Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Amount Raised (USD),Donor Count,Email Promotion,Homepage Time,Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 43,48222,Help Special Need Kids/Siblings Learn From Groups,昭儀 李,74775,"An An Slow Angels' Family Support Association, Yi-Lan Taiwan","7,301",52,,,0,"7,301" 260,49154,Help 750 children catch-up after COVID lockdown,Ágnes Marshall,71805,Eroforras Alapitvany,0,0,,,0,0 44,48822,Empower WAYUU women through handcrafted bags,younghee shin,82107,Cultivo de amor (Share Sarangbat Colombia),"6,663",47,,,0,"6,663" 260,48873,Art care boxes to children in foster care,yadira puente,78306,"Artvango Therapeutic Services, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 260,48159,Economic Empowerment of 150 girls in DR CONGO,shamavu Miruho Herve,57368,Women for Equal Chances- Congo ( WEC-CONGO),0,0,,,0,0 107,48142,The completion of the school project in Uganda,paul luswata,80756,GOFA,"1,958",4,,,0,"1,958" 260,48726,SPSAS Emergency Project,nicola booth,83054,single parents support and advice services,0,0,,,0,0 260,48130,My Protector,mzomkhulu mpofu,79034,Boys In Need International,0,0,,,0,0 260,48114,Extend a helping hand to aid hospitalized children,murphy charitable foundation uganda,72318,Murphy charitable foundation Uganda smc limited,0,0,,,0,0 260,48564,Livelihood support for people with Down syndrome,mizanur jewel,84589,AMDA Health and Environment Development Society,0,0,,,0,0 256,49115,COVID-19 relief help for the undeserved in Uganda,mawejje swalleh,74367,Friends for Human Survival and Development limited,7,1,,,0,7 241,48977,Create a turning point for 50 Ugandan students,martin lubowa,65231,Africa Students Support Network,25,1,,,0,25 260,48732,Deign and build a community fish pond project,keith siame,63928,mwashibukeni community based organization,0,0,,,0,0 63,48855,Train 100 hill tribe children to read,keiko samuels,82398,EACM Foundation,"5,500",56,,,0,"5,500" 260,49277,My sanitary pads My Education,kasujja muhamed,65429,International schools partnership,0,0,,,0,0 260,48555,covid 19 agricultural training skills in uganda,kaahwa gideon,61759,let us work together association,0,0,,,0,0 61,48816,Health Insurance for 200 Widows & Orphans in Abuja,josephine ogazi,81667,Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE),"5,528",65,,,0,"5,528" 260,48425,KISIWANI GIRLD CHILD WITH COVID,joseck mwarizangu,72314,Kisiwani widows,0,0,,,0,0 260,47993,Improving social-economic conditions for 371 OVCs,john Kapambwe,46840,Roma orphans and vulnerable children's care,0,0,,,0,0 94,48702,Rotary 10 Virtual Marathon for Ballymena Charities,james perry,84205,The Rotary Club of Ballymena,"3,110",51,,,0,"3,110" 260,47626,Entrepreneurship to empower 200 Nigerian Youths,isyaka shittu dayo,36934,MOBILIZATION FOR EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA,0,0,,,0,0 260,47787,Old Home for vulnerable,immad uddin,71174,Indus Home welfare foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,49082,Drill boreholes for 1000 villagers in Malawi,ian saini,79761,Sustainable Solutions for Life,0,0,,,0,0 260,48124,HELP COVID 19 VICTIMS IN QUARANTINE CENTERS NEEDS,fred mutebi,70841,INTER RURAL RELIGIOUS DEVELOPMENT NETWORK,0,0,,,0,0 86,48883,Second chances for stray dogs in Tela-Honduras,diana gutierrez,79968,Fundacion Perros sin nombre Corp.,"5,025",52,,,0,"5,025" 260,48605,'ARTIFACT AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION',cornelius nawaswa,79312,VOICELESS MIND UGANDA,0,0,,,0,0 219,46829,Mudiwa HIV Women,cindy chitambira,75212,Mudiwa HIV and AIDs Organisation,78,2,,,0,78 193,49152,Help 50 Survivors of Human Trafficking Heal Trauma,candice Ensign,55765,Libertys Legacy Inc. dba Journey with Equus,194,3,,,0,194 260,48322,BRICK MAKING FOR SUSTAINABLE INCOME IN UGANDA,barbra bitosa,75711,collective efforts foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48756,Always Side by Side,aybike yurtsever,82447,TOCEV,0,0,,,0,0 49,49128,Fund training for women formerly incarcerated,alyson mcnair,78144,PERFECT,"6,203",45,,,0,"6,203" 260,48078,PROTECTIVE GEARS FOR 10000 SLUM DWELLERS IN MASAKA,Zziwa Arafati,77957,CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT ORGANIZATION,0,0,,,0,0 135,47601,Support our Wildlife Warriors,Zululand Conservation Trust,80607,Zululand Conservation Trust,"1,014",10,,,0,"1,014" 260,48904,Empower 500 rural Women in livelihood in Katete,Zirose Mumba,73510,Family Health Trust,0,0,,,0,0 169,47944,500 vegetables seed starter- packs for cummunities,Zingesele Bengeza,82132,Southern Mountains Association for Rural Transformation and Development,402,7,,,0,402 260,47565,Vulnerable Population Relief Program,Zageus Makari,61005,Namibia Network of AIDS Service Organisations (NANASO),0,0,,,0,0 139,47925,Houses for 20 families affected by hurricane Earl,Yunuen Vázquez,62670,"Fundacion Empresarios por Puebla, I.B.P.",925,15,,,0,925 40,47818,Help save the Bare-Nosed Wombat,Yolandi Vermaak,80487,Wombat Support and Rescue NSW/ACT Incorporated,"7,706",227,winner,,0,"7,706" 260,48636,Support Youth Through Sport and Education in Kenya,Yasena Foundation,84739,Yasena Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 30,49130,Install 20 water cisterns in rural Puerto Rico,Yari Taina,76120,Conuco Campesino,"9,075",78,winner,,0,"9,075" 146,49089,"Mental Health Education for 5,000 Kids in China",Yanbing Yang,76328,Rici Foundation,800,2,,,0,800 260,48412,"Construct a Youth Centre in Anwiankwanta, Ghana.",YETS Ghana,67881,YETS Ghana,0,0,,,0,0 260,48932,Support 200 women and children in Sierra Leone.,YAYAH THAIMU TURAY,75601,WORK BY FAITH DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION(WOFDA),0,0,,,0,0 168,48516,Health services for teen mothers impacted by COVID,Xavier Peredo,84212,"Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth - Philippines, Inc.",432,8,,,0,432 188,48168,Prevent Sexual Violence among Girls in Kenya,Wounded Healers,76139,Wounded Healers Foundation,236,4,,,0,236 218,48798,EMERGENCY SUPPORT FOR COVID-19,Wondwossen Nigatu,78596,HIYAW FIKIR YELIJOCH ENA YEWETATOCH LIMAT MAHIBER,86,2,,,0,86 166,47150,Mentor and empower women livelihoods in Semuto,Wilson Kisembo,63061,Smiles Again Initiatve,475,12,,,0,475 260,48299,Disability Inclusive Response on COVID-19,Willy Gazlin,72282,Youth Active in community Development Organisation (YACODO),0,0,,,0,0 136,48539,Food Sustainability for LGBT+ Older Adults in PR,Wilfred Labiosa,75898,Waves Ahead Corp,"1,005",13,,,0,"1,005" 260,47894,Waste Sorting Bags for 1500 Households in Wonosidi,Webri Veliana,59718,Perkumpulan Gelombang Hijau Indo Global (Greenwave NGO),0,0,,,0,0 260,48908,Help Us To Build Animal Treatment Centre in Nepal,Voice of Animal-Nepal,61956,Voice of Animal Nepal,0,0,,,0,0 260,48342,Preserve Bariloches forest and warm the community,Virginia Di Paola,39360,Fundacion INVAP,0,0,,,0,0 161,48763,Combat Corona to the Last Mile In Kenya,Vincent Atitwa,62302,Matungu Community Development Charity (MCDC),514,11,,,0,514 6,47961,Help us complete the children's home in Darjeeling,Vik Patel,81390,Darjeeling Children's Trust,"17,948",108,winner,winner,0,"17,948" 260,48637,Help us build a Community Dental Center,Vijay Sah,61985,Indu Sah Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 179,49136,TRAIN 80 TEEN MOTHERS IN VOCATIONS IN GHANA,Victoria Churchill Koomson,65096,CEWEFIA,320,5,,,0,320 185,49151,Support 60 families on their Journey to Recovery!,Victoria Mendez,84147,Voluntariado de Ingenieros y Profesionales de Puerto Rico,245,5,,,0,245 154,48260,"12,000 volunteers promoting Peace worldwide",Victoria Lovelock,78503,Les Amis du Comite de Coordination du Service Volontaire International,624,22,,,0,624 98,48668,Humanitarian Aid to Street Vendors in Otavalo,Victor Pinzón,72830,Fundacion Ayni Ecuador,"2,498",21,,,0,"2,498" 182,46857,Protection kits for doctors in Venezuela,Ven da tu Mano,73721,Ven da tu mano,281,6,,,0,281 260,47984,COVID19 Relief Efforts for Specially Abled People,Usha Desai,41875,Voice of Specially Abled People Inc,0,0,,,0,0 205,48100,Help women victims of violence during COVID-19,Udruga DOMINE,78493,DOMINE - Organization for Promotion of Women's Rights,122,3,,,0,122 122,48846,Incomes for rural youths through beekeeping,Uche Isieke,81605,Rural Watch Africa Initiative (RUWAI),"1,434",14,,,0,"1,434" 90,48848,Medical Kit for 700 Children living in Cemetery,U9 Change,82993,U Nine Change,"5,003",45,,,0,"5,003" 204,48853,"Help 100 Children in Soweto, Kayole in Nairobi",Tunaweza Pamoja CBO,59457,Tunaweza Pamoja CBO,130,2,,,0,130 117,47337,Support Women in Uganda to flee Domestic Violence,Tumukunde Meldah,42706,Voice of Women Uganda (VOWU),"1,570",22,,,0,"1,570" 260,48681,Reduce Mental Health Cases with Kitbag Tool,Tummkas Community Based Organization,74597,Tumkkas Community Based Organization,0,0,,,0,0 78,48857,Help 250 Ethiopian women to be solar entrepreneurs,Tsegaye Legesse,81239,Stem synergy inc,"5,112",42,,,0,"5,112" 260,48270,Empower young women to lead through experience,Tresa Eyres,68470,Turkish Women's Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 260,48319,Donate for Personal Protection Equipment for COVID,Transparent Hands US INC,76028,TransparentHands Foundation US Inc,0,0,,,0,0 260,48455,TC Harold Support to Vanuatu Children,Tracey Farnsworth,63911,Progress Pikinini Vanuatu,0,0,,,0,0 260,48643,Cancer school program detects cancer early in SA,Torsten Koehler,79072,Love Your Nuts Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 209,48957,LunaYou,Tori Drew,77962,Business Innovation Factory,110,3,,,0,110 124,48602,Help Us Hack Middle East Peace,Tomer Cohen,76912,Tech2Peace,"1,296",25,,,0,"1,296" 260,48851,Support and Educate Orphan children in Ethiopia,Tirunesh Mamo,73023,Shalom Yebego Aderagot Derejet,0,0,,,0,0 260,48002,Supported Adult Education for Work,Tinieka Thrailkill,78096,Priority Teachers University,0,0,,,0,0 241,48620,Support 500 farmers amidst Covid19 in Sierra Leone,Tholoma Sumah,72887,Foundation for Development,25,1,,,0,25 203,48674,Green Factories for Myanmar Refugees / IDPs,Thiha Maung Maung,71831,Karen Return & Reestablishment Committee (KRRC),136,3,,,0,136 80,49121,Playground for Rural First Nation Community,The Power of Play,69297,The Power of Play,"5,102",52,,,0,"5,102" 260,48813,Sustain Palliative & Hospice Care in Lebanon,Talar Kokjian,82643,SANAD,0,0,,,0,0 236,47911,Help us to Save A Dad,Tackle Prostate Cancer,67420,The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups,32,1,,,0,32 235,48150,THE NYABIKONI WOMEN CROP GROWERS KABALE - UGANDA,TUGUME MAUREEN TURYASINGURA,71261,TUGUME MAUREEN TURYASINGURA,33,2,,,0,33 82,48786,Trauma Counseling Support For Refugees In Uganda,TRICIA DEBOER,79930,I Live Again Uganda,"5,073",48,,,0,"5,073" 36,49094,PROVIDING HEALTHCARE TO CHILDREN IN RURAL KENYA,Sylvia Wamalwa,83806,Kianda Foundation Educational Trust,"8,095",68,winner,,0,"8,095" 12,48211,"Provide Safe School for Girls in Monrovia, Liberia",Sylvestine Gbessagee,79151,Hilltop Schools Inc.,"13,483",132,winner,winner,"1,000","14,483" 260,47752,Improve Education for 200 girls in Liberia,Sylvester P. Harris,70542,Poverty Reduction Initiative (PORIN),0,0,,,0,0 171,48689,Bridge The Gap,Sylvester Oboh,84468,Special Olympics Nigeria,387,10,,,0,387 251,48898,Restoring edible landscapes in Ghana,Sylvester Ayayee,77657,AGRI-WEB,10,1,,,0,10 260,37089,Protection of Migrant Children in Tak,Suwannimit Foundation,55006,Suwannimit Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48593,Digitalized Education for 100 Children in Liberia,Sunnie B Marcar Sr.,55916,SUNNETTE LEARNING ACADEMY,0,0,,,0,0 241,48406,A Big can change a Little's life,Sue Sheridan,76997,Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto,25,1,,,0,25 229,49139,Sustainable Sponge Farming,Sudarsha De Silva,57400,Earthlanka,50,1,,,0,50 260,48987,Human-Elephants Conflict Awareness camp-2020,Stuart Heddi,70788,Pamoja Environmental Focus,0,0,,,0,0 260,48654,One million books of hope - South Sudan,Stephen Kamal,84420,One In Four Children Inc,0,0,,,0,0 150,48431,Supporting Bereaved Siblings,Stephen Armstrong,54350,The Compassionate Friends,714,18,,,0,714 260,48223,COVID 19 -Help 30 Hard-to-Reach Communities in FCT,Stella Iwuagwu,81393,"Centre for the Right to Health (CRH), Nigeria",0,0,,,0,0 93,47928,Digitalization Nono Project 'Il Canto Sospeso',Stefan Sander,71600,Fondazione L'Unione Europea Berlin,"3,401",15,,,0,"3,401" 260,48428,Personal Hygiene Awareness Program for IDP Women,Stars Ngo,83479,Skills Training And Rehabilitation Society,0,0,,,0,0 121,48812,Control & Prevention of the Covid-19 at School,Stanley Perrier,74623,LIVING IN GOOD HEALTH TODAY (LIGHT),"1,451",30,,,0,"1,451" 37,49125,Help St Martins School Open its doors in 2021,St Martins School,84547,St Martins School,"8,067",72,winner,,0,"8,067" 170,48744,Support Internally Migrated Student for Education,Sristi Shrestha,78970,Community Self Reliance Centre,400,11,,,0,400 260,46914,Caring home for the RR Valley's elderly & disabled,Sr. Christina Neumann,78872,St. Anne`s Guest Home,0,0,,,0,0 195,48589,Emergency Relief for 100 impoverished families,Soyorn Choun,35904,Cambodian Children Against Starvation and Violence,179,4,,,0,179 260,49102,BUILDING LIVELIHOOD TO RESPOND TO COVID 19 EFFECTS,Sophy Achieng,84269,Lwendo Patriotic Women (LPW),0,0,,,0,0 17,48533,Empowering Adult Handicapped Haitians,Sonya Yencer,59291,"Friends of St. Vincent's Center, Inc.","12,047",83,winner,winner,0,"12,047" 9,48685,Digital Tools for Girls in Rural Morocco,Sonia Omar,83104,Education For All Ltd,"14,818",95,winner,winner,0,"14,818" 260,48480,Supporting prisoners' families in Uganda,Solomon Musiitwa,74056,The Uganda national medical alliance for prisoners support,0,0,,,0,0 260,48918,Young Queer Refugee Innovation Centre -YQRIC-Kenya,Solomon Ahumuza,77314,Community Support Initiative for Refugees CoSIR,0,0,,,0,0 260,48723,Train 500 Grils to Make Reusable Sanitary Pads,Soikya Michael,40883,Action for Community Welfare (ACOWEL),0,0,,,0,0 207,48934,Supporting Single Mothers affected from COVID-19,Soha Ramadan,77553,Egyptian Food Bank,117,1,,,0,117 41,49148,100 Refugee Women Launch Micro-Businesses in Camps,Sister Marilyn Lacey,76581,Mercy Beyond Borders,"7,650",67,winner,,0,"7,650" 260,41663,To empower 300 ophans,Sipho Mpangane,67276,Shabalala Community Development centre,0,0,,,0,0 216,48504,KUWEZESHA: EMPOWERING 1000 AT RISK TANZANIANS,Simeon Mihinga,77429,Makutano ya Wajasiriamali,100,2,,,0,100 110,48609,Reintegration for former child soldiers in Uganda,Shingo Ogawa,83576,Terra Renaissance,"1,640",39,,,0,"1,640" 260,47986,Stopping Teenage Pregnancy in Mombasa County,Sheilah Sheldone,70469,Sheilah Sheldone Arts for Social Change CBO,0,0,,,0,0 260,49098,Cradle Community Pre-school & Aftercare,Sharon Lee,71222,The Cradle of Hope,0,0,,,0,0 260,48625,Urban Farms and Gardens for Fresh Food Access,Shante Walker,83675,The Niles Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48545,Home care for 150 elderly and sick in Sarajevo,Senita Patkovic,79215,Humanitarian Organization Mehamet Muslim Charitable Society Sarajevo,0,0,,,0,0 55,48820,Sowing Maasai Women and Girls Future,Semerian Sankori,84428,Patinaai Osim Community Care Organisation,"5,852",124,,,0,"5,852" 260,47551,Empowering single mother on increasing incomes,Semen Mwamlenga,77215,Peace Relief Organization (PRO),0,0,,,0,0 247,48655,Enrollment Through Local Philanthropy,Sekou M Jabateh,75760,"Educate Children, Inc.",15,1,,,0,15 260,47980,Give food vouchers to Ugandan hungry children,ScoutAid Uganda,77233,ScoutAid Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 260,48244,The Arepa Project: Help Feed Malnourished Refugees,Saxon Gotfried,84133,Give Refugees A ChancE,0,0,,,0,0 83,48421,Saving 50 children from substance-abuse cycle,Saweeya Pakpho,82754,Operation Blessing Foundation(Thai),"5,043",48,,,0,"5,043" 260,48670,Give 200 teenage mothers in Busoga a second chance,Sarah Namugolo,77043,Concern For Children And Women Empowerment,0,0,,,0,0 26,48748,Foster Growth and Healing for 200 Cambodian Youth,Sarady Na,78877,Mission Dove Cambodia,"10,215",81,winner,winner,0,"10,215" 260,49179,Water for Life Kampong Speu,Sao Sary,57338,Sao Sary Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 194,48212,End 8 years Blackout for 2 Villages in Nigeria,Sanmi Olowosile,80665,Sustainable Green Environment Initiative,190,11,,,0,190 42,3823,Help 250 children in prison in Burundi + Cambodia,Sanjeewa Liyanage,249,International Bridges to Justice,"7,453",42,,,0,"7,453" 251,49254,To Prevent spread and mitigate impact of COVID-19,Sanguv Simon Peter Fomonyuy,75042,Sustainable development and Humanitarian services (SUDAHSER) Foundation,10,1,,,0,10 155,49164,Adequate nutrition for young children and mothers.,Sandy Gershuny,75210,World Foundation for Prosperity and Autonomy,614,11,,,0,614 23,48792,Partnering to improve Palliative Care in India,Sandra Broughton,76580,Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Foundation,"10,617",82,winner,winner,0,"10,617" 172,48148,Re-equip 200 women during & after Covid19 in Kenya,Samuel Macharia,80220,Ongata Rongai Development Organization(ORDEPO),384,23,,,0,384 260,46421,COVID RELIEF FOR RARE DISEASE PATIENTS IN GHANA,Samuel Agyei Wiafe,63291,Rare Disease Ghana Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 260,48424,Supporting Old people in Afghanistan-SONA,Sameera Noori,83480,Asian Local Leaders Organization for Humanitarian Aid,0,0,,,0,0 138,49108,HELP BUILD ABLUTION BLOCK FOR 170 TEENS IN ZAMBIA,Salimu Mwalukasa,81512,Undikumbukire Project Zambia Ltd,938,15,,,0,938 260,49123,Girls Empowerment and Prevention of teen pregnancy,Said Juma,60367,Pemba Poverty and Human Dignity Association 'PEPOHUDA',0,0,,,0,0 260,48205,Dignity Kits for Refugee Women in Turkey,Safa Karatas,80302,MUDEM-Refugee Support Center,0,0,,,0,0 260,47773,'Protection of Corona-virus Pandemic in Bangladesh,SM Shirajul Islam,82326,Peoples Development Community(PDC),0,0,,,0,0 260,49244,Rehabilitation of Emakhwale Community Water Point,SAWASHI KENYA,75224,SAFE WATER AND SUSTAINABLE HYGIENE INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 260,49177,feed 88 young homeless orphans,SAKA COMMUNITY PROJECT,63403,SAKA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT,0,0,,,0,0 260,48927,Build 10 Forest Gardens in Cape Town by Dec 2020,Ryan Fortune,59106,Rainbow Warriors International Trust,0,0,,,0,0 137,48126,Support Community Health Workers to Get PPE,Rwandanyouth Rwaydavo,23989,RWANDAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION,943,14,,,0,943 260,48968,Support children without family care,Romina Soledad Pereira,77280,Asociacion Aldeas Infantiles SOS Argentina,0,0,,,0,0 101,48819,Support Women Building Lives Free from Violence,Rocío Alonso,81123,Fondo de Mujeres del Sur,"2,345",51,,,0,"2,345" 260,49175,Moloa'a 'AINA Center,Robyn Petterson,78391,Malama Kauai,0,0,,,0,0 260,48758,Establish Community Development Center in Hrazdan,Resource Center for Women's Empowerment,77491,Resource Center for Women's Empowerment,0,0,,,0,0 260,48775,VIRTUAL DRUG-FREE CLUBS IN 1000 NIGERIAN SCHOOLS,Rekpene Effiom Bassey,74975,African Council on Narcotics,0,0,,,0,0 260,49149,To empower 500 disabled women in Zimbabwe,Rejoice Timire,78534,Disabled W0men Support Organisation,0,0,,,0,0 260,47727,ERADICATION OF FGM IN TANZANIA,Rehema Amon,73297,Villages Health Support Org,0,0,,,0,0 260,48147,Girls Vocational Skills Training,Redemptah Sophie Otieno,79965,Imbeke Charitable Trust,0,0,,,0,0 144,47784,Jezuba - Giving solar powered lamps to Myanmar,Rebecca Liao,77079,Jezuba,860,11,,,0,860 260,47939,braille embosser for visually impaired children SL,Ramatu Turay,77211,Network Forum for Women with Disability,0,0,,,0,0 260,48647,Portable drinking water for 500 people of Boku.,Radiya Muhammed,78191,Women Relief Alliance Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48349,"path of peace and drinking water to 10,000 DRCongo",ROSINE FURAHA,62501,DRC AID,0,0,,,0,0 260,48899,Integrated sustainable livelihood empowerment for,RICE -SL Organization,66256,"Rural Iniative for Community Empowerment in Bo District, Southern Province of Sierra Leone- West Afr",0,0,,,0,0 248,47685,Bugwere Women Fund Giving Girls Voice and Choice,REHEMA NADONGO,80947,BUGWERE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION (BUWEF),15,1,,,0,15 260,48780,Help Build A Women and Girls Education Center,Queen Sheba D. Cisse,73592,"Queen Sheba Village, Inc",0,0,,,0,0 260,48363,Help Feed Homeless People daily in South Africa,Queen Laura Foundation,79133,Queen Laura Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48344,CHARITABLE DONATION FOR THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN,Proyectos Corpeluva,42685,Corporacion Educativa Luisa Valentina,0,0,,,0,0 260,48430,Train 20 Community Health Volunteers in kenya,Protus Mwanda,81374,SUSU AGENCY FOR INTER COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (SUSAID ),0,0,,,0,0 226,49170,"Rescue 3,000 people's lives due to floods in Yemen",Progress Organization,71145,Progress Organization for Development,57,2,,,0,57 260,48601,Amplifying Girls education in Malawi,Precious Phiri,77620,Youth initiative for change and development,0,0,,,0,0 38,48811,Help 557 rural Nepalese with access to clean water,Pradeep Baral,83990,Nepal Water for Health,"7,970",135,winner,,0,"7,970" 102,38852,Survey the health of corals & people in San Andres,Phanor Montoya Maya,55969,Corales de Paz,"2,343",45,,,0,"2,343" 260,49207,Help 200 Ugandan Girls Achieve a Bright Future,Peter W. Kamalha,78857,New Home for Community Rehabilitation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48215,Advancing Financial Inclusion to STOP Child Labour,Peter Badia,81781,Kingdom Biz Network Self Help Group,0,0,,,0,0 260,48586,Sports for Peace and Education,Peace Warriors,81748,PEACE WARRIORS ORGANISATION,0,0,,,0,0 228,48717,"Help Kenyan Farmers Plant 30,000 Trees",Paulino Damiano,36567,Trees for Kenya,51,1,,,0,51 260,45928,Help us keep children in families,Paula Alionyte,76985,Child's I - Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 230,48137,EMPOWER 180 WIDOWS AND GIRLS WITH SEWING SKILLS,Paul Mkoga,79709,Igambilo Youth organization -,45,1,,,0,45 260,48549,"COST-FREE EDUCATION, FEED TO LESS PRIVILEGED CHILD",Patrick Nyagah,70822,Young Soul Touchers,0,0,,,0,0 260,49096,a beehive for 150Suvivors of gender based violence,Patrick Jonathan Mwale,14162,Communities in Development Activities,0,0,,,0,0 260,49229,Save 10 Babies with Hydrocephalus in Kumasi,Patrick Essuman,80288,Rickmes foundation,0,0,,,0,0 160,48090,Climate Change adaptation for food security,Patrick Ashby,75506,Voluntary Initiative Support Organisation,545,4,,,0,545 96,48382,Support rural kids seeking for a better future,Patricio Marquinez,66407,Fundacion San Genaro,"3,015",36,,,0,"3,015" 71,48903,"HELP THE FLOOD AFFECTEES OF SINDH, PAKISTAN",Pak Mission Society Pakistan,78900,Pak Mission Society,"5,225",57,,,0,"5,225" 85,46976,COVID-19 Response for Older People in Rural India,Paige Duskie,78341,HelpAge USA,"5,025",47,,,0,"5,025" 260,48660,FREE ICT EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM,PRAISE ABEGUNDE,79573,PRAISE HELPMATE FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 153,48839,Shaping careers of 500 young people in Kampala.,PKS Foundation,82837,The Registered Trustees of Pamela Kadama Senkatuka Foundation,646,8,,,0,646 260,49099,PROVIDE GIRLS IDP NORTH ACCESS MENSTRUAL HYGIENE,PIERRE NENBE,8621,Union des Organismes d'Appui au Developpement Durable (UNOADD),0,0,,,0,0 20,48088,HELP PUPILS WITH DYSLEXIA OBTAIN LEARNING MATERIAL,PHYLLIS MUNYI,53219,"Dyslexia Organisation, Kenya","11,134",155,winner,winner,0,"11,134" 260,48828,'My Independence' - Help Seniors Age Safely Home,Orla Coleman,77184,Search and Care,0,0,,,0,0 260,48980,Save 5000 lives from Sudden Cardiac death in Lagos,Opeyemi Aladekoyi,83017,Centre for Sustainable Access to Health in Africa,0,0,,,0,0 260,48722,Give 100 girls IT skills to end crimes in Nigeria,Olujimi Fatimiro,81790,Build the World Inititive,0,0,,,0,0 141,49147,New lives for 100 orphans in Nigeria,Olugbenga Olusegun Ogunbowale,84063,The Orphan Empowerment Society,906,47,,,0,906 120,48938,A longterm home for 200 rescued huskies a year,Olga Pavlovsky,75939,Husky Rescue Ireland,"1,454",37,,,0,"1,454" 245,47797,Empower 1000 Kenyan women flood Victims,Olga Hellens,81201,Consortium for Research and Sustainable Development Initiatives (CORESDI),18,2,,,0,18 260,47786,She Needs A Pad Project (SNAPP),Olayinka Adebajo,80824,One Voice Initiative For Women and Children Emancipation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48796,Lagos Legal Commons,Olalekan Oshunkoya,80278,Citizens' Common Advocacy International Ltd/Gte,0,0,,,0,0 260,48515,"Donate Face Masks To 200,000 Nigeria Children",Ola Inioluwa,64481,Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,47972,Saving Lives of 5000 Starving Children,Ogola Program,70113,Ogola Community Development Program (CBO),0,0,,,0,0 260,47849,Lift 6000 Women from Poverty-stricken Environment,Nyarongi Network,79862,Nyarongi Vulnerable Support Network (CBO),0,0,,,0,0 260,48181,FIGHTING COVID19 EFFECTS ON SCHOOL CHILDREN,Nomvume Gwele,75399,Central College,0,0,,,0,0 260,47216,Provide seedlings for 45women in Eswatini villages,Nombulelo Mbokazi,78539,Agenda 2063 Academy,0,0,,,0,0 260,48675,Reconstruction of 100 houses in Palmyra in Yemen,Noha Al-wagih,84312,yemen organization for permanent peace,0,0,,,0,0 260,48543,HELP 1000 IDPs IN NW/SW CAMEROON WITH BASIC NEEDS,Nkwenui Nupuku,37430,HOPE FAMILY LIFE,0,0,,,0,0 260,49117,"OUR HANDS, OUR JOBS",Nkululeko Nzuza,73632,I2BA NPO,0,0,,,0,0 220,49137,Black soldier fly larvae production,Niran Adigun,71979,Green Network,76,2,,,0,76 132,48423,Landmine Education for 1.000 Children in Ukraine,Nils Hegel,82590,MINE MARK Foundation,"1,072",18,,,0,"1,072" 251,48477,Gift for food and save to Entellus from abolition.,Nilmadhab Biswas,84606,BASCO Foundation,10,1,,,0,10 260,48735,Corona virus preventive supports to 1000 students.,Nilakantha Acharya,75986,Co-operation Society Nepal (CSN),0,0,,,0,0 260,48567,School Based Adolescents Reproductive Health servi,Nicholas Engwau,56788,Amoru AIDs Support Community Initiative (AASCI),0,0,,,0,0 260,48679,save 200 RuralNigerian Girls from Child Marrieage,Nicholas Bonoh,54983,Center for Human Rights Justice and Peace (Justice and Peace Committee),0,0,,,0,0 238,48257,Mobile Vegetable bank for 150 poor pregnant women,Newton Lee,58504,"Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships",30,1,,,0,30 260,48497,Empowering 200 agriprenuers women in aquaculture,Nelson Kalumba,76294,Action for Social development Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 34,48682,Solar-Powered Clean Water in Uganda,Ned Morgan,84689,"Water Compass, Inc.","8,266",54,winner,,0,"8,266" 260,47631,HELP SAVE 10 ENDANGERED MANATEES IN NIGERIA,Nduka Echigeme,61094,WILSONS WILDLIFE CONSERVATION CENTRE,0,0,,,0,0 156,48122,MORRAL OF KNOWLEDGE IN EMERGENCY,Nayla Altamirano,50370,Binni Biaani A.C.,593,15,,,0,593 28,48920,Saving Children on India's Dangerous Roads,Naushin Nagji,84377,SaveLIFE Foundation,"10,009",86,winner,winner,0,"10,009" 66,48992,Eco-Innovative Homes for 50 poor families in DR,Nature Power Foundation,78573,Nature Power Foundation,"5,405",55,,,0,"5,405" 75,48485,Help Ukrainian children with disabilities,Natalie Blinder,80020,Charitable Organization Bright Kids Charity,"5,160",58,,,0,"5,160" 4,48472,Providing clean water for the Hopi,Nancy Rivard,82701,Airline Ambassadors,"21,077",146,winner,winner,0,"21,077" 260,48710,Rebuild life of 500 survived Anfal widows in Iraq,Namo Majeed,81909,IRO Organization for Community Development,0,0,,,0,0 260,48129,Empower 50young mothers &women in Lwengo District,Nakayiwa Barbra,75739,Lwengo youth and women association,0,0,,,0,0 118,48703,Building Classroom Blocks and a Kitchen at SABEC,Nabwire Evaline Rhoda,45669,Global Network for Uganda Volunteers Foundation (GNUVF),"1,507",14,,,0,"1,507" 260,48711,EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT FOR ORPHANS AND NEEDY CHILDREN,NEWLOVE BOBSON ATISO,80513,PEOPLE TO PEOPLE INTERNATIONAL-TOGO,0,0,,,0,0 213,47932,"Quality education for 5,000 poor children.",N'guettia Simon Pierre KOBENAN,71964,TEACH Cote d'Ivoire,104,4,,,0,104 229,48225,"ECONOMIC RESCUE FOR 1000 VULNERABLE WOMEN, IGANGA",Mwesigwa Grace Musambi,79049,HARAMBEE YOUTH MENTORSHIP AND HEALTH ADVOCACY (HAYMHA),50,1,,,0,50 174,48922,COVID-19 Emergency Response in Dzaleka Camp,Mwasiti Hassan Tatyana,74601,The Registered Trustees of Solidarity of Refugee Women for the Social Welfare (SOFERES),362,4,,,0,362 260,49138,Help People with Disabilities Survive COVID-19,Mussa Chiwaula,61063,Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD),0,0,,,0,0 260,47934,Tippy Taps Hand Washing for COVID-19 Prevention,Mukaire Rashid,41010,Struggle Against Poverty,0,0,,,0,0 260,48724,"Save lives 1,267 Malnourished Children in Yemen",Mosa Mori,84358,Efadah Organization for Development & Humanitarian Relief,0,0,,,0,0 259,48149,Provide Shelter for 100 Homeless children in Kenya,Moonlight Home,78530,Moonlight Community Project,2,2,,,0,2 10,48343,Protect Sea Turtles & Researchers in Costa Rica,Monique Gilbert,80846,Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund,"14,063",80,winner,winner,0,"14,063" 52,48979,A school for children with no chance for education,Monika Mostowska,79908,Pallottine Missionary Foundation Salvatti.pl,"6,010",45,,,0,"6,010" 241,48845,HOME BASED CARE TO ELDERLY IN KENYA ON COVID 19,Monica Amunga,81650,Rejuvenated Seniors Alliance (RSA),25,1,,,0,25 191,48256,MOHAK Foundation Academy for the Less Privileged,Mohammed Mustapha,82927,MOHAMMED MUSTAPHA ISIAKA FOUNDATION,210,2,,,0,210 54,47733,For Healthy Children & a Better Tomorrow,Mohamad Younes,75306,Alawite Islamic Charity Association,"5,865",68,,,0,"5,865" 126,48069,Washable Menstruation kits for girls,Miriam Nakiyaga,54895,Kyobe foundation,"1,189",38,,,0,"1,189" 257,48443,NOSTALGIA SENIOR THEATRE RENOVATION (Revised),Mikheil Tsitsishvili,34425,Catharsis,6,1,,,0,6 112,48476,Support children suffering because of Covid-19,Mike Jones,78822,Rotary Club of Hadleigh Castle Trust Fund,"1,615",41,,,0,"1,615" 260,47798,Sebenza Women Empowerment Project,Michelle de Jager,81673,The Educational Support Services Trust,0,0,,,0,0 260,48901,Supports the sale of products of Colombian farmers,Michelle Daniela Galarza,59957,Fundacion Parque Tecnologico del Software del Tolima,0,0,,,0,0 260,48595,COVID-19 Combat in Rural Communites in Nigeria,Michael chukwuemeka,70595,Sanctuary of Hope foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48482,Skills development center for unemployed youths,Michael Kabuye,52771,St Michael Educational Center,0,0,,,0,0 260,49273,4th Annual Missions Project on Christmas Day,Michael Cunningham,83519,Kingdom Keepers Outreach Ministries,0,0,,,0,0 260,46947,Empowering the Girl Child through Education,Michael Ariebi,74654,Agrifund International,0,0,,,0,0 56,48570,Women Work Wonders,Melton Foundation,84228,MELTON FOUNDATION,"5,835",52,,,0,"5,835" 260,47590,Ocular Melanoma Registry and Patient Support,Melody Burchett,76437,A Cure In Sight,0,0,,,0,0 260,47866,Making Recovery the New Epidemic,Melissa DeJesus,79353,"Wings of Recovery Network, Inc",0,0,,,0,0 216,49255,Bearfoot Ranch Fundraiser,Melisa Morrow,77985,Bearfoot Ranch,100,1,,,0,100 260,48119,Covid-19 Food Relief for seniors,Megan Rodgers,80041,Pinetop Lakeside Senior Center,0,0,,,0,0 260,48544,sustainable development to 40 uprooted families,Md. Shafiqul Islam,78658,Barisal Unnyon Sangstha (BUS),0,0,,,0,0 260,48981,Children in Conflicts Education Cannot Wait (ECW),McShimana Jacobs Akem,82725,INTERCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL ORGANISATION,0,0,,,0,0 143,48784,Build classrooms for 200 students in rural Togo,Matthieu Dakou,85123,Synergie d'Actions pour un Developpement Approprie (SADA),868,10,,,0,868 35,48757,Empower and protect Dalit girls during lockdown,Mathijs Euwema,82273,International Child Development Initiatives,"8,184",88,winner,,0,"8,184" 260,48530,School toilet for 200 children in Nigeria,Mary Sebastian Ogwuike,77558,"Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ",0,0,,,0,0 27,49311,Empowering Women to Light Villages in Nepal,Mary Goldsmith-Mahoney,72299,Women Light The World,"10,144",86,winner,winner,0,"10,144" 250,47731,WASH for Schools During & Post COVID-19 in Kenya,Martin Aluga,81330,ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS KENYA,11,2,,,0,11 178,48800,"Remote Learning for 1,562 Children in Nepal",Marina López Rodríguez,83584,Fundacion Street Child Espana,323,6,,,0,323 175,48594,REHABILITATION OF SYRIAN COMMUNITY IN ALBANIA,Marilo Meta,82681,Leadership Development Association Albania,350,6,,,0,350 134,48731,Hope for Better Health,Marie Morin,82672,"New Hope Ministries International, Inc","1,024",6,,,0,"1,024" 92,48381,2000 Reusable Pads for Rwamwanja Refugee Camp,Marianne Foundation,81131,Marianne Foundation for Youths Development,"4,803",18,,,0,"4,803" 240,49169,Ecological Cribs & Food for 3000 kids in Colombia,Mariana Arcila Leiton,74801,Fundacion Cuna de Vida,26,1,,,0,26 15,48700,Empower Venezuelan Children to Succeed!,Marian Olavarria,67394,Asociacion Provida de Venezuela - Provive,"12,692",56,winner,,0,"12,692" 260,48426,INSERsport 2020-2021,Maria Teresa Osorio Yamba,73827,Unio de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya (UFEC),0,0,,,0,0 64,47509,Combating Loneliness for 175 Elderly Puerto Ricans,Maria Rivera,59403,"Transiciones de Vida, Corp","5,458",57,,,0,"5,458" 260,45939,Support children and women with disabilities,Maria Omare,77057,The Action Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 1,48815,"Remote learning in rural Kenya for 1,000 children",Maria Kidney,81248,Brighter Communities Worldwide,"26,495",343,winner,winner,"5,000","31,495" 260,48571,Synapse Research Project,Mandy Jordan,82374,East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund,0,0,,,0,0 260,48283,Support to 50 Widows to fight hunger in Sierra Leo,Mamoud Balla Kamara,64974,Sinkunia Young Stars Organization,0,0,,,0,0 260,48606,Teaching and Protecting Human Rights In Lesotho,Maliehe Mosepele,61736,Mosepele Foundation Development Forum (MFDF),0,0,,,0,0 260,48120,Response to COVID-19 in Guatemala,Makensie Brown,52915,Fundacion Habitat para la Humanidad Guatemala,0,0,,,0,0 260,48694,BUILD the Business Power of Rural Women,Maimuna Kanyamala,83681,MikonoYetu Organization,0,0,,,0,0 87,49050,"Briquettes for womens' income, health and climate",Magdalene Amujal,64770,Kulika Uganda,"5,019",45,,,0,"5,019" 116,48854,Adivasi Women Train Youth on Forest Foods in India,Madhu Ramnath,81904,NTFP-EP Asia,"1,574",19,,,0,"1,574" 260,49132,WORKING WITH DISADVANTAGED THREATENED RURAL GIRLS,MULENGA KAOMA,75962,CHILD PARTICIPATION INCLUSIVE EDUCATION - MPIKA,0,0,,,0,0 260,49110,Educate 150 poor orphan girls in Kigali City,MPORANYIMIGABO Gerard,35307,Change Life Organization,0,0,,,0,0 142,48739,SPONSOR & SAVE A DIABETIC CHILD'S LIFE IN KENYA,MOSES AMONJE,75748,WELLNESS FOR GREATNESS KENYA,904,65,,,0,904 260,48286,"Support for displaced, disaster children in Uvira",MOISE RIBAKARE,76558,AJDC(Association des Jeunes pour le Developpement Communautaire),0,0,,,0,0 260,48962,Dignity Clothing Program,MICHELLE BART,82637,NWCAVE,0,0,,,0,0 260,48749,SEWING SKILL FOR 150 SINGLE MOTHERS GIRLS IN GHANA,MATTHEW ABOAH,81857,LifeWay support foundation international,0,0,,,0,0 242,48736,Support for 300 teen mothers in Rwanda,MAHAME Andrew,74679,Youth for Development and Human rights Advancment,25,1,,,0,25 100,48803,Beirut Explosion: Help Heal Women From Trauma,Lyn Hariri,84718,Intisar Foundation,"2,431",7,,,0,"2,431" 260,49224,Tuungane Teen Mums Project,Lydia Otieno,75404,Tuungane CBO,0,0,,,0,0 260,41029,Give more than 120 animals a permanent home,Lutz Quindel,55632,LITTLE-Q-RANCH e.V.,0,0,,,0,0 151,47543,Sustainable livelihood for 200 South African women,Lusanda Magwape,58701,Dream Factory Foundation,703,11,,,0,703 74,48229,Asist 700 children access education in cameroon,Lukong Isidore,77851,Ave Maria Help for the Needy Association,"5,170",50,,,0,"5,170" 45,48558,Maya Health Initiative in Northwestern Guatemala,Luis Marcos,84141,"Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim: Reinforcing Our Roots, Living Our Maya Heritage","6,515",44,,,0,"6,515" 32,48200,Enable children with disabilities in Indian slums.,Lucinda Sowerbutts,47458,"OSCAR (Organization for Social Change, Awareness and Responsibility) Foundation","8,583",139,winner,,0,"8,583" 199,48194,"Hostel for girls-Lengijave Sec. School, Tanzania.",Louise Richardson,75065,Tumaini Jipya - New Hope,167,2,,,0,167 260,45430,The Olive Tree Project,Louis Frankenthaler,12142,Rabbis for Human Rights,0,0,,,0,0 69,48769,Education for 130 vulnerable children in Colombia,Lorenzo Zanon,83262,La Casa del Camino Foundation,"5,342",66,,,0,"5,342" 227,48691,"New School for South Sudan refugees in Uganda, Kir",Loku Abiya,66433,Compassion for Community,55,1,,,0,55 79,48933,Safe home for the victim's domestic violence in BH,Ljiljana Cickovic,85048,Foundation Zenski centar Trebinje,"5,110",40,,,0,"5,110" 229,49247,Help Support LGBTIQ+ Refugees in Southern Africa,Lipian Mtandabari,82477,Ntsako Wa Wena,50,1,,,0,50 111,49097,Covid Relief for Special Needs Families,Linda Hall,85018,inClusion ClubHouse,"1,632",21,,,0,"1,632" 260,47474,Transportation for children with cancer,Liliana Aponte,62189,Rayito de Esperanza,0,0,,,0,0 260,49093,Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Service in TZ,Leopold Heneriko,72354,Kigoma Youth Agricultural Development Organization (KIYADO),0,0,,,0,0 260,48282,Girls Education Matters Amidst COVID-19 in Liberia,Leo Tiah,77781,Youth Network for Positive Change,0,0,,,0,0 260,49166,Renaissance Digital Media Academy,Lena Almstrom,83832,Renaissance Center for Culture and Education,0,0,,,0,0 229,47759,Invest in Adolescent Girls & Young Women postcovid,Leap Girl Africa,57383,Leap Girl Africa,50,1,,,0,50 260,47699,Affordable Housing Program,LeAundrea Robinson,78587,"Unity Project, Inc",0,0,,,0,0 260,48191,Empower economically 100 Women in Kenya,Lawrence Libendi,80160,TRANSFORM RURAL KENYA,0,0,,,0,0 177,48886,Support Literacy in Rehoboth Beach,Lauren McCauley,82331,Rehoboth Beach Public Library,330,5,,,0,330 260,48103,Support for Kids in Foster Care,Laura Wall,80018,"Court Appointed Special Advocates of Mercer, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 260,48785,Make 300 Young Refugees in Nairobi Feel at Home,Lahat Mariel,82035,iYouth iFuture,0,0,,,0,0 198,49127,SOCIAL AND LABOR REINSERTION OF 120 WOMEN VICTIMS,LORENA BURBANO,78258,CORPORACION AGROECOLOGICA LA ALIANZA,170,8,,,0,170 113,44679,Bring Emotional Wellness to Schools during Covid,LImeez Botha,74710,Port Elizabeth Mental Health,"1,603",13,,,0,"1,603" 197,48557,Enhancing 1000 Pupil's reading skills in Cameroon,Kpubermo Francis Sinjong,75747,CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ACTIONS,170,4,,,0,170 103,49055,Integration Through Permaculture,Kostantinos Tsiompanos,75451,Sporos Regeneration Institute,"2,248",47,,,0,"2,248" 164,48386,Water and Food for Hundreds of Beninese Children,Kogbé Bruno ABILE,67088,ONG ITODJU,500,8,,,0,500 260,39582,Mariakani Hope orphan foster care Centre (An Integ,Kitengala Orphan Children,16858,Kitengela orphan Children,0,0,,,0,0 2,47700,Empower kids and families in Rio to battle Covid,Kirk Bowman,78939,Rise Up International Inc,"24,436",208,winner,winner,"1,500","25,936" 252,49314,Urgent Provide flood emergency relief foiinnAT Pak,Khurshid Ali khan,56481,Mutahida Islahi and Falahi Tanzeem (MIFT Organization),10,1,,,0,10 158,49258,Arts education for 100 Trinidad & Tobago youth,Kevon Foderingham,60570,Caribbean Fashion and Arts Feature Festival,574,4,,,0,574 260,48565,Community Engagement for Mitigation of COVID-19,Kenneth Massa,72214,Push Community Initiative(PCI),0,0,,,0,0 260,48613,Engage 664 disabled students in sports in Iringa,Kenneth Komba,64007,Community Sports Promotion and Development (CSPD),0,0,,,0,0 231,48581,FEED 500 STREET CHILDREN-MIHANGO SLUMS IN KENYA,Keith Wilks,10710,Victory Foundation Programme,44,3,,,0,44 81,48364,Virtual Learning support in WA Boys & Girls Clubs,Katya Miltimore,77396,Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington,"5,101",46,,,0,"5,101" 145,47825,Help fight gangsterism in Cape Town through music,Karien de Waal,79192,Join Bands Not Gangs NPC,830,11,,,0,830 216,48413,Koats4Kids 2020,Karen Carter,24381,Infinite Hands Initiative,100,1,,,0,100 260,48926,Support 5000 women aquire micro credits in uganda,Kaahwa Bendict,27922,Buhaguzi Action For rural Development foundation(Buardefo),0,0,,,0,0 260,48666,Girl Power - Covid Relief Fund,KAPRIE J G THORONKA,46436,ChildHelp Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 260,48072,COVID-19 HARDSHIP RELIEF FOR VULNERABLE FAMILIES,Julius Maduka,31116,Edom Development Group,0,0,,,0,0 260,48730,Promote social-emotional skills in K-12 schools,Julio Salazar,83599,Fundacion Rose,0,0,,,0,0 48,48405,"End Period Poverty for 200 Girls in Kafue, Zambia",Julie-Anne Savarit-Cosenza,80338,African Education Program,"6,390",55,,,0,"6,390" 105,48110,Give 100 Ebu village Youths skills for life.,Juliana Emina-Coney,75369,Extended Arms Initiative,"1,989",8,,,0,"1,989" 260,48466,Kismet,Judith Attipoe,73802,Luzula foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48925,PLANTING OF TREES IN LAIKIPIA EAST,Judith Akinyi,78428,Future Green Self Help Group,0,0,,,0,0 260,48415,"Train 2,500 teachers online in the Caribbean",Juan Luis Lozada,81153,"Asociacion para la Creatividad, Innovacion, Emprendimiento y Networking (A100%)",0,0,,,0,0 260,48331,Cops & Gobblers COVID Relief,Joy Garza,83509,Mountain View Public Safety Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48151,Women Empowerment Fund Uganda,Jovia Batamuliza,81048,Providing Resilience Opportunities for Women Empowerment (PROWE),0,0,,,0,0 19,48520,"1,000 Women's Gardens for Health and Nutrition",Jostas Mwebembezi,36512,Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy,"11,393",103,winner,winner,0,"11,393" 251,49157,Prevent Human Trafficking at Major Sporting Events,Josh Miller,81430,Happy Child International Foundation,10,1,,,0,10 68,48867,Help US Send 220 Children To School in Haiti,Joseph Paul,75366,Home Roots Foundation,"5,362",46,,,0,"5,362" 260,48574,"SAVE 100,000 YOUTHS FROM HEPATITIS B IN CENTRAL UG",Joseph Mukasa,55720,HEALTH LIFE PROMOTION AFRICA LIMITED,0,0,,,0,0 260,48673,Puerto Rico Hurricane & COVID-19 Relief ACOMERPR,Jose Soto,78582,ACOMERPR CORPORATION,0,0,,,0,0 260,48152,Save the most Vulnelable groups from COVID 19.,Jonathan Kassibu,76164,Youth and Environment Vision,0,0,,,0,0 260,47924,SELF RELIANCE PROJECT,Johnson Ezeigbo,39780,Fight Against Aids Guinee West Africa,0,0,,,0,0 180,48611,Resource Center for 150 youth in Kisumu,Johanssen Obanda,51488,Jabulani Youths for Transformation,312,41,,,0,312 260,48860,Build classes/kitchen for 180 orphans in Namibia,Johannes Shikuloh,81656,After School programme for Orphans and Vulnerable Children,0,0,,,0,0 147,48965,Menstrual Hygiene for Kenya women football league,Johanna Omolo,82546,Johanna Omolo Foundation,771,22,,,0,771 183,48984,Create a refuge for the Axolotl in Xochimilco,Joaquin Enriquez,60489,MOVIMIENTO DE JOVENES POR EL AGUA AC,260,6,,,0,260 209,47871,Helping Veterans Help Themselves,Jessica Gilmore,79943,Veterans Place,110,2,,,0,110 5,48209,COVID-19 Relief Funds for Women-Led Non-Profits,Jennifer Albee,73487,"Counterpart International, Inc.","19,101",117,winner,winner,0,"19,101" 14,49129,Support Syrian disabled children meet their rights,Jehad Alrefaie,76868,Snr Tanmayan Merhamet Dernegi,"12,790",61,winner,winner,0,"12,790" 246,49160,45 Cookstoves for Vuelta Grande,Jeffrey Hager,73418,Hands for Peacemaking Foundation,18,1,,,0,18 130,48895,Shaping Stronger Futures for 200 kids in Cambodia,Jeanine Lumsden,77753,Angkor Buddhist Organization,"1,081",17,,,0,"1,081" 260,47682,Treat 25 HIV positive Key Populations in Yaounde,Jean Paul Enama,72612,Humanity First Cameroon,0,0,,,0,0 260,48195,Create amusement park for children in Haiti,Jean Fritzner Etienne,69550,Centre haitien de recherches et d'actions pour le developpement,0,0,,,0,0 260,48733,Give poor teen mothers of rape a hope and dignity,Jean Baptiste Ukurikiyimana,27770,HELP A CHILD INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 148,48937,Send 24 minority girls to film school,Jayda Imanlihen,82611,Black Girl Film School,735,15,,,0,735 260,48843,Help Filipino children continue their education,Jaton Zulueta,77570,Commodore Jose S. Francisco Foundation Inc (Org name is AHA Learning Center),0,0,,,0,0 47,48715,"Healthy Mothers, Healthy Children in Rural Haiti",Jasmine Clerisme,84580,"CORRECT Health in Haiti, Inc","6,400",54,,,0,"6,400" 260,48538,Providing school for 450 children in Sierra Leone,James Tyrrell,74281,Laughter Africa,0,0,,,0,0 258,48738,COVID-19 RECOVERY PLAN FOR TOUR GUIDES IN UGANDA,James Nadiope,82224,Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation,5,1,,,0,5 260,48475,COVID-19 MITIGATION,James Mwangi,79096,Save a Life International,0,0,,,0,0 192,46385,200 women & children confront COVID-19 Bangladesh.,James Dr sarker,76839,Human Co-operation Centre in Bangladesh(HCCB),204,7,,,0,204 260,48824,Educate the Next Generation of Global Leaders,Jake Hernandez,82995,World Affairs Council of Orange County,0,0,,,0,0 109,48861,Help 500 Kenyan Nonprofits Move Volunteers Online,Jacquiline Lidonde,82943,VoluCulture Society of Kenya (VoluCulture),"1,695",97,,,0,"1,695" 176,48214,THE SEND A SEED WOMEN'S PROJECT; KABALE -UGANDA,JUSTUS WEIJAGYE,64429,Industrial Workers of the world Kabale Uganda,333,6,,,0,333 200,47672,Gift Child Education...Create a vibrant Community!,JULIUS BYARUHANGA,80930,SINGIRO VILLAGE HOPE FOR ORPHANS LTD,151,1,,,0,151 244,48561,CRIME PREVENTION THROUGH EMPOWERMENT OF 300 YOUTHS,JULIET Ogunkunle,82863,Raised for Excellence Foundation,20,1,,,0,20 140,48291,CAPACITY BUILDING FOR 140 BLIND PERSONS,JOC FOUNDATION,63306,John Obinna Chukwuma Foundation,911,18,,,0,911 260,47901,Pencil and paper,JB Foundation,78354,JB Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 131,49158,Help Masurian kids to learn competences of future,Iwona Olkowicz,79159,Association for the Local Product Development WINDMILLS OF MASURY,"1,076",54,,,0,"1,076" 260,48696,Tech training for 100 disabled women in Ghana,Ivy Barley,74961,Developers in Vogue,0,0,,,0,0 260,48891,Save 500 Children from childhood disease in Makeni,Ishmael Roland Kamara,70495,Youth Empowerment for Sustainability,0,0,,,0,0 260,48192,Social.Eyes - Social Space,Irakli Tevzadze,63747,Research Intellectual Club Dialogue of Generations,0,0,,,0,0 128,48914,Empowering 250 South African kids fighting Cancer,Ilze van der Merwe,84226,Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa NPC,"1,095",5,,,0,"1,095" 260,48706,Support the Bulgarian Natural Sience Teams,Ilian Milev,60394,Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (NSOTA),0,0,,,0,0 260,48136,Expand Agribusiness for 150 Women & Girls in Ghana,Hussein Rahman,80585,Youth Development and Voice Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 251,48929,"Without you, AVAZ cannot be heard enough.",Huseyin Demir,55932,AVAZ Association,10,1,,,0,10 260,48115,Support the Children Covid-19 Taskforce initiative,Humanity Aid Service,77355,Humanity Aid Service,0,0,,,0,0 260,48495,COVID19 Prevention for Displaced Iraqi People,Hozan Khalil,74072,Viyan Organization for Medical Relief and Development,0,0,,,0,0 260,48128,Young women/girls' right campaign Project,Hormisdas Mulimira,75020,Community Integrated Development Organisation,0,0,,,0,0 157,48202,Our roots ... Germinating solidarity,Hilda Margarita SERRANOGUILLEN s,57897,"ALIANZA CIVICA PINOTEPA NACIONAL, A.C.",577,16,,,0,577 115,48713,"COMMUNITY RESILIENCE, NUWAKOT DISTRICT, NEPAL",Hilary Gordon,85132,Ythan Valley Rotary,"1,581",28,,,0,"1,581" 251,47671,"Help 500 Pregnant Women, and 1500 under 5, in Nig",Hezekiah Abah,79223,HEZEKIAH HEALTH FOUNDATION,10,1,,,0,10 212,48907,Help 80 Mothers Access Breast Cancer Treatment.,Hellen Munyoki,57971,Eddah's Hope Cancer Foundation,104,10,,,0,104 22,48779,Give new pajamas to children in Foster Care!,Heidi Webb,84393,Comfort Cases,"10,795",154,winner,winner,0,"10,795" 76,48905,"Fight COVID-19 & Food Inequality - Utila, Honduras",Heath Miller,82031,Support Utila Inc,"5,129",41,,,0,"5,129" 260,48427,Schools reopening for COVID-19 affected awareness,Hassan Sharif,60437,Agency for Assistance and Development of Somalia-AADS,0,0,,,0,0 260,48569,HCF PERSONAL HYGIENE PROJECT,Harry Ezenibe,49086,HarryCares Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 181,48646,RAISING FLUENT AND QUALITY FEMALE READERS IN SUBRI,Harriet Nana Serwaa,77605,Ahsa Life,286,3,,,0,286 260,48750,KNITTING PROJECT FOR VULNERABLE GIRLS,Harriet Mukajambo,58575,Global Learning for Sustainability(GLS),0,0,,,0,0 65,48087,"Educate 1,200 impoverished children in Honduras",Hannah Daws,80834,World Villages for Children UK,"5,420",44,,,0,"5,420" 253,48766,Provide Reusable Sanitary Pads for 2000 Teenagers.,HASSAN HAMIS,84668,THE MACLOUD FOUNDATION,9,1,,,0,9 244,49156,LGBTI HUMAN RIGHTS,Génesis Rafael López Ramírez,60978,FUNDACION COLECTIVO HOMBRES XX AC,20,2,,,0,20 260,49189,"Build Two,Ten Door Toilets For 1,200 Pupils",Gwengnyakager Foundation Foundation,66512,Gwengnyakager Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 190,48617,Shared Lavatories in Favelas,Gustavo Teixeira,84680,Associacao Engenheiros sem Fronteiras - Brasil,214,8,,,0,214 229,48772,Support 180 households to live after Covid -19,Gregoire Mutomb Mutshail,64822,ASSOCIATION DES VOLONTAIRES CIVIQUES ET ETHIQUES POUR LA RESPONSABILITE SOCIETALE ET ENVIRONNEMENTAL,50,1,,,0,50 127,43328,2020 Solar power for Sinethemba children's home,Grant Sharon McGill,69029,Sinethemba - Hope House,"1,100",2,,,0,"1,100" 106,48866,Mushroom Theatre Studio Appeal,Graham Reeder,83905,Rotary Club of Westcliff-on-sea,"1,977",48,,,0,"1,977" 260,49159,'For Goodness Sake' Program,Gloria Walsh,54596,Love One Teach One Foundaton,0,0,,,0,0 95,48859,Impact 650 Displaced Families with WASH in Benue,Gloria Bolarinwa,82753,ACORN Initiative,"3,108",22,,,0,"3,108" 260,48592,Grow-A-Garden,Gisa Seeholzer,75282,Marigold Farms Inc,0,0,,,0,0 260,45218,Save Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children,Gillian McCulloch,72256,Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children,0,0,,,0,0 258,48293,Scaling Up Distribution of High-impact Cookstoves,Gideon Inyang,44129,Mma Eunice Owenson Foundation,5,1,,,0,5 260,49141,When Education Means Life,Ghada Shurrab,84028,Reach Education Fund,0,0,,,0,0 260,48063,Support project for street children,Gertrude NSUKILA,62800,Femmes Conscientes et Autonomes,0,0,,,0,0 260,48823,Educate women victims of drug trafficking Colombia,Gersain Paz Buendia,83549,Fundacion para el Desarrollo Social y la Investigacion Agricola - FUNDESIA,0,0,,,0,0 215,48165,Promote Sustainable Farming in Rural Zambia,Gerald Yungana,80648,Youth Empowerment for Development Initiative,102,5,,,0,102 260,47958,CAST-KENYA COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE INITIATIVE,George Mbugua Mwaura,57293,Church Alliance for Social Transformation Trust,0,0,,,0,0 260,49161,Covid19 Urban Slums Initiative in Nairobi,George Mahinda,62317,Kenya Little League,0,0,,,0,0 260,48684,30 young people trained in flower vases making,Geoffrey Salijeni,81304,Caring for Persons with Disabilities (CAPDI),0,0,,,0,0 260,48765,Empower 50 child brides with income generation,Genesis Etali,16290,Sustain Cameroon,0,0,,,0,0 260,43878,Hope for People with Neurological Disorders,Gabriela Inderwies,58896,"Hope Happens, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 149,49101,Support Talented Youth from South of Poland,Gabriela Gibas-Psuturi,79229,Zywiec Development Foundation,718,41,,,0,718 260,48825,Help us to build a permaculture centre in Zimbabwe,Gabriel Mutongi,6149,Zimconserve,0,0,,,0,0 21,48231,Help Children Access Online Education.,GIANNINA RODRÍGUEZ,75776,FUNDACION AMPARO Y FORMACION PADRE JOSE KENTENICH dba FUNDACION NINOS DE MARIA,"10,925",64,winner,winner,0,"10,925" 206,49075,Restoring hope to 22 gender based violence victims,GACOREKE Marie Jeanne,74581,CENTRE GIRITEKA,121,7,,,0,121 184,48614,Virtual Careers Fair for 2000 Teenagers in Nigeria,Funmi Olaore,57827,Save A Child Save A Nation Foundation,258,6,,,0,258 260,48221,Skill 600 disabled people in Uganda,Fredrick Kamulindwa,77518,"KEEPING HOPE ALIVE,UGANDA (KHA-UG)",0,0,,,0,0 260,48985,Feed 500 households in rural Nigeria,Franklin Odini,75301,Obijackson Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,49237,Prevent 4000 Villagers From Covid-19 Virus,Frank Bonghan,73120,Bright Light Projects,0,0,,,0,0 60,46685,Transformative Bootcamp for 200 Youth in LATAM,Francisco Abad,67089,Corporacion para el Desarrollo de Emprendimiento y la Innovacion Social,"5,572",107,,,0,"5,572" 57,47774,Educate 800 villagers on COVID-19 in Cameroon,Francis Njuakom,82497,Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA),"5,671",43,,,0,"5,671" 244,48642,Beat the Bottle: Recycling Plastics to Lumber,Fontoh Desmond Abinwi,74236,Crusaders For Environmental Protection and Ozone Watch,20,1,,,0,20 225,48910,Boost 10 Transitional Entrepreneurship Projects,Fondation Grenoble INP,72264,Fondation Partenariale Grenoble INP,59,2,,,0,59 237,48600,"Better life with horses in San Luis Potosi, Mexico",Flor Veloz,83618,"Desarrollo Integral a Caballo, A.C.",30,2,,,0,30 260,48540,Mwanamke Sikiya (Woman Listen),Fiston Basubi,61415,Food and Livestock Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 159,47690,"Distance Learning for 3,000 Children in Sri Lanka",Firzan Hashim,18301,Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management,548,14,,,0,548 196,49011,Covid Can't Win! Help Support Families & Survivors,Felicia Henderson,64463,True Help & Empowerment for Women & Aspiring Youth Foundation USA,172,6,,,0,172 260,49107,"Assistance for 1500 people during COVID19, Rwanda",Felibien HIRWA TUZAYISENGA,63233,Community Based Sociotherapy (CBS),0,0,,,0,0 88,48821,Connect poor preschoolers to books in Tucuman,Federico Diaz Marino,83811,Fundacion Leon,"5,018",47,,,0,"5,018" 260,45294,Prevent COVID-19: Promote Water Project in Nigeria,FAITH OGBU,62832,Spring Stars Global Empowerment Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 84,49263,Saving Russia's leading independent LGBT media,Evgeny Pisemskiy,81426,Phoenix PLUS ANPO,"5,029",46,,,0,"5,029" 108,49109,Preventing infection in mothers & babies in Uganda,Evelyn Brealey,84886,Cambridge Global Health Partnerships,"1,708",21,,,0,"1,708" 260,48287,Feed 25 poorest communities in Cameroon,Etchi Daniel Jones,36879,Key Farmers Cameroon,0,0,,,0,0 186,48177,Domestic Violence Social Education: Dignity Now!,Esther Kisaghu,75751,The Rose Foundation,242,6,,,0,242 13,48791,Enhancing Education With Tree Ceilings,Ernesto Rodriguez,84076,Nature In The Classroom,"12,925",83,winner,winner,250,"13,175" 125,48117,DRINKING AND CLEAN WATER SUPPLY IN KWANGO,Ernest Kinzanza,76216,FONDATION KINZANZA FK/PTP,"1,220",7,,,0,"1,220" 260,48167,HELP NAKURIO PRIMARY SCHOOL DESTRUCTED BY WIND,Epodo Benjamin Ijuma,80010,MTOTO FUND AFRICA,0,0,,,0,0 260,48252,Reaching adolescent and youth with SRH information,Endris Seid Kassa,77573,Timret for Development and Growth Organization,0,0,,,0,0 8,49120,Digital education for Syrian refugee children,Emmanuel Jean,84125,Telecoms Sans Frontieres,"15,195",69,winner,winner,0,"15,195" 260,48307,REFORESTATION OF MINNED LAND SURFACES IN ELLEMBELL,Emarkeh Adjei,83210,E-MARKS FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 260,47949,Skills and Empowerment for street children,Elizabeth Odion,72945,Global Support for Kids Initiatiative,0,0,,,0,0 89,48940,Help Preserve Traditional Dance and Music in Mali,Elizabeth Baggett,84518,Kono Gnaga,"5,013",70,,,0,"5,013" 260,48598,Combat Aphid Crop Damage And Land Grab In Mondoni,Eliasu Teiseh,77740,"Community Initiative Partners of Cameroon, CIPAC",0,0,,,0,0 222,49357,Migrant Leaders Development Programme,Elham Fardad,62648,The Fardad Foundation,73,3,,,0,73 251,48900,"Support for the victims of Hurricane Laura, Haiti",Elange BOUQUEETTE,26802,Action d'Urgence pour la Securite Alimentaire et pour la Protection Durable de l'Environnement,10,1,,,0,10 260,48467,Help people with blood cancer to survive COVID-19,Ekaterina Saraeva,80869,Leukemia Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 3,49062,Provide Essential Lab Services for Pregnant Women,Eka Yuliani,81399,"Yayasan Bumi Sehat, Ds. PKR Nyuh Kuning","23,354",234,winner,winner,"1,500","24,854" 11,48395,Improving Nursing & Midwifery Care in Liberia,Edwin Beyan,73152,Friends of Liberia Inc.,"13,701",102,winner,winner,0,"13,701" 260,48493,Prevention of domestic violence in pandemic,Eduardo Piñones,43940,Corporacion de Estudios y Desarrollo Norte Grande,0,0,,,0,0 260,48863,CONDUCT MALARIA CONTROL PROGRAMS DESPITE COVID-19,Edmund Chirambo,63236,BOARDER NETWORK WE,0,0,,,0,0 260,48134,HELP 100 ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN TO STUDY,Editha Archard,73604,Major Alliance Education Centre(MAEC),0,0,,,0,0 73,47713,La Finca de Hamberto AVES Project,Edgar Ruiz,74285,Community Through Colors,"5,218",54,,,0,"5,218" 210,48760,"COVID 19 screening, preventing control in SA KIDS",Ebeth Pedro,84985,Omega Centre,107,2,,,0,107 217,48871,EDUCATION AND FOOD FOR EVERY GIRL CHILD IN NIGERIA,ELBERT ENO,72717,UJU GIRL CHILD FOUNDATION,100,5,,,0,100 229,48003,"help to construct hospital, care center and homes",EDWARD ENGASHA SABATIA,77373,Gillian Sabatia Foundation,50,1,,,0,50 260,47929,Intergrating COVID 19 prevetion into PHC in Arua,Dricile Ratib,69079,Integrated health and Development initiative (IHDI),0,0,,,0,0 260,48911,Set 30 creative hubs for 900 youth in Tanzania,Dr Charles E.M. Ruyembe,81707,KARIBU CULTURAL CONTACT (KCC),0,0,,,0,0 133,48817,Support 500 people with rare diseases in Romania,Dorica Dan,84165,Asociatia Prader Willi din Romania,"1,054",28,,,0,"1,054" 260,48462,"Hunger is not an issue of charity, but of justice.",Dolly Lebakeng,72932,"Section27, Incorporating The AIDS LAW PROJECT NPC",0,0,,,0,0 58,47753,Support Refugee Families in Russia during COVID,Dina Musina,71257,Civic Assistance Committee,"5,665",40,,,0,"5,665" 260,47908,FEED 150 MOST VULNERABLE FAMILIES IN UGANDA,Diiro Juma,71741,Diiro Child Care Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 221,48734,Accessing the ballot box: Ensuring legal capacity,Dev Datta Joshi,77827,Equip for Equality Nepal,75,2,,,0,75 260,48059,Rural LSGs are not transparent and accountable.,Destan Jonuzi,78433,"Association for Independent Journalism Expres Media form Studenicani, Skopje",0,0,,,0,0 260,48849,SAVE THEM NOW,Dennis Mudzinganyama,65930,Global Village Charitable Trust,0,0,,,0,0 260,49111,Young girls and Teens Support Programme,Delores Athiemulam,72874,Persona Doll Training SA,0,0,,,0,0 119,48521,Mental Health support for violence survivors,David Elungat,30004,Voice for Humanity Uganda,"1,496",10,,,0,"1,496" 70,49173,Build Sustainability Skills of Ten African Leaders,David Bancroft,84349,International Association for Impact Assessment,"5,258",47,,,0,"5,258" 260,48862,Taleemabad Primary Grades Learning App,Daniyal Zia,85125,Orenda Welfare Trust,0,0,,,0,0 219,46860,Empower 100 Albanian children to finish school.,Daniela Drabo,53925,MESHIRE PA KUFI PER SHQIPERINE,78,3,,,0,78 31,48881,Grow Recycling in North Metro Atlanta,Daniel Rowe,78566,Keep North Fulton Beautiful,"8,642",73,winner,,0,"8,642" 260,49233,Generation TIC,Daniel Quintero,75693,Fundacion BIT Education,0,0,,,0,0 173,48773,STEM Education for Girls in Ghana,Daniel Ganyoame,63642,Africa ICT Right,377,8,,,0,377 260,49252,The Book is Mightier than the virus: Literacy4ALL,Daniel Coelho,49945,Holistica Foundation Inc,0,0,,,0,0 260,48969,economically empower 125 idle youth in Madi Okollo,Dan Dunia,62920,Sustainable Rural Development Agency West Nile,0,0,,,0,0 260,48663,Football and Love for Everyone,Daliborka Nikolic,80998,Udruzenje Nova zena (Association New woman),0,0,,,0,0 260,48258,RAPID RESPONSE TO MITIGATE THE SPREAD OF COVID19,DORIS KAPOBE,80991,JUSTICE FOR VULNERABLE WOMEN AND CHILDREN (JVWC),0,0,,,0,0 260,48787,Helping U.S. Veterans and their families COVID-19,DAVID CANCEL,67859,JC Inspires Foundation Inc,0,0,,,0,0 239,48776,DE traumatizing Chimanimani Cyclone IDAI Victims.,Cuthbert Maziwa,74185,National Training and Conference of the Arts in Zimbabwe (NATCAZ),26,1,,,0,26 214,46843,Overcome Covid-19 effects in Q'eqchi 'villages,Claudia Azurdia,74517,ODIGUA Sembrando Esperanza ONG,104,2,,,0,104 260,49167,Hard Coffe Social a coffee that transforms lives,Clara Rosas,64772,Fundacion Samaritana Amar y Servir,0,0,,,0,0 260,48508,Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra Virtual Performance,Cindy Kessinger,80185,Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra,0,0,,,0,0 260,48272,Aid Covid-19 Prevention Protocol in Karu Markets,Chuks Ossai,59818,Poverty Alleviation Network & Self Dependence Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 260,48747,Horticulture project for disabled people,Christine Patrick Achimpota,65988,Save Disabled Family Famers Group (SADIFFAG),0,0,,,0,0 208,48321,Support 105 children with special needs in Uganda,Christine Murungi,65337,Lala's Children Support Organization,115,3,,,0,115 260,47633,Feed the Internally Displaced People in S/Kaduna,Christabell Aro-lambo,79324,Diamondgifts Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 91,48930,SAVE LIVES OF 600 MALNOURISHED CHILDREN IN UGANDA,Child and Family Foundation Uganda,37186,Child and Family foundation uganda,"5,003",42,,,0,"5,003" 260,45604,SUPPORT 30 YOUTH IN NIGERIA ACQUIRE BASIC SKILLS,Chiemezie Ezeani,65457,Life Transformation for Africa Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 260,48301,Sustainable Castor Beans farming in Nigeria,Chiegeonu Aga,80376,African Castor Acres Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,48394,Covid Relief & Empowerment for Jikwoyi Community,Chiamaka Okafor,84061,COLLETT Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 77,49241,Help Khmer Social Workers Care for Foster Children,Chetra Im,84346,M'lup Russey Organization,"5,120",47,,,0,"5,120" 59,48782,Give Finn quality of life with a new wheelchair,Chelwood Bridge Rotary,84510,Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge,"5,592",133,,,0,"5,592" 243,48880,Fast Track Education for Ugandan Girls in Sciences,Charles Olanya,68962,TERIZINA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION,24,1,,,0,24 260,48288,Create 50 HIV+ Kenyan Adolescent Rights Champions,Charles Mwangi,59182,SIXKNM SELF HELP GROUP,0,0,,,0,0 165,47795,Protect Zimbabwe's Wildlife from Poaching,Catherine Norton,79685,The Bumi Hills Foundation,485,10,,,0,485 16,48633,Build a Health Center in an African Village,Catherine Hoath,83738,"Konkourona Alliance Foundation (KAFO), Inc.","12,441",94,winner,winner,0,"12,441" 67,47319,Your Gift of Water for Women & Children of Malawi,Cassie Woodson,75139,Water Wells for Africa,"5,377",48,,,0,"5,377" 260,48632,The Henry Ford COVID-19 Response,Caroline Heise,82103,The Edison Institute d/b/a The Henry Ford,0,0,,,0,0 50,48975,100 hearts to connect 100 children to education,Carolina Recalde,84367,FUNDACION DE LAS AMERICAS,"6,121",45,,,0,"6,121" 260,48579,Beating COVID-19 through evidence-based science,Carmen Simon,39603,Asociacion Apadrina la Ciencia (Association Sponsor Science),0,0,,,0,0 260,48864,COVID-19: WE TAKE CARE OF CASE RONALD'S FAMILIES!,Carmela Anastasi,77830,Fondazione per l'Infanzia Ronald McDonald Italia,0,0,,,0,0 244,48818,COVID 19: Food and Water for families in need,Carlos Castillo,43634,Good Neighbors Chile,20,1,,,0,20 51,48616,"Better starts for 20,000 young children in SA",Cara Goschen,83573,The DO MORE FOUNDATION Trust,"6,029",47,,,0,"6,029" 260,48410,Help build a work centre for 630 women in Benin,Camille B. SODJI,64539,ONG Education et Developpement,0,0,,,0,0 260,48634,Protect 1250 girls from impacts of covid 19,Calleb Otieno,81653,Youth For Development Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 129,47153,Provide STEM Magazines to Aspiring Women in STEM,Caeley Looney,77916,Reinvented Inc.,"1,090",23,,,0,"1,090" 152,49223,Enhance disaster relief action of 50 NGOs in China,CNCDRR China,75758,Chengdu Hezhong NGO Development Center,675,17,,,0,675 260,49116,Fundung for Echocardiography Heart Defects,CHILD HEART FOUNDATION,68365,Future Initiatives & Charitable Group,0,0,,,0,0 260,48714,Construction of a 1 by 3 Classroom Block in Zambia,CATHERINE LANGAMU,84053,Masamba Community Development Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 260,48745,Lets build a home for homeless HIV/AIDS orphans,Byamukama solomon,63491,Action for women development,0,0,,,0,0 223,48806,Music Education for Blind Children in Bulgaria,Boyan Simeonov,82316,Foundation Music for Bulgaria,65,4,,,0,65 260,47927,"Girl Child Education, Best Choice for Change",Bouth Choul,75809,Corner Stone Salvation.org,0,0,,,0,0 260,46529,Provide water for 5000 IDPs in South Sudan,Both Gatkuoth Wagak,76748,Humane-Aid for Community Organization (HACO),0,0,,,0,0 189,48801,Creating jobs for 600 women and girls in Pader,Bosco Akera,81695,GIVE HOPE AFRICA,231,5,,,0,231 251,48897,Help improve mental health of 2 million Nigerians,Blessing Bozimo,84268,Fostering The Girl Child Initiative,10,1,,,0,10 260,48630,21k in 21 days Challenge to End Human Trafficking,Bill Clark,33491,The A21 Campaign,0,0,,,0,0 39,49165,Interactive Learning Spaces for at-risk HD kids,Bianca Moura,80712,Factor-H,"7,824",63,winner,,0,"7,824" 260,48936,Educator Professional Development in Haiti,Bertrhude Albert,81436,"Projects for Haiti, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 53,48219,Medical Assistance for 100 Bull Terriers in the US,Benjamin Seitzer,78121,Helping Bull Terriers Worldwide,"5,936",97,,,0,"5,936" 260,48768,Help educate 250 out-of-school Nigerian children,Believe Obafaiye,84302,Foosteer Initiative for Community Health and Social Development,0,0,,,0,0 29,48166,Can you help set up Manali's only animal hospital?,Becky Metcalf,81055,Manali Strays,"9,557",144,winner,,500,"10,057" 260,49253,Let's digitize the History together!,Başak Emir,77039,Tarih Vakfi,0,0,,,0,0 202,48799,COVID-19 Humanitarian Relief Fund in South Sudan,Bayak Puoch,76704,Nile Care advocacy for Peace and Development,146,1,,,0,146 260,47688,Protection of the 2000 Children From COVID-19,Bassam Raweh,73325,Raising Org.For Children Rights Development,0,0,,,0,0 260,49265,Stop GBV in South Africa,Bashir amir Mukonge,71850,YOUTH EMPLOYMENT INITIATIVE SOUTH AFRICA(YEISA),0,0,,,0,0 187,48109,Provide relief food & sanitation during covid-19,Balasi Talent Foundation,65447,BALASI TALENT ORGANIZATION,240,3,,,0,240 99,48709,Protecting inmates against infectious diseases,BIDEMI OLADIPUPO,83590,ANCHOR HERITAGE EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVE,"2,432",47,,,0,"2,432" 260,49112,Prevent COVID-19 Domestic Violence in Uganda,BEYOND AID AND 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research and training",0,0,,,0,0 260,47923,COVID-19: EDUCATION AND FOOD FOR THE POOR APPEAL,Asasirwe Judith,74957,David Saint Care Group,0,0,,,0,0 162,48584,Enhance job prospects for 50 village mothers,Arus Voskanyan,84116,Sisian Adult Education Center Foundation,510,11,,,0,510 255,48661,Support ARVs door to door delivery to elderly,Arsenekah Ezekiel,76805,World Post Changers Network,7,1,,,0,7 123,48527,Self-Empowerment for Relocated Youth from Artsakh,Arpi Karapetyan,84727,HR Association Human Resources Management Non Governmental Organization (NGO),"1,385",47,,,0,"1,385" 260,48596,Mother And Baby Rescue Project (MABRP),Aron Isabirye,78032,Infinity Network Development Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 211,48447,SUPPORT 500 WOMEN TO ACCESS HEALTH CARE IN NIGERIA,Arit Egbe,62619,Greater Hands Foundation,104,1,,,0,104 234,49134,ZAKKI Empowering The Elderly in Indonesia,Arifah Suparni,55821,Yayasan Integrity Syariah,36,1,,,0,36 260,49267,Help 8500 Rural Women with COVID 19 Face Masks,Antony 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(Pro Oncavi AC)","6,495",36,,,0,"6,495" 7,48629,Build a school for 115 children in Guaruchal,Ana Vargas,83510,Tracing Public Spaces Inc,"15,663",232,winner,winner,500,"16,163" 260,49153,Help over 600 people in Uganda become jigger-free,Amy Cates,82957,Sole Hope Inc,0,0,,,0,0 260,48269,COVID 19 danger to teenage mother to go to school,Amos Seidu,63955,Centre for Rural Improvement Services (CRIS),0,0,,,0,0 244,49144,Empower 100 Orphan Girls,Amos Sawboh,67828,Orphans Concern,20,1,,,0,20 260,48220,LGBTQAI+ SAFE HOUSE IN THE COVID PANDEMIC,Amos Havnar,58533,I REACH OUT MY HAND AFRICA,0,0,,,0,0 24,48123,Burnout Relief for Healthcare Providers in Mexico,Amanda Sheehan,82802,Atentamente Consultores,"10,518",120,winner,winner,0,"10,518" 260,48761,Train a trainer....educate a nation,Amanda Bossenger,7038,Cotlands,0,0,,,0,0 260,48917,Plant tree for contributing to the Environment,Aman Dangaura,41962,"Community-based Forestry Supporters' Network, Nepal",0,0,,,0,0 260,48517,Recovering the un-recoverable innocent victims,Alliance Anti Trafic Thailand,82642,Alliance Anti Trafic,0,0,,,0,0 260,48449,Big and Mini,Allen Zhou,79369,Big and Mini,0,0,,,0,0 260,48741,Empower women of Sabach on poultry& Agroforestry,Ali Gaye,75705,Action Against Poverty,0,0,,,0,0 260,48804,Protection of Tapanuli Orangutan in Batang Toru,Ali Bangun Gea,78347,SCORPION Foundation Indonesia,0,0,,,0,0 260,47833,#TheHELPproject -Help Educate a Life Project,Alfred Buter,71070,Initiative for Socioeconomic and Ecological Advancement,0,0,,,0,0 104,48525,Just Be A Child - Library & Learning Centre,Alex Lang,67376,Rotary Club of Stevenage Charitable Trust,"2,001",12,,,0,"2,001" 260,48802,Building Autism Computer learning Centre in Ghana,Alex Ababio,64196,African Liberators Economic Institute,0,0,,,0,0 25,48794,"Saving Lives of NHS Operating Theatre Staff, Essex",Alan Swash,81933,The Rotary Club of Chelmer Bridge,"10,432",65,winner,winner,0,"10,432" 260,48850,Promote 100 Agric-Chain Jobs for jobless Nigerians,Akinade Emmanuel,61018,Enterprenuship Development Organisation Of Nigeria,0,0,,,0,0 167,48852,Buy a House for Children Without Parental Care,Ajla Uk,82116,Hope and Homes for Children,440,16,,,0,440 260,49150,She is Great for Educational Assistance In Jordan,Ahmed Shtayat,78771,Tahfeez Association For Leadership And Development,0,0,,,0,0 114,48870,Skills training for 50 rural women in Nigeria,Agbenu Okibe,83276,BARRISTER SAM OTOBOEZE FOUNDATION,"1,590",14,,,0,"1,590" 62,48347,support 1000 mental health patients in Ghana,Adu Gyamfi,82361,Mensah Mental Health rehabilitation project( MEMHREP)-Ghana,"5,507",41,,,0,"5,507" 260,48259,Clean Water and Toilets for 6 Markets in Nigeria,Ademola Adelekan,83016,Blue Gate Public Health Promotion Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 260,47658,Transform a young person's life through the Award,Adele Latchman,74755,President's Award for Youth Empowerment,0,0,,,0,0 72,49145,Organic food & education for families in Rio slum,Adam Newman,84753,Favela Inc.,"5,220",68,,,0,"5,220" 260,48690,Incentivizes 100 plastic waste pickers in Cameroon,Achare Elvis Ayamba,82013,Environment and Food Foundation (E2F),0,0,,,0,0 233,48624,"cassava's transformation into gari, tapioca, flour",Ablavi K. KONUTSE,80467,CADPHEF-INTERNATIONAL,37,1,,,0,37 260,48463,PROJECT PURPLE DIAMOND,Abiodun Adeleke,63970,GOLDEN OASIS SPRING FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 241,49057,Community Conservation of Borneo's Rainforests,Abigail Gwynn,84781,Borneo Nature Foundation,25,1,,,0,25 224,48896,"Transport 1,500 blood donors to save 4,500 lives",Abdulrehman Alwy,76176,Red Splash,60,5,,,0,60 18,48125,Support Family-based Care for Children in Ghana,Abdul-Rahman Gbana Iddrisu,78806,BRAVEAURORA- Association,"11,824",65,winner,winner,0,"11,824" 260,45582,Children's empowering Funds for Permanence.,Abaasi Walugembe,55056,CIOC Humanitarian Initiative co.ltd,0,0,,,0,0 249,49106,Basic medical equipment for children in Senegal,ANGELA MILLAN,80435,medicusmundi navarra-aragon-madrid,12,1,,,0,12 201,45217,Art in times of crisis to preserve peace,ANA LIEDO,71584,CIARTES Y SI A.C.,150,10,,,0,150 260,48894,Reaching Nigeria' Girls on Menstrual Hygiene&COVID,AMINU MAGASHI GARBA,83995,AFRICA HEALTH BUDGET NETWORK,0,0,,,0,0 232,48623,Supporting of Underprivileged Children in Nigeria,ALIYU YOLA,59171,SAHAWA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION,38,1,,,0,38 260,48016,SHARE A MEAL TO 500 MARGINALIZED CHILDREN IN MPIGI,AIDAH NANYONJO,82703,CHANCE TO SURVIVE CHILDREN FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 260,48626,Skilling 150 Critically Vulnerable girls in Uganda,ACTION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT,79869,Action for Community Development (ACFOD),0,0,,,0,0 260,48915,Foster STEM innovation in all Kenyan high schools,,84326,INNOVATIVE YOUNG SCIENTIST'S KENYA CO. LIMITED,0,0,,,0,0