Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Amount Raised (USD),Donor Count,Homepage,Social Media Spotlight,Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 241,41480,Imani baby formula milk at Kayole slums Nairobi,victor kirui,54283,Imani Rehabilitation Agency,0,0,,,0,0 241,41531,"Safe water , sanitation for 4500 people in Kambia",victor kalie kamara,63322,CARE AGAINST RURAL POVERTY-CARP,0,0,,,0,0 241,41871,"Strengthening GBV response in Duk,South Sudan",stephen omondi,64654,Smile Again Africa Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 241,42151,"Build an Eco-Empowerment Space in Sembalun, Lombok",stephane mauger,67906,KUN GERAKAN MANUSIA,0,0,,,0,0 110,41739,Support for 200 vulnerable children and mothers,sari bernardo,67883,Romi's Way,"1,140",41,,,0,"1,140" 241,41084,"Provide clean and safe water to 2,500 people",sam ignas,46240,Siafu and Upendo Women Development Organization (SUWODE),0,0,,,0,0 203,41645,Afforestation project for liberated areas in IRAQ,ramy butris,48903,gilgamesh organization for development,50,1,,,0,50 241,41553,Train 40 women on hairdressing for1 year in padibe,opit kic,62563,opit kic alenyo north,0,0,,,0,0 241,41535,GABBA CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROJECT,onzima bosco,65230,c&d child development international,0,0,,,0,0 241,42480,SEND 80 ORPHANS TO SCHOOL IN KENYA,omari thomas,57955,TAGARE ZAWADI DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 223,41885,Child Care to 35 orphans and vulnerable childrens.,moses majanga,53165,Action Hope Uganda,20,1,,,0,20 241,41466,help orphans,memory kafula,57161,palms organization centre limited,0,0,,,0,0 205,41355,"C.A.R.E. Charity, Assistance, Relief, Equity",mariana tanasi,53750,Fundatia de Binefacere Caritas Moldova,45,3,,,0,45 241,41183,Help children with special needs,makindye youth and children,52839,MAKINDYE MERCY YOUTH AND CHILDREN'S GROUP,0,0,,,0,0 241,40293,To assistance 100 vulnerable children in Zambia,keith siame,63928,mwashibukeni community based organization,0,0,,,0,0 241,41722,Conservation of biodiversity of Kodigahakanda,karunadasa Munagama,52404,Mihithala Mithuro Environment Development Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,42272,Humanist school for vulnerable children in Mbarara,kamugasha louis,60127,Freedom centre-Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 241,41791,Give a Vulnerable Child a Chance to Thrive -GIVCAT,kadib thakkah,60936,Hope of Women Africa (HOW-Africa),0,0,,,0,0 241,41879,send kabarole school drop outs back to school,kaahwa gideon,61759,let us work together association,0,0,,,0,0 241,41699,SAVE 5000 UGANDAN CHILDREN FROM MALNUTRITION,justine ananga,61801,Cefarh foundation-uganda,0,0,,,0,0 241,41749,Give a school to Children with Mental Disabilities,joseph walusimbi,68609,Mountain of Olives Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41929,PERMANENT SCHOOLS FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION TO IMPRO,john masolo,67996,RELIEF AND RESQUE CHARITY FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 241,41302,"stop early marriages in Roma,chipulukusu and nkwaz",john Kapambwe,46840,Roma orphans and vulnerable children's care,0,0,,,0,0 241,41489,We can all be Stewards of Children,jennifer childress,68640,Lampion Center,0,0,,,0,0 232,42167,Social entrepreneurship to empower 200 youths,isyaka shittu dayo,36934,MOBILIZATION FOR EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA,10,1,,,0,10 241,40117,Improving livelihood of 150 HIV+ teens in Bududa,home of hope initiatives,55094,Home of hope initiatives group,0,0,,,0,0 220,42363,inclusion by educating girls with disabilities,halima Annagi,50998,association errahma des handicapees,25,1,,,0,25 241,41880,Bikes and Books For 100 Vulnerable Girls,gerald john,56730,Wote Initiative For Development Empowerment,0,0,,,0,0 209,41742,upscaling fish farming for change,george obare,61205,odido firm bulanda self help group,39,7,,,0,39 185,41417,Teaching 200 Impoverished Children in Madagascar,fabrice romeo,63701,The Community English Center Of Fort-Dauphin,119,3,,,0,119 241,42488,sponsor a girl child into vocational training skil,eden ministries Uganda,26799,Eden Ministries Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 241,38196,Bring back 1000 children to School in Pakistan,amjid ali,16419,Organization for Human Development (OHD),0,0,,,0,0 241,42222,YOUTH SUSTAINABLE SKILLS AND EMPOWERMENT,adedayo adejumo,31384,Grand Youth Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 20,42148,Climb to Change a Life,Zy Movement Foundation,62095,Zy Movement Foundation,"9,185",49,,,0,"9,185" 14,41539,"Empower Young Women to be Leaders, India",Zoe Timms,67730,Women's Education Project,"10,525",75,winner,winner,0,"10,525" 241,41797,Rural Widows Welfare Project,Zeeshan Hameed,57992,Education and Life Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,40964,Save 1000 girls in Ghana from being child brides,Youth Alive,10928,Youth Alive,0,0,,,0,0 241,41383,Help Childbirth Hospital Detention on Payments,Yirenchie Victor Rex Oppong,56610,ALL BLACKS UNION FOR AFRICA DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,,0,0 241,41859,BRIQUETTES A SOLUTION TO DEFORESTATION AND POVERTY,YOFICC UGANDA,68233,YOFICC UGANDA,0,0,,,0,0 116,42498,Kenyan Women Infected and Affected by HIV,Ximena Murillo,62159,United4Change Center for International Development and Global Citizenship,910,2,,,0,910 241,42416,Tailor training to 50 poor Mothers in Mogadishu,Women Pioneers for Peace and Life HINNA,68067,Women Pioneers for Peace and Life,0,0,,,0,0 241,40791,Preserving The World Largest (Leatherback) Turtles,Willie Doaemo,55687,Morobe Development Foundation Inc,0,0,,,0,0 195,42249,Help 120 Afghan Widows Become Expert Tailors,William Seo,68763,HEMEFund Worldwide,60,2,,,0,60 238,40457,MAKING MEN OUT OF 2000 BOYS IN THARAKA -KENYA,Wilfred Kimandi,61167,Professional community services (PCOSES),2,1,,,0,2 26,41248,Educate 60 Refugee Children in Camps,Weeda Hamdan,50432,Education Unbound Inc,"7,330",44,,,0,"7,330" 186,41464,Recycle Storages for 17 Villages of Java Island,Webri Veliana,59718,Perkumpulan Gelombang Hijau Indo Global (Greenwave NGO),115,3,,,0,115 84,42435,Create 10 jobs in an under-served community in NY,Wanja Ochwada,68878,"Greyston Foundation, Inc.","2,388",47,,,0,"2,388" 241,42295,Incubation for 25 start up entrepreneurs in Malawi,Wangiwe Kambuzi,56214,Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub,0,0,,,0,0 221,41547,SUPPORT A CHILD WITH DISABILITY ACCESS THERAPY,WEZESHA COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION,66184,WEZESHA COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION,23,3,,,0,23 241,42216,SUPPORT 100 DISPLACED AND POOR CAMEROONIAN WOMEN,WEFN Women Entrepreneurship Facilitation Network s,67191,WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP FACILITATION NETWORK,0,0,,,0,0 241,42364,Keep 100 Children in Family By Positive Parenting,Vivodin Chhay,46964,Improving Cambodia's Society through Skillful Parenting (ICS-SP),0,0,,,0,0 10,41949,Understanding the past builds peace for the future,Vivian Salazar,61947,Instituto Internacional de Aprendizaje para la Reconciliacion Social,"11,248",94,winner,winner,0,"11,248" 241,42377,Stop FGM/C in Rural Tanzania,Vitus Msangazi,55698,Reaching the Unreached Tanzania (RUT),0,0,,,0,0 241,38991,Stay in SchoolFinish From School (SSFS-PROJECT),Vision for Children and Youth Forum,55818,Vision for Children and Youth Forum,0,0,,,0,0 241,41527,Phalombe Community Library Construction Project,Vincent Thom,51991,Phalombe Youth Arms Organisation (PYAO),0,0,,,0,0 189,42285,Purposeful Play to help disadvantage children,Vince Mehers,39363,Friends of Mutale,100,1,,,0,100 45,41768,Build a Senior Secondary School for deaf children,Victoria Adesina,62506,Demonstration School for Deaf Children,"5,609",70,,,0,"5,609" 241,42286,Solar Water Pumps for 2 Villages in Tharparkar,Usman Shaukat,67519,Human Development Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 232,41835,Upskill 120 public school STEM Teachers in Nigeria,Unoma Okorafor,65203,WAAW foundation,10,1,,,0,10 241,42475,Power Purse Support for Super Moms,Unice Harris,67564,Purses with power,0,0,,,0,0 241,41803,Support menstrual health and hygiene in Nigeria,Ukaoma Uche,43370,Solace For She And Child Care Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 241,41872,STEM Girls Computer&Robotics lab in Mongolia,Tuyatsetseg Badarch,54530,Mongolian Researchers and PhD Holders Association (MRPA),0,0,,,0,0 241,41914,Sponsor 100 children in Kayole Slum in Nairobi,Tunaweza Pamoja CBO,59457,Tunaweza Pamoja CBO,0,0,,,0,0 223,42168,T.L.P. Drug Free Youth Program,Tryon Williams,57802,"The Littles Project, Inc",20,2,,,0,20 241,42423,Opt Out Of ICE,Tracy Rosenberg,42366,Media Alliance,0,0,,,0,0 199,42485,Helping School Children in Vanuatu,Tracey Farnsworth,63911,Progress Pikinini Vanuatu,55,1,,,0,55 194,41930,Improve nutrition status of 200 children in Malawi,Towera Ngwira,67293,Extra Mile Development Foundation (EMDEF),70,5,,,0,70 241,41600,Improve education in rural schools in Argentina,Tomás Montemerlo,29000,Voy con Vos Asociacion Civil por la Educacion,0,0,,,0,0 241,42242,Cassava & Oil Palm Processing Mill for Rural Women,Toluwalope Toludare,68828,Centre for Women and Children Development,0,0,,,0,0 195,41512,Provide education to over 150 children in Belize,Todd Speer,67403,Global Aid Consultants,60,2,,,0,60 18,42318,Save US Families from Homelessness,Tina Oswald,66239,Resident Relief Foundation,"9,565",49,,,0,"9,565" 241,41511,Save refugee girls from hunger and sexual violence,Thokozile Phiri-NKhoma,59493,Facilitators of Community Transformation (FACT),0,0,,,0,0 206,41530,Sailing to Cohesion (S2C),Theo Gavrielides,67635,Restorative Justice for All,42,3,,,0,42 241,42310,Promote football talent youths of under 17 years,Tedvan nabora,49640,Faru arts and sports development organization (FASDO),0,0,,,0,0 22,41586,"Bring water to health clinic, 500 villagers in CAR",Ted Hooley,67688,Senitizo,"8,661",94,,winner,0,"8,661" 36,41426,"English Skills for 10,000 Indonesian Youths",Talitha Amalia,43085,Solve Education!,"6,190",51,,,0,"6,190" 241,41627,Help us to Save A Dad,Tackle Prostate Cancer,67420,The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups,0,0,,,0,0 241,41648,DONATE A GOAT TO CHANGE LIFE OF A UGANDAN YOUTH,TUSINGWIRE OBED,61393,SOLVING AFRICAN YOUTH ISSUES TOTALLY (SAY IT),0,0,,,0,0 241,41384,THREE CEMENTED BIG TANKS TO SAVE LIVES,THEMBO ELIJAH,42168,KITABU INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (KIDA),0,0,,,0,0 184,41318,Improving Academic Performance of Girls in School,Sushil Karki,55693,Lifeline Nepal,120,3,,,0,120 29,42337,Spread anti-FGM messages through the media in Mali,Susan McLucas,55721,"Healthy Tomorrow, Inc.","6,710",55,,,0,"6,710" 223,41863,Build Primary School for 180 Children in Liberia,Sunnie B Marcar Sr.,55916,SUNNETTE LEARNING ACADEMY,20,1,,,0,20 241,42263,"Help Improve Maternal Health of Chepang, Nepal",Suman Gurung,42210,Birat Nepal Medical Trust,0,0,,,0,0 241,41325,WASH FOR SOCIAL CHANGE (W4SC),Sumaila Ibrahim,62799,AFORD FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 66,42175,1000 Physically Disabled to be Mobile in Kenya,Sukanya Pyne,68065,ReJenga,"5,127",58,,,0,"5,127" 241,42405,Poseidon Army,Sudarsha De Silva,57400,Earthlanka,0,0,,,0,0 241,40004,Vocational Training a state of emergency,Steven E Keller,62503,Foundation of innovative Change,0,0,,,0,0 241,42229,Dwarzark Community water project,Steven Daniel,65411,INNOVATIONS IN YOUTH EMPOWERMENT FOR CLIMATE CHANGE (IYECC),0,0,,,0,0 241,41621,Wheelchairs for Disabled Refugee Children,Steve Sosebee,67707,Palestine Children's Relief Fund,0,0,,,0,0 241,42254,Help us bring CARE back to Healthcare,Steve Hayslett,64972,Nite Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41596,"Empower 15,000 children against Violence in Arua.",Stephen Ababo,51573,Hear International (HI),0,0,,,0,0 215,41598,BUILD SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN FROM LOW INCOME FAMILIES,Stephen Mfumya,46727,COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BASE,30,1,,,0,30 96,41513,Help 40 pregnant adolescents build bright futures,Stephanie Quintero,68056,Chicos and Kids inc.,"1,325",28,,,0,"1,325" 241,41651,"Haven for 1,000 street Children & Orphans in Kenya",Stanley Wanga,65406,The Affable Family Charity Organization,0,0,,,0,0 39,41427,Empower Makoko Fishing Community,Stanley Ogbuchi,65284,Do Good Social Impact Foundation,"5,870",99,,,0,"5,870" 192,41655,JCO REVAMP,Stacey Stoudemire,67840,Jayla's Community Outreach Center,75,5,,,0,75 97,41652,LAND PURCHASE TO BUILD A NEW SCHOOL (MOA),Ssenyonga Charles,66350,Mentor Orphans Africa,"1,315",17,,,0,"1,315" 33,41836,A Safe Learning Space for Zimbabwean ECD Learners,Sophia Klein,68391,African Bush Camps Foundation,"6,388",48,,,0,"6,388" 107,42158,Solar power for the poor in the Philippines,Solene Gondrexon,61686,Entrepreneurs du Monde,"1,171",26,,,0,"1,171" 149,41878,Help us help the needy animals,Sneha Shrestha,66705,Sneha's Care,376,14,,,0,376 135,42371,Help 50 youths/women start business in Nigeria.,Simeon Abrams-Eke,64518,Leadpeace Initiative,562,4,,,0,562 94,41940,Protect Biodiversity in Romania,Silke Knebel,68766,Frankfurt Zoological Society - U.S.,"1,438",13,,,0,"1,438" 241,40152,Give 650 children in Colombia a safe place to play,Sidoc Foundation,36440,Fundacion Sidoc,0,0,,,0,0 118,41687,Day Care Center for 40 poor toddlers of Nepal,Shusma Adhikari,63021,Aanandit Charity Center,889,12,,,0,889 180,41942,Help children in South Africa Learn Through Play,Shirazaan Taylor,66608,Kamohelo Development Foundation (NPC),150,6,,,0,150 189,40622,'No Child Wet Behind' Diaper Bank,Sherrie Hare,63687,Soup n Share Outreach Program,100,2,,,0,100 241,41140,Remove 1050 children from labor & send to school,Shefali Sunderlal,59209,"CRY-Child Rights and You America, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 187,42299,Tranzmission Emergency Housing Fund,Sharon Hanson,68420,"Tranzmission, Inc",113,5,,,0,113 241,42365,Giving tools and techniques to creative youth,Shannan Morgan,52454,One Life to Give,0,0,,,0,0 241,41247,Early Childhood Development - Sri Lanka,Serving Humanity Foundation,30214,Serving Humanity Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 179,42176,"The Snow: A dream for Children of Fomeque,Colombia",Sergio Reyes,49234,Fundacion Neotropical,161,3,,,0,161 200,41059,Decent Livelihood for 10 Women in Rural Ghana,Selassie Tay,62931,Tongu Youth Agenda for Development (now known as eyata),52,3,,,0,52 241,41393,Help Educate 50 Batwa (pigmies) children in Uganda,Seith Byarugaba,62470,(AFRICODE) - African Integrated Community Based Development Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 223,41405,Support Dog Welfare in Kenya,Scion Trust,44906,Scion Trust,20,2,,,0,20 241,41676,Reduced Using Plastic Campaign,Saroem Chea,63135,Cambodia's Future Foundation Organization,0,0,,,0,0 241,41463,Provide emergency support to 10 Liberian students,Sarah Jewell,11492,Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa,0,0,,,0,0 67,41508,Provide literacy to vulnerable adults in Colombia,Sara Milano,40540,Fundacion para el Bienestar Humano,"5,127",45,,,0,"5,127" 64,41389,YOUth can change the future for Kosovo,Sara Kalvachova,31124,PL4Y International,"5,137",49,,,0,"5,137" 196,41830,Water for Life,Sao Sary,57338,Sao Sary Foundation,59,2,,,0,59 241,42400,Porta Potty Project for pre-school children,Sandra Davies,68229,Feed the Babies Fund,0,0,,,0,0 232,41894,"Save Life of 1,500 Street Dogs in Afghanistan",Samiullah khan,45286,Active Help Organization for Women and Children- AHOWC,10,1,,,0,10 241,39345,Help Fund a More Spacious Location for Espoir,Samarth Joseph,59916,ESPOIR Youth Program Incorporated,0,0,,,0,0 65,42408,Love and Laughter In Lebanon,Sabine Choucair,58135,Awrad Association,"5,128",64,,,0,"5,128" 241,41667,"Gift Education, Make a change in Life of a Child",SSEKITENDE DERRICK,62524,Divine soccer ministry uganda,0,0,,,0,0 241,42207,Bring Education closer to Thusanang learners,SARAPHINAH NHLENYAMA,66217,Thuthukani Day care,0,0,,,0,0 226,41100,Healthy Kitchen for 6500 Poor in Bangladesh,S M M KAMAL BHUIYAN,57037,Integrated Village Development society (IVDS),15,1,,,0,15 233,42150,Saving Women from Cancer: World Cancer Day 2020,Runcie C.W. Chidebe,68080,Project PINK BLUE - Health & Psychological Trust Centre,10,1,,,0,10 136,42404,Link 3000+ South African Youth to Opportunities,Rufaro Mudimu,65177,enke: Make Your Mark,551,14,,,0,551 83,40721,Prepare Southeast Asian Women to Lead,Rosemary Kabaki,58369,Nonviolent Peaceforce,"2,580",14,,,0,"2,580" 224,41234,Literacy Advocacy,Rose Okwany,44451,"Ihopee,Inc",18,4,,,0,18 76,41497,First Pediatric Hospice in South America,Rosario Altamirano,62225,Fundacion Casa Sagrada Familia,"5,020",44,,,0,"5,020" 90,41672,2500 Waterproof Backpacks 4 students Sierra Leone,Rosaline Bangura,67678,"Be Rose International Foundation, Inc","1,909",30,,,0,"1,909" 241,42491,Young Care givers Healing and Connection Project,Ronnie Benbow,60601,The Carers Foundation Australia,0,0,,,0,0 241,40165,Upgrade of existing CCTV installation,Ronke Katagum,34499,Zamarr Institute Ltd/Gte,0,0,,,0,0 241,42406,HURESIC YOUTH CLUB,Rodrick Vuxika Mhlongo,58526,Human Resource and Social Information Centre,0,0,,,0,0 241,42457,Bits of Love Horse Rescue relocation and new home,Rob Miller,68785,Bits of Love Horse Rescue,0,0,,,0,0 111,41624,Books for Kids Ghana Africa,Riziero Montanari,68120,Footprint,"1,075",10,,,0,"1,075" 11,42451,"Train 2,400 Indian girls as peer health leaders",Ricky Sharma,66013,"Adolescent Health Champions, Inc.","10,895",82,winner,winner,0,"10,895" 170,41121,Shea Butter Processing Facilities for 200 Women,Richard Ashaley,54515,"Rural Urban Partnership for Africa, RUPFA in accronym",200,8,,,0,200 241,41638,Train 1000 Children to Reduce Crashes in Kampala,Richard Young Owere,65758,Legacy Road Safety Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 231,39209,SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES,Rhoda Mollande,60010,Centre for Climate Change and Environment Management,11,1,,,0,11 241,41696,Help Save 125 Kids in Ghana from Drug Abuse,Reik Annan,64313,BRAINPOWER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE,0,0,,,0,0 108,41703,Virtual Camp Abilities Bangladesh,Rehnuma Karim,64796,Heroes for All Inc.,"1,160",27,,,0,"1,160" 241,42508,Mentoring Program for at Risk Kids,Reginald Hines,68572,Team Hines 42 Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,42241,It Takes A Village,Regina Gibbons,66881,Y-KNOT Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 232,42202,Construct a daycare building for 70 Kids in ZA,Reckson Mhlongo,68163,Cork Community Pre And Day Care Centre,10,1,,,0,10 241,42444,Circle of Life Native American Indian Center,Ray Emanuel,41024,Native American Indian Associaton of Tennessee,0,0,,,0,0 237,41119,school fee for 39 high school students,Rasto Okechi,51541,St. Annes Rehabilitation Centre,3,3,,,0,3 241,41524,Vocational Skills Home for 300 AIDS Teen Mothers,Rashidah Businge,64245,"Muslim Teen Mothers Upraising Against Islam Forced Early Marriages, Marginalization & Extremism",0,0,,,0,0 146,41692,Get 12 Child-Marriage Survivors in Kenya Educated,Raphael Otakwa,41799,African PRIDE Centre,388,24,,,0,388 241,42160,Help 1600 Iraqi Children to experience childhood,Rami Toma,64737,Bakhdida Organization for Youth Empowerment,0,0,,,0,0 219,41674,GIVE THESE CHILDREN LIVE WITH CLEAN DRINKING WATER,Ralf Ehrenstein,63615,Development Network Platform Gambia,25,1,,,0,25 241,41697,Classes to 200 ebola orphans acnd wars in the DRC,ROSINE FURAHA,62501,DRC AID,0,0,,,0,0 207,41856,Awareness Campaign on cervical cancer Screening,ROBERT ZULU,48815,RAKELLZ DREAM INITIATIVE,40,2,,,0,40 241,41304,Build a church for 628 worshipers in Kenya,ROBERT MUANGE,60640,DYNAMIC CENTRE FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,,0,0 241,41675,Make a concrete infield road for 700 ethnic people,RIC Vietnam,34401,The centre for Research on Initiatives of Community Development,0,0,,,0,0 102,42383,Digital literacy for 200 girls in Kampala slums.,REGO FOUNDATION,67197,REGO FOUNDATION LTD,"1,224",33,,,0,"1,224" 241,42164,Food Security and Community Banking in Mandimu,Queen Maneya,60850,Social Initiative Programme & Community Innovation Organisation (SIPACIO),0,0,,,0,0 140,42303,Improving Lives of Children with Celebral Palsy,Purity Murugu,65577,Kenya Community Development Foundation,451,25,,,0,451 241,41748,"SKILL TRAINING PROGRAN IN SUAKOKO, BONG COUNTY",Princess pabayee,61731,CRY RESPOND FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 241,42208,LEARNING FACILITIES FOR 113 STREET KIDS IN FCT,Popoola Olusegun,66330,YOUTH ECONOMIC AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 147,41848,: Construction Community School Sanitary block,Pierre Richard Telcira,64209,Sourire d'enfants Haiti,381,8,,,0,381 223,41801,Training Community Health Nurses,Pewudie Emmanuel,65384,MamaCare-Ghana Organization,20,1,,,0,20 87,41904,Educate & Plant: Empower 400 Bolivian Women,Peter Augustin,65843,Aktion Sodis e.V.,"2,141",58,,,0,"2,141" 241,41505,Transforming Lives of Vulnerable Children,Peter Dayan,67735,Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty(LEAP) Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 145,41817,Healing the wounds of violence in Mexican children,Perla Casas-Nava,66999,"Amigo Daniel, A.C.",390,15,,,0,390 173,34057,Improve literacy skills for 3000 Kenyan pupils,Peggy Mativo,48839,PACEMaker International,185,4,,,0,185 241,41807,Peace Calendar,Peace Network,68708,Network for Building Peace,0,0,,,0,0 241,41707,Skill training to 30 youths in Kroobay slum,Patrick Kabineh Ngegba,64819,Little Light Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 177,41686,Provide 1200 refugee girls sanitary pads in Uganda,Patrick Chandiga Justine,68009,Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation,172,5,,,0,172 241,42276,Dignity and Justic for 100 girls in South Africa,Patric Solomons,65618,Molo Songololo,0,0,,,0,0 223,41671,Health care for the children and pregnancy women,Parfait Mugisha,67518,Association Tuvurwe Neza,20,1,,,0,20 241,41073,Let's help Indigenous women of Mwenga,PIFEVA DR Congo Pillar to Vulnerable,52170,Pillar to Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo,0,0,,,0,0 241,41706,Awareness against child marriage to 4100 people,Our Effort,67782,HAMRO PRAYAS,0,0,,,0,0 153,41766,Build Rehabilitation Centre for Women in Uganda,Osinya Philip,67905,Genesis Children's Centre-Uganda (Gcc-uganda),330,4,,,0,330 241,41862,Fight against child trafficking and slavery,Organisation APRONHA,56569,Association des Progressistes pour une Nouvelle Haiti,0,0,,,0,0 241,42161,YOUTH COTTAGE INDUSTRY IN KIGALI CITY,Olivier Nshamurwango,62468,ACTION POUR LES ENFANTS DE LA RUE,0,0,,,0,0 241,41808,Emergency Response Training in Nigeria,Olayinka Layi-Adeite,50023,Health Emergency Initiative for Indigent Patients,0,0,,,0,0 157,41750,Educate and Empower 300 girls in Cameroon,Ola Inioluwa,64481,Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation,290,17,,,0,290 241,38219,Shades and Fruits for schools project (SFS),Ogwang Felix,59226,Lango Advocacy Forum (LAF - Uganda),0,0,,,0,0 115,42179,Computer Laboratory for 180 Students in Nigeria,Ogochukwu Okoli,60947,Organization for Social Programmes and Health Care (OSPHC),962,16,,,0,962 124,42265,Teach 21st-century skills to 800 youth in Tanzania,Ocheck Msuva,51513,Bridge for Change,785,5,,,0,785 241,41632,Education for 200 kids. Give them future!,Obra del Padre Mario,10854,Fundacion Presbitero Jose Mario Pantaleo,0,0,,,0,0 226,42333,Reading Kids - Children's Library in rural Uganda,OPOLOT EPHRAIM,58585,WOMAN OF PURPOSE,15,1,,,0,15 223,41709,GIVE LIFE ANOTHER CHANCE to 155 HIV/AIDS PATIENTS.,OMITTA SAMSON,62120,RELIABLE AGRICULTURE MISSION NAMAYINGO DEVELOPMENT GROUP (RAGRIM),20,1,,,0,20 241,41085,Support a Child to Stay in School in Uganda,Nyilak Hellen,55625,Biggi Family Project,0,0,,,0,0 241,41400,African Diaspora Economic Power Youth Training,Nthabiseng Ramakhetheng,52119,Esters International Movement SA,0,0,,,0,0 241,41777,Keep a Girl at School - Rwanda,Nshimiyimana Emmanuel,52302,Youth Mentoring Agents for Development Organisation - YOMADO,0,0,,,0,0 241,41473,Skills develpoment Women180 in provinces S. Africa,Nonceba Ndukula,65550,NABAI FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 68,41719,Nutritional screening of 13500 children in Manzini,Nokuthula Maseko,68215,Siphilile Maternal & Child Health,"5,113",45,,,0,"5,113" 181,41724,HELP 850 IDPs IN NW&SW CAMEROON WITH BASIC NEEDS,Nkwenui Nupuku,37430,HOPE FAMILY LIFE,135,4,,,0,135 171,41934,Future profession for 20 teens with special needs,Nikita Zhernov,65987,Autonomous non-profit organization Star rain,200,16,,,0,200 241,41827,HeartCoin: Creating market for good in Chile,Nicolas David,57116,Fundacion HeartCoin,0,0,,,0,0 241,41873,Safe motherhood for 64 vulnerable adolescent girls,Nicholas Engwau,56788,Amoru AIDs Support Community Initiative (AASCI),0,0,,,0,0 241,41390,Empower 100 Rural Girl Children in Uganda,Nelson kasaija,49080,KARUCAN INTERNATIONAL (KARUCANI),0,0,,,0,0 122,42225,Give Liberian Ebola Orphans a Home and Future,Nelson Dahn,67739,"Children's Aid Liberia, Inc.",805,11,,,0,805 241,42325,School Feeding for 400 Gambian Street Children,Nelson Aigbe,43316,Grace Foundation GF,0,0,,,0,0 137,41618,Veteran and Family Members Appreciation Day,Neil Blitstein,60691,Veterans Independence Foundation,475,8,,,0,475 164,41809,HELP SAVE 20 ENDANGERED MANATEES IN NIGERIA.,Nduka Echigeme,61094,WILSONS WILDLIFE CONSERVATION CENTRE,265,19,,,0,265 223,41660,Empower Rwandan Rural Women to be more productive,Ndahiro Roberts,68816,Save Community Initiative,20,1,,,0,20 241,42460,HRFP's Safe House for 50 Minority Victims Per Year,Naveed Walter,43842,Human Rights Focus Pakistan,0,0,,,0,0 189,41741,Chi-Town GVP Summit 2020,Nathan Schleiden,65237,Chi-Town GVP Summit,100,1,,,0,100 241,42256,Aus Animal Disaster Aid,Nathan Rogers,52504,The Bushfire Foundation Inc,0,0,,,0,0 241,41044,"Removing the Shame in Menstrual Cycle, Zimbabwe",Nathalie Minya,61228,Tese Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 79,41860,Invest in a Decade of Accountability,Natalie Bridgeman Fields,37921,Accountability Counsel,"5,000",42,,,0,"5,000" 241,42312,Education for 100 Ethnic children in Bangladesh,Nasir Uddin Ahmed,62983,Rural Economy And Agricultural Development Organization Of Bangladesh (READO),0,0,,,0,0 109,41839,RAISING THE LIVING STANDARDS OF REFUGEE FAMILIES,Narcy Irad,66723,TUSHIRIKIANE (TUSA) COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION,"1,149",33,,,0,"1,149" 241,42217,WASH SCHOOL PROJECT,Naomi Saba,66930,Hamilton Saba Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 8,41481,"Children with Disabilities in Todos Santos, Mexico",Nancy Naigle,66327,Padrino Children's Foundation,"12,825",49,,,0,"12,825" 232,42389,Keep A Girl Child In School.,Namasiku Samunzala,60096,GRACE WORLD AFRICA FOUNDATION,10,1,,,0,10 111,41767,"Access To Justice for 10,000 Vulnerable Persons",NSHIMIRIMANA Jean Paul,68848,"ASSOCIATION OF VOLUNTEERS FOR AWARENESS, PROMOTING RIGHTS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, AVAPRSD","1,075",10,,,0,"1,075" 235,41605,CLIMATE CRISIS: AMAZON&AFRICA WILDFIRE RELIEF FUND,NO EGO ORGANIZATION,62813,ASOCIATIA NO EGO,6,1,,,0,6 241,41391,KFF Entrepreneur Challenge,NADEGE KOMBE,51358,Kadiwaku Family Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41544,EMPOWERING 550 VULNERABLE CHILDREN,NABAASA NIGHT,66506,RUREHE YVCO CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE,0,0,,,0,0 241,42438,Help the Disabled Find Life-chaging Technology,Mussa Chiwaula,61063,Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD),0,0,,,0,0 241,42267,Help underprivilege children to attend high school,Murtala Musa,60231,Magajin Gari Youth Community Development Association,0,0,,,0,0 241,41518,Pre-school Education for 1800 Slum Children,Murad Nabi,48807,Forum for Development Association - FFDA,0,0,,,0,0 229,42163,Restore livelihood to 105 displaced women in Abuja,Mujidah Ajibola,68875,Purple Pearls Empowerment Foundation,12,1,,,0,12 241,42409,Bringing back 100 out of school children in School,Muhammad Usman,60209,We Care Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,42316,Legal Aid Support to 100 Poor Women in Pakistan,Ms. Saima Bhutto,44614,SUPPORT Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,42398,Improving Participation of PWDs in Para-Sports,Mpindi Bumali,65923,Uganda Paralympic Committee,0,0,,,0,0 1,41811,"Provide Physical Therapy to Port-de-Paix, Haiti",Morgan Denny,67297,STAND The Haiti Project,"30,407",255,winner,winner,"5,000","35,407" 49,41679,Give child labourers an education in Bangladesh,Mohammed Sayem,67935,UK Bangladesh Education Trust,"5,504",49,,,0,"5,504" 241,40700,Life Saving Health support to Rohingya refugees.,Mohammad Helal UDDIN,60557,AGRAJATTRA,0,0,,,0,0 241,42210,Promoting Participation of Women in Peacebuilding,Mohamed Hussein,37203,East Africa Consortium International,0,0,,,0,0 241,38670,Giving Girls a Chance: Ending Child Marriages,Mitchell Ndhlovu,60153,HOPE for Adolescents and Youth,0,0,,,0,0 241,41798,REUSABLE SANITARY WEAR FOR GIRLS,Misheck Mlambo,42258,HOPE for KIDS,0,0,,,0,0 125,41793,Help Ethiopian Indigenous Medicine Research Centre,Misgun Kahsu,65391,Cassiopia ethiopian indigenous knowledge organisation,779,31,,,0,779 121,41261,Washable menstruation kits for 1600 girls,Miriam Nakiyaga,54895,Kyobe foundation,818,10,,,0,818 99,41076,Schools for Haiti,Milena Jung,57675,PEN PAPER PEACE e. V.,"1,284",41,,,0,"1,284" 142,41858,Animal Farming & the Jungle: Reporting from Brazil,Mikko Jarvenpaa,67445,Sentient Media,425,16,,,0,425 32,42343,Empower the lives of 300 talented peruvian kids,Miguel Alberto de Cardenas,63056,Peru Champs Association,"6,395",47,,,0,"6,395" 53,42171,Clean-Up Tons of Debris from the Ocean & Beaches,Michelle Lehto,68435,Ocean Defenders Alliance,"5,385",46,,,0,"5,385" 241,42431,Give the Gift of Hearing to a Child Without Ears,Michael Yurieff,64375,"Rusfond USA, Inc. DBA Russian American Children's Foundation",0,0,,,0,0 19,40991,Dance Floor for Kibera Ballet Dancers,Michael Wamaya,61692,PROJECT ELIMU,"9,244",82,,winner,0,"9,244" 232,41680,Safe homes and education for Child Headed families,Mercy Sakanya,68621,Child Protection Society,10,1,,,0,10 50,41853,Build Irrigation Well for 200 Farmers in Ghana,Melissa Reilly-Diakun,66955,Home of Care and Protection,"5,477",50,,,0,"5,477" 241,41854,Support literacy and arts in a rural community.,Melanie Shannon,66050,Spark Growth,0,0,,,0,0 241,42227,The Cure for Distance,Melanie Marcano,54467,Miracle Flights,0,0,,,0,0 201,41906,Support the Education of 346 Congolese Girls,Megan Faunce,67874,Georges Malaika Foundation Incorporated,51,2,,,0,51 241,42476,Educate Unprivileged Kids through Free of Cost,Md Daud Hossain,57060,BANGLADESH SAMAJIK AGRAGATI SANGSTHA,0,0,,,0,0 174,42252,Teen Center for Leaders in Training,Mayra Jurado,67142,"Club de Ninos y Ninas Tijuana, A.C.",180,5,,,0,180 241,41589,Support education in Myanmar,May Thet Khine Nyein,60157,Tekkatho Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,42223,Help Firefighters Renew Old Fighting Equipment,Mauricio Oliveros,68172,Quinta Compania de Bomberos de Talcahuano,0,0,,,0,0 126,42486,Community Garbage to bring 300 jobs to the Youths,Maulidi Mwinyikai,42465,Kishoka Youth Community Based Organization,768,9,,,0,768 241,39372,Train 200 Disables in Kano to be self reliant,Matthias Ejeh,33114,matalison welfare foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,42418,help a child access life saving healthcare now,Matthew Sullivan,54003,Doctors Without Border SA,0,0,,,0,0 241,41584,Human-Elephant conflict management,Masereka Selester,63266,Defenders of the Planet 9Formerly known as Rwenzori Environment Conservation project,0,0,,,0,0 241,42450,HELP 100 YOUTH IN SOUTH AFRICA FIND JOBS,Masego Mosala,65555,Clothes For Life,0,0,,,0,0 241,41711,Improving maternal/new born health in Cross River,Mary Mandy,62619,Greater Hands Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 232,42155,Empower Teenage Mothers Affected By HIV/AIDS,Martin HABINSHUTI,49019,KEEPCARE RWANDA,10,1,,,0,10 162,42300,Save Austrian Prison Newspaper for 1000 inmates,Markus Drechsler,66984,Selbst- und Interessensvertretung zum Massnahmenvollzug,268,7,,,0,268 148,42197,Sponsor life-changing accessibility,Mark Barlet,64252,The AbleGamers Foundation Inc.,380,6,,,0,380 241,41816,Stop Labor Violence and Harassment,Maritza Velasquez,44642,Asociacion de Trabajadoras del Hogar a Domicilio y de Maquila -ATRAHDOM-,0,0,,,0,0 51,42428,Growing Free of Gendered Violence in Costa Rica,Maritza Ulate,56093,WWDF/BIENDEMUJER,"5,393",67,,,0,"5,393" 241,41714,Train 50 Zapotec families in vanilla cultivation,Mario Bolanos,64083,"GRUPO MESOFILO, A.C.",0,0,,,0,0 241,42420,Kinder reconstruction after earthquake in Mexico,Mariana Morales Ogazon,57668,Happy Hearts A.C.,0,0,,,0,0 241,41824,Let's multiply literacy in Uganda!,Maria Rojas,66282,World Literacy Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41682,Change Lives Through Crafts,Margret Mukamazima,61755,Makindye Children's Hope,0,0,,,0,0 241,42315,National Special Needs Expo and Resource Fair,Manna Dabholkar,67646,GIFT GLOBAL INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 241,39922,Promote Inter-generational & indigenous knowledge,Mamo Mala,63436,South Omo Peoples' Development Association,0,0,,,0,0 232,41542,Camp for Disadvantaged Youth in Lesotho,Maliehe Mosepele,61736,Mosepele Foundation Development Forum (MFDF),10,1,,,0,10 222,42370,EQUIPPING 2 CARDIAC THEATRES AT BMH,Magreth Elias,64991,THE ONE NEW HEART TANZANIA,22,1,,,0,22 160,42366,Workshops on Lifeskills for Foster Youth in Poland,Magdalena Kepka,48109,Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie,282,9,,,0,282 241,41402,Youth Led Solutions to Systemic Problems,Madalina Bouros,57615,Asociatia All Grow,0,0,,,0,0 241,41263,Skills Development for A Girl-Child inRural Uganda,MUTYABA PAUL,25316,Bugema Community Child Based Organization (BCCBO) UGANDA.,0,0,,,0,0 241,41865,Aid 1000 Vulnerable Households in Kanungu,MUSHANA IVAN,57082,Tree Uganda Academy (TUA),0,0,,,0,0 241,42419,Public Library for Children & Youth in Timor-Leste,MAHON Training Center,44875,Many Hands One Nation (MAHON,0,0,,,0,0 223,41550,Help Syrian Children with Cancer in Learning!,M. Asaad Olabi,66511,syria socity to cure cancer of children and cure them,20,1,,,0,20 241,42413,Help 20 girls go to the Human Rights Cup,Lwanga Bwalya,61739,Livingstone Youth Football Academy,0,0,,,0,0 40,42540,"Love, food, education for 100 children in Bogota",Luz Stella Talero,64557,FUNDACION PT,"5,864",49,,,0,"5,864" 241,41726,PRACTICAL SKILLS CHANGING LIVES - MAKINDYE UGANDA,Lukwago Godfrey,50937,SKILLS LINK UGANDA,0,0,,,0,0 234,41653,k-s-f-y,Lucky Maseko,65184,PHAPHAMA YOUTH CENTRE,6,1,,,0,6 82,41562,Help Build 8 Classrooms Destroyed By Flood Waters.,Lucie Tamasova,3090,PapOnditi Utu Development Organisation,"2,703",36,,,0,"2,703" 241,42424,Sustainable Energy for Island Communities in Ghana,Lovans Owusu-Takyi,64703,Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions (ISEES),0,0,,,0,0 159,40064,2000 MEALS for VICTIMS OF POVERTY in Vancouver!,Louise Chaynes,58487,La Boussole,284,9,,,0,284 241,39416,Support the vulnerable Venezuelans in Colombia,Lorena Leal,46024,FUNDACION PARA EL FOMENTO DE LA JUSTICIA VERDAD Y GARANTIAS JUDICIALES,0,0,,,0,0 241,41713,Restoring Livelihood of 2000 households in Kasese.,Lomeri Nickson,67876,RainLink Foundation Initiative(RFI),0,0,,,0,0 143,41646,Livelihood supports for poor IDPs in Borno State.,Local Communities Development Initiative LoC-Din,67056,Local Communities Development Initiative,405,4,,,0,405 241,41668,My Community health watch Group.,Lizzy Igbine.,68630,Nigerian Women Agro Allied Farmers Association,0,0,,,0,0 241,41565,Portable water supply and sanitation program,Liveheed Youth Development,66374,LIVEHEED YOUTH DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,,0,0 101,41149,Sustainable Jobs for Women in India,Lindsay Scott,47625,Nirbhaya Inc,"1,225",9,,,0,"1,225" 241,41915,Help to Keep 1500 girls in schools in Malawi,Linda Jimu,64410,Human Development Services,0,0,,,0,0 204,41761,Reducing Teen Pregnancy in Colombia thru Education,Linda Jackson,52492,Association for Community Empowerment Solutions,45,2,,,0,45 241,41488,Help Children with Cancer in Puerto Rico,Liliana Aponte,62189,Rayito de Esperanza,0,0,,,0,0 38,41659,Agavi: Offline Digital Learning for Ukraine,Lev Horodyskyj,64891,Science Voices,"5,958",14,,,0,"5,958" 138,41740,Preparing Today's Youth To Be Tomorrow's Leaders,Lawrence Robertson,67194,"Reading Literacy Learning Center, Inc.",470,9,,,0,470 37,41958,1000 New Beginnings for US Immigrants and Refugees,Lauren Andrews,66763,Upwardly Global - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,"6,050",44,,,0,"6,050" 176,41404,Ending Veteran Homelessness In Michigan,Laura Higgins,53054,HIRED Inc. (Humanitarian Interaction for Relief and Sustainable Development),175,2,,,0,175 219,41599,Self Defense: Empowering Women of Kurdistan,Laura Mihm,48042,"Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, Inc.",25,1,,,0,25 241,41665,Educate & Support Underprivileged Children,Las Marias,63871,Las Marias,0,0,,,0,0 228,41747,Integrated emergence support to school children,LUI MILAN,61457,Network for Empowerment & Development(NED),12,1,,,0,12 241,41715,PUBLIC PARTICIPATION IN THE DEFENSE OF CLEAN WATER,LILIANA GUERRERO,63861,Fundacion Guardaguas de Ecosistemas Marinos y Costeros Bocas de Ceniza,0,0,,,0,0 241,41670,Empowering 250 Women & Youths in Rural Ghana,Kwashie Darkudzi,52132,Darsfield EarthCare & Farm-Tech Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41474,Strengthening Agricultural Value Chain Economics,Kwaku Asante,63975,Agency for Health and Food Security,0,0,,,0,0 241,42391,Disability Visibility Enhancement Initiative,Kudzai Makoni,51754,Africa Community Development and Research Center (ACDRC),0,0,,,0,0 241,41630,African youth project against illegal migration,Komi Akpa,65480,Partage et Action en Synergie pour le Developpement (Sharing and Action in Synergy for Development),0,0,,,0,0 241,42517,I AM Well In-School Program,Kisha Simmons,58817,Teen Kick,0,0,,,0,0 241,41756,"UCESCO Panthers Girls Rugby Club, Kibera Slums",Kingsley Nyandika,52248,United Cultural Empowerment and Social Community Organization,0,0,,,0,0 105,41826,Rural Kids need bikes to attend school,Keo Somalita,43994,Kamboo Project,"1,192",11,,,0,"1,192" 241,41866,Skilling 200 Rural Girls to be Self Sustainable,Kenyena Mariat,61827,Rural GirlWoman Challenge Foundation Uganda (RUGWOCFU),0,0,,,0,0 56,41802,Liberia Career Pathways,Kenety Gee,65588,Liberia Career Pathways,"5,365",68,,,0,"5,365" 161,41730,'Come As You Are',Kenan Ngambi,68230,Pride Community Health Organization,270,4,,,0,270 120,41786,"Creating A Safe Haven For Students In Trenton, NJ",Kelvin Baldwin,64014,Men for H.O.P.E,840,4,,,0,840 241,42367,Dance class for intellectual disabilities girls,Kazuhiro Minegishi,59779,Special Olympics Nippon Tokyo,0,0,,,0,0 223,41202,Educate 200 children without parents in Sri Lanka.,Kathryn Lucas,29976,Sunray foundation,20,1,,,0,20 15,41573,Help Ugandan Children Thrive at School,Katherine Pavelich,66552,Elevate: Partners for Education,"10,229",43,,,0,"10,229" 44,41935,Help Survivors of Sexual Violence Stay in School,Katherine McGerald,66875,SurvJustice,"5,648",46,,,0,"5,648" 75,41522,Holistic School Sponsorship for 20+ Swati Students,Katelyn Panzarella,68219,Moya Trust (also known as Moya Centre),"5,051",60,,,0,"5,051" 74,41908,Solar-Powered Well for a Health Clinic in Niger,Kate Cusimano,63264,Wells Bring Hope,"5,055",47,,,0,"5,055" 241,42268,iMoove Schools Wellness Programme,Kasi032 Fitness,67228,Kasi032Fitness Lifestyle,0,0,,,0,0 4,41800,(Winter-)Schools in the remote mountains of Nepal,Karlheinz Neumann,57623,HUMAN-Stiftung,"18,447",128,winner,winner,0,"18,447" 21,41857,Send 3 Indigenous Women to College in Guatemala,Karin Braunsberger,66536,"Para Adelante, Inc.","8,845",95,,winner,0,"8,845" 62,42189,Aid 30 people in Mexico struggling with depression,Karen Jonsson,64786,Fundacion Mapa Renacer AC,"5,183",54,,,0,"5,183" 241,41895,Mwayiwathu Project,Kapindula Anthony,63639,Spin the Wheel Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 70,41560,Send 100 Girls to school in Nepal,Kamal Pariyar,67043,Association for Dalit Women's Advancement of Nepal,"5,090",46,,,0,"5,090" 198,41939,KUKU A FAMILY,Kalvince Otieno,63870,Food Security for Peace and Nutrition-Africa,56,3,,,0,56 241,42154,Restore hope for100 HIV positives &school dropouts,Kakooza Patrick,66689,ARISE UGANDA HIV NETWORK,0,0,,,0,0 241,41487,RUNNING OF SCHOOL GARDENS,Kais Kyamba,67767,Ileje Environmental Conservation Association (IECA),0,0,,,0,0 241,41407,Help end Female Genital Mitulation via education,Kadiatou Tangara,61347,Action pour le Developpement de la Femme -ADF,0,0,,,0,0 193,41804,Care and Support for victims of human trafficking,Kabera Telesphore,67331,Hope Iwacu Initiative,74,3,,,0,74 215,41901,"RURAL COMMUNITY CLINIC FOR AMEWOYIKORFE, KRACHI",KRACHI HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE FUND,65379,KRACHI HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE FUND,30,1,,,0,30 241,41477,HOPE BEYOND CANCER,KISUMU CANCER CITY ORG,66388,KISUMU CITY CANCER CBO,0,0,,,0,0 241,42385,GIRL POWER,KAPRIE J G THORONKA,46436,ChildHelp Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 195,42471,Empowering 100 households for disabled children,Justine Mirembe,67352,Empowering Communities for Sustainability,60,2,,,0,60 191,41770,Engaging Children in Climate Action,Juliana Gutierrez,53656,Fundacion Low Carbon City,85,4,,,0,85 241,42453,Mental Health Restored: PTSD,Julia Martin,57759,Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium,0,0,,,0,0 43,42147,E.R.I.C. vs CANCER / SPEAK UP SCHOOL PROGRAM,Juan Peña,68727,Early Recognition Is Critical,"5,655",44,,,0,"5,655" 158,42452,Protect Wildlife by Educating Poor Communities,Josphat Ngonyo,68087,AFRICA NETWORK FOR ANIMAL WELFARE,285,7,,,0,285 241,42468,ICT Street Team Technology Project,Joshua Reed,65641,"Nurses Global Outreach, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 241,42449,TO HELP ELDERLY PEOPLE,Joseph Power,61812,MWASINTHADI AGOGO,0,0,,,0,0 241,41795,HER VOICE AND ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT IN SHINYANGA,Joseph Ndatala,62952,Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE),0,0,,,0,0 223,41776,"SAVE 100,000 YOUTHS FROM HEPATITIS B IN CENTRAL UG",Joseph Mukasa,55720,HEALTH LIFE PROMOTION AFRICA LIMITED,20,1,,,0,20 241,41754,Re-usable sanitary pads for 1000 females in Kenya.,Joseph Jama,60731,Ufanisi Women Group,0,0,,,0,0 241,41924,Roofing six classroom block for over 400 children,Joseph Chardy Lamptey,33620,J'ann Royal Children Center,0,0,,,0,0 241,41629,Reformed 200 drug users with skills in jalingo,Joseph Gimba,53915,"Center for Peace Education and Community Development, Jalingo, Taraba State",0,0,,,0,0 241,41842,SUPPORT 200NRURAL FARMERS GROW FISH,Joram Mathenge,29177,KIANGURE SPRINGS ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 2,41910,Supply Healthcare to Floating Villages in Cambodia,Jon Morgan,63481,The Lake Clinic - Cambodia,"22,811",123,winner,winner,"2,000","24,811" 241,42362,Keep 300 Needy Children in School,John Were,60265,Needy African Children,0,0,,,0,0 223,41503,Safe water springs for 3118 people in Ruteete,John Nyakoojo,65004,Livelihood Improvement and Family Enhancement (LIFE) Project,20,1,,,0,20 241,42470,"Return 50 Dropout back to school in kebbi, Nigeria",John Kpetsum,60077,Violence Free Nigeria Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 156,41877,Teach the Teacher & the 260 Million..one at a time,John Beer,68858,Rotary D1080 E-Club of Innovation,299,4,,,0,299 241,41755,Create agribusiness jobs for 100 youths in Nairobi,Johanssen Obanda,51488,Jabulani Youths for Transformation,0,0,,,0,0 231,41753,Serengeti Human and Elephant Care Program,Joel Steven,64405,THE ELIZABETH ECONMIC AND SOCIAL WELFARE INITIATIVE,11,1,,,0,11 69,42323,Clean & Efficient Cook Stoves in Guatemala,Joe Fontana,61244,Global Leaders Inc,"5,100",43,,,0,"5,100" 92,41628,Help Survivors of Trauma and Violence in Mosul,Jiyan Foundation,67381,Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights,"1,698",15,,,0,"1,698" 139,41764,Team with disabilities in the Culinary Olympics,Jimmy Johnston MBE,67387,Glasgow North and Bishopbriggs Rotary,457,8,,,0,457 134,41617,"6,000 BREAKFASTS A WEEK FOR CHILDREN IN TANZANIA",Jim Bryce,68165,The Rotary Club of Braids Charitable Trust Fund,594,14,,,0,594 103,42209,Transformative Education for Refugee Girls,Jill Drzewiecki,53530,Jesuit Refugee Service,"1,218",25,,,0,"1,218" 241,41864,Care Bags for the Homeless,Jewell Hill,56293,Golden Rule Organization,0,0,,,0,0 182,41580,LIBRARIES AND TOILETS FOR RURAL SCHOOL KIDS,Jestinah Mavindidze,65050,Gilglobal Inc dba Pencils and Smiles,131,5,,,0,131 241,42533,Joy In Every Bundle,Jessie Tan,38295,The Food Bank Singapore Ltd.,0,0,,,0,0 241,42332,Veterans Village On Route 66,Jerome Simpson,67148,Fort Comfort Veterans Village,0,0,,,0,0 7,42200,"Support event: Amma in Copenhagen, October 22-23",Jens Joergen Aakard,66082,Amma-Danmark,"12,828",71,winner,winner,0,"12,828" 5,42198,Creating Dignified Jobs for 110 Artisans in Kenya,Jenny Nuccio,65970,Imani Collective,"18,300",114,winner,winner,0,"18,300" 131,41520,Build school in rural Uganda for children in need,Jennifer Kirabo,68485,Create Foundation,627,11,,,0,627 130,41563,Provide Adaptive Art for a Child with Disabilities,Jennifer Hunter,64553,Ephraim's House Community Art Center,635,6,,,0,635 241,42433,STEM intervention to 100 children in South Africa,Jenn Coles,53401,The Philile Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41514,After-School Program for children in Nepal,Jehan Seirafi,67797,Sunsar Maya Inc,0,0,,,0,0 241,42309,Rescue teen mothers of rape in Rwanda,Jean Baptiste Ukurikiyimana,27770,HELP A CHILD INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 223,41814,Empower nurses with HEAL Haiti,Jean Romulus,59534,Health Education Action League for Haiti,20,1,,,0,20 16,42174,Clean Diapers for Refugee Babies in Greece,Jazmyn Dolbin,65344,Carry the Future,"10,075",196,winner,winner,500,"10,575" 241,41328,Sustainable backyards for 25 families in Chiapas,Javier Perez Gomez,44380,"Gota de Vida, AC",0,0,,,0,0 100,42187,Coming of Age in the Eye of Michael,Janice Lucas,65051,"LEAD Coalition of Bay County, Inc.","1,245",19,,,0,"1,245" 128,42306,Help relocate 10 zebra in South Africa,Janet cuthbertson,68074,"Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park, Environmental Rehabilitation Centre",723,19,,,0,723 42,42271,Cycling Whole Life Coaching for @Risk African Kids,Jan Scannell,60931,Prochorus Community Development NPC,"5,781",46,,,0,"5,781" 230,41191,Education Center for 150 motivated kids in Moshi,Jan Demidovits,62180,Sustainable Vision,11,1,,,0,11 210,41799,"Rekindle Life In 50 Aged, Lonely, Sickly Kenyans",James Nderitu,66392,PILLARS OF MERCY FOUNDATION,35,2,,,0,35 23,42334,Empower Higher Education for Scholars in Cameroon,James Akaba,36679,Open Dreams,"8,005",65,,winner,0,"8,005" 241,41046,Happy Smiles,Jacqueline Namutaawe,59792,Oral Health Care Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 30,41923,Winter 2020: Refugee Youth Centres Greece,Jacob Warn,67708,Action for Education,"6,583",40,,,0,"6,583" 241,41476,Autism Community Volunteering- Changing Lives,Jack Carlisle,67473,Resources for Autism,0,0,,,0,0 241,42525,TO SUPPORT YOUNG GIRLS BASIC EDUCATION IN CAMEROON,JULIEN NKOMA,68169,ACTIONS POUR UNE VIE MEILLEURE,0,0,,,0,0 241,41898,HTA Capacity Building of 90 HCPs in Uganda,JOHN VIANNEY AMANYA,67868,Uganda Alliance of Patients' Organization,0,0,,,0,0 241,42165,Educate & feed a child,JEREMIAH PAUL,64684,pastoralist education aid,0,0,,,0,0 241,41673,THE AWARENESS PROJECT OF A GIRL CHILD,JAMES CHIFUMPUKA,67179,ARISING DAY'S INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 217,41728,50 street children resume school in rural Pakistan,Israr Khattak,35276,Alfalah Development Foundation (ADF),29,1,,,0,29 211,41430,Kick out Child abuse in Shinyalu/ikolomani kkc,Isaiah Jackson Sikolia,50105,western young leaders initiative,32,7,,,0,32 232,41882,Build a Modern library for 300 Children in Nigeria,Isah Nasidi,64067,Bakin Ruwa Students' Union (BASU),10,1,,,0,10 165,42266,Teach self-esteem to 600 needy Romanian women,Isabela Stefan-Iorga,64695,Asociatia Soapta Florilor,264,9,,,0,264 241,41532,Mothers Deliver Safe and Infants Care for Youth,Isaac Olua Ojok,66813,Hope Revival Agency for Rural Development (HORARD),0,0,,,0,0 241,41354,HIV Prevention for Young People in the Ghetto Slum,Isaac Moses,51681,Society for Information and Human Advancement Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 232,41689,Build15 Certified Mediators For 50Villages in Riau,Irfan Miswari,61075,Scale Up,10,1,,,0,10 238,41693,Educate 200 orphans and vulnerable children,Irene Okonji,67829,KIBERA PRIDE INITIATIVE,2,1,,,0,2 241,41884,Nursery and Primary school building in Nigeria,Irene Lema,66878,Lema Plan International (Association),0,0,,,0,0 169,42415,Fight child labour in Peru through education,Intiwawa ONG,64686,IWA EN ACCION,210,2,,,0,210 241,42260,Promote Press Freedom in Africa,Iliya Kure,58070,Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF),0,0,,,0,0 241,42177,Support the Bulgarian Natural Science Teams,Ilian Milev,60394,Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (NSOTA),0,0,,,0,0 133,42191,Support 30 Low-Income Girls Gain Vocational Skills,Ikwo Oka,51604,Centre for Community Empowerment and Sustainable Development,616,7,,,0,616 241,41735,SEND A VULNERABLE CHILD IN UGANDA TO SCHOOL,Ikiriza NapoleonBounaparte,60650,Israel charity foundation limited,0,0,,,0,0 241,42321,Empowering of Dyslexic Children in 20 Communities,Ihuoma Emeruwa,68307,Emechihu Favour Discovery Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 208,42172,Safe Motherhood initiative,Ifra Iftikhar,64810,SARA WELFARE SOCIETY,40,3,,,0,40 183,42319,Keep them Singers Singing,Ian Jones,60483,Tools for Self Reliance Cymru,124,1,,,0,124 172,41541,Give Light to S. Sudan Refugee Children in Uganda,I CAN South Sudan,67060,I CAN South Sudan,195,5,,,0,195 241,41271,Saving Asian Elephants and protecting livelihoods,Hugh Lonsdale,54345,Elephant Family,0,0,,,0,0 241,41410,Provide Clean Water for School Children in Nigeria,Hopespring Water Charity foundation,64698,The Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41947,Nutrition for 400 poor households in rural Zambia,Henry Singili,56842,East and Southern Africa Small scale Farmers Forum(ESAFF) Zambia.,0,0,,,0,0 241,41721,Mothers Of Decent And Safe Employment (MODESA),Henry Nsamba,63804,Youth Ark Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 241,41136,Restore the childhood of 60 children in Brazil,Henrique Andrade,66280,Instituto Doando Vida por Rafa e Clara,0,0,,,0,0 25,41950,Ensure all youth in America have access to sports!,Heidi Webb,65519,National Fitness Foundation,"7,600",64,,winner,0,"7,600" 236,40867,Capacity Building on Against FGM & HIV/AID in IDPs,Hassan Sharif,60437,Agency for Assistance and Development of Somalia-AADS,5,1,,,0,5 174,38674,HCF SUPERMOM PROJECT,Harry Ezenibe,49086,HarryCares Foundation,180,4,,,0,180 241,42280,OFFER EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT TO 250 GIRLS IN ZAMBIA,Harrison MWIMA,61396,GILR INSPIRATION GROUP,0,0,,,0,0 241,41358,KEEPKISOROGIRLSINSCHOOL programme,Harriet Mukajambo,58575,Global Learning for Sustainability(GLS),0,0,,,0,0 241,42274,Elimination of Child Marriages in Dedza District,Harold Kachepatsonga,34554,Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected by HIV and AIDS,0,0,,,0,0 241,41525,Send a Child 2 school in aftermath of Cyclone Idai,Hardlife Muhamba,64575,CareerAid,0,0,,,0,0 241,41112,Help Nowzad to reduce rabies in Afghanistan!,Hannah Surowinski,63168,Nowzad Dogs NFP,0,0,,,0,0 241,41352,Lets build classrooms for 120pupils in Mukono,Hannah Busobozi,59264,YES AND AMEN DEVINE MINISTRIES,0,0,,,0,0 241,42228,Economic Empowerment for Refugees in Uganda,Hangout Foundation,61266,Hangout Foundation Limited,0,0,,,0,0 241,42432,Restore 600 rural women's livelihoods in Zimbabwe,Hand In Hand Zimbabwe,63506,Hand in Hand Future Trust Zimbabwe,0,0,,,0,0 202,42193,Conserve 5 Shea Parkland in Ghana with Beekeeping,Habib Haruna,43576,Pure Trust Social Investors Foundation,50,2,,,0,50 189,41483,Build for Unity,Hab Dev,65079,Austin Habitat for Humanity,100,1,,,0,100 241,40995,Foster the well-being of 675 most vulnerable group,HUMANITAIRE DEMTOU,63022,DEMTOU HUMANITAIRE,0,0,,,0,0 241,42250,Hope for Ethiopian children with deformities,HIWOT AMARE,16768,HADDIS AGAPE FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 241,42462,"Save Cultural Heritage Site in Kachho, Pakistan",HHELP Sindh,55368,HAND in HAND with EDUCATED and LABOUR PEOPLE (HHELP),0,0,,,0,0 241,41055,Trafficking of transwomen,Génesis Rafael López Ramírez,60978,FUNDACION COLECTIVO HOMBRES XX AC,0,0,,,0,0 151,41028,DrillWells Tanzania: Agroforestry 4 Rural farmers,Gumbo Majubwa,63806,ambakofi,350,8,,,0,350 86,42190,Strengthening indigenous girls rights in Oaxaca,Guillermina Juárez,63898,Centro de Estudios y Fortalecimiento Comunitario Mano Vuelta A.C.,"2,244",45,,,0,"2,244" 241,42430,Changing Lives through Arts & Education,Guadalupe Lazcano,59917,The Gabriela Dias Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41499,Build a Computer Lab for Rural Students in Uganda,Godfrey Musumami,65753,Integrated ICT Youth Development Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 241,42390,Developing Value and Responsibility Project,Gloria Likhoyi,64293,Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust,0,0,,,0,0 80,42436,Get a mobile library to refugee camps in Greece,Giulio D'errico,59869,Echo for Refugees,"3,487",81,,,0,"3,487" 57,41556,Transforming the lives of rheumatic patients,Giovanna Morales,67255,Fundacion Maritere I.B.P.,"5,328",49,,,0,"5,328" 232,40917,HELP EDUCATE INDIGENOUS CHILDREN IN VENEZUELA,Giovanna Ragusa,55491,"Asopica, A.C.",10,1,,,0,10 197,41528,Educate and support 65 orphans in Kenya,George Onyango,66422,NTIMI HOME OF HOPE,57,4,,,0,57 89,42388,Providing ART Treatment to 9770 South Africans,Genevieve Dean,68863,The Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies,"2,040",21,,,0,"2,040" 241,41515,One World Pediatrics -Special Needs Healthcare,Garland Reed,67618,One World Center for Autism,0,0,,,0,0 168,41491,USD 10 educates a child for a year in South Sudan,Gai Chol Paul,54121,Charity and Empowerment Foundation,214,6,,,0,214 216,41492,Taking WASH to rural Tiar-aliet in South Sudan,Gai Chol Paul,54121,Charity and Empowerment Foundation,30,1,,,0,30 223,41490,Nutritious food for TB patients in South Sudan,Gai Chol Paul,54121,Charity and Empowerment Foundation,20,1,,,0,20 166,42284,Hope for People with Neurological Disorders,Gabriela Inderwies,58896,"Hope Happens, Inc.",250,4,,,0,250 241,42426,Developing a model permaculture centre,Gabriel Mutongi,6149,Zimconserve,0,0,,,0,0 241,42214,"Send 250 girls to school in Longido, Tanzania",GEPaN Tanzania,66803,Girls' Empowerment Program and Network- Tanzania,0,0,,,0,0 35,41951,Stop Violence Against Women & Girls In Nigeria,Funmi Wale-Adegbite,62242,Gods Home for Women Foundation,"6,269",49,,,0,"6,269" 188,42170,Careers Fair for 2000 yr10-12 students in Lagos,Funmi Olaore,57827,Save A Child Save A Nation Foundation,113,4,,,0,113 144,42201,A piece of peace for the children,Fundación San Antonio,64249,Fundacion San Antonio,399,20,,,0,399 241,41420,Protecting the right to healthy food in Argentina,Fundación Interamericana del Corazón Argentina FIC Argentina,68149,Fundacion Interamericana del Corazon Argentina,0,0,,,0,0 241,41745,Empower 400 children in Mexico,Fundación Dibujando un Mañana,65082,"Fundacion Dibujando un Manana, A.C.",0,0,,,0,0 73,41902,Bring digital technology to 550 Colombian Farmers,Fundacion Más Por TIC,63776,FUNDACION MAS POR TIC,"5,074",49,,,0,"5,074" 241,41042,Provide skills to 200 impoverished children in DR,Fundacion Go Green Toy (FGGT),54578,Fundacion go green toy (fggt) - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,0,,,0,0 232,41597,Informal to Formal Entrepreneur and Business,Friends of Emergence Initiatives,62627,Friends of Emergence Initiatives,10,1,,,0,10 241,41502,Easy access to Palliative care for rural Rumphi,Fransisco Mwambila,58138,Oasis of Hope,0,0,,,0,0 232,41704,HOPE WOMENS AND CHILDRENS CLINIC (H.W.C.C.),Frankline kirimi,61934,Kenya Children Aid,10,1,,,0,10 241,41412,REIGNITING HIV AWARENESS IN ASOKORE MAMPONG,Franklin Abugri,42636,Well-Live Ghana,0,0,,,0,0 189,42277,Empower 80 teenage mothers with economic skills,Francis Sarkodie,47888,Center for Integrated Rural and Child Development,100,1,,,0,100 46,41691,Gift A Solar Lantern...Empower Rural Women & Girls,Francis Mbewe,68026,Kukula Solar,"5,582",57,,,0,"5,582" 241,41156,STEM education for 200 deprived girls in Ghana,Francis Ahene-Affoh,57544,DreamOval Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 98,41818,Improve the health outcome of a mother and newborn,Folasade Ofurune,52526,Health Education and Empowerment Initiative,"1,315",41,,,0,"1,315" 223,42278,Provide Clean Water to 500 Families in the Desert!,Foad Shams,49647,Greet for Cause Foundation,20,1,,,0,20 241,41881,Arbat Brighter Future,Florence ROBICHON,67375,AUIF/Arbat Brighter Future,0,0,,,0,0 241,42221,Transform the lives of 200 Kenyan girls,Florence Ndukuyu,45204,Women without Borders- Kenya,0,0,,,0,0 202,42329,Help 300 Survivors of Violence Smile Again!,Felicia Henderson,64463,True Help & Empowerment for Women & Aspiring Youth Foundation USA,50,1,,,0,50 24,42421,Teach Translation to 20 Students in Post-ISIS Iraq,Faisal Saeed Al Mutar,63518,Ideas Beyond Borders,"7,630",125,,winner,0,"7,630" 241,41543,Help Children in extreme poverty in Nicaragua 2020,Fabián Sebastián Laguna Rodríguez,45991,Fundacion Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer,0,0,,,0,0 207,41892,"School is the key, help us for a better tomorrow!",FONDASYON GRANN TIBÒT,53424,FONDASYON GRANN TI BOT,40,1,,,0,40 241,41551,School Health Education,Everline Auma,67521,MCEDO YOUTH GROUP,0,0,,,0,0 241,41378,Training in Tree Domestication,Etoma Wotany Philip,64475,Bimbia Bonadikombo Natural Resource Management Council,0,0,,,0,0 63,41712,COVID-19 RELIEF: GIVE THE GIFT OF WATER!,Errol Tiozon,67890,Ministere de Deliverance Lumiere du Monde (MGDLM,"5,182",17,,,0,"5,182" 104,41607,Educate 40 Widows and vulnerable children in Jos,Ernest Obagboye,65941,Widows and Economic Empowerment Foundation,"1,204",23,,,0,"1,204" 241,41194,Disability Rehabilitation of 200 children in Kenya,Erastus Onyango,50956,Port Florence Youth Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 129,40643,NUTRITION AND SANITATION PROJECT IN KAGERA REGION,Erasto Kishula,48318,KAGERA YOUTH FORUM,650,2,,,0,650 241,42417,'vocational- skills-200-women-in-edondon',Eno Okpo,41084,E-Enable (Enabled to Enable),0,0,,,0,0 241,42402,Clothing 1000 internally displaced in Cameroon,Emmanuel Liyong Sama,51995,Centre for Indigenous Resources Management and Development (CIRMAD),0,0,,,0,0 241,41806,"CAMPAIGN TO END CHILD EARLY ,FORCED MARRIAGE / NEG",Emmanuel Eze,60382,OUTLOOK HUMANITERIAN CARE INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 241,42324,Sponsor a poor girl to acquire skills in Tailoring,Emmanuel Christoe Musasizi,56387,WATO INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION,0,0,,,0,0 241,41955,Bring Back the Book Project (BBB),Emmanuel Adesanlu,51752,Discovery and Development for impact initiative,0,0,,,0,0 227,42153,Support victims of domestic violence in Devon,Emma Morris,68242,Stop Abuse for Everyone,14,1,,,0,14 241,41946,Educate a Girl: STEM education Girls in Rwanda,Emma Misner,58840,Rwanda Girls Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 241,41209,Feeding Families,Emma Greenough,52399,the welcome centre,0,0,,,0,0 189,41948,Sending Letters to Orphans Worldwide,Emily Yuan,62034,Paper Bridges Corp,100,2,,,0,100 241,42459,Cazadero Music Camp Scholarship Program,Emily Wainacht,67405,Cazadero Performing Arts Camp,0,0,,,0,0 78,42397,Train 300 Tourism teachers in South Africa,Elsabé Engelbrecht,64744,The Global Travel and Tourism Partnership South Africa,"5,006",43,,,0,"5,006" 123,41792,"Educate 200 Needy Children in Njiru, Nairobi-Kenya",Elly Odoyo Musa,61606,FAMILY HOPE COMMUNITY CENTRE,801,49,,,0,801 167,41913,Empowering 300 Refugee Women and Girls in Uganda,Elly Kajaminyo,62614,Rural and Urban Forum for Inclusive Transformation (RUFIT),228,2,,,0,228 114,41619,Combatting child marriage in rural Malawi,Ellen Gamble,66579,SheRose,989,9,,,0,989 54,41787,Educate One Girl for One Month in Rural India,Ellen Fish,67198,"Friends of Tilonia, Inc.","5,381",54,,,0,"5,381" 241,41928,SMILES FOR LITERACY PROJECT- KILIFI COUNTY,Elizabeth Ziro,63085,SMILES OF HOPE,0,0,,,0,0 112,41888,#Project3S: Support youth education in Nigeria,Elizabeth Okunlola,51750,Open Fees Educational Aid Foundation,"1,012",28,,,0,"1,012" 241,41649,Preventing the spread of Ebola in Rwanda,Eliane MUGISHA,67019,Fondation Muga,0,0,,,0,0 241,42439,Help Preschoolers Heal from Trauma,Elia Rocha,61744,Children Today,0,0,,,0,0 241,41592,Block Granting of Textbooks to Schools,Elcharis Initiative,64702,El-Charis Initiative for Africa,0,0,,,0,0 240,41763,TURKANA COUNTY PASTORALISTS RESILIENCE PROJECT:,Ekeno Loroo,67780,ACTION FOR PASTORALISTS INTEGRATED RESILIENCE,0,1,,,0,0 241,41307,Help Support 20 Teenage Mothers In Rural Zimbabwe,Ekenia Chifamba,26978,ShamwariYemwanasikana Trust,0,0,,,0,0 241,41874,Literacy for 1500 illiterate Families in Nigeria,Ehindero Alaba,64688,Zion Care Life and Family Impact Foundation(ZIONCLIFF),0,0,,,0,0 241,41275,Community College USA Vietnam Scholarship,Edward Swisshelm,46515,Innovations and Technical Services,0,0,,,0,0 241,42442,Modernising A Rural School Library in Malawi,Edward Phiri,61045,Child Rights Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDOC),0,0,,,0,0 213,42448,Buying medicines for 164 children with cancer.,Eduardo Piñones,43940,Corporacion de Estudios y Desarrollo Norte Grande,30,2,,,0,30 241,41545,RUN MALARIA CONTROL PROGRAMS SURROUNDING RESERVES,Edmund Chirambo,63236,BOARDER NETWORK WE,0,0,,,0,0 241,40686,Help Train 1500 Providers to rebuild hope for IDPs,Edie Geraldine,44978,Adele Reproductive Health Foundation-Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (CTC4FP),0,0,,,0,0 241,42373,High Points Bursaries,ERICK CHIPWAYA,61331,DIALOGUE INTERNATIONAL,0,0,,,0,0 241,42447,Agribusiness for Women ex-prisoners in Langas slum,ELDORET WOMEN FOR DEVELOPMENT,52738,Eldoret Women For Development. (ELWOFOD),0,0,,,0,0 113,41822,Donate for lifesaving projects in Mwanza Tanzania.,Dr.Marko Hingi,59948,Tanzania Rural Health Movement,"1,010",7,,,0,"1,010" 93,41526,Covid-19 & Preventing Homelessness for Veterans,Dorinda Wolfe Murray,68252,FirstLight Trust,"1,444",41,,,0,"1,444" 81,41944,Empower 100 students' career success w/SkillsUSA,Dori Dawson,67693,MetroED Foundation,"2,740",36,,,0,"2,740" 241,41727,Leasing Land for 38 Poor families in Wabitosi,Dorcas Foundation Organisation,53460,Dorcas Foundation Organisation,0,0,,,0,0 13,41751,Medical Support for Rohingya women and children,Doohwan Ko,49953,A-PAD KOREA (Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management),"10,573",73,winner,winner,0,"10,573" 91,39114,Project Venue for Resource Centre,Donna Trim-Stewart,47450,Empowerment Awakening Resource Centre Inc.,"1,700",11,,,0,"1,700" 241,42196,Improve the income of 50 rural poor women in Benin,Donald Houessou,65508,Centre d'Actions pour l'Environnement et le Developpement Durable,0,0,,,0,0 132,42219,Help save the Little School in the Kalahari,Dimala Wicksteed,65200,Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee (IPACC) - Trust,625,5,,,0,625 241,42313,"Enable the Disabled, Support 100+ Disabled Players",Differently Abled Cricket Club,53080,Differently Abled Cricket Club,0,0,,,0,0 225,41702,Help Us Protect Wildlife outside PA in Nepal,Dev Narayan Mandal,25067,Mithila Wildlife Trust,17,1,,,0,17 241,42255,"Expanding Education for Youth in Jaco, Costa Rica",Derwin Ryant,51227,Trailhead Institute dba The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization,0,0,,,0,0 241,41252,"Construction of 50 rainwater tanks in Veracruz, Me",Demetrio Jacinto,50025,"Vision Mundial de Moxico, A.C.",0,0,,,0,0 59,42211,Provide Quality Education to 900 Kenyan Children,Deborah Kimathi,53190,Dignitas Project,"5,323",46,,,0,"5,323" 58,41773,Invest in the Future of 75 Classical Musicians,Debbie Hadsock,65143,Varna International Music Academy,"5,324",51,,,0,"5,324" 241,42445,"Rokupa Wharf Clean Up - Sierra Leone, West Africa",Dawn Witte,46431,The Desire to Inspire Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41321,Support disadvantaged girls in Uganda,David W. Watuwa,51084,Association for World Education Uganda National Chapter,0,0,,,0,0 214,41666,CONSTRUCTION OF MODERN EARLY LEARNING COMPLEX,David Onyango Ochola,62582,COMPETENCE BUILDING SOCIETY OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION FOR KENYA,30,7,,,0,30 55,41850,Sponsor Drug Rehabilitation for 10 Homeless Men,David Charnock,68474,Esperanza Urbana,"5,368",46,,,0,"5,368" 241,41861,Provide basic necessities for starving children,David Cancel,67859,JC Inspires Foundation Inc,0,0,,,0,0 241,42392,Empower 120 women to support 500 children,Darius Tipatet,51435,Humanitarian Efforts for the Learning of the GirlChild in Africa,0,0,,,0,0 47,41533,Building Classrooms for Zvamaida Primary School,Danny Lovey,67686,The Rotary Club of Basildon Concord,"5,538",75,,,0,"5,538" 31,42257,Get 16 teens out of poverty through education,Daniela Tosti-Croce,64962,Fundacion de Beneficencia Hogar de Cristo,"6,440",50,,,0,"6,440" 241,42213,STEM Education for Girls in Ghana,Daniel Ganyoame,63642,Africa ICT Right,0,0,,,0,0 60,41421,Water - Donate This Gift to 170 Kids in Uganda,Daniel Delibashev,66792,Smile for Africa foundation,"5,209",59,,,0,"5,209" 241,41953,Sow seeds of literacy!,Daniel Coelho,49945,Holistica Foundation Inc,0,0,,,0,0 77,41626,Sponsor meals for indigenous Taiwanese children,Daisy Lin,65471,Bright Side Projects,"5,009",49,,,0,"5,009" 223,41869,School Return for 2500 idp and refugees inCameroon,DAMIEN NOMA ELOUNDOU,61066,RESPECT CAMEROUN,20,2,,,0,20 241,41849,Selah platform application for the artists,Cyubahiro Prime,45367,Youth Empowerment through Arts and Humanities Rwanda,0,0,,,0,0 12,42261,"Release 30,000 sea turtles in Guatemala",Colum Muccio,65173,Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association,"10,881",48,,,0,"10,881" 241,41775,Football For Mental Well-being,Collince Dundo,48031,Youth Initiative Development Programme,0,0,,,0,0 241,41716,Youth Centered Healthcare & Education,Claudia Nicolaou,16631,CHILDREN OF WAR FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 241,41579,COMEDOR SOSTENIBLE PARA 300 NINOS Y NINAS,Clara Rosas,64772,Fundacion Samaritana Amar y Servir,0,0,,,0,0 241,41738,OLD IS GOLD: Dignifying City of Kisumu's Elderly,CityofKisumu Association,48760,CITY OF KISUMU URBAN AREAS ASSOCIATION,0,0,,,0,0 241,41179,Provide Interactive Teacher Training in Siem Reap,Cindy Debes,35105,Hands Across the World Incorporated,0,0,,,0,0 241,41639,Rehabilitation and Empowerment of Disabled Persons,Chuks Ossai,59818,Poverty Alleviation Network & Self Dependence Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 226,41681,Provide Clean Renewable Sustainable Energy Source,Christopher Lunguya,43382,Organization for Scientific Research and Youth Technical Development,15,1,,,0,15 241,41851,Affordable Passive Homes for low income families,Christopher Holcomb,66879,Urban Scale Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,42369,Help Build an Indigenous Healing Eco-Village!,Christian Hogan,65279,Unkitawa,0,0,,,0,0 241,42294,Ageing Well Without Children in Dorset UK,Chris Wakefield,60009,Prama Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41855,Support 150 Children Affects by Ebola in S/L,Children's Hope,46589,Childrens Hope Initiative - Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 218,41938,TRAIN 50 YOUTHS AGAINST CYBERCRIME IN NIGERIA,Chiemezie Ezeani,65457,Life Transformation for Africa Initiative,27,1,,,0,27 241,35560,Support ALIMA's Ebola Emergency Response in DRC,Charlie Kunzer,43244,ALIMA USA,0,0,,,0,0 241,41684,Follow-up for HIV exposed babies,Charles Kachali,68698,Mapalo Support Group,0,0,,,0,0 241,42307,Enabling 50 Children for Visit Rwanda,Charles Komezusenge,57859,Edified Generation Rwanda(EGR),0,0,,,0,0 241,42246,Trauma & Suicide Education for Youth In America,Chantae Thomas,60558,SOAR - Seeing Our Adolescents Rise,0,0,,,0,0 241,41123,Oklahoma Long Term Disaster Recovery,Chad Detwiler,59061,"Recovering Oklahomans After Disaster, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 241,38441,Rural Agriculture for HIV Affected Women-Liberia,Cecelia K.R Cole,52807,Liberian Women Empowerment Network,0,0,,,0,0 241,42494,Build a classroom for 50 rural artisans in Uganda,Catherine Martha Agwang,46392,Uganda Youth Development and Training Programme,0,0,,,0,0 219,40932,HOPE Camps for 100 Orphanage Children in Honduras,Catherine Kirkendall,43457,Reach Out Orphanage Ministries,25,1,,,0,25 72,41482,'What is Google?',Cath Croxton,65018,SHARP Digital,"5,077",60,,,0,"5,077" 241,42368,Empowering 250 At-Risk Rural Girls in Niger-Delta,Cassius Ukwugbe,58292,"Human Rights, Justice and Peace Foundation",0,0,,,0,0 241,41945,WASHED UP,Cassandra Akinde,67987,The Neo Child Initiative For Africa,0,0,,,0,0 34,41509,'Dirt Girls' Can Close the Gender Gap in STEM,Carrie Strohl,59887,The School Garden Doctor,"6,320",41,,,0,"6,320" 241,41931,Endowment of the school leveling classrooms.,Carolina Zapata,64792,Acarpin hogar de ninez y juventud,0,0,,,0,0 3,41943,Keep Venezuelan history alive at QUINTA DE ANAUCO,Carlos Julio Romero,62957,Asociacion Venezolana Amigos del Arte Colonial,"19,334",105,winner,winner,"1,000","20,334" 241,41397,"Free Medicals for 5,000 Women & Children",Canice Okere,67884,Olyrose Care Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 232,42218,Help Break the Cycle of Illiteracy and Poverty,CYLF Team,36696,Changing Young Lives Foundation,10,1,,,0,10 41,41387,A safe space to grow.,CNYN SL,68518,"Patronato Club de Ninos y Ninas de San Luis Potosi, A.C.","5,858",181,,,0,"5,858" 241,41188,Help 26 Korean Gay Soldiers Fight for Freedom,CMHRK Military HR Korea,61774,Center for Military Human Rights Korea,0,0,,,0,0 150,41403,Quality HIV services for youth in rural clinics,CHIVA South Africa,67267,CHIVA South Africa Foundation,356,5,,,0,356 232,41416,Sustain 160 Children Living with HIV in Luwero,CHANGE DEV'T INITIATIVES,63505,Change Development Initiatives - (CDI),10,1,,,0,10 219,41571,Heart Surgery for 100 Children in South Africa,CEO TCCFA,62353,The Children's Cardiac Foundation of Africa Trust,25,1,,,0,25 241,42381,Help Adult Girls to complete their Education,CDF Pakistan,57614,Community Development Foundation CDF,0,0,,,0,0 241,41295,Free medical care for the poor in Nigeria,C'FINE OKOROCHUKWU,32850,CENTRE FOR PUBLIC HEALTH,0,0,,,0,0 241,41036,Road to University,Bulgarian Memory Foundation,63226,Bulgarian Memory Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 219,42463,Nicaragua Sea Turtle Hatchery & Community Outreach,Brock Cahill,55794,The SeaChange Agency,25,1,,,0,25 241,41631,Scholarships for 10 mexican children for one year,Brianda Puc,62022,Fundacion Ciudad de la Alegria A.C.,0,0,,,0,0 241,42314,Empower 60 women Human Rights Defenders in Uganda,Brian Geoffrey Chanwat,61732,Strategic Response International (SRI),0,0,,,0,0 212,42169,IT Skills Training for Unemployed in South Africa,Brian Davies,66146,Rotary Club of Felixstowe Landguard,31,1,,,0,31 241,41604,Provide Access to Education in Rural Guatemala,Brian Buntz,46187,Young Dreamer Network,0,0,,,0,0 241,41233,Give Quality Education to Needy Kenyan Students,Bradley Broder,54403,"Kenya Education Fund, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 241,41759,Changing lives of homeless/destitute young people,Bonolo Masigo,68611,MES-Mould Empower Serve,0,0,,,0,0 241,41917,BUILD TOILETS AND RESCUE 2000 PUPILS IN TANZANIA,Bomani Peter,65345,Kilombero organisation for community development,0,0,,,0,0 241,42379,IDPs Skills Empowerment and Equipment Support,Bochum Samuel Bache,61139,YAPCEC(Youth Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon),0,0,,,0,0 241,42159,Support youth with colostomy cases in Northern uga,Bob Omara,54391,Colostomy catheater bag foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41635,Free education for araromi community children,Blessing Okojie eze,66730,Women of inestimable values foundation,0,0,,,0,0 6,42327,Puppy Flood in Public Shelter Bucov,Bettina Radermacher,55299,ProDogRomania e.V.,"16,662",302,winner,winner,"2,000","18,662" 9,40931,CHANGE A LIFE - pediatric surgery in Sierra Leone,BethanyKids Africa,61725,Bethany Relief and Rehabilitation International,"11,825",47,,,0,"11,825" 241,42412,Young Skhokho(Champion) Youth Centre,Bernard Sema,56020,Vuka Skhokho: The Jermaine Lungile Schmidt Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41954,Give quality education to 800 orphans,Bbaale Foundation,61058,Bbale Foundation International Limited,0,0,,,0,0 241,42505,End Witchcraft Branding and Stigmatization (EWBS),Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI),50208,Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI),0,0,,,0,0 17,41561,Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Bahamas - Jezreel,Barry Feinman,65996,Jezreel International,"9,825",52,,winner,0,"9,825" 241,41030,Build a library for school children in New Delhi,Banyan Initiative for Development,37767,Banyan Initiative for Development,0,0,,,0,0 241,41116,Think Before Pink,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,42488,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,0,0,,,0,0 241,41363,Initiative to Anavilundawa Bird Sanctuary Conserve,Bandaranayake R.M,50677,The Youth Voice International,0,0,,,0,0 241,42487,Enable 200 grassroots Ugandan enterprises thrive,Baluku Isaya,63964,Young Agro-Green Africa Network LIMITED,0,0,,,0,0 241,41952,LGA Elementary School - Niger,Balkissa Mahamane,57842,Agaji Assistance,0,0,,,0,0 241,41294,Support and Educate Vulnerable Children in Uganda,Baliddawa Henry,50461,Blessed Echoes Children Alliance - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,0,,,0,0 48,41897,Restore vision to2000 Bangladeshi village students,Bakergonj Forum,58757,Bakergonj Forum,"5,512",43,,,0,"5,512" 95,41479,Assisting 5600 hurricane Irma survivors in Florida,BRIAN BAER,65389,"The Elevated Studio, Inc.","1,330",17,,,0,"1,330" 189,40619,VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR YOUTH WITH DISABILITY,BRENDA SHUMA,59877,Gabriella Children's Rehabilitation Centre,100,2,,,0,100 241,41886,WOMEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT & PEACE IN SOUTH SUDAN,BEYOND AID AND RELIEF,65119,BEYOND AID AND RELIEF,0,0,,,0,0 241,41452,BUILDING OF SCHOOL BLOCK FOR KIDS IN THE VILAGE,BENJAMIN KOJO ASIEDU,63485,YAWEH SAVE LIFE FOUNDATION GHANA,0,0,,,0,0 241,41746,COMPULSORY EDUCATION CAMPAIGN FOR POKOT COMMUNITY,BARINGO PEACE ADVOCACY,62053,BARINGO PEACE ADVOCACY,0,0,,,0,0 190,41612,Provide shelter for 50 at risk girls in Cameroon,Awah Francisca Mbuli,67266,SURVIVORS' NETWORK,93,2,,,0,93 219,39286,Poverty Reduction In Africa Through Empowerment,Austin Uzim,58211,African Transporter Initiative,25,1,,,0,25 241,42302,Educational Writing Materials,Austin Ajakaiye,64894,Lashellaj Care World Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 241,32322,Education Centre foChildren & Youth in Livingstone,Auldridge Chibbwalu,46301,New Hope Waves,0,0,,,0,0 241,41208,SUPPORT QUALITATIVE EDUCATION FOR NIGERIA CHILDREN,Augustine Omaji,43161,Potent life skills foundation,0,0,,,0,0 119,41718,Be pivotal in funding 30 children in Kori schools,Augustine Macarthy,66157,Movement towards Education and Youth Empowerment-Sierra Leone,850,7,,,0,850 241,42247,Train the next generation of environmental leaders,Audrey Beedle,56716,"Green Corps, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 127,41919,WASH for 2500 villagers in Tanzania,Ashley MAJOR,64327,Rotary Club of Elgin Charitable Trust Fund,759,12,,,0,759 52,41867,"Give Thalia, Sahra and Noura a Chance at Education",Asherah Foundation,67604,"The Asherah Foundation, Inc.","5,386",49,,,0,"5,386" 241,41575,Training 600 youth in three states of South Sudan,Arop Biong Chol Miorik,59203,Concerned Citizens' Forum International,0,0,,,0,0 241,41377,Educate 500 Orphaned Children in Mbarara district,Arnest Mubale,61372,Help the Needy Foundation-Kakoba,0,0,,,0,0 241,41936,ZAKKI Empowering The Elderly in Indonesia,Arifah Suparni,55821,Yayasan Integrity Syariah,0,0,,,0,0 241,42146,Breaking the Cycle of Child Marriage in Bangladesh,Aria Mustary,66005,Mai Soli Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 241,41516,Send a Filipino child to School for a year,April Canonigo,66854,"Sorok Uni Foundation, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 241,42336,Un Techo para 10 familias sin un hogar digno,Antonio Barreda,57013,Fundacion Un Techo Para Chile,0,0,,,0,0 241,40898,Yellow Boat Project,Anton Mari Lim,58851,Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 241,41246,Give 500 reading lights to School girls in S.Sudan,Anthony Uchalla,53869,Youth Enrichment for Success-South Sudan,0,0,,,0,0 241,41688,Youth Skills Training Programme,Anthony Ikogwe,67488,Ikogwe Friday Education and Skills(IFES) Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 88,42456,Empowering Students for a Greater Tomorrow!,Anthony Guadalupe,68782,Inspire School Programs of Northeast Florida,"2,041",13,,,0,"2,041" 106,41496,Support 1000 young mothers with beehives in Uganda,Annet Birungi,68137,SAFEPLAN UGANDA,"1,173",27,,,0,"1,173" 241,41344,Buy a Brick,Anne Ebrahim,53786,Angels Baby Sanctuary,0,0,,,0,0 141,42195,Medical Services For Uganda,Anne Dean,67637,Harmony Life International,450,10,,,0,450 241,39662,Help 20 kids to rehabilitate hearing and speech,Anna Mikhailova,52987,"SOZIDANIE, CHARITABLE FOUNDATION",0,0,,,0,0 241,42387,Improving lives of rural women in Buikwe District,Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi,47541,Sowing Seeds of Tumaini,0,0,,,0,0 241,41371,Water harvesting tank for rural pupils school,Angella Nankindu,59138,Youth and Women Initiative for Sustainable Development (YWISD),0,0,,,0,0 241,40987,Information Technology Support for Small Charities,Andy Simpon,62410,Charity IT Association,0,0,,,0,0 154,41485,educate 100 orphans for one year in uganda,Andrew Muyingo,65343,Samaritans for Children,310,3,,,0,310 117,41677,Udzungwa Botanic Garden,Andrew Marshall,54542,Reforest Africa,890,18,,,0,890 226,41907,Access to Education for 1000 children in Buruku,Andrew A Gbishe,60119,"Foundation for Justice, development and peace",15,1,,,0,15 241,42230,100 Women Rendering Aid to Youth in Mental Crisis,Andrea Mustin,57471,Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide,0,0,,,0,0 71,41774,Nourish the future of Arhuaco indigenous children,Andrea Escobar,8050,Soydoy Foundation,"5,081",45,,,0,"5,081" 223,42461,Create a new life,Ana Santiago,53284,Fundacion Hogar Ninito Jesus,20,1,,,0,20 241,42372,"Supporting 50 women with cancer in Baja, Mexico",Ana Karina Mejia,61046,"Pro Oncologia Calidad y Vida, A.C. (Pro Oncavi AC)",0,0,,,0,0 241,41843,Winter Weather Gear for Kids,Amy Robertson,62017,Charitable Union,0,0,,,0,0 241,41771,2019 Inaugural Fashion Show,Amy Lee Rodriguez,65635,Crush Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 241,41238,Return 120 teenage mothers to school in Bole.,Amos Seidu,63955,Centre for Rural Improvement Services (CRIS),0,0,,,0,0 241,41409,STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY CARE AND SUPPORT SYSTEMS,Amos Chikaonda,67530,Hope for Misanjo,0,0,,,0,0 61,42194,Rickshaw Mobile Library to visit 6000 children,Amna Hassan,67160,Alif Laila Book Bus Society,"5,201",77,,,0,"5,201" 241,41661,Empower 500 Unprivileged Adolescent Girls in Yei,Amane Joseph,67930,Indigent Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 241,41831,HELP US HELP our children,Amanda Bossenger,7038,Cotlands,0,0,,,0,0 241,41690,Strengthening Pro Poor for their Livelihood,Aman Dangaura,41962,"Community-based Forestry Supporters' Network, Nepal",0,0,,,0,0 241,41812,Help prevent childhood drowning in Liberia,Alfred Jones,60934,"Lifesaving-Liberia, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 202,42493,Gift a Child a Camera in the Barrios of Caracas,Alexis Parra,65908,MiRA: Hay Un Horizonte,50,1,,,0,50 34,41785,KFPR's GlobalGiving Campaign,Alex Kim,67448,Korean Foundation of Puerto Rico,"6,320",41,,,0,"6,320" 175,41685,Marketable Skills Training for rural SA Community,Alecia Joubert,66139,Kamcare Social and Training Services,176,7,,,0,176 189,41317,School girl dropout empowerment with life skills,Akora Sam,46575,The Gift Of A Girl Foundation,100,1,,,0,100 232,41450,"Creating 2,000 Jobs for Jobless Nigeria youths",Akinade Emmanuel,61018,Enterprenuship Development Organisation Of Nigeria,10,1,,,0,10 155,42279,Tech Training for 100 young people in Lagos.,Aima Okafor,67070,The Workplace Youth Initiative,302,2,,,0,302 241,42382,Support 500 Teen Single Mothers in Tanzania,Aim Dennis,49158,STRATEGIC YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION,0,0,,,0,0 232,42320,SCHOOL FOR 300 ORPHANS IN NIGERIA,Ahmad Ibrahim Janyau,64766,Innovation for Empowerment and sustainable peace Initiative,10,1,,,0,10 241,41064,Second home for 130 pupils - Witajcie w domu!,Agnieszka Wieszczycka- Bromska,56663,Fundacja Dla Polonii,0,0,,,0,0 241,42441,Baseball For Social Change III,Afrânio Pires da Rocha,56542,Associacao Cearense de Beisebol,0,0,,,0,0 239,41828,MT. ELGON RUN FOR THE GIRL CHILD HALF MARATHON,Adventure Youth Group,52908,ADVENTURE YOUTH GROUP,1,1,,,0,1 178,41805,Girls Health Matter,Adenike Grange,61440,Adegrange Child Foundation,170,4,,,0,170 163,41956,Support 125 Malnourished Children in Nigeria,Adebimpe Femi-oyewo,63076,Kindred Africa Community Development Foundation,266,5,,,0,266 27,41564,Support 13 villages to save the Bornean Rainforest,Adam Miller,67994,Planet Indonesia,"7,213",95,,,0,"7,213" 241,42482,5000 sanitary pads For 5 African boarding schools,Abubakar Binji,62190,Hospitals Without Gaps,0,0,,,0,0 241,41834,"Education,skills training for Economic Empowerment",Abdullah T Seh,61270,YOUTH UNITED FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION YUCDA INC.,0,0,,,0,0 241,42253,raising awareness on disaster among 1000 students,Abdul Rahman Kowa,44356,2017 Mandela Washington Fellows-Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 232,42149,EMPOWERING PEOPLE LIVING WITH DISABILITIES,Abdul Hafiz Ali,27453,AWQAF Fiji,10,1,,,0,10 241,42422,Empowered women and girls to with dignity,Abdul Ahmed,53702,BASEI EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 241,42427,SUPPORT 200 GIRLS TO ACCESS QUALITY EDUCATION,AUGUSTINE FOMBA,68749,Pink FiRE-Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 85,40974,Women Empowerment for Sustainable Development,ASPIRE RWANDA,47960,Aspire Rwanda,"2,290",17,,,0,"2,290" 241,41386,Help send 6000 children to school in rural Ghana.,APDO ANCHOR,68028,Afram Plains Developemnt Organisation(APDO),0,0,,,0,0 241,42499,Resource for Education and Aptitude Development,AMCOR NGO,61468,Association of Mobilizing Community Resources (AMCOR),0,0,,,0,0 241,41918,"YOUTH ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT IN KANO, NIGERIA",ALIYU YOLA,59171,SAHAWA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION,0,0,,,0,0 223,41772,Educate and Empower 300 rural girls Sierra Leone.,ALIEMU JALLOH,64427,YOUTH HELP SIERRA LEONE,20,1,,,0,20 241,40036,SAFE BUSURA FROM DARKNESS WITH SOLAR POWER,ABDOULIE SANYANG,50359,Network for climate action,0,0,,,0,0 152,42192,Donate for street dog,4 care,57777,Four care,342,7,,,0,342 28,41717,Help 100 communities adapt to climate change,,66948,EcoViva NFP,"6,775",57,,,0,"6,775" 241,41372,Vocational training for at risk girls in Uganda,,45369,Purewish Foundation Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 241,41710,Send a Child in Pakistan to School for a Year,,40812,MAA KI DUA,0,0,,,0,0 241,41959,Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij,,64840,Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij,0,0,,,0,0