Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Donors,Amount Raised (USD) 57,44868,Women's Empowerment Project,Sylvanus Murray,9866,Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID),0,0 8,2430,Educate girls and fight poverty in Senegal,Amy Maglio,982,Women's Global Education Project,238,"5,955" 36,3935,"Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation - Sierra Leone",Amy Baty-Herbert,970,"Develop Africa, Inc.",24,"1,139" 50,21150,Give education & training to Zimbabwean girls,Andrew Jackson,9619,Zimbabwe Educational Trust (ZET),7,156 39,8992,Prevent Trafficking in Women thru Entrepreneurship,Lynellyn Long,9592,HERA (Her Economic Rights and Autonomy),20,"1,166" 3,11580,Empowering African Girls with Health & Education,Erin Hale,9570,Days for Girls International,391,"18,473" 34,5500,Health Care in Tibet /Yushu,Lee Weingrad,943,Surmang Foundation,28,"1,323" 53,8920,Playing (Soccer) For Change in Nicaragua,Mary Connor,9279,Soccer Without Borders,4,108 55,30003,Ensure Safe Motherhood for Women in Rural Nepal,Michaela Hayes,9161,One Heart Worldwide,2,51 52,8967,Supporting indigenous mentors to reach more girls,Angel del Valle,9133,Population Council,5,154 32,9504,Birth Center Saves MotherBaby Lives in Philippines,Vicki Penwell,9131,"Mercy In Action Vineyard, INC",31,"1,965" 55,2247,Rescuing 100 girls from early marriages in Kenya,Lameck Nyandega,909,Juhudi Children in Crisis,2,70 47,9133,Change a Girl's Life Through Microentrepreneurship,Njomo Omam Esther,9013,Reach Out NGO,11,671 31,32906,Help Kenyan Girls Qualify for Secondary School,Evan Lorendo,8832,The Sunflower Foundation (Australia) Inc.,32,688 5,9451,Give school & love to abandoned girls in Mexico,Constantina Duran Robertson,8640,Puerta Abierta IAP,268,"4,791" 42,44773,Empower 500 Homeless Girls with Books and Wellness,Albert Santoli,8330,Asia America Initiative,17,"1,186" 35,20625,1000 Kibera slum girls empowered to excel,JANE ANYANGO ODONGO,7927,POLYCOM DEVELOPMENT PROJECT,25,364 57,9538,My Arms Wide Open and GirlStuff.Period,,7918,My Arms Wide Open,0,0 54,3907,Make Women in Rural India Financially Secure,Ronak Shah,764,Seva Mandir,3,248 55,2221,Improving lives of 1000 girls in Nairobi's slums,Nancy Waweru,754,Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP),2,60 57,44300,Transmitter for women's community radio in Nepal.,Scott MacLennan,743,The Mountain Fund,0,0 21,43547,The 100% Project,Jeroen Bergh,7332,The Nepal Trust,74,"5,060" 13,44881,Women-Led Water Advances Gender Equity in Rwanda,Victoria McLeod,73134,Global Water Challenge,153,"5,651" 53,44564,Train 700 girls to sew sanitary pads&face masks,James Malinga,7306,Mountains of hope childrens ministries,4,75 53,7641,Educate & Empower 1200 Girls in the Nairobi Slums,PENINAH MUSYIMI,7276,SAFE SPACES ORGANIZATION AFRICA,4,47 57,44362,SUPPORT LIVELIHOOD SKILLS TRAINING FOR WOMEN,Dr. Ivorgba EMMANUEL,7263,New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation,0,0 28,38405,"Skills Training to Empower Women in Meru, Kenya",Robyn Cooper,7261,Ecologia Youth Trust,48,"2,983" 54,10473,Rooftop Micro Farms for Refugee Women in Deheishe,Yasser Alhaj,7220,Karama Organisation for Women and Children's Development,3,54 2,44599,Help 100 Girls Complete Primary School,Luke Jakoywa,71906,Sheepcare Community Centre,435,"2,398" 57,44788,Addressing Early Marriage & Gender Based Violence.,Christian Recovery & Development Agency,71701,Christian Recovery and Development Agency,0,0 54,43136,Provide a quality education for girls in Liberia,Davidetta Togba Cassell,71527,Germinating Every Mind Liberia,3,130 57,44420,Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Afghanistan,Khalid Ahmad,71479,Afghan Org for Change,0,0 57,7857,Donate sanitary pads to 500 schoolgirls in Uganda,Maahe Bob,7109,Uganda Youth Skills Training Organisation,0,0 17,44759,Stop Period Poverty for Girls in Morocco,Maryam Montague,70844,Project Soar,115,"7,580" 57,42872,Support 500 girls in India through football!,Faith Gonsalves,70734,Enabling Leadership Inc.,0,0 56,42699,Eradicate Female Genital Mutilation in west Kenya,mahnaz harrison,69669,Last Mile4D,1,25 56,44889,Save Our Music Nonprofit from Coronavirus Fallout,Thea Wood,68546,Herizon Music Foundation,1,150 55,41504,Inspire & Empower Girls to Pursue STEM,Linda Calhoun,68277,Career Girls,2,60 55,41496,Support 1000 young mothers with beehives in Uganda,Annet Birungi,68137,SAFEPLAN UGANDA,2,250 57,41691,Gift A Solar Lantern...Empower Rural Women & Girls,Francis Mbewe,68026,Kukula Solar,0,0 45,44814,Help Maryline and Maklin graduate!,Asherah Foundation,67604,"The Asherah Foundation, Inc.",13,522 56,42383,Digital literacy for 200 girls in Kampala slums.,REGO FOUNDATION,67197,REGO FOUNDATION LTD,1,10 39,43633,Educate the Whole Girl & Her Community in Zambia,Linda Bowers,66902,Elizabeth Bowers Zambia Education Fund,20,"2,715" 24,41857,Send 3 Indigenous Women to College in Guatemala,Karin Braunsberger,66536,"Para Adelante, Inc.",55,"2,424" 57,29028,Empower 100 Women in Nigeria on Wealth Creation,Samirah Faruk,6631,Serendipity Healthcare Foundation,0,0 12,42451,"Train 5,500 Indian youth as peer health leaders",Ricky Sharma,66013,"Adolescent Health Champions, Inc.",185,"5,153" 57,44763,A transformed life for girls in Uganda,BK FA,6550,Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia),0,0 45,8594,Make Motherhood Safe for Tanzanian Women,Susana Oguntoye,6450,Kupona Foundation,13,590 54,43211,Combat Climate Change and Empower Communities,Whitney Simon,6431,UNICEF USA,3,126 52,40575,Help A Child Get Back to School,Anthony Hulula,64195,The Ngao Foundation,5,324 54,7871,Fight Poverty: Educate Women in Panama,Gabriela Valencia,6413,Fundacion Calicanto,3,237 55,44256,"Training 1,500 Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan",Farida Ahmad,63777,Moqah Foundation,2,"5,190" 10,43395,Drill Wells to Save Lives & Empower Women & Girls,Barbara Goldberg,63264,Wells Bring Hope,229,"7,325" 56,40425,Maid Strong: Stop Trafficking of Adolescent Girls,Christiana Okechukwu,63194,Inwelle Study and Resource Centre,1,30 18,42761,Help Sesame Street Educate Girls Worldwide,Reynaldi Lolong,62877,Sesame Workshop,112,"3,335" 57,43933,EMPOWERING 800 SCHOOL GIRLS HYGIENE IN LILONGWE,Lameck Chirwa,62631,Building Futures,0,0 40,44872,Menstrual kits to 1500 Mozambican schoolgirls,Alessandro Grassini,62406,HELP CODE ITALIA ONLUS,19,209 57,39753,Empower 100 girls through sports and fitness!,Jillian Loughran,61350,Philly Girls in Motion,0,0 55,38679,Educate and Empower Girls in Kenya,Kraig Makohus,60970,Hekima Place Inc.,2,50 49,39176,Education Through Sports for 400 girls in Tanzania,Anu Nieminen,60712,Sports Development Aid,8,229 55,44800,"SEND: Sexual Education, Nutrition, Development",RINA LAZO,6056,The GOD'S CHILD Project,2,35 15,38772,Send 40 Girls in Niger to Secondary School,Kara Vanderkamp,60091,Remember Niger Coalition,139,"4,827" 49,41509,"Dirt Girls" Can Close the Gender Gap in STEM,Carrie Strohl,59887,The School Garden Doctor,8,320 53,38693,Prevent 500 girls in Gulu from early marriage,Loum Janani,59835,Child Equal Opportunity Uganda,4,248 57,38522,Women's Initiative for Sustainable Empowerment,Hiromi Murakami,59347,Japan Institute for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship,0,0 56,42752,Provide Vocational Training for 10 Ugandan Women,Brett Krieble,59137,"Ribe Project, Inc.",1,100 44,42971,No more Menstrual Stigma. Period!,Tyrone Bennett,591,Action Change (Formerly GVI Trust),14,993 56,15080,Girl-centered books to 60 village libraries,Michael Kevane,5839,Friends of African Village Libraries (FAVL),1,10 56,38338,Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families,Surendra Pariyar,58021,Bahini Educare Foundation,1,113 56,38205,Provide Doula Care To Teen Survivors,Tashmica Torok,57736,The Firecracker Foundation,1,90 52,42822,Small steps - Education for single mothers,Milena Jung,57675,PEN PAPER PEACE e. V.,5,672 7,6980,Unleash the Leader in a Girl,Jessica Lawson,5766,The Mariposa DR Foundation,248,"14,455" 57,36785,Feeding Children and Families During COVID-19,Edith Vizcarra,57468,"SARAHUARO, A.C.",0,0 57,36306,Train and operate 300 displaced women in Yemen,Taher Alhatef,56976,AWTAD Anti-Corruption Organization,0,0 57,38504,Empower and educate girls free of sexual violence,Myriam Perez,56760,Fundacion Idea Dignidad,0,0 55,36962,Turn indigenous women into women entrepreneurs,Jessie Romero,56493,Fundacion por una Nueva Solucion,2,125 56,42428,Growing Free of Gendered Violence in Costa Rica,Maritza Ulate,56093,WWDF/BIENDEMUJER,1,10 56,40178,"Treating women for cervical cancer in Hue, Vietnam",Michelle Skaer,55437,HERHealthEQ Corp,1,15 50,36169,"Save Hope of 6,800 Girls drop out of school Uganda",Michael Enyakoit Anyeko,55390,African Partners for Child Poverty - APPCO,7,281 57,44480,ECONOMICAL EMPOWERMENT WOMEN LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS.,ronald kato,549,Kyakulumbye Development foundation (KDF),0,0 57,39093,STEAM & social empowerment for Girls in Colombia,Diana Salazar,54883,Geek Girls Latam,0,0 30,35703,Empower Costa Rican girls in technology & robotics,Gabriela González,54881,Fundacion Quiros Tanzi,36,"10,267" 56,42737,Enable 50 Women in Angola to Generate Income,Brooke Sulahian,53230,"Hope for Our Sisters, Inc.",1,100 57,35027,End #metoo stories in Swaziland by mentoring men,Tom Churchyard,53221,Kwakha Indvodza (Building a Man),0,0 46,44885,Enable Girls in Kenya to Thrive and Succeed!,Deborah Kimathi,53190,Dignitas Project,12,"4,272" 56,34682,Help Girls Live Healthy with Effective Pad Usage,Wayne Ellsworth,53106,The Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan,1,17 57,23244,Ensuring Girls in Ethiopia Receive Basic Eye Care,Ciara Hennebry,5255,Orbis Ireland,0,0 54,36907,"Say Yes to Women's Education of Oaxaca, Mexico.",Fondo Guadalupe Musalem,52484,Fondo Guadalupe Musalem A.C.,3,105 56,38396,Empower Young Rural Women with Vocational Training,Hemant Patel,52110,Muni Seva Ashram,1,15 57,34601,Cote d'Ivoire Rising-STEM Scholarship for Females,,52052,"IUGB Foundation, Inc.",0,0 57,43502,Train 100 men & 40 boys in Uganda on menstruation,Prossy Nakattudde,52012,African Child and Youth Development Initiatives (ACYDI),0,0 49,43207,Save 150 runaway girls from human trafficking,,520,Karuna Trust,8,473 54,35109,Robotics for young women with disabilities,Eduardo Monge,51962,Fundacion Omar Dengo,3,40 56,44287,Help women to tell their stories,Jekaterina Saveljeva,51727,femLENS MTU,1,34 56,6078,Employ 100 Rural Women: Create a sustainable Haiti,Ferry Cadet,5145,"Haiti Projects, Inc.",1,"1,000" 53,44341,Food Security and AgriBusiness Skills for 20 Women,SI4DEV Admin,51193,Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative,4,550 39,17979,Send 60 Girls in Pakistan to School,Mercedes Ward,5115,Girls Education International,20,713 57,20184,Retain Orphan Girl Children in Schools in Uganda,Samson Namwoyo,5043,Kagumu Development Organization,0,0 57,33083,Help Women & Girls Escape Domestic Abuse and SGBV,Michelle Jewsbury,50341,Unsilenced Voices,0,0 54,34832,Educate a Girl in Kashmir,Ambereen Siddiqui,50299,HOPE USA,3,50 57,36925,STEM & Life Skills for 300 girls in Nigeria,Omolola Shopeju,49482,Christopher Kolade Foundation,0,0 52,38322,Beauty Beyond Speech,Emmanuel Asonye,48215,Save the Deaf and Endangered Language Initiative,5,330 57,44873,Empower 200 Rwandan Girls To Move Out Of Poverty,ASPIRE RWANDA,47960,Aspire Rwanda,0,0 57,34445,Raising income for 70 single Mom's living in slum,Meseret Tesfaye,47873,Yengat Birhan Charity Organization,0,0 42,32077,Self-Defense and Yoga for Refugee Women on Lesvos,Melinda McRostie,47706,Starfish Foundation,17,912 57,44736,Raise Girls' Power,Danielle Stutterd,476,HER Fund,0,0 57,31937,Hope for 500 UK women affected by trauma & abuse,Naomi Salisbury,47568,Self injury Support,0,0 45,44849,The Impossible Poster: Inspire thousands in PR,Alexandra-Marie Figueroa Miranda,47473,"Taller Salud, Inc.",13,810 52,42683,Empower Girls from Mumbai's Red Light Area,Trina Talukdar,4735,Kranti,5,289 53,38276,Helping Girls and Young Women in Bujumbura Slum,NTAHUBA PARFAITE,46930,Friends Women's Association,4,220 16,44663,Train 30 nurses: empower women and save lives,Camille Thirot,46266,WONDER Foundation,133,"5,668" 54,42953,Protect their Journey #GirlsWhoMigrate,Ana Laura Godinez,45361,Fondo Semillas,3,252 53,44848,Support Malagasy Travel Community,Halt Poverty,45242,Halt Poverty,4,117 27,30291,Empower Victims of Boko Haram Violence In Nigeria,Theophilus Ekpon,45227,Centre for Sustainable Development and Education in Africa,50,"1,417" 53,30963,Help Trauma Survivors Heal Through Art,Cleopatra Griffin,45088,"SafeArt, Inc.",4,185 14,8965,Support 225 adolescent mothers to thrive in Uganda,patrick kigongo,4457,Act4Africa,142,"2,412" 57,41758,Water Facilities for Rural Schools in Uganda,Achilles wasswa,43774,Organisation for Community Empowerment Lyantonde (OCE),0,0 57,44153,Help 1000 mothers access child birth services,Amos Ajisekola,43552,Oak Rural Health Organization,0,0 57,29307,Building a Sustainable Future For Girls in Nepal,Lucky Chhetri,43053,Empowering Women of Nepal,0,0 54,38214,Refugee Women's Fitness,Maarten de Wolf,42851,Operation Mercy,3,404 57,5891,Empower women in Africa through higher education!,Jim Pressnell,4278,These Numbers Have Faces,0,0 57,36841,Little Cup Big Change: Improving Menstrual Hygiene,somero Uganda,42346,Somero Uganda,0,0 57,44892,Rescue the girl child from disenfranchisement,Millicent Adhiambo Joash,42088,COMMUNITY PLATFORM FOR EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (COPED),0,0 57,44592,Empower 20 Girls...Transform a Community in Uganda,Aaron Ogwal,41987,Kole Intellectual Forum,0,0 54,38525,Protect 30 girl children at risk of prostitution,Ta My Linh,41234,Alliance Anti Trafic,3,37 57,28768,A New Shelter for Sex Trafficking Survivors,Keren Baldwin,4089,Compassion First,0,0 54,28378,Train 100 Young Teen Mums to Gain Skills in Kenya,Pamela Ateka,40402,Community Focus Group (CFG),3,160 56,15201,Help Women by Providing Tailoring Training,Mallikarjuna Gorla,3960,Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society (SERUDS),1,90 41,31868,SWATT-TEAM: sexual violence responders in Zimbabwe,Asha Emmerson,39436,Oasis Zimbabwe,18,"1,859" 57,32709,Economically empower women in rural Uganda,Emmy Zoomlamai Okello,39388,Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH),0,0 57,34474,Girls Parliament to end child marriage in Uganda,Hellen Ijangolet,39149,Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northen Uganda (SCOEN),0,0 19,41038,Finish Strong/Jump-Start! Support Nepal's Families,Lisa A. Lyons,3732,Educate the Children,105,"5,616" 22,25979,Livelihood Opportunities for Women in Rural India,Megha Desai,37285,The Desai Foundation,73,"5,621" 29,1155,Fast Track Education for Afghan Women and Girls,Sakena Yacoobi,372,Afghan Institute of Learning,44,"3,590" 54,25380,Help Abused Young Women get Justice in Leeds,Nik Peasgood,37067,Leeds Women's Aid,3,69 57,44895,Empowering Vulnerable Youth & women program,abdullah alsuraihi,36872,youth for homeland (YFH),0,0 53,42896,GLOBALGIRL MEDIA GREECE,Amie Williams,3611,GLOBAL GIRL MEDIA,4,519 20,38333,Girls w/disAbility & Moms Stop Cycle of Violence.,rebecca trujillo,36088,Special Families Saint Julie Billiart (Familias Especiales Santa Julia Billiart),91,"4,466" 55,26078,#StandWithGirls in the Philippines!,Kimberly Lopez,35933,FundLife International,2,110 55,41052,Help Girls in Yemen Stay in School,Stephanie Sinclair,35700,"Too Young To Wed, Inc.",2,247 57,33654,"Educate, Equip and Empower 230 Girls and Women",Safiya Ibn Garba,35535,Empowering Women for Excellence Initiative,0,0 6,25409,Library empowers Girls & Women in coastal Ecuador,Rut Roman,35469,Corporacion Grupo Randi Randi,263,"5,806" 50,38397,Girls Matter - Stop Sexual Violence In Japan,Vickie Skorji,35426,TELL,7,932 55,32093,Empower Mexican Women to Solve Communal Inequality,Damon Taylor,35403,Psicologia y Derechos Humanos PSYDEH A.C.,2,50 33,31852,Empower & Educate the Girls of Rural Kisumu,Mansi Kotak,35226,The Rahul Kotak Foundation,30,333 47,25006,Send 150 Girls to STEM Camp in Nigeria,Oreoluwa Lesi,35152,Women's Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC),11,"1,030" 42,8930,All Ugandan girls should be able to go to school!,Twesigye Kaguri,349,The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project,17,"1,496" 57,29528,Empowering 100 Disadvantaged Sri Lankan Girls,Joel Stanier,34869,Their Future Today,0,0 56,31592,Himalayan Hope Home,Karma Sherpa,34466,The Small World,1,100 57,38328,Women Up,immaculate Auma,34251,Green-Kenya,0,0 56,24213,Help Empower Afghan Girls through Sports,Abdul Sami Zhman,34234,Cooperation for Peace and Development (CPD),1,15 48,38077,Empower Young Girls to Achieve a Successful Career,Evelind Schecter,34071,"Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc",10,"1,163" 55,23644,Help 30 Zimbabwean women and girls re-enter school,Lydia Madyirapanze,33367,Forum for African Women Educationalists Zimbabwe Chapter-FAWEZI,2,60 57,40322,"Economic inclusion of 350 teen mothers, Colombia",Alejandra Izquierdo,3332,Fundacion Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar,0,0 57,44806,Women leading change through entrepreneurship,Gabriela Lozano,32943,"Crea Comunidades de Emprendedores Sociales, A.C.",0,0 57,23952,Empowering Girls in School,Lamnatu Adam,32778,Songtaba,0,0 57,44570,HELP 80 VULNERABLE WOMEN SUSTAIN THEMSELVES NAIROB,David Kimama,32756,Tumaini Fund For Economic Development International,0,0 54,44879,Empowering 1500 Venezuelan Migrant Women in Peru,Claudia Esparza,32527,Emprendedoras del Hogar,3,120 57,23160,Send a Girl to High School with a Bicycle Gift,Bishnu Kumar Bhandari,32292,Janaki Women Awareness Society (JWAS),0,0 56,38437,Project for Skilling young women in Uganda,Ruth Nambowa Bulyaba,32089,Another Hope Children's Ministries,1,50 57,44688,Help 200 girls get life changing program pakistan,Zareen Aamir,32017,Muwakhat Foundation,0,0 57,32723,Mentor the Vulnerable Girl Child to Impact 1000s,Rumbie Mzenda,31965,Makomborero,0,0 54,30058,Empowering the Girl Child through Education,Dauda Koroma,31459,The Needy Today,3,88 55,38497,Provide Emotional Support for Girls in Quito!,Mónica Rivadeneira,31349,UBECI,2,123 44,37895,Guarantee Shelters to Victims of Domestic Violence,Catherine Sealys,31105,Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc,14,504 57,42927,Safe House for girls,James Omolo,3090,PapOnditi Utu Development Organisation,0,0 57,38288,Job training for 100 girls in Sierra Leone slums,Charles Kazibwe,30459,Transform Africa,0,0 55,30394,Support Girls Education Now Or Never,Keturah Shammah,30223,Girls Education Mission International,2,45 56,24387,Orphan Girls Empowerment through Vocational Skills,ARTS Foundation,30163,"Advocacy, Research, Training and Services (ARTS) Foundation",1,37 57,38250,Girls' Education Trust Fund,Segun Medupin,29593,"Youth Foundation For Development, Education and Leadership",0,0 45,30684,Stop the Cycle of HIV: Support Women and Children!,Pasquine Ogunsanya,29233,Alive Medical Services,13,246 55,29867,Empowering Mayan women through ancient textiles,Scheherezada López,29175,"Proyecto Impacto Consultores, AC",2,84 54,38364,Empower 20 Adolescent Girls from Rural Peru,Keri Baker,29134,Sacred Valley Health,3,100 55,40072,Help 15 Girls in Bali Graduate from High School,Ayu Ratna Wulandari,28753,Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi,2,76 46,20290,Justice for Pacific & Caribbean Women & Girls,Hansdeep Singh,28431,International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD),12,636 57,43023,40 Women Improving Income through a Sweet Business,martina vismara,28418,"Asociacion Cultural para el Desarrollo Integral, A.C.D.I.",0,0 57,38883,Computer literacy for 400 poor Pakistani girls,Azeem Christopher,28342,Association For Women's Awareness and Rural Development,0,0 57,33938,She-Advance: Girls Mentorship Center,Fatuma Kinsi,28116,Pastoralist Girls Initiative,0,0 55,21522,Yezidi Women's Services,Pari Ibrahim,27995,Free Yezidi Foundation,2,60 56,30063,Eve of the Factory,Laila Risgallah,27933,Not Guilty Inc,1,25 54,19866,Emancipation of the Girl Child Through Education,Srivyal Vuyyuri,27859,Sphoorti Foundation,3,355 57,31361,Restoration Project Resource Center,Edith Okupa,27856,Restoration Project International,0,0 57,44262,Help Afghan Girls Like Mehrin,Sanya Younossi,27579,Aschiana Foundation,0,0 11,19783,Empower and Educate WISER girls in rural Kenya,Emily Dake,27498,WISER International,225,"16,584" 56,44751,Scholarships for young female victims of terrorism,Afam Onyema,27367,The GEANCO Foundation,1,"1,000" 55,25186,Clean Birth Kits for Pregnant Women,Susan McAdams,27023,Global Health Charities,2,75 57,44734,Put a Young Girl Through College,Debra aka Brique Zeiner,26973,Leben und Lernen in Kenia e.V.,0,0 57,29299,Empowering 250 Young Women in Nigeria,Busayo Obisakin,26644,Women Inspiration Development Center,0,0 57,39917,Our Voices are Stopping Violence!,Stephanie Ahlgrain,26566,"Amextra, Inc.",0,0 57,44059,Empower Peruvian Women Living in Poverty,Stephen Elliott,26475,Globalteer,0,0 41,43528,End Violence against Palestinian Women in Israel,Fathiyya Hussein,26365,Kayan - Feminist Organization,18,597 57,38470,"Pink Bags" - Scholarships for young girls,Alberto Barenghi,26119,Mission Bambini,0,0 53,44789,Give a Fresh Start to Young Women in Prostitution,Trizah Waiyaki,25633,Freely in Hope,4,"1,500" 40,26671,Empower 400 Girls and Boys to be Leaders in Nepal,Dipasa Bista,25347,Women LEAD,19,"1,126" 57,44819,Young girls' fight for equality through sports,Bina Rani,25326,iPartner India,0,0 55,17932,Educate a Girl in Pakistan & Give Her a Future,Tara Dawood,25283,Dawood Global Foundation - Educate a Girl,2,149 57,38186,Empower communities to end child marriage - Mexico,Martha Edith Givaudan Moreno,2506,Yo Quiero Yo Puedo,0,0 43,21657,Nakuru Safehouse for Women and Children,Jennifer Hughes,24933,Springs of Hope Foundation,15,"10,370" 4,25157,STEM Camp for Girls in Minna: Promoting Creativity,Jonathan Kolo,24891,Timeout for Africa Education and Sports Foundation,285,"15,714" 55,25929,Threads of hope: empower women from Tamil Nadu,Francesca Moratti,24783,ALEIMAR - Voluntary Organization,2,72 33,35001,Empowering Adolescent Girls of Gyumri,Shoghik Mikayelyan,24735,Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth,30,"3,878" 55,18042,Higher education for indigenous women in Mexico,Kristin Lietz,24487,"Centro de Compartimiento, A.C.",2,80 37,17229,Improve 100 Girls Education with Tutoring Program,Jacqueline Audige,24467,"AUMAZO, INC.",22,"1,528" 57,18592,Free Education for 100 poor girls in Pakistan,,24099,Sustainable Development Association (SDA),0,0 57,44593,Sewing Sanitary Pads to create Livelihoods Support,Sarah Bergs,24017,Nourish,0,0 57,22900,Empower Girls Out of Poverty in Argentina - Hockey,Luz Amuchastegui,2350,El Desafio Foundation,0,0 49,41281,Legal Advice for Women Prisoners,Geof Jarvis,18615,Prisoners' Advice Service,8,504 55,29852,"End Female Genital Mutilation in 9 schools, Kenya",Dr. Grace Bonareri Mose Okong'o,18309,Hope Foundation for African Women (HFAW),2,75 32,16843,Protect Girls from FGM in Tanzania,Janet CHAPMAN,18299,Tanzania Development Trust,31,"1,318" 57,19084,Support rape victims ages 4 to 71 years old,Melissa Place,18019,Center for Safety & Change,0,0 55,24751,"Support education for marginalized children, Kabul",Zuhra Dadgar-Shafiq,17307,Action for Development (AfD),2,80 48,24496,Help Educate Girls in India,Joyce Connolly,17235,Snehalaya 'Home of Love',10,"1,052" 52,22361,"Empower a Girl in Long Beach and Anaheim, CA",Maria Gugerty,17032,4GIRLS Organization,5,415 48,32035,Building a Community Center to Empower Girls,Sarah Nielsen,16752,The African Impact Foundation,10,237 57,31120,Support for Changes livelihood of Disabled Women,Rafiqul Islam,16108,PROTIBANDHI SHISHU SHIEKKHA O PARICHARJA SAMITY,0,0 1,41129,Rural Entrepreneurs Livelihoods Support Project,ABDIRASHID ALI,15827,Generation for change and Development,943,"8,987" 52,3807,Safe futures - self-reliance for 675 Kenyan girls,Mary Mwangi,1553,Raising Futures Kenya,5,68 33,5307,The Blossom Bus: Help Rural Girls Get To School!,Maya Norbu,1541,Lotus Outreach,30,"2,209" 57,21808,Art for 3200 schoolgirls in Pakistan,Sana Kazmi,1540,Zindagi Trust,0,0 53,38343,Build the Agency of 150 Adolescent Girls and Women,Chinelo Frank,15269,Education as a Vaccine,4,147 57,28570,Support 2000 Kenya school girls with reusable pads,Samuel Muhunyu,1523,Network for Ecofarming in Africa,0,0 23,44687,Educate 120 Girls in Mauritania,Rebecca Davis,15197,MindLeaps,59,"1,657" 47,14518,Grow Peace in Afghanistan: Educate Women & Girls,Hassina Sherjan,14841,Aid Afghanistan for Education,11,388 57,27681,Economic Empowerment of the Coastal Women,Md. Maksudur Rahman,14763,Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS),0,0 12,13980,100 Bikes for 100 Girls,Sara Nerone,14725,Rock-Paper-Scissors Children's Fund,185,"6,601" 57,42734,Male participation in reducing early marriages,Halumba Munachonga,14627,Ndola Nutrition Organisation,0,0 38,38395,Empower Kenyan Girls with Education,Diana Richardson,14442,Makindu Children's Program,21,945 57,15849,Empower Women & Girls in Guatemala with Technology,Paco Alcaide,1439,"The Frances and Henry Riecken Foundation, Inc.",0,0 53,13129,Educate 130 Girls in Cusco for Economic Survival,Diana Rae Lewis,13805,Chicuchas Wasi,4,221 48,13217,Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy,Zarah Jane Rushworth,13745,Mother's Heart,10,594 57,44750,Sponsor a midwife and save mothers lives!,Johanna Hansing,1373,HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh,0,0 50,30730,Youth Political Leadership Program (YPLP),Shad Begum,13697,Association for Behavior and Knowledge Transformation (ABKT),7,240 55,12025,Help put girls at the forefront of change,Aleta Phelps,13558,Girl Determined,2,42 9,26583,Stop 250 Teen Girls in Ghana from Missing School,Nora Tobin,1355,Self-Help International,236,"9,841" 25,25898,Help Keep 15 Aspiring Ugandan Girls in School,Carol Davis,13412,Outreach Uganda,54,"2,435" 40,25691,Empower Girls Through Soccer,Justin Forzano,13309,Open Field,19,"1,186" 56,44771,Education & Empowerment for Musahar Girls in Nepal,Ariella Fish,13196,Street Child,1,39 50,14382,Empower Filipino teenage girl survivors of abuse,Maria Fatima Reyes,13043,"Tahanan Sta. Luisa, Inc.",7,265 57,18350,Fin.& Entrepren.Educat.for 800 low-inc.Venez.women,Ileana Leyba de Villegas,12319,Jovenes Emprendedores/Junior Achievement Venezuela,0,0 57,27515,Preventing Gender-based Violence in South Sudan,Molly Bernstein,12016,IsraAID,0,0 51,44553,"Educate and Empower 18,000 Girls in Zimbabwe",tanya weaver,1199,American Foundation for Children with AIDS,6,402 57,7509,HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention for West Africa,GAIA Vaccine Foundation,1196,GAIA Vaccine Foundation,0,0 44,2700,Sanitary Pads Keep Ugandan Girls in School,Barbara Cozzens,1173,The Kasiisi Project,14,693 37,10291,Provide women and girls education in Cambodia,Bunnak Leng,11272,Women's Resource Center,22,"2,954" 39,35801,Educate A Girl,Korvi Rakshand,11211,JAAGO Foundation,20,503 43,44871,Empowering vulnerable women in Eastern Europe,Martin Wilcox,1099,ChildAid to Eastern Europe,15,"1,165" 55,38463,Empowering Girls and Women as Mothers,Louise Batty,10871,Keep The Dream196,2,115 26,2524,Help 80 Women Find Jobs & Financial Independence,Erin Cole,1061,Women's Employment Network,53,"1,655" 49,32096,"Free, Educate, and Empower Girls in Haiti",Kristie van de Wetering,10517,Beyond Borders,8,385 57,41026,Safe and Sound: Eradicating Trafficking by 2025,Beverly Cook,10060,Dignity Freedom Network,0,0