Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization,Unique Donors,Donations,Matching,Bonus,Total 73,12217,"Lobbying for animal cruelty bylaws formulation",Tom Sandi,Campaign Against Cruelty to Animals in Sierra Leone(CCA-SL),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12466,"Puppets against-abuse" in Kinshasa,Erica Zoltan Sapir,Puppeteers Without Borders,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12348,2013 Food Collection Drive,Cathy Russell,The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12468,2nd Pakistan Blind Youth Conference March 2013,Rashid Khan,Visionary Foundation Pakistan,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12363,400 Books for 100 Low Literate Adults in the U.S.,Lara Pimentel,ProLiteracy,0,$0,$0,,$0 62,12329,A Future to Build: Burma by Women,We women foundation,We women foundation,4,$100,$10,,$110 51,12350,A New Beginning for 71 families in Colombia,Marcela Marin,Corporacion Interactuar,17,$285,$3,,$288 73,12526,A farm school for youth in difficult situations,Atika doghmi,The Bayti Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12515,A project to provide Skill Development Vocational,,Sir Chhotu Ram Yuva Club,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12345,AFRICAN RURAL SCHOOL CHILDREN: SCHOLARSHIP SUPPORT,Pierre-Henri` Olivier,Anna Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12603,Advancing Girl Power with Wind Power,Pamela Nathenson,World Connect,0,$0,$0,,$0 29,12486,Agro-Charcoal in Chad as Vocational Enterprises,David DEARMEY,Enterprise for Vocational Development,5,$907,$0,,$907 73,12548,Al Manarah Audio Library for the Visually Impaired,Charles Morse,Al-Manarah Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12153,An egg a day for kids in rural China,Jie XIAO,Shanghai United Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 70,12178,Antibiotics & Clean Water For Children In Need,Kathryn Hearn,MAP International,1,$25,$4,,$29 73,12279,"Assist 10,000 Gender Based Violence Victims in RSA",Zarina Majiet,"MOSAIC Training, Service and Healing Centre for Women",0,$0,$0,,$0 34,12338,Assist 250 Remote Medical Care Clinics in Panama,Sky LaBrot,Floating Doctors Inc,9,$790,$0,,$790 38,12447,Break The Cycle Of Poverty Through Education,Zita Tangel,Friends of Ninos de Guatemala,2,$640,$18,,$658 43,12465,Bring Health Care to 4000 Needy People in Israel,Tamara Kaplan,YEDID: The Association for Community Empowerment,13,$503,$7,,$510 73,12065,Bring Micro-Hydro Electricity to Brazilian Amazon,Robert Bortner,Community Empowerment Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12478,Bring Schooling to 200 pygmy children in Cameroon,Vise Chin,Leeiyen,0,$0,$0,,$0 39,12477,Bring healthcare to thousands in rural Nepal,Soni Parajuli,Himalayan Healthcare,2,$600,$0,,$600 16,12522,Build 2 Classrooms for 120 Uganda Students,Carol Davis,Outreach Uganda,34,"$2,085",$150,,"$2,235" 73,12499,Build A Soccer Field for 250 Children in Haiti,Nicole Findlay,HavServe Volunteer Service Network (HavServe),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12062,Build Classrooms for 3000 Needy Children in Togo,Joshua K. W. ADAGLO,Mission Vie Comblee (VICO-TOGO),0,$0,$0,,$0 18,12406,Build Libraries for Rural Children in China,Jack Xuan,Pass Love Charity Foundation,20,"$1,830",$46,,"$1,876" 62,11939,Build School For 500 Poor Slum Children In Kenya,Collins Odhiambo Agwanda,Shining Hope Community Based Organization,3,$100,$0,,$100 73,12433,Build a library for 1000poor children in Kenya,janes kerubo,Friends of the Needy Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12349,Building a Health Centre for 40 Villages in Kenya,Gilbert Okenye,Hope Mission Centre,0,$0,$0,,$0 56,12353,Buy a Cow to Educate a HS Student in Rural Kenya,Rosalie Benitez,Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre,1,$200,$0,,$200 73,12276,CARIBBEAN-AMERICAN STUDENTS-SCHOLARSHIP FUND,Minna LaFortune,Society For The Advancement Of The Caribbean Diaspora (SACD),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12512,Care & Support to 160 HIV and AIDS Infected people,Ravi Pradeep,Society For Integreted Rural Development (SFIRD),0,$0,$0,,$0 50,11667,Central PugetSound Marine Mammal Stranding Network,Susan Berta,Orca Network,6,$300,$8,,$308 73,12413,Chickens for 100 Orphans in Rural Buwunga,Muhwezi Henry,Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 49,12423,Child Nutrition Workshops,Kokaale Amissah-Aidoo,GlobeMed at Amherst College,4,$345,$0,,$345 73,12175,Children / Pathfinder club - Desbravadores,Flavia Aquino,Clube de Desbravadores,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12455,Children's Relief Nursery,Dana Gantz,Lifeworks NW,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12066,Children's Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion,Daniel Mwakameka,Action for Environmental Sustainability (AFES),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12290,Clean Water Well for a village/school in Cameroon,Ruth Akumbu,Plant A Seed,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12555,Clean Water for All (CWA),Obong Felix Okello,All Nations Christian Care,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12258,Clean Water for Children with Disabilities in Gaza,Danny Muller,Middle East Children's Alliance,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12617,Clothing Poor Children in Uganda,Joseph Mukungu,The Little Shoulders Education Trust - LITSHED,0,$0,$0,,$0 35,12154,Combat Health Disparities for Kachin Women,Julie Ivy,GlobeMed at Dartmouth,20,$730,$0,,$730 73,12525,Community Poultry Farming Initiative Sierra Leone,Ibrahim Oumarr Jalloh,Salone Microfinance Trust (SMT),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11962,Cooking Workshop for Infertile Patients in Israel,Ofra Balaban - Kasztelanski,CHEN - Patient Fertility Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12359,Create 40 bee farmers in Nakasongola-Uganda,Senkosi Kenneth,Forum for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa (FOSAA),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12155,Creating Networks of Young Palestinian Citizens,Walid Salem,Center for Democracy and Community Development,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12231,Creating opportunities for 9 landmine victims,Hafiz Safikhanov,Azerbaijan Campaign to Ban Landmines,0,$0,$0,,$0 55,11755,Debunking the War on Drugs,Peter Sarosi,Hungarian Civil Liberties Union,3,$225,$19,,$244 54,12265,"Deliver 75 healthy babies in Torbeck, Haiti",Jim Grant,Global Birthing Home Foundation,3,$245,$0,,$245 11,12293,Delivering protein to children in Thailand,Harold Engel,"The Rights of the Child, Inc.",5,"$2,374",$49,,"$2,423" 42,11182,Develop 21st Century Leaders for Global Health,Elizabeth White,GlobeMed,4,$510,$70,,$580 68,11964,"Develop Leaders in At-Risk Communities, Costa Rica",Kim Hackbarth,Boy With a Ball,1,$50,$0,,$50 6,12352,Diabetes Prevention for 1 million more in India,Nalini saligram,Arogya World,8,"$2,890",$0,,"$2,890" 73,11951,Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative Cameroon,Peter Njodzeka,Life and Water Development Group,0,$0,$0,,$0 66,12508,"Drama, Dance, Music, & Sport for Kisumu Youth",Kathy Bailey,Equip Manyatta,2,$70,$0,,$70 73,12089,E-Coaching and Support for Young Entrepreneurs,Cornelius Nartey,Association of African Entrepreneurs,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12380,EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN THROUGH MICRO CREDITS,NGAH PATIENCE ROHKA,BAMENDA WOMEN CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT UNION,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12547,Educate 10 girls in rural Rwanda,Annie McCarthy,Komera,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12411,Educate 150 HIV/AIDS Positive Orphans in Teso,Micheal Anguria,SHINE AFRICA MINISTRIES(SAM),0,$0,$0,,$0 1,12314,Educate 20 Kenyan Youth Athletes from Kibera Slum,Vincent Ochieng,Kibera Sport Development Programme,42,"$4,350",$219,,"$4,569" 69,12410,Educate 200children with disabilities in Bangalore,sha nigar,The Association of People with Disability,1,$45,$0,,$45 73,12337,Educate 400 Underprivileged Children in Bangalore,Krupalatha Martin Dass,SUKRUPA,0,$0,$0,,$0 63,12390,Educate and Empower 100 girl children in India,Praveen Vempadapu,Kidpower (A Welfare Society),5,$98,$0,,$98 8,12343,Educate and Empower Children in South Africa,mehdeen seghal,Afrika Tikkun,38,"$2,610",$363,,"$2,973" 44,11899,Educate teenagers about sexual health in Bolivia,Edgar Valdez,Instituto para el Desarrollo Humano,5,$490,$32,,$522 73,12474,"Educate, Care, and Support 200 Orphans in Kenya",Bishop Raymond Mutama,Universal Fellowship Organization,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12309,Educating 200 Disabled on the use of Computer,FOMBO FRANKLIN FON,NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION,0,$0,$0,,$0 70,12165,Education Center for 200 Women & Children in India,Esther Dass,INDIAN WOMEN AND CHILD WELFARE TRUST,1,$25,$0,,$25 73,12460,Education for 100 orphan girls in Kamwenge Uganda,Hon. Idah Mehangye,PARENTS CONCERN FOR YOUNG PEOPLE,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12560,Education for 40 International Teachers,Paul Nevue,Montessori Institute Northwest - 2013 Congress,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12003,Education for Slums and Rural Kenyan Students,PIUS OKOTH,Center for Social and Rural Development Inc,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12476,Education of 25 Deafblind Children in Rajasthan,Shivkumar Sharma,Sense International (India),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12434,Efficient cooling in India,Philippe De Rougemont,Noe21,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12535,Empower 150 unprivileged Indian children,Neha Neha,Swechha-We for Change Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12535,Empower 150 unprivileged Indian children,Tanushree Tanushree,Swechha-We for Change Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 59,12315,"Empower 50,000 youth to fight HIV/AIDS in Cameroon",Ndi Abanda Alphonse,Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services(CBCHS),2,$130,$15,,$145 73,12389,Empower Business School for Indian Women,Sweta Mercy,Hope Ministries,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12287,Empower Disadvantaged Women and Girls in Ethiopia,Melesse Woldeamanueal,Woldeamanuel Dubale Foundation(WaDF),0,$0,$0,,$0 31,12148,Empower Marginalized Communities Of Pakistan Sindh,Hannah Valentine,Primary Education Project,5,$838,$0,,$838 17,12135,Empower the Youth Development in El Salvador,Ricardo Ortiz,GlobeMed at Penn State,11,"$1,950",$20,,"$1,970" 55,12421,Empower youth through education in S.A,Patrick Mashanda,IkamvaYouth,2,$225,$4,,$229 73,12372,Empowering 100 Women to earn Livlihood in Nepal,Devendra Rai,Education Training and Service for Community Nepal,0,$0,$0,,$0 28,12442,Empowering 37 Orphans Through Education in Kenya,Mary Owens,Nyumbani,14,"$1,000",$35,,"$1,035" 73,12523,Empowering 500 Rwandan women living with HIV/AIDS,Mbabazi Busingye,Human Rights First Rwanda Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12124,"Empowering Girls in Forced Prostitution, India",Mona M,Apne Aap Women Worldwide Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12195,Empowering Women and PLWHA Through Microfinance,Charlie Young,Alliance For African Women Initiative,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12456,Empowerment Center for Women with disabilities,Abid Lashari,Nawabshah Disability Forum,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12399,Engage Boys Empower Girls Stop GBViolence Zimbabwe,Nyaradzo Mashayamombe,Tag a Life International Trust (TaLI),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12375,English Creative Writing Competition in Bulgaria,Dimitar Tsekov,CORPluS Foundation,1,$50,$8,,$58 71,12450,English and a chance to live past 35,Katie Stark,La Isla Foundation,2,$20,$0,,$20 73,12606,Enhancing Right to Land for 760 women and girls,Aidan Peter,Building Equality,0,$0,$0,,$0 15,12440,Eradicating Energy Poverty in Haiti,Allison Archambault,EarthSpark International,19,"$2,105",$0,,"$2,105" 48,12518,Estudio Damgo: First Filipino Design-Build Studio,Amy Villanueva,Foundation University,2,$400,$0,,$400 73,12321,Feed Lunch to 1000 Students in the Slums of Kenya,Lindsay Smith,Ignitus Worldwide,0,$0,$0,,$0 40,11917,Feed a Guatemalan Child-Improve Grade 6 Completion,Margaret Blood,"Mil Milagros, Inc.",2,$550,$8,,$558 73,11994,Food For the Homeless in the District of Columbia,Uma Maheswaran,Hindu American Community Services Inc. (HACSI),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12562,From Japanese First Responders to the World,Maki Fukami,"S&R Foundation, International Institute of Global Resilience",0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12484,From Street to School,Alex Monk,Pratham UK,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12412,Fruit and Shade Trees for Children in 10 Schools,JOHN BAPTIST,environmental conservation effort (ECE),0,$0,$0,,$0 70,12495,"GS: Leadership for 40 girls (Vietnam, Philippines)",Tia Kelly,Passion to Lead Society,1,$25,$4,,$29 73,12457,Give 5000 ebooks to 150 kids in sub-Saharan Africa,Neil Johnston,worldreader.org,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12463,Give Girls in Nairobi slums education and hope,Susan Kanguha,Ngando Universal Centre,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12074,"Give Young Women Purpose, Vision & Hope",Gwendolyn Young,Seed of Hope Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12568,Give a Child HOPE for a better future!!,Victor Mbaba,Africa's Children's Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 32,12306,Give kids a voice: iPads for Autism,Susan Byram,"Autism Pensacola, Incorporated",16,$820,$82,,$902 52,12489,Give poor kids in Salvador & Honduras a chance,Helene Salomon,Hilda Rothschild Foundation,4,$275,$0,,$275 73,12538,Giving Kids a Smile Like Yours In Colombia,Pilar Echeverri,FISULAB - CENTRO DE REHABILITACION PARA NINOS CON LABIO Y PALADAR FISURADO,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12362,Grow better self help groups in Uganda,Yusuf Wor,New Idea for Citizenship,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12540,HELP AND WRAP ME!,Janny Cantillana,Fundacion Beata Laura Vicuna,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12262,HELP FEED 500 STARVING ORPHANS OF KOGUMA in Kenya,Michael Ouko,Victory Foundation Programme,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12407,HELP FOR HANDICAPPED AND POOR CHILDREN IN INDIA,vidya ranjan roy vemu,SAADHANA EDUCATIONAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,10304,"HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support",Dr.Zachariah Amukhale Muyokani,WESTERN HIV/AIDS NETWORK,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12561,HOPAD Child and Women Capacity building Project,Purna Khatri,Hopad Child and Women Promotion Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 41,12554,Habitats for Howlers,Nancy Brown,"Full Moon Farm, Inc.",15,$520,$16,,$536 67,12269,Health Education for Low-Income Women in Bali,Luh Putu Upadisari,Yayasan Rama Sesana,3,$65,$10,,$75 45,12623,"Health for 34,000 low-income children in Colombia",Diana Natalia Londono Velez,Children Hospital of San Vicente Foundation,14,$455,$0,,$455 24,12228,Healthcare and Education for Burmese Immigrants,Juliana Madzia,GlobeMed at University of Cincinnati,9,"$1,250",$49,,"$1,299" 73,12248,Help 100 marginalized women own coffee carts,Brenda Moore,Java Hope Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12458,Help 10th std poor kids excel in exams and career,Venkatesha Murthy,Hindu Seva Pratishthana,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12013,Help 20 Moroccan women support their community,mohamed zaifoun,cooperative agricole tamaloute,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12270,Help 200 women in Cameroon feed & educate children,Ngong Nkainin,Integrated Rural Community Center for Agriculture,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12506,Help 360 children in Oregon with special needs,Tami Walters,Mighty Oaks Children's Therapy Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 72,12483,Help 5 Rescued Horses Become Therapy Animals,Dawn Schmertmann,"Riding Star Ranch, Inc",1,$10,$0,,$10 73,12307,Help 500 Displaced School Going Children of FATA,Herdyal Singh,UNITED SIKHS,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12029,Help 500 Orphans with Skills for Life in Indonesia,masri suryana, - Duplicate Do Not Use,0,$0,$0,,$0 47,11993,Help African Journalists Tell Africa's Stories,Jody Hassett Sanchez,The Media Project,9,$405,$35,,$440 73,12288,Help Costa Ricans Benefit From Tourism!,Alexandra Johnson,Fundacion para la Sostenibilidad y la Equidad,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,10913,Help Give Backpack of Hope to a Child in Nigeria,Albert Ezeigwe,Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 7,12494,Help Give Wildlife a Second Chance,Jennifer Cunningham,WildCare Inc.,11,"$2,780",$120,,"$2,900" 73,12636,Help Horses and Therapists Change Lives in NJ,Susie Rehr,Special Strides Therapeutic Riding Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12490,Help Indian Rural Women to be Self-Employed,SANJIB BHATTACHARYA,BARADRONE SOCIAL WELFARE INSTITUTION (BSWI),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12553,Help MCH to become sustainable,Bimal Osti,Moonlight Children's Home,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12519,Help Orphans Get Quality of Education in Pakistan,Nadeem Tahir,READ Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11840,Help a river and its people obtain a legal voice.,Manny Massony,Yukon River Inter-Tribal watershed Council,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12222,Help prevent 120 NYC youth from the street,Suzy Akrofi,"Bi-Habawalk, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12130,Helping children with incurable & chronic diseases,MASEREKA ZENO,Allied Initiative for Community Development (AICD),0,$0,$0,,$0 26,12402,Hope Stands Tall,Juliet Asante,Save Our Women International,3,"$1,050",$0,,"$1,050" 73,12308,Hosting Press Conferences Open to ALL Journalists,masayama michiyo,free press association of japan,0,$0,$0,,$0 23,12551,Improve Education & Health of Cambodian Families,Pinky Hossain,GlobeMed at the University of Virginia,15,"$1,277",$101,,"$1,378" 73,12251,Improve the Lives of 70 Mentally Sick People.,Mustafe Good Nuur,Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12017,Improve the welfare of 300 ovcs in sironko uganda,KITOBO PAUL,BUMATOFU HAND OF GRACE,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12377,Improving Child Health in Rural Uganda,Eng. Deo Kayondo Lubanga,Mission for Community Development (MCODE),0,$0,$0,,$0 72,12316,Increased income for 250 Swaziland craft producers,Faith Muisyo,SwazilandFairTrade,1,$10,$2,,$12 61,12011,"Inspire 1,000's of LGBT youth & allies in CT & US",Robin McHaelen,"True Colors, Inc. Sexual Minority Youth and Family Services of CT",2,$120,$0,,$120 73,12462,Internet classroom for 100 orphans in Tuzha,Alexey Svakhin,"NGO GROWTH (POCT) - Development, Education, Socialization and Employment for Russian Orphans",0,$0,$0,,$0 53,12585,Israel-Palestinian Healthcare fosters peace,Rob Zwang,Israel Palestinian Cooperative for Economic Expansion,2,$255,$0,,$255 58,11217,It's time to accelerate India's education NGOs,Mary Matsui,Atma Education,4,$155,$3,,$158 73,12584,Keep 200 Orphans in school in Evbuotubu Community,Sam Ajufoh,Action For Community Development,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12320,Legal Aid for Indigents in Ghana,Eric Delanyo Alifo,HelpLaw Ghana,0,$0,$0,,$0 70,12451,Lets Be Ready,Fred Zambroski,Lets Be Ready,1,$25,$4,,$29 37,12454,Libya Diabetes and Cardiac Outreach,Ethan Chorin,The Avicenna Group,22,$650,$0,,$650 73,11064,Life Lessons Through Basketball,Rochelle Coleman,Five-Star Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 5,12438,"Lifesaving AidPods for 65,000 African children",Simon Berry,ColaLife,67,"$2,905",$262,,"$3,168" 73,12615,"Lift 1,200 HIV/AIDS affected Rwandans from poverty",RDO Projects,Rwanda Development Organisation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12173,Make 500 blankets for animals and children in need,Maddie Pelgrim,Maddie's Blankets,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11999,Mosquito Nets for Remote Area Childrens.,Kennady P,Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12432,Music for Cultural Peace and Non-Violence,Ramadhan Obiero,We Are Watching You,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12070,NOWHERE TO HOME,Jyothy Michael,CHILDLINE India Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12453,Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Haiti,Meredith Hutchison,The Haiti Health Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 70,12424,No child should be left in the cold in Hue Vietnam,Nadine Fiteni,Grains de riz pour un sourire,1,$25,$4,,$29 73,12299,Northwest Sarcoma Foundation,Tammy Wilhoite,Northwest Sarcoma Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11153,Older People volunteering for older people,Methaporn Khuanpanya,Foundation for Older Persons' Development (FOPDEV),0,$0,$0,,$0 20,12005,Orphans into Families: Tibet & West China,Yuan Jie Sun,Care for Children,6,"$1,695",$4,,"$1,699" 73,12510,Over 1000 farmers benefited in Negros Island,edwardson barcenilla,Knights of Federal Farmers and Fishermen Org. Inc.,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12422,Partner w/AKI to Help Animals in up to10 Countries,Karen Menczer,Animal-Kind International,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12328,Position Orphans in Haiti to be Radiant Readers,Stacy Zant,Girls and Guys Organized for Anointed Living Inc.,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12439,Poultry for 100 vulnerable women/girls in kenya.,charles owino,rambira arise network youth group,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12496,Prevention of Violence Against Women in Pakistan,Obed Caleb,Consultative Group for Development Cooperation,0,$0,$0,,$0 64,12539,Project: FLIGHT,Raymond John,12 PLUS,2,$80,$0,,$80 21,12567,Promote understanding of ethnic cultures in Laos,Tara Gujadhur,Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre (TAEC) via the Luang Prabang Fund for Culture and Conservation,12,"$1,670",$4,,"$1,674" 73,12520,Promotion of Biological wastewater Treatment,M. Ameen Keryo,Sindhica Reforms Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 14,12374,Protect 20 girls from abuse in Cambodia,Anna Reilly,Cambodian Women's Development Agency,10,"$2,150",$16,,"$2,166" 73,12351,"Protect 40,000 acres of Atlantic Rainforest.",Brian Sandberg,Guayaki Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12446,Protect Vulnerable Refugee Children in Kampala,Kulihoshi Musikami,People for Peace and Defence of Rights - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,$0,$0,,$0 30,12448,Protecting the Health of Colombian Orphans,Lina Valbuena,Fundacion CRAN,12,$845,$9,,$854 73,11847,Provide Social Entrepreneurs Magazine to 500 NPOs,Yihui Zhu,Non-Profit Incubator (NPI),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12565,Provide a brighter future for Haiti's children,Louis Elneus,"Haiti Lumiere de Demain, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12531,Provide clearn-safe water to 5000 Ngyeku villagers,Kaanaeli Moses Mafie,Tanzania Environmental Development and Animal Power Society (TAN-EDAPS),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12467,Provide food nd nutrition to poor expectant mother,Neha Mehta,Vikas Samarthan Kendra,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12409,Provide healthcare to tribal women of 900 villages,Pankaj Shah,SEWA Rural,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12339,Provide shelter for 100 HIV/AIDS positive women,MOSES WANGOLA,HEART OF MERCIES UGANDA,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12383,Provision of Education Support to 200 Orphans,Alex Bwaluka,Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12552,Puppy Mills = Puppy Cruelty (closed campaign),Derek Rumboldt-deLouché,Canadian Federation of Humane Societies,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12578,REACH Out this Xmas to 600 TB Patients in Chennai,REACH Chennai,REACH (Resource Group for Education and Advocacy for Community Health),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12125,REMEDIAL EDUCATION FOR 100 INDIAN TRIBAL CHILDREN,Abraham Rajkumar,Masters Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12497,RESCUING 200 GIRLS FROM FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION,OMBERE STEVE NGEDE,HEARTS OF MERCY EVERYWHERE(HOME),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12318,ROYAL REHABILITATION AND REFORMATION CENTRE,Simon Nsoh Tabufor Leshey1,ROYAL DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION - R.D.C.( Humanitarian Development Organization ),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12346,RURAL SELF HELP GROUP PROJECT,BEATRICE ACIRO OKENY,NORTHERN UGANDA WOMEN AND CHILDREN INITIATIVES(NUWECHI),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12018,"Rape crisis support for 5,000 children in Nigeria",Princess Olufemi-Kayode,Media Concern Initiative - for Women and Children,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12471,Reduce Maternal and Infant Deaths in Rural Zambia,Njira Mtonga Bweupe,Action Africa Help Zambia,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11911,Refurbished computers for NGOs and worthy causes,Stephen Smith,The Papillon Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 57,12445,Rescue trafficked women & children in India,John Sparks,India Partners,5,$160,$0,,$160 73,12191,Rescuing 9000 Children From the Streets in India,George Payyamthadathil,BOSCO Bangalore oniyavara seva coota,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12207,Restore more than 200 Marriages!,Doug Taylor,MarriageTeam,0,$0,$0,,$0 27,10742,Revitalize Rural Entrepreneurship,Martha "Pati" Ruiz Corzo,Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda I.A.P,11,"$1,010",$0,,"$1,010" 73,12347,SANKALP-IN AID OF DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLE CHILDREN,Pravir Lal,Matushree Parsanba Charitable Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12481,SAVE THE GIRL CHILD,RAJENDRA RANA,ALTERNATIVE FOR RURAL MOVEMENT(ARM),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12436,SHIFSD Multipurpose Youth Training Center (MYTC),Jeremiah T. Burgess,"Self Help Initiative for Sustainable Development (SHIFSD Liberia), Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12437,SHORT BREAKS - helping children with disabilities,Lyudmila Sorokina,Partnership for every child,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12408,STREET HOPE,Emmanuel Anagho,I-VISSION INTERNATIONAL,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12544,SUPPORTING THE HEARING IMPAIRED AND THE AGED,angelica mwololo,"community intergration, rehabilitation & empowerment for the disabled(cired)",0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12378,Safe Haven to Abused Preschool Orphans in Zimbabwe,Fezile Ncube,Hope Tariro Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 62,12237,Safe House Initiative for Sexually Exploited Boys,Rachel Chapple Bardhan,Real Stories Gallery Foundation 501c3,3,$100,$0,,$100 68,12181,"Safe, Energy Efficient Cookstoves in Guatemala",Rachel Zelon,Hunger Relief International,1,$50,$0,,$50 73,12542,Save 50 women in Kano from maternal death,Samirah Faruk,Serendipity Healthcare Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11932,Save 500 mentally disabled people in Ghana,SAMUEL ANABA,DIVINE TOUCHING LIVES FOUNDATION,0,$0,$0,,$0 3,12559,Save an orphan care center in South Africa,Paul Brown,Global Youth for Education and Change,53,"$3,330",$260,,"$3,590" 73,12488,Save elephants in Malawi,Susanne Kneissl,Wildlife Action Group International e.V.,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12417,Save life of 600 Bangladeshi poor pregnant women,Hossain Jahangir,Community Development & Health Care Center (CDHC),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12557,Save lives of Ghana pregnant women and children.,Kwasi Amenuvor,Partners In Development,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12325,Save lives of kids and moms in rural South Sudan,Julie Elmore,Sudan Development Foundation (SUDEF),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12528,Save sea turtles on the Great Barrier Reef,Julie Traweek,Sea Turtle Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12273,Save the lives of children from Hepatitis B,Faiq Shervin,STAM-T,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11836,Save&Rehabilitate Music Community in Swat Pakistan,Asghar Khan,Policy Research ANd Development (PRAND) Organization,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12545,School Supplies for Austin Area Homeless children,Harish Kotecha,Hindu Charities For America,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12336,Send 200 Children to School in India for a Year,Jonathan karyampudi,Rural care Ministries,0,$0,$0,,$0 72,12485,Send 500 non school going children to School,Shailendra Kumar,Sugam Jagriti,1,$10,$2,,$12 73,12449,Send a Child to School in Haiti for a Year,Morgan Wienberg,"Little Footprints, Big Steps - IDO",0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12234,Send a child in Uganda to school for one year,Moses Okeng,Hope for Orphans and Widows Community Association-HOWCA,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12304,Send an unprivileged child to school in Uganda,Ian Sendi,National sports academy extra,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12371,Send children from 30 Cambodian families to school,Sarang Out,SOVANN PHOUM,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11878,Shelters for 5000 Koshi Disaster Victims of Nepal,Nara Narayan Sharma,Society for Animal Welfare and Management (SAWM),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12452,Sight & Sound for Local Children,Vicki Linnman,KEX Kids Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12340,Skills for women /girls victims of the war in DRC,Lamartine Byahenga,FEDA( Femmes et Education des Adultes),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12511,"Soccer Equip Drive-1000 Orphans, Ghana Africa",Mark Rolison,GloBall Giving,0,$0,$0,,$0 10,12502,Soccer Programs to Empower 500+ Youth in Cameroon,Justin Forzano,Open Field,111,"$2,505",$32,"$1,000","$3,536" 73,12268,Social and Financial Solutions to Women in Ghana.,Andrews Nyantakyi,Sun Shade Foundation-FNGO,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12517,Socio-Economic Empowerment of destitute women,Nasir Gill,Peoples Development Organization,0,$0,$0,,$0 4,12261,Solar Lights and Cookstoves for Burma,Bruce Gardiner,Solar Roots,21,"$3,310",$12,,"$3,322" 73,12443,Solar lights for school children in Liberia,Robert Saudek,Liberian Energy Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11827,St. peters home for childrens,IMMANUEL . GEORGE .,"ST,PETER'S SOCIAL SERVICE & DEVELOPMENT TRUST.",0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12573,Start Empowerment From Slums,VIJAYA MENTEY,Action In Distress,0,$0,$0,,$0 9,12324,Strawberry Farming for 500 Afghan Women,Kate McLetchie,Global Partnership for Afghanistan,16,"$2,562",$33,,"$2,595" 73,12152,Street Children Rescue and Rehabilitation Project,Vijaya Rao,Child Action Rural Development Society (CARDS),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12216,Substance Abuse Prevention Among Disabled Youths,Joseph Stephen Omondi,Kisumu Disabled Selfhelp Group,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12572,Sukasanje Labour Ward Project,Rose Kumwenda-Ng'oma,Christian Health Association of Malawi,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11980,Support 100 youth in folk music and dance in Ghana,William Segbedzi,Solid Rock Asssociation ( NGO ) - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12583,Support 25 orphans in rural Dominican Republic,Argentina Rosado,Mencia Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12310,Support 500 Nepali Helpless Kids for Education,Mohan Kumar Kafle,"Community Development Center Kathmandu, Nepal",0,$0,$0,,$0 25,12564,Support Children in Rural Peru Through Education,Nadia Bashar,MEJOR Communities,10,"$1,205",$148,,"$1,354" 12,12370,Support Moldovan Children with Cancer,Vlad Litvinov,Save Life,83,"$2,209",$116,,"$2,324" 73,12470,Support Rural Development in South Africa,Fatima Abrahams,Social Change Assistance Trust (SCAT),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12427,Support for Children with Autism in Tajikistan,Karen Purdie,IRODA 'Parents of Children with Autism Initiative',0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12537,"Support housing, nutrition for Paya Widows",Damascus Onyango,Sule Integrated Development Organization,0,$0,$0,,$0 2,12229,Support native artisans & rainforest in the Amazon,Campbell Plowden,Center for Amazon Community Ecology,13,"$4,260",$531,,"$4,791" 73,12092,Support to install toilets for 100 disabled,Srinivasa Rao Narra,Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12492,Supporting Pregnant Women Access HIV Prevention,Godfrey Canwat,Hope and Peace for Humanity,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12633,Tailoring Machine Project Helping 1000 Women,KISENYI ALEX ONEAL,ABASSEEKIMU WOMEN DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (AWDA),0,$0,$0,,$0 33,12323,"Take a Stand for 5,500 Girls in Pakistan",Human Development Foundation,Human Development Foundation (HDF),13,$795,$0,,$795 19,12416,Teach Social Justice. Empower Youth. Bridge Gaps.,Riana Nolet,Hands for a Bridge,20,"$1,755",$0,,"$1,755" 73,12505,Teach children how to avoid bullies,Sydney Knott,"Horses4Heroes, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 46,12472,The Future is Calling - Empower 150 youth today!,Jessie Ferguson,Edu-Futuro (Educacion Para Nuestro Futuro),3,$415,$0,,$415 73,12491,The Tibet Fund Professional Scholarship Program,Jessica Cox,The Tibet Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 65,12425,Therapy room for 155 severe disabled children,Gulzira Amanturlina,Eldany Charitable Foundation,1,$77,$12,,$89 36,12632,Tibet: the Gift of Education,Johnathan Wilber,Trace Foundation,15,$670,$4,,$674 73,12504,To benefit all previously disadvantaged children,Michelle Whitehead,Growing Sports Foundation Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12587,To send school 1000 poor slum children in India,Prakash K,Guard Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12521,Train 500 Kenya slum youths in computer skills,Stephen Mwangangi,Kenya Slum Youth Development Organization (KESYDO),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12461,Train 500 disabled girls in reproductive health,Rati Misra,Special Olympics Bharat,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12546,"Train and Save 200 girls from sexual abuse, Mpigi",Florence Nakaayi,"Joint Efforts for Youth, Uganda (JOY-Uganda)",0,$0,$0,,$0 60,12507,Transform a Girl's Life Through Soccer,Jennifer Browning,Ladies' Turn,3,$125,$0,,$125 68,11832,Treat Cervical Cancer in Latin American Women,Kristen Kamp,Basic Health International,1,$50,$0,,$50 73,12247,Treating Global Childhood Malnutrition,Corporate Donations,Doctors Without Borders,0,$0,$0,,$0 70,12524,Tuition-free for everyone - let's open gates,Bev Myers,University of the People,1,$25,$4,,$29 73,12361,Turning Profits Into Possibility for Women in DRC,Vijaya Thakur,Resolve Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12189,Unleash the Potential of the Girl,JUMUIYA WOMEN FUND,JUMUIYA WOMEN GROUP,0,$0,$0,,$0 13,11204,Using Technology to Serve Children Who are Deaf,,Listen and Talk,32,"$2,170",$15,,"$2,185" 73,11857,"Vidyaprasad - \"Nourishing meals,nurturing dreams\"",Sushmitha Salian,Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12569,"Vocational Skills for Mothers, Widows & Children",Harriet Anyiam,African Child Care Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12533,Volunteer Aunties for 30 vulnerable babies in RSA,Jo-Anne Schermeier,Princess Alice Adoption Home,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12008,WOMEN CAPACITY BUILDING AND EMPOWERMENT,Children Care Development Org,Children Care Development Organization (CCDO),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12513,Warm Clothing to children in Slums,Kashif Frank,Serve,0,$0,$0,,$0 62,12529,Warm blankets for 500 destitute widows in India,Maitri India,Maitri India,1,$100,$15,,$115 73,11880,Water for Rural Primary Schools in Uganda,Robert Kibaya,Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO),0,$0,$0,,$0 22,12364,Well-baby Care Vaccination Program in rural Haiti,GlobeMed at Truman,GlobeMed at Truman State,32,"$1,285",$8,,"$1,292" 73,12198,Women Adult Literacy Project,Wane Rosemary,Design Systems Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12196,Women Empowerment Through Microfinance in India,RAMA PERUMAL,SINAM,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12415,give education to 200 gypsy children india,XAVIER.G gaspar,THE LORD JESUS TRUST(LJT),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12435,integrating disabled refugees in Johannesburg,Godel Sefu,Disabled Refugees Projects (DRP),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12541,love and care neelam cyclone disaster victims,GUZZARLAMUDI. Z VARAKUMAR,KANTHI SAMSTHA,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,11946,save lives of 200 children from malaria in Uganda,${projectDonations.projectUser.fname} ${projectDonations.projectUser.lname},Kalambi community outreach project (KACOP),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12479,speak aginst sexual gender based violence.,Joseph were,Ghetto Arts Promotion,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12549,support a green economy for 100 women in Cameroon,GWAIN Fulai,A Common Future,0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12550,support local knowledge by mentoring kenyan youth,Hannington Odame,Centre for African Bio-Entrepreneurship (CABE),0,$0,$0,,$0 73,12475,three rural Cambodian students career program,Janine Judd,Kep Gardens Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 70,12514,water & environmental program for 300 desert kids,Karen Riley,S.C.R.A.P. Gallery (Student Creative Recycle Art Program),1,$25,$0,,$25