Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Amount Raised (USD),Donor Count,Homepage Feature,Marketing Promotion,Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 279,42787,"Help 6,500 disadvantaged kids with free sport",Élise Curioni,59643,Sport Dans La Ville,15,1,,,0,15 286,42465,"Educate young women about menstrual pain ,Uganda",waigolo joshua,60386,mt atlas horticulture innitiative organisation limited(MAHIO),0,0,,,0,0 155,43654,"Safe water , sanitation for 4500people in Kambia",victor kalie kamara,63322,CARE AGAINST RURAL POVERTY-CARP,714,12,,,0,714 286,42730,Help 320 children to attend after school program,tony tahbo,64502,Tshepoyarena learning centre,0,0,,,0,0 286,43612,Parching Animal House for Yazidi families in Iraq,ramy butris,48903,gilgamesh organization for development,0,0,,,0,0 76,43809,Feed a school in the Dhaka slums for 200 days,priscilla heffelfinger,70872,Thrive,"5,265",45,,,0,"5,265" 286,43257,Promote living for persons with disability- kenya,perpetual mulindo,70535,BLIND AND LOW VISION NETWORK,0,0,,,0,0 286,42895,RAISE MALNOURISHED ORPHANS IN KENYA,omari thomas,57955,TAGARE ZAWADI DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 121,43650,Empower 30 Special need children through skill,nadia mubeen,71557,Zunnorain Welfare Society,"1,645",19,,,0,"1,645" 286,43120,Equip 200 Nigerian Rural Girls with School Supply,murjanatu suleiman shika,71958,Women Connect Intiative,0,0,,,0,0 265,43831,Action Hope Food Security project,moses majanga,53165,Action Hope Uganda,30,1,,,0,30 282,43179,Change the life of children with a disability,monica tosi,69451,PROGETTO UOMO RISHILPI INTERNATIONAL ONLUS,6,1,,,0,6 286,42693,Mosquito Repellent Booth Camp,monica Tayebwa,67459,fabulous innovations limited,0,0,,,0,0 286,41870,Build learning shelter for children,mike phineus,55789,The Link for citizen empowerment and development,0,0,,,0,0 286,43744,help orphans,memory kafula,57161,palms organization centre limited,0,0,,,0,0 285,42663,INTERGRATED INTERVENTION PROGRAM FOR ORPHANS{OVC},mary odera,60454,furahayamtotonamamafrica,0,1,,,0,0 45,42699,Eradicate Female Genital Mutilation in west Kenya,mahnaz harrison,69669,Last Mile4D,"5,958",63,,,0,"5,958" 286,42767,Maternal and children's health complex,magona RONALD,70835,ST.GRACE FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,,0,0 286,43454,Building 3 classrooms for 1000 orphans in Zambia,keith siame,63928,mwashibukeni community based organization,0,0,,,0,0 242,43283,My sanitary wear My Education,kasujja muhamed,65429,International schools partnership,83,2,,,0,83 33,42644,Fighting Malnutrition in 10 Villages of Nyanza,karema Godfrey,69216,DUFATANYE ORGANIZATION,"7,016",45,,,0,"7,016" 286,43071,HELP 2000 UGANDAN DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN LEARN,john masolo,67996,RELIEF AND RESQUE CHARITY FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 286,43483,"send 500 girls/boys to school,stop early marriages",john Kapambwe,46840,Roma orphans and vulnerable children's care,0,0,,,0,0 286,43377,STRENGTHENING THE CAPACITY LOCAL GOVERNMENT LEADER,joel amon,64979,kaengesa environmental conservation society,0,0,,,0,0 286,43218,"Educate, Train 634 women headed households in S.A.",jabu madlala,71921,SAUSA Association NPC,0,0,,,0,0 286,42756,Entrepreneurship to empower 200 Nigerian youths,isyaka shittu dayo,36934,MOBILIZATION FOR EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA,0,0,,,0,0 286,44133,restore menstrual hygiene to 7000 Ugandan girls.,harlon schools,63440,Harlon Nursery and primary school,0,0,,,0,0 286,43312,The making of biodegradable plastic in Indonesia,faisal yusuf,71380,Bangkit Energi Indonesia Hijau,0,0,,,0,0 286,44001,Youth life skill empowerment project Uganda,eden ministries Uganda,26799,Eden Ministries Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 286,43743,Empowering 300 Young Women by Vocational Training,diep saeeda,11220,Centre for Peace and Secular Studies,0,0,,,0,0 199,43845,School bus for children on vulnerability condition,david carom,65014,Fundacion Haceres,300,2,,,0,300 286,42335,Mass Education Support for 100000 women & Girls,cynthia ifueko obazee,52323,Grassroots Entreprenuership skill acquisition initiative(GESA INITIATIVE),0,0,,,0,0 286,43325,Help Rehabilitate water project for 1000 people.,copsud bda,63943,Community Partners for Sustainable Development,0,0,,,0,0 286,43825,Primates awareness in 10 villages in Liberia,community development initiative,48809,"Community Development initiative (CDI), Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 66,43888,Empower 250 Refugee Families to Thrive,clement kigugu,56001,Overcomers Refugee Services,"5,480",57,,,0,"5,480" 164,43364,EMPOWERING YOUTHS IN ACQUIRING SKILLS /KNOWLEDGE,change care foundation,70106,change care foundation,565,3,,,0,565 286,42797,tcasa-project,casa t,70954,Taiwan Companion Animal Support Association,0,0,,,0,0 192,43534,Help Rescued Horses Rescue People,candice Ensign,55765,Libertys Legacy Inc. dba Journey with Equus,345,7,,,0,345 113,43445,Rescue and Restore 75 Vulnerable Children in SA,Zina Rotherham,71026,The Almond Tree,"2,030",7,,,0,"2,030" 223,43837,Help investigate philanthropy,Zibran Choudhury,70754,Alliance magazine,151,2,,,0,151 270,43081,Help Teenage Mom to get education in Tanzania,Zenice Mboya,71097,MISSION AID ORGANIZATION (MAO),20,1,,,0,20 286,43984,Zamong Jazba Complex (Orphanage),Zamong Jazba,53623,Zamong Jazba Welfare Society,0,0,,,0,0 286,42291,Funding Support for Civil Society Organisations,Zageus Makari,61005,Namibia Network of AIDS Service Organisations (NANASO),0,0,,,0,0 286,43540,Film training for vulnerable girls,Zachariah Lloyd Sesay,66537,Humanitarian Association of Artist Advocacy Network Domain Africa (H.A.A.A.N.D. Africa),0,0,,,0,0 201,42613,Aviation Education 4 Kids,Zac Woonsam,68809,Youth Inspiration Nation Inc,290,8,,,0,290 206,43659,Environmental education children's handbook,Yvonne Kamp,70738,The Cape Leopard Trust,261,6,,,0,261 270,42760,Help to children with cancer in Ukraine!,Yuliia Suiundukova,69650,Charity Foundation Support,20,1,,,0,20 200,43748,Assure bright future for students at risk,Yoana Slavova,71564,Literate Foundation,298,12,,,0,298 21,43677,Training & mentorship for 300 Nicaraguan women.,Xiomara Diaz,69904,Asociacion Voces Vitales Nicaragua,"9,703",104,,winner,0,"9,703" 286,43192,The #BrightHaiti Project,Wilmer Rapozo,70681,International WeLoveU Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 286,43331,Women and Girls' Cooperative for Rural Agribusines,William Diakola Mvemba,69389,Association Esperanto de Kinshasa pour le Developpement (AEK-D),0,0,,,0,0 286,43990,5 Recycle Storages for Wonosidi Village of Java,Webri Veliana,59718,Perkumpulan Gelombang Hijau Indo Global (Greenwave NGO),0,0,,,0,0 52,40247,Help a family heal after the death of a baby,Wanjiru Kihusa,51427,Still A Mum Trust,"5,794",74,,,0,"5,794" 265,43652,Support hundreds of pregnant teen girls in Uganda,Wangare Buwembo,65465,Wakisa Ministries,30,2,,,0,30 172,42479,Support refugees from northern Burkina Faso,W Yves ZONGO,60724,Association Zak La Yilguemde,500,1,,,0,500 286,43751,Stop FGM/C in Rural Tanzania,Vitus Msangazi,55698,Reaching the Unreached Tanzania (RUT),0,0,,,0,0 286,44002,'House of Angel' - a unique center for children,Vitaliy Saban,11169,Charity foundation You ANGEL,0,0,,,0,0 50,44214,Help Bring Clean Water to the Navajo Nation,Victoria McLeod,73134,Global Water Challenge,"5,833",53,,,0,"5,833" 58,43290,Help an Animal Live a Life Worth Living,Victoria Fanthorpe,65316,Wild Welfare,"5,578",49,,,0,"5,578" 254,43977,Healthy Screenings for Uninsured Families,Victoria Otero,69967,Villa Therese Catholic Clinic,50,1,,,0,50 174,43687,End Sexual Abuse for 4000 Children in South Africa,Victoire Cleren,68111,Keep a Child Alive,483,7,,,0,483 286,43737,End Child Marriage of Indegenous Teens,Vannaroith Sok,71160,Child Helpline Cambodia - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,0,,,0,0 40,42719,A Promising Future for Children In Medellin,VERONICA BUITRAGO,62878,CORPORACION PUEBLO DE LOS NINOS,"6,102",47,,,0,"6,102" 283,43750,"Sponsor 100 children in Kayole, Soweto in Nairobi",Tunaweza Pamoja CBO,59457,Tunaweza Pamoja CBO,5,1,,,0,5 225,42606,Education support for 120 disabled Children in Eth,Tsehaynew Ademe,47258,Charity Association of Education and Training Services for Persons with Disabilities,150,2,,,0,150 286,42703,Children and Youth Development Center,Tsedale Kinfu,51143,New Bright Community Development Center,0,0,,,0,0 197,42868,Empower Young Turkish Women to Lead,Tresa Eyres,68470,Turkish Women's Initiative,325,4,,,0,325 37,43435,Support a Vulnerable Child - Restore a Family,Tracey Peppler,71175,Rays of Hope,"6,481",47,,,0,"6,481" 286,43874,Helping School Children in Vanuatu,Tracey Farnsworth,63911,Progress Pikinini Vanuatu,0,0,,,0,0 253,43951,Buy 100 desks for Nangondo Primary School Malawi,Towera Ngwira,67293,Extra Mile Development Foundation (EMDEF),51,3,,,0,51 123,42873,Help Ghanaian Children Leave the Streets,Torwomenye Kwasi Azaglo,68945,Future of Africa,"1,525",7,,,0,"1,525" 239,43497,Improve education in rural schools in Argentina,Tomás Montemerlo,29000,Voy con Vos Asociacion Civil por la Educacion,100,1,,,0,100 286,41152,Social Guidance project Refugees Bloemendaal,Tom Werkhoven,55888,Stichting VluchtelingenWerk West en Midden-Nederland,0,0,,,0,0 286,41762,Give brightfuture to slum underprivileged children,Tom Tumbo,37390,BRIGHT FUTURE,0,0,,,0,0 166,43614,Rise Up for 424 Teachers in Southern Haiti,Tim Shores,70773,Hope For Haiti,557,14,,,0,557 199,43994,Develop 70 mentors for Fatherless youth in Oregon,Tim Davis,44799,Brothers of Valor,300,2,,,0,300 286,43944,HIV testing among 300 youth & adults of Lubombo,Thuli Maziya,47847,SNATSISA LUBOMBO,0,0,,,0,0 286,43756,FRED youth-led campaign,Theo Gavrielides,67635,Restorative Justice for All,0,0,,,0,0 286,42619,Educate and Empower Poor Children living with ADHD,Thembeka Jiyane,70608,KMT Schools,0,0,,,0,0 81,43674,Empower U.S. Women Through Music: Jobs & Education,Thea Wood,68546,Herizon Music Foundation,"5,173",64,,,0,"5,173" 264,43429,Building Resilience to Wildfires,The Resilience Institute,70120,The Resilience Institute for Climate Adaptation,30,2,,,0,30 211,43688,East Bali Education Project - The Hearts Company,The Hearts Company,62363,The Hearts Project,227,7,,,0,227 144,42751,Teach Technology to Vulnerable Children,Teresita Bordelon,69577,Organizacion de Ayuda Integral para el Desarrollo (ODAID),939,20,,,0,939 286,43790,Sustainable Actions for Green Economy (SAGE),Tenneh Kabbah,70906,Fortress of Development for Africa,0,0,,,0,0 286,43323,BORDER BASELESS WITHOUT BORDERS 2019-2020,Teddy Silva,62776,Fundacion Beisbol Sin Fronteras,0,0,,,0,0 286,38677,STEAM and Culture Exchange for Senegalese Youth,Taylor Brown,59246,ArtsTech,0,0,,,0,0 286,42764,Getting results in Africa's largest township!,Tamsin Nel,71125,SA.MAST Animal Clinic,0,0,,,0,0 286,43822,Education for next generation,Tajamul Hussain,9217,Indus Welfare Association,0,0,,,0,0 286,43219,Diabetic and Hypertension Screening in Nigeria,Taiye Kotoye,67951,Taiye Kotoye International Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 53,43165,'GIVE HOPE TO 40 CHILDREN TO HAVE A BETTER FUTURE',Tahanan ng Pagmamahal,66847,"Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children's Home, Inc.","5,750",53,,,0,"5,750" 267,43575,Help us to Save A Dad,Tackle Prostate Cancer,67420,The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups,25,1,,,0,25 157,42848,NYABIKONI WOMEN VEGETABLE GROWERS KABALE UGANDA,TUGUME MAUREEN TURYASINGURA,71261,TUGUME MAUREEN TURYASINGURA,678,4,,,0,678 263,43324,Empowring Girls Through Education In Sierra Leone,TAMBA S. ABDULAI,69019,Tamba Abdulai Foundation,35,1,,,0,35 286,43303,Instituto Renecimiento - Renaissance Institute,Sylvia Barreto Benites,70920,Institute Renacimiento,0,0,,,0,0 36,41536,Spay and Neuter Cats and Dogs in Rural Eswatini,Swaziland Animal Welfare Society,33965,Swaziland Animal Welfare Society,"6,666",60,,,0,"6,666" 178,43820,Humanitarian Crisis Affecting 13 Million Syrians,Susan Jaradat,36281,Syrian American Medical Society Foundation,450,6,,,0,450 48,43899,Empowering 450 young people in Mexico,Susan Domínguez,71154,"UN, DOS, TRES POR MI Y POR TODO EL MUNDO","5,903",140,,,0,"5,903" 286,42995,Build Primary School for 180 Children in Liberia,Sunnie B Marcar Sr.,55916,SUNNETTE LEARNING ACADEMY,0,0,,,0,0 286,43904,Join us to improve lives of mothers and children,Suman Gurung,42210,Birat Nepal Medical Trust,0,0,,,0,0 286,43923,Emergency human-elephants conflict awareness camp,Stuart Heddi,70788,Pamoja Environmental Focus,0,0,,,0,0 286,43762,Family to Family Campaign,Steven Carpenter,71464,"Agape Child & Family Services, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 270,42948,Free rural Health Care,Stephen Enatiku,69770,Global Hindu Charity Foundation,20,1,,,0,20 286,43351,BUILD SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN FROM LOW INCOME FAMILIES,Stephen Mfumya,46727,COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BASE,0,0,,,0,0 167,44185,Giving Tuesday w/Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone!,Stephanie Filo Jones,36558,Girls Empowerment Summit Sierra Leone,550,7,,,0,550 286,42612,Startup Weekend Charleston 2019,Stacey Segal,68966,Charleston Startup And STEM Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 62,42600,Save a 10 acre Tropical Rainforest in Sri Lanka,Sriyantha Perera,69049,Rainforest Protectors Trust,"5,513",41,,,0,"5,513" 270,43924,Peer Education for women with Spinal Cord Injury,Songambele Initiative Organisation,68316,Songambele Initiative Organisation,20,1,,,0,20 146,43382,Unskilled to Skilled (U2S),Somtochukwu ugwu,68713,Society for the Improvement of Rural People (SIRP),911,5,,,0,911 281,43129,Educate 1000 vulnerable children in Zimbabwe,Solomon Ndondo,71218,Africa Rise Foundation Trust,10,1,,,0,10 106,43901,Quality education for the youth in Cuetzalan,Sofia Becerra,70798,"Tijiohtli, AC","2,830",39,,,0,"2,830" 286,43996,The Voice Within,Siyoka Simasiku,48252,NGAMILAND COUNCIL OF NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS,0,0,,,0,0 233,42889,Educating 500 rural nursing students in Cameroon,Sinda Leontine,68826,Saint Leonard Health Foundation association,125,2,,,0,125 226,42892,Lets end unemployment for 50 youths in Ikorodu,Simeon Abrams-Eke,64518,Leadpeace Initiative,145,3,,,0,145 265,43987,Centro de reproduccion para futuros Perros Guia,Silvia Lozada Badillo,53806,Escuela para Entrenamiento de Perros Guia para Ciegos I.A.P.,30,2,,,0,30 286,42652,Leadership Training for Native American Youth,Shirley Buzzard,70037,BRACE Institute,0,0,,,0,0 237,42593,SUPPORT CHILDREN WITH AUTISM IN MOMBASA USING ARTS,Sheilah Sheldone,70469,Sheilah Sheldone Arts for Social Change CBO,106,2,,,0,106 35,43833,Help Transport 7000 women for Cancer treatment,Sheila munyanziza,57454,Patient Relief Mission,"6,701",51,,,0,"6,701" 286,43912,Send 1050 children to school,Shefali Sunderlal,59209,"CRY-Child Rights and You America, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 222,43997,Help Survivors of Abuse Rebuild Their Lives,Shawanda Randolph,70637,DeeCilla Comfort Center,158,5,,,0,158 224,43076,Cradle Community Pre-school & Aftercare Center,Sharon Lee,71222,The Cradle of Hope,151,3,,,0,151 254,43722,Tranzmission Emergency Housing Fund,Sharon Hanson,68420,"Tranzmission, Inc",50,1,,,0,50 194,43411,Menstrual Health for 5000 Himalayan Girls in India,Sharmila Pal,71589,Amrita Seattle,340,6,,,0,340 286,43517,Happyair Inspiring Kids: Severe Asthma,Shane Fitch,51300,Fundacion Lovexair,0,0,,,0,0 279,42781,Helped to keep 690 girls and boys in school-yemen,Shaker Abdu Hassan,69797,Life Prospects Foundation -LPF,15,1,,,0,15 265,43632,Nutrition for 1120 vulnerable Afghan Children,Shahba Shahrukhi,59910,Development in Education and Literacy Organization (DELO),30,1,,,0,30 254,43421,Save life and support to victims of Sickle Cell,Sewa Foundation Nepal,49177,Sewa Foundation Nepal,50,1,,,0,50 286,36326,Increase food security and income of Ntega Batwa,Severin SINDIZERA,46585,AIDB in UN ECOSOC consultative status,0,0,,,0,0 286,44033,Help Educate 50 Batwa pigmies Children in Uganda,Seith Byarugaba,62470,(AFRICODE) - African Integrated Community Based Development Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 286,43350,Computer Training for East Cleveland Residents,Sean L. Ward,71727,East Cleveland Growth Association,0,0,,,0,0 286,43903,Nurturing Leader Changing Live,Saroem Chea,63135,Cambodia's Future Foundation Organization,0,0,,,0,0 286,43842,Mint400 Military Challenge for Marine Raiders,Sarah Christian,71673,MARSOC Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 286,43615,"Clean water for 100,000 school children in Arusha",Sarah Augustino,70633,Grand Tanzania Love,0,0,,,0,0 250,42753,Water for Life (Kampong Speu),Sao Sary,57338,Sao Sary Foundation,61,2,,,0,61 286,43291,Auditorium Hall Furnishing(Interiors),Sanjan Nagar Trust,68862,Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust,0,0,,,0,0 267,44123,Empowering Kenyan Girls,Sandra Thaxter,52781,Small Solutions Inc.,25,1,,,0,25 88,43077,Build a Women's Training Center in Rural Uganda,Samuel Wanyagira,24120,Sustain Micro Enterprise,"5,082",74,,,0,"5,082" 210,43616,Screen 500 babies for congenital diseases in Ghana,Samuel Agyei Wiafe,63291,Rare Disease Ghana Initiative,235,4,,,0,235 286,43420,Healthy Mother Healthy Baby,Samiullah khan,45286,Active Help Organization for Women and Children- AHOWC,0,0,,,0,0 286,42583,A Day In the Life Of a Scientist (DILOS ),Samia Wahab,45781,Save the WaterTM,0,0,,,0,0 90,42922,Samburu Girls Foundation Education Fund,SamburuGirls Foundation,54569,Samburu Girls Foundation,"5,063",5,,,0,"5,063" 236,42907,School Supplies to the Children of Afghanistan,Safa Nabizada,69965,Samir's Foundation,110,2,,,0,110 286,43193,PHARMAFAST (Cost-effective access to medications),SHEY VITALIS MBUNKUR,70178,Better Future For All Association (BFAA),0,0,,,0,0 167,42594,Educate and House a Child for Three Years,SCIF MBI NEPAL,67571,Supporting Children Initiative Foundation M.B.I. Nepal,550,2,,,0,550 195,43679,Life opportunities to Colombians through education,SANTIAGO ORJUELA,71090,CORPORACION ACADEMIA SUPERIOR DE ARTES,331,7,,,0,331 286,42754,Green Healthy Kitchen for 6500 Poor in Bangladesh,S M M KAMAL BHUIYAN,57037,Integrated Village Development society (IVDS),0,0,,,0,0 3,43060,Support the Mobilize Recovery Initiative in 2020,Ryan Hampton,58951,The Voices Project,"20,562",107,winner,winner,"1,000","21,562" 177,43581,Maternal child healthcare awareness,Rose Okwany,44451,"Ihopee,Inc",456,45,,,0,456 259,42749,Women's Empowerment in the groupment of Kaniola.,Rose Namulisa Balaluka,70700,Association Internationale Tujenge (ASSIT),40,2,,,0,40 29,43588,Toilets Reduce Absentees for 200 Kenyan Students,Rob Bollinger,71357,Nehemiah's Restoration,"7,950",44,,,0,"7,950" 169,43902,Stop the bleeding: Sumatran tiger snare sweeping,Rizki Amalia Adinda Putri,71836,Yayasan Sintas,539,10,,,0,539 286,43585,Train 3000 women in Digital Entrepreneurship,Rigobert Kenmogne,52790,Digital Access,0,0,,,0,0 286,43840,Virtual Photo Walks,Richard Tejeda,70195,Saved By Nature,0,0,,,0,0 1,43015,"Fresh Start - Building Furniture, Rebuilding Lives",Richard Carman,70713,FRESH START PALLET PRODUCTS INC.,"25,115",76,winner,winner,"4,000","29,115" 286,43954,Shea Butter Processing Facilities for 200 Women,Richard Ashaley,54515,Rural Urban Partnership for Africa(RUPFA),0,0,,,0,0 257,43610,450 Haitian students benefit from new library,Renate Schneider,26129,Haitian Connection,45,2,,,0,45 286,44135,Sponsor Education for 400 Ghanaian Children,Reik Annan,64313,BRAINPOWER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE,0,0,,,0,0 47,43927,hard winter is coming,Regina Scherer,55408,Deutschland sagt Nein zum Tiermorden e. V.,"5,907",58,,,0,"5,907" 30,42745,A Vibrant Space for Arts to Thrive in Tanzania,Rebecca Corey,70921,Nafasi Art Space,"7,501",67,,winner,0,"7,501" 286,43462,School fees for 39 high school students,Rasto Okechi,51541,St. Annes Rehabilitation Centre,0,0,,,0,0 22,43638,"Provide Books to 30,000 Children in Afghanistan",Rashmi Dangol,67999,Afghanistan Center at Kabul University (ACKU),"9,275",51,,winner,0,"9,275" 184,43839,Empowerment of HIV+ women through entrepreneurship,Raphine Muga,57457,Asembo Kar Geno Initiative,401,14,,,0,401 254,43754,Stop deaths related to firewood-cooking in Kenya,Raphael Otakwa,41799,African PRIDE Centre,50,2,,,0,50 142,43900,Global STEM Awareness in Youth for next Generation,Ramprasad Bodicherla,58649,Robbinsville Innovation 4-H Club,953,1,,,0,953 60,40074,Bloom Nepal Scholarship Fund,Ram K Rijal,62093,Bloom Nepal Foundation,"5,559",46,,,0,"5,559" 286,43526,"ADAPTATION, MITIGATION OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN DRC",ROSINE FURAHA,62501,DRC AID,0,0,,,0,0 286,43374,Save a child,RON SMALL,71348,Fr Ray Sponsor a Child Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 268,43941,GIVE CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION FOR 435 STUDENTS,ROBERT MUANGE,60640,DYNAMIC CENTRE FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT,22,1,,,0,22 286,43188,Improving Livelihoods of Orphans through skills,RICHARD KOMAKECH,71774,KOMAKECH RICHARD,0,0,,,0,0 286,43690,Build a reinforced concrete bridge for 2200 people,RIC Vietnam,34401,The centre for Research on Initiatives of Community Development,0,0,,,0,0 286,43857,School food and shelter for over 1000 Kenyan kids,REV SEBASTIAN OMBIMA,12454,CHARITY CENTRE FOR WIDOWS AND ORPHANS,0,0,,,0,0 286,42713,SPONSOR A CHILD AND CHANGE THEIR LIFE >SAVE GHANA,REBECCA LINDA SEWEEY,70741,RS RESTORE AFRICA,0,0,,,0,0 286,42903,Strengthen Women capacity to respond to GBV,REACT Liberia,71311,REACT Liberia,0,0,,,0,0 243,43636,Support Christmas Party in the Slum,Pure Heart,58898,Pure Heart Foundation,82,3,,,0,82 286,41538,Long Term Support for Survivors in Vieques,Puerto Rico Rise Up,66311,Puerto Rico Rise Up,0,0,,,0,0 96,43502,Train 100 men & 40 boys in Uganda on menstruation,Prossy Nakattudde,52012,African Child and Youth Development Initiatives (ACYDI),"5,011",48,,,0,"5,011" 276,43623,Stop cholera from killing thousands in Yemen,Progress Organization,71145,Progress Organization for Development,19,2,,,0,19 286,43693,"WATER, SANITATION & HYGIENE PROMOTION FOR ORPHANS",Princess pabayee,61731,CRY RESPOND FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 286,43784,Construction Community School Sanitary block #418,Pierre Richard Telcira,64209,Sourire d'enfants Haiti,0,0,,,0,0 220,42635,Appeal for those affected in Mindanao Earthquake,Philippine Red Cross,47240,Philippine Red Cross,175,4,,,0,175 263,43976,"Hands-on LIS Training for 1,000 Lab Users in Ghana",Philip Boakye,69806,Koachie Health Systems,35,1,,,0,35 245,43914,Training of 10 Midwives in Helping babies breath,Pewudie Emmanuel,65384,MamaCare-Ghana Organization,70,2,,,0,70 249,43206,Help to development and conservation in Molo.,Peter warui,69289,MOLO CONSTITUENCY FOREST ASSOCIATION,62,13,,,0,62 286,42908,Helping Vulnerable Venezuelan Slum Children,Peter Balogh,70659,GIVEAFEW,0,0,,,0,0 286,43983,NYDIS' Puerto Rico Evacuee Services Fund,Peter B. Gudaitis,71957,New York Disaster Interfaith Services Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 286,43625,Girls Education Campaigns to Increase Enrolment,Paul Tombe,67384,Pilgrims of Hope,0,0,,,0,0 286,43647,Horses for Veterans and First Responders with PTSD,Paul Casey,52725,caseys healing hooves equine assisted therapy and rescue inc,0,0,,,0,0 8,43375,BOOST MENTAL HEALTH FOR 3MIL KIDS IN 180 COUNTRIES,Patty Freedman,53690,Six Seconds,"13,049",195,winner,winner,0,"13,049" 286,43720,BUILD A RESCUE CENTRE FOR 500 NEEDY CHILDREN,Patrick Nyagah,70822,Young Soul Touchers,0,0,,,0,0 97,43196,DSAID Rural School Mobile Solar Computer Classroom,Patrick Milo,70501,Digital School Aid(DSAID),"5,010",42,,,0,"5,010" 265,43141,One Pupil one Tree Planted,Patrick Jonathan Mwale,14162,Communities in Development Activities,30,1,,,0,30 254,43417,Menstrual Health for 500 Refugee Girls in Uganda,Patrick Chandiga Justine,68009,Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation,50,1,,,0,50 286,43741,YOUNG WOMEN AND GIRLS VOCATIONAL SKILLS TRAINING,Patience Muramuzi,70493,National Association for Women's Action in Development,0,0,,,0,0 286,43378,MTAMBANI SCHOOL WATER AND SANITATION PROJECT,Pathways Foundation,69985,PATHWAYS FOUNDATION FOR THE POOR (PFP),0,0,,,0,0 256,42666,One child one book 8000 schl children rural Kenya,Pata Kitabu,70075,Pata Kitabu Foundation,46,2,,,0,46 85,43504,Save the Sea Turtles,Paso Pacifico,71204,Paso Pacifico,"5,120",46,,,0,"5,120" 72,42887,More Afghan Women in Business Campaign,Parwarish Oryakhail,71049,Afghanistan Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry,"5,330",64,,,0,"5,330" 56,43472,Empowering a Community through Education,Panajachel Colegio,71286,Asociacion Civil Educacion Internacional,"5,621",46,,,0,"5,621" 7,42636,Transform The Life Of Homeless People In Venezuela,Panabus Fundación Santa En Las Calles,67886,SANTA EN LAS CALLES FOUNDATION,"14,923",107,winner,winner,0,"14,923" 286,43783,HIV-Free Community Project,Pan-Africa Health Initiative(Pan-AFHI),47865,Pan-Africa Health Initiative (Pan-AFHI),0,0,,,0,0 286,43896,New Heights Educational Group,Pamela Clark,24466,"New Heights Educational Group, Inc",0,0,,,0,0 265,43117,18twenty8 #NOTNEXT Project,Palesa Phora,56721,Girls Education and Mentoring Initiative T/A 18twenty8,30,2,,,0,30 89,43979,Renew Puerto Rico: Clean Energy Transparency Hub,PJ Wilson,67490,Robust Power,"5,071",47,,,0,"5,071" 286,43245,Let's help Indigenous women of Mwenga,PIFEVA DR Congo Pillar to Vulnerable,52170,Pillar to Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo,0,0,,,0,0 286,42786,Mental Health Literacy and Counselling Services,PETER MINTIR AMADU,69266,TOTAL LIFE ENHANCEMENT CENTRE GHANA,0,0,,,0,0 281,43137,Emergency Typhoon Relief in Japan 2019,PBV admin,71696,Peace Boat Disaster Relief,10,1,,,0,10 286,40287,HELP US TO REALIZE ITC CONSERVATION IN BELIZE,Oxaku Tehu Kax'Oxo II,48373,Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize (TRIBZ.BIO),0,0,,,0,0 286,43522,Water for all for rural families in Bala Subcounty,Oscar Ogole,69433,Bala Youth Forum,0,0,,,0,0 270,43919,"Give clean water to 20,000 people in South Sudan",Omoro Michael,48889,Nile Initiative for Development (NID),20,1,,,0,20 286,42394,Inclusion of youth with disabilities in education,Olweny Aggrey,66611,Action for Youth with Disabilities Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 286,44063,Center for abandoned children with disabilities,Olamide Turner,65600,Peculiar Saint Orphanage,0,0,,,0,0 210,43265,"Empower 1,000 Child Brides in Nigeria",Ola Inioluwa,64481,Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation,235,2,,,0,235 181,44036,LET HER BE - A touring production for 30 schools,Ola Adisa,60177,Osun Arts Foundation,439,16,,,0,439 286,43897,Education Breaks Barriers,Oksana Kh,52063,Omnis,0,0,,,0,0 286,42790,Reading Kids - Children's Library in rural Uganda,OPOLOT EPHRAIM,58585,WOMAN OF PURPOSE,0,0,,,0,0 171,43494,Economic Independence for Ghana Witch Hunt Victims,Nuhu Sulemana,69311,Rural initiatives Ghana Foundation,507,9,,,0,507 132,43936,Unlock the leadership potential of 150 young women,Norette Turimuci,60032,Resonate Workshops,"1,203",16,,,0,"1,203" 286,43973,SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY - SRFF 2020,Nora Armani,53519,SR Socially Relevant Film Festival INC,0,0,,,0,0 182,43653,Train Regenerative Farming for 200 Refugee Women,Noah Ssempijja,25059,Youth Initiative for Community Empowerment,430,8,,,0,430 286,42768,HELP 5000 IDPs IN NW&SW CAMEROON WITH BASIC NEEDS,Nkwenui Nupuku,37430,HOPE FAMILY LIFE,0,0,,,0,0 159,43877,New Classrooms for Costa Rican Children,Nilesh Patel,67208,Village Classroom,631,11,,,0,631 286,44138,LICEULICE,Nikoleta Kosovac,14810,LICEULICE,0,0,,,0,0 286,43074,Hearts of Empowerment Operational Budget,Nikhil Datta,70525,Hearts of Empowerment,0,0,,,0,0 128,43321,Access to Quality Healthcare in Rural Tajikistan,Nigora Negmatullaeva,66447,Public Organization 'Sadoqat',"1,337",11,,,0,"1,337" 98,43555,End Poverty for 5 Students with Big Dreams!,Nicole Hicks,70836,Barrio La Planta Project,"5,006",43,,,0,"5,006" 286,43617,Rural School WASH & Menstrual Hygiene Management,Nicholus Basembera,69026,Village Concern Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 286,43541,LIFESSAVING SKILLS FOR7280 YOUTH IN EASTERN UGANDA,Nicholas Engwau,56788,Amoru AIDs Support Community Initiative (AASCI),0,0,,,0,0 239,43702,Save 200 Rural kambari girls from Child Marriage,Nicholas Bonoh,54983,Center for Human Rights Justice and Peace (Justice and Peace Committee),100,1,,,0,100 286,43791,"Rehabilitate, educate, empower vulnerable Children",Ngondwe Ponsiano,67825,St Joseph Development Programmes,0,0,,,0,0 286,43911,SUPPORT32 RURAL GIRLS WITH DISABILITIES IN TORORO,Nelson Edmond Obella,48467,Voluntary Efforts for Rural Development (VERDE-Uganda),0,0,,,0,0 64,43579,Support Mental Health Services in Tanzania,Neema Tembele,70703,Tap Elderly Women's Wisdom for Youth,"5,500",39,,,0,"5,500" 286,42592,"Educate, Empower Teenage mothers in Tanzania",Neema Mchau,69980,FAHARI TUAMKE MAENDELEO,0,0,,,0,0 254,43966,Rebuilding Children's Dreams,Natali Romero,67727,Comite PAN,50,2,,,0,50 239,44203,Infertility Project,Nancy Hemenway,46779,InterNationall Council on Infertility Information Dissemination Inc. (INCIID),100,1,,,0,100 286,43855,End period poverty 57000 girls rural schools.,Namasiku Samunzala,60096,GRACE WORLD AFRICA FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 286,43639,Let's Build World's Best Mobile APP for the BLIND!,NO EGO ORGANIZATION,62813,ASOCIATIA NO EGO,0,0,,,0,0 286,43198,SUPPORT SEVENTY FIVE/75 CHILDREN IN FOOD SECURIT,NAMOMSA YOHANNIS,59266,Generation Pillar Organization,0,0,,,0,0 286,43883,Economic empowerment for people with disabilities,NADEGE KOMBE,51358,Kadiwaku Family Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 277,44013,Tales of Migratory Birds with Broken Wings,N'Deane Helajzen,46164,Ethnovision,17,2,,,0,17 84,44015,"Promise for Androy, Madagascar: Change for Women.",Mélodie Paubert,38460,Nofy i Androy,"5,124",55,,,0,"5,124" 286,43142,Send 10 rural students to university in Ghana,Mylande ODJO,71946,Pleroma Academy,0,0,,,0,0 286,44004,Help the Disabled Find Life-changing Tehnology,Mussa Chiwaula,61063,Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD),0,0,,,0,0 286,43437,30 pigs for 30 women infected by HIV in Rwanda,Musoni Vincent Patrick,66104,Rural Life Solutions organization,0,0,,,0,0 286,43082,Provide health care to the vulnerables in Kuluba,Musinguzi Urban,69659,Community health iniative organization,0,0,,,0,0 286,43315,"Enhancing discriminated youths to community,",Mulindwa Jamil,44313,Polite world international foundation,0,0,,,0,0 217,42738,Reintegrate 50 IDPs with Disabilities in Cameroon,Mukete Tahle Itoe,14271,Refugees Welfare Association,200,1,,,0,200 217,43387,Tree Planting for School Evironmental Conservation,Mukaire Rashid,41010,Struggle Against Poverty,200,1,,,0,200 265,43622,Women Enlightenment & Empowerment (WEE) Program,Muhammed Nasir Uddin,50725,Alhaj Shamsul Hoque Foundation,30,1,,,0,30 286,43000,Empower ugandan children with skills andeducation,Mpumwire Elijah,63352,Holistic Rehabilitation And Skills Development Centre,0,0,,,0,0 286,43241,Build Classrooms for 180 slum Children in Uganda,Moshin Juma,68365,Future Initiatives & Charitable Group,0,0,,,0,0 286,42746,Save a community in Nairobi from hunger & disease,Moses Waigwa,70982,Green Eco-Network,0,0,,,0,0 270,44020,Poor Patient Fund,Mohammed Abu-Warda,63457,EL Adham Association For Development,20,1,,,0,20 286,43739,Afforestation in Swat to Reduce Emissions,Mohammad Kamran,67210,HUJRA Village Support Organization,0,0,,,0,0 55,43666,Coding a brighter future for 15 youth in Yemen,Mohamed Alaoudi,69805,Re:Coded,"5,630",65,,,0,"5,630" 153,43678,Title :Pad up the vulnerable girl for free.,Modupe Adelanwa,55173,SHIELDTHEM SUPPORT ORGANIZATION,720,12,,,0,720 77,43661,Empower disadvantaged Armenians with legal advice,Misak Ohanian,58902,Centre for Armenian Information & Advice (CAIA),"5,261",52,,,0,"5,261" 286,42759,Reusable menstruation kits for 2000 girls,Miriam Nakiyaga,54895,Kyobe foundation,0,0,,,0,0 65,43995,Help Adults with Disabilities in Mexico Create Art,Mireille Kheirallah,55357,El Arca en Queretaro IAP,"5,496",63,,,0,"5,496" 143,43316,Jungle Performing Arts Clubs,Miranda Tait,70033,Jungle Theatre Company,945,8,,,0,945 59,43064,Empower 500 refugees in Greece with tools & skills,Mimi Hapig,58764,Soup and Socks e.V.,"5,572",58,,,0,"5,572" 192,42677,Eight years' of water filtration for Guatemala.,Miles Richmond,70594,VIDA PARA TODOS GUATEMALA,345,7,,,0,345 286,43333,Transition to Independent Living (TIL) Programme,Michelle Potter,58730,South African Youth Education for Sustainability,0,0,,,0,0 286,42969,Sustainable means of livelihood for orphanages,Michael chukwuemeka,70595,Sanctuary of Hope foundation,0,0,,,0,0 286,43728,Give the Gift of Hearing to a Child Without Ears,Michael Yurieff,64375,"Rusfond USA, Inc. DBA Russian American Children's Foundation",0,0,,,0,0 26,43635,Provide solar lanterns to poor school children,Michael Varhola,69568,Solar Empowerment Initiative Incorporated,"8,086",84,,winner,0,"8,086" 286,42789,Stroke Awareness Campaign in Nigeria,Michael Uchunor,69338,Michael and Francisca Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 221,42694,Kick out child sexual violence - Namuwongo slum,Michael Tumwesigye,70649,In Need Home,162,4,,,0,162 286,42874,Replace 1000 Firewood Stoves in Nigeria,Michael Iwu,71042,Global Warming Shield Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 286,43278,Provide school meals to one rural girl's school,Mercury Eunia Shitindo,71088,GIRLS LEADING OUR WORLD INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 286,43016,Forest Behive Project,Mensah Stephen Elliot,71231,THE RESOURCE FOUNDATION-GHANA,0,0,,,0,0 263,43570,Break the youth poverty cycle in Vietnam,Melanie Seidel,67449,KOTO International Limited,35,2,,,0,35 286,43723,EcoKids Orchard,Meg Wah,40842,Meg Wah (My Earth),0,0,,,0,0 270,44017,Educate Unprivileged Kids through Free of Cost,Md Daud Hossain,57060,BANGLADESH SAMAJIK AGRAGATI SANGSTHA,20,1,,,0,20 270,43036,Project: Teen Center for Leaders in Training,Mayra Jurado,67142,"Club de Ninos y Ninas Tijuana, A.C.",20,1,,,0,20 138,43162,Help me Be Who I Want: Education in Myanmar,May Thet Khine Nyein,60157,Tekkatho Foundation,"1,055",11,,,0,"1,055" 286,43893,Send A Ghanaian Child To School for A Year,Maxwell Odonkor,42053,World Inspiring Network,0,0,,,0,0 286,43906,Advancing Youth Empowerment in Oppressive Society,Maulidi Mwinyikai,42465,Kishoka Youth Community Based Organization,0,0,,,0,0 271,43765,"Building a future, path to higher education",Matías Garrido,62322,Fundacion por una Carrera,20,1,,,0,20 281,43667,Rehabilitation and Education for blind children,María Montecino,71399,Sociedad Protectora de Ciegos Santa Lucia (Fundacion Luz),10,1,,,0,10 286,43618,Support 1000 Aligula Villagers eradicate Jiggers,Marylynn Mutenyo,71270,Rays Of Care Kenya,0,0,,,0,0 4,43427,Empower Teen Girls in Morocco,Maryam Montague,70844,Project Soar,"19,535",110,winner,winner,0,"19,535" 202,43870,Border Rapid Response Efforts,Mark Lane,71291,Minority Humanitarian Foundation,285,4,,,0,285 147,43680,Community Training Center,Mark Arellano,69853,Asociacion Passion,867,12,,,0,867 219,43135,Skill Training for 50 Children With Special Needs,Marian Fernando,70255,Mother Charitable Foundation,186,2,,,0,186 286,43963,To Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls,Mariam Ahmad,62840,Rural Mother and Gender Care Intiative (RMGCI) Formally Mother Care Forum (MCF),0,0,,,0,0 83,43559,Send Children with Cerebral Palsy to School,Maria del Rosio Garcia,70984,"CON NOSOTROS, A.C.","5,162",72,,,0,"5,162" 286,37916,Pink Angels chorus of women with cancer,Maria Elizabeth Lavin Diaz,58494,ASOCIACION MEXICANA DE SOBREVIVIENTES AL CANCER ONCOAYUDA A.C.,0,0,,,0,0 46,43121,Give warmth to Syrian Refugees this winter!,Margarita Antova,71179,Charity Association Margarity,"5,953",65,,,0,"5,953" 232,43742,Empower 200 African deafborn kids to hear and talk,Margaret Roestorf,69844,Carel du Toit Trust,127,4,,,0,127 286,39091,Feed my dreams,Marcela Forero,48514,Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia,0,0,,,0,0 286,43180,New homes for 30 families in Madagascar,Manitriniaina Haingohasina Rakotomalala,71347,Fuller Center for Housing Madagascar,0,0,,,0,0 286,43153,Support for menstrual hygiene for girls in Uganda,Manasseh Kenyi Nason,71344,Holistic Peace Ministry,0,0,,,0,0 241,42920,SUPPORT TO 40 FARMERS TO FIGHT HUNGER IN SINKUNIA.,Mamoud Balla Kamara,64974,YoMSuD-SL,85,2,,,0,85 125,43543,"No Waste, All Taste: Fish to Feed Horn of Africa",Malin Schmiedel,70277,FairFishing,"1,495",11,,,0,"1,495" 286,43656,Football Academy for Boys and Young Men in Lesotho,Maliehe Mosepele,61736,Mosepele Foundation Development Forum (MFDF),0,0,,,0,0 190,44016,Girls Hope - A Dream of Education,Malena Ruth,60578,African Millennium Foundation - AMF,350,2,,,0,350 286,43049,MTAJI PROJECT (Tanzania mainland),Makongo John,70395,Sauti ya Yatima na Wajane (SAYAWA),0,0,,,0,0 286,42762,Food hamper and Internet for the youth to access,Mahomed Nkosi,71044,golden youth journey,0,0,,,0,0 286,43380,Inclusive green heat for income generation,Magdalene Amujal,64770,Kulika Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 247,43978,Workshops on Lifeskills for Foster Youth in Poland,Magdalena Kepka,48109,Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie,65,3,,,0,65 286,43514,Skills Development for A Girl-Child inRural Uganda,MUTYABA PAUL,25316,Bugema Community Child Based Organization (BCCBO) UGANDA.,0,0,,,0,0 185,41574,Educate 150 poor orphan girls in Kigali City,MPORANYIMIGABO Gerard,35307,Change Life Organization,400,2,,,0,400 286,44011,SAVE AFRICAN WILDLIFE FROM CLIMATE CHANGE DROUGHT,MIYELE KALIWANDA,64391,OLIVE GREEN OUTREACH FOUNDATION COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE,0,0,,,0,0 286,42784,Menstrual hygiene for 800 school girls in Mwanza,MICKY MILLIAN,64198,New Chapter Development For Youth,0,0,,,0,0 68,43733,School dining room for 286 children in Oaxaca,MARCO MORALES,71409,ESCUELAS SUSTENTABLES A.C.,"5,409",57,,,0,"5,409" 235,43663,Empower & Trasforme Women and girls in East Africa,MAGE DEBORA OKECH,71588,LOVELINE AID FOR AFRICA ( LAFA ),119,6,,,0,119 270,43812,Help Syrian Chilren with Cancer in Learning!,M. Asaad Olabi,66511,syria socity to cure cancer of children and cure them,20,1,,,0,20 43,43251,"Feed and educate children in El Alto, Bolivia",Lydia Hill,71678,Help Bolivia Foundation,"6,010",84,,,0,"6,010" 218,43939,Help set up a STEM learning centre,Lwanga Bwalya,61739,Livingstone Youth Football Academy,193,14,,,0,193 251,43683,Help Cocoa for Peace. Colombia,Luz Elena Valverde,62376,Camara de Comercio de Ibague,60,3,,,0,60 286,43544,PRACTICAL SKILLS CHANGING LIVES - MAKINDYE UGANDA,Lukwago Godfrey,50937,SKILLS LINK UGANDA,0,0,,,0,0 61,43021,FEED A CHILD TO STAY IN SCHOOL,Luke Jakoywa,71906,Sheepcare Community Centre,"5,547",561,,,"2,000","7,547" 67,43813,"Equip, Mentor and Empower Kenyan Youth in 2020",Lucy Kimaru,70762,Good Kenyan Foundation,"5,417",222,,,500,"5,917" 286,43934,Overcoming Religious Objections to Family Planning,Luca Badini,47494,Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research,0,0,,,0,0 286,43746,"Trading Fund For 50 Poor Women In Obawole, Lagos,",Lola George-Akoke,69605,Zinovi Educational Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 239,43777,Compassion for Community Refugee Education Project,Loku Abiya,66433,Compassion for Community,100,1,,,0,100 286,43501,The End ME/CFS Project,Linda Tannenbaum,70584,"Open Medicine Foundation, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 139,43546,Helping to tackle loneliness in older people,Linda Kuyoro,68890,FASA OLD AGE FOUNDATION,"1,044",10,,,0,"1,044" 13,41504,Inspire & Empower Girls to Pursue STEM,Linda Calhoun,68277,Career Girls,"12,160",59,,winner,0,"12,160" 25,43633,Educate the Whole Girl & Her Community in Zambia,Linda Bowers,66902,Elizabeth Bowers Zambia Education Fund,"8,100",53,,winner,0,"8,100" 286,43603,Empower an Insurgent Woman in Nigeria,Lilian Iwelu,69989,Fort Empowerment Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 39,43428,Provide access to healthcare in rural Haiti,Leigh Carter,70448,Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa (APF),"6,115",52,,,0,"6,115" 74,43184,Educate 500 Zambian orphans & vulnerable children,Leela Champ,71571,The Other Side Foundation,"5,298",51,,,0,"5,298" 188,43518,"Soap, Scrub, Rinse:Clean Hands for Healthier Kids!",Lea Loreen Sacay,68792,E&V Water and Life Philippines Inc.,369,7,,,0,369 286,42736,Epilepsy and Neurology Outpatient Clinic Liberia,Lawrence Zumo,70901,SAVE HAVEN COMMUNITY SERVICES PROJECT,0,0,,,0,0 286,42800,Preparing Today's Youth To Be Tomorrow's Leaders,Lawrence Robertson,67194,"Reading Literacy Learning Center, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 27,43545,Help autistic orphans in Romania get an education,Lauren Fishbach,66515,The Delia Foundation,"8,042",67,,winner,0,"8,042" 286,43314,Ending Veteran Homelessness In Michigan,Laura Higgins,53054,HIRED Inc. (Humanitarian Interaction for Relief and Sustainable Development),0,0,,,0,0 286,42980,Digitalskills for the unemployed youth of S.Africa,Landile Xandekana,68407,Nzabe Mobile Lab,0,0,,,0,0 261,43450,The Gift of Education to 200 children in Kenya,Lameck Odhiambo Odero,40246,Resurge Children East Africa,36,6,,,0,36 286,43356,Skills for 100 Zambians with mental disabilities.,Lameck Mpando,69153,Tandanzala Community Arts,0,0,,,0,0 78,43933,EMPOWERING 800 SCHOOL GIRLS HYGIENE IN LILONGWE,Lameck Chirwa,62631,Building Futures,"5,252",42,,,0,"5,252" 286,43675,Protecting the peace path in Ejido,LUZ ANGELA,68772,CORPROGRESO - CORPORACION PARA LA INVESTIGACION EL DESARROLLO SOSTENIBLE Y LA PROMOCION SOCIAL,0,0,,,0,0 286,43499,The renewing power of the youth,Közhasznú Alapítvány Civil Centrum,71566,Civil Centrum Public Benefit Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 28,43621,Provide Life-changing Skills to Cambodian Parents,Kristine Andersen,58811,Cambodian Organization for Living and Temporary-care,"7,980",45,,,0,"7,980" 183,42958,Help reunite Hadil with her parents,Kristee Boyd,70202,St Peter's Episcopal Church,423,8,,,0,423 286,43850,African youth employment against illegal migration,Komi Akpa,65480,Partage et Action en Synergie pour le Developpement (Sharing and Action in Synergy for Development),0,0,,,0,0 168,43030,Retain 1000 Ghanaian Girls in School,Kofi Nyalimba,71940,TOGETHER FOR DEVELOPMENT,549,15,,,0,549 286,43365,Help to find a cure for braintumours,Klaske Hofstee,72109,Stichting Stophersentumoren.nl,0,0,,,0,0 286,43961,I AM Well In-School Program,Kisha Simmons,58817,Teen Kick,0,0,,,0,0 286,43361,BUILD VIL-DON UCESCO HEALTH CARE SAMBURU VILLAGE,Kingsley Nyandika,52248,United Cultural Empowerment and Social Community Organization,0,0,,,0,0 286,43088,Provide free surgery to 60 Vietnamese Children,Kimberly Palumbo,70119,HUGS Foundation Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 270,42923,Reduction stunting of the children in Bangladesh,Khurshid Jahan,70737,Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation,20,1,,,0,20 286,43478,Assist 625 flood victims in South Sudan.,Khamis Alfred,52101,Apt Succor Organization,0,0,,,0,0 115,43418,Warm Winter Coats to 500 kids in Afghanistan (WWC),Khalid Ahmad,71479,Afghan Org for Change,"1,878",30,,,0,"1,878" 286,43846,CANNOT SURVIVE WELL WITHOUT KNOWING ENGLISH.,Kevin Taylor,58153,Learn and Serve Foundation for English Learning in Nicaragua,0,0,,,0,0 87,43006,Libraries for two day-care centres in India,Kevin Lauber,69416,Worldreader,"5,100",41,,,0,"5,100" 286,44034,Support Education of 9 Orphans,Kennedy Onyango,56995,Mercy Youth Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 286,43651,Flood Victims Rehabilitation & Health Assistance,Kelvins Iniongun Dzeremo,36798,Foundation for Economic empowerment & Educational Development (FEED-Africa),0,0,,,0,0 215,43719,"Build A Civic Center for Children in Trenton, NJ",Kelvin Baldwin,64014,Men for H.O.P.E,204,3,,,0,204 203,43692,Support 50 disabled children in Yemen.,Kdh Foundation,65732,Kamaran Foundation for Development and Humanitarian works,283,6,,,0,283 286,43890,Cheer dance program has started!,Kazuhiro Minegishi,59779,Special Olympics Nippon Tokyo,0,0,,,0,0 111,43834,Help 175 Malawian Children become Seizure Free,Kathy Bowler,68227,Children of Blessing Trust,"2,071",17,,,0,"2,071" 24,43276,Uplift Rural Cambodian Youth & Talented Artists,Kathryn McDaniel,70264,PEPY Empowering Youth,"8,613",80,,winner,0,"8,613" 286,42846,Educate 200 children without parents in Sri Lanka.,Kathryn Lucas,29976,Sunray foundation,0,0,,,0,0 286,43950,Saving Lives through Embryonic Stem Cells,Kate Williams,67964,Leukaemia and Myeloma Research UK,0,0,,,0,0 18,43641,Help pay teachers during political unrest in Haiti,Kate Marino,71119,"Friends of EIM, Inc","10,565",65,winner,winner,0,"10,565" 126,43704,Empowering communities to coexist with elephants,Kate Evans,69635,Elephants for Africa,"1,427",23,,,0,"1,427" 286,43827,"Set Up an Aquaponic Farm in Batey Baraguana, DR",Karnine JEAN-JOSEPH,70138,Lovinghandsunited corp,0,0,,,0,0 231,43516,Help BASECO Community Build Climate Resilience,Karlenma Mendoza,70069,"Climate Change Network for Community-Based Initiatives, Inc.",130,3,,,0,130 17,42921,Educate women creating stable economies globally,Karel Ford,71320,Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women,"10,743",42,,,0,"10,743" 269,43229,YAMM Shoes That Fit,Kamm Galloway,45426,YAMM,22,1,,,0,22 286,43574,Hope Beyond Cancer Pediatric support call,KISUMU CANCER CITY ORG,66388,KISUMU CITY CANCER CBO,0,0,,,0,0 267,43793,Girl Power,KAPRIE J G THORONKA,46436,ChildHelp Sierra Leone,25,1,,,0,25 286,43025,Empowering 100 households for disabled children,Justine Mirembe,67352,Empowering Communities for Sustainability,0,0,,,0,0 205,42890,Promoting girls education through re-usable pads,Juliet Wajega,61026,Millenium Strides,261,5,,,0,261 286,43869,Burns Restored: Improving Lives of Warfighters,Julia Martin,57759,Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium,0,0,,,0,0 6,43810,Give the gift of education to transform lives,Julia Jockelson,46266,WONDER Foundation,"16,148",72,winner,winner,0,"16,148" 217,44018,Free Heart Screening,Jude Onwugbaramuko,62985,Prudent Heart Care Foundation Inc.,200,1,,,0,200 149,43925,Protect Wildlife by Educating Poor Communities,Josphat Ngonyo,68087,AFRICA NETWORK FOR ANIMAL WELFARE,830,5,,,0,830 99,42975,Educate 65 Bright&Needy Children in Nyalenda Slums,Joshua Farnsworth,64154,JAMES WERE FOUNDATION,"5,002",45,,,0,"5,002" 286,43400,HELP FOR THE ELDERLY ACROSS THE ACCOUNTRY MALAWI,Joseph Power,61812,MWASINTHADI AGOGO,0,0,,,0,0 286,43931,MSUFINI WATER & HYGIENE PROMOTION PROJECT.,Joseph Ndatala,62952,Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE),0,0,,,0,0 286,43682,"SAVE 100,000 YOUTHS FROM HEPATITIS B IN CENTRAL UG",Joseph Mukasa,55720,HEALTH LIFE PROMOTION AFRICA LIMITED,0,0,,,0,0 175,43348,Build a Community Center for Orphans in Uganda,Joseph Ddiba,63779,Ba Nga Afayo Initiative Uganda,470,11,,,0,470 15,43848,Sustentabilidad para la Vida en la Sierra Huasteca,Josefa Resendiz Olvera,63333,Servicio Desarrollo y Paz Huasteca Potosina,"11,675",130,winner,winner,0,"11,675" 286,43905,Support beekeepers with Modern bee hives,Jonathan Nturo,49223,Agro Action Rwanda,0,0,,,0,0 234,43943,Protect the brains of unborn children,Jonathan Gorstein,58707,Iodine Global Network,120,2,,,0,120 14,43442,"Growing Child-, Parent- & Teacher-Friendly Schools",Jonathan Gevisser,70050,"The Extra-Mural Education Trust, operating as the Extra-Mural Education Project","12,000",3,,,0,"12,000" 148,43738,Give 21 HIV+ orphans in South Africa a future,Jonathan Bossaer,70645,Positively Alive,843,12,,,0,843 286,43993,Help buy lifesaving Equipment for Kamuli Clinic,John Were,60265,Needy African Children,0,0,,,0,0 286,42658,Correcting poor vision in poor rural learners,John Rae,70797,Grace and Dignity NPC,0,0,,,0,0 160,42965,Anti-Encroachment Campaign.,John Ndayambaje,65534,Action pour le Developpement de l'Ecotourisme Communautaire,622,8,,,0,622 286,43280,reducing alcohol and drug use to 500 in Uganda,John Kaddu,63773,Ndejje University,0,0,,,0,0 286,43880,"Provide water to the Ntene-Nte community, Cameroon",Joe Chapman,67957,Mbiame New Vision Multipurpose Farming and Development Association,0,0,,,0,0 286,42726,Mangrove replacement and protection on Vilankulo,Joaquim Uate,70388,ASSOCIACAO Ntumbuluku,0,0,,,0,0 214,42757,Team with disabilities in the Culinary Olympics,Jimmy Johnston MBE,67387,Glasgow North and Bishopbriggs Rotary,207,4,,,0,207 286,43383,FILL A PLATE FOR 300 CHILDREN OF MKURU SLUMS KENYA,Jim Tortorici,10710,Victory Foundation Programme,0,0,,,0,0 165,42700,Give immigrant kids a future with education,Jihyeong Song,66915,Chungbuk MultiCultural Family Support Center,560,4,,,0,560 286,43909,Food Rescue Project - Cooked Food for the hungry,Jessie Tan,38295,The Food Bank Singapore Ltd.,0,0,,,0,0 286,44154,Great Education for Impoverished Preschoolers,Jessica Smith,40054,Botshabelo,0,0,,,0,0 73,43988,Help Save Abandoned Animals like Duke,Jessica Roberts,71605,Dixie Adoptables,"5,325",59,,,0,"5,325" 10,43537,Protect Guatemalan Forests with Clean Cookstoves,Jessica Kind,69571,Asociacion Tu'ik Ruch' Lew,"12,662",84,winner,winner,0,"12,662" 86,42578,Rescue/Vet/Transport/Adopt 200 Street Dogs from PR,Jennifer Stilwell,70454,MAD Rescue of WNY,"5,113",58,,,0,"5,113" 2,43803,Empower 70 Kibera Youth to Become Self-Sufficient,Jennifer Sapitro,71919,Uweza Aid Foundation,"20,861",50,,winner,"2,000","22,861" 286,43037,"Fighting Poverty Through Education in Milot, Haiti",Jennifer Charles,61932,Her for Humanity,0,0,,,0,0 286,43949,STEAM education classes in South Africa for 100,Jenn Coles,53401,The Philile Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 70,43713,Empower mental/emotional wellbeing in Puerto Rico,Jeannette Ruiz,71342,"CMV Casa sin Fronteras, Inc.","5,350",72,,,0,"5,350" 108,43557,Human Trafficking,Jeanmarie Foy,70710,Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries,"2,272",20,,,0,"2,272" 286,43423,Give poor teen mothers of rape a hope and dignity,Jean Baptiste Ukurikiyimana,27770,HELP A CHILD INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 267,43859,Tutoring K-3 student in Reading/Leadership Trainin,Janet Viers,58560,Women Inspiring Women to To FLourish Together,25,1,,,0,25 225,43714,Creating school farms to fuel education in Haiti,Jane Hemminger,13409,Six Degrees of Separation - removing barriers for education,150,2,,,0,150 286,43576,Prevention project against gender-based violence,James Mulungula Makindu,61567,"Secours de la Femme Rurale au Developpement, Safrd",0,0,,,0,0 286,43844,Help Children w/ Disabilities to Become Our Future,James Lindquist,49686,"Angel View, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 286,43592,Spring wells construction and maintenance in Erusi,James Kumakech,70761,Community Uplift and Welfare Development (CUWEDE),0,0,,,0,0 286,43232,Reunite 100 Military Veterans,James Ferguson,58720,Warrior Reunion Foundation: Military Veteran Reunion Program,0,0,,,0,0 286,43203,School Uniforms21156,Jacqui Canning,71445,Kenya Kesho Trust,0,0,,,0,0 286,42884,Healthy Smiles,Jacqueline Namutaawe,59792,Oral Health Care Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 270,43055,Help feed to 50 a children with cancer in Mexico.,JESUCRISTO MISERICORDIOSO,48833,Jesucristo Misericordioso Ayuda de ninos con cancer A.C.,20,1,,,0,20 286,43798,support a girl with education in rural Kenya,JEREMIAH PAUL,64684,pastoralist education aid,0,0,,,0,0 286,43388,Support 30 girls complete high school in Kenya,JENIFER OPIYO ADHIAMBO,65027,ECONOMIC AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER (ECODEV CENTER),0,0,,,0,0 286,42735,Sustainable Households Income Empowerment (SHINE),JACKSON BUZINGO,70904,ONE MORE SALARY,0,0,,,0,0 286,43538,Skill development project for Widows in Ghana,Islamic Ummah Relief,63202,islamic ummah relief corp,0,0,,,0,0 286,43236,Empower 60 Youths through job training in Makeni,Ishmael Roland Kamara,70495,Youth Empowerment for Sustainability,0,0,,,0,0 244,43930,Prevention of Child abuse/rape in Kakamega County,Isaiah Jackson Sikolia,50105,western young leaders initiative,75,2,,,0,75 135,43590,Help an abused woman and her children,Isabela Stefan-Iorga,64695,Asociatia Soapta Florilor,"1,108",2,,,0,"1,108" 286,43882,Building dreams for boys and girls in Antioquia.,Isabel Cristina Ospina Cano,70211,Corporacion Hogar,0,0,,,0,0 286,43945,Mothers Deliver Safe and Infants Care for Youth,Isaac Olua Ojok,66813,Hope Revival Agency for Rural Development (HORARD),0,0,,,0,0 176,43749,Help the NSPCA raise disaster funds for 2020,Irinka Schröder,71722,National Council of SPCAs,459,22,,,0,459 260,43140,SUPPORT BAKITANG'A LUKUSI WOMEN GROUP PROJECTS,Irene Nasimiyu,70479,THE BAKITANG'A LUKUSI WOMEN GROUP,37,5,,,0,37 286,31767,Basic resources for 500 Farm school kids SA,Iqbal Bangaree,45438,Healing Hands Community Project,0,0,,,0,0 286,43379,Giving innovation kitbags to 500 Ugandan students,Innovate Africa Foundation,71300,Innovate Africa Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 281,43525,IYD Sports Development Programme for Schools,Inanda Youth Development,71046,Inanda Youth Development,10,1,,,0,10 286,41957,Empowering Young Adults with Special Needs,Illuminate Heart,56332,"Illuminate Heart, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 156,43929,Support the Bulgarian Natural Science Teams,Ilian Milev,60394,Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (NSOTA),711,4,,,0,711 286,43875,Empowering of Dyslexic Children in 20 Communities,Ihuoma Emeruwa,68307,Emechihu Favour Discovery Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 286,43668,Restore Livelihoods of 100 Rural Farmers in Ogoni,ILOH NICHOLAS,68925,LUTHER WELFARE FOR CHILDREN AT-RISK DEVELOPMENT CENTRE,0,0,,,0,0 286,43287,Free educational magazine for reproductive health,I want a baby Foundation,69763,I Want A Baby Foundation/,0,0,,,0,0 281,42670,Supporting of the Children Working on the Street,Huseyin Demir,55932,AVAZ Association,10,1,,,0,10 163,43670,Quality education to 20 children from Paraguay,Hugo Rojas,70849,Ensena por Paraguay,580,9,,,0,580 275,42782,Saving Asian Elephants and Protecting Livelihoods,Hugh Lonsdale,54345,Elephant Family,20,1,,,0,20 286,43033,"Education scholarship, Water and sanitation",Honourable Mazabuka,69003,Love of God Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 172,43447,Warm Clothes for Poor 150 Girl & 350 Boy Students,Hizbullah Khaskheli,58929,Hope and Tranformation against Poverty,500,1,,,0,500 16,43263,Mahila Avaz - Women's Voice,Helena Hinterecker,71262,Nepal Trust Austria,"11,437",58,,winner,0,"11,437" 246,43736,Art Workshops against violence in Oaxaca,Haydee Ramos,71890,Come libros y promocion cultural,68,4,,,0,68 112,43491,School for Vulnerable Children in Liberia,Hawa Asmahan Sheriff,70353,Ri'ayah Foundation Inc,"2,045",19,,,0,"2,045" 255,43908,RESURFACE STREET COURTS IN NIGERIA,Harry Ezenibe,49086,HarryCares Foundation,48,2,,,0,48 286,43619,"SEND 40 CHILDREN TO SCHOOL - LUSAKA ,ZAMBIA",Harrison MWIMA,61396,GILR INSPIRATION GROUP,0,0,,,0,0 133,43536,Grow Food for 100 Homes in Uganda (Wakiso area),Harriet Zaffoni,69321,Lend a Hand Uganda - USA,"1,131",20,,,0,"1,131" 286,43972,KEEP KISORO GIRLS IN SCHOOL programme,Harriet Mukajambo,58575,Global Learning for Sustainability(GLS),0,0,,,0,0 286,42925,Sanitary Towels: As a Tool to Keep Girls in School,Hamisi Dzole,70795,Toto Centre Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 258,43440,Bus for RICO Epidemic Response & Primary Care Team,Hakeem Kiboi,52180,RockHealth Integrated Care Org. (RICO),45,3,,,0,45 229,43980,Hope for Ethiopian children with deformities,HIWOT AMARE,16768,HADDIS AGAPE FOUNDATION,131,1,,,0,131 286,42829,Trafficking of transwomen,Génesis Rafael López Ramírez,60978,FUNDACION COLECTIVO HOMBRES XX AC,0,0,,,0,0 286,43451,Water for Agroforestry in two villages in Tanzania,Gumbo Majubwa,63806,ambakofi,0,0,,,0,0 101,43792,help old people find a family and meaning of life,Gulnar Tussupbekova,71429,NGO On the Maintenance and Care of Lonely and Elderly Deprived of Care,"5,000",40,,,0,"5,000" 19,42821,Support 26 000 children with palsy in Kazakhstan,Gulmira Abeldinova,70303,Kasietti Zhol Public Charity Fund,"10,341",314,winner,winner,"1,000","11,341" 9,43436,"From trash dump to classrooms, transform 200 lives",Grace Honduras,71693,Grace Honduras,"12,797",57,,winner,0,"12,797" 172,42712,Rescue project for 900 dogs & cats in Accra.,Godwin Okpattah,69624,Sancore Animal Rescue and Shelter,500,1,,,0,500 286,43804,"Re-Enroll orphans in Education,Disrupted by war",Godfrey Obua,45692,Rural Women and Coordination-RWYC,0,0,,,0,0 286,43531,Build a Computer Lab for Rural Students in Uganda,Godfrey Musumami,65753,Integrated ICT Youth Development Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 117,43577,Give 18 children in South Africa a safe home.,Gill Dobson,69148,Kenosis Community Trust,"1,820",11,,,0,"1,820" 116,43701,Empower 100 students with vital IT skills in Ghana,Gifty / Jennifer,69837,GROWGH EDU INITIATIVE,"1,854",12,,,0,"1,854" 270,44196,NUTRITION SECURITY FOR CHILDREN,Giftangels Foundation,65564,GIFT ANGELS FOUNDATION LTD,20,1,,,0,20 286,37913,Mission: Elf Support,Geriann Wiesbrook,58749,"Military Mama Network, NFP",0,0,,,0,0 286,42979,Support 200 children in domestic service in Haiti,Gerald Guillaume,56608,IDETTE,0,0,,,0,0 286,43371,Educate and support 100 orphans in Kenya,George Onyango,66422,NTIMI HOME OF HOPE,0,0,,,0,0 286,43191,Build a primary school for orphans in Uganda,George Kateu,70932,Garden of Hope Children's Ministry Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 286,43405,Expand JA Uganda Company Program to 1000 students,Geofrey Wakhakunyu,68973,Junior Achievement Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 91,43836,The Amazon Burning - Kids and Bugs to the Rescue!,Geoffrey Gallice,70900,Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon Inc.,"5,059",51,,,0,"5,059" 228,42939,Nutritious food for TB Patients in South Sudan,Gai Chol Paul,54121,Charity and Empowerment Foundation,140,6,,,0,140 239,43832,Developing a Permaculture Resource Centre in Seke,Gabriel Mutongi,6149,Zimconserve,100,1,,,0,100 286,42998,Support the gift of clean water,Gabriel Itoka,66185,Global United Diaspora Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 281,43347,Empowering LGBTIAQ youth using art in South Africa,Gabiel Hoosain Khan,59200,University of Cape Town,10,1,,,0,10 286,42664,1000-school-uniform-for-indigent-pupils-in-nigeria,GOS FOUNDATION,63970,GOLDEN OASIS SPRING FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 267,43320,Danos Un Techito - Give us A Little Roof,GLORIA MARTI,69752,Fundacion Save A Sato,25,1,,,0,25 286,43327,Enhance Women capacity to trade in local markets,GEORGE MADODA,68676,Aid for trade logistics,0,0,,,0,0 286,42604,ECONOMIC EMPOWER 200 VULNERABLE WOMEN IN TANZANIA,GEORGE JOHANES,70401,PAMBANA NA CHANGAMOTO ZA JAMII TANZANIA (PACHATA),0,0,,,0,0 191,43849,Careers Fair for 2000 yr10-12 students in Lagos,Funmi Olaore,57827,Save A Child Save A Nation Foundation,346,7,,,0,346 131,43394,Create bullying-free spaces in 2 Mexican schools,Fundacion en Movimiento,69316,"Fundacion en Movimiento, A. C.","1,255",24,,,0,"1,255" 286,42949,Repurposing Toys for Low Income Kids,Fundacion Go Green Toy (FGGT),54578,Fundacion go green toy (fggt) - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,0,,,0,0 286,42742,Library for Vulnerable youths in Barlaston,Friends Atheart,70655,Friends At Heart Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 42,42779,Winter Fundraising for Charmaghz,Freshta Karim,62722,Charmaghz Cultural Services Organization,"6,016",58,,,0,"6,016" 286,44032,Help 80 teenage mothers acquire economic skills,Francis Sarkodie,47888,Center for Integrated Rural and Child Development,0,0,,,0,0 82,44009,Good Living for 130 indigenous children in Chiapas,Fortalecimiento IDESMAC,71233,Instituto para el Desarrollo Sustentable en Mesoamerica A.C.,"5,166",72,,,0,"5,166" 262,43569,Provide Clean Water to 500 Families in the Desert!,Foad Shams,49647,Greet for Cause Foundation,36,3,,,0,36 230,42857,Arbat Brighter Future,Florence ROBICHON,67375,AUIF/Arbat Brighter Future,131,1,,,0,131 145,43634,Higher education in Europe: a students' tale!,Fleur Dooms,58098,Board of European Students of Technology,921,57,,,0,921 286,43369,Build economic resilience for women in eastern DRC,Fiston Basubi,61415,Food and Livestock Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 286,41912,Build toilets/houses for 75 cyclone victims in Zim,Fiona Mwashita,64683,Community Initiatives for Sustainable Development and Empowerment(CISDE),0,0,,,0,0 286,42912,ADVOCACY FOR PEACE JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS,Felix Djan Foh,46257,PUBLIC INTEREST RESEARCH AND ADVOCACY NETWORK (PIRAN),0,0,,,0,0 51,43469,Punto Crea - Creative Youth Makers in Guatemala!,Felix Alvarado,69924,Online Learning Initiative,"5,796",93,,,0,"5,796" 69,43861,Save Endangered Apolinar's Wren w/ Art & Education,Felipe Velasco,71314,Fundacion Montecito,"5,359",72,,,0,"5,359" 263,44019,Bring Joy to a Survivor For the Holidays!,Felicia Henderson,64463,True Help & Empowerment for Women & Aspiring Youth Foundation USA,35,1,,,0,35 118,43712,Send your LOVE to 100 TB affected Families,Faye Perez,70191,"TROPICAL DISEASE FOUNDATION, INC.","1,809",31,,,0,"1,809" 286,43655,Educate 300 girls in Kumasi on Menstrual Hygiene,Faustina Abbey,10467,United Way Ghana,0,0,,,0,0 20,42985,Support athletes with special needs in Pakistan,Farkhanda Jabeen,66851,Special Olympics Pakistan,"10,082",75,winner,winner,0,"10,082" 212,44003,"Serve 3,000 children with lifesaving vitamins",Farah J Vaughn,71206,"Global Renourish Organization, Inc.",210,10,,,0,210 44,42872,Support 500 girls in India through football!,Faith Gonsalves,70734,Enabling Leadership Inc.,"5,979",44,,,0,"5,979" 204,43867,Improving education for 80 kids in La Guajira,FUNDACION LIGHT4EDUCATION,67549,FUNDACION LIGHT4EDUCATION,270,5,,,0,270 93,43892,"Water for jaguars and farmers in Gaira, Colombia",FULMAR CAMARGO SALAMANCA,67423,Fundacion Estacion Biologica Bachaqueros,"5,026",39,,,0,"5,026" 286,43197,Impart Employability skills to 1000 youth in Kenya,FRANCIS MBUGUA,68004,BEST WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PLAN KENYA LTD,0,0,,,0,0 286,43430,Improving lives through sports in Zambia.,FOGS FOUNDATION,68528,Fountain of Good Sport Community Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 240,41701,"Water Project Yalwan Shadam, Jos, Plateau, Nigeria",FAITH OGBU,62832,Spring Stars Global Empowerment Foundation,90,3,,,0,90 286,43190,aid 500 nigerian girls with educational materials,Ezekiel Ejalonibu,33213,Livingspring Human Development Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 286,43594,Wellness Center for the Poor in Uganda,Everns Bagamuhunda,69267,Center for Citizens Communication and Justice,0,0,,,0,0 180,43336,Fighting Iliteracy - for 900 at risk children in P,Eva Bettsak,59276,Fundacion Judio Panamena - JUPA,440,6,,,0,440 272,43985,Help feed orphan & vulnerable kids in Eswatini!,Erica Myeni,69715,Wetsembekile Ministries,20,2,,,0,20 173,42926,Disability Rehabilitation of 200 children in Kenya,Erastus Onyango,50956,Port Florence Youth Initiative,497,4,,,0,497 286,43856,COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT PROJECT,Erasto Kishula,48318,KAGERA YOUTH FORUM,0,0,,,0,0 161,43292,Rainwater Harvesting to 45 families in El Salvador,Enrique Merlos,65567,FUNDACION NACIONAL PARA EL DESARROLLO,622,11,,,0,622 286,43862,Aid for 100 special children in Calabar,Eno Okpo,41084,E-Enable (Enabled to Enable),0,0,,,0,0 103,42715,CONSTRUCTION OF TWENTY FOUR ULTRA MODERN LIBRARIES,Emmanuel Osei,71002,PLATINUM FOUNDATION,"3,900",3,,,0,"3,900" 150,43479,Rescue a Grace Girl,Emma van der Walt,64488,Brave To Love,821,7,,,0,821 270,43898,Sending Letters to Orphans Worldwide,Emily Yuan,62034,Paper Bridges Corp,20,2,,,0,20 119,43671,Pathways for All,Emily Olson,71878,"Lee Pesky Learning Center, Inc.","1,790",11,,,0,"1,790" 286,43921,Bringing health services closer to older persons,Emily Beridico,64598,"Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 137,43237,Education Fund for Africa,Emilia Miki,33093,Denis Miki Foundation,"1,073",53,,,0,"1,073" 248,43261,Help Communities Create Conservation Success,Elliot Connor,71370,Human Nature,64,3,,,0,64 286,44022,Improved hygine and sanitation in 20 schools,Elijah Mutungi,30308,Mundu Agricultural Environmental and Educational Organization (MAEEO),0,0,,,0,0 281,42994,Help Shamwari Yemwanasikana save lives of girls,Ekenia Chifamba,26978,ShamwariYemwanasikana Trust,10,1,,,0,10 286,43718,Keep orphaned babies alive and with a family,Edward Hill,47540,Pamoja Leo,0,0,,,0,0 286,42950,Buying medicines for 164 children with cancer.,Eduardo Piñones,43940,Corporacion de Estudios y Desarrollo Norte Grande,0,0,,,0,0 286,43917,WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SURROUNDING NYIKA RESERVE,Edmund Chirambo,63236,BOARDER NETWORK WE,0,0,,,0,0 286,43589,Help Train 1500 Providers to rebuild hope for IDPs,Edie Geraldine,44978,Adele Reproductive Health Foundation-Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (CTC4FP),0,0,,,0,0 130,43131,Plant Seeds of Hope for 110 Ugandan Single Moms,EMMANUEL WINERSON,50613,PROJECT MATHEW 2335,"1,275",28,,,0,"1,275" 286,42526,Better Youths Cameroon,ELVIS IKOME,36691,CAMEROON DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION FOUNDATION (CADEF),0,0,,,0,0 286,43243,Multimedia Training Centre for skills empowerment,EBONGNJUME Icent,70402,PEWNAP,0,0,,,0,0 193,42599,Foodprint,Dries Boeye,34857,Habbekrats,345,5,,,0,345 254,43565,Train 500 Refugees on Disease prevention-Uganda,Dricile Ratib,69079,Integrated health and Development initiative (IHDI),50,1,,,0,50 286,42976,Provide Education to 12 Orphan Children in India,Dr. Vinod Prakash,54356,India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF),0,0,,,0,0 267,43753,Creating a Generation of Wildlife Warriors,Dr. Paula Kahumbu,70466,WildlifeDirect Kenya,25,1,,,0,25 94,43126,Give 500 ASEAN Youth a Life Skills Education!,Douglas Teoh,57007,Fondacio Asia Inc.,"5,021",83,,,0,"5,021" 286,43490,Leasing Land for 38 Poor families in Wabitosi,Dorcas Foundation Organisation,53460,Dorcas Foundation Organisation,0,0,,,0,0 209,43313,The child is everything to us,Dora Vas,71392,SZENA Association for Families,244,7,,,0,244 236,42801,Provide quality education to 200 children,Dirección LA NAZARENA,66300,La Nazarena,110,2,,,0,110 63,43932,Help us create Bulgaria's Green Educational Centre,Dimitar Lazarov,71134,Association for Shared Learning ELA,"5,510",45,,,0,"5,510" 286,44077,Prevention of Genocide against Pygmies in the DRC,Dimala Wicksteed,65200,Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee (IPACC) - Trust,0,0,,,0,0 127,43281,Help People in Bulgaria Overcome Addiction,Dilyana Bondokova,71789,Fracarita Bulgaria Association,"1,394",26,,,0,"1,394" 286,43357,CONSTRUCTION OF A HOME FOR STREET CHILDREN,Dickson Nkwabi,69908,Nihurumie Child Group (NCG),0,0,,,0,0 286,43040,Community Livelihoods and Empow-erment Project,Dickens Mtonga,71847,Evangelical Lutheran Development service,0,0,,,0,0 286,43823,Empowering Our Girls: Girls on the Run - DC,Devoria Armstead,53631,"Girls on the Run, DC",0,0,,,0,0 241,43952,Solarized Water Pump & TV for 4 Centers in Pangil,Deserie Goto,71927,"Ahon Sa Hirap, Inc. (A Microfinance NGO)",85,3,,,0,85 286,40930,Building a Safe Space for Survivors (AGYW) of SGBV,Dennis Ouma Okongo,60102,Mission of Love Support Community Based Organization,0,0,,,0,0 207,43412,SAVE THEM NOW,Dennis Mudzinganyama,65930,Global Village Charitable Trust,250,1,,,0,250 278,42770,LLevar agua a comunidades vulnerables de Veracruz,Demetrio Jacinto,50025,"Vision Mundial de Moxico, A.C.",15,1,,,0,15 286,43727,Breast Cancer Angels Family Assistance Project,Debbie Stroman,64349,Breast Cancer Angels,0,0,,,0,0 23,43136,Provide a quality education for girls in Liberia,Davidetta Togba Cassell,71527,Germinating Every Mind Liberia,"8,694",86,,winner,0,"8,694" 286,42758,CONSTRUCTION OF MODERN EARLY LEARNING COMPLEX,David Onyango Ochola,62582,COMPETENCE BUILDING SOCIETY OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION FOR KENYA,0,0,,,0,0 270,43854,Solar for Internally Displaced Persons Camps,David Michael Terungwa,53799,Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation- GIFSEP,20,1,,,0,20 75,43807,Give a new life to 200 rural Ugandan women,David Lukwago,71970,Prosper Mama Africa Inc,"5,269",50,,,0,"5,269" 41,43019,Send 5 Athletes to the Costa Rica Special Olympics,David Grubbs,66244,Fundacion Daluz Vivencias Equinas,"6,035",62,,,0,"6,035" 227,43110,Journey With Women To Freedom and Self-Empowerment,David Grant,71457,"Sari Bari USA, Inc.",144,1,,,0,144 286,37305,DEAF: Mini-grants-ASL&English enrichment projects,David Born,55086,Deaf Education Advocates Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 158,43705,"Environment, Economics, Empowerment in DRC? YAS!",Danielle Prince,64951,Fund for Congolese Women,653,7,,,0,653 286,43163,Southern Oregon Air Academy Campus Updates,Daniella Bivens,60748,My Vector,0,0,,,0,0 286,42483,Digital Divide,Daniel DeJesus,51369,UNITED TECH PROJECT FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 208,43838,Literacy can change the lives of 150 families,Daniel Coelho,49945,Holistica Foundation Inc,245,4,,,0,245 179,42702,SAVE NEWBORNS ABANDONED IN NAIROBI KENYA SLUMS,Daniel Bushebi,25550,Home Of Hope International,448,24,,,0,448 12,43093,Build the Movement: Support Achvat Amim!,Dana Mandler,70743,Achvat Amim - Solidarity of Nations,"12,185",188,winner,winner,0,"12,185" 286,42492,Fighting miss use of drugs among the youth,Dan Dunia,62920,Sustainable Rural Development Agency West Nile,0,0,,,0,0 286,43279,FREE MOBILE HOSPITALS FOR TRANSGENDERS IN PAKISTAN,DR. SABIHA GUL,53855,FOUNDATION FOR POOR SOULS,0,0,,,0,0 286,42882,SUPPORT 5 ELDERLY CAREGIVERS TO 20 HIV+CHILDREN,DAVID MAGALA,67532,people living with HIV/AIDS(PLAS)-Lyantonde UGANDA,0,0,,,0,0 286,43505,"Provide Food, Clothing to 1000+ Starving Childen",DAVID CANCEL,67859,JC Inspires Foundation Inc,0,0,,,0,0 286,43745,School Return for 2500 idp and refugees inCameroon,DAMIEN NOMA ELOUNDOU,61066,RESPECT CAMEROUN,0,0,,,0,0 286,43496,Affordable Occupational Therapy,Cyndy Muchine,71362,Kenya Autism Alliance Corporation,0,0,,,0,0 286,43965,Peer 2 Peer Mentoring,Courtney Stewart,57336,National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens,0,0,,,0,0 286,43938,"Boost Education and Life skills for 1,500 youths",Cornelius Tfurndabi Tawong,59078,ACTION LAB FOR DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,,0,0 5,43326,Fund 10 up-and-coming Ghanaian women innovators,Constance Kane,70087,United Planet Corp (Empowered to Educate),"17,225",85,winner,winner,0,"17,225" 286,43434,"Spread the Love, Educate Needy Child in Njiru",Collince Dundo,48031,Youth Initiative Development Programme,0,0,,,0,0 207,43564,Engaging community through Festival de la Tierra,Colectivo La Bola,25332,La Bola Cultura Rebotando A.C.,250,12,,,0,250 286,43244,Support for the creation of micro-business communi,Clémentine SUMUNI,71617,"Actions Collectives pour le Developpement Social,ACODES",0,0,,,0,0 64,43393,"Yearbooks for 100 Orphans in Zakarpattia, Ukraine",Clinton White,68588,Shade for Children,"5,500",46,,,0,"5,500" 286,43747,Assisting the Blind from Less Privilege Families,Chuks Ossai,59818,Poverty Alleviation Network & Self Dependence Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 286,43401,Provide Clean Renewable Sustainable Energy Source.,Christopher Lunguya,43382,Organization for Scientific Research and Youth Technical Development,0,0,,,0,0 267,43062,Lactation Training for 10 Under-Served Communities,Christine Rushing,58652,Milky Mommas,25,1,,,0,25 114,43027,Emergency flood response in Greater Akobo & Pibor,Christian Recovery & Development Agency,71701,Christian Recovery and Development Agency,"2,000",19,,,0,"2,000" 107,43786,Youth Activism on the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty,Christian Ciobanu,72692,Nuclear Age Peace Foundation,"2,730",30,,,0,"2,730" 34,43128,Sustainability training for marginalized Ghanaians,Christian Andres,70612,Obrobibini Peace Complex,"7,016",49,,,0,"7,016" 286,43578,Supporting Isolated Older People in Dorset. U.K.,Chris Wakefield,60009,Prama Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 31,43433,Provide Access to Clean Water for 600 Families,Chris Rudd,71519,Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia,"7,292",56,,,0,"7,292" 286,44057,Support Children With Special Needs in S/L,Children's Hope,46589,Childrens Hope Initiative - Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 286,43999,AID 100 IDEATO INDIGENES FOR DIABETES MEDIC-CARE,Chiemezie Ezeani,65457,Life Transformation for Africa Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 286,44008,Cervical Cancer testing &treatment for rural women,Chidiebere Anyanwu,46896,The Smile Mission INT'L,0,0,,,0,0 267,43471,Scholarships for Children of Fallen CHP Officers,Cheryl Harrington,70294,California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation,25,1,,,0,25 286,42662,Support women survivors of violence in Myanmar,Cherry Soe,49959,Jeepyah Civil Society Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 286,43937,Together We Can Help Change Community Kids' Future,Chean Toing Ain,54654,Attitude Centre for Education,0,0,,,0,0 259,43199,Build Medical School for 400 young girls in Uganda,Charles Olanya,68962,TERIZINA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION,40,1,,,0,40 11,42656,A Space4all,Chance4all Zambia,58393,chance4all,"12,585",95,winner,winner,0,"12,585" 286,43860,Flooding Families Recovery,Chad Detwiler,59061,"Recovering Oklahomans After Disaster, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 124,43852,Addressing both Food Sovereignty & Climate Change,Ceferino Cenizo,69883,Earth And Man Foundation NPC,"1,513",20,,,0,"1,513" 286,42788,provide skill training for 300 youth in uganda,Cefarh Foundation,61801,Cefarh foundation-uganda,0,0,,,0,0 57,43672,Transforming Haiti One Village at a Time,Catherine Parrill,68950,Creative Exchanges initiative,"5,602",47,,,0,"5,602" 286,43542,Create Jobs for 40 youths and 30 women in Uganda,Catherine Martha Agwang,46392,Uganda Youth Development and Training Programme,0,0,,,0,0 196,43008,Help Provide Housing and Medical Care To Parrots,Catherine Gwyer,47027,Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary,327,4,,,0,327 178,42827,"Help Preserve Houston's History, Culture, and Art",Carrie Grzelak,65216,Houston Arts Alliance,450,6,,,0,450 286,43597,Preventing Congenital Hydrocephalus in Mexico,Carmen Lopez,61474,Fundacion de Neurociencias,0,0,,,0,0 286,42692,JIGGER RELIEF,Carlex mlugo,53302,Odollo Self Help Group,0,0,,,0,0 32,41622,Bring Computers to orphan students in Tanzania,Carl Gann,68102,Orphans Africa,"7,205",53,,,0,"7,205" 286,43132,Free Medicals for Riverine Women and Children,Canice Okere,67884,Olyrose Care Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 266,43802,HELP TO ENHANCE PREVENTING POVERTY WITH TREES,Cae Rwanda,59082,Compagnie Agricole et Environnement (CAE),29,1,,,0,29 170,43975,Help 26 Korean Gay Soldiers Fight for Freedom,CMHRK Military HR Korea,61774,Center for Military Human Rights Korea,526,2,,,0,526 286,44000,Project for Empowering Rural Communities,CEID UGANDA,63729,Collective Effort for Institutional Development (CEID),0,0,,,0,0 95,43868,Young Indigenous Women Empowered with Basketball,CARLOS MEZA LAVANIEGOS,71086,"IDEAS INFORMACION Y DISENOS EDUCATIVOS PARA ACCIONES SALUDABLES, A.C.","5,012",56,,,0,"5,012" 286,43766,Michigan Economic Justice Fellowship,Bridgett Lomax,71807,Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan,0,0,,,0,0 286,43872,Scholarships for 10 mexican children for one year,Brianda Puc,62022,Fundacion Ciudad de la Alegria A.C.,0,0,,,0,0 286,43958,IT Skills Training for Unemployed in South Africa,Brian Davies,66146,Rotary Club of Felixstowe Landguard,0,0,,,0,0 100,42752,Provide Vocational Training for 10 Ugandan Women,Brett Krieble,59137,"Ribe Project, Inc.","5,001",57,,,0,"5,001" 286,42590,CommunityBased Educational Support Victoria Mxenge,Brenda Skelenge,70444,Leaps Development and Advocacy Services NPO,0,0,,,0,0 286,43014,Gift Quality Education to 100 Kenyan Students,Bradley Broder,54403,"Kenya Education Fund, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 140,43637,Help 250 Poor Nica Women re-build their businesses,Bob Brown,69632,Open to Grow,981,13,,,0,981 186,43760,Seeing Hands Rwanda,Beth Njoki Gatonye,59975,Seeing Hands Spa organization rwanda,390,8,,,0,390 38,43362,The Mentor,Benjamin Rukwengye,68514,Boundless Minds Limited,"6,225",53,,,0,"6,225" 286,43381,Enhancing vulnerable youth and women in Gokwe,Benjamin Mpofu,62676,Community Progress Trust,0,0,,,0,0 270,43922,Train 50Trainers who will inturn train 1000 others,Bengha martin,66672,The Regional Center for the welfare of ageing person in Cameroon(RECEWAPEC),20,1,,,0,20 286,44067,End Witchcraft Branding and Stigmatization (EWBS),Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI),50208,Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI),0,0,,,0,0 286,42623,"No healthcare? No problem, we can help!",Barnabas Herbert,69954,Barn Medical Doctors Mission,0,0,,,0,0 71,44124,Support 100 children access assistive devices,Barbara Basule,27076,Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services,"5,349",42,,,0,"5,349" 286,42823,Think Before Pink,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,42488,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,0,0,,,0,0 286,43717,Improve Living Conditions for 3 Destitute Widows,Baluku Richard,45676,Mama Dorika's Island Of Happiness - MDIH,0,0,,,0,0 286,43604,Support and Educate Vulnerable Children in Uganda,Baliddawa Henry,50461,Blessed Echoes Children Alliance,0,0,,,0,0 217,42876,Build four libraries for Children in Sierra Leone,Baimba Osman Sheriff,71007,Children's Assurance Program Sierra Leone (CAP-SL),200,1,,,0,200 286,42778,Protect-forests-marine-wildlife-in- the Gambia,Badara N Bajo,40894,Gunjur Environmental Protection And Development Group(GEPADG),0,0,,,0,0 281,43122,Stop Sexual Violence against Women in Nigeria.,Babatunde Olaniran,71623,Kingdom Seekers International Outreach Ministry,10,1,,,0,10 286,42915,Educating the abandoned girls in the slums,BOB KEPHAS,67054,Lerne adams foundation,0,0,,,0,0 104,43242,Saving the Chapman pygmy chameleon from extinction,BINCO vzw,71219,BINCO vzw,"3,431",41,,,0,"3,431" 280,43926,Support 200 Flood Victims in South Sudan,BEYOND AID AND RELIEF,65119,BEYOND AID AND RELIEF,12,1,,,0,12 286,42826,Purchases of School Supplies for Vulnerable,BENJAMIN KOJO ASIEDU,63485,YAWEH SAVE LIFE FOUNDATION GHANA,0,0,,,0,0 286,43629,Give the Gift of Hearing,Ayman Aburahma,72585,UMR,0,0,,,0,0 267,44005,CDEA's Fashion & Design Incubator &Accelerator,Ayeta Wangusa,69888,Culture and Development East Africa,25,1,,,0,25 270,43105,HELP 500 SLUM GIRLS ATTEND SCHOOL IN KENYA,Asunta Wagura,71371,Kenya Network of Women with AIDS (KENWA),20,1,,,0,20 122,42845,Civic Skills for 2.400 Youth in Brazil,Associação Politiquê?,62331,Associacao Politique?,"1,577",14,,,0,"1,577" 286,44168,Rotary WASH for 2500 villagers in Tanzania,Ashley MAJOR,64327,Rotary Club of Elgin Charitable Trust Fund,0,0,,,0,0 162,43009,Regenerative Aid for Philippine Typhoon and Quake,Arthur Bagalacsa,60439,"Green Releaf Initiative, Inc.",599,18,,,0,599 105,43660,UNLEASH YOUNG TALENT AND BREAK DOWN INEQUALITIES,Art Against Knives,70868,Art Against Knives,"3,138",38,,,0,"3,138" 286,43527,Alternative Livelihood for Education & Environment,Arshad hussain,70609,Social Aid for Common Humanitarian (SACH),0,0,,,0,0 141,42434,Sport Hall construction for 800 Armenian students,Armine Abrahamyan,67460,Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum,960,6,,,0,960 254,43284,Help kids with IDD to make friends in Mongolia,Ariunaa Gombosuren,70489,Uye Tengiin Sain Naizuud,50,1,,,0,50 286,43853,Improve Sexual/Reproductive Health in Cross River,Arit Egbe,62619,Greater Hands Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 286,43956,ZAKKI Empowering The Elderly in Indonesia,Arifah Suparni,55821,Yayasan Integrity Syariah,0,0,,,0,0 79,43335,Legal Empowerment to Stop Foreclosures Puerto Rico,Ariadna Godreau,69754,Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico,"5,250",52,,,0,"5,250" 273,43228,Clothing 200 people sleeping rough this Christmas,Antony Wroe,71945,Clothe Me - Thank You,20,2,,,0,20 286,42627,Strengthening the Capacity of schools in Managing,Anthony Sadalla,65371,Hope for Children Aid (HOCA),0,0,,,0,0 110,43789,Building peace communities in Dominican Republic,Annette Tejada,64660,Agencia Promotora de Iniciativas de Desarrollo (APID),"2,130",42,,,0,"2,130" 120,43607,Thrive,Anne Bacon,71531,IMPACT Community Action Partnership,"1,761",32,,,0,"1,761" 154,43752,Help Ukrainian inventors get to IC Worldwide 2020,Anna Uvarova,47257,Center for Innovative Education Pro.Svit,720,3,,,0,720 134,43608,Low Income Moms Need Breastfeeding Support,Anna Short,71746,Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon,"1,122",18,,,0,"1,122" 198,43344,Help Mykolaiv and Batumi youth with disabilities,Anna Nord,65170,NGO Maisternia Dobra (Welfare Workshop) /,312,8,,,0,312 54,43881,Give Vulnerable Populations Access to Therapy Dogs,Anna Dilanian,71898,Oknooshoon,"5,721",45,,,0,"5,721" 286,42981,Activation Hub,Anika Manzoor,62137,Youth Activism Project,0,0,,,0,0 286,39273,ACCESS TO IT AND TO INFORMATION RIGHT,Anicet Katsuva,58702,Ligue des Sacrifices Volontaires pour la Defense des Droits Humains et d'Environnement (LISVDHE),0,0,,,0,0 286,43535,"Empower 10,000 Colombian Children with Education",Andrés Beltrán Muñoz,36090,FUNDACION UNITED WAY COLOMBIA,0,0,,,0,0 286,43449,Uwezo Employability and Entrepreneurship Project,Andrew Odongo,68955,Support Innovations for Peace and Education,0,0,,,0,0 189,43083,educate 100 orphans for one year in uganda,Andrew Muyingo,65343,Samaritans for Children,355,3,,,0,355 286,42773,Access to Education for 1000 children in Buruku,Andrew A Gbishe,60119,"Foundation for Justice, development and peace",0,0,,,0,0 286,43873,100 Women Rendering Aid to Youth in Mental Crisis,Andrea Mustin,57471,Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide,0,0,,,0,0 49,43669,Transforming Lives through Education Rural Oaxaca,Ananda Learning Center,71965,Centro de Aprendizaje Ananda,"5,847",63,,,0,"5,847" 152,43310,New Lives for 50 women living with HIV in Armenia,Anahit Harutyunyan,62891,Positive People Armenian Network social NGO,732,10,,,0,732 213,43288,Let's restore a unique cloud forest in Venezuela,Ana Quevedo,71622,Centro de Investigacion en Gestion Integral de Riesgos,210,4,,,0,210 286,43119,Give work to 10 indigenous women in Mexico,Ana Lorena Flores Armendariz,60817,Comunidad Mexicanas en el Mundo AC,0,0,,,0,0 265,43735,"Tell her she's not alone, support a woman w/cancer",Ana Karina Mejia,61046,"Pro Oncologia Calidad y Vida, A.C. (Pro Oncavi AC)",30,3,,,0,30 286,43200,Help Grow the Scales Conservation Fund,Amy Aucamp-Clark,68613,Scales Conservation Fund NPC,0,0,,,0,0 286,43005,Return 120 teenage mothers to school in Tuna.,Amos Seidu,63955,Centre for Rural Improvement Services (CRIS),0,0,,,0,0 207,43226,"Water, Sanitation and Hygiene For Orphanages",Amos Sawboh,67828,Orphans Concern,250,1,,,0,250 284,43402,In My Finger Tips-IMFIT(Youths Promoting WASH),Amazon Theatrix,68374,Amazon Theatrix Ensemble(A.T.E),2,1,,,0,2 286,43915,HELP US educate our children,Amanda Bossenger,7038,Cotlands,0,0,,,0,0 286,43967,Support Pro Poor to strengthen them for livelihood,Aman Dangaura,41962,"Community-based Forestry Supporters' Network, Nepal",0,0,,,0,0 286,43643,20 families survive through handicraft in Albania,Alida Kondi,70723,Qendra per promovimin e Konkurrueshmerise,0,0,,,0,0 286,43851,TBRI Trauma Care Training to Benefit Orphans,Alice Skaff,67337,Haven of Hope International,0,0,,,0,0 92,42717,Rescue 75 Second Hand Dogs from the Deep South,Ali Lyder-Norton,68516,Paws New England,"5,050",56,,,0,"5,050" 80,43725,Inspire 1.500 children through music in Greece,Alexandra Strelcova,71705,Friends of El Sistema Greece,"5,199",63,,,0,"5,199" 286,43134,Empower 5000 women to end child marriage in Ghana,Alex Ababio,64196,African Liberators Economic Institute,0,0,,,0,0 286,43215,"Food Security for 1,000 women farmers in Ghana",Al-hassan Hudi,10229,Community Aid for Rural Development (CARD-Ghana),0,0,,,0,0 286,42513,Build Back Better from Typhoon Hagibis,Akinobu Yoshikawa,60958,Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture,0,0,,,0,0 254,42851,"Creating 2,000 Jobs for Jobless Nigerian youths",Akinade Emmanuel,61018,Enterprenuship Development Organisation Of Nigeria,50,1,,,0,50 187,43609,Protect and rehabilitate livelihoods of Vulnerable,Ahmed Dirie Elmi,60052,Hunger Reduction International,386,10,,,0,386 254,43013,Second home for 130 pupils - Witajcie w domu!,Agnieszka Wieszczycka- Bromska,56663,Fundacja Dla Polonii,50,1,,,0,50 286,38084,Improving access to sexual reproductive informatio,Agnes Kabanda Kyambadde,24513,Slum Aid Project (SAP),0,0,,,0,0 151,43221,We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For,Africa Matters Initiative,70499,Afrika Matters Initiative,808,25,,,0,808 286,43982,Startup Kits for 72 indigent Sexually Abused Women,Adeshola Bello,45594,"Freedom Foundation for Social, Educational and Health Reform",0,0,,,0,0 270,43373,ACTIVE CITIZENS PROGRAMME,Adeniyi Akindayomi,58796,Imole Development Initiative for Africa,20,1,,,0,20 286,43500,Girls Health Matter-Reusable Hygiene Product,Adenike Grange,61440,Adegrange Child Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 281,43422,TAKING 250 LEARNERS FROM UNDER THE TREE IN NIGERIA,Adenike Erinoso,70181,Beellahy Foundation,10,1,,,0,10 286,43879,Emergency control of Salvinia molesta in Lake Ossa,Adenike Adeiga,68144,African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization (AMMCO),0,0,,,0,0 286,42858,Rehabilitation of the market garden perimeter.,Adama SANOGO,71150,Solidarite Internationale pour l'Afrique,0,0,,,0,0 286,43398,be a part of new technology,Adama Niang,64519,Association du travail au service de l'humanite,0,0,,,0,0 109,43481,Sponsor a Tree-CO2 Compensation and Climate Change,Action for Vietnam,68573,Aid for social protection program foundation Vietnam (AFV),"2,202",41,,,0,"2,202" 286,43181,Provide Water to 6 schools in Ogembo Sub-county,Action for Children Kenya,71717,Action for Children - Kenya,0,0,,,0,0 286,43337,Junub Youth economic empowerment project,Access for ALL-AFA,52948,Access for All (AFA),0,0,,,0,0 286,43691,Train 1300 Women and Disable in South Sudan,Abraham Wani,64506,OSIL Partners in Relief and Development,0,0,,,0,0 281,43480,Live Community,Abdullahi Ibrahim,58725,NO BOX INITIATIVE,10,1,,,0,10 281,43212,WinBack A Girl To School...,AbdulRaheem AbdulRahman,70884,Humanity Africa and better life for rural communities initiative,10,1,,,0,10 286,43448,HELP PREVENT ANIMALS CRUELTY AND SUFFERING IN GH,Abdul Rahman Safian,62805,West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare(WACPAW),0,0,,,0,0 286,43918,raising awareness on disaster among 1000 students,Abdul Rahman Kowa,44356,2017 Mandela Washington Fellows-Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 286,43596,Empowering 1000 Ghanaian Youth in Public Speaking,Abdul Rahim Imoro,64019,Infinite Research Institute,0,0,,,0,0 252,43441,Conducting Outreach programme for cataract surgery,Abdirahman Salad,66263,HIDA,51,2,,,0,51 238,43841,Give Education to the most vulnerable Somali Girls,Abdinur Diblawe,48063,Agro-Pastoral Charity Organization (APCO),104,5,,,0,104 286,43007,Livelihood project for internally displaced,Abbeytakor Martin Nkwa,70492,Association of South West Agriculturist Rural Development and Environmental Project,0,0,,,0,0 286,41454,SUSTAINABILITY AND SELF RELIANCE OF NEEDY CHILDREN,Abaasi Walugembe,55056,CIOC Humanitarian Initiative co.ltd,0,0,,,0,0 286,43234,TRAINING PROGRAM FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT OFFICER,ATHUMANI MBONDE,68957,TODAY'S DEVELOPMENT AND SKILLS PROMOTION ORGANIZATION,0,0,,,0,0 286,43444,FAMILY SPACE PROJECT,ASSOCIAÇÃO PROJETO ÁGUIA,64820,ASSOCIACAO PROJETO VISAO AGUIA,0,0,,,0,0 286,43355,WASH PROMOTION AT GROUPE SCOLAIRE REGA,ARDE KUBAHO,69791,ASSOCIATION RWANDAISE POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT ENDOGENE (ARDE/KUBAHO),0,0,,,0,0 129,43662,Empower 265 refugees to make Brazil home,ANDRÉ LEITÃO,56088,ASSOCIACAO COMPASSIVA,"1,297",16,,,0,"1,297" 216,43788,Educate and Empower 300 rural girls Sierra Leone,ALIEMU JALLOH,64427,YOUTH HELP SIERRA LEONE,202,2,,,0,202 102,43561,Humanitarian Relief for Yemen,AISHA JUMAAN,71843,Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation,"4,120",21,,,0,"4,120" 286,42853,EMPOWER WOMEN SELLING FISH,AIMEE MULANGALIRO,70449,"CADRE D'ASSISTANCE ET DEVELOPPEMENT EN BIODIVERSITE, CADB en sigle",0,0,,,0,0 286,39258,Building Sustainability an resilient comunities.,ADOLFO ACMED DE LOS SANTOS,57794,OmniUnity Asociacion Civil,0,0,,,0,0 274,43359,Strengthening Youth Adaptation and Resilient Econo,ABIUD OYOO,68810,Women Development Response Agency (WODERA),20,1,,,0,20 286,44035,Illuminate Human Condition with Solar Power,ABDOULIE SANYANG,50359,Network for climate action,0,0,,,0,0 259,43942,Educate Internally displaced children in Cameroon,ABDOULAYE FOKOUE MOUNMIE,64175,HEREG,40,2,,,0,40 136,42602,SEND A SEED WOMEN'S PROJECT KABALE UGANDA,,64429,Send a Seed Women's Project,"1,101",4,,,0,"1,101" 190,43764,More and better water through ecotechnics,,70052,NUHUSEHE EDUCACION Y DESARROLLO A.C.,350,9,,,0,350