Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Donors,Amount Raised (USD),Matching (USD),Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 40,18394,computer education to 100 students in kishanganj,Yuman Hussain,9954,Azad India Foundation,2,100,15,,115 30,18991,Empower Women in Uganda through Entrepreneurship,Deborah Plotkin,9833,U-TOUCH,4,360,39,,399 45,18873,MALARIA PREVENTION AND CONTROL PROGRAMME,Bharat Bhusan Behera,9773,Leading Organisation For Rural Development,0,0,0,,0 40,19067,Help the disabled in Vietnam and Inner Mongolia,Joy Lai,8888,Eden Social Welfare Foundation,1,100,0,,100 45,18978,Enable Niue youth & women to produce 5 short films,Frank Sioneholo,8660,MENTOA Trust,0,0,0,,0 45,19110,Let's get together to educate these little joys!,KUSUM TAMANG,8519,Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled,0,0,0,,0 45,18885,"SCHOOL Project, serving 500 students in Liberia",Nathan Reeves,7323,Charity Prayer Band & Women Empowerment Program,0,0,0,,0 45,18070,SANITARY TOWELS FOR NEDDY GIRLS IN KENYA,Bishop Raymond Mutama,7219,Universal Fellowship Organization,0,0,0,,0 45,18591,ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT FOR 60 GIRLS IN NIGERIA,Iniobong Frank,6541,Women United for Economic Empowerment,0,0,0,,0 45,18994,Empower Young Environmental Leaders in N. America!,John Knox,4313,Earth Island Institute,0,0,0,,0 7,18587,Step Up for 200 Students in Guatemala,Corinne Cooper,3479,Mayan Families,19,"1,885",162,,"2,047" 45,18713,Help send girls to school in Benin!,Stephanie Cate,3399,Batonga Foundation,0,0,0,,0 1,19022,Fund a Warrior Canine Connection Service Dog,Jennifer Wilder,26970,Warrior Canine Connection,31,"7,250",660,"1,000","8,910" 43,18856,Fund a Home for the Pasadena Pride Center (LGBTQ),Aaron Saenz,26831,Pasadena Pride Center,1,50,0,,50 45,18680,75 Scholarships for At-Risk Youth in Guayaquil,Jenn Zocco,26766,"Starfish Foundation, Inc.",0,0,0,,0 42,19087,"Building peace for kids in Kenya, Mexico & Nepal",Uma Ojeda,26765,Children's World Peace Organization,2,60,4,,64 4,19023,Help Secure Permanent Emergency Shelter,Mary Open Doors,26761,Mary Open Doors,17,"2,975",338,,"3,312" 45,18887,Mutual understanding Muslim - other religions Bdi,Placide NTAHONSHIKIYE,26754,Association for Promoting the Well being (APBE: Association pour la Promotion du Bien Etre),0,0,0,,0 20,18870,Care against violence for 200 Argentine children,Lechería Solidaridad,26753,Lecheria de la solidaridad,3,800,4,,804 45,19099,Women Economic Empowerment through Skill Developm,Raja Alamzeb Khan,26748,RABT Development Organization,0,0,0,,0 45,18917,"PROTECT 950,000 ZAMBIAN CHILDREN FROM EBOLA VIRUS",Niza Simpungwe,26742,CHIKASIKA CHILD CARE INSTITUTION,0,0,0,,0 45,19035,Vulnerable Youth Vocational Training project,katerega Frank,26739,Lwannunda Community Development Initiatives (LCDI),0,0,0,,0 45,18817,A rural community center for peace in Colombia,felipe otero Otero Alvarado,26735,Fundacion Servicio de Vivienda Popular - Servivienda,0,0,0,,0 45,18971,Educate 50 Boy/Girl Scouts in the Galapagos,johann besserer,26734,intercultural outreach initiative,0,0,0,,0 45,18814,BazaBaza fights to improve Education in Africa,Eunice Mawussi,26732,Bazabaza Corporation,0,0,0,,0 9,19031,Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes,Zoenabou Savadogo,26730,Tigoung Nonma,11,"1,830",180,,"2,010" 45,18961,Survivors of Gender-Based Violence Need Legal Aid,Kelly Blundin,26729,Urban Justice Center,0,0,0,,0 36,18842,"Help 50 Maasai girls get education, not husbands",leonard mpoke,26718,Nenkashe Education Centre,1,200,30,,230 14,18974,Ensure a Free Summer Institute for 200 Children,Mane Tamanyan,26717,Teach For Armenia NGO,9,"1,410",170,,"1,580" 45,19059,Help Us Protect Our Native Seeds in Mexico,Panfilo Hernandez,26713,Proyecto de Desarrollo Rural Integral Vicente Guerrero A.C.,0,0,0,,0 25,19143,Establishing Legal Aid in Post-Conflict Countries,Jennifer Smith,26708,The International Legal Foundation,5,600,8,,608 23,18982,Supply Our Students,Lona Slaughter,26707,Glenwood Academy,12,650,56,,706 45,18809,"SHELTER FOR 30 ORPHANED GIRLS IN BANGALORE, INDIA",Lars-Johan Johnsen,26703,MASARD - Mass Based Association for Social Services & Rural Development,0,0,0,,0 44,18956,Create Opportunity for Guatemalan Girl Pioneers,Hannah Bick,26702,Asociacion Estrella de Mar,1,25,4,,29 6,18964,Shape the future of a child in rural Romania!,J Soleani,26693,Teach for Romania,6,"2,240",324,,"2,564" 45,18796,Creation of protected area for titi monkey in Peru,audrey gaultier,26691,Proyecto Mono Tocon,0,0,0,,0 45,18792,Bereavement Program for children affected by HIV,Erica Strydom,26687,Home-Start South Africa,0,0,0,,0 45,18857,Empower 100 women and Youth in Northern Uganda,JULIUS ONEN,26685,AGENCY FOR LOCAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (ALCODE),0,0,0,,0 40,18860,Quest for Quality Education at VIDYA,Rashmi Misra,26684,VIDYA Integrated Development for Youth and Adults,4,100,15,,115 45,18922,Reduce Type 2 Diabetes for DC area residents,Judy Smith,26683,PIZZAZZ,0,0,0,,0 34,19004,Clean Cook-Stoves for Rural Bolivian Schools,David Whitfield,26672,Fundacion CEDESOL,2,225,30,,255 45,19082,Activities club for healthy lifestyle in Skopje,Proactive Mindset,26669,Proactive Mindset,0,0,0,,0 24,18826,Sensory Room for 52 Children with Disabilities,Lika Kiladze,26668,Education Development and Employment Center,8,625,30,,655 45,19027,RENOVATION OF MARARABA PRIMARY SCHOOL,Folashade Okomayin,26632,Paulash Community Development Initiative,0,0,0,,0 45,18998,"Heal the Earth"- 1000 Young Farmers in Tamil Nadu,jakes jayakaran,26629,The Joyful Service Society (Inba Seva Sangam),0,0,0,,0 45,18719,Finding Historic Fairfield Utah home of Camp Floyd,Michael Helmantoler,26628,Friends of Camp Floyd,0,0,0,,0 45,18723,Sponsor tribal girl student's college education,Nitu Singh,26623,Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti,0,0,0,,0 26,18741,Diminish Food Waste by Rescuing Excess for Hungry,Robert Lee,26617,"Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Inc.",8,525,34,,559 45,18640,Education for poor children on Tonle Sap Siem Riep,Chan Taen,26609,Neary Khmer,0,0,0,,0 45,18668,Making shoes for barefoot children in Mozambique,Mitch Lewis,26584,Arts To End Genocide,0,0,0,,0 45,18790,Support to 100 disabled for self-employed in Nepal,Om Pun,26572,Nepal Society of the Disabled,0,0,0,,0 5,18739,Training & Equipment for Nutrition Workers: Haiti,CNP Kore Timoun,26569,Children's Nutrition Program of Haiti,8,"2,650",218,,"2,868" 43,18876,You can eradicate violence in Mexico!,Marcela Salas Cassani,26566,"Amextra, Inc.",1,50,8,,58 38,18788,Nurture and Inspire 20 Youth Leaders in Malawi,Report Submitter,26556,Art & Global Health Center Africa,1,150,22,,172 45,18793,Improving livelihoods for 300 households in Mukono,Judith Mugerwa,26545,Centre for Integrated Development (CIDev),0,0,0,,0 37,18705,Build a Medical Clinic for 5 villages in Uganda,Maria Nansamba,26536,International Medical Professionals Initiative Inc.,3,175,26,,201 45,19063,Build the First Inclusive Playground in Armenia,Eva Martirosyan,26535,Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets,0,0,0,,0 45,18558,Gender Justice by strengthing the political system,Albert Patras,26533,Society for the Empowerment of the People,0,0,0,,0 44,19098,ACTION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF RIGHTS -(ADR -UGANDA),Charles Olupot,26531,SHARE-PROJECT,1,25,4,,29 45,18616,"Ending Abuse, Saving Lives, Stop Violence Now!",sophora acheson,26528,Ruby's Place,0,0,0,,0 45,18559,Nutritious Family Meals,Keystone Foundation,26519,Keystone Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,18571,: Building capacity of Women to Respond effectivel,Florence Mpayenda,26512,Emmanuel Hope Restoration Initiative,0,0,0,,0 45,18824,Take 50 poor kids from streets to school in India,Urmila Brundaban Nayak Memorial Education Trust ubnmet,26509,Urmila Brundaban Nayak Memorial Education Trust,0,0,0,,0 45,18653,"Christmas for 250 at-risk youth Wichita Falls, TX",Jennifer Schweiger,26501,The Genesis Place,0,0,0,,0 45,19086,Law+You: Ensure Responsible Citizenship in Liberia,Tenneh Johnson Kemah,26500,"Child Steps International, Inc",0,0,0,,0 45,18725,Mass anti tobacco campaign for youth in 5 colleges,PRAYAS NGO,26493,PRAYAS,0,0,0,,0 45,18820,Transform Children's Lives Through Hip Hop Therapy,Tomas Alvarez III,26492,Beats Rhymes and Life,0,0,0,,0 45,18869,Safe 500 Kyrgyzstani teens from extremists,Indira Aslanova,26485,Public Foundation Egalitee,0,0,0,,0 45,18601,Literacy for better employment,Donna Frankovsky,26472,Cobbworks Literacy Council,0,0,0,,0 19,18879,HELP 44 ORPHANS IN LIBERIA STAY IN SCHOOL!,Adolphus Hall,26466,Christ Children Home Educational Fund (CCHEF),7,955,19,,974 43,18728,Long-Term Food Security for 4000 Samburus in Kenya,Aviram Rozin,26454,Sadhana Forest Kenya,1,50,8,,58 45,18534,Teach 250 children basic reading and arithmetic,Raina Singh,26451,Pratham USA,0,0,0,,0 45,18829,Quality Education for the poor.,Prof Sarwar Bubak,26442,Bubak Welfare Society Narowal,0,0,0,,0 45,18672,Education Project for 50 marginalized Liberian,BAbel Learwellie,26424,Camp for Peace Liberia,0,0,0,,0 45,19058,A New Compressor for Boulder Emergency Squad,Cliff Rosell,26405,Boulder Emergency Squad,0,0,0,,0 45,18594,Support for Children in Poverty in South Africa,Elaine Watson,26402,Love Story Foundation,0,0,0,,0 28,18671,Help Protect Free-Roaming Black Rhino in Namibia,Britta Hackenberg,26395,Namibia Nature Foundation,2,425,64,,489 40,18923,"Help 2,500 Disabled Veterans with PTSD",Shawn Gourley,26394,Military with PTSD,1,100,15,,115 31,18650,Supply 500 Books to Courageous Students,Meredith Adamczyk,26369,The Max Warburg Courage Curriculum,1,350,0,,350 45,18766,Jusur Expanding Arab Women's Spheres of Influence,Khulud Khamis,26365,Kayan - Feminist Organization,0,0,0,,0 45,18538,"Saving Lives, Human-Snake Conflict Mitigation",Dhaval Patel,26356,Vidyanagar Nature Club,0,0,0,,0 45,18588,Bring smile to 300villagers Benin with beekeeping!,DJOWAMON A. Cyrille,26352,Promotion Jeunesse Unie pour le Developpement (PJUD-BENIN ONG),0,0,0,,0 10,18836,Business Training to Empowerment 20 Mayan Women,Carmina Jure,26344,Fundacion ProEmpleo Productivo A.C.,8,"1,825",184,,"2,009" 45,18938,BUILD A MEDICAL CENTER FOR 33000 PEOPLE OF KALO,NKUMU ASSANA KIRIKA,26325,KALO TELEMA,0,0,0,,0 45,18520,Helping local Somali children with Autism.,Paul Saltz,26320,Columbus Area International Program for Youth Leaders and Social Workers,0,0,0,,0 45,19019,Generate Income and Hope for Impoverished Families,Point Hope,26318,"Point Hope, Inc.",0,0,0,,0 45,18578,Build houses for 20 grandmothers in rural Kenya.,Mutie Muthami,26311,Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK),0,0,0,,0 45,18942,Fostering Aboriginal entrepreneurship,Laura Egan,26307,Enterprise Learning Projects,0,0,0,,0 39,18620,Education of Tamil War Affected Students,Chris James,26304,"NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOUNDED, WIDOWED AND ORPHANS OF WAR, INC.",2,125,0,,125 45,18891,EDUCATION IS HOPE(EIH),Solomon Ghidey,26296,De La Salle Reproductive Health and Development Association,0,0,0,,0 45,18831,Health care for10000 children in rural area of DRC,Jean-Pierre Bianga,26287,AFIA SANTE,0,0,0,,0 45,18769,Zanzibar Animal Welfare Improvement Project,ALI JUMA,26282,ZANZIBAR SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS (ZSPCA),0,0,0,,0 45,18916,"COLLECT 5,000 PINTS OF BLOOD TO SAVE 15,000 LIVES",Temie Giwa Tubosun,26269,One Percent Blood Donation Enlightenment Foundation (One Percent Project),0,0,0,,0 45,18683,"Promoting SRHR of among 5000 youth in TN, India",vijaya vmmk,26268,Virutcham Magalir Munnetra Kalzangiam (VMMK),0,0,0,,0 45,18434,"Train a Girl for Job Creation in Arua, Uganda",World Action Fund,26262,World Action Fund,0,0,0,,0 45,18828,Education support of children affected by AIDS,Miraz Thakuri,26255,FAITH (Friends Affected & Infected Together in Hand),0,0,0,,0 45,18658,Youth Education Without Violence and leadership,Patrick Estime,26246,Haitelmex Foundation Inc,0,0,0,,0 45,18405,"Meals on Wheels, Wichita Falls, TX",Jackie Riley,26235,"Senior Citizens Services of North Texas, Inc.",0,0,0,,0 45,18381,Community Managed WASH in South Western Bangladesh,South Asia Partnership Bangladesh,26233,South Asia Partnership-Bangladesh,0,0,0,,0 45,18552,Winter wear for 55 worthy orphans,anil patrick gudipudi,26223,SHARON WELFARE SOCIETY,0,0,0,,0 17,18848,Raising Rwanda: Women Farmers' Training Center,Monica LaBiche Brown,26214,Africa Development Promise,3,"1,200",180,,"1,380" 45,18844,Stratford Landing Elementary School - Virginia,christina trumbo,26206,Stratford Landing Elementary School PTA,0,0,0,,0 45,19024,CANOSA Fundraising 2015,Abani Pattanayak,26205,Canada-Odisha Society of Americas,0,0,0,,0 45,18765,Enabling 400 Deaf children & youths in Addis Ababa,Awelachew Admassu,26202,Sign Language Training and Social Service Association,0,0,0,,0 2,18773,Give Mexican children with cancer the gift of life,Libia Jimenez,26192,Casa de la Amistad para Ninos con Cancer,22,"6,126",580,,"6,706" 45,18764,Stopping Crime and Gun Violence Through Boxing,Charles Sisia,26184,Beyond The Ring,0,0,0,,0 45,18979,"Help Our Children's Library, Serve 10.000 Children",Manuel Toro,26170,Fundacion Rafael Pombo,0,0,0,,0 11,18715,Potable water for 400 in rural Mexico,Dylan Terrell,26160,Caminos de Agua,16,"1,770",257,,"2,027" 45,18523,Provide library books for orphans in India,Jean Purviance,26155,World's Children,0,0,0,,0 45,18897,Medical Treatment for 100 Burn Children,Hashmat Effendi,26149,The House of Charity,0,0,0,,0 45,18813,help save 1000 girls in Tanzania,Yusufu Walongole,26143,CHILDREN AID Tanzania,0,0,0,,0 45,18521,Education for 10 mexican children with disability,Yola Caei,26140,"Centro de Atencion Especial Infantil, A.C.",0,0,0,,0 45,18682,Provides Learning Materials to 500 Students,Effion Okon Bassey,26139,Hero Kids Rehabilitation Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,19036,Stop death of Women and Kids from Kitchen Smoke,Ngece Rinjeu Foundation,26133,Ngece Rinjeu Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,18752,"Care Home for HIV Impacted Children Kolkata,India",JP O Sullivan,26113,The Hope Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,19039,Provision of 676 winterized kits to TDPs in KPK,YRC Pakistan,26106,Youth Resource Centre,0,0,0,,0 45,19047,Urban Creative Factory for Deprived Youth,Club for Youth Empowerment 018,26105,Club for Youth Empowerment 018,0,0,0,,0 45,18460,Helping Liberia's urban poor youths out of poverty,Matthew Nyanplu,26100,"Liberia Youth Initiative for Peace and Sustainable Development (LYIPSUD), INC",0,0,0,,0 45,18904,Maysles Cinema: Upgrade Uptown!,Erika Dilday,26095,Maysles Institute,0,0,0,,0 45,18912,HEARTT's Ebola BlockAID to benefit Liberia,Masmina Sirleaf,26086,"HEARTT, Inc",0,0,0,,0 45,18865,Ultrasound facility for 10000 patients in Pakistan,Safdar Saeed,26076,Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust,0,0,0,,0 8,18902,Office to Kickstart Community Development Zimbabwe,Sarah Lang,26064,PORET - Participatory Organic Research and Extension Training,16,"1,875",172,,"2,048" 22,18622,STEM Education in Africa: Changing the Equation,Rakibou Ouro-Djobo,26055,iNERDE Inc.,11,685,62,,747 40,18706,Waggin' Wheels Rescue From High Kill Shelters,Charles Reinhorn,26051,Friends of Mid-South Animal Shelters,1,100,0,,100 45,18681,Happy Chickens for Food Security and Environment,Austin Bowden-Kerby,26045,Corals for Conservation,0,0,0,,0 45,18823,Build School & Provide Supplies in Tsipasi Ghana,Nick Mahlstadt,26026,The Move Project,0,0,0,,0 44,18799,Empower 75 Youth in Nicaragua Through Education,Peter Schaller,26025,"Rayo de Sol, Inc.",1,25,0,,25 45,18637,"Help 10,000 Pregnant Moms survive childbirt in NIG",Chinomnso T Ibe,26010,Traffina Foundation For Community Health,0,0,0,,0 45,18787,100 STREET CHILDREN REHABILITATION IN INDIA,Mother Society,25999,MOTHER SOCIETY (Miracle Organisation Towards Health & Education Remedial Society),0,0,0,,0 45,18553,Supporting 600 Needy Orphans Children in kenya,jared omwanda,25995,KIPASI SECONDARY SCHOOL,0,0,0,,0 45,18920,Empower 50 Needy Girls in Meerut Through Education,Mehar Chand,25979,GRAMIN SAMAJ VIKAS KENDRA,0,0,0,,0 45,18691,"Change the Lives of orphans,Poor children in India",Nagalakshmi Kakarlamudi,25975,THERESSA MAHILA MANDALI,0,0,0,,0 44,18518,Preserving Himalayan Mountain Drops- India,Mahip Dagar,25973,RUCHI (Rural Centre for Human Interests),1,25,4,,29 40,19051,Maintenance FUND for Accessible Nature Trail,Karen Pannocchia,25968,Consorcio Dominicano De Competitividad Turistica,1,100,15,,115 45,19071,Home for 100 Differently Abled persons in India,Rajendra Nahar,25947,Umed Pariwar,0,0,0,,0 45,18401,Plant it Forward 2015,Leah Fenimore,25942,Change it Forward Foundation Tanzania,0,0,0,,0 45,18821,Reintergrate 50 Female Ebola Survivors in Liberia,Marian Deah,25937,Women Solidarity Incorporated,0,0,0,,0 45,18336,Help the VFS to buy a New Fire Truck,Damian Salawa,25936,The Volunteer Fire Service in Kadub Turawski,0,0,0,,0 45,18584,Support and Care for 40 Orphans in Africa,CHISTRE UNV,25921,Centre For HIV/AIDS and STD Research,0,0,0,,0 16,19037,Save Infants' Lives by Promoting Breastfeeding,,25909,Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI),4,"1,350",150,,"1,500" 45,18851,Collect Rainwater for 700 Students in Uganda,Jan Tanis,25882,Bwindi Community Program,0,0,0,,0 45,19089,"RENOVATION OF HOLY CROSS SCHOOL, CHENNAI,INDIA",JAWAHAR JOSHUA,25877,HOLY CROSS EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST,0,0,0,,0 45,18597,Curriculum for the intellectually challenged,faiza khalil,25871,Karachi Vocational Training Centre,0,0,0,,0 15,18907,Community Education on Ebola Liberia,Laura Ridge,25850,Nursing for All,10,"1,355",86,,"1,441" 45,18579,The DC STEM Fair,Joseph Plummer,25848,Three Birds,0,0,0,,0 45,18651,Global Autism Project for Teacher Training,Cassie Harden,25836,Global Autism Project,0,0,0,,0 45,18802,Orphans and Vulnerable people Accountanbility,Ahamed Mahama,25781,International Union of Parents and Teachers Association,0,0,0,,0 45,18984,Big Brothers Big SIsters of Central Mass/Metrowest,Jeffrey Chin,25762,Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest,0,0,0,,0 45,18512,Send 15 Orphaned Girls in Kenya to 1st grade!,Deborah Ryman,25761,Gates of Hope Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,19014,Feed our patients,Catherine Muller,25750,Wide Horizon Hospice,0,0,0,,0 45,18995,Teach Classical Music to poor kids of Talim Island,Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz,25748,"Ang Misyon, Inc.",0,0,0,,0 45,18554,Quality education for Muslim Children in Madarsa,Lenin Raghuvanshi,25741,Jan Mitra Nyas,0,0,0,,0 32,18386,Education and Protection Center for 200 Children,Dr. Jyotsna Chatterji,25721,Joint Women's Programme,2,300,8,,308 39,18690,Ambulance for Liberian Villages Impacted By Ebola,Tricia Wagga,25713,"YesLiberia, Inc.",3,125,0,,125 45,19069,Stop gender-based abortions. Give life to a GIRL!,Paruyr Amirjanyan,25704,International Center for Human Development,0,0,0,,0 45,18811,Help people with a disability,elena bonacini,25702,you able onlus,0,0,0,,0 45,18472,LOCAL HANDICRAFTS FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT,Timothy Straight,25676,Homeland Development Initiative Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,19088,Support Health Education with you donation.,Rocio Moreno Moreno,25666,Universidad Vasco de Quiroga AC.,0,0,0,,0 45,19062,educate and feed an orphan female child in india,selvendran murugamalai,25653,Kodaikanal Rural Development Association,0,0,0,,0 40,18395,Training 200 conflict affected girls in Uganda,Murugahara John Silco,25649,Rwenzori Information Centres Network,1,100,15,,115 29,18908,Prevent Sexual Abuse by Educating Girls,Nikole Lim,25633,Freely in Hope,4,400,38,,438 45,18935,RURAL WOMEN/WIDOWS/GIRLS EMPOWERMENT PROJECTS,REV. EMEKA E ANENE,25604,REHABILITATION OF HIV/AIDS FOR RURAL WIDOWS & ORPHANS INITIATIVE,0,0,0,,0 45,18689,Early learning integration Centre for 400 Children,Richard Kent Lyakota,25590,Allied Organizaton for Rural Children Education,0,0,0,,0 45,17958,TURN REFUGEES IN DC INTO MICRO-ENTREPRENEURS!,Roman Corpuz,25574,ECDC Enterprise Development Group (EDG),0,0,0,,0 18,19053,Center for Supportive Schools (CSS),Lytisha Williams,25573,Center for Supportive Schools,12,975,68,,"1,042" 45,18833,ZODWOCA Women Rights and Ebola Education Project,Agnes Kortimai,25555,Zorzor District Women Care (ZODWOCA),0,0,0,,0 45,18800,Feeding Beans and Rice to 200 Kenyan Orphans,Jeremy Wolff,25534,Children's Garden School,0,0,0,,0 45,18789,To promote organized youth soccer in Haiti,Lesly Williams,25533,"The Haiti Soccer Project, Inc",0,0,0,,0 45,18822,Help Autistic Youth find successful independence,Christine Danning,25517,InventSuccess,0,0,0,,0 45,18529,Support 50 rural schools to network with scholarly,Narayan Solanke,25455,Universal Versatile Society - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,0,0,,0 43,18615,"Help 1,600 Nicaraguan Farmers Rise Out Of Poverty",Jeanne Duffy,25434,"Working Capital for Community Needs, Inc.",1,50,0,,50 38,18724,Make Rural Education Centre Functional,Oscar Quiros,25410,Fundacion Universidad de Golfito,2,150,15,,165 43,18845,Securing 20000 Garment Workers in Bangladesh,Mahmuda Begum,25375,Shobujer Ovijan Foundation,1,50,0,,50 45,18525,PromoteHealthySexualBehavior amongYouth in Uganda.,MUTYABA PAUL,25316,Bugema Community Child Based Organization (BCCBO) UGANDA.,0,0,0,,0 21,18737,Support Neighborhood Clinics in Liberia,Jenna Hammerslag,25313,everyday gandhis,4,750,112,,862 45,18067,Early Intervention for Childhood Disabilities,Sankara Raman Srinivasan,25303,Amar Seva Sangam,0,0,0,,0 45,19046,Vegetable gardens for children & woman in need,Alejandra Margarita Cerrillo,25281,Servicios Educativos del Bajio A.C.,0,0,0,,0 45,19083,Give goats to 200 Widows in Uganda.,Robbinah Hakiza,25269,God's Mercy orphanage Centre,0,0,0,,0 25,18693,Educate and Nourish 50 Students in Rural Malawi,Carly Anderson,25253,EKARI Foundation,2,600,15,,615 45,18688,Provide clean water to 5000 villagers in Ghana,Charlesetta Washington,25219,MILTON FOUNDATION GHANA,0,0,0,,0 45,18429,Use soccer as a tool to educate 3000 Kibera youths,Vincent Kegode,25194,Kibera Mpira Mtaani,0,0,0,,0 45,18784,"Mobile health to 50,000 tribes in Denkanikota",john kennedy,25169,Vision For Social Development,0,0,0,,0 26,19029,Help Haitian Family Farmers Keep Their Lands,Simone Adler,25154,"Other Worlds, Inc.",2,525,0,,525 33,18906,Empower Children in Sierra Leone,Saffiatu Harper,25108,"Share HEART in Africa, Inc.",3,250,22,,272 13,18593,Training Peacebuilders in Yemen,Michael Braeuninger,25082,International Center for Religion & Diplomacy,7,"1,454",158,,"1,612" 45,18517,Help Cassava farmers feed 5 million Cameroonians,Eyongmanyo Remi,25077,Torchlight CIG,0,0,0,,0 45,19001,INCREASED GROUP FOOD PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING,Max John Harding,25064,Farlu Rural Integrated Development Association,0,0,0,,0 45,19070,Civic Education to 550 Vulnerable in Kaniki/Masisi,gala aga,25038,GALA AGA,0,0,0,,0 45,18488,Ambulance for our Thalassemia Care Centre,S. Arif Ali,24922,Help International welfare trust,0,0,0,,0 45,18722,Serve Africa; Essential Reconstructive Surgery,Tertius Venter,24894,Global Reconstructive Surgery Outreach,0,0,0,,0 45,18918,Help Rural Mentally Challenge Student reach school,Venkataramanan .K,24832,Ritham Charitable Trust,0,0,0,,0 40,18895,Milford Hospice Specialised Palliative Care,Anne Marie Hayes,24782,Milford Care Centre,1,100,15,,115 45,18881,Health and food sovereignty for Ixil women,Jairo Hernandez,24776,Fundacion Ixil,0,0,0,,0 45,18805,Education of vulnerable and orphaned girls.,Judith Mutinda,24662,GILGAL SPRINGS FOUNDATION,0,0,0,,0 45,17981,Save 3000 children from malnutrition in Danane,HONORINE SADIA,24634,ONG GENERATION FEMMES DU TROISIEME MILLENAIRE,0,0,0,,0 44,18896,Medical Care for 15 Romanian Roma Schoolchildren,Olimpia Świst,24619,NOMADA Association for Multicultural Society Integration,1,25,4,,29 45,17893,we-care-global-youth-education-for-every-one,Machiko Conway,24612,International Ambassadress for Community Education and Development.org,0,0,0,,0 45,18941,"New Heights Educational Group, Inc",Pamela Clark,24466,"New Heights Educational Group, Inc",0,0,0,,0 45,18931,Rescue Horses to Help At-Risk/Disadvantaged in TN,Cynthia Justice,24413,Hope Reins,0,0,0,,0 45,19074,KYM Cataract Project,Serkan KILINC,24388,Kimse Yok Mu,0,0,0,,0 45,18526,Help provide stability and hope for HIV+ Women,Rehemah Nabbanja,24336,Eliezah Foundation Initiative,0,0,0,,0 45,19007,"Cmpletion of polyclinic, library, auditorium, clas",Benjamin Akyiano,24298,Adventist university of Lukanga,0,0,0,,0 45,18957,Touching Lives: Health Project,Kabiru Adisa,24093,Guildance Community Development Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,19139,Help school dropouts earn a living,Harmik Singh,24027,Kherwadi Social Welfare Association,0,0,0,,0 27,18913,Help 1500 Women/Girls Lift Themselves from Poverty,Sabrina Brown,22842,International Lifeline Fund,1,500,75,,575 43,19042,Make Nonviolent Conflict Resolution A Reality,Remi A.,18645,Brav,2,50,8,,58 45,18522,Support 100 vulnerable girls become self reliant,Mutyaba James Claude,18545,Empowerment For the Poor-Uganda (EFPU),0,0,0,,0 45,18442,Global Aid Needed to Stop Ebola Outbreak in Africa,Ferry Kristianto,18491,World Harvest,0,0,0,,0 45,19038,Rehabilitation course for children,Veronika Chernyaeva,18423,Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,18900,Allow empowerment education to 20 indigenous kids,Andrea Frustaci,18409,Chantiik Taj Tajinkutik A.C.,0,0,0,,0 45,16732,Basic Education for the children of slum-dwellers,Ashish Lal,18358,Mercy Welfare Society,0,0,0,,0 45,18657,Boy and Girl Child education in Nairobi kenya,Elizabeth Mbati,18335,Alpha Glory Community Educational Centre,0,0,0,,0 45,19000,Gender-Equity-through-Education,Jose Momade,18215,Plataforma de Desenvolvimento Inclusivo - PDI,0,0,0,,0 45,18775,AWARENESS OF PUPILS AND STUDENTS AGAINST HIV/AIDS,ikopi,18011,CONSTRUISONS ENSEMBLE LE MONDE,0,0,0,,0 45,18565,Help Ukrainian badly wounded soldiers to survive,Olga Golovachova,17999,Ukrainian Charity Fund 'Social partnership',0,0,0,,0 45,19049,Agricultural /Animal Husbandry Center - Bobo,Timothy Brokopp,17794,Amoveo Group,0,0,0,,0 45,18968,Primary School for 360 Students at MURAMBI,Omer HABONIMANA,17737,APROCUVI,0,0,0,,0 45,19066,Christmas gifts for 100 poor children in Pakistan,Nasir Sohail,17531,Joshua Welfare Organization,0,0,0,,0 45,19065,Educate 300 underprivileged children in Bangladesh,Dewan Akhtaruzzaman,17529,Friends Association for Integrated Revolution (FAIR),0,0,0,,0 45,18574,Medical care for escapers from Ukrainian crisis,Алена Строгая,17192,All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation Krona,0,0,0,,0 45,18810,chandana is a school for farmers and rural poor,Laxminarayana.M Hegde,17123,MALENADU EDUCATION AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY SIRSI,0,0,0,,0 45,18199,"A toilet block to Leela Family Home ,Karnata India",Premanand Thambi,17039,CRUES,0,0,0,,0 45,18924,Help the tiger Tikhon back to nature,Polina Mikhaylova,17000,Regional Non-Profit Organization 'The Center of rehabilitation and reintroduction of Tigers',0,0,0,,0 45,18868,IIluminating the school darkness for 250 orphans,Jimmy Katende,16970,Cape of Good Hope Orphan Care and Family Support Project,0,0,0,,0 35,18582,ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT TO 100 WIDOWS OF IMALINYI,Eunice Lwendo,16964,SAFINA WOMEN ASSOCIATION,2,204,0,,204 45,18086,COMMUNITY BASED POWER FENCE TO SAVE ELEPHANT,RAJKUMAR DEVARAJE URS,16924,WILDLIFE CONSERVATION FOUNDATION,0,0,0,,0 45,18827,Rehabilitate of women victims of violence,Khawla Qaraq'e,16838,Psycho Social Counselling Center for Women,0,0,0,,0 45,19107,Child Friendly Infrastructural Support in School,Basant Kunwar,16653,Civic Forum for Sustainable Development (CIVIC FORUM),0,0,0,,0 45,18880,Revitalize Local Food Production in Afghanistan,Mariam Raqib,16434,The Afghanistan Samsortya,0,0,0,,0 45,19050,Give Local -Help Low Income Vermonters Be Healthy,Sherry Thornburg,16326,Ottauquechee Health Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,18825,empowering rural women through sewing training,chandrasekaran A,16325,Muthamil Education and Rural Development Society,0,0,0,,0 45,18803,Prevention & support for orphans of ebola victims,Joseph Awuru,16199,Hope Life International,0,0,0,,0 45,18547,Promotion of Tribal Children's Education,manoj satapathy,15973,voluntary institute for rural development,0,0,0,,0 45,18795,"HOSTEL FOR BLIND OLD AGE , CHILDREN AND GIRL",rajesh agarwal,15872,indian multi purpose trust for the blind,0,0,0,,0 45,19077,Provide literacy skills to 500 women in Kenya,HILLARY MAINGA,15857,HILLARY MAINGA FOUNDATION,0,0,0,,0 45,18911,provide solar cookers for 750 IDPs HHs in Galkacyo,Farhan Ahmed,15724,Women Iniative for Society Empowerment (WISE),0,0,0,,0 45,18830,Help 30 youth in Mbale Uganda gain Farming skills,Xavier Mpanga,15548,Youth for Action Christian Ministry and Outreach.,0,0,0,,0 45,19061,Healthcare for 500-1000 Ebola Orphans in Liberia,Yawo Akrodou,15345,"Supportive Strategic Development Group, Inc",0,0,0,,0 45,18858,"Boys and Girls Club of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa",Maresha Johnson,15056,Abundant Life Orphanages,0,0,0,,0 41,18808,Empowering innovative teachers in Latin America,Andrea Pazmino,15012,FIDAL Foundation,2,75,0,,75 45,18951,Economic Development for Minority Women in Georgia,Stephanie Moraille,14615,The MorFiss Foundation,0,0,0,,0 45,18863,Save 1000 Samburu girls from early marriage,Wanjala Wafula,14382,Coexist Initiative,0,0,0,,0 45,19064,Access to education for poor Romanian children,GABRIELA ACHIHAI,14088,Community Support Foundation (Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar ),0,0,0,,0 45,19079,"Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation",Aimal Khan,14078,Takal Welfare Organization,0,0,0,,0 41,18537,Saving Retired Thoroughbred Racehorses,Collette Duddy,13999,"Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc.",1,75,11,,86 45,19085,Harper House Restoration in Columbus Ohio,Joshua Price,13871,"Historic Preservation Society of America, Inc",0,0,0,,0 12,18491,Community Health Care Worker Project,Jilly Ngwainmbi,13784,Research Center for Analytic Diagnosis and Imaging Trends (RECEADIT),7,"1,740",248,,"1,988" 45,18485,Campaign for Kids with Learning Disability inGhana,Padmore Quansah,13461,CAMPAIGN FOR LEARNING DISABILITIES,0,0,0,,0 45,19020,Blast fishing awareness and quick response program,Rosario del Socorro Saenz Ruiz,12674,FUNDENIC - SOS,0,0,0,,0 3,18832,Rehabilitation 260 disabled children in Zimbabwe,Isabelle de Vugt,12399,Sport 4 Socialisation Trust Zimbabwe,5,"3,175",11,,"3,186" 44,18570,Increasing access to Early Childhood Development,Patrick Makokoro,12279,Nhaka Foundation,1,25,4,,29 45,18664,Bright Christmas 2014,Dennis Martinus,12275,Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation,0,0,0,,0