Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Amount Raised (USD),Donor Count,Homepage,Social Media Shout Out,Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 328,35362,LETS EDUCATE 150 ORPHANS IN VILLEGE OF PAKISTAN,zeeshan sarshar,54595,Anchal Social Welfare Organization Sindh,0,0,,,0,0 328,36762,COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT ON FIGHTING AGAINST HIV/AIDS,zainabu makombe,55644,Happy children Tanzania organisation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36955,Sustainable Ecotourism for Socio-economic Developm,wilson suero,48906,Vision Social,0,0,,,0,0 328,36565,Give a child better life Project .,welile elbie,50012,welile falake foundation,0,0,,,0,0 272,36470,Awareness on safe and unsafe touch to 1 lakh kids,waseem iqbal,54616,AAS,89,2,,,0,89 328,36170,Food Security for tribal women thru Basket Making,vijaya bhaskar vasagiri,25814,Chaithanya Kala Bharathi,0,0,,,0,0 167,35647,VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS,vasudha gupta,52730,"People For animals, Bihar",560,30,,,0,560 328,36236,END SCHOOL RELATED GENDER BASED VIOLENCE,tulips foundation,54818,tulips international foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36498,Improving Livelihood of Northeast Nigerian IDPs,sylvanus Ajeh,56530,Vicksly Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 142,36559,Antenatal care for 1000 rural Tanzanian women,suus theuws,51641,Stichting Driving Nurses,"1,026",16,,,0,"1,026" 148,36841,Little Cup Big Change: Improving Menstrual Hygiene,somero Uganda,42346,Somero Uganda,879,24,,,0,879 328,36687,Help 300 Poor & Low Performing Students in Malawi,silvia Ndalama,55534,TOUCH OF HOPE,0,0,,,0,0 328,34815,Empowering the Needy in Kenya,shonasisters womengroup,47552,SHONA SISTERS WOMEN GROUP,0,0,,,0,0 328,35197,Immediate Relief Support for 100 families,shishupal khobragade,40337,SAMTA JAN KALYAN SAMITI,0,0,,,0,0 328,36731,Advocacy MHM proposal,sam ignas,46240,Siafu and Upendo Women Development Organization (SUWODE),0,0,,,0,0 62,36383,Train 80 Guatemalans in Civic Advocacy,rebekah giacomantonio,55302,Asociacion para el Liderazgo en Guatemala,"5,155",54,,,0,"5,155" 228,35677,Helping People In Need In Iraq-Mosul-Ninavah plain,ramy butris,48903,gilgamesh organization for development,200,1,,,0,200 182,37095,Fund a fire engine for Northern Albanian community,peter robinson,57381,Rotary Club of Bodmin,437,16,,,0,437 283,35819,"Screening 6,500 vulnerable men of prostate cancer",oliver jopo Vembo,48331,Men in health,65,2,,,0,65 121,35798,Equip Underground Syrian Women&Children Hospital,melissa godfrey,43595,SIMRO,"1,680",12,,,0,"1,680" 328,37074,Stop Male Violence against Women in South Africa,martin Dolny,39479,The Joe Slovo Foundation NPC,0,0,,,0,0 255,36445,"Change the World, Fund a Teacher",marjorie schlenoff,56195,Teach with Africa,120,2,,,0,120 185,35616,Share a table food with 25 Moldovan children.,mariana tanasi,53750,Fundatia de Binefacere Caritas Moldova,410,2,,,0,410 328,35374,Empowered Youth for Change,marc otieno ojoro,53246,HEALTHY ADAPTATION AND LIFE SKILLS ORGANIZATION (HALO-KENYA),0,0,,,0,0 328,35906,Green Tanzania,kennedy laurian,50687,wide global development foundation Tanzania,0,0,,,0,0 328,36819,Educate a girl to end child marriage in Uganda.,kayom sunday,56258,LIFE CONCERN,0,0,,,0,0 171,36966,Build an English school in Nakivale Refugee camp,judicaelle Irakoze,45109,Choose Yourself,547,13,,,0,547 229,36942,The people of Chametla need your help,jaqueline valenzuela,56942,CERCA-CENTRO DE ENERGIA RENOVABLE Y CALIDAD AMBIENTAL AC,195,8,,,0,195 172,36879,Vocational skills for 320 Orphans,home of hope initiatives,55094,Home of hope initiatives group,531,3,,,0,531 188,36246,build a social complex for the disabled girls,halima Annagi,50998,association errahma des handicapees,388,6,,,0,388 32,36691,"Volunteer Corps Tutoring, Osun State of Nigeria.",franca akue,38866,Volunteer Corps,"6,324",49,,,0,"6,324" 312,37133,Youth Cricket Festival 2018,federation cricket,34200,Federacao de Criquete,20,1,,,0,20 328,36682,SEND GIFT ITEMS TO 50 NEEDY FAMILIES IN NIGERIA,cynthia ifueko obazee,52323,Grassroots Entreprenuership skill acquisition initiative(GESA INITIATIVE),0,0,,,0,0 328,36505,Conserve endangered primates in Liberia forest,community development initiative,48809,"Community Development initiative (CDI), Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 314,35908,COMMERCIALIZATION OF HONEY FOR 600 YOUTHS IN KENYA,charles okul,40884,Opuk Women Group,19,1,,,0,19 285,37045,"BUILD 16 TOILETS FOR 2846 PUPILS IN NYANZA, KENYA",charles lwanga,47817,Community Initiative Support Services,60,4,,,0,60 102,36655,Tech changing child cancer detection (Mex State),cecilia brown,57262,"ASOCIACION MEXICANA DE AYUDA A NINOS CON CANCER DEL ESTADO DE MEXICO, AMANC","2,500",1,,,0,"2,500" 328,37262,"Support for Education of 250 Poor Children, India",bruno savio,46108,SAMUGAM Trust,0,0,,,0,0 227,37110,Tech Changing Child Cancer Detection,asociación Mexicana de Ayuda a niños con Cáncer de Guerrero I.A.P.,56850,ASOCIACION MEXICANA DE AYUDA A NINOS CON CANCER DE GUERRERO I.A.P.,211,6,,,0,211 328,34416,Build a shelter for 500 homeless orphans in Uganda,alule robert,48075,AWARE Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 116,36913,Blankets & Winter Clothes for vulnerable families,abdullah alsuraihi,36872,youth for homeland (YFH),"1,796",21,,,0,"1,796" 328,36493,Feminine hygiene practice in Nigeria,Zubaida Tijani,54833,Africa smart initiative for her,0,0,,,0,0 158,35066,End domestic violence via business opportunities,Zardozi MARKETS FOR AFGHAN ARTISANS,52068,Zardozi Markets for Afghan Artisans (ZMAA),654,10,,,0,654 328,36244,Zamong Jazba Complex,Zamong Jazba,53623,Zamong Jazba Welfare Society,0,0,,,0,0 143,36809,Chemical free farming promotion project in Laos,Yoshimi Matsuo,55332,NPO Treasures of The Planet,920,16,,,0,920 161,36175,Offer holidays to 30 refugee children in Greece,Yonous Muhammadi,53832,Greek Forum of Refugees,626,4,,,0,626 328,36468,Provide Electricity to 10000 Villagers in Nigeria,Yetunde Fadeyi,56062,Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability for Africa Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 328,36954,Prevention of unwanted pregnancies in 300 schools,Yawo ETSE,49772,GROUPE DE REFLEXION DES AMIS POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT DE L'HUMAIN (GRADH),0,0,,,0,0 328,37071,Support Syrian Refugee women living in Istanbul,YILDIZ YAGCI,50110,ANATOLIAN ARTISANS,0,0,,,0,0 201,36281,Constructing a school in rural Papua New Guinea,Willie Doaemo,55687,Morobe Development Foundation Inc,323,11,,,0,323 247,36429,Reducing maternal & neonatal mortality in Nigeria,Wheels of Hope Rising,33726,Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation,130,3,,,0,130 328,36539,Vocational Training For 100 Youth in North Malawi,Wangiwe Kambuzi,56214,Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub,0,0,,,0,0 328,35863,Providing shelter for homeless children in Nigeria,WNDP ANDP,54034,World Nations Development Programme,0,0,,,0,0 289,35891,Little Sofia struggling with leukemia,Vladyslav Kasatkin,48626,Hope and Belief,50,3,,,0,50 305,36473,End Child Abuses in Cambodia by Positive Parenting,Vivodin Chhay,46964,Improving Cambodia's Society through Skillful Parenting (ICS-SP),26,1,,,0,26 320,36509,Stop Violence Against 3000 Women in Rural Tanzania,Vitus Msangazi,55698,Reaching the Unreached Tanzania (RUT),10,1,,,0,10 328,36764,Lets save our trees project,Vision for Children and Youth Forum,55818,Vision for Children and Youth Forum,0,0,,,0,0 328,36167,Promote Education as vehicle for Rural Development,Vishnu Murthy Narsingoju,10801,Rural Development Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 289,37077,"EDUCATION AND WASH (WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE",Virginia Ifeadiro,47471,Initiative for Food Environment and health Society,50,1,,,0,50 137,36161,Empower Rural Argentinian Children with Rugby,Virgilio Garbayo,45964,Botines Solidarios,"1,220",15,,,0,"1,220" 328,36564,Improving Youth Access to Quality SRHR Services,Vincent Thom,51991,Phalombe Youth Arms Organisation (PYAO),0,0,,,0,0 328,36513,Renew Basic Equipment of 19 Rehabilitation Centers,Vilma Davila De Molina,56781,FUNDABIEM,0,0,,,0,0 267,37105,Save the Child- Help to Orphan Child in India,Vijaya Bhaskar,45366,THERESSA MAHILA MANDALI,100,2,,,0,100 183,36822,HELP MISTY AGAINST BLOOD CANCER,Vijay Kshirsagar,43147,Sahyadri Gramin Vikas Bahuddeshiya Sanstha,430,4,,,0,430 328,35517,Empowering 50 South Asian Youth In Peace Activism,Vijay Bharatiya,10035,South Asia Peace Alliance (SAPA),0,0,,,0,0 328,36825,SPORTS - A SCHOOL - COMMUNITY INITIATIVE,Vidyadhiraja education society,42718,VIDYADHIRAJA EDUCATION SOCIETY,0,0,,,0,0 90,36461,Transformative Art Education in Madurai schools,Vidya V A,56380,Arunachalam Jesudasan Trust,"3,545",46,,,0,"3,545" 145,36001,Help training of 40 Indian women with disabilities,Vidya Sastry,54332,Action on Disability and Development India,890,5,,,0,890 280,36120,Give Anti-Malaria Medicine and Save a woman life,Victor Koreyo,43122,Abraham's Children Foundation,70,2,,,0,70 298,36943,Enterprise Development Training for Local Youths,Victor Aihawu,57333,Centre for Youths Integrated Development,31,1,,,0,31 289,36827,Self Employment opportunity for Abandoned women,Victoira Asirvatham,9970,Society for women's Education and Awareness Development,50,1,,,0,50 305,36265,Give new sight to 100 blind students,Vashkar Bhattachearj,45221,Young Power in Social Action (YPSA),26,1,,,0,26 96,36978,Sehat Ghar - Maternity Home,Umme Hamdani,50223,Imkaan Welfare Organisation,"2,766",8,,,0,"2,766" 309,36438,CaywoodBrown Drug Rehabilitation and Empowerment,Uki Asemota,47770,CaywoodBrown Foundation,23,1,,,0,23 270,35619,Saving children from Violence in Mexico,UTOPÍA A.C.,52914,Alianza para la Integracion Comunitaria UTOPIA A.C.,94,4,,,0,94 293,36968,Rehabilitation of 7 schools in Djugu Territory,Tuzza Alonda,55138,Fonds de Reconstruction et de Developpement du Congo (FORDECO),40,1,,,0,40 328,36910,Rehabilitation of 7 schools in Djugu Territory,Tuzza Alonda,51863,FORDECO,0,0,,,0,0 312,36886,STEM&Computer Science Center for Girls in Mongolia,Tuyatsetseg Badarch,54530,Mongolian Researchers and PhD Holders Association (MRPA),20,1,,,0,20 210,36772,Brick by Brick Classrooms for 471 pupils in Uganda,Tusome Africa,51605,Tusome Africa,276,7,,,0,276 320,36341,COMPUTER FOR DEAF STUDENTS IN TANZANIA.,Tumaini Ngajilo,33845,TANZANIA EMPOWERMENT FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITY AND GENDER HEALTH ORGANIZATION,10,1,,,0,10 328,36508,Zongo Girl empowerment project,Treasure Kids,57356,Treasure Kids Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,37296,HomeWorks (Saving Families in Homeless Crisis),Tracey Nails-Bell,54372,"A Diamond in the Ruff, Incorporated",0,0,,,0,0 328,36140,School Tables Benches for Deprived Students,Toti Jean Marc Yale,32246,Education and English for You (EEFY),0,0,,,0,0 328,36563,Youth enterprise development for job creation,Tom Nyandago,56342,Youth Network Integrated Services for Research and Development,0,0,,,0,0 101,36433,Help 100 Thai children get an education,Timothy Dunham,54632,Family Connection Foundation,"2,510",20,,,0,"2,510" 202,36132,Train 600 Girls in Kyotera on Menstrual Hygiene,Timothy Arnold Ssessaazi,55477,DREAMS OF THE TROPICAL YOUTH (DROTY) -UGANDA,320,9,,,0,320 9,37026,Empower the Careers of 10 Young African Scientists,Tim Rooke,57021,Young Scientists for Africa,"10,085",107,winner,winner,0,"10,085" 328,36190,women Empowerment skills training for sustinance,Thuli Maziya,43392,Snatisa Lubombo,0,0,,,0,0 212,36147,Coral Reef Monitoring Programme in Malaysia,Theresa Ng,46168,Reef Check Malaysia,275,9,,,0,275 328,36536,Improving Life of 50 Youths in Mezam Division,Theodore Wacham,55421,SUSTAINABLE APPROACH TO PROMOTE YOUTHS DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (SAYDEVIN),0,0,,,0,0 328,36107,Seeking donations for orphans children abandoned.,Thadde Isay,41646,RAAPS-UK(NETWORK OF ACTIONS AND SUPPORTS FOR SOCIAL PROTECTION),0,0,,,0,0 78,36584,Integrated project development in agro forestry,Teresilda Alvan Mori,42836,ONGD ATUPCAN,"4,925",15,,,0,"4,925" 31,36573,Build a house where 10 boys will become men,Tatyana Ferguson,54998,Hands United,"6,370",41,,,0,"6,370" 328,35206,Help sensitize 5000 people on abortion in India,Tanvi Prakash,54115,Development Consortium (Project Love Matters India),0,0,,,0,0 328,36720,Education for next generation,Tajamul Hussain,9217,Indus Welfare Association,0,0,,,0,0 77,36306,Train and operate 300 displaced women in Yemen,Taher Alhatef,56976,AWTAD Anti-Corruption Organization,"4,935",44,,,0,"4,935" 328,36008,SAVE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE AROUND THE FIVE WELLS,THEMBO ELIJAH,42168,KITABU INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (KIDA),0,0,,,0,0 250,36443,Entrepreneurial training 20 families in Tennessee,Sylvesta Hewlett Charity,56929,Sylvesta Gilliam Hewlett Charity inc.,125,2,,,0,125 117,36729,Refurbish orphanages for 240 children in Uganda,Susan Wilson,57235,Rotary Club of Ormskirk Clocktower,"1,785",27,,,0,"1,785" 29,36610,Ugandan children shouldn't die from drinking water,Susan Morgan,56580,Mission4Water,"6,523",49,,,0,"6,523" 220,36920,Give therapy to 30 children at Kids Haven,Susan Daly,49429,Kids Haven,226,1,,,0,226 328,37047,Educate Africa's Orphaned & Vulnerable Children,Susan Hill,31282,iKhayalethemba Project,0,0,,,0,0 328,36805,Digitalizing Individualized Education Programme,Suryoday Trust,54301,Suryoday Trust,0,0,,,0,0 328,36983,Help 10 people with psycho social problem of Nepal,Suman Gurung,42210,Birat Nepal Medical Trust,0,0,,,0,0 312,36940,Offer health care to internally displaced children,Suh Cheo Cyprain,25747,"Care of the Ageing, Needy and the Uderprivileged Association Cameroon",20,1,,,0,20 328,36579,Santiniketan Sishutirtha School,Sudripta Tagore,56413,Santiniketan Sishutirtha,0,0,,,0,0 289,36334,Women Empowerment for Collective Action (WECA),Sudhir Kumar Nayak,54676,Rural Educational Activities for Development (READ),50,1,,,0,50 289,36964,Empower Women to End Malnutrition in Afghanistan,Steven Kwon,44782,Nutrition & Education International,50,1,,,0,50 35,36735,Thorpe Bay Rotary's Appeal to Help the Homeless,Stephen Gale,56911,The Rotary Club of Thorpe Bay Charity Trust,"6,208",52,,,0,"6,208" 328,37113,Give the Gift of a Great Future,Stephanie Woodson,41059,Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Bend,0,0,,,0,0 84,36405,Empower 800 children with birth defects in Chennai,Sowmya Simhan,53341,Sukriti Social Foundation,"4,029",31,,,0,"4,029" 141,36658,Give at-risk children Artistic workshops in Cali,Soraya Valencia,52590,Corporacion Casa Naranja,"1,034",22,,,0,"1,034" 255,36839,Providing Hope Through Chess,Sonja Johnson,51455,Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association,120,2,,,0,120 109,35885,Support 25 teachers in India with impactful tools,Sonia D'souza,54689,Teach A Class Foundation,"2,080",25,,,0,"2,080" 328,37017,Enable Impact! Addressing youth unemployment,Solomon Kayiwa Mugambe,47752,Mentor Coach Empower Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 328,36121,Envro conservation organic farming,Social Awareness and Live Support NGO/NPO,27259,Social Awareness and Live Support,0,0,,,0,0 292,36977,Youth center and skills development in Addis Ababa,Sisay Tarekegn,54863,Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization (ECYDO),45,3,,,0,45 328,37124,Giving Young Mothers a Future,Simon Mkina,34947,Tanzania Journalists Alliance,0,0,,,0,0 297,36323,Educating Minors in Prison Cameroon.,Simo Talla,55048,Sarah Etonge Foundation,31,2,,,0,31 328,36580,CHILD DREAM CONFERENCE,Simeon Martey,44778,Child Dream Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36487,"Support young leaders to impact 12,000 students",Silvia ordonez,53127,Fundacion Ensena Ecuador,0,0,,,0,0 239,36875,A Documentary About Ladysmith Black Mambazo,Sibusiso Tshabalala,47506,Cognitive Paths,150,6,,,0,150 295,36481,Help Oakland Children Cope with Grief and Loss,Shiloh Kaho,56241,East Bay Agency for Children,35,2,,,0,35 104,36245,Empower & Rehabilitate 200 girls in Rural India!,Shibu Shankaran,54474,Gandhigram Trust,"2,316",28,,,0,"2,316" 18,36240,Grandparents Plus: Raising Native Children at Home,Shelley Tellez,56510,Three Precious Miracles,"7,613",61,,winner,0,"7,613" 242,36234,Hands of Compassion Food Pantry,Sheila Buteau,38109,Christian Foundation for Orphans and Abused Children,145,3,,,0,145 230,37003,Holistic development of 300 women in Gujarat,Shanta Koshti,42195,Indian Academy for Self Employed Women,194,4,,,0,194 328,35990,Empowering 100 Disables (PWDs) in Pakistan,Shabir Hussain,16366,Sustainable Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 206,36963,"Saving Kids & Turtles in Jurado, Colombia",Sergio Reyes,49234,Fundacion Neotropical,305,4,,,0,305 328,32251,Help 50 women in Togo learn to read and write,Serge Adigo,46977,"Organization for Women and Development International, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 328,36398,Empowering Women with Vocational Skills Training,Selasi Nyakpo,52109,Eastfield foundation,0,0,,,0,0 320,36651,Growing Smart Urban Forests (GSUF),Scott Rayburg,53209,Swinburne University of Technology,10,2,,,0,10 328,37112,Go Green; Refill Your Water Bottles Initiative,Scion Trust,44906,Scion Trust,0,0,,,0,0 173,36981,Restore lost hopes this Holiday.,Saved By Music Foundation,42084,Saved By Music Foundation,527,7,,,0,527 328,36289,Empowerment of Slum Dwellers Families of Kolkata,Sarfaraz Ali,55362,RAJABAZAR EDUCATION & AWARENESS DEVELOPMENT SOCEITY,0,0,,,0,0 307,37108,Change the odds for kids in California,Sarah Jay,57500,Think Together,25,1,,,0,25 289,36400,Recovery Housing for Women in a Rural Area,Sara Rissolo,56292,"Realslow Recovery, LLC",50,1,,,0,50 56,36391,Let's give 500 families in Puerto Rico a safe home,Sara Lopez,56155,"Puerto Rico Rises, Corp.","5,216",57,,,0,"5,216" 105,36733,Remove Women's Barriers to Justice in South Asia,Sara Bergamaschi,52702,STRATEGIC ADVOCACY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS,"2,280",29,,,0,"2,280" 273,36555,Give Life Kidney transplant to Children with CKD,Sara meza,56286,"Soffy Fundation, a friendly hand a.c",86,3,,,0,86 328,36837,Bring Reproductive Health to Youths in Adaklu,Samuel Yao Atidzah,38601,GOSANET FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 328,36905,Help Us Build Our School In Rural Zambia,Samuel Sikapizye,45562,Operation iDream,0,0,,,0,0 328,36961,Empower 100 child brides in Zaka District,Samson Muzenda,54361,Tariro Youth Development Trust,0,0,,,0,0 328,36906,Provide Internet learning skills to 100 Girl,Samiullah khan,45286,Active Help Organization for Women and Children- AHOWC,0,0,,,0,0 328,36760,Whistleblower t Adolescent Health Support Tanzania,Salumu Marwa,57316,Foundation for Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 328,35173,End Malnutrition in 20k Women & Girl in Patnagarh,Sabita Mohapatra,54724,ARHSED (Action Research for Health and Socio Economic Development),0,0,,,0,0 328,36692,Livelihood Support Forest Product Gatherer,SUSANTA BEHERA,8866,THE OLIVE ORISSA,0,0,,,0,0 328,36485,Send 100 girl children to school in Nigeria,SURAJO SHEHU NAYAYA,52510,Girls Education and Maternal Health Support Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36477,Support to farmers producer organisation,SSKK Amreli,54424,SHIKSHAN ANE SAMAJ KALYAN KENDRA,0,0,,,0,0 328,37018,LSE to Safeguard 250 Girls against Trafficking,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,39064,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 49,36482,#TheyCanSurvive#Yemen,SMEPS Communications,46230,SMEPS,"5,386",68,,,0,"5,386" 328,36911,BUY 76 ASSISTIVE AIDS TO KIDS IN BUNDA DISTRICT,SAUTI YA MTOTO FOUNDATION,55458,SAUTI YA MTOTO FOUNDATION (SMF),0,0,,,0,0 28,36995,Reduce New HIV Infections among Children in India,SAATHII India,57283,Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India (SAATHII),"6,622",38,,,0,"6,622" 24,37067,Be a helping hand to those who need of blood,Rushikesh Pandya,40528,Saurashtra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust,"6,858",48,,,0,"6,858" 228,35910,WORKSHOP PROJECT FOR DISABLED PEOPLE IN KINSHASA,Rosalie KININGU,46668,CALI Ladies Foundation for Excellence - CALFE,200,3,,,0,200 209,36896,Gift for Gendit: Building Classrooms for Ethiopia,Rory Dillon,30605,Link Ethiopia,278,4,,,0,278 243,36562,Help Livhuwani graduate in South Africa,Ronell Jordaan,57201,The Feenix Trust,140,4,,,0,140 328,37064,GIVE A PAD AND KEEP A UGANDAN GIRL CHILD IN SCHOOL,Ronald Kirabo,24028,Think Youth development initiative Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 103,36855,Give Someone A Future,Rohit Sudan,54295,Magic Bus India Foundation,"2,428",1,,,0,"2,428" 328,35856,Promoting quality education in primary schools,Rockin Mwabanga,37769,Mtende Homecraft Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 190,36868,CHIKS suffers with sad Kerala,Robin Radley,47806,Chiks (Children's Homes in Kerala State),387,6,,,0,387 71,37255,Help Launch Digital Learning Program in Malawi,Robert Torres,56617,Teach The World Foundation,"5,038",47,,,0,"5,038" 179,36919,Rotary Lifeboat Appeal,Robert Morphet,57298,Rotary International District 1040 Charitable Trust,475,10,,,0,475 286,35658,Women Farm to Earn,Ripples Foundation USA,44085,Ripples Foundation USA,60,2,,,0,60 51,36671,Let Kids Be Kids! Sports Day for Rohingya Children,Rika Yamamoto,16569,Peace Winds Japan,"5,350",46,,,0,"5,350" 328,36113,Support 300 peasant farmers in Nkoranza,Richard Okoe,48176,National Beekeepers Association,0,0,,,0,0 328,36993,UNLOCK FUTURE OF 100 TEEN MOTHERS IN RURAL ZAMBIA,Richard Mfula,48544,HOPE FOR THE NEEDY ZAMBIA,0,0,,,0,0 328,36958,Keeping Ethnic Languages Alive in Myanmar,Richard McMillan,53299,Saffron Aid (Australia),0,0,,,0,0 328,35731,Shea Butter Processing Facilities for Women Groups,Richard Ashaley,54515,Rural Urban Partnership for Africa(RUPFA),0,0,,,0,0 318,36039,Bringing potable water to Babli's village in Mewat,Renuka Kumar,48555,Society for the Promotion of Youth & Masses (SPYM),11,1,,,0,11 328,36788,WOW Enrichment and Empowerment Project,Renee Spivey,50503,"We Are Women of Worth Ministries, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 20,36722,Help Us Keep Rescuing Refugees in Peril at Sea,Refugee Rescue,56808,Refugee Rescue,"7,251",188,,,"1,000","8,251" 144,36649,Educational Inclusion of Children with Autism,Red Autismo,57406,Red Autismo A.C.,907,14,,,0,907 295,36411,Provide Drinking Water to Drought-Affectees in Pak,Reach Sindh,53408,Rural Empowerment And Community Help (REACH),35,2,,,0,35 328,36517,Education for Children in Emergency in Benue,Raymond Morka,40189,KISS THE FAMILY STEER INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 328,36810,Help to build psycho. resilience of Rohingya women,Rathindranath Pal,55624,NOWZUWAN,0,0,,,0,0 325,35876,Asset Financing,Rasto Okechi,51541,St. Annes Rehabilitation Centre,5,5,,,0,5 268,36664,Restoring Childhoods For 75 HIV Infected/Affected,Rashmi Thakkar,47008,Committed Communities Development Trust,95,1,,,0,95 292,37090,AIDS United - Help Us End AIDS!,Rashida Muhammad,50066,AIDS United,45,2,,,0,45 328,36991,Empowerment of HIV+ women through entrepreneurship,Raphine Muga,57457,Asembo Kar Geno Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 328,36350,Support Children in Need of Quality Education,Raphael Afonja,53691,Innovative Community Assistance to Restore and Empower,0,0,,,0,0 328,36395,Gift an Education to 100 Rural Children in India,RanajitKumar Saha,54725,MAJHIPARA AMBEDKAR CENTRE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,,0,0 328,35405,Youth is the hope of our Future!!,Ramesh Swamy,54328,SGBS Unnati Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36884,Organic Farming Promotion of 1000 Family in Beed,Ramesh Kute,37374,"Saraswati Sevabhavi Sanstha,Bhatwadgaon",0,0,,,0,0 328,37016,Sanitation on wheels,Raman Kant,25112,Natural Environmental Education and Research Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36816,Nomadic Children's Health Hygiene and Education,Rajagopal R,35280,Social Development and Rehabilitation Trust,0,0,,,0,0 154,36171,Early intervention and Pre-School,Ragini Menon,53637,Raksha Society,682,4,,,0,682 275,35053,Support Multiple Sclerosis People,Rafael Ocasio,47996,COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS & CANCER INC.,84,3,,,0,84 328,37032,Employment assistance for 500 Disabled youngsters,Rachirahu L N sharma,54294,Association Saikorian,0,0,,,0,0 41,34558,Create Environmental Education Program in Ecuador,Rachel Isser,26710,James Dean Byrd Foundation Inc,"5,833",43,,,0,"5,833" 328,36336,AWARENESS CAMPAIGN FOR CERVICAL CANCER SCREENING,ROBERT ZULU,48815,RAKELLZ DREAM INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 328,36049,Feed and educate orphaned and needy kids in Kenya,REV SEBASTIAN OMBIMA,12454,CHARITY CENTRE FOR WIDOWS AND ORPHANS,0,0,,,0,0 328,36695,Safe Drinking Water for 3 Villages in Pakistan,REEDS Baluchistan,50405,REEDS Balochistan,0,0,,,0,0 328,36520,Rural Housing Project for Tribal Community,RAMASWAMY RANGANATHEN,44361,CENTRE FOR TRIBALS AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT TRUST,0,0,,,0,0 328,36029,Liberation of the Girl child through Education,RAJENDRAN DHANDPANI,43857,"SOCIETY FOR EDUCATIONAL ,ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT",0,0,,,0,0 328,33946,Education for Poor Children,R Stephen Diyali,49198,Mission for Anath Development & Welfare Society,0,0,,,0,0 13,36436,Empower South African children with reading skills,Pumza Marubelela,56343,Shine Literacy,"9,345",66,,winner,0,"9,345" 237,36066,Help Youth Volunteers Find New HIV Cases for Less,Priyanka Surio,53085,One Tent Health,153,5,,,0,153 328,36286,Empower 1440 youth in Ghana through I.C.T,Prince Paintsil,56979,Intellectual Icon Group,0,0,,,0,0 328,36397,Residential Education for 30 Blind Girls in Delhi,Preeti Monga,55948,Silver Linings,0,0,,,0,0 328,37019,A pilot convergence project on reducing IMR & MMR,Pratap Patra,52523,ORISSA INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,,0,0 293,35847,A2Z care to 50 destitute senior citizen in Odisha,Prakash Sahoo,47894,KALINGA SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANISATION,40,1,,,0,40 22,36645,Gift Handwritten Letters to 10000 Refugee Children,Pooja Pradeep,51214,Letters of Love Inc,"6,910",89,,,0,"6,910" 67,36545,STEM Education through Basketball,Philippe Socka,26108,"Manengouba Foundation, Inc.","5,057",51,,,0,"5,057" 328,34329,Sponsor to Educate & Empower Children in Zambia,Peter Kaunda,25703,Destiny Community Centre,0,0,,,0,0 247,36690,Red Dead: Reusable Sanitary Pads For Malawi Girls,Pemphero Mphande,56728,Forum for AIDS Counseling and Training(FACT),130,7,,,0,130 229,36972,Building Peace Through Music In Colombia!,Paula Porras,56686,Somos CaPAZes,195,5,,,0,195 328,35413,COMPREHENSIVE CANCER COUNSELLING PROGRAM,Paul Ebusu,51902,Uganda Cancer Society,0,0,,,0,0 328,35697,Horses for Autism,Paul Casey,52725,caseys healing hooves equine assisted therapy and rescue inc,0,0,,,0,0 328,36560,Support Orphans access education for four years,Patrick Marucha,48385,centre for counties Research and Development agency (CECORADA) NGO,0,0,,,0,0 276,35963,Book Relief ( Kerala & Coorg),Parthasarathy Gooptu,54911,Pratham Books,80,2,,,0,80 328,36199,Empowerment of Rural Poor Women of Sundarbans,Parimal Saradar,54823,Sundarban Anubhab,0,0,,,0,0 267,36804,NHEG Resource and Literacy Center,Pamela Clark,24466,"New Heights Educational Group, Inc",100,1,,,0,100 328,27100,Skill Training for 30 Tribal Girls in Jharkhand,Palash Mitra,37988,SPACE Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36351,Educate 150 First Generation Learners in India,PRATIGYA TRUST,54619,PRATIGYA,0,0,,,0,0 328,36531,Help One Bike to One Girl Student In Tanzania,Owen Jackson Lazaro,39157,Timiza Action Foundation (TA Foundation),0,0,,,0,0 43,36575,CRADLE - help 125 new & expectant Indian mothers,Outreach Pudiyador,47301,Pudiyador Association for Community Empowerment,"5,741",64,,,0,"5,741" 133,36417,School for young Mexicans socially disadvantaged.,Oscar Mauricio Siles Heredia,56643,FONABEC A.C.,"1,335",40,,,0,"1,335" 328,35687,Girls Empowered,Osasu Paul-Azino,29294,PBO Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36599,Domesticity of girls and early pregnancy,Organisation APRONHA,56569,Association des Progressistes pour une Nouvelle Haiti,0,0,,,0,0 328,36882,Empower 100 young women through vocational skills,Onyinye Okugo,39503,African Girls Empowerment Network,0,0,,,0,0 129,36925,STEM & Life Skills for 300 girls in Nigeria,Omolola Shopeju,49482,Christopher Kolade Foundation,"1,443",46,,,0,"1,443" 163,36917,"Send 20 children back to school in Bwari, Nigeria",Omolara Adedeji,56546,Flickers of Hope Foundation,610,21,,,0,610 328,36206,Illiteracy for 200 Displaced Women in Sudan,Omayma Elmardi,53184,National Sudanese Women Association,0,0,,,0,0 147,36270,Support 4000 youths to be future ready in Lagos,Oluwabusola Majekodunmi,56727,Steering for Greatness Foundation,879,10,,,0,879 107,36616,Peace-making residence for 50 refugee teenagers,Olesya Radilova,57146,ANO Upsala-Zirk,"2,192",45,,,0,"2,192" 328,36878,EMPOWER 300 NIGERIAN SINGLE MOTHERS IN KEBBI STATE,Olatunde Agbaje,32861,TVTAY,0,0,,,0,0 328,35713,Give me a chance of education,Okwera Denish,51151,Develop A Child Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 267,36180,Education Breaks Barriers,Oksana Kh,52063,Omnis,100,1,,,0,100 328,37166,Organic Agriculture Awareness for Nigerian Farmers,Ogbonnaya Edu,38231,FARM AWARENESS FOR FOOD PRESERVATION INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 328,36883,Support digital literacy to 4800 youth in Tanzania,Ocheck Msuva,51513,Bridge for Change,0,0,,,0,0 328,36571,SOS PALLIATIVE CARE IN TOGO AREA,ORJEDEC ORJEDEC ONG,11191,ORJEDEC(Organisation Jeunesse pour le Developpement Communautaire),0,0,,,0,0 328,36302,Help 100 Victims of the Armed Conflict in Colombia,ONGEDES fundación,42054,ONG GESTION Y DESARROLLO SUSTENTABLE -ONGEDES-,0,0,,,0,0 263,36266,Build a School for 360 children in Apolla Uganda,Nyilak Hellen,55625,Biggi Family Project,106,4,,,0,106 46,37088,Feed and Empower Domestic Violence Survivors-Kenya,Nyakio Kaniu-Lake,57017,"Empowering Minds International, Inc.","5,629",54,,,0,"5,629" 328,37004,BUYING UNIFORMS FOR SCHOOL FOR 100 CHILDREN 2019,Nthabiseng Ramakhetheng,52119,Esters International Movement SA,0,0,,,0,0 328,36615,Save 100 lives of children with heart disease,Ntambi George,45532,ACTION FOR DISADVANTAGED PEOPLE,0,0,,,0,0 280,36727,Keeping Girls at school in Rwanda - GirlsEducation,Nshimiyimana Emmanuel,52302,Youth Mentoring Agents for Development Organisation - YOMADO,70,3,,,0,70 328,30322,Prevent Trafficking in 200 Girls Thru Enterprise,Nowaii Ida K. Jackson,39473,"Rural Women Rights Structure, RWRS",0,0,,,0,0 328,37170,Empowering 275 Children from sexual abuse,Nour Hamadneh,51887,The Palestinian Center for Democracy & Conflict Resolution,0,0,,,0,0 34,36503,Empowering Foster Girls and Teens in Puerto Rico,Norma Matar,56666,Hogares Teresa Toda,"6,250",52,,,0,"6,250" 328,37115,Medical-Legal Trauma Partnership,Nora Phillips,54888,Al Otro Lado,0,0,,,0,0 328,37127,SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY - SRFF 2019,Nora Armani,53519,SR Socially Relevant Film Festival INC,0,0,,,0,0 300,37120,Empower 100 South African girls affected by GBV,Nomzamo Gcwensa,48358,The BEAR Foundation,30,1,,,0,30 328,37007,"Classroom,Nutrition and Teacher Development",Nokukhanya Obi,56983,South Point Kids Education for South Africa,0,0,,,0,0 257,37044,Handbooks for Parents after a Prenatal Diagnosis,Nobuhiko Hayashi,52728,NPO for Family and Baby Wellness,119,1,,,0,119 328,36034,Build a Future for Widows and Orphans in Nzanchen,Nkemasong Rufus Cornelius Esandem,7039,Benevolent Integrated Rural Development Services,0,0,,,0,0 328,36969,Storybooks by N.Korean Women Victims of Torture,Nk Db,16618,Database Center for North Korean Human Rights,0,0,,,0,0 328,36863,Give 100 crisis hit girls of Olympia a future,Niroi Foundation,54052,NIROI ASTIKI MI KERDOSKOPIKI ETAIREIA,0,0,,,0,0 307,36881,Help our Divas find their DREAMS!,Nioka Gane,24708,Dignity For Divas,25,1,,,0,25 328,35879,Laundry Training Centre for 48 Disable Person 2019,Nimul Ouch,43200,Essential Personnel Cambodia,0,0,,,0,0 328,37056,Drinking water facility for 150 coastal families,Nilufa Akter Eaty,11155,Welfare Association for Development Alternative (WADA),0,0,,,0,0 135,36449,2000 Young Girls 15 to 24 diagnosed HIV+ Weekly!,Niles Hemming,51132,Effective Treatment Africa,"1,327",47,,,0,"1,327" 261,36264,Give 100 Persons w/ Disabilities a Career for Life,Nikhil Miranda,56098,Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India,110,2,,,0,110 276,36779,School Reconstruction in Oaxaca,Nicolette Koeman,57668,Happy Hearts A.C.,80,3,,,0,80 75,35170,Save Earth through yoga & meditation in Costa Rica,Nicole Leroy-Beaulieu,54317,Fundacion Gaia,"5,008",62,,,0,"5,008" 328,35130,Support to Entrepreneurial Farming Families,Nicolas Ricardo Valderrama Cusimayta,41780,Asociacion Tres Fronteras,0,0,,,0,0 267,36280,HeartCoin: Help us create the true market for good,Nicolas David,57116,Fundacion HeartCoin,100,1,,,0,100 266,36095,Education can not wait for 500 children in Bimbo,Nicolas Aime Simplice SINGA-GBAZIA,53381,MAISON PRISCA,100,2,,,0,100 217,36115,"STEP-UP SANTA 2018 - NIEU BETHESDA, SOUTH AFRICA",Nicola Wicks,56700,Step-Up Stationery Box Project,240,9,,,0,240 328,36838,A dignity kit is a lifeline to girls in scho,Nicholas Ojwando,44428,The Sophia Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 110,36684,Wigs for a smile,Nermina Cuzovic,55279,Association Heart for the Kids with Cancer,"2,075",45,,,0,"2,075" 328,36108,YEAI-LIBERIA Resource Center for youth Empowerment,Nema Sagno,37736,Youth for Education & Agriculture International Liberia,0,0,,,0,0 328,35736,Support 200 AIDS Orphaned Children in Uganda,Nelson kasaija,49080,KARUCAN INTERNATIONAL (KARUCANI),0,0,,,0,0 252,36309,School Gardens & Skills Training For 400 Gambians,Nelson Aigbe,43316,Grace Foundation GF,123,3,,,0,123 328,36996,provide cervical cancer care to 2400 burundians,Ndayirukiye Jean Pierre,53836,Initiative pour la Promotion de la Sante Rurale et le Developpement :IPROSARUDE,0,0,,,0,0 328,36333,HELP EDUCATE 45 DEPRIVED CHILDREN IN NAGALAND,Navpreet Sidhu,56204,AGAPE YOUTH WELFARE ORGANISATION,0,0,,,0,0 328,35706,Children's Library and Activity Program in India,Naveen Thomas,54770,Headstreams,0,0,,,0,0 211,37301,HRFP's Safe House for 50 Minority Victims Per Year,Naveed Walter,43842,Human Rights Focus Pakistan,275,2,,,0,275 292,36865,Australian Animal Disaster Relief,Nathan Rogers,52504,The Bushfire Foundation Inc,45,2,,,0,45 85,35460,Sustainable Agriculture Development Campaign,Narayan Solanke,44764,Universal Versatile Society,"4,000",1,,,0,"4,000" 328,36499,VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR YOUTH WITH DISABILITIES,Naomi Pleasant Mwazozo,47737,Elite Children Trust,0,0,,,0,0 40,36453,Equip School Health Unit in East Indonesia,Nanda September,56688,Yayasan Hati Gembira Indonesia (Happy Hearts Indonesia Foundation),"5,868",48,,,0,"5,868" 328,36004,Create peace,Nana Phirtskhalaishvili,54745,Initiative for civil society,0,0,,,0,0 328,37002,SPEAK IT LOUD ( YOUNG GIRLS & WOMEN IN SINDH,Najma nawaz Baladi,42634,women and youth's development organization,0,0,,,0,0 216,36558,Educate 500 families living with alcohol use & NCD,Nada India Foundation,52084,NADA INDIA FOUNDATION,240,1,,,0,240 328,36437,Support School education for 40 OVCs in Cameroon,NZEMBOL Memorial Foundation,48496,NZEMBOL Memorial Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36581,SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND ICT EMPOWERMENT.,NYABUTO ONYAMBU,57424,STEMA WOMEN DEVELOPMENT GROUP,0,0,,,0,0 219,36793,Nutritional food for 280 chidren living in shelter,NPH NICARAGUA,56679,Fundacion Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Nicaragua,230,7,,,0,230 180,36220,Economic empowerment for people with disabilities,NADEGE KOMBE,51358,Kadiwaku Family Foundation,472,5,,,0,472 328,35370,Skill 25 vulnerable young mothers in Uganda,Mwesi Yosia,34290,Universal Health Development Foundation (UHDF),0,0,,,0,0 328,37111,Empowering 10 Rural Women Groups in Small business,Musiba Bwire Mberege,36437,Sky-high Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 79,36467,Provide 2000 with Water and Sanitation=WASH4Health,Musa Soko,56906,"Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Network (WASH-Net)","4,910",39,,,0,"4,910" 328,33934,Pre-schooling Education for 720 Slum Children,Murad Nabi,48807,Forum for Development Association - FFDA,0,0,,,0,0 328,35927,Care and Support for disabled and Children in need,Munalula Yuwanga,53697,Friends of Children Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 260,36761,SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLING PROGRAMME FOR NEEDY CHILDREN,Mubiru Mahad,55702,Take a Child to School Uganda Limited,113,4,,,0,113 328,36787,Empowering 400 Poor Rural Women in Pakistan,Ms. Saima Bhutto,44614,SUPPORT Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 239,37034,THE ORPHANAGE FOR THE POOR AND OLDAGE HOME,Mrs.Vaddi Ratna Ross,35318,ASSIST MINISTRIES,150,1,,,0,150 328,36311,Empower 600 women in South Africa be independent,Mpho Masilo,57198,siyalulama trauma survivors organization,0,0,,,0,0 328,35860,Manage Menstruation to Keep 1500 girls in school,Moses Okwang,53416,Peoples Association for Rural Development Serere,0,0,,,0,0 328,35546,Literate 5000 vulnerable people in Mozambique,Mordecai Gabriel Nhabanga,52394,Alfalit Mozambique,0,0,,,0,0 95,36933,Provide 150 Safe Nights to Young Homeless in Herts,Morag Norgan,57305,Rotary Club of Hitchin Tilehouse,"2,934",40,,,0,"2,934" 328,36637,Creating Opportunities for Inner-City Youth,Monique Jackson,54739,Children of the Light Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 328,36898,Give access to SRHR to internally displaced women,Mom Elvis,57110,Lawyers Alert,0,0,,,0,0 328,36583,Educate 200 adolescent girls in N'zerekore-Guinea,Mohamed Valy Camara,53875,EDUCATEURS SANS FRONTIERES-EDUSAF,0,0,,,0,0 233,36407,Educate a girl child to fight child marriage.,Miriam Nakiyaga,54895,Kyobe foundation,180,7,,,0,180 328,36765,150 Bulgarian Teenagers on the Way to Their Dreams,Milena Nenkova,56556,Essence Foundation Bulgaria,0,0,,,0,0 228,36096,NOSTALGIA SENIOR THEATRE RENOVATION,Mikheil Tsitsishvili,34425,Catharsis,200,1,,,0,200 328,36299,Success Mentoring,Michelle Rasmussen,46000,"Village of Life, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 115,35373,Help 350 Children Without Homes Access Preschool,Michela Roberts,52996,"Bright Beginnings, Inc.","1,940",20,,,0,"1,940" 328,36123,Skills development center for unemployed youths,Michael Kabuye,52771,St Michael Educational Center,0,0,,,0,0 130,36169,"Save Hope of 6,800 Girls drop out of school Uganda",Michael Enyakoit Anyeko,55390,African Partners for Child Poverty - APPCO,"1,398",16,,,0,"1,398" 328,36621,POVERTY ALLEVIATION TO ZIMBABWEAN PENSIONERS.,Memory Nehumai,43852,Zimbabwe National Government Pensioners Organisation (ZINGOPO),0,0,,,0,0 81,37020,Support 1000 Sexual Violence survivors in DR Congo,Melinda Reed,55120,Stichting Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice,"4,651",49,,,0,"4,651" 240,36724,Bottled Gas For Better Life: Microfinance for LPG,Meixi Gan,56877,The Global LPG Partnership,150,5,,,0,150 289,37128,EcoKids Orchard,Meg Wah,40842,Meg Wah (My Earth),50,1,,,0,50 228,37143,Educate Unprivileged Kids through Free of Cost,Md Daud Hossain,57060,BANGLADESH SAMAJIK AGRAGATI SANGSTHA,200,2,,,0,200 328,36646,Buy a Passenger Van to Keep Families Together,Max Endicott,57336,National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens,0,0,,,0,0 157,35723,Save lives & ease suffering of people in crisis,Matthew Sullivan,54003,Doctors Without Border SA,655,14,,,0,655 108,36927,Critical Healthcare for Uganda's Vulnerable Women,Matthew French,55023,Komo Learning Centres,"2,181",6,,,0,"2,181" 178,36547,Celebrate kids who create with technology,Matt Richardson,53603,Raspberry Pi Foundation North America,495,11,,,0,495 321,36463,Educate and Feed a child in distress,Mathews Ameso,55628,ROXNANA LEARNING CENTER,10,4,,,0,10 279,36947,Kick Start CUH Cancer Diagnosis Machine,Martin Fenton,54846,Karen Fenton Ovarian Cancer Fund,75,3,,,0,75 136,35893,Support 20 women making 100% bio pads in Cameroon,Marie-Claire Kuja,50953,False label global inc.,"1,320",4,,,0,"1,320" 215,36394,Free Medical Care for Poor Lepers in India,Maria Xavier Turtius,15200,Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre,242,2,,,0,242 195,36811,A SURGERY ROOM FOR THE CRISTOBAL SHELTER,Maria Martinez,55047,Fundacion por los Animales sin Nombre,355,8,,,0,355 2,36329,"Nutrition & health for 150 kids Petare, Venezuela",Maria Castillo,48750,OSCASI,"28,382",222,winner,winner,"3,500","31,882" 122,36495,MamaRescue:Emergency Transport for Ugandan Mothers,Marc Sklar,54097,Brick by Brick Partners,"1,655",12,,,0,"1,655" 328,37104,'Break The Silence' project on Menstruation Health,ManJeet Singh,52438,Berojgar Mahila Sewa Samiti,0,0,,,0,0 328,36861,ECOfest 2019,Maksym Dolzhenko,49484,NGO Odessa Development Fund,0,0,,,0,0 328,37096,URGENT HELP - Waste Force (Stop burning Plastic),Mahip Dagar,25973,RUCHI (Rural Centre for Human Interests),0,0,,,0,0 258,36557,Clothes for Special Needs Children at Ashajyothi,Madhavi Mallavalli,53914,Asha Jyothi Handicapped Welfare Society,115,2,,,0,115 328,36681,Rebuilding the Lives of Children in Need,MacBain Mkandawire,18477,Youth Net and Counselling - YONECO,0,0,,,0,0 114,36048,Be a Super Friend for our children in Venezuela!,Ma Fernanda Polanco,49485,Friends of the Children of Venezuela,"2,021",27,,,0,"2,021" 284,34992,Provide Clean Water to 270 Refugees in Uganda,MUTYABA PAUL,25316,Bugema Community Child Based Organization (BCCBO) UGANDA.,63,1,,,0,63 301,35866,Building Home for Less Privilege People in Nigeria,MRS TEMILOMO LAWAL,46127,ife ooye elegant women association,29,1,,,0,29 250,36894,Train and support 45 widows in tailoring,MPORANYIMIGABO Gerard,35307,Change Life Organization,125,5,,,0,125 327,37048,"Girls: Menstrual, Sexual and Reproductive Health",MICHAEL OPIYO,48079,Streetwise transformers,3,1,,,0,3 328,35446,Social needs and Care for 130 HIV Girls in India,MEERA FOUNDATION,54664,MEERA FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 146,36659,Rescue mistreated Mexican kids and create families,MARIA VIVANCO,55306,"LA ALEGRIA DE LOS NINOS, IAP",880,19,,,0,880 328,36051,Help Orphans to go to School,MAPA MAPA,34544,Malawi Alcohol Policy Alliance,0,0,,,0,0 307,35657,Self-Employments Various Affected woman's Disabled,M.S.Mohemmed Sadique,46898,Association of Social Activities Development Sri Lanka (ASAD Foundation ),25,1,,,0,25 328,37000,Help 100 Bangladeshi Poor Kawra Child for School,M. MUJIBUR RAHMAN,51777,Nice Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 320,36644,Save lives in Uganda with bicycle ambulance,Luuk Eickmans,57078,Cycling out of Poverty,10,1,,,0,10 250,36277,50 NEEDY FAMILIES TO RISE OUT OF POVERTY IN UGANDA,Lukwago Godfrey,50937,SKILLS LINK UGANDA,125,1,,,0,125 296,36253,Reusable pads for 5000 girls in Baringo County,Lucy Mitei,51390,Gender Empowerment & Wellness Centre (GEWEC),34,5,,,0,34 234,36952,"Help us make La Paz, BCS, Mexico, a Human + City",Lucia Frausto Guerrero,57458,"Como Vamos La Paz, A.C.",170,5,,,0,170 151,36741,Empower 1500 women and children in Peru,Lourdes Cabel,51503,Sayariy-Resurgiendo,775,16,,,0,775 328,36627,Build a Borehole for IYBAS Primary in Sierra Leone,Lori Spragg,56873,Build on Books,0,0,,,0,0 42,37021,Press play for 300 people detained at Gatwick,Lizzy Jewell,54347,Music In Detention,"5,820",99,,,0,"5,820" 14,36078,Support Families with Special Needs in Palestine,Liz Mulford,51484,Friends of the Four Homes of Mercy,"9,015",51,,winner,0,"9,015" 234,37085,Build a library in Uganda to benefit 700+children,Lisa Stoch,57163,The Literate Earth Project,170,8,,,0,170 60,36221,Give slum living kids a future through football,Lisa Lopeti,49410,Flame Cambodia,"5,193",47,,,0,"5,193" 149,36501,Lighting Up Young Lives,Lindsay Craig,56907,Rotary Club of Currie Balerno,791,16,,,0,791 231,34715,Help End Violent Disciplining of Children in Haiti,Linda Jackson,52492,Association for Community Empowerment Solutions,190,5,,,0,190 88,34805,"Life-saving primary care for 5,000 rural Rwandans",Lila Cruikshank,53852,One Family Health,"3,843",24,,,0,"3,843" 52,36721,Clean Water for 1200 villagers in Burkina Faso,Licia Allara Canepa,55955,Guardavanti: per il futuro dei bambini ONLUS,"5,312",58,,,0,"5,312" 48,36630,Buwunga Community Water Project,Leslie Nielsen,55101,Peace Island Children's Center,"5,404",59,,,0,"5,404" 328,36384,Equality Education for 100 preschools in India,Leslee Udwin,35472,THINK EQUAL,0,0,,,0,0 328,36895,Liberian Learning Center,Leo Johnson,55449,Global Citizens Care for Underprivileged and Refugee Empowerment Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 292,36117,Safe Lives of IDW Living with HIV and AIDS,Lekenzi Lucia,34221,Inter-Confessional AIDS Network,45,2,,,0,45 5,36183,Faces of STEM(TM),Lee Ann Kline,57179,STEM Advantage,"11,400",54,,winner,0,"11,400" 328,37178,Educational Support to Rural/Urban Slum Children,Lawrence s,45019,Real Charitable Trust,0,0,,,0,0 74,37168,Empower A Student In Ghana Through Education,Lauren Fine,49507,Ghana Educational Collaborative,"5,014",74,,,0,"5,014" 165,35309,Ending Veteran homelessness in Michigan,Laura Higgins,53054,HIRED Inc. (Humanitarian Interaction for Relief and Sustainable Development),565,10,,,0,565 310,36335,"Education Support for 150 Deaf Children,Bangalore",Lathamala Dattada,51108,The Deaf Aid Society,22,1,,,0,22 317,36315,Keep 50 girls in school in Kenya,Lameck Odhiambo Odero,40246,Resurge Children East Africa,12,5,,,0,12 328,35192,Educate and empower vulnerable children in Nigeria,LadyEsther Agyepong,47129,New Beginnings Youth Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 98,35929,Medical Support for Lesvos Vulnerable Refugees,LESVOS SOLIDARITY,47679,Lesvos Solidarity,"2,743",14,,,0,"2,743" 152,36622,Help five young teachers change 1000 lives,Kutloano Toko,56476,Oasis South Africa,728,8,,,0,728 307,36097,Zimbabwe Disability in Focus Project,Kudzai Makoni,51754,Africa Community Development and Research Center (ACDRC),25,1,,,0,25 328,36111,Empowering Youths and Orphans with Basic needs,Kiwole Awali,41717,KWAGAWA ORGANIC FARMERS,0,0,,,0,0 328,35249,Access to clean water for 2 villages in Uganda,Kisere JULIUS,51801,KAKIRA OUTGROWERS RURAL DEVELOPMENT FUND,0,0,,,0,0 328,36642,Breathe freely!Building a rehabilitation center!,Kina Asenova,53503,Foundation for Asthma patients,0,0,,,0,0 328,36609,Tshehang Playgroups,Khoabane Mokhitli,56779,Tshehang Development & Training,0,0,,,0,0 328,36426,Establish Mother Home for 1050 children in Kotido,Kelli Emmanuel Lobedi,56809,HELPCHILD KARAMOJA (HCK),0,0,,,0,0 125,36543,Provide school sanitation and education in Nepal,Keith Hopkins,52754,The Rotary Club of Kirriemuir Charitable Trust,"1,559",28,,,0,"1,559" 7,36187,Food security for women farmers in rural India,Kaushik Kappagantulu,53886,Sophia Akash Foundation,"10,679",61,winner,winner,0,"10,679" 312,36218,IMPROVE EDUCATION FOR YOUNG WOMEN IN POVERTY,Katia Villalobos,54735,Asociacion Siembra,20,1,,,0,20 269,35960,RESCUE ENDANGERED ELEPHANTS IN SRI LANKA,Kathryn Lucas,29976,Sunray foundation,94,4,,,0,94 289,36667,Welcome Weekend for 500+ U.S. Resettled Refugees,Katherine Lowe,55805,At Home Humanitarian,50,1,,,0,50 289,35321,Going for Gold,Karen Losch,54144,Wheelchair Tennis South Africa,50,1,,,0,50 53,36556,Hidden Figures: Supporting Somali Women for Peace,Karen Lambert,50176,Conflict Dynamics International,"5,279",48,,,0,"5,279" 328,36259,New Generation Leaders Program,Karambu Ringera,5580,International Peace Initiatives (IPI),0,0,,,0,0 239,36626,Empowering 200 Youth to Rise Above Poverty,Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society,55384,Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society (KMSWS),150,1,,,0,150 328,36665,Floodlit upgradation for 28 years sports stadium,Kammela Sai Baba,42885,Sports Coaching Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,35512,Women's Land Rights Awareness,Kamara B. Mohammed,51312,Peace Links Liberia,0,0,,,0,0 244,36988,GRAND CHILD TO SCHOOL-UGANDA,KYOBE ALLAN,52380,MY GRAND PAA-MAA UGANDA,139,37,,,0,139 300,35894,REPAIR & EQUIP CLASSROOMS FOR 193 KIDS IN KAMSAMA,KICHE OGUMA,51890,GEMBE/ LAMBWE RETIRED TEACHERS' C.B.O,30,1,,,0,30 328,35549,FOOD & WATER SAFETY /HYGIENE EDUCATION/ENLIGHTEN,KARIMU JONAH,54486,FOOD HYGIENE INITIATIVE OF NIGERIA,0,0,,,0,0 328,36083,Help 25 children to attend school,KABWENDE Blaise,36275,Aides aux Personnes Demunies (Helps to the Needy),0,0,,,0,0 289,37137,A New Hope for Kibera's Orphans,Justin Vero,17929,Global One Foundation,50,1,,,0,50 261,36252,Support 100 Rural Household access Electricity,Junior Toe,37008,Community Youth Network Program (CYNP)Inc,110,2,,,0,110 320,35914,UPCYCLING HANDMADE PRODUCTS BY 100 KENYAN ARTISANS,Julius Otieno,37725,KICK ARTISANS DEVELOPMENT SELF HELP GROUP,10,1,,,0,10 293,35869,Become a monthly Sponsor of our animals,Juliana Turner,50129,Juliana's Animal Sanctuary Inc.,40,2,,,0,40 159,36647,Engaging children in climate action:,Juliana Gutierrez,53656,Fundacion Low Carbon City,636,12,,,0,636 328,36110,Mount Kenya Forest Restoration,Julian Wanja,40275,Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation,0,0,,,0,0 248,36465,Hope for education to10 teen mothers in Zambia,Julia Phiri,36557,Dackana Community Home Based Care,126,3,,,0,126 99,36561,Help train 50 women as Community Paralegals,Judi Owens,56060,Inherit Your Rights,"2,631",28,,,0,"2,631" 120,36716,Educate and empower 700 Indigenous Colombians,Juan Montoya,47406,THE WE PROJECT,"1,720",15,,,0,"1,720" 328,36683,Setup ICT Centers for Public Schools In Nigeria,Joy Nnenna Nwagwuagwu,47931,Elixir Gold Outreach Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 50,36114,Adopt-An-Animal and Transform Lives in Africa,Jovenal Nsengimana,55703,Hifadhi Africa Organization (HAO),"5,368",42,,,0,"5,368" 93,36696,Launch DC's First Youth Peer Support Center!,Josephine Mazyck,57332,Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso (FAN),"3,165",37,,,0,"3,165" 293,36294,Save 10 000 Women & Girls from Human Trafficking,Joseph Osuigwe,41772,Devatop Centre for Africa Development,40,3,,,0,40 176,36305,Women who cultivate and transform their community,Jorge Noriega,57011,"Raiz de Fondo, Jardines y Educacion, A.C.",505,16,,,0,505 242,33936,HELP 3000 HOMES COOK SAFELY WITH MIRACLE STOVE,Joram Mathenge,29177,KIANGURE SPRINGS ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE,145,3,,,0,145 328,36986,Support Poor Beekeepers with hives and equipments,Jonathan Nturo,49223,Agro Action Rwanda,0,0,,,0,0 328,36320,Emergency Afterhours Safehouse and Foster Care,Jolene Delport,42382,Childline Gauteng,0,0,,,0,0 323,36431,NEW LIFE TO SMALL BUSINESSES UNDER WOMEN AND YOUTH,John Ng'ang'a,54811,FAN EMPOWERMENT INNOVATIVE PROGRAM,10,2,,,0,10 127,36492,Educate & empower 98 girls in Uganda for a year.,John Mwesigwa,56544,HOPE FOR CHILDREN'S HEALTH FOUNDATION,"1,508",15,,,0,"1,508" 251,36592,DONATE A CUP OF PORRIDGE MEAL THIS CHRISTMAS,John Mugabi,48101,YOUTH WITH A VISION,123,4,,,0,123 256,36403,Support a Library to Eradicate Poverty,John Malamba,41142,SIAYA COMMUNITY LIBRARY,120,4,,,0,120 328,34461,YOUTHS FIGTHING HUNGER AND POVERTY IN THIKA,John Macharia,53218,SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES PERMACULTURE PROGRAMME (SCOPE) KENYA,0,0,,,0,0 72,35922,"Shelter, Food and Care for Oldage poor Women India",John Christopher,34643,Community Organising for Rural Uplliftment Society,"5,034",51,,,0,"5,034" 328,36641,Educate 35 war orphans - change their future,Johann Van Rensburg,45771,International Widows & Orphans Fund,0,0,,,0,0 16,36662,Life Changing Care for Disabled Filipino Children,Joel Jurasinski,45824,Cast Your Nets Ministry Inc,"7,925",63,,winner,0,"7,925" 19,36399,Stepping towards a new School Building,Jody Lenz,56616,The Lazarus Commission,"7,460",60,,,0,"7,460" 112,36777,"1000 GIRLS WITH FGM DISEASES,MEDICAL CARE IN Kenya",Joan Oyinkansola Akin-Davis,54908,INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR FAMILY ADVANCEMENT,"2,032",4,,,0,"2,032" 328,36619,HELP FEED 75 STARVING CHILDREN MKURU SLUMS,Jim Tortorici,10710,Victory Foundation Programme,0,0,,,0,0 307,36091,Support Girls Gotta Run Athletic Scholars!,Jim Scott,47587,Girls Gotta Run Foundation,25,1,,,0,25 12,36962,Turn indigenous women into women entrepreneurs,Jessie Romero,56493,Fundacion por una Nueva Solucion,"9,351",94,,winner,0,"9,351" 219,37100,Empower Survivors of Trafficking with BFF,Jerry Chu,55242,Beauty for Freedom Inc.,230,3,,,0,230 30,36233,Rescue Orphaned & Injured Animals in the Amazon,Jenny Boyd,56969,Friends of Inti Wara Yassi,"6,508",63,,,0,"6,508" 174,36688,Early Childhood Development Centre in South Africa,Jenn Coles,53401,The Philile Foundation,520,3,,,0,520 289,37116,Road Home - Housing First Supports in Fredericton,Jeff Richardson,54406,United Way / Centraide Central N.B.,50,1,,,0,50 320,36216,Aid poor teen mothers of rape get a future hope,Jean Baptiste Ukurikiyimana,27770,HELP A CHILD INITIATIVE,10,1,,,0,10 26,36976,"Teaching Trades to Empower 40 Kids in Cabo, Mexico",Jayson Stirrup,57374,Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas A.C.,"6,764",44,,,0,"6,764" 80,35306,Maternal clothing line by marginalized women,Janine Mehmeti,53596,Akcioni per Nena dhe Femije,"4,805",13,,,0,"4,805" 328,35448,Farmer Training Center (FTC),Janet Maro,37996,Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania,0,0,,,0,0 1,35182,Break Near-starvation Cycle for Congolese Farmers,Janet Cook,44225,Coordination Technique Pour Le Developpment (CTD),"36,130",66,winner,winner,"3,000","39,130" 222,32563,Empowering Cambodian youth through education,Jamie Christopherson,42660,EDGE Worldwide,221,6,,,0,221 23,36419,Improving health of 500 Guatemalan school children,Jami Smith,54039,"Mayanza, Inc.","6,865",58,,,0,"6,865" 328,37217,Save life to 400 single teen mother in Tanzania,James Sunge,54449,Tanzania Hope Youth Resilience Opportunity and Innovation Development(THYROID Group),0,0,,,0,0 328,36250,"Educate, raise hope, 850 underserved kids, S.Sudan",James Machok Deng,48311,Skills and Talents Auxiliary Network for Development (STAND),0,0,,,0,0 267,36902,Help Children w/ Disabilities to Become Our Future,James Lindquist,49686,"Angel View, Inc.",100,1,,,0,100 328,35746,Advocacy for Sexual Gender-Based Violence Project,James F Kamanda II,52150,Community Enhancement Educational Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,35917,Build classrooms &teachers' Quarters for Makutu PS,James Asiimwe,50766,Maama ssekandi foundation,0,0,,,0,0 267,36222,SOLAR LANTERN LIGHTS FOR RURAL GREEN SKILL SCHOOL,Jagadananda ..,45528,Centre for Youth and Social Development (CYSD),100,1,,,0,100 307,35709,Assistive devices for Flood Hit Kerala,Jacob Roy,27239,Tropical Health Foundation of India,25,1,,,0,25 328,36821,Action for Sustainability,Jabesh Dutt,38266,DIVINE FELLOWSHIP,0,0,,,0,0 328,36679,EMPOWERING 500 YOUTH WITH HANDS-ON SKILLS,JOSEPH NSABIYUMVA,48310,GORILLA HIGHLANDS SPORTS CLUB (GHSC),0,0,,,0,0 328,36441,Parenting Program 2586 beneficiaries,JENNY BORNMAN,55952,Lesedi Hospice Hertzogville,0,0,,,0,0 225,36200,Provide Toilets To Greatly Improve The Health,Isaiah Jackson Sikolia,50105,western young leaders initiative,215,25,,,0,215 319,34755,Build a school for 150 children in Uganda,Isaac Mugisa,51886,Humura Vulnerable Children/Youth Support Organization (HUVUCSO),10,1,,,0,10 328,35524,Donation of Cattle to 6 families in Burundi,Irene Ho,45433,Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 61,37024,Boost Science in Liberal Education in Bulgaria,Irena Macheva,57190,American University in Bulgaria,"5,170",48,,,0,"5,170" 307,36628,Moving Mountains for Mental Health,Iregi Mwenja,35704,Psychiatric Disability Organization,25,1,,,0,25 232,36768,Give a voice to 50 citizen-led refugee projects!,Ioanna Theodorou,56641,Campfire Innovation Greece,188,5,,,0,188 238,36389,Support to Transitional housing for homeless men,International American Relief Society,49833,International American Relief Society IARS,150,3,,,0,150 193,36956,SheCanCode - Rwanda,Innocent Mbanda,46409,"Stella's Girls, Inc",370,7,,,0,370 328,36073,'Let's Beat Anemia among Girls in Pakistan',Imtiaz Watto,53186,Foundation for Awareness & Civic Engagement,0,0,,,0,0 168,36392,END SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN IN NIGERIA,Igwe Joseph,53714,Child Rights Awareness Creation Organisation,556,7,,,0,556 39,36103,Support for Continued Education of Girls,Ibtada Alwar,56045,IBTADA,"5,996",178,,,500,"6,496" 303,35455,Construction of New Water Well in Chargel Village,IBRAHIM BETIL,49115,SenDeGel Support for sustainable development,29,1,,,0,29 196,36076,Construction of School Building for Blind Girls.,Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society,56153,Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society,350,2,,,0,350 185,37297,Help Keep a Poor Child in Cameroon In School,Hortensia Ruth Balla,51609,Action for Hope USA,410,4,,,0,410 311,34309,Furnish a school for 75 disabled children in Ghana,Hopeworks Ghana,44112,Hopeworks Ghana,20,2,,,0,20 277,36974,Relief Fund for Disasters occurred in Japan 2018,Hiromi Kitakado,54602,UNITED EARTH,78,1,,,0,78 328,37087,help 30 youth get start up tools,Henry Ntende,26853,JOPA CARPENTRY WORKSHOP AND TECHNICAL SERVICES,0,0,,,0,0 289,36823,Economic empowerment for 150 families in Ethiopia,Henok Tamiru,53796,Vision for Ethiopia Association,50,2,,,0,50 289,32497,Orkar Christian Academy,Hemense Orkar,44255,Mango Tree Family,50,1,,,0,50 213,36970,ICAN DREAM Scholarships for 50 Students in Vietnam,Helen Lam,13210,International Children Assistance Network,265,5,,,0,265 184,37117,Provide Healthcare for 1000 Under-served Families,Heidi Sobotik,56775,Yanawana Herbolarios,420,5,,,0,420 207,37066,Soup on the footpath,Heidi Lowie,39131,vzw de Sfeer,300,5,,,0,300 328,37084,Help Build a School in Cameroon,Heidi Henneman,48921,Jenga Jumuiya,0,0,,,0,0 65,36577,Provide Spaces of Healing for 30 Women in Mexico,Heidi Basch-Harod,55054,Women's Voices Now Inc.,"5,096",46,,,0,"5,096" 328,36412,Equip 100 Classrooms in Uganda with Clean Water,Heather Baker,44573,"Clean International, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 328,36494,"Scaling up of 'Hear Me Out, Respect my Rights'",Hastings Masida Ziba,47567,Stimulus for Transformative Development (STRADE),0,0,,,0,0 139,36747,BUILD FIVE BASKETBALL COURTS FOR YOUTH IN NIGERIA,Harry Ezenibe,49086,HarryCares Foundation,"1,115",16,,,0,"1,115" 214,36818,Addressing violence against LGBT persons in Malawi,Harold Kachepatsonga,34554,Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected by HIV and AIDS,244,5,,,0,244 261,35701,Send 250 sexually abuse girls to school,Hamidu Dabo jnr,53680,JAJI munema NA kanmu cooperative society,110,2,,,0,110 192,36670,Restore a house to mobilize ignored labor pools,Halt Poverty,45242,Halt Poverty,379,9,,,0,379 294,36730,Make a Dream true for a street kid in Uganda,Hakizimana John Marry Vianney,36965,Grassroots Moved for Development in Uganda,38,2,,,0,38 267,36829,Give Rural Women Group Modern Shea Butter Centre,Habib Haruna,43576,Pure Trust Social Investors Foundation,100,2,,,0,100 328,36718,Improvement of legal frameworks in West Africa,Guy Aho TETE BENISSAN,16573,REPAOC,0,0,,,0,0 100,36554,Digital Leap,Gulnora Gafurova,39463,TajRupt,"2,600",4,,,0,"2,600" 27,36803,A bathroom for Santi,Guadalupe Gonzalez,50249,"UNA CASA PARA ROSA, A. C.","6,688",72,,,0,"6,688" 328,35209,Create Job to Tanzanian Youth with Autism,Graceanna Lymo,54480,Connects AutismTanzania,0,0,,,0,0 8,36639,"Empower 15 women as leaders, Improve health of 600",Grace Cares,57243,"GRACE Cares, Inc.","10,454",63,winner,winner,0,"10,454" 307,35898,"Provide safe drinking water,tens thousands-postwar",Godfrey Obua,45692,Rural Women and Coordination-RWYC,25,1,,,0,25 308,35862,VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR 58 TEEN-MOTHERS IN HOMABAY,Gideon Onyango,51440,AYAGA DANI WIDOWS GROUP,24,1,,,0,24 199,35993,Mangrove Planting (Community / Students) of Barada,Gerson Tembissa,55012,Associacao Esmabama,337,13,,,0,337 328,36342,Ending Child Marriage in Shinyanga Tanzania,Gerald Ng'ong'a,55724,RAFIKI SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION,0,0,,,0,0 254,36586,Protect 200 domestic / Abandoned children in Haiti,Gerald Guillaume,56608,IDETTE,120,3,,,0,120 328,36971,Children of the Gold Project: An Integrated stake,George Oppong,57045,Defence for Children International,0,0,,,0,0 302,37039,HOPE FOR ABUSED GIRLS AND YOUNG MOTHERS IN KENYA,George Onyango,43447,Community Initiatives Concern,29,1,,,0,29 328,36873,Support Young Women Gain Essential Business Skills,Geofrey Chirchir,39477,YOUTH HORIZONS,0,0,,,0,0 123,36634,Help 25 5th graders get a classroom by January2020,Geoffrey Kilonzo,47023,Imara Academy,"1,625",19,,,0,"1,625" 126,36677,Save 1 million lives,Gemma Josa,50165,Donation & Transplantation Institute,"1,516",28,,,0,"1,516" 55,36653,"Feed to Educate 2,500 School Children in India",Geetika Tewari,57403,Partnerships For Change,"5,237",46,,,0,"5,237" 221,36774,Monitoring Bird Migration to Protect and Conserve,Gaylia Lassner,55998,Rocky Point Bird Observatory Society,225,5,,,0,225 224,36578,Empowering 600 teenage mothers in Sri Lanka,Gamini Weerarathne,57365,Vehilihini Development Centre,219,4,,,0,219 291,36582,Empower 100 Pastoralist Girls in Northern Kenya,Galmo Halakhe,57360,Youth Empowerment Strategies & Advocacy,47,3,,,0,47 307,36929,Youth Impacting Youth (YIY),Gail Robinson,40693,"Building People, Building Communities, Inc.",25,1,,,0,25 328,35921,Restoring South Sudanese Luo's Culture,Gabriel Dhal Yak,52811,Global Development Services,0,0,,,0,0 328,37083,"WASTE PLASTICS TO INCOME,SOUTH SUDAN",GEPA SOUTH SUDAN,53561,GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT FOR POVERTY ALLEVIATION,0,0,,,0,0 307,37073,El teatro como herramienta de empoderamiento LGBTI,Fundación Bogotá Social,44288,Fundacion Bogota Social,25,1,,,0,25 328,36162,"Empowering women in Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo.",Fundacion NTD,47402,Fundacion NTD Ingredientes,0,0,,,0,0 128,36985,Survivors of violence that support victims,Fundacion Idea Dignidad,56760,Fundacion Idea Dignidad,"1,497",16,,,0,"1,497" 289,35716,Repurposing Toys for Low Income Kids,Fundacion Go Green Toy (FGGT),54578,Fundacion go green toy (fggt) - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,50,1,,,0,50 313,36773,ACCESS TO POTABLE WATER FOR 3 VILLAGES IN BURUNDI,Fulgence Niyonkuru,50940,African Youth Employment Initiatives (AYEI),19,1,,,0,19 287,37055,Jossam Village Borehole Project,Frank Kamanga,49021,Centre for Child Development and Research,58,2,,,0,58 174,37232,El Manglito Kids Wheels for freedom,Francisco Agrre,57135,BCSicletos colectivo de ciclismo urbano a.c.,520,23,,,0,520 328,35600,Build a school for 3 rural communities in Ghana,Francis Sarkodie,47888,Center for Integrated Rural and Child Development,0,0,,,0,0 312,36519,Gift A Widow this Christmas with Ten Chicken,Francis Oketch,55887,Kitchen Chicken Development Group,20,1,,,0,20 186,36418,ENABLE the 300 Indigenous Samal Bajau Students,Fr. Martin Ele,56786,Claret Samal Foundation Inc.,405,6,,,0,405 36,36907,"Say Yes to Women's Education of Oaxaca, Mexico.",Fondo Guadalupe Musalem,52484,Fondo Guadalupe Musalem A.C.,"6,134",48,,,0,"6,134" 305,36530,Provide Clean Water to 500 Families in the Desert!,Foad Shams,49647,Greet for Cause Foundation,26,1,,,0,26 289,36325,Support needy families attain quality education,Felix Gift Lwanga,55156,THE GIFT KIDS FOUNDATION,50,1,,,0,50 320,34323,SOLAR LIGHT FOR 50 RURAL SCHOOLS IN GHANA,Felix Djan Foh,46257,PUBLIC INTEREST RESEARCH AND ADVOCACY NETWORK (PIRAN),10,1,,,0,10 328,37256,Training 300 impoverished children in Uganda.,Family Caregivers Association for the Aged Group FCAAG,47654,Family Caregivers Association for the Aged Group,0,0,,,0,0 322,36538,Building Houses for 50 Hurricane Michael Survivors,Falon Alo,27854,Hearts & Hands Disaster Recovery,10,1,,,0,10 328,35689,PREPARATION FOR THE VALIDATION OF THE BACHELOR,FUNDACION UNIVERSITEC DE COLOMBIA,50285,FUNDACION UNIVERSO DE INTELIGENCIA Y TECNOLOGIA Y CULTURA DE COLOMBIA,0,0,,,0,0 328,36319,VIABILITY TRAINING IN BEDSIDE NURSE FOR GIRLS,FREDERICK NATHAN,47639,Technology & Innovation For Social Change--A non profit-Ngo,0,0,,,0,0 140,34713,supporting 100 Farmer suicide families in India,FIAN AP,54004,FOOD FIRST INFORMATION AND ACTION NETWORK SOCIETY,"1,050",2,,,0,"1,050" 328,35855,International YouthBank Conference,FEHİME SÜRÜKLİ,51271,COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 328,35892,500 women earn from solid waste value addition,Ezra Banda,54302,Keepers Zambia Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 164,36552,Help Us Change The World One Child At A Time,Eveline Smith,57483,SEEDLINGS OF CHANGE INC,567,11,,,0,567 89,36260,Help Build a Free Primary School in Nairobi Slums,Evanson Njeru,56652,Compassion Community Based Organisation,"3,665",44,,,0,"3,665" 211,36899,Trash Hunter,Ervin Shehaj,36607,Green Line Albania,275,3,,,0,275 131,35186,Empower Malawian villagers to make a difference,Erin Balas,53991,Bwenzi,"1,370",36,,,0,"1,370" 328,36904,Land For Eastern Exotics Wildlife Foundation,Eric Dionne,44322,Eastern Exotics Wildlife Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 289,36295,Disability Rehabilitation of 200 children in Kenya,Erastus Onyango,50956,Port Florence Youth Initiative,50,1,,,0,50 11,36035,Help feed 168 tseltal children in Chiapas,Equipo Ixim A.C.,46539,"IXIM, AC","9,789",81,,winner,0,"9,789" 328,37012,Training 100 women in recycling aluminium wastes,Epodoi Jesca,56541,Action for Development of Grassroots Communities,0,0,,,0,0 328,35303,"Vocational Skills for 1,000 Women in Nigeria",Eno Okpo,41084,E-Enable (Enabled to Enable),0,0,,,0,0 328,36569,Women Empowerment through Economic Development,Enamul Kabir,48811,Prova Society,0,0,,,0,0 278,36591,Universal Birth Registration to End Child Marriage,Enamul Haque,41190,MOMODa FOUNDATION,76,2,,,0,76 328,36625,Preventing HIV among Youth Sex Workers in Liberia,Emmanuel Zawolo Suah,53626,Youth Alive Liberia,0,0,,,0,0 328,35515,Clothing 1000 internally displaced in Cameroon,Emmanuel Liyong Sama,51995,Centre for Indigenous Resources Management and Development (CIRMAD),0,0,,,0,0 289,36620,Educate Internally Displaced Anglophone Children,Emilia Miki,33093,Denis Miki Foundation,50,1,,,0,50 68,36957,Upgrade and Expansion of Kardinia Hope School,Emeka Okwudishu,57046,Kardinia Hope Foundation,"5,056",45,,,0,"5,056" 239,35604,An Ultrasound for our Antenatal health Services,Elvis Ndansi,50578,Unite For Health Foundation,150,3,,,0,150 194,36624,We Can Get There!,Elizabeth Selhore,44366,Sahara CFRCAR (Centre for Residential Care And Rehabilitation,359,6,,,0,359 280,36931,Help 80 need young Brazilians get their first job,Elizabeth Alves,56667,Fundacao Eufraten,70,2,,,0,70 134,36635,Join our team - Support Todos Santos Youth Sports,Elena Moreno,56878,"Vida y Prosperidad Todos Santos, A.C.","1,330",17,,,0,"1,330" 306,36680,Help WWF bring the lynx back to Bulgaria,Elena Gancheva,54779,WWF Bulgaria,25,1,,,0,25 289,36057,Creating a safe haven for Abuse and GBV Survivors,Ekenia Chifamba,26978,ShamwariYemwanasikana Trust,50,1,,,0,50 38,36835,Empower Street Youth with Sustainable Livelihood,Ejikeme McBishops Ogueji,51486,Life Challenge Intervention Outreach,"6,000",42,,,0,"6,000" 328,36758,Tacoma Community College USA Scholarship Project,Edward Swisshelm,46515,Innovations and Technical Services,0,0,,,0,0 255,36918,ICT learning platform,Edward Saimon,29867,Umoja wa wawezeshaji KIOO,120,2,,,0,120 328,37141,Allow high school students to connect with nature,Edward Caplan,50240,Keeler Gardens NFP,0,0,,,0,0 119,36079,Help 250 Women to start a crochet business,Edna Ishaya,48152,Centre for Microenterprise Development Ltd/Gte,"1,727",22,,,0,"1,727" 47,36785,Feeding Children and Families During COVID-19,Edith Vizcarra,57468,"SARAHUARO, A.C.","5,422",47,,,0,"5,422" 315,37179,Help Train 1500 Providers to rebuild hope for IDPs,Edie Geraldine,44978,Adele Reproductive Health Foundation-Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (CTC4FP),17,1,,,0,17 328,35787,Provide ICT for 1200 youth & children in a slum,Edgar mwasawau,52344,Honken Global Volunteering for change,0,0,,,0,0 106,36912,"Help stop animal suffering in Chiapas, Mexico",ERICKA BRAND,56761,ANIMALIX AC,"2,234",63,,,0,"2,234" 307,35322,jobs for people in fife with mental health issues,Duncan Mitchell,47502,Fife Employment Access Trust,25,1,,,0,25 328,36124,Sponsor Elementary Education of Girls In India,Dream Girl Foundation,49081,DREAM GIRL FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 169,37307,Bringing Education to the Village Children,Dr.Dominic Diing,34295,Aid and Care,555,4,,,0,555 289,36960,Saving Infants Lives Across Georgia,Dr. Michael W. Craige,55619,CiDrep SickKids Foundation,50,2,,,0,50 328,35159,Educating Rural South Africans about Breast Cancer,Donve Leicester,54103,Breast Health NPC,0,0,,,0,0 239,36831,Promote reading for children in Tobago,Donna Trim-Stewart,47450,Empowerment Awakening Resource Centre Inc.,150,2,,,0,150 289,36274,Wellbeing activities for residents of East Leeds,Dom Charkin,53963,Zest Health for Life,50,1,,,0,50 328,36723,Educate ten vulnerable girls in Kisumu to lead,Dolphine Anyango,54290,Soroptimist International Club of Kisumu,0,0,,,0,0 328,35926,Teaching Art and Craft to 100 children in India,Dolamohan Singh Babu,38683,Association for Human rights Education And Development,0,0,,,0,0 316,36866,Personal development to 750 pupils in Madagascar,Dimby Ranoelimanana,48923,Ank'Izy,15,1,,,0,15 328,36243,Attempt for Reduction of Malnutrition (ARM),Digvijay Kumar,55866,Institute for Developmental Education and Action (IDEA),0,0,,,0,0 328,37006,"Enable the Disabled, Support 100+ Disabled Players",Differently Abled Cricket Club,53080,Differently Abled Cricket Club,0,0,,,0,0 191,33851,Help build a facility for slaughter bound horses,Diana Murphy,9009,VOICE FOR HORSES RESCUE NETWORK,385,6,,,0,385 213,37121,Empowering Our Girls: Girls on the Run - DC,Devoria Armstead,53631,"Girls on the Run, DC",265,4,,,0,265 328,36975,Florida Everglades Project,Development Group,45781,Save the WaterTM,0,0,,,0,0 328,36847,Help Disabled Children like Brilliant,Dervilla Gannon,55127,Mustard Seed Ireland,0,0,,,0,0 97,36617,nutrition support for 200 malnourished children,Deepali Pateriya,52435,Society for Pragati Bharat,"2,760",17,,,0,"2,760" 328,37042,Soch - Journey with Homeless Young Women,Deepali Kamble,36017,URJA Trust,0,0,,,0,0 282,36291,A warm and safe day centre for vulnerable families,Debbie Nevin,51074,The Family Haven,67,2,,,0,67 44,36214,Helping Rural Xhosa children become literate!,Dawn Brochenin,57357,Ncinci One's Montessori,"5,731",67,,,0,"5,731" 307,35300,send-a- girl- child-to-school in uganda,David W. Watuwa,51084,Association for World Education Uganda National Chapter,25,1,,,0,25 155,36640,Watersports for Disabled & Disadvantaged Children,David Powell,57352,Rotary Club of Fishponds and Downend,671,15,,,0,671 271,36524,Provision of Sanitation for a village in Nepal,David Marklew,56702,Rotary Club of Cannock,90,5,,,0,90 328,36388,"Help 1,500 expectant mothers access skilled birth",David Maganya,55400,IHOPE Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,37050,Educate Girls in Kibera,David Kitavi,16354,Ushirika Children Centre Kibera Kenya,0,0,,,0,0 118,36980,Connect US and Taiwanese Teachers,David Janes,57022,"EngageAsia, Inc.","1,750",22,,,0,"1,750" 289,37035,Refugee girls empowerment project,David Elungat,30004,Voice for Humanity Uganda,50,1,,,0,50 205,36938,Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy CrisAlex 2019,David Covucci,53740,CrisAlex Inc,307,4,,,0,307 58,37118,"New education for 5,400 rural students in Peru",David Baumann,44528,Asociacion Civil ProRural,"5,204",60,,,0,"5,204" 202,36713,Enabling People to Own and Manage their Well-being,Dave S Thompson,54626,MySalus P.B.C,320,7,,,0,320 328,36154,School Expansion in Rural India,Daphne Keys,42274,Global Hope Network International UK,0,0,,,0,0 281,36541,Help children in Bolivia to overcome violence!,Daniela Valdivia,50336,Future4Children,68,3,,,0,68 262,36643,Active life for disability children in Bulgaria,Daniela Sadikova,55404,NGO Sport club Shark / ParaKids project,106,4,,,0,106 69,36959,Create 50 guardians for Bahia Magdalena mangrove,Daniela López Acosta,57216,"Pronatura Noroeste, A.C.","5,044",44,,,0,"5,044" 328,36472,Build Shelter for 200 Poor Blind Kids in Liberia,Daniel Riche,55538,Supporting Citizen Initiative for Development in Africa (SCIDA-Liberia),0,0,,,0,0 328,36251,Build a capacity to 240 youths in Rural Tanzania,Daniel Odiyo,51734,NURU POPOTE LOCAL INDUSTRY(NPLI),0,0,,,0,0 328,35718,REDUCE INCIDENCE OF TEENAGE PREGNANCY.,Daniel Lahai,40123,Friends of Education Africa-Sierra Leone(FEduA-SL),0,0,,,0,0 245,36102,#InspireDreams,Daniel Jacobs,55294,Young Entrepreneurs Foundation,135,3,,,0,135 328,35401,Bridging the Digital Divide,Daniel DeJesus,51369,UNITED TECH PROJECT FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 328,37005,Provide skills for 100 Tanzanian Girls,Daniel Charles,10953,Tanzania Counsellors Associates,0,0,,,0,0 54,36676,"Marimba training, 150 kids, Alexandra Township",Dan Fisher,54093,Education Africa,"5,241",44,,,0,"5,241" 328,35852,Integrate 500 patients of mental health in Rwanda,DUKUNDE NYIRIGIRA Grace,52838,NDUHURA organization helps patients of mental illness to be integrated in society and to be treated,0,0,,,0,0 328,36435,"Build a School,Educate 300 Rural Girls In Zimbabwe",DORCAS TSHUMA,32710,Triumphant Hand of Mercy Initiative NPC,0,0,,,0,0 328,36775,Train 50 Kenyan women and youth entrepreneurs,DJ Patel,56075,African Process & Performance Institute,0,0,,,0,0 304,36402,Help with Construction of Porta Classrooms,DIKSHA SCHOOL,54635,Developing Initatives for Knowledge and Social and Humanitarian Activities (DIKSHA),29,1,,,0,29 328,37097,Tech changing child cancer detection (Guanajuato),DIANA SOFIA VILLANUEVA CORNEJO,57242,Asociacion Mexicana de Ayuda a Ninos con Cancer de Gto A.C,0,0,,,0,0 290,34729,Ending extreme poverty? Focus on children & Educ.,DANIEL NARTEY,48913,Love and Care Foundation,48,1,,,0,48 267,37023,Special Education of Hearing Impaired Children,D.P.K Babu,2843,Ashray Akruti,100,1,,,0,100 267,35594,Women's leadership and decision Making in Liberia,Cynthia Yah Gonleh,52807,Liberian Women Empowerment Network,100,1,,,0,100 265,36638,Addressing Overpopulation and Homeless Pit Bulls,Cynthia Polite,55814,"Pit Bull Rescue Central, Inc.",101,5,,,0,101 37,36480,Support Social Entrepreneurs Combat Energy Poverty,Cynthia Morseth,55904,Flame Tree Initiative,"6,130",48,,,0,"6,130" 274,36059,Junior Pele Soccer Tournaments,Cup Foundation Ghana,39349,CUP FOUNDATION GHANA,85,4,,,0,85 328,36656,Sports for Life,Cristina Latorre,44141,Fundacion Raiz Ecuador,0,0,,,0,0 299,36521,TRANSFORM LIVES OF 3000 DRUG USERS IN KIBERA SLUMS,Crispus Otieno,44934,Wisdom Services For People of East Africa (WISPEA)EA),30,4,,,0,30 328,36352,Ending Child Marriages,Cosmas Rongoti,57094,Shanduko Yeupenyu Child Care,0,0,,,0,0 312,35229,Entertainment Picnic program for Deprived Children,Concern Nepal,44184,Concern for Children and Environment Nepal (CONCERN Nepal),20,1,,,0,20 320,36623,"Give A Gift, Spread the Love",Collince Dundo,48031,Youth Initiative Development Programme,10,1,,,0,10 328,37236,Construtcion of a 1x2 Classroom Block,Collin Nyabadza,36346,Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT),0,0,,,0,0 328,36836,"Know, learn and live!",Colleen Rogers,44980,LifeLine Vaal Triangle,0,0,,,0,0 233,36673,Help >1000 children with autism* in Vietnam,Colin Ohrt,39127,Consortium for Health Action,180,1,,,0,180 17,36420,Help an Indian Orphanage this Christmas,Clifton Shipway,57184,The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission,"7,776",63,,winner,0,"7,776" 223,36178,Reaching Out to Those Affected by Mental Illness,Claudius Sawyerr,50236,Mental Health Coalition - Sierra Leone,220,3,,,0,220 328,37106,Build habitat equipment for 25 families in Ecuador,Claudia Bueso,57474,Un techo para mi pais Ecuador,0,0,,,0,0 267,36928,Original music for critically sick children,Clark Hodge,49068,Chase the Music,100,1,,,0,100 258,37057,Keep Syrian Children Warm This Winter,Civil Care,42759,SIVIL HIMAYE DERNEGI,115,2,,,0,115 328,36548,Build a Fish Farm Save Women From Poverty,Chukwudi Anyanaso,46685,The People and Planet Life Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36425,Better Tomorrow by Educating children Today,Christopher Nyika,44359,Zimbabwe Childrens Educational Trust,0,0,,,0,0 235,35924,Provide Clean Renewable Sustainable Energy Source,Christopher Lunguya,43382,Organization for Scientific Research and Youth Technical Development,169,2,,,0,169 82,36763,"Empower 100,000 children in Benin with Education",Christophe Viltard,55476,Fondation Graines de Paix,"4,619",37,,,0,"4,619" 156,34903,Help a Thai student achieve their dreams,Chodok Panyavaranant,52597,Kenan Foundation Asia,665,15,,,0,665 328,36288,Restoration of life of Flood victims of Kodagu,Chinthana Foundation,56409,Chinthana Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,36267,Four class rooms for 160 girls each year in Malawi,Chimwemwe Limani,53666,Imagine Afrika,0,0,,,0,0 328,36086,SKILLS TRAINING SUPPORT FOR 150 TEENAGE MOTHERS,Children's Hope,46589,Childrens Hope Initiative - Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 328,36535,Building A Home For Indigent Old People In Nigeria,Chigbo Nwamara,55745,Offthehook Foundation For Rural Dwellers,0,0,,,0,0 218,35640,Kick Obesity and NCDs Cameroon,Chiangeh Richard,47835,Sports and Health Development Organization,235,10,,,0,235 246,36269,Support survivors of gendered violence in Myanmar,Cherry Soe,49959,Jeepyah Civil Society Development Organization,132,4,,,0,132 328,36871,"Ubuntu Oven Project, empowering rural women",Cherry Armstrong,52607,Celebrate Life SA,0,0,,,0,0 328,36479,protecting children of imprisoned mothers,Cheeseborough Leonard,41177,SEVAC Foundation Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 249,36973,Help Educate Kandal Community Children,Chean Toing Ain,54654,Attitude Centre for Education,126,1,,,0,126 259,36984,Mia Wants A #ChristmasToRemember,Charnell Ruth,51690,The Lebanon ARROHHH,115,4,,,0,115 239,35837,"Dairy goats program for Widows in Kitui, Kenya",Charles Mokaya,28523,Human Development International NGO,150,1,,,0,150 203,36924,Enhancing livelihoods for 3360 Women in Somalia,Charlane Robinson,54493,Africa Educational Trust,311,8,,,0,311 247,36778,Easter Island Original Language Rescue,Cecilia Anriquez,45266,Corporacion Municipal de Isla de Pascua,130,2,,,0,130 83,36686,Agroforestry with refugees and hosts in NW Uganda,Cathy Watson,53482,International Centre for Research in Agroforestry,"4,210",36,,,0,"4,210" 328,36112,Create a future for 90 Ugandan Disadvantaged Girls,Catherine Martha Agwang,46392,Uganda Youth Development and Training Programme,0,0,,,0,0 64,36657,Give Children a Safer and Happier Childhood,Carolina Moraes,56674,Fundacion Minga Valpo,"5,121",59,,,0,"5,121" 45,36440,Affordable Health & Dental Care in Rural Haiti,Carol DeNysschen,56233,Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E.),"5,698",42,,,0,"5,698" 10,36512,Help expand 'Young Smart Farmers' organic gardens,Carol De Leo,34071,"Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc","10,015",68,winner,winner,0,"10,015" 328,36148,"Small basic budget homes in rural CT, South Africa",Carol Bruton,55819,Ram - Rescue Among Many T/as and known as. Registered as Ram Charity Projects,0,0,,,0,0 160,36650,Give education opportunity to rural Ugandan youth,Carol Bogezi,40075,Tusubira-We Have Hope,628,6,,,0,628 326,35889,LIFE SKILLS FOR 100 TEEN MOTHERS,Carlex mlugo,53302,Odollo Self Help Group,4,2,,,0,4 293,36702,Create Sustainable support to Street Children,Care for Vulnerable Children,54525,Care for Vulnerable Children,40,2,,,0,40 153,36941,Empower and Educate 40 Children in Waterloo Iowa,Candice Lanning,55312,"Afro-American Community Broadcasting, Inc.",700,14,,,0,700 236,36278,150 Women to Restore Biodiversity in Mole Park,CLETUS zume,56494,COALITION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF NORTHERN GHANA (NORTHCODE-Ghana),165,2,,,0,165 177,37058,Free 300 girls from child marriage in South Sudan,CIDO SOUTH SUDAN,52760,Community Initiative For Development Organization,500,1,,,0,500 328,36224,BEE KEEPING WITH 55 YOUTHS,CHARLES CANORVENT,56141,pluto youth group,0,0,,,0,0 328,33674,CHILD RIGHTS BY FORMAL EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT,CHAKKUMAR ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE CASS,45115,CHAK KUMAR ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE,0,0,,,0,0 261,35231,CHANGE THE LIFE OF 300 SALVADORAN SCHOOL GIRLS,CEMUJER CEMUJER,51490,Instituto de Estudios de la Mujer Norma Virginia Guirola de Herrera CEMUJER,110,4,,,0,110 286,36748,Restore Health and Skill to 5000 Nigerians,CELESTINA EKEZIE,55108,Beacon of Hope Outreach Ministry,60,2,,,0,60 312,37013,educational support to 10 at-risk children,Buddha Kepchhaki,45718,Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC),20,1,,,0,20 328,33394,An innovative low cost academy for school-dropouts,Bruce Tushabe,40678,Uprise Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 264,36596,"Shark Sanctuary Transition, Isla Mujeres, Mexico",Brock Cahill,55794,The SeaChange Agency,105,4,,,0,105 63,36652,Choirs To Improve English Literacy of 600 Children,Bridget Johnsen,52214,K2011127140 trading as PSI Projects,"5,151",50,,,0,"5,151" 70,36061,Trauma Informed Yoga for the Incarcerated,Breanna Tivvis,55350,"Yoga 4 Change, INC","5,044",44,,,0,"5,044" 307,35476,Change a Girl's World with a Scholarship in Kenya,Bradley Broder,54403,"Kenya Education Fund, Inc.",25,1,,,0,25 177,36404,"GIVE LIFE TO 100,000 WOMEN & YOUTH IN SOUTH SUDAN",Bode Kosoko-Thompson,56369,People Independent Economy Organization,500,3,,,0,500 328,37130,Tools for Successful Living!,Bob Posey,52897,Discovery Programs,0,0,,,0,0 328,36636,Raise Against Rape by 500 School Girls in Nepal,Bikash Gnawali,55089,Concern Center for Rural Youth,0,0,,,0,0 328,36669,Health Care for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh,Bikash Das,54518,Dalit,0,0,,,0,0 328,37009,Ensuring education and medical for poor children,Bijoy Mondal,54550,LIFE FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 328,36833,Empowering and educating war affected Youth (Zoego,Benjamin Tarnue,57385,National Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Liberia,0,0,,,0,0 320,36016,Help California Wildfire Victims,Ben Williams,46820,Matthew 25: Ministries,10,1,,,0,10 170,35572,Help Persons Affected by Leprosy Stay in School,Belen Dofitas,51891,"Philippine Leprosy Mission, Inc.",550,8,,,0,550 320,37029,"Stop Child Marriage, Promote Girl Education",Beda Tarimo,44836,UNIQUE DEVELOPMENT FOR FUTURE (UDF),10,1,,,0,10 91,36944,CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE RELIEF,Becky Mendoza,45694,Changing Tides Foundation,"3,420",86,,,0,"3,420" 138,36932,14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship Protection,Beatriz Paz,57589,LULAC Institute Inc.,"1,120",30,,,0,"1,120" 328,36069,Empowering 20 MVC in Tanzania,Beatrice Mgaya,55461,Social Action Trust Fund,0,0,,,0,0 324,36491,Educate 3500 Aids orphans in Kenyan remote areas,Beatrice Lusike,56832,Hequeendo compasionate Friends,8,5,,,0,8 328,36045,Support Girl children to be educated in Mzimba,Bathromew Shaba,25914,Muumoza Youth Organisation,0,0,,,0,0 181,36527,End Witchcraft Branding and Stigmatization (EWBS),Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI),50208,Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI),462,14,,,0,462 328,37092,Computers for Agricultural Schools in Cameroon,Bart Vetsuypens,44287,Comundos,0,0,,,0,0 328,36909,"Health care and water for 2,000 Togolese enclaved",Baroma Madomba BAMANA,51611,Action Committee for Research and Development,0,0,,,0,0 198,36618,Mitigating of Child marriage vice in Uganda,Barbara Katende,56574,ASSISTANCE VULNERABILITY ELDERLY &CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL,337,8,,,0,337 177,36017,Think Before Pink,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,42488,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,500,1,,,0,500 328,35994,Economie empower 200 Plantation youth Sri Lanka,Bandaranayake R.M,50677,The Youth Voice International,0,0,,,0,0 328,35871,EDUCATE 200 ORPHANS IN MAYUGE DISTRICT,Baliddawa Henry,50461,Blessed Echoes Children Alliance,0,0,,,0,0 328,37065,Skill Acquisition Boot Camp,Babajide Olapade,46118,Transformed Expressions Youth Development Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 328,36262,Rehabilitation of Child Labour Family of Baruipur,BISWAJIT SARDAR,54922,Bhanru Ramkrishnapur Gramin Unnayan Sanstha,0,0,,,0,0 187,36939,Training for 70 teachers and 70 youths in Myanmar,BACI BACI/Myanmar,53003,Burmese American Community Institute Inc,390,13,,,0,390 328,36268,Improvement of education environment in Mtwara,Ayubu Samwel,55385,Tanzania Life Improvement Association(TALIA),0,0,,,0,0 286,36421,Help 15 Girls in Bali Graduate From High School,Ayu Ratna Wulandari,28753,Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi,60,2,,,0,60 328,37014,peace promotion through Dialogue in south Sudan.,Ayoo Janet,53642,Narrative Hub,0,0,,,0,0 204,36937,"Protect the Environment,Eradicate Plastic in Lagos",Ayodele Ameen,56024,"HUMAN RIGHTS ADVANCEMENT, DEVELOPMENT AND ADVOCACY CENTRE (HURIDAC)",311,12,,,0,311 328,35530,E- learning centre For Underprivileged Children,Awadhesh Kumar,35846,Balajee Sewa Sansthan,0,0,,,0,0 73,35705,Child-Centred Education for 400 Children in India,Avital Datskovsky,54509,Gramin Shiksha Kendra,"5,030",42,,,0,"5,030" 228,36672,Free Engineering Education for kids of Armenia,Avag Sayan,54958,Union of Information Technology Enterprises,200,1,,,0,200 328,36223,Reducing Teenage pregnancy in schools of Mtwara.,Aule Mukulasi,52142,Foundation for youth motivation and development,0,0,,,0,0 328,36486,TO TRAIN 3000 COLOMBIAN FAMILIES IN VALUES,Augusto Rueda,57073,ASOCIACION PRO DEFENSA DEL NINO,0,0,,,0,0 307,36693,QUALITY EDUCATION FOR 3000 CHILDREN IN NIGERIA,Augustine Omaji,43161,Potent life skills foundation,25,1,,,0,25 328,35493,Taste of Fall Charity Award Ceremony,Audrey Billingsley,49823,Rugby Idhao Inc,0,0,,,0,0 86,33199,Be a Jagrik- Active and Responsible Citizenship,Ashraf Patel,47861,Commutiny - The Youth Collective,"3,996",52,,,0,"3,996" 59,35747,Stand To Educate an African Girl Child,Arsenault Mary,44710,KIWONNONGO FOUNDATION INC,"5,197",41,,,0,"5,197" 295,36998,Early Intervention on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in SA,Arnold Badza,43757,Swahili Language Board of Southern Africa,35,1,,,0,35 289,36857,A Call to Action Literacy Initiative,Ariel Goldring,49585,"Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia, Inc",50,2,,,0,50 328,36125,Harnessing Youth Potential through Skill Training,Antony Raj,54437,Saint John Bosco Educational Trust,0,0,,,0,0 300,36844,Storytelling as a catalyst to promote literacy,Antoinette Van Niekerk,55293,Africa!Ignite NPC,30,2,,,0,30 15,36488,Help 450 Rwandan Prisoners to Become Peacebuilders,Antoine Samvura,57088,Friends Peace House,"8,749",59,,winner,0,"8,749" 87,37015,Stimulating Early Childhood Reading in Bulgaria,Antoaneta Dimitrova,57292,Bulgarian Library and Information Association,"3,973",22,,,0,"3,973" 166,36192,Supply Treated Bednets to 7200 Children-Uvinza,Anthony Kilugala,45652,Women Rights Action Group (WRAG),560,2,,,0,560 200,36478,Train the next generation of environmental leaders,Annie Sanders,56716,"Green Corps, Inc.",325,3,,,0,325 307,36055,Provide wheelchairs to change lives in Kenya,Anna-Kate Taylor,6074,Motivation Charitable Trust,25,1,,,0,25 312,35589,Hope for 500 + children with Speech disability,Angela Wiltshire,49810,Hope Speaks,20,1,,,0,20 33,35790,Restoring Nairobi's iconic public libraries,Angela Wachuka,53595,Book Bunk Trust,"6,283",44,,,0,"6,283" 4,36930,Help children in Varna access free art courses,Aneta Ivanova,57253,School of arts for unprivileged children Dedal,"11,547",100,winner,winner,0,"11,547" 328,34915,"Helping Children, Changing Lives",Aneliese Chapman,54326,Home-Start Norfolk,0,0,,,0,0 312,36576,100 Women Rendering Aid to Youth in Mental Crisis,Andrea Mustin,57471,Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide,20,1,,,0,20 6,36105,WheelchairFund for 100 Romanians with disabilities,Anca Beudean,46237,Fundatia Motivation Romania,"10,806",52,,winner,0,"10,806" 289,36292,Chhori (Daughter),Anamika Lama,28554,Childreach Nepal,50,1,,,0,50 162,36908,Give a Hope: Health for infants and children,Ana Santiago,53284,Fundacion Hogar Ninito Jesus,626,6,,,0,626 94,36885,AmancCampeche Center for children with Cancer,Ana Cu Estrada,56604,Asociacion Mexicana de ayuda a Ninos con Cancer de Campeche,"2,989",25,,,0,"2,989" 289,37027,Support 20 persons with disabilities in Bosnia,Amela Velic,51746,Bosnian Doctors for Disabled,50,1,,,0,50 255,37125,Prevent Childhood Stunting in Ghana,Amanda Gailey,39993,"FARE International, Inc.",120,1,,,0,120 328,36337,Educational Kits for our village,Amanda Bossenger,7038,Cotlands,0,0,,,0,0 312,36750,Help Farmers for Rice Processing Machine,Amadu Kamara,34789,Kaddra Inc,20,1,,,0,20 320,36312,Help Girls to Complete their Education up to 12th,Alok Sahai,36779,Bhartiya Mahila Evam Gramin Utthan Sansthan,10,1,,,0,10 307,36674,Food security: Giving poor elderly people food.,Ally Mukasa,54541,Wagon of Hope Foundation,25,1,,,0,25 328,36271,Che Ka'avoty: Assistance for Small Farmers,Allen Funk,50121,MEDA PY - Mennonite Economic Development Associates Paraguay,0,0,,,0,0 328,37070,STEAM Workshops for High School girls in Africa,Alinda Mashiku,57042,"The Joule Foundation, Inc",0,0,,,0,0 328,36462,Ecopolis - Global Project on Education for SDGs,Alexey Shadrin,57227,Ecological Projects Development and Support Fund Russian Carbon,0,0,,,0,0 111,36464,Change lives in Zanzibar through music,Alessia Lombardo,52009,Dhow Countries Music Academy,"2,059",23,,,0,"2,059" 25,36783,"Productive, Healing Center for Women in Mexico",Alejandra Rosado,56996,MANOS QUE RECONSTRUYEN OAXACA A.C.,"6,779",120,,,0,"6,779" 221,36349,500 Colombian Children Learn Equality through Arts,Alba Coton,56266,Fundacion Proyecto de Vida,225,4,,,0,225 328,37049,Gift shoes that grow to over 500 school going Kids,Alan Malcolm,51248,Ukids Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 66,36131,Empower 500 women rescued from slavery in India,Alamelu Bannan,38267,RURAL WOMEN DEVELOPMENT TRUST,"5,060",52,,,0,"5,060" 177,36759,Give quality Education and skills to 200 children,Akora Sam,46575,The Gift Of A Girl Foundation,500,1,,,0,500 288,35928,Support 500 Teen Single Mothers in Tanzania,Aim Dennis,49158,STRATEGIC YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION,57,1,,,0,57 132,36740,Transform Dozens of Communities Around the World,Ahmad Abojaradeh,46059,"Life in My Days, Inc","1,340",25,,,0,"1,340" 328,36022,RUN FOR THE GIRL CHILD HALF MARATHON,Adventure Youth Group,52908,ADVENTURE YOUTH GROUP,0,0,,,0,0 328,36654,"Healthcare and Water, sanitation and Hygienic",Aduin Debbarma,54732,Dopha Hamkwrai Bodol,0,0,,,0,0 57,36466,Help 100 women in Sierra Leone escape poverty,Adriana Poglia,6023,Peace Child International,"5,215",44,,,0,"5,215" 124,36476,Help Mothers of the Disappeared Find Justice,Adela Valladares,56508,Instituto Mexicano de Derechos Humanos y Democracia A.C.,"1,582",40,,,0,"1,582" 267,36633,Sponsor A Child,Action Initiative for Development AID,49814,Action Initiative for Development(AID),100,1,,,0,100 328,36607,Small Loans to 40 AIDS/War Widows in Jubek State,Aboi Talib,47367,Mubadiroon Organization,0,0,,,0,0 76,36745,Give Child Refugees A Chance,Abigail Karcz,56817,The School Box Project Inc,"5,000",40,,,0,"5,000" 189,36766,Alleviating poverty for 100 through Skill Gurukul,Abhishek Rathi,54708,PanIIT Alumni Reach For India Foundation,388,6,,,0,388 328,35379,Educating 200 girsl effected by war in Afghanistan,Abdullah Ahmadi,49873,Afghanistan Democracy and Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 328,35888,Supporting Human Rights Education in Nigeria,Abdul-Ghani Oyaifo,39180,International Society for Peace and Safety,0,0,,,0,0 328,37159,Raising awareness among 1000 students on disaster,Abdul Rahman Kowa,44356,2017 Mandela Washington Fellows-Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 328,36314,Sabrine Assessment survey for IDP 2018,Abdihakin Sharif,37203,East Africa Consortium International,0,0,,,0,0 328,37181,One Child One Dictionary,Abai Victor Asondo,52502,Bridgers Association Cameroon,0,0,,,0,0 328,36469,Education for all children (EFAC) in Liberia,Aaron S. Garziah,57165,Sonkarlay Nuahn Global Aid Foundation (SONGAF-Liberia),0,0,,,0,0 234,36812,Help Save 1000 Mothers From The Pain of Suicide,Aaron Burgin,46192,Suicide Sucks,170,4,,,0,170 92,37036,Youth sponsorship program,ASPIRE RWANDA,47960,Aspire Rwanda,"3,300",5,,,0,"3,300" 328,37107,Tech changing child cancer detection (Veracruz),ASOCIACION MEXICANA DE AYUDA A NIÑOS CON CANCER DE AC,57335,"ASOCIACION MEXICANA DE AYUDA A NINOS CON CANCER DE VERACRUZ, A.C.",0,0,,,0,0 241,37025,HELP POOR KIDS FOR THEIR EDUCATION,ARUN Khumlo,46075,TRIBAL CULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY,145,2,,,0,145 208,35389,Professionalize 200 young mothers in Cusco Peru.,ANTONINO LOVON,52155,Centro de Formacion y Produccion Arariwa - CENFOPAR,300,2,,,0,300 328,36806,SPORTS ELEMENTS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE OF BOGOTA,ANDRES GUZMAN,44306,FUNDACION TOLERAR Y CONVIVIR,0,0,,,0,0 328,37288,30 scholarships for community leaders in Colombia,ANA GUTIERREZ,27992,FUNDACION ORGANIZMO,0,0,,,0,0 328,36632,Disability inclusion in education project,AMBROSE WADUDU,44437,ELGON CHILD WATCH INITIATIVES UGANDA,0,0,,,0,0 328,36484,Tech changing child cancer detection (Zacatecas),AMANC ZACATECAS,56752,"AMANC ZACATECAS, A. C.",0,0,,,0,0 113,37123,Tech changing child cancer detection (Queretaro),AMANC Queretaro,55795,Asociacion Mexicana de Ayuda a Ninos con Cancer en Queretaro I.A.P,"2,026",52,,,0,"2,026" 312,37091,Tech changing child cancer detection (Colima),AMANC COLIMA,56855,ASOCIACION MEXICANA DE AYUDA A LOS NINOS CON CANCER DE COLIMA IAP,20,1,,,0,20 328,37001,HOLISTIC CARE FOR CHILDREN WITH MENTAL DISABILITY:,ALOYSIUS NSENGA,55095,CHILD MENTAL DISABILITY FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 292,36460,"Support Landmine victims in Quang Binh, Vietnam",AEPD Vietnam,52601,Association for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities,45,2,,,0,45 328,37041,HOUSING AND EDUCATING DISPLACED CHILDREN,ADEKUNLE MAFE,44739,BRAINYKID EDUCATION FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 197,36784,CANCER TREATMENT CENTER IN UGANDA,ABDUL MIGADDE,56339,Future Focus Uganda,340,7,,,0,340 293,37059,Clean Cooking Stove Reduce Climate Emission,ABDOULIE SANYANG,50359,Network for climate action,40,1,,,0,40 253,30751,Life saving support for the vulnerable in Somalia,ABDIHAKIM ABDI,16851,SOUTHERN AID,123,2,,,0,123 3,36602,Support Refugee-led Solutions in Malaysia,,53073,Same Skies,"16,321",127,winner,winner,"1,000","17,321" 21,36728,Give Marginalized Youth a Voice,,47447,Write Our World,"7,095",59,,,0,"7,095" 150,36146,Assist 100 Post Cancer Mission Patients in Nigeria,,56932,"Anambra State Association Women in USA, Inc",790,9,,,0,790 175,36749,Vocation Training for 200 refugee women in Kampala,,36622,Association Refugee Elderly Persons in Uganda,510,6,,,0,510 226,36401,Integrate & Educate 2000 Street Children in Kenya,,54685,Zero Street Child Foundation,212,19,,,0,212 328,35613,Sustainable Water Conservation Action Plan,,54147,Dream Achievers Education Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 328,35873,Educate & Empower 1000 'Vulnerable Women & Girls',,16338,ONAAR Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 328,36310,Vocational skills for 100 school droput girls,,45369,Purewish Foundation Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 328,35895,CLEAN WATER ACCESS FOR POOR COMMUNITIES,,48559,Generation John Christopher Stevens NGO'S,0,0,,,0,0