6,950",,"6,950" 94,17381,Build 40 water & toilet units - Haiyan PHilippines,Regina "Nanette" Salvador-Antequisa,18641,"Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits, Inc. (ECOWEB)",9,370,,370 129,16729,To build a charity hospital in Palestine,Ted Valley,18610,land of peace,1,20,,20 3,17134,Street to School - Mainstreaming Street Children,Neelu Khanna,18595,Aasraa Trust,88,"19,220","1,000","20,220" 132,17399,Educating 200 school drop out girls in India,Sanjay Tiwari,18594,Yukti Samaj Sewa Society,0,0,,0 126,17084,Keep Snowsport Equipment Out of the Landfill,Tori Sowul,18582,Recycle Utah,2,30,,30 132,17304,Release tribal women from vicious cycle of poverty,Suvashi Kachhap,18579,S0CIETY OF TRIBAL WOMEN FOR DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,0 132,16749,TO ESTABLISH SUPPLEMENTARY EDUCATION CENTERS,KULANDAIVELU.M MUTHU,18569,RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION,0,0,,0 132,17286,iT helps 80 burundian youth build their dreams,Nkunzimana Félicité,18540,"Youth Action for Development, YAD ASBL",0,0,,0 9,17108,Planting Trees and Seeds of Hope in Nigeria,Fernando Moneta,18533,Bernadette Strebel World Peace,56,"8,675",,"8,675" 77,17379,Train 40 Women Entrepreneurs in Somalia,Deqo Aden Mohamed,18524,Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation,13,935,,935 74,17079,Support Youth Living with Disabilities in Armenia!,Grigoryan Gayane,18520,Charentsavan Resource Center Charitable NGO,44,"1,198",,"1,198" 128,16765,Grant Wishes for Kids in the Greater Bay Area,Elsa Lundy,18518,Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area,1,25,,25 112,16745,"without you, no education, no future!",Daniel Kyaterekera,18517,Brethren care and Community Empowerment Foundation,4,140,,140 128,17419,Sustain elephants retired from zoos and circuses,Lee Levine,18506,The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee,1,25,,25 44,17205,Set kids free from trauma of sexual/physical abuse,"Sharon Bayus, MA, LPC-S",18504,"Innovative Alternatives, Inc.",49,"5,155",,"5,155" 132,16888,OLDER PEOPLE GROUPS INCOME SOLUTION/POULTRY,SAWATA Kasulu,18496,Saidia Wazee Tanzania (SAWATA),0,0,,0 111,16865,Construct of Greenhouse in 10 schools in Uganda,Mohammad Shariful Alam,18464,MMANZE CENTRE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING-MACERUDET,4,145,,145 132,16744,Help Humanitarian TV channel for social home care,Edin Grahic,18463,Ustanova Medico - kucna njega (translation: Medico - home care),0,0,,0 132,16747,Help 150 kids in getting primary education,Julia Jacob,18460,HERF Schooling Faisalabad,0,0,,0 82,16724,Unity Care's Summer of Learning for Foster Youth,Linda Vu,18450,Unity Care,6,625,,625 98,17203,Provide shelter to abused women and kids in Kenya,Shelley Dawn Hanson,18437,OFTENCH - ORGANIZATION FOR THE NEEDY CHILDREN,8,290,,290 23,17211,Tailoring Training for 50 Muslim Women in India,Shahnaz Taplin,18427,Invest in Muslim Women,45,"6,150",,"6,150" 129,17067,Provide Housing Colony to 96 homeless Families,Faheem Ahmed,18416,World Welfare Association,1,20,,20 132,17263,SUPPORT WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE IN GHANA,Fusheni Iddrisu,18412,SENDFiNGO,0,0,,0 128,17316,Educational project of empowerment on human rights,Andrea Frustaci,18409,Chantiik Taj Tajinkutik A.C.,1,25,,25 129,17052,Yak Sva: The Living Arts Mission,Chansareth Sak,18406,Morodok Funan Arts Association,1,20,,20 132,17118,35th Anniversary Challenge - New Grand Piano,Ann Anthony,18402,The Darlington Arts Center,0,0,,0 126,17039,Improve Drop in Center for Mentally Ill in Nepal,Bidya Maharjan,18387,Chhahari Nepal for Mental Health,2,30,,30 121,17385,Send Life Saving Medical Product: Syrian Refugees,David Hurst,18378,Advocates for World Health,2,75,,75 132,17019,Education and Shelter for Street Children in Kenya,TJALLING VAN DER GOOT,18369,SCANN,0,0,,0 64,17107,HOME & TEACH 7 INDIGENT DEAF CHILDREN IN S/AFRICA,Alta du Toit,18360,Fulton School for the Deaf,37,"2,210",,"2,210" 132,16732,Basic Education for the children of slum-dwellers,Ashish Lal,18358,Mercy Welfare Society,0,0,,0 83,17309,Building an Immersion Aviary - an educational tool,Adriana Giron,18356,Fundacion El Refugio,7,610,,610 132,16725,Enhancing economic Empowerment of women workers,FRDP Pakistan,18354,Fast Rural Development Program,0,0,,0 28,17258,"Feed and educate 3,500 children in rural Vietnam",Claire Yunker,18353,PeaceTrees Vietnam,52,"5,900",,"5,900" 118,16770,EDUCATE BOYS & GIRLS AND TRANSFORM THE COMMUNITY,Elizabeth Mbati,18335,Alpha Glory Community Educational Centre,2,94,,94 24,17210,Train 120 Health & Human Rights promoters in Kenya,Dr. Grace Bonareri Mose Okong'o,18309,Hope Foundation for African Women (HFAW),56,"6,146",,"6,146" 58,17096,Refuge center for 20+ vulnerable kids in Douala,Adama Traore-Wega,18289,AGAPE ASSOCIATION,39,"3,555",,"3,555" 69,17279,Primary and Secondary Education in rural Pakistan,Sabah Baxamoosa,18287,Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP),13,"1,430",,"1,430" 125,16748,"Education for 36,000 sickle cell in Kinshasa Step1",jackson ahombo,18270,rezodrepano/ss,3,50,,50 132,17285,Send 25 deprived children to School of Nalgonda,Usha Abraham,18268,Daisy Global Ministries,0,0,,0 79,17352,Cross-cultural training for international students,International Center,18265,The International Center of West Lafayette,8,680,,680 121,17239,Humanitarian Assistance Through Prosthetics,Ines Allen,18264,IMAHELPS,2,75,,75 132,17119,"Safer birthing for 1,200 moms, Uganda",Andrew Gabula,18248,URICT-Uganda,0,0,,0 128,16957,"Sema Magazine, Tanzania",Kiiya JK,18202,C-Sema,1,25,,25 132,16890,Empower 120 Youths in Apprenticeship in Kibaale UG,Ivan Lwanyaga,18184,Community Poverty Alleviation Uganda (CPAU),0,0,,0 132,17202,Help school-drop-outs learn trade in Dagba village,PRISCILLA NWOKENNA,18157,"GLOBAL INITIATIV 4 ORIENTATION,REHABILITATION&DEV.",0,0,,0 31,17224,Save Hewar Alternative Arab School in Israel!,Jenny Nyman,18138,Hewar,60,"5,650",,"5,650" 65,17113,Big Cat Conservation: A Global Alliance,Beth Duncan,18131,Worldwide Indigenous Science Network,42,"1,945",,"1,945" 132,17060,Youth building a Media for Peace,Luis Claudio Galhardi,18111,Londrina Pazeando - Movimento pela Paz e Nao Violencia,0,0,,0 132,17182,support youth in the Community with Innovation,Benfred Asiimwe,18100,RACD- DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,0,,0 60,17291,Saving Lives and Minds (SLAM)-- SUMMER CAMP,Kia Chatmon,18096,National Organization of Concerned Black Men,56,"2,830",,"2,830" 37,17181,Regenerating Fish Harvests in Cambodian Villages,Samir Lakhani,18093,Trailblazer Cambodia Organization,47,"5,275",,"5,275" 132,16996,Pay fees for 200 nomadic girls in kalapata,Johnstone Moru,18088,Alemun Pastoralists Empowerment Initiative,0,0,,0 117,16835,Empowerment of 300 Street Children in India,Mathew Arumai Maria Selvam,18083,Community Ailment Redressal Establishment-CARE,1,100,,100 132,17337,Access to school to 200 orphan children in Haiti,REPADS CPSDA,18072,REPADS,0,0,,0 121,17269,Empower Girls to Prevent Gender Based Violence.,Emmanuel Ngazi,18069,Counseling and Family Life Organization (CAFLO),2,75,,75 132,16946,Organic manure enhancing the income earning,Dr-Deepak Sharma,18045,Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan,0,0,,0 132,17016,MobileVan For Custom Footwear For Leprosy Patients,Nyjil George,18043,Amici Di Raoul Follereau (AIFO India),0,0,,0 131,17026,support 100 children in education in kenya,JAMES O. MARIKO,18035,VISION CHILD FOUNDATION SOCIETY,1,10,,10 35,16955,Support New York City High School Students,Yvonne Tinsley,17970,Peace Islands Institute,47,"5,350",,"5,350" 132,17396,"Free Education for 10,000 Girls in Pakistan",Ivan Bruce,17957,"ARK FOUNDATION, PAKISTAN",0,0,,0 76,17048,Support Remote Area Medical Missions in Ghana,Jonathan Hope,17882,First Intervention Ghana,1,"1,000",,"1,000" 132,17053,enhance employability of 200 youths in Cameroon,NZENE Sylvester ENONGENE,17880,Partner For Productivity Foundation - PFPF,0,0,,0 91,16773,Support children at poverty risk in Spain,Marta Fresno,17877,Fundacion Balia por la Infancia,7,415,,415 132,17282,"Send a Kid to Camp in Orange County, California!",Khushbindar Lally,17866,Boy Scouts of America Orange County Council,0,0,,0 132,17041,mentor 1000 pupils exposed to domestic violence,Margaret Kulaba,17863,Anti Domestic Violence Coalition,0,0,,0 38,17370,Xinjiang Rural Children Common Science Museum,Siqian Peng,17799,Genuine Love,58,"5,240",,"5,240" 129,17090,WRITE FOR GOLD,James Edumadze,17773,Family For Organised Life Foundation,1,20,,20 132,17402,Cleft lip & palate kids of Pakistan,Rana Zahid,17761,Clapp Trust,0,0,,0 129,17046,Fountain of life women selp help group,ROBERT NYAKUNDI,17731,THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE CENTER,1,20,,20 57,17260,Empower Students for success in STEAM careers,Laurie Carey,17701,"We Connect The Dots,Inc.",39,"4,950",,"4,950" 132,17367,Support for reintegration of Returnees from abroad,Anwar Shahzad,17689,Society for Sustainable Development,0,0,,0 82,17204,Funding needed to feed 300 children and 200 elders,Ajecy Bourdeau,17620,Haitian's Harmony Corp.,16,625,,625 132,16452,SUMMER CAMPS IN GREDOS,ESPERANZA PANIAGUA,17612,ASOCIACION JUVENIL ATZ,0,0,,0 117,17020,Library and laboratory for 2500 uganda children,Julius Mugisa,17545,New Styles of Environmental Conservation via Gender Equity,1,100,,100 132,16994,HEAVEN: Home to Elders & Veterans Ensuring Nurture,Manoj Kumar Pattanaik,17530,Lead India Foundation,0,0,,0 115,17076,Empowering the hearing-impaired through t-skills,Bhakta Raj Ranjit,17468,Synergy Nepal,3,120,,120 132,16983,Keep 65 children from Kampala's slums in school,Benoit BRIAND,17439,Les Ecoliers de Kampala,0,0,,0 36,16867,Provide shelter for 20 Ugandan Rural Grandmothers,,17390,Phoebe education fund for vulnerable children in U,47,"5,310",,"5,310" 132,16872,EDUCATIONAL YOUTH CENTER FOR PEACE-RECONCILIATION,BIGIRIMANA PATRICE,17376,ASSOCIATION ENTONNOIR POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT DE CIBITOKE ' AEDC',0,0,,0 132,17324,HYA Helping Syrian Refugees In Zaatari Camp,Samar Kildani,17351,El Hassan Youth Award,0,0,,0 128,17249,Train 25 At-risk Youth in Digital Business in DC,Lyn Dyson,17324,Multi-Media Training Institute,1,25,,25 89,16889,Rehabilitate 200 Child SexWorkers in Soroti Uganda,Peter Simon Okello,17314,Charity Women Association (CHAWOA),3,450,,450 105,17383,A Real Summer for disabled familyless youth,Elizaveta Golubeva,17306,SPb BOO Perspektivy,3,190,,190 132,17364,Educate a Girl Child;Empower a Family in India,Ramachandran A,17279,Socio-Economic and Educational Development Society ( SEEDS),0,0,,0 132,16857,Protect 1000 children from drugs and crime,Petr Smelc,17126,Cruzada Social,0,0,,0 132,17395,Annadana Yojana,Laxminarayana.M Hegde,17123,MALENADU EDUCATION AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY SIRSI,0,0,,0 132,17288,Give 2500 Children Vitamin A in Namutumba district,Michael Gwanjaye,17107,Uganda Development and Health Associates (UDHA),0,0,,0 132,16856,School Feeding Program in Nairobi Primary School,Ramazani Katanangwa,17101,Mission for Improvement and Boosting Services to the Community (MIBOSCO),0,0,,0 132,17072,Vitamin A Supplement for 37500 Tanzanian Children,Wilbert Mwalongo,17091,Tanzania Voiceless Empowerment Organization (TAVEO),0,0,,0 132,17268,Restore Dignity of 200 Fistula Patients in Multan,Zahid Zahoor,17063,Roshni Organization,0,0,,0 132,17359,Toilet construction for 40 children living Home,Premanand Thambi,17039,CRUES,0,0,,0 85,17103,Quality Education to 40 at Risk Youth in Korogocho,Emmie Erondanga,17002,Miss Koch Kenya,4,555,,555 122,17232,Donate a Health-Center to the Philippines,Filippo Minozzi,16997,Kito Onlus,1,70,,70 89,17371,Sponsor a Puppy - Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind,Rose O'Dea,16985,Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind,17,450,,450 132,17159,Teach IT & English to 1000 vulnerable Bangladeshi.,miah Feroz,16954,Sustainable Development For Vulnerable Peoples in Bangladesh,0,0,,0 132,15705,Maoi Community Environmental Project,Samuel Chepkuto,16943,Maoi Community Integrated Development Programme,0,0,,0 132,17363,BEE KEEPING (APICULTURE) PROJECT FOR OVC .,John Okech Latworo,16939,Gwokke Keni PHA & OVC Network,0,0,,0 104,17001,Childhood Psoriasis Trust Fund,Caroline Wamuyu,16935,Africa Psoriasis Organization,3,200,,200 116,17027,COMMUNITY BASED POWER FENCE TO SAVE ELEPHANTS,WILDLIFECONSERVATION FOUNDATION,16924,WILDLIFE CONSERVATION FOUNDATION,2,110,,110 132,17307,"Assisted 2,200 children in rural Benin",Theophile C. KPANOU,16798,ASSOCIATION DEFENSE YOUTH AND SOLIDARITY,0,0,,0 132,16827,layers for orphanage upkeep,Betty Wandabwa,16772,Blessed Recreation Centre,0,0,,0 103,17266,Empower 25 women waste collectors in Bolivia,Marcel McFarren,16764,Fundacion para el Reciclaje 'FUNDARE COCHABAMBA',4,220,,220 132,17278,"Safety, Security for Orphans in Cameroon",Jan Hanson,16757,200 Orphanages Worldwide,0,0,,0 117,17248,Empower 50 Computer Illiterates in Val de Marne,NAOMI BOHAIN,16689,FEMMES DIGNES,3,100,,100 132,16651,uplift and empower the victims of patriarchy,PRABHA DESAI,16662,Sanmitra trust.,0,0,,0 132,17157,"Greening our schools in Baringo, Kenya",Edward Muguheli,16650,Greenzones of Perkera catchment Community Association,0,0,,0 1,17101,A Heroes Helping Hand,Miguel Garibay,16526,Center Point Inc,101,"29,140","3,000","32,140" 126,17188,Autistic children's aid,Bojan Radic,16397,'Svijet u slikama'iz Zenice,1,30,,30 132,17139,Safe water supply for 4000 villagers in Bangladesh,Keranmoy Chakma,16392,Kapo Seba Sangha KSS,0,0,,0 126,17326,No Child marriages in 50 villages of India,Child Survival India,16374,Child Survival India,1,30,,30 132,16479,Functional Literacy & Life Skills Centers,Imtiaz Ahmed,16361,Lanjari Development Foundaiton,0,0,,0 132,17319,Support 100 PWDs (Disabled Persons) in Pakistan,,16338,ONAAR Development Organization,0,0,,0 132,17412,Good Neighbor Project,Sherry Thornburg,16326,Ottauquechee Health Foundation,0,0,,0 132,17344,Economic Empowerment of 250 Disabled Families,Adil Latif,16299,Sehar Foundation Muzaffarabad,0,0,,0 132,16582,Provide Education Support for 100 Disable Children,Harding Mac-Boima,16298,Taia Development Programme (TDP).,0,0,,0 132,17142,Hope From The Soil,Masango Sone,16287,Green Cameroon,0,0,,0 119,17217,"Make 1,000 Poor Filipino Kids Eat Healthy Meals","Antonio Levy Ingles, Jr",16267,ARALPINOY.ORG INC,1,90,,90 132,17312,3 Rural Safe Water Wells for 1170 People,Jessica Juha,16254,Butakoola Village Association for Development,0,0,,0 127,17315,Health & Hygiene Support for 500 Poor Girls,jagmohan singh,16238,LOK KALYAN SAMITI,1,26,,26 92,17073,"Provide an ambulance in Wakiso, Uganda",Micheal Bogere,16163,Loyal Foundation,15,412,,412 132,17398,Care for 200 neglected poor children in Sunderban,Susanta Giri,16070,Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha,0,0,,0 117,17397,Restore Hope to 186 HIV+ Women in Uganda - Pallisa,Muyombya John,16022,Gender Integrated Development Program (GIDP),1,100,,100 117,17406,Support Educate 25 Christian Girls,Munib ur-Rehman,15783,Kehkashan Development Organization (KDO),3,100,,100 132,17087,Construction of Barr christian vocational center,Miriam Achola,15752,Barr christianvocational center,0,0,,0 132,17329,Help Feed 352 Vulnerable and Orphan Children,tshilidzi thabo,15728,mulodi thusani drop in care centre,0,0,,0 72,17298,"Not Alone: Mentors for Russian Teen Moms, Children",Anna Kochineva,15717,Kidsave International,26,"1,275",,"1,275" 132,17262,HIV infected children Education Support,Mahesh Nimbalkar,15671,Ajit Foundation,0,0,,0 132,17042,200 YOUTH HEALTH PROMOTION TRAINING IN BARINGO,Makiya Dennis,15659,HEALTH ACHIEVERS FOUNDATION,0,0,,0 132,17106,Giving hope to 300 different abled childern,Kris Mweemba,15520,Advocacy On Human Development,0,0,,0 132,17056,Malnutrition in Ekambeng Village Community,Ngoeh Alfred Nangeri,15510,Nnanpalle Foundation for Community Orientation (NNACOR),0,0,,0 117,17369,Schools Tree Planting Competition in Sierra Leone,Vidal Roberts,15504,Industrial Credit Society,1,100,,100 132,16997,NEEM TREE PROMOTION AND CONSERVATION PROJECT,mulonde kalele,15461,Integrated Environment Conservation and Disaster Assessment for Africa (IECDAA),0,0,,0 132,17453,Self-reliance & Resilience in Slum Women's Groups,Siddharth Agarwal,15438,Urban Health Resource Centre,0,0,,0 132,16935,Making Education Accessible to Children with disab,Rosemary Aluoch,15409,Dandora Dumpsite Rehabilitation Group (DADREG),0,0,,0 132,17322,Construction of leprosy Hospital in India,Maria Xavier Turtius,15200,Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre,0,0,,0 84,16925,Support Nagina Sewing Center,Faraz Javed,15144,Seeds of Hope Foundation,4,575,,575 45,17200,Provide a new school building for mountain village,Mark Liu,15099,China Tomorrow Education Foundation,49,"5,106",,"5,106" 132,17350,"Boys and Girls Club of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa",Maresha Johnson,15056,Abundant Life Orphanages,0,0,,0 132,17294,"MoCeDET ICT Language Lab Project, Kajiado County.",Fredrick Maina,15023,Model Centre for Deaf Education and Training,0,0,,0 132,16741,Help Educate 103 Deprived Children in Ghana-N/R,Julian Wood,14963,Cesa International,0,0,,0 132,17401,Support liberated women from armed forced marriage,Reverend Lugendo Musobokelwa Cesar,14832,"Alternatives menages, natures et marches/households; nature and markets alternatives",0,0,,0 132,16937,Solar Lamp support for 1000 coastal families,Md. Maksudur Rahman,14763,Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS),0,0,,0 132,17253,Water storage and Rain harvesting,Christopher Zacharia,14677,Without Mother Organization,0,0,,0 132,17077,Building a Library for Young People in Kibera,jackson wanga,14464,One Youth Ministry,0,0,,0 132,16995,Support Orphan Children access Education in Tanga,Stanslaus Ndihoreye,14410,PASADIT,0,0,,0 128,17050,Provision of 2000 Fuel Efficient Stoves,Aamir Sohail,14391,Jerusalem Development Society (JDS),1,25,,25 125,16998,NO to child marriage in Kenya,Wanjala Wafula,14382,Coexist Initiative,3,50,,50 132,17327,Provide non formal education to children in slums,Anita Rana,14358,Janhit Foundation,0,0,,0 97,17338,"Cervical Cancer Prevention in DRC, a big priority",Mateus Kambale Sahani,14250,AGIR ENSEMBLE,5,315,,315 132,17339,DESKS FOR A CLASSROOM OF ABOUT 60 CHILDREN.,Sophie Bemba,14247,Training of Rural Women in Uganda - TORUWU,0,0,,0 132,17255,Vocational Skill Development for Orphan Children,Pratap Pradhan,14237,Sahid Laxman Jubak Sangh,0,0,,0 76,17004,Care for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children,victor julius,14225,Childcare Organization,1,"1,000",,"1,000" 132,17216,"Emergency response for 200 Women Farmers, Somalia",Yusuf Daud,14224,Somali Organization for Voluntary Action (SOVA),0,0,,0 132,17303,Rehabilitate primary school of 4506 students(Togo),Soilo Mamah idrissou,14217,ASSOCIATION AIDE GLOBALE INTERNATIONALE,0,0,,0 132,17277,help 5000 children and women to have education,Francois georges Nyeck,14207,AIFP,0,0,,0 132,17213,Education Camps for200 village children in S India,CATHERINE BERNARD,14175,Service And Research Institute On Family and Children(SERFAC),0,0,,0 88,17394,Home care for sick elderly people in Romania,GABRIELA ACHIHAI,14088,Community Support Foundation (Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar ),8,455,,455 132,16314,$18/month for educating underprivileged poor child,Muralidharan Vadhirajan,14058,Sevalaya,0,0,,0 109,17234,Save children life and the community,Martine Merzier,13978,mission kids future in Haiti,2,155,,155 75,17330,Buying books to stock a library in Kibera,Lily Oyare,13854,Little Rock Inclusive ECD Centre,13,"1,064",,"1,064" 129,13405,This is Who I Am,Awal Alhassan,13846,Awals children of the future,1,20,,20 132,16941,Remedial Education Program for Urban Slum Kids,Harsh Arora,13695,Sarthak Prayas,0,0,,0 106,16817,FEED & EDUCATE 230 DISABLED CHILDREN IN ZAMBIA,Maimbolwa Muliwana,13682,GoYeTherefore (GYT) - Zambia,2,175,,175 132,16719,Need food for 200 children in Villavicencio,nelly rueda,13632,FUNDACION AMOR Y VIDA PARA TODOS,0,0,,0 128,14047,Home office for volunteer homeless advocates,Augustin Martinez,13500,Miles of Help Through Christ,1,25,,25 132,17408,literacy devpt among 40 tribal children in india,GUZZARLAMUDI. Z VARAKUMAR,13494,KANTHI SAMSTHA,0,0,,0 132,17143,Empower 80 women in Cameroon through Agriculture,Ngong Nkainin,13451,Integrated Rural Community Center for Agriculture,0,0,,0 132,17003,Built the center for700 people with mental illness,Pinkaew (Pinky) Saowichit,13442,Liamsiri Mar Hill Association,0,0,,0 132,17193,Build a Playground for 300 poor children - Poland,Katarzyna Biel,13421,SOS Children's Villages,0,0,,0 132,17380,Giving kids a chance to PLAY- Philippines/D.R.,Angela Marcantonini,13357,GloBall Giving,0,0,,0 132,17271,Help for children affected by floods in Bosnia,Bojan Arula,13197,Udruzenje 'Nova Generacija' - Assotiation 'New Generation',0,0,,0 132,17215,HELP 100 DISABLED CHILDREN TO GO TO SCHOOL TODAY,MOSES WANGOLA,13183,HEART OF MERCIES UGANDA,0,0,,0 14,17005,"Set Up A New Rural Healthcare Centre, India",Anant Nevatia,13138,Rural Health Care Foundation,75,"7,606",,"7,606" 132,16939,Fund for Girls Education and women livelihood.,Babanna Doddasatyappa.,13126,Action Initiative for Development (AID),0,0,,0 132,17166,"Cycling For, AIDS Awareness Townships Tour",Robert Shea,13120,Fertile Ground,0,0,,0 132,17168,Teaching English to 100 Children in Rural Cambodia,Richard Geist,13097,Cambodian Village Scholars Fund,0,0,,0 67,17356,Support Over 45 Rescued Big Cats at Forever Home,Curt LoGiudice,12997,The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary,40,"1,690",,"1,690" 132,17259,Educate 150 disabled orphan girls child in Kenya,Joseph Stephen Omondi,12850,Kisumu Disabled Selfhelp Group,0,0,,0 110,16543,Promoting Humane Education in Schools,Tom Sandi,12742,Campaign Against Cruelty to Animals in Sierra Leone(CCA-SL),2,150,,150 128,17323,Help 500 Orphans With Skills For Life In Indonesia,masri suryana,12683, - Duplicate Do Not Use,1,25,,25 132,17353,Send An Orphan Back To School In Rural Cameroon,Glory Lueong,12501,Rural Women Centre for Education and development(RuWCED),0,0,,0 125,16975,Education For Slums And Rural Kenyan Students,PIUS OKOTH,12362,Center for Social and Rural Development Inc,1,50,,50 131,17033,Brightening Girls Future through Education,Godfrey Canwat,12297,Hope and Peace for Humanity,1,10,,10 132,17333,Caged Poultry Keeping for Child Education Support,Robert Kibaya,12267,Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO),0,0,,0 130,16707,RAKSHA (Protection and Restoration 50 Survivors),Nihar Ranjan Raptan,12199,Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra,1,15,,15 128,17295,Plant a Seed in Haiti,Marie Adam,11930,marie's village foundation,1,25,,25 132,17290,Nutrition Organic Gardening for 2 primary schools,Jane Itati,11867,Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme,0,0,,0 128,13857,support 30 Rwandan girls build income cooperative,ndayishimiye pacifique,1175,Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students' Association (RPSA/AEPHAR),1,25,,25 132,16992,Help Refugee Children In Burundi Attend School,Guy Mukuba,11677,Africa Millenium Vision,0,0,,0 132,17365,meals for 155 war-affected students,Genevieve Freeman Massa,11452,Combatstress Liberia Inc.,0,0,,0 132,17314,Feed 900 helpless aged poor in TamilNadu India,${projectDonations.projectUser.fname} ${projectDonations.projectUser.lname},11270,Guard Society,0,0,,0 132,17447,SHELTERING 35 ORPHANED CHILDREN IN UGANDA,Bogere Alphonce,11113,FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT(FED),0,0,,0 123,17241,Protect a village of 155 households from erosion,Eugene Rwibasira,10844,Rwanda Development Organisation,2,67,,67 132,16619,iMobile Learning Center,Octavia Brown,10841,A Rare View,0,0,,0 93,17251,Nutrition Support to 500 Children in Thar Desert,Obed Caleb,10754,Consultative Group for Development Cooperation,4,385,,385 71,17310,"High-School Scholarships for 3 Maasai Girls, Kenya",Sarah Edson,10490,The Amazing Maasai Girls Project,9,"1,325",,"1,325" 132,17403,Promoting Quality Education for Girls in Uganda,Adicho Bernard Isaac,10278,Art for Children Uganda - ACU,0,0,,0 39,17197,Build a School in Senegal!,Lewis Kiker,10261,The Andando Foundation,49,"5,225",,"5,225" 16,17194,Turning the Tide on Academic Achievment 4 all kids,Robert Toporek,10228,Teamchildren,103,"7,120",,"7,120" 130,17172,One time food for 10 children in Mugular hostel,susheela nagaraj,10185,VIDYANIKETHAN,1,15,,15