Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Amount Raised (USD),Donor Count,Homepage,Social Media Spotlight,Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 246,34376,Project: Feed 75 children with low nutrition in Az,wilson suero,48906,Vision Social,0,0,,,0,0 193,34870,Help 39 children get school supplies,wasswa paul,42219,Manywa Initiative for Children,192,4,,,0,192 246,34979,Rescue and rehabilitate street children in Nepal,voc nepal,28579,Voice Of Children,0,0,,,0,0 246,35315,support 10 children through primary school level,tendai saunyama,46706,Elevation Zimbabwe Trust,0,0,,,0,0 125,34165,Khel - a Learning & Recreational Centre,tahera hasan,50223,Imkaan Welfare Organisation,"1,545",3,,,0,"1,545" 246,30771,Poverty Alleviation Dairy Project for 20 women,sree padma rani mary mahila mandali,43136,SREE PADMA RANI MARY MAHILA MANDALI,0,0,,,0,0 246,35169,the support of women descolarized football club,soxten gilles yapoga,53176,LAHOU ESSOR FOOTBALL CLUB,0,0,,,0,0 173,35219,"Tailoring skills to 50 youth in Kampala, Uganda",somero Uganda,42346,Somero Uganda,320,14,,,0,320 246,34916,The health and Income Intiative,simbarashe Makuvaza,44048,Nutrigain Trust,0,0,,,0,0 48,35495,The Rooster Project,pattrice jones,54746,VINE,"6,185",59,,,0,"6,185" 246,35264,Educational Assitance,patricia Mupakaviri,49966,Destiny Mission Foundation Trust,0,0,,,0,0 246,34348,Free Tribal Outpatients Clinic,nwtws tribal society,42661,Nilgiris Wynaad Tribal Welfare Society,0,0,,,0,0 246,35335,Medical Home for Children in Poverty,nicole Jordania,52409,Children's Health Fund,0,0,,,0,0 229,34562,No excuse for child rape,muhammad agie,51183,LITSAM YOUTH AWARENESS INITIATIVE,30,2,,,0,30 42,33774,Sreyassu,meera boppana,48871,INDO AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT AND HEALTH ORGANIZATION,"6,500",44,,,0,"6,500" 246,35439,CHALLENGING MALE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS,martin Dolny,39479,The Joe Slovo Foundation NPC,0,0,,,0,0 104,34882,Cashew Processing Unit for 500 farmers,manas banerjee,54000,chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti,"2,611",22,,,0,"2,611" 80,35501,Mossuril Museum of Slavery's Nursery School,lisa Duff-Scott,52147,Stichting Teran Foundation,"5,102",44,,,0,"5,102" 50,32130,Education and food for orphaned children in nepal,kopila kunwar,47386,nepal mary child help center,"6,108",61,,,0,"6,108" 246,34925,Back Girls To Schools Project,kennedy laurian,50687,wide global development foundation Tanzania,0,0,,,0,0 147,34893,Educate 1000 kids on Conscious Consumption Brazil,juliana lemes,53978,Instituto akatu,830,7,,,0,830 243,34861,Giving skills to the needy and unemployed youths,joseph murimi,51178,save a life community based organisation,10,1,,,0,10 246,27209,Support 100 Rural & Merit Girl Children Education,joseph A.T,25429,Chilume Social Service Society,0,0,,,0,0 246,35452,Skill Development Project to transform rural poor,jackieline tusubira,54344,Tororo Women and Disabled Person Development Initiative (TWADDI),0,0,,,0,0 246,35059,Give safe water to children at center of hope-EMU,eden ministries Uganda,26799,Eden Ministries Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 169,34686,SEND 1000 ORPHANED CHILDREN TO SCHOOL IN NIGERIA,cynthia ifueko obazee,52323,Grassroots Entreprenuership skill acquisition initiative(GESA INITIATIVE),372,3,,,0,372 246,35288,Help 75 disadvantaged Nigerian kids stay in school,chioma ike,40506,Circuit Pointe Charity Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,35033,FEED AND EDUCATE OVCS IN RURAL KENYA,charles okul,40884,Opuk Women Group,0,0,,,0,0 124,35333,Help Children to Access Therapy After Sexual Abuse,cath wakeman,54006,IMARA CIO,"1,611",18,,,0,"1,611" 198,34874,Educating dropout & out of school adolescent girls,ashish agarwal,52125,Sir Syed Trust,166,5,,,0,166 25,35375,Empowering 100 youngsters for work in Colombia,anthony fala,54495,Fundacion ROFE Toca una Vida,"8,561",75,,winner,0,"8,561" 59,34832,Educate a Girl in Kashmir,ambereen siddiqui,50299,HOPE USA,"5,601",47,,,0,"5,601" 234,34745,Guinea: Building health center for a village,abdel aziz diallo,47060,Action For Africa (AFA),20,1,,,0,20 71,35131,Returning spider monkeys to Belize's forests,Zoe Walker,46478,Wildtracks,"5,354",86,,,0,"5,354" 107,34918,Expand the Impact of South African Black Leaders,Yuniya Khan,47112,The Emerge Project SA,"2,291",39,,,0,"2,291" 203,34645,Offer holidays to 30 refugee children in Greece,Yonous Muhammadi,53832,Greek Forum of Refugees,150,2,,,0,150 4,35285,Rebuild School for 138 children in Thailand,Yaowawit school,45876,Children's World Academy Foundation,"17,601",66,winner,winner,0,"17,601" 246,33797,Help 100 Victims of the Armed Conflict in Colombia,YANINA ALVAREZ SANCHEZ,42054,ONG GESTION Y DESARROLLO SUSTENTABLE -ONGEDES-,0,0,,,0,0 106,35135,Empowering Survivors of Sexual Abuse to Heal,Wendy Johnson,54546,Sacred Innocence International,"2,515",42,,,0,"2,515" 246,35077,Sponsor women entrepreneurs to start an e-business,Wayne Lifshitz,48049,ShopO Invests,0,0,,,0,0 113,34682,Help Girls Live Healthy with Effective Pad Usage,Wayne Ellsworth,53106,The Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan,"2,025",37,,,0,"2,025" 232,34816,Rung Do Pakistan,WWF Pakistan,43227,World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistan,25,1,,,0,25 246,34898,Providing shelter for homeless children in Nigeria,WNDP ANDP,54034,World Nations Development Programme,0,0,,,0,0 183,34741,Little Sofia struggling with leukemia,Vladyslav Kasatkin,48626,Hope and Belief,250,2,,,0,250 210,35260,End Child Abuses in Cambodia by Positive Parenting,Vivodin Chhay,46964,Improving Cambodia's Society through Skillful Parenting (ICS-SP),115,3,,,0,115 170,34939,Give the learning power of play to 1000's of kids,Vince Mehers,39363,Friends of Mutale,371,4,,,0,371 234,35410,Kerala Flood Relief Fund-Rebuild families in india,Vijaya Bhaskar,45366,THERESSA MAHILA MANDALI,20,1,,,0,20 158,35208,Rehabilitate 350 disabled children in south India,Vidya Sastry,54332,Action on Disability and Development India,525,2,,,0,525 26,35265,Help 23 needy families get sustainable livelihoods,Victoria Kamau,53094,Kickstart Kids International,"8,356",54,,winner,0,"8,356" 155,34984,Save 1 million lives,Victor Horcasitas,50165,Donation & Transplantation Institute,560,12,,,0,560 21,34807,Build a senior center for 500 South Asian seniors,Vasundhara Kalasapudi,40190,India Home Inc.,"10,028",66,winner,winner,0,"10,028" 168,35227,Code Her Future,Uloma Ogba,37535,Give Girls A Chance,400,10,,,0,400 246,34585,Aid 3000 women access hygienic menstrual practices,Ukaoma Uche,43370,Solace For She And Child Care Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 205,35392,Education through livelihood support,Ujjwal Amatya,44109,REED Nepal,130,2,,,0,130 223,35012,School fees for 500 Djugu Displaced Children,Tuzza Alonda,51863,FORDECO,60,1,,,0,60 246,35267,STEM Center for at-risk kids/girls in Mongolia,Tuyatsetseg Badarch,54530,Mongolian Researchers and PhD Holders Association (MRPA),0,0,,,0,0 246,34876,Phaco Cataract surgery for needy elderly,Turnstone Global,25491,Turnstone Global,0,0,,,0,0 227,34991,EMPOWER WOMEN WITH DISABILITIES IN TANZANIA,Tumaini Ngajilo,33845,TANZANIA EMPOWERMENT FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITY AND GENDER HEALTH ORGANIZATION,35,2,,,0,35 246,35149,Equip 2000 Teenagers With Self-Awareness Skills,Tracy Mirembe,28042,Alma Family Centre,0,0,,,0,0 246,35223,HomeWorks (Pour into Homeless families ),Tracey Nails-Bell,54372,"A Diamond in the Ruff, Incorporated",0,0,,,0,0 178,35519,Medical Outreach,Toyin Opesanmi,49381,Global Vision Foundation Inc,295,6,,,0,295 246,34110,Literature Promotion for Girls,Toti Jean Marc Yale,32246,Education and English for You (EEFY),0,0,,,0,0 24,35027,End #metoo stories in Swaziland by mentoring men,Tom Churchyard,53221,Kwakha Indvodza (Building a Man),"8,573",42,,,0,"8,573" 11,34905,Educate 89 inner-city youths and adults in Panama,Tina Chu,51120,Juntos Podemos (Together We Can),"11,915",84,winner,winner,0,"11,915" 246,34995,Women Empowerment Skills Training for sustinance,Thuli Maziya,43392,Snatisa Lubombo,0,0,,,0,0 246,35015,Safe toilets help flush out disease in Cambodia,Thomas Gilbert,43994,Kamboo Project,0,0,,,0,0 234,34978,Promoting women rights in rural areas,Theoneste Uwayezu,44473,Focus on mothers and children,20,2,,,0,20 207,34911,Empowering Young Women in Nairobi's Slums,The Mother Goose Kenya,52352,The Mother Goose Kenya CBO,124,6,,,0,124 131,35464,Help Bulgarians have a healthy work-life balance,Teodora Angelova,54624,Career with a Cause Association,"1,280",32,,,0,"1,280" 246,34941,Recognize youself,Tedvan nabora,49640,Faru arts and sports development organization (FASDO),0,0,,,0,0 246,34836,India Flood Response 2018 - #UnitedwithKerala,Tanya Singh,34667,Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society,0,0,,,0,0 246,35140,Safe Water-Healthy Student-Improved Lives,Tajamul Hussain,9217,Indus Welfare Association,0,0,,,0,0 246,35141,"Give clean water to 20,000 people in South Sudan",Taban Peter Tabuley,48889,Nile Initiative for Development (NID),0,0,,,0,0 246,34592,SAVE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE AROUND THE FIVE WELLS,THEMBO ELIJAH,42168,KITABU INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (KIDA),0,0,,,0,0 246,35571,Keep Texas Beautiful's Rebuilding Texas Fund,Suzanne Kho,49690,Keep Texas Beautiful,0,0,,,0,0 219,35386,Project: Enhance Climate Change Knowledge in Kenya,Susy Wandera,36489,Sustainable Environmental Development Watch (SUSWATCH),75,2,,,0,75 19,34734,Help children become book lovers in rural Mexico,Susan Neulist,54088,Libros para Todos,"10,485",124,winner,winner,0,"10,485" 246,33205,Help Provide Life-saving Medical Care in Syria,Susan Jaradat,36281,Syrian American Medical Society Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34504,Donate a counselor for 30 children at Kids Haven,Susan Daly,49429,Kids Haven,0,0,,,0,0 17,35089,Life-saving surgery for 24 children in S.E Nigeria,Supriya Horn,52315,AMURT UK,"10,569",42,,,0,"10,569" 137,34788,Access to Sanitary Wear for 1000 Girls in Matobo,Sunga Mzeche,35613,Hope for a Child in Christ (HOCIC),"1,120",20,,,0,"1,120" 246,35393,Capacity building training to health workers,Suman Gurung,42210,Birat Nepal Medical Trust,0,0,,,0,0 60,34791,Healthcare Access to the Poor in Afghanistan,Sultan Ahmed,53573,French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children,"5,590",59,,,0,"5,590" 133,35088,Give 300 Zimbabwean Children an Education,Stuart Armstrong,43263,African Lion & Environmental Research Trust,"1,265",9,,,0,"1,265" 246,34291,Light up a Home in Zimbabwe,Story Chokurongerwa,42291,Chipindura Park Residents' Association,0,0,,,0,0 68,34724,Care & Support Home for 20 OrphanChildren in India,Stephen Charles,52847,Stanley Educational Society,"5,418",43,,,0,"5,418" 246,35372,HELP TO BUILD KITCHEN FOR CHILDREN DAYCARE CENTER,Stephen Mfumya,46727,COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BASE,0,0,,,0,0 246,35008,Support Value Chain skills to 250 Tanzanian women,Stephano Msuya,48229,MTANDAO WA VIKUNDI VYA WAKULIMA TANZANIA- (MVIWATA KILIMANJARO),0,0,,,0,0 58,35483,Train 500 Activists to Fight for Lower Drug Prices,Stephanie Aines,54925,Right Care Alliance,"5,650",77,,,0,"5,650" 243,34641,DONATE TO MAKE EDUCATION A REALITY,Stanslaus Ndihoreye,50196,Justice and Development for All,10,1,,,0,10 99,35083,School 135 poor Cambodian children to prosperity.,Sovanpheap Chhneang,6129,Salvation Centre Cambodia,"3,017",28,,,0,"3,017" 43,34490,Strengthening Adolescent Girls with Sex Education,Sohini Chakraborty,52803,KOLKATA SANVED,"6,499",92,,,0,"6,499" 246,34702,"Enviro Conservation,Organic Farming and Beekeeping",Social Awareness and Live Support NGO/NPO,27259,Social Awareness and Live Support,0,0,,,0,0 246,35451,Organic Agro-Livestock Training for 160 Youths,Simon Okello,45671,African Child Outreach Trust,0,0,,,0,0 243,35250,Giving Young Mothers a Future,Simon Mkina,34947,Tanzania Journalists Alliance,10,1,,,0,10 79,34471,SEAM (Self Education And Mentorship),Simon Karanja,52276,COHESU,"5,123",97,,,0,"5,123" 203,35384,Support young leaders to improve education,Silvia ordonez,53127,Fundacion Ensena Ecuador,150,1,,,0,150 174,34933,Vocational training in rural Burkina Faso,Sigrun Spaans,48391,Stichting Haparako (Haparako Foundation),310,3,,,0,310 175,34879,Vacation Groups for Abused Children,Shira Skolnik,53736,Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers,305,5,,,0,305 164,34723,Holistic Development of 300 Women in Gujarat,Shanta Koshti,42195,Indian Academy for Self Employed Women,473,5,,,0,473 246,35295,Empowering the 400 Disables (PWDs) in Pakistan,Shabir Hussain,16366,Sustainable Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 246,34502,Early Childhood Education Project - Sri Lanka,Serving Humanity Foundation,30214,Serving Humanity Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 181,35360,"Provide pads to 30000 rural girls in Punjab, PK",Sehyr Mirza,54464,"Society for Advancement of Makers, Arts and Justice (SAMAAJ)",286,8,,,0,286 246,35359,Help 700 Projects Globally Receive Vital Supplies,Scott Rothney,53550,Pack for a Purpose,0,0,,,0,0 246,35341,Disability Inclusive School Latrines,Scion Trust,44906,Scion Trust,0,0,,,0,0 246,35029,BACHPAN in Mica mining area,Savera Foundation,36448,Savera Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 234,34321,Quality Healthcare for abandoned elderly in INDIA,Saurabh Bhagat,18573,Saint Hardyal Educational & Orphans Welfare Society,20,1,,,0,20 246,34559,Woodstoves for Marginalised and Indigenous,Sasi prabha,53145,Centre for Humanitarian Assistance,0,0,,,0,0 89,34217,The Toa Nafasi Project,Sarah Rosenbloom,50747,The Toa Nafasi Project,"4,836",18,,,0,"4,836" 55,34803,Enable 60 Cambodian children to go to school,Sarah Reynolds,51537,SeeBeyondBorders UK,"5,812",93,,,0,"5,812" 246,35101,Help Us End AIDS,Sarah Hashmall,50066,AIDS United,0,0,,,0,0 74,35100,"Create 4,000 UK Young Leaders from Deprived Areas",Sara Belhay,51563,PeaceJam UK,"5,292",67,,,0,"5,292" 246,35475,Gift social inclusion ..... Make a life of dignity,Sankalpa Community Based Rehabilitation-Nepal,46848,Sankalpa Community Based Rehabilitation-Nepal (Sankalpa CBR-Nepal),0,0,,,0,0 246,35187,Using Technology to Reform Healthcare in Nepal,Sanjib Upadhyay,53522,B.P. Eye Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 240,27045,Access to health for MSM in Homophobic central,Samuel Njuguna,38845,Mamboleo Peer Empowerment Group,14,2,,,0,14 246,34763,"Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby",Samiullah khan,45286,Active Help Organization for Women and Children- AHOWC,0,0,,,0,0 246,33211,Project Proposal on Integrated Community Dev,Samir Banerjee,37033,Raniganj Unnayan Samiti,0,0,,,0,0 239,34311,"10 Years, 10 Countries, 10 Voices",Sam Warren,50469,Serendipity,14,1,,,0,14 10,34683,Give a future for 950 Indian kids living with HIV,Sabu Simon,53021,Arogya Agam,"12,429",97,winner,winner,0,"12,429" 246,35369,Food Security of 250 needy families in Jharkhand,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,39064,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 184,34811,"TRAINING OF IT,INTERNET,SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE YOUTH",SRI MULIATI YUSUF,39431,YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN DAN INFORMASI BAMBAPUANG,241,4,,,0,241 246,34638,Support education of 400 tribal children in India,SOMNATH SINGHAROY,49382,MANDRA LIONS CLUB,0,0,,,0,0 77,35506,Handwashing & Health for 2000 Children in Nigeria,SI4DEV Admin,51193,Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative,"5,255",12,,,0,"5,255" 246,33905,Education & Knowledge for Social Change,SAWSAN ELSHOWAYA,37341,ASMAA SOCIETY FOR DEVELOPMENT,0,0,,,0,0 246,35395,Help for Disabled Support Program in india,SANJAY RATHOD,14387,SAIRAM HEALTH CARE CHARITABLE TRUST,0,0,,,0,0 44,35287,5 Kw Solar power plant at an orphanage in India.,Ruby Nakka,54679,The Hope House,"6,462",54,,,0,"6,462" 213,35052,Better Health and Safety on Ugandan Construction,Rosemary Fennell,26262,World Action Fund,100,2,,,0,100 246,34822,"Donkey library for 1,250 rural Ethiopian children",Rory Dillon,30605,Link Ethiopia,0,0,,,0,0 234,33001,Opti Music Sensory Room,Ronke Katagum,34499,Zamarr Institute Ltd/Gte,20,1,,,0,20 246,35120,Building a community library & Sanitary Pad center,Ronald Migoye,51248,Ukids Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 246,35253,Support young women in India to join the workforce,Rohit Nayak,51543,Medha Learning Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 243,34147,Build Rain water harvesting tanks for 20 schools,Rodgers Ampwera,52201,Strengthening Innovations for Health and Sustainable Development,10,1,,,0,10 246,34875,Promoting quality education in primary schools,Rockin Mwabanga,37769,Mtende Homecraft Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,31880,"Mainstreaming 200,000+ street children",Ritu Verma,38883,Bal Raksha Bharat (Save the Children India),0,0,,,0,0 246,35096,Sanitary Pad Campaign,Rita Silas,54242,Humanity Support USA,0,0,,,0,0 127,34878,Support Middaymeal for 5000 underpriviledged kids,Rishi Shroff,54043,Annamrita Foundation,"1,459",7,,,0,"1,459" 243,35122,Sponsor a child today,Rimmy Francis Amakye,35989,Reproductive Advocate Health Education Ghana,10,1,,,0,10 246,35046,Send a Poor Child to School in Tanzania annually,Richard Shilamba,46124,Children Education Society(CHESO),0,0,,,0,0 163,34981,Deliver information and access to end-of-life care,Richard Goldstone,50418,End With Care,475,7,,,0,475 246,34290,RECESS CENTER FOR REHABILITATION OF RAPED GIRLS,Richard Bachunguye,48027,Action for the Development in our Medium ADM,0,0,,,0,0 246,35304,Send A Sexwoker Child to School in a Year,Rex Ajenifuja,52135,Hope for HIV/AIDS Life Supports International,0,0,,,0,0 234,34594,Bringing potable water in Babli's village in Mewat,Renuka Kumar,48555,Society for the Promotion of Youth & Masses (SPYM),20,1,,,0,20 232,35308,Women of Worth - Community Involvement.,Renee Spivey,50503,"We Are Women of Worth Ministries, Inc.",25,1,,,0,25 246,35222,Give education grounded in peace to kids in Congo,Rebecca Snavely,54646,"Action Kivu, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 23,34896,Support Students Creating Peace Culture,Rebecca Irby,54362,PEAC INSTITUTE A NJ NONPROFIT CORPORATION,"8,734",62,,winner,0,"8,734" 243,34670,Preventing 800 Sindhi children from sexual abuse,Reach Sindh,53408,Rural Empowerment And Community Help (REACH),10,1,,,0,10 246,29366,"Raising Awareness to Diaper Need in Buffalo, NY",Raziya Hill,37748,Every Bottom Covered,0,0,,,0,0 246,34864,Oleander Initiative,Ray Matsumiya,46319,Center for Higher Education in the Middle East,0,0,,,0,0 246,34653,Circle of Life Native American Indian Cultural Ctr,Ray Emanuel,41024,Native American Indian Associaton of Tennessee,0,0,,,0,0 211,35279,Asset financing,Rasto Okechi,51541,St. Annes Rehabilitation Centre,113,42,,,0,113 243,34881,Enhance Education of 400 school children in India,RanajitKumar Saha,54725,MAJHIPARA AMBEDKAR CENTRE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT,10,1,,,0,10 246,35211,Dam De-Silting Work in Beed District of 200 Farmer,Ramesh Kute,37374,"Saraswati Sevabhavi Sanstha,Bhatwadgaon",0,0,,,0,0 246,35411,Physical Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients,Ramanpreet Singh,14660,CanSupport,0,0,,,0,0 246,34823,Prosthetics and Mobility,Rajesh Vaidheeswarran,44098,"SANKARA HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION, INC.",0,0,,,0,0 105,34974,Support School Education of Children in India,Rajesh Kumar,27493,LOK MITRA,"2,545",25,,,0,"2,545" 87,34766,Kadam Resource Centre and Home for Girls,Rafi Malek,51230,Centre for Development,"5,000",10,,,0,"5,000" 246,33497,Ensuring Children's higher education via Home Care,Rabert Puela Pai,49976,Community Alternative Research and Development,0,0,,,0,0 232,34900,AWARENESS CAMPAIGN FOR CERVICAL CANCER SCREENING,ROBERT ZULU,48815,RAKELLZ DREAM INITIATIVE,25,1,,,0,25 158,35057,Feed and educate orphaned and needy kids in Kenya,REV SEBASTIAN OMBIMA,12454,CHARITY CENTRE FOR WIDOWS AND ORPHANS,525,4,,,0,525 246,34455,Safe Drinking Water for 3 Villages in Pakistan,REEDS Baluchistan,50405,REEDS Balochistan,0,0,,,0,0 246,34866,100 Year Massive Floods Kerala State In India,RAJENDRAN DHANDPANI,43857,"SOCIETY FOR EDUCATIONAL ,ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT",0,0,,,0,0 246,35437,Girls empowerment through community resilience,Quazi Baby,49114,Participatory Development Action Program (PDAP),0,0,,,0,0 148,35185,600 Youth Volunteers Find New HIV Cases for Less,Priyanka Surio,53085,One Tent Health,721,21,,,0,721 246,35403,240 women and youths improved incomes in Nepal,Prasad Chhetry,51630,Nepal Community Support Group (NECOS),0,0,,,0,0 246,34104,health and nutrition care for 50 disable in odisha,Prakash Sahoo,47894,KALINGA SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANISATION,0,0,,,0,0 246,35447,Help to flood affected students of Kerala,Prakash Kalyanasundaram,43649,Vizhuthukal Trust,0,0,,,0,0 246,32083,Affordable School Uniform Manufacturing,Phionah Musumba,46920,Malkia Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34973,Stop 1000 Women and Children from Dying at Birth,Philemon K.M. Chuma,3797,Youth For Change (YOCA),0,0,,,0,0 213,34557,Vocational Training for 100 Female Victims in Chad,Petra Vahle,46894,Corridors of Peace,100,1,,,0,100 246,35175,"Entrepreneurship skills for 25,000 Malawian youth",Peter Yakobe,50502,Centre for Free Market Enterprise,0,0,,,0,0 62,35177,EMPOWER 60 FAMILIES WITH SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE,Pete Noll,54082,Puente a la Salud Comunitaria,"5,538",51,,,0,"5,538" 246,35080,Build Disaster Resilience for1000 Indonesian Women,Peta Bencana,50098,Yayasan Peta Bencana,0,0,,,0,0 18,35167,"Updated: Restore Eyesight to 20,000 Villagers",Pelin Munis,54738,RestoringVision.org,"10,492",82,winner,winner,0,"10,492" 246,35328,Support Train-Coach-Mentor Girls Project,Pearl Alimo,47307,Greight Foundation Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 246,35228,Tackle isolation among 65yr olds in east London,Paula Van Hagen,51187,Chats Palace Ltd,0,0,,,0,0 65,35161,Engage 88 Youth Visions for community development,Paul Spurzem,53857,Visionaria Network,"5,476",49,,,0,"5,476" 12,35381,"Help Educate 22 Children in Zandspruit, S.Africa",Paul McKibbin,53271,Kingsway Centre of Concern: Thandanani House of Refuge,"11,809",88,winner,winner,0,"11,809" 245,35108,Support Orphans to access education for four years,Patrick Marucha,48385,centre for counties Research and Development agency (CECORADA) NGO,1,1,,,0,1 246,34839,Sanitary Pad for Girls Education,Patrick Jonathan Mwale,14162,Communities in Development Activities,0,0,,,0,0 246,29533,Afterschool for a year! Support 10 students in DC,Patrick Giblin,40489,After-School All-Stars DC,0,0,,,0,0 246,34358,Apprenticeship for Deprived Youth of Eastern Ghana,Patricia Crentsil,48463,Apprenticeship for the needy Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 101,35254,Treat 1000 severe anemic women in Karnataka,Parthipan Ramasamy,18043,Amici Di Raoul Follereau (AIFO India),"2,868",42,,,0,"2,868" 246,34483,Help feeding a Venezuelan Child,Paolo Venegas,49485,Friends of the Children of Venezuela,0,0,,,0,0 64,35014,"Love barter, education for 150 Colombian children",Paola Pena,54421,Fundacion Laudes Infantis,"5,507",50,,,0,"5,507" 246,27100,Skill Training for 30 Tribal Girls in Jharkhand,Palash Mitra,37988,SPACE Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34527,Give hope to girls raped in Bukavu,PIFEVA DR Congo Pillar to Vulnerable,52170,Pillar to Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo,0,0,,,0,0 246,35368,empower learners with learning difficulties in RSA,PATRICK TUTUBALA,49968,Seed Foundation South Africa,0,0,,,0,0 246,35037,The revival of dairy farming in the DRC,PAPY HAMULI LINDJANDA,53178,Centre d'Appui au Developpement Rural et a la Securite Alimentaire CADERSA ASBL,0,0,,,0,0 246,35252,Help 73 Tanzanian Vulnerable Children go to School,Owen Jackson Lazaro,39157,Timiza Action Foundation (TA Foundation),0,0,,,0,0 90,35156,Richmond Community Centre,Ovetin Ferris,53863,Grassroot Hope in South Africa,"4,661",29,,,0,"4,661" 246,34685,Empower 100 young women through vocational skills,Onyinye Okugo,39503,African Girls Empowerment Network,0,0,,,0,0 246,35376,Help Women Heal from Childhood Sexual Abuse,Omar Rauf,50534,Younique Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34988,"Empower 100 Poor Women in KASUNGU District, MALAWI",Oman Chirwa,52283,Youth Initiatives for Sustainable Development (YISD),0,0,,,0,0 213,35494,A Brick for My Library,Olivia Mugabirwe,39169,PeerLink Initiative Uganda (PELI-U),100,1,,,0,100 234,34970,Protect 500 Disabled Children From Sexual Abuse,Olajumoke Matilda Otitoloju,52543,IYANIWURA CHILDREN CARE FOUNDATION ( MOTHERHOOD),20,2,,,0,20 246,34505,Education Breaks Barriers,Oksana Kh,52063,Omnis,0,0,,,0,0 246,35154,ORGANIC AGRICULTURE AWARENESS FOR NIGERIAN FARMERS,Ogbonnaya Edu,38231,FARM AWARENESS FOR FOOD PRESERVATION INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 126,35212,Strengthen 100 Vulnerable Households in Calabar,Odo Effiong,52205,Charles Edet Effiong Foundation,"1,539",19,,,0,"1,539" 232,34924,"CareerSupport&information access to 10,000TZ Youth",Ocheck Msuva,51513,Bridge for Change,25,1,,,0,25 246,34982,Youth Psycho Social Support and Mentorship Project,Nthabiseng Ramakhetheng,52119,Esters International Movement SA,0,0,,,0,0 246,35371,Save children with Cardiovascular disease,Ntambi George,45532,ACTION FOR DISADVANTAGED PEOPLE,0,0,,,0,0 197,34894,Keep 100 girls at school in Rwanda-GirlsEducation,Nshimiyimana Emmanuel,52302,Youth Mentoring Agents for Development Organisation - YOMADO,170,2,,,0,170 246,34529,Empowering 275 Children from sexual abuse,Nour Hamadneh,51887,The Palestinian Center for Democracy & Conflict Resolution,0,0,,,0,0 159,35079,"Help working children return to School",Norma Alcántara,54460,"Desarrollo Autogestionario, A.C.",520,9,,,0,520 102,34700,Mentoring Young Adults in Uganda into Innovators,Norah Owaraga,46796,CPAR Uganda Ltd,"2,780",36,,,0,"2,780" 61,34858,Drawing a smile for disabled children in Bethlehem,Noor Society for for People with Disability,52004,Nour Charitable Society,"5,565",44,,,0,"5,565" 213,34626,Keep 500 South African Girls in school,Nomzamo Gcwensa,48358,The BEAR Foundation,100,1,,,0,100 145,35098,Helping Parents and Babies through Prenatal Tests,Nobuhiko Hayashi,52728,NPO for Family and Baby Wellness,875,8,,,0,875 246,34280,Storybooks by N. Korean Women Victims of Torture,Nk Db,16618,Database Center for North Korean Human Rights,0,0,,,0,0 76,35271,"A bright financial future for 4,000 Kenyan pupils",Nixon Oleche,51905,Centre for Enterprise Development and Innovation,"5,272",93,,,0,"5,272" 246,34731,Read-n-Treat / Back-to-School,Nita Page,35850,Purpose Driven Youth Empowerment,0,0,,,0,0 183,34748,Provide Jobs for +50 young people in Mexico,Nina Chávez,53578,Fundacion Tsikuri Padme IAP,250,2,,,0,250 141,35218,Laundry Training Centre for 48 Disable Person 2019,Nimul Ouch,43200,Essential Personnel Cambodia,980,9,,,0,980 246,34361,Help children living with HIV in northern Thailand,Nigel Haunch,47344,Rejoice Foundation UK,0,0,,,0,0 246,34892,Vocational training for 500 women and girls,Nicolas Aime Simplice SINGA-GBAZIA,53381,MAISON PRISCA,0,0,,,0,0 222,35095,"A dignity kit,a lifeline to girls' stay in school",Nicholas Ojwando,44428,The Sophia Foundation,63,4,,,0,63 246,35435,FREE EDUCATION FOR 120 SCHOOL CHILDREN IN OKPALA,Ngozi Okere,51495,Beautiful Eves of Africa Organisation (BEAFRO),0,0,,,0,0 246,35281,Empower 50 women in self employment in Tanzania,Ngitta paul,5717,TANZANIA PEOPLES DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION,0,0,,,0,0 188,35444,Save Animals of Nepal by building AWT,Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center NAWRC,46780,Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC),220,2,,,0,220 246,33673,"SUPPORT RURALGIRLS WITH ALBINISM, DISABILITIES,HIV",Nelson Edmond Obella,48467,Voluntary Efforts for Rural Development (VERDE-Uganda),0,0,,,0,0 243,34496,Promote Nutrition Therapy for 27 Tanzania's Region,Nelson Balthazar,50819,Youth 4 Social Economic Development,10,1,,,0,10 212,34554,School Gardens & Skills Training For 400 Gambians,Nelson Aigbe,43316,Grace Foundation GF,108,3,,,0,108 246,35407,Enable Food Security with Storage Bins in Kanpur,Neelmani Gupta,42348,Shramik Bharti,0,0,,,0,0 116,35174,Improve the life of 270 rescued dogs in Venezuela,Nebraska Villapol,44575,Red de Apoyo Canino,"1,961",29,,,0,"1,961" 246,34703,Support 600 rural children to school in Nigeria,Ndifreke Patrick,46023,The Bridge Foundation for Youth Leadership,0,0,,,0,0 246,34292,HRFP's Safe House for 50 Minority Victims Per Year,Naveed Walter,43842,Human Rights Focus Pakistan,0,0,,,0,0 246,34552,National Animal Disaster Relief,Nathan Rogers,52504,The Bushfire Foundation Inc,0,0,,,0,0 246,35421,HELP A CHILD WITH DISABILITY REACH THEIR POTENTIAL,Naomi Pleasant Mwazozo,47737,Elite Children Trust,0,0,,,0,0 1,34409,Dyeing For Peace in Rwanda,Nancy Zeller,48952,Rwanda-one4one,"26,041",202,winner,winner,"3,500","29,541" 117,34465,Reinforce the rights of migrant youth in Oaxaca,Nancy Garcia,51493,"Caminos, Centro de Acompanamiento a Migrantes","1,948",25,,,0,"1,948" 206,35289,Create peace,Nana Phirtskhalaishvili,54745,Initiative for civil society,125,6,,,0,125 246,34644,Give the Girl Child a Second Chance to school,Najma nawaz Baladi,42634,women and youth's development organization,0,0,,,0,0 246,35215,Help IDPs Children Learning English,Nadiya Manchandra,36295,Donbas.Integration,0,0,,,0,0 37,34813,Economic empowerment for tribal women -Role Models,NIVEDITA DESAI,54677,ANIMEDH CHARITABLE TRUST,"6,734",57,,,0,"6,734" 93,34609,MAKING HEALTHCARE A HUMAN RIGHT,NISHA MALAWAT,41947,Abhilasha Foundation,"4,171",32,,,0,"4,171" 246,34342,Empower Women & Adolescents - STOP Child Marriage,NEEDS Raja,31800,Nether's Economic and Educational Development Society (NEEDS),0,0,,,0,0 246,34354,NDF REHAB CENTER FOR MENTALLY RETARDED CHILDREN,NDF Pakistan,49512,National Disability & Development Forum (NDF),0,0,,,0,0 225,34673,Inclusive entrepreneurship program,NADEGE KOMBE,51358,Kadiwaku Family Foundation,45,2,,,0,45 234,34651,Reduce Pain and Hospital Stay for 5700 kids/ year,Mónica Velásquez,49997,Fundacion Clinica Noel,20,1,,,0,20 246,35121,School Water and Sanitation to 4000 Pupils,Musiba Bwire Mberege,36437,Sky-high Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 246,35063,Credit of Goats to 50 Young Households in DRCongo,Mulala Bahati Paul,17856,ENTREPRISE COOPERATIVE KALEMBELEMBE ECOOKAL,0,0,,,0,0 138,35429,Provide Lifesaving Kits for 1000 women in Nigeria,Muhammad Saddiq,34403,Rural Health Mission Nigeria,"1,075",13,,,0,"1,075" 246,34854,EGP Youth Center-Pakistan (EGP YC),Muhammad Nadeem Ghazi,51496,World Learning Educational Society,0,0,,,0,0 246,34913,Providing Legal Aid to 200 Poor Women Litigants,Muhammad Khursheed ALam Chandio,44614,SUPPORT Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34634,Mobility aids for 60 Karachiites with disability,Mr. Jawaid Rais,33694,Disabled Welfare Association,0,0,,,0,0 232,35319,Manage Menstruation to Keep 1500 girls in school,Moses Okwang,53416,Peoples Association for Rural Development Serere,25,1,,,0,25 246,34293,"Hope for the Girl Child in Oyam district, Uganda",Morris Chris Ongom,35881,Global Forum For Development-GLOFORD Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 3,34848,Empower Families of Children with Special Needs,Morgan Doman,49854,Doman International Institute,"21,257",62,winner,winner,"1,000","22,257" 243,35005,DRUG ABUSE CAMPAIGN IN 300 HIGH SCHOOLS IN NIGERIA,Mmaobong Akpan,52134,Queenette Initiative for health and education,10,1,,,0,10 246,34000,DreamGirls Academy Mentoring Programme,Mmabatho Mokiti,43076,Dreamgirls International Outreach and Mentoring Programme,0,0,,,0,0 87,35124,"Food, Livelihood, Nutrition Support for Women",Michelle Uy,51706,Women's Action Against Climate Change Association,"5,000",28,,,0,"5,000" 224,33035,Uniting the Community to Uplift one OVC Household,Michael Onyango,48293,Movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya,50,1,,,0,50 246,35354,Access to Quality Education to 500 Ghanaian girls,Michael Ologo,43445,Apostle Padi Ologo Traditional Birth Centre,0,0,,,0,0 246,34840,Educate Veterans about Prostate Cancer Screening,Michael Crosby,53583,Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 246,35082,POVERTY ALLEVIATION TO ZIMBABWEAN PENSIONERS.,Memory Nehumai,43852,Zimbabwe National Government Pensioners Organisation (ZINGOPO),0,0,,,0,0 246,35225,Fund A Flight To Help Save A Child's Life,Melanie Marcano,54467,Miracle Flights,0,0,,,0,0 73,35181,Support Safe Haven for LGBTQ Iraqis,Megan Kelly,49076,Youth Speak,"5,308",98,,,0,"5,308" 246,33607,Raise 60 young conservators in Cameroon,Meg Wah,40842,Meg Wah (My Earth),0,0,,,0,0 162,35184,Empowering 3000 women in Kenya against injustice,May Kilemeko,54529,Faraja Relief and Development Organisation,480,9,,,0,480 49,35026,Fight plastic pollution in the bay of Cartagena,Mauricio Gómez,51083,Fundacion Bahia y Ecosistemas de Colombia,"6,155",102,,,0,"6,155" 8,34758,Launch our School for 400 Children in Rural India,Matthew Oh,52050,FOREFRONT Charity,"13,561",283,winner,winner,"1,500","15,061" 86,35282,Eat Better South Africa!,Masoodha Kajee,52663,The Noakes Foundation,"5,001",43,,,0,"5,001" 246,34997,Virtual education for all Costa Ricans in poverty.,María Pía Salinas,53687,Fundacion Educando Ninos,0,0,,,0,0 214,34476,Fast Track Support to 200 Women IDPs in Jos,Mary Omble Wuya,48516,Organized Centre for Empowerment and Advocacy in Nigeria(OCEAN),90,1,,,0,90 246,35034,Train 200 women on leadership skills in Uganda.,Mary Okello Ayenyo,41125,Gulu Early Childhood Development Support Organization GECDSO,0,0,,,0,0 203,35334,Give 300 Students Access to Art,Mary Carbullido,46071,Art in Action,150,8,,,0,150 246,32391,Strengthening Agroecological Production in Mexico,Marlen Leal,43791,"Centro Campesino para el Desarrollo Sustentable, A.C.",0,0,,,0,0 246,34534,Improve Lives of 250 At-Risk Youths in Cameroon,Marklevis Ngwani,41271,Socio Economic Resource CIG,0,0,,,0,0 246,34969,Teach Clean Energies to 280 women in Guatemala,Maritza Velasquez,44642,Asociacion de Trabajadoras del Hogar a Domicilio y de Maquila -ATRAHDOM-,0,0,,,0,0 123,34756,Assist 20 women producing 100% biopads in Cameroon,Marie-Claire Kuja,50953,False label global inc.,"1,630",9,,,0,"1,630" 38,35382,Rebuilding lives of Mexico's earthquake victims,Maria Silvia Emanuelli,52749,Habitat International Coalition,"6,732",97,,,0,"6,732" 15,35213,Provide care for 25 battered girls in Argentina,Maria Reynolds,49683,Damas de Caridad de San Vicente de Paul,"11,168",53,,winner,0,"11,168" 118,35503,Fund 640 scholarship to empower students in Chile,Maria Hidalgo,50892,Fundacion Asesorias Educacionales Panal,"1,936",28,,,0,"1,936" 246,35085,Helping Disaster Victims,Marcus Marsh,52982,Direct Assistance International Organization,0,0,,,0,0 232,34493,Train 250 English teachers in Cambodia!,Marc Desmaele,53689,The Angkor Tree Project vzw,25,1,,,0,25 72,34697,"Champion rural primary education in Mulshi, India",Manasi Nafde,50452,The Mahindra United World College of India,"5,336",57,,,0,"5,336" 246,35380,HIV Peer Advocate Campaign,Malcolm Punter,51505,"Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 246,35438,Autism - recognising ability not the disability,Mala Thapar,50832,Anna Kennedy Limited,0,0,,,0,0 246,35116,Chicken coops to fight malnutrition in Guatemala,Makensie Brown,52915,Fundacion Habitat para la Humanidad Guatemala,0,0,,,0,0 156,35193,URGENT HELP to preserve fresh water spring,Mahip Dagar,25973,RUCHI (Rural Centre for Human Interests),550,6,,,0,550 232,35104,Get a Nursery for a wildlife sanctuary in Peru,Magali Salinas Bielich,48963,NGO AMAZON SHELTER FOR ANIMAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,25,2,,,0,25 160,34762,Sponsor food for 60 orphan special needs children.,Madhavi Mallavalli,53914,Asha Jyothi Handicapped Welfare Society,500,1,,,0,500 246,35060,Beekeeping enterprise for 1000 youths in Malawi,Madalitso Makwandu,54441,GreenLivelihoods,0,0,,,0,0 246,35513,Rebuilding the Lives of Children in Need,MacBain Mkandawire,18477,Youth Net and Counselling - YONECO,0,0,,,0,0 187,35310,Building home for less privilege people in Nigeria,MRS TEMILOMO LAWAL,46127,ife ooye elegant women association,227,4,,,0,227 194,35226,"GIRLS: MENSTRUAL ,SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH",MICHAEL OPIYO,48079,Streetwise transformers,190,7,,,0,190 246,35432,Educate Malawian child,MAPA MAPA,34544,Malawi Alcohol Policy Alliance,0,0,,,0,0 246,35535,Early intervention of 50 disabled children India,M.A.Hasan Sahani,5080,INSTITUTE FOR THE HANDICAPPED AND BACKWARD PEOPLE,0,0,,,0,0 246,35061,Send 100 Bangladeshi Poor Kawra Children to School,M. MUJIBUR RAHMAN,51777,Nice Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 35,35134,Therapy Services for 40 Cambodian Families,Lynny Sor,40707,Children In Families,"7,284",57,,,0,"7,284" 246,27086,Education support to 25 underprivileged girls,Lutheran World Service India Trust (LWSIT),39069,Lutheran World Service India Trust,0,0,,,0,0 51,34812,Lights On! Empower Kamarata with the Sun,Lucia Coll,53816,"Eposak Foundation, INC.","6,055",85,,,0,"6,055" 246,35547,Support Bubamba Community ECDE Centre Busia Kenya,Lucas Wandera,40840,Ingoo Community Empowerment and Environment Conservation Organiastion (ICEECO),0,0,,,0,0 246,24059,Building A Future for African Conservation,Lorna Campbell,34105,Children of Conservation,0,0,,,0,0 186,35487,Campaign Help us to Find Them in Chile,Lorena Fries,54160,Centro Regional de Derechos Humanos y Justicia de Genero Corporacion Humanas,230,6,,,0,230 246,35194,Women and Girls Economic and Social Empowerment,Lok Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan Sansthan,31258,Lok Paryavaran Siksha Sansthan (LPSS).,0,0,,,0,0 246,35496,Improve Health of Orphaned kinds in Cameroon,Linus Ayangwoh Embe,42016,ASSOCIATION FOR COMMUNITY AWARENESS (ASCOA),0,0,,,0,0 22,35024,Give the Gift of Education to Bolivian Girls,Linda Zarate,52062,Fundacion Helping Hands-La Paz (Bolivia),"10,002",92,winner,winner,0,"10,002" 246,35118,Help 250 Mexican children to stay in school,Leonardo Murialdo,54243,Leonardo Murialdo I.A.P.,0,0,,,0,0 246,35224,Economic Empowerment of Internally Displaced Women,Leke Tayoh,41702,Sustainable Agricultural Centre for Rural and Community Development (SACRCoD),0,0,,,0,0 183,35017,Help us to build a Mexico in Peace,Laura Mendoza,44250,OTRO TIEMPO MEXICO A. C.,250,4,,,0,250 246,35347,Scholarships for non-privileged Mexican children,Laura Arreola,54215,"A Favor del Nino, I.A.P.",0,0,,,0,0 246,35454,"After-School Programs: 250 Urban Youth, Knoxville",Laschinski Emerson,53899,A 1 Learning Connections,0,0,,,0,0 232,35294,Eco-education 2020,Larisa Guzun,48821,META A.O.,25,1,,,0,25 246,35570,Eliminating Blight,Laquita Ross,39746,Kingdom Worldwide Humanitarian Aid Community Development Corporation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34849,Soular Backpack for 100 students in Kenya,Lamek Odhiambo Odero,40246,Resurge Children East Africa,0,0,,,0,0 246,35261,Jagriti Yatra: Building India through enterprise,Lalitha Prakash,54716,Jagriti Sewa Sansthan,0,0,,,0,0 246,34123,Decent Living for Homeless Children of Guatemala,LIVE ONG GUATEMALA,34033,Asocacion para el desarrollo del liderazgo visionario y emprendedor LIVE,0,0,,,0,0 109,34555,Children of Akplamafu Primary School,LILLIAN SHARPLEY,53594,Grassroots ICC,"2,200",5,,,0,"2,200" 229,34477,Build a vocational training centre in Tanzania,LILIAN MSAKI,53267,EQUALITY FOR ALL (EFA),30,1,,,0,30 171,34907,A WATER WELL for the Community of Bretagne - Haiti,LA ROSA ROJA,42491,ASSOCIAZIONE LA ROSA ROJA,350,4,,,0,350 195,35126,Save headwaters of Yerbal Highlands and forests,Kyandaka Ulrich,53604,Asociacion Civil Pindo Azul,183,7,,,0,183 246,35326,Changing lives of 2 000 South African school kids,Kseniya Filinova-Bruton,49502,The Educape Trust,0,0,,,0,0 91,34797,Tote Me Home - Food for Kids!,Kristine Cleland,53606,Collinsville Food Pantry,"4,289",92,,,0,"4,289" 246,35478,PROJECT PROPOSAL ON DESTITUTE HOME FOR CHILDREN,Krishnendu Chakrabarty,51577,Baharpota Premtirtha Rural Development Society,0,0,,,0,0 232,34721,Work Readiness Training for Disadvantaged Youth,Kris McKay,15750,Beacon Foundation,25,1,,,0,25 246,34833,Help Train 1500 Providers to rebuild hope for IDPs,Konye Emmaculate,44978,Adele Reproductive Health Foundation-Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (CTC4FP),0,0,,,0,0 246,34940,Empowering the youths and orphans with basic needs,Kiwole Awali,41717,KWAGAWA ORGANIC FARMERS,0,0,,,0,0 246,35233,Slow Food Uganda Gardens Project,Kiwagalo John,33185,Slow Food Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 13,35230,Transform 7 South African Preschools for 450+ Kids,Kirsten O'Brien,53598,South Africa Partners,"11,509",88,winner,winner,0,"11,509" 246,35505,Educate 420 rural children for one year,Khushboo Motihar,54680,SKS Chakshu Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34921,TCheers - A two-day teachers' fest,Khushboo Kumari,51576,MANTRA Social Services,0,0,,,0,0 246,35525,"OPEN International, Nioro, Senegal",Khady Lusby,53098,Open International,0,0,,,0,0 246,35123,Saving Malnurished and Dying Children in IDP Camps,Kelvins Iniongun Dzeremo,36798,Foundation for Economic empowerment & Educational Development (FEED-Africa),0,0,,,0,0 246,34990,Support Black Umbrellas develop black businesses,Kelsley Sharpley,48718,Black Umbrellas NPC,0,0,,,0,0 246,35471,Send 330 children to school in Ethiopia for a year,Kelem Ethiopia,50204,Kelem Ethiopia,0,0,,,0,0 224,34818,Improve nutrition for 1000 children in Lukulu,Keepers Zambia Foundation,54302,Keepers Zambia Foundation,50,1,,,0,50 152,35180,Accelerate into the New School Year with GGRF,Kayla Nolan,47587,Girls Gotta Run Foundation,592,14,,,0,592 56,35416,Help Sustain Primary Education in Rural Nepal,Kavyaa Rizal,53941,Women Development Advocacy Center,"5,783",86,,,0,"5,783" 246,32595,A Community Hall for Rural Women,Kavita Gurung,36234,Mahila Shakti Bikash Kendra Nepal,0,0,,,0,0 234,34319,Educate 200 orphaned children in Sri Lanka.,Kathryn Lucas,29976,Sunray foundation,20,1,,,0,20 182,34010,Living Prevention TV Presented by AlternaCare,Kari Gray,50860,Eco Angels Foundation dba AlternaCare,280,9,,,0,280 246,35203,Impacting India's children: Personalized Learning,Kareena Rogers,54689,Teach A Class Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,35585,Kithoka Amani Children's Home,Karambu Ringera,5580,International Peace Initiatives (IPI),0,0,,,0,0 246,35148,Help 100 Women to Earn a Living in Budongo Forest,Kangula Lawrence,42319,Midwestern Region Centre for Democracy and Human Rights,0,0,,,0,0 246,34890,BUILD INDIA THROUGH SPORTS (BITS),Kammela Sai Baba,42885,Sports Coaching Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34485,Rural Women for Environment - Empowerment project,Kalyani Rao,51739,Non Water Sanitation e.V.,0,0,,,0,0 246,35255,Rehabilitation Programme for Autism,Kalyani Life Institute,41263,Kalyani Life Institute,0,0,,,0,0 246,34250,Help 100 Tribal Children for Education,Kalp Samaj Sevi Sanstha,45623,Kalp Samaj Sevi Sanstha,0,0,,,0,0 246,35749,Digital application for Health in Togo,Kafui Koffi AKOLLY,37879,Association of Volunteers for the Promotion of Youth (AV-Jeunes),0,0,,,0,0 208,35058,Donate to THE GRAND CHILDREN EDUCATION FUND UGANDA,KYOBE ALLAN,52380,MY GRAND PAA-MAA UGANDA,120,7,,,0,120 246,35443,Support needed for the development of School Infra,KULANDAIVELU.M MUTHU,18569,RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION,0,0,,,0,0 246,35006,Help us lift 1000 women out of poverty in Uganda,KATENDE SAMUEL,44899,TWEKEMBE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION,0,0,,,0,0 246,34675,Improve Nsawo Primary School Inclusive Education,KASAJJA Patrick,43597,NSAWO CHURCH OF UGANDA PRIMARY SCHOOL,0,0,,,0,0 243,35245,Lunch for 50 underprivileged youngsters of Flacq,Jyotee Derochoonee,53023,Maison Familiale Rurale de l'Est,10,1,,,0,10 204,35062,UPCYCLING HANDMADE PRODUCTS BY 100 KENYAN ARTISANS,Julius Otieno,37725,KICK ARTISANS DEVELOPMENT SELF HELP GROUP,140,3,,,0,140 246,35509,Become a monthly Sponsor of our animals,Juliana Turner,50129,Juliana's Animal Sanctuary Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 201,35358,Mount Kenya Landscape Restoration,Julian Wanja,40275,Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation,158,6,,,0,158 135,34798,Help Heal Children in Hospital - Jabulani Kingdom,Julia Sotirianakos,51811,Reach For A Dream Foundation,"1,195",10,,,0,"1,195" 226,35115,DACKANA EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND EDUCATION,Julia Phiri,36557,Dackana Community Home Based Care,40,2,,,0,40 246,34531,support online data for 6 volunteers in mathare,Judith Namasaka,44370,africandivinechurchselfhelpgrouporganisation,0,0,,,0,0 243,35274,Improvement of six natural spring wells,Jude Lambda,29633,Pearl Integrated Development Agency,10,1,,,0,10 224,34587,Hair Comes Your Future,Juan Williams,52583,WeFAM inc,50,1,,,0,50 246,35406,Promote Gender and Health Equity for Adolescents,Joshua Malunga,48841,Development Initiative Network,0,0,,,0,0 234,35345,Support 500 women with cervical cancer in Uganda,Joseph Ekudo,51262,HealthAid Uganda,20,1,,,0,20 88,35157,"IMPROVED DAIRY FOR 1,000 KENYAN YOUTH AND WOMEN",Joseph Ndegwa,54060,Future Focus Development,"4,956",74,,,0,"4,956" 234,34495,"Saving lives of 25,000 Households in Rwimiyaga",Jonathan Nturo,49223,Agro Action Rwanda,20,1,,,0,20 246,34835,EDUCATION TO UNPRIVILEGED CHILDREN IN INDIA,Jonathan Karyampudi,47514,Rural Care Ministries,0,0,,,0,0 243,34320,DONATE A CUP OF PORRIDGE MEAL FOR A NEEDY CHILD,John Mugabi,48101,YOUTH WITH A VISION,10,1,,,0,10 246,35352,Installation of Solar lamps in a tribal community,John J Kennedy,15718,Society for Community Action Network-India (SCAN-INDIA),0,0,,,0,0 246,35388,Nutrition for 1000 malnourished children in Timor,John D Mangu,52372,Centrum Inisiatif Rakyat Mandiri - CIRMA,0,0,,,0,0 139,34441,FEED 75 CHILDREN KEEP THEM IN CLASS -MKURU SLUMS,Jim Tortorici,10710,Victory Foundation Programme,"1,055",4,,,0,"1,055" 246,35070,This project will be taking place in Sierra Leone,Jim Morrison,42057,Health Development Project -Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 234,35463,Empower 50 adolescents with farming skills,Jennifer Amadi,54143,Knit Together Initiative,20,1,,,0,20 246,35039,Jordanian Deaf Children Robotics Project,Jeneba Diarra,51592,Rahama Relief Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,32696,Alchemy of the mud - volunteer summer camp,Jelena Andjelic,42266,Initiative for Development and Cooperation,0,0,,,0,0 246,35383,Educate 500 women in loan management in Rwanda,Jeannette Nyiramasengesho,54457,SYTRIECI A Trade Union for Domestics and Independents workers in informal Economy,0,0,,,0,0 7,32272,Keep Israeli Special Needs Village Corona Free,Jeanette koll,47206,Beit Uri,"14,391",128,winner,winner,0,"14,391" 246,35339,Education for Vulnerable Girls in India,Jean Purviance,26155,World's Children,0,0,,,0,0 213,34727,Give poor teen mothers of rape a hope and dignity,Jean Baptiste Ukurikiyimana,27770,HELP A CHILD INITIATIVE,100,1,,,0,100 246,34360,Rural Women Economic Empowerment,Jayathri Mihirani,48670,Centre for Human Resource Development (CHRD),0,0,,,0,0 246,34457,High-Quality Credentials Beyond High School,Jaya Devi Sreeniwasan,40483,Pertubuhan Pembangunan Bakat Malaysia(Talent Developing Society),0,0,,,0,0 246,35364,Football Beyond Borders,Jasper Kain,47624,Football Beyond Borders,0,0,,,0,0 246,35448,Farmer Training Center (FTC),Janet Maro,37996,Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania,0,0,,,0,0 40,35112,Stop Violence Against Children Worldwide,Jane Estes,54031,ISPCAN The International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect,"6,670",45,,,0,"6,670" 246,35330,Harvest for Hope Benefit Breakfast,James Wynn,5747,Volunteers of America Chesapeake Inc.,0,0,,,0,0 246,35011,Save life to 400 teen mother in Tanzania,James Sunge,54449,Tanzania Hope Youth Resilience Opportunity and Innovation Development(THYROID Group),0,0,,,0,0 246,35479,Help Children w/ Disabilities to Become Our Future,James Lindquist,49686,"Angel View, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 246,35507,BUILD 10 SCHOOL GIRLS CHANGING ROOMS IN KYENJOJO,James Kaliija,54054,Plant a Tree Mugyenzi,0,0,,,0,0 246,35367,Build Classrooms for Makuutu PS,James Asiimwe,50766,Maama ssekandi foundation,0,0,,,0,0 112,35067,Transforming The Lives of 50 Children in Cartagena,Jaime Baldiris,54090,Fundacion Betania Juvenil,"2,107",48,,,0,"2,107" 140,35349,Ambitious Girl Project: Empower Girls in the CSRA,Jackie Trammell,53742,"Miracle Faith Outreach Center, INC","1,000",8,,,0,"1,000" 224,35242,EMPOWERING 500 YOUTHS WITH HANDS ON SKILLS,JOSEPH NSABIYUMVA,48310,GORILLA HIGHLANDS SPORTS CLUB (GHSC),50,1,,,0,50 246,33836,Mitigating Environmental Challenge in Kakamega,Isaiah Jackson Sikolia,50105,western young leaders initiative,0,0,,,0,0 70,34719,Support for child victims of sex trafficking,Isabelle Bryan,53509,Hope for Justice,"5,407",51,,,0,"5,407" 246,35468,"END CHILD MARRIAGE, EDUCATE 200 GIRLS IN GHANA",Isaac Kwabena Kakpeibe,42153,Tim Africa Aid Ghana,0,0,,,0,0 246,34395,Young People Empowerment against Drug Abuse,Isaac Moses,51681,Society for Information and Human Advancement Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 46,34796,"Nourish a young brain, protect one ancient culture",Ilse Garibay,50239,"Organismo de Nutricion Infantil, A.C.","6,355",48,,,0,"6,355" 246,35473,END VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN IN NIGERIA,Igwe Joseph,53714,Child Rights Awareness Creation Organisation,0,0,,,0,0 176,35307,Intergenerational entrepreneurship,Igor Ciurea,53748,AO Centrul de Informare si Resurse PRO BONO,301,14,,,0,301 108,33697,Help 300 Women in WASA Settlement learn a skill.,Ifeyinwa Ezeagu,45450,Phelyn Skill Acquisition Center,"2,206",8,,,0,"2,206" 243,35312,Help Fish and Wildlife,Ian Davidson,54748,National Fish and Wildlife Foundation,10,1,,,0,10 192,35414,HOMELAND IN THE HEART OF CROATIAN CHILDREN,INES RUDELIC,51065,"LIBERA Croatian Association for Education,Entrepreneurship and International Cooperation",200,2,,,0,200 246,34983,Promote safe motherhood for Kenyan women,IMPACT HEALTHCARE CBO,43018,IMPACT HEALTHCARE COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION,0,0,,,0,0 246,34937,Support Training Psychosocial Counselors,Huguette Ostiguy,53147,Malawi Association of Counsellors,0,0,,,0,0 246,35514,Help Keep a Poor Child in Cameroon in School,Hortensia Ruth Balla,51609,Action for Hope USA,0,0,,,0,0 122,35387,"Vocational training, job creation for young PWDs",Hold The Future Centre,52515,Hold The Future Centre,"1,710",13,,,0,"1,710" 172,34909,Save Dogs from Gas Chamber Executions in Japan,Hiroshi Kunita,16569,Peace Winds Japan,322,9,,,0,322 151,34972,Relief Fund for Disasters occurred in Japan 2018,Hiromi Kitakado,54602,UNITED EARTH,660,5,,,0,660 237,35198,Healthcare Support to 450 Destitute Indian Elderly,Himanshu Rath,16792,Agewell Foundation,18,1,,,0,18 246,35558,Help 50 girls not to become CHILDmothers in Uganda,Henry Ntende,26853,JOPA CARPENTRY WORKSHOP AND TECHNICAL SERVICES,0,0,,,0,0 246,35099,Resisting the climate change in the plantain crop.,Henry Antonio Reyes de la Paz,42753,"Cooperativa de Ahorro, Credito y Servicios Multiples Amor y Paz",0,0,,,0,0 246,34178,Build a centreprise for 500 Ugandan women,Hellen Ziribagwa,43264,Pass It on Trust Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 246,34649,Establishment of a GBV Information Center,Hellen Tanyinga,40504,Rape Hurts Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,35248,"SPONSORSHIP OF Girl students education ,",Helen Joyce,6284,WOMEN'S EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY,0,0,,,0,0 246,35327,Help Build a School in Cameroon,Heidi Henneman,48921,Jenga Jumuiya,0,0,,,0,0 165,35094,Access to clean water for 400 vulnerable malagasy,Halt Poverty,45242,Halt Poverty,455,6,,,0,455 238,34985,Make a dream for a street child in Uganda,Hakizimana John Marry Vianney,36965,Grassroots Moved for Development in Uganda,15,1,,,0,15 202,35343,Complete Shea Butter Processing Centre for Women,Habib Haruna,43576,Pure Trust Social Investors Foundation,155,4,,,0,155 235,33063,Rebuilding complex body deformity to 80 Ethiopians,HIWOT AMARE,16768,HADDIS AGAPE FOUNDATION,20,1,,,0,20 246,34543,THE MAKING OF SUGARLESS BREAD PROJECT,HICINTUKA Jacques,50495,"Fraternite des Diabetiques pour la lutte contre la mort liee au manque d'insuline,FRADMI",0,0,,,0,0 246,35419,Women and climate change in the DRC,Guilaine NYIRIMANA,53182,"Solidarite Paysanne pour le Developpement Integral, SPDI asbl",0,0,,,0,0 246,35449,CASSAVA AND CORN PRODUCTION for 50 Ebola survivors,GuanueAnthony Diakpo,40778,Rural Community Agriculture Health and Education Aid (RUCAHEA) Inc,0,0,,,0,0 215,35278,The Guardians of 28 Korean Gorals in Mt.Seorak,Green Korea United,53256,Green Korea United,85,3,,,0,85 246,35214,SUPPORT 2000 PEASANTS IN COMMERCIAL POULTRY MGT,Godfrey Owere,46839,KICK PEASANT FARMING ASSOCIATION LIMITED,0,0,,,0,0 243,34757,"Provide safe drinking water,tens thousands-postwar",Godfrey Obua,45692,Rural Women and Coordination-RWYC,10,1,,,0,10 246,34671,provision of a community children library in Karu.,Godfrey Edidiong,38591,Global Vision Educational Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,35204,Drug prevention and management.,Giselle Foundation,54338,Giselle Foundation.,0,0,,,0,0 246,35342,Global Social Change Through the Power of Music,Gisela Flanigan,53099,Sistema Global,0,0,,,0,0 246,35424,CREATIVE WRITING,Giovanni Neri,50477,Associazione Mia Neri Foundation ONLUS,0,0,,,0,0 246,34938,releases 100 children from drugs through sports,Gildardo Sánchez Mejía,50253,Fundacion de Escuelas Deportivas de Educacion en Valores y Bienestar Social jhwhrohi FUNESDEP,0,0,,,0,0 231,34931,VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR 58 TEEN-MOTHERS IN HOMABAY,Gideon Onyango,51440,AYAGA DANI WIDOWS GROUP,27,1,,,0,27 246,34863,Support 25 Girls safety platforms in Sierra Leone,George Gbenga,51953,Network Support For Peace Education (NeSPE),0,0,,,0,0 227,35357,Support Young Women Gain Essential Business Skills,Geofrey Chirchir,39477,YOUTH HORIZONS,35,1,,,0,35 142,34226,Build 4 classrooms for rural children in Kenya,Geoffrey Kilonzo,47023,Imara Academy,955,6,,,0,955 53,35425,Give healing to 20 survivors of violence in Kosovo,Geni Johnson,52962,Operacioni i Mekembjes,"5,949",44,,,0,"5,949" 226,35365,ThisLittleCard Can Save 2000 American Kid's Lives,Genevieve Rivera,54370,American Society for the Positive Care of Children (American SPCC),40,2,,,0,40 28,35150,"Educate 300 marginalised children in Bihar, India",Gautam Gauri,54613,Diksha Foundation,"8,142",107,,winner,0,"8,142" 246,35520,Provide 1000 Solar Lanterns for Sudnaese Children,Ganesh Sen,48703,Reach 4 Your Future Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,27737,Preventing domestic and gender based violence,Ganbayasgakh Geleg,34345,Mongolian Gender Equality Center,0,0,,,0,0 232,35291,Justice4Her,Gabriela Terrazas,49457,RNW Media,25,1,,,0,25 246,35125,Help Cacao Farmers Save Belize's Chocolate Forest,Gabriel Pop,46774,Na'lu'um Cacao Institute,0,0,,,0,0 246,35251,160 Girls Textile Workers Restored in Dindigul IND,GNANAFIDELIS VISUVASAM,16904,SIMCODESS,0,0,,,0,0 246,34553,SOUTH SUDAN WASTE TRANSFORMATION FOR INCOME,GEPA SOUTH SUDAN,53561,GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT FOR POVERTY ALLEVIATION,0,0,,,0,0 121,35064,A House for Cats and Kids,Fundación Vivatma,51075,Fundacion Vivatma,"1,725",19,,,0,"1,725" 84,34826,Empower Colombian leaders through higher education,Fundación JPGC,52936,Fundacion Juan Pablo Gutierrez Caceres,"5,015",73,,,0,"5,015" 144,35504,"Empowering women in Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo.",Fundacion NTD,47402,Fundacion NTD Ingredientes,880,4,,,0,880 246,35105,Demonstration farms for skills and jobs creation,Fulgence Niyonkuru,50940,African Youth Employment Initiatives (AYEI),0,0,,,0,0 246,34466,Jossam Village Borehole Project,Frank Kamanga,49021,Centre for Child Development and Research,0,0,,,0,0 246,35390,Senior Citizen Live Entertainment Events,Francine Estevez,25558,SENIORS UNLIMITED ENTERTAINMENT NFP,0,0,,,0,0 177,35418,Provide Clean Water to 500 Families in the Desert!,Foad Shams,49647,Greet for Cause Foundation,300,1,,,0,300 246,35297,Sending pupils to secondary school in Madagascar,Florent Andriamahavonjy,49736,Actions Citoyennes Madagascar (ACM),0,0,,,0,0 246,35346,Feed the 500 hungry children in South Sudan,Festo Bali,31395,SOUTH SUDAN COMMUNITY CHANGE AGENCY (SOSUCCA),0,0,,,0,0 246,31021,Empower 100 Internal Displaced Women in Mundri,Felix Khamis,43820,Grassroots Relief and Development Agency,0,0,,,0,0 114,35232,50 Microloans for Low-Income Women in Argentina,Federico De Galvagni,49557,Asociacion Civil Mujeres 2000,"2,010",25,,,0,"2,010" 191,35356,behavior change of 100 youth in Eastleigh.,Farah Muhumed,54199,African Youth Development Forum,200,6,,,0,200 246,35071,Training 300 impoverished children in Uganda,Family Caregivers Association for the Aged Group FCAAG,47654,Family Caregivers Association for the Aged Group,0,0,,,0,0 246,35548,Help disadvantaged children acquire an education,Fairest Imasuen,40570,JOHNSON TENIOLA FAROMOJU FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 246,33825,GLOBAL WARMING CAUSES AND MITIGATION:,FREDERICK NATHAN,47639,Technology & Innovation For Social Change--A non profit-Ngo,0,0,,,0,0 246,34989,Help a needy child with school uniform,FRANCIS NDEGWA,52246,BENFRA CLINICAL INTERNSHIPS,0,0,,,0,0 232,34713,supporting 100 Farmer suicide families in India,FIAN AP,54004,FOOD FIRST INFORMATION AND ACTION NETWORK SOCIETY,25,1,,,0,25 243,35137,REDUCE POVERTY FOR 1000 POOR WIDOWS IN GICUMBI,FELICIEN SINDIKUBWABO,49644,Green Rwanda Organization,10,1,,,0,10 199,35311,International YouthBank Conference,FEHİME SÜRÜKLİ,51271,COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS FOUNDATION,162,3,,,0,162 246,35442,Stop the marriage of 500 children each year in DRC,FATY MASOKA,44275,DEBOUT FILLE,0,0,,,0,0 246,34642,Uplift Small Entrepreneurs for Economic Growth,Evans Exaud,46768,Liberty sparks,0,0,,,0,0 246,35207,Train 50 Nurses sign language in kyegegwa,Evalyne Mbabazi,54201,kyaka united Youth Deaf Association,0,0,,,0,0 78,34761,THRIVE IN WORK YOUTH FUND,Esther OCallaghan,52704,The OPERA Global Youth Foundation,"5,136",32,,,0,"5,136" 246,35344,"Starvation in Venezuela, help us help others",Esmeralda Godoy,51000,"Scala Foundation, Inc",0,0,,,0,0 234,35436,Help the homeless families and children,Erni Kamisran,53453,AWWA LTD,20,1,,,0,20 246,34891,Connecting people with communities. CISV MOSAIC!,Erin Sheehan,53280,CISV USA,0,0,,,0,0 153,34221,Empower 10 Community Change Accelerators in Kenya,Erick Matsanza,51821,Spice Without Borders,583,18,,,0,583 234,34284,Disability Rehabilitation of 200 children in Kenya,Erastus Onyango,50956,Port Florence Youth Initiative,20,1,,,0,20 246,35459,Building Project for Volunteers in Pretoria,Enock Pedze,49960,South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association,0,0,,,0,0 246,34368,Education for 50 disadvantaged children in Uganda,Enachu Frederick Edmos,45369,NEW GENERATION FOR CHANGE,0,0,,,0,0 246,35151,Access to HIV/SRHR Services for youths in Liberia,Emmanuel Zawolo Suah,53626,Youth Alive Liberia,0,0,,,0,0 246,34787,HELP REFUGEES CHILDREN IN GHANA TO READ,Emmanuel Asafo-Adjei,52855,GEDAID FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 246,35107,WASH (Water And Sanitation for Health) program,Emily Onuffer,41658,Warren Majengo Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,32107,"Expanding ESL, Civics & Citizenship Classes",Elvia Wallace-Martinez,45565,DEBES CREER EN TI,0,0,,,0,0 246,34880,Forest Beehive project,Elliot steven Mensah,42810,Hope Alive 360 Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,35220,Restore sight to over 750 people in Sierra Leone,Ellie Moody,53704,Vision Aid Overseas,0,0,,,0,0 246,35502,Help Feed Abused and Abandoned Horses!,Elizabeth Zarkos,32682,Hanaeleh,0,0,,,0,0 6,34831,Give Hope to 300+ South Sudanese Refugee Women,Elizabeth Torkington,54510,One Light Global,"15,286",112,winner,winner,0,"15,286" 246,34083,Ending Violence against Women with Disabilities,Elizabeth Kayanga,51822,Integrated Disabled Women Activities,0,0,,,0,0 96,35353,NAANI - Education to Kids of Brick Factory Workers,Elena Zubareva,54020,Girls Empowered by Travel - Nepal,"3,657",19,,,0,"3,657" 27,35317,Help Nicaraguan Farmers Build their Resilience,Elena Serfilippi,53234,Committee on Sustainability Assessment,"8,347",53,,winner,0,"8,347" 97,35132,Help rural farmers in Africa gain access to land,Eleanor Trenary,53278,Rural Development Institute DBA Landesa,"3,610",52,,,0,"3,610" 228,34503,Creating a safe haven for Abuse and GBV Survivors,Ekenia Chifamba,26978,ShamwariYemwanasikana Trust,33,2,,,0,33 246,35477,Chicago Pollinator Experience,Edward Caplan,50240,Keeler Gardens NFP,0,0,,,0,0 103,35109,Robotics for young women with disabilities,Eduardo Monge,51962,Fundacion Omar Dengo,"2,655",47,,,0,"2,655" 161,35168,Train & Kit 500 Gombe women to crochet for income,Edna Ishaya,48152,Centre for Microenterprise Development Ltd/Gte,485,13,,,0,485 246,35544,"Access to SRHR services for disabled women, girls",Edinah Masiyiwa,45280,Women's Action Group,0,0,,,0,0 246,35465,start petty trade for 100 widows in giri community,Eberechukwu Ujam,54259,Egunec Education Support Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34994,SUPPORT 30 ORPHAN GIRLS FROM MATHARE SLUMS,EMILY MAKOKHA,42438,MOTHERWAY EDUCATION CENTRE,0,0,,,0,0 246,35018,Empower girls from violent areas of Callao,EDWARD COMPANY,47099,ASOCIACION CIVIL LOS PIONEROS,0,0,,,0,0 41,35086,Educate 175 Underprivileged Children in India,E and H Foundation,54047,E and H Foundation,"6,652",51,,,0,"6,652" 75,34899,Harvesting honey saves forests and lives,Dylan Skeffington,1148,Mangrove Action Project,"5,277",68,,,0,"5,277" 246,35280,Underprivileged Girls in India need your Support,Dream Girl Foundation,49081,DREAM GIRL FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 20,35263,GIFT HEALTH... Help Screen 5300 Rural Indian Girls,Dr. Satish Ghanta,53429,CHOICE FOUNDATION,"10,122",51,,winner,0,"10,122" 246,34279,Development of disadvantaged girl students,Dr. M. A. Obaydullah,50704,Palashipara Samaj Kallayan Samity,0,0,,,0,0 136,35243,Provide Better Life For Widows in Nigeria,Dr. Charity Ezenwa-O,53210,"WealthyGen, Inc.","1,185",30,,,0,"1,185" 243,35329,6yrs on ARVS with no AIDS! Help Her & 500 Ugandans,Dr. Aruho Amon,53117,Enforcement of Patients and Health Workers' Rights (EPHWOR),10,1,,,0,10 246,35092,ICT Skills Development Training,Doreen Lesitla,53826,Thusano Prevention Programme,0,0,,,0,0 246,35385,Teaching Arts and Crafts to 100 children in India,Dolamohan Singh Babu,38683,Association for Human rights Education And Development,0,0,,,0,0 246,34773,"Enable the Disabled, Build a Clubhouse for DACC",Differently Abled Cricket Club,53080,Differently Abled Cricket Club,0,0,,,0,0 246,33851,Help build a facility for slaughter bound horses,Diana Murphy,9009,VOICE FOR HORSES RESCUE NETWORK,0,0,,,0,0 246,35188,Learning through innovation,Dhirajlal Vagadia,54424,SHIKSHAN ANE SAMAJ KALYAN KENDRA,0,0,,,0,0 246,35200,URGENT HELP - WASTE FORCE (STOP BURNING PLASTIC),Dharamvir Singh,7753,Rural Centre for Human Interests,0,0,,,0,0 54,34917,"Save 1,000 Youths from Stress & Addiction in India",Dhananjay Dixit,52641,ISKCON,"5,825",209,,,"1,000","6,825" 246,34846,Capacity Building of Adolescents on R.C.H. & HIV,Devanand Kumar,36592,GRAM SATHI,0,0,,,0,0 232,34739,Wheelchair repair program & assistance center,Dendi Sherpa,48461,Center for Disabled Children Assistance,25,1,,,0,25 218,35210,SHEudyami-livelihood for 240 women entrepreneurs,Deepali Pateriya,52435,Society for Pragati Bharat,75,2,,,0,75 217,35402,Soch - Journey with Homeless Young Women,Deepali Kamble,36017,URJA Trust,76,2,,,0,76 57,35553,Support a Child for High School Education in India,Deepak Gadhia,52110,Muni Seva Ashram,"5,680",60,,,0,"5,680" 67,35048,Teen Suicide Prevention events in 30 US Cities,Deana Flynn,53473,M3 Tent Events,"5,455",67,,,0,"5,455" 246,34345,"Educate 1,500 rural children in Northern Uganda",David Okullu,41110,Solidarity for Rural Development Organisation (SORUDEO),0,0,,,0,0 243,34845,Solar for Education,David Michael Terungwa,53799,Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation- GIFSEP,10,1,,,0,10 223,35090,Restore the hope of 1000 refugee women and girls,David Elungat,30004,Voice for Humanity Uganda,60,3,,,0,60 246,34897,Academic Gym for School Success,David Angwenyi,44715,Global Connections Foundation NJ Corporation,0,0,,,0,0 246,34792,Educate Yzidi children living in North Iraq,Daphne Keys,42274,Global Hope Network International UK,0,0,,,0,0 82,33240,Build Cambodia's First Nature Discovery Center,Daniel Roper Jones,50160,"Fauna In Focus International, Inc.","5,044",59,,,0,"5,044" 66,34595,Help improve blind people's lives in Brazil,Daniel Montezano,43296,Fundacao Dorina Nowill para Cegos,"5,467",62,,,0,"5,467" 179,34726,Empower and Protect Cambodian Women,Dana Wallack,38748,The Cambodian NGO Committee on CEDAW (NGO-CEDAW),290,3,,,0,290 224,35472,Feed Our Orphans,Dan wagidoso,33302,Community Child Development Orphanage,50,1,,,0,50 180,34560,Integrate 500 patients of mental health in Rwanda,DUKUNDE NYIRIGIRA Grace,52838,NDUHURA organization helps patients of mental illness to be integrated in society and to be treated,287,4,,,0,287 224,34744,Build 2 Classrooms to Support Disadvantaged Child,DENIS KISUBI,45525,GIVE HOPE UGANDA,50,1,,,0,50 246,35258,Special Education of Hearing Impaired Children,D.P.K Babu,2843,Ashray Akruti,0,0,,,0,0 246,35205,"Junior Pele" 2018 Soccer Tournament.,Cup Foundation Ghana,39349,CUP FOUNDATION GHANA,0,0,,,0,0 246,35038,Bamboo homes for Families of Rio Teaone flood,Cristina Latorre,44141,Fundacion Raiz Ecuador,0,0,,,0,0 87,35036,Scholarships for 20 sustainability young leaders,Cristiana Martins,54363,IPE - Instituto de Pesquisas Ecologicas,"5,000",70,,,0,"5,000" 202,35456,Empower 60 Chilean Women Through Entrepreneurship,Cris Ugarte,52903,Fundacion Banigualdad,155,4,,,0,155 34,35237,Be a hero for vulnerable children in Mexico,Crecemos DIJO,54369,"Crecemos-Desarrollo Integral de la Juventud Oaxaquena,A.C.","7,301",66,,,0,"7,301" 92,34783,SOFT SKILL TRAINING FOR 450 CHILDREN FOR A YEAR,Create Foundation,50013,Create Foundation (India),"4,225",25,,,0,"4,225" 226,35158,Ending Poverty by educating 122 Ethiopian Children,Courtney Gullett,52574,Love For Ethiopia,40,2,,,0,40 246,34837,Help & Feed Vulnerable People after Kerala Floods,Community And Rural Education Society,36900,Community And Rural Education Society,0,0,,,0,0 241,34714,Say no to Malnutrition to Poor Children in School,Collince Dundo,48031,Youth Initiative Development Programme,13,1,,,0,13 246,34664,Construction of a 1x2 Classroom Block,Collin Nyabadza,36346,Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT),0,0,,,0,0 246,35031,Turn victims into survivors,Colleen Rogers,44980,LifeLine Vaal Triangle,0,0,,,0,0 16,35189,Support Children with Rare Hip Disease,Colleen Rathgeber,53334,Legg Calve Perthes Foundation,"10,715",63,winner,winner,0,"10,715" 234,35331,Give music to a child with a critical conditon.,Clark Hodge,49068,Chase the Music,20,1,,,0,20 246,35292,Protect the African Wild Dog,Claire Patterson-Abrolat,54009,Endangered Wildlife Trust,0,0,,,0,0 196,35488,keep Syrian Children Warm this Winter,Civil Care,42759,SIVIL HIMAYE DERNEGI,180,1,,,0,180 167,34247,Interactive Teacher Training Siem Reap,Cindy Debes,35105,Hands Across the World Incorporated,435,3,,,0,435 246,34785,Provide Clean Renewable Sustainable Energy Source,Christopher Lunguya,43382,Organization for Scientific Research and Youth Technical Development,0,0,,,0,0 246,32539,Livelihood Enhancement of Tribal Women in Mizoram,Christopher Lun,43151,Goodwill Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,35498,SUPPORTING CHILDREN WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES,Christine Atwiine,51926,Mental Health Awareness And Beyond (MHAAB),0,0,,,0,0 246,33664,Providing Rights for Dogs in Kenya,Chris Paul Mbuvi,42952,msasi,0,0,,,0,0 246,35160,Solar irrigation makes 100 farmers food secure,Chimwemwe Limani,53666,Imagine Afrika,0,0,,,0,0 246,34691,Feed and Educate 300 poor children,Children's Hope,46589,Childrens Hope Initiative - Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 47,35247,Securing marriage equality in Taiwan,Chih-Chieh Chien,54514,Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights,"6,306",77,,,0,"6,306" 234,35541,Advancing SARCS role to the End TB/HIV strategy,Chigozie Azunna,48033,South African Red Cross Society - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,20,1,,,0,20 221,35588,Support survivors of gendered violence in Myanmar,Cherry Soe,49959,Jeepyah Civil Society Development Organization,65,3,,,0,65 246,35316,"Ubuntu Oven Project, empowering women every day",Cherry Armstrong,52607,Celebrate Life SA,0,0,,,0,0 166,35526,Help Educate Kandal Community Kids,Chean Toing Ain,54654,Attitude Centre for Education,445,5,,,0,445 157,34998,"New Lease For Husky Rescue KZN, ZAR",Charnell Ruth,51690,The Lebanon ARROHHH,546,14,,,0,546 14,35139,Provide Medical Care to Bangalore's Street Animals,Charlies Animal Rescue Centre CARE,53461,CHARLIES ANIMAL RESCUE CENTRE-CARE,"11,502",97,winner,winner,0,"11,502" 100,34834,Educate and Empower Economically,Charles Ngiela,30143,Kenya Christian School For The Deaf,"3,015",44,,,0,"3,015" 243,34819,"10 school farms to feed 1,750 rural poor children",Catherine Martha Agwang,46392,Uganda Youth Development and Training Programme,10,1,,,0,10 119,34525,Promoting Girls' Education & Equality in Guatemala,Catherine Brandli,45261,Girl Rising,"1,815",40,,,0,"1,815" 132,35582,"Help Feed Hungry Seniors, Children, and Families.",Carrie Grzelak,44019,TARGET HUNGER,"1,275",12,,,0,"1,275" 95,34923,Educate/Rehabilitate 130 children- Northeast India,Carmo Noronha,42276,Bethany Society,"3,801",16,,,0,"3,801" 244,34528,TAILORING WIDOWS,Carlex mlugo,53302,Odollo Self Help Group,5,7,,,0,5 128,34780,Empowering Communities to Conserve Dry Forests,Camille Allan,44301,A Rocha Peru,"1,381",8,,,0,"1,381" 236,35296,RAPHIA BAMBOO USE BY CHILDREN FOR CRAFTWORK,Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch CAMGEW,42683,Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW),20,1,,,0,20 246,34768,Cultural Integration Day for PostConflict Area,Caleb Audu Ahmed,49120,Intelligent Initiative for Peace and Security Conciousness,0,0,,,0,0 2,34603,Create a future for Kenya's disadvantaged girls,Caitlin Smyke Epstein,45449,CDC Foundation,"23,875",108,winner,winner,"2,000","25,875" 246,35025,Promotion of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment,COHESODEC CAMEROON,54162,COMMUNITY HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FOR CAMEROON-(COHESODEC),0,0,,,0,0 246,35324,Gift an education...Make a life !,CISE Cisemalawi,37556,CISE Malawi,0,0,,,0,0 230,35313,Free 300 girls from child marriage in South Sudan.,CIDO SOUTH SUDAN,52760,Community Initiative For Development Organization,28,1,,,0,28 218,35045,INCLUSIVE YOUTH DRIVE AT BINDURI IN GHANA,CHRIST BOATENG,54490,BENGLS CENTRE,75,4,,,0,75 189,35236,Providing safe housing for orphaned Pakistani boys,CERRONE LUNDY,50531,Humanitarian Aid Security,215,5,,,0,215 224,35231,CHANGE THE LIFE OF 300 SALVADORAN SCHOOL GIRLS,CEMUJER CEMUJER,51490,Instituto de Estudios de la Mujer Norma Virginia Guirola de Herrera CEMUJER,50,1,,,0,50 246,34742,Take me Home From Street,CASTILLION URMI,41177,SEVAC Foundation Uganda,0,0,,,0,0 134,35299,FROM THE STREET WITH A VOICE FOR 40 BOYS AND GIRLS,CAROL NJERI,54331,TURNING TABLES ORGANIZATION,"1,199",40,,,0,"1,199" 246,34936,Set up a library for Rambia Orphanage School,Bwambale Daniel,43036,Rwenzori Mountains Baghuma Integrated Association (RAMBIA),0,0,,,0,0 220,33949,Learning to Give Bulgaria,Bulgarian Donors Forum,48891,Bulgarian Donors Forum,70,2,,,0,70 229,35426,educational support to 10 helpless children,Buddha Kepchhaki,45718,Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC),30,3,,,0,30 9,35178,Fund Life Saving Maternal Care for 75 Women in DRC,Brooke Sulahian,53230,"Hope for Our Sisters, Inc.","12,974",103,winner,winner,0,"12,974" 110,34852,"3,000 Guatemalan Farmers Graduate from Poverty",Brooke Cain,49337,Strategies for International Development,"2,110",17,,,0,"2,110" 149,34847,Green Corridor's Learner Safe Space,Briony Williams,53609,Green Corridor,716,4,,,0,716 246,35428,SAVE BENA KALAMBAYI WOMEN & CHILDREN HEALTHCARE,Brigitte Muleka,54092,CANADIAN HOPE FOR AFRICA,0,0,,,0,0 115,34191,Operation School Supplies,Brenda Martinez,46588,"Paper Houses across the Border, Inc.","2,000",20,,,0,"2,000" 192,35338,Discovery Programs - Make a difference!,Bob Posey,52897,Discovery Programs,200,1,,,0,200 246,35409,Restore Toilets for 400 Disabled pupils in Uganda,Bob Lubega,48325,RIGHTS FOR DISABILITY DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (RDDF),0,0,,,0,0 246,35485,Cry for justice,Blendi Dibra,29948,"Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese (IRSH)",0,0,,,0,0 246,34608,In Defense of Women's Rights,Bikash Das,53454,COMMITTEE FOR LEGAL AID TO POOR,0,0,,,0,0 246,34838,Toilets for 10 Schools in Rural Assam in India,Bijoy Mondal,54550,LIFE FOUNDATION,0,0,,,0,0 246,35521,Free Health screening and school supply giveaway,Bianca Nyantakyi,38102,Sanys Health Assistance Program,0,0,,,0,0 246,34996,Support Young Changemakers to Tackle Global Goals,Beth Barlow,37855,World Merit,0,0,,,0,0 246,35745,Mealewya Water Development Project,Berhe Gebrehiwot,32154,"Senai Foundation, Inc.",0,0,,,0,0 246,34334,RESTORE HEALTH TO 5000 NIGERIANS WITH HYPERTENSION,Benjamin Olorunfemi,46252,Rays Of Hope Support Initiative,0,0,,,0,0 234,35301,Smiling Toy- Saving Children with Cancer,Ben Ikara,54634,Uganda Child Cancer Foundation,20,1,,,0,20 246,35554,"Stop Child Marriage, Promote Girl Education",Beda Tarimo,44836,UNIQUE DEVELOPMENT FOR FUTURE (UDF),0,0,,,0,0 246,33417,Enhancing citizens voice and accountability,Bathromew Shaba,25914,Muumoza Youth Organisation,0,0,,,0,0 234,35069,SAVE HIGH RISK TEENAGE PREGNANCIES IN KENYA,Barnabas Midamba,36742,Village of Hope Community Based Organisation,20,1,,,0,20 246,35276,Help build a classroom block for 93 children.,Barnabas Kule,45670,Fr. Alex You Memorial Limited,0,0,,,0,0 154,35235,Inspire Kenya's Future Wildlife Guardians,Barbara Mackraz,45440,OliveSeed Foundation,575,6,,,0,575 33,35348,Protect land rights and lives of Mayan communities,Barbara Dolman,49714,"Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolome de Las Casas, A.C. (Frayba)","7,401",103,,,0,"7,401" 246,34486,Think Before Pink,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,42488,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,0,0,,,0,0 216,34378,Help 1000 Girls Manage their Days in Kasese,Baluku Richard,45676,Mama Dorika's Island Of Happiness - MDIH,79,5,,,0,79 185,34266,EDUCATE 200 ORPHANS IN MAYUGE DISTRICT,Baliddawa Henry,50461,Blessed Echoes Children Alliance,240,3,,,0,240 52,35399,Helping Street Mums in Bali with Empowerment,Bali Life Foundation,53216,Bali Life Foundation,"6,020",51,,,0,"6,020" 209,32295,CAMPAIGN FOR DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION IN NIGERIA,Babajide Olapade,46118,Transformed Expressions Youth Development Initiative,120,1,,,0,120 246,35397,"Women Economic Revolution Project (WERP) Swat KP,Azra Gul,53821,Pak Women,0,0,,,0,0 246,35163,Peace promotion through 1500 youth In South Sudan,Ayoo Janet,53642,Narrative Hub,0,0,,,0,0 246,35241,PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT FOR 5000 REFUGEES IN NIGERIA,Augustine Omaji,43161,Potent life skills foundation,0,0,,,0,0 246,35201,Coding for the IT Industry,Asif Mohamed,50137,DO4SA NPC,0,0,,,0,0 143,34720,Lions/Lioness-Serving The Visually Impaired,Arlene Whitworth,53090,"Sterling Heights Lions Charities, Inc",910,30,,,0,910 234,34287,WEC MEDICAL SERVICES AND CARE,Arinaitwe James,49088,WEC MEDICAL SERVICES AND CARE,20,1,,,0,20 31,35202,Life for 100 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan,Anum Qadri,46299,Medicare Health Foundation,"7,926",51,,winner,0,"7,926" 30,34800,Free Education & Mentoring for Mumbai's Slum Kids,Anubha Sharma,52961,Angel Xpress Foundation,"7,935",70,,winner,0,"7,935" 98,34901,Enable an encounter with a rare Pterocarpus Forest,Antonio Maldonado Lopez,54367,"PHA Pterocarpus Forest, Inc.","3,425",20,,,0,"3,425" 32,34871,Caregivers 2 Breadwinners Sri Lanka- jobs for moms,Anoja Rajapatirana,44062,E.A.S.E. Foundation,"7,847",65,,winner,0,"7,847" 69,34930,Shelter Homeless Orphans of the crisis in Cameroon,Anne Stella Fomumbod,51912,InterFaith Vision Foundation Cameroon,"5,410",44,,,0,"5,410" 246,35302,Help Investigate Eco-Crimes in Southern Africa,Anne Driffill,44394,Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalists NPC,0,0,,,0,0 120,35523,500 Indigenous Malaysian rice farmers go organic,Anizan Isahak,47346,SRI-Mas (Malaysian Agroecology Society for Sustainable Resource Intensification,"1,800",9,,,0,"1,800" 246,34419,Training 100 youths in vocational skills,Andrew Kuule,45610,Youth for youth in action,0,0,,,0,0 5,34625,Build A Primary School for 300 students in Uganda!,Andrea Sedlock,52577,"Rukundo International, Inc","16,108",146,winner,winner,0,"16,108" 111,34128,Help 30 indigenous kids save the sea turtle in MEX,Andrea Frustaci,18409,Chantiik Taj Tajinkutik A.C.,"2,108",30,,,0,"2,108" 246,34606,WheelchairFund for 100 Romanians with disabilities,Anca Beudean,46237,Fundatia Motivation Romania,0,0,,,0,0 36,34524,Help 50 Disadvantaged Kids Experience Preschool,Anand Chaturvedi,14284,Opportunity Foundation Trust,"7,168",18,,,0,"7,168" 63,34793,No walls 4 education! 3500 PC for Mexican students,Ana Gomez Gallardo,31473,"Teach 4 All Mexico, A.C.","5,514",71,,,0,"5,514" 130,34219,"End malaria, malnutrition, save a child in Nigeria",Amos Ajisekola,43552,Oak Rural Health Organization,"1,316",15,,,0,"1,316" 150,35196,Educating Migrant Brick Kiln Workers Children,Amit Kumar,43770,Kumarappa Gram Swaraj Sansthan,671,6,,,0,671 246,34482,"Providing basic Livelihood needs (Food ,NFIs)",Amin Alsharafi,33435,Life Flow For Peace & Development Organization,0,0,,,0,0 246,34774,Help Children in Chiapas reach better life quality,Amigos De San Cristóbal,44893,Amigos de San Cristobal AC,0,0,,,0,0 246,35492,Empower Teenage Girls in BK Through Activist Art,Ameya Biradavolu,45243,viBe Theater Experience,0,0,,,0,0 29,34561,EMPOWER ENTREPRENEURS IN UNDER-SERVED COMMUNITIES,Amelia Phillips,53161,The Somo Project,"7,950",43,,,0,"7,950" 246,35453,"Inclusive afforestation program in Oromia, Ethiopi",Amare Feleke,34797,Orphans and Girls Assistance Association,0,0,,,0,0 246,35191,Help Girls to Complete there Education upto 12th,Alok Sahai,36779,Bhartiya Mahila Evam Gramin Utthan Sansthan,0,0,,,0,0 81,34593,Boosting school readiness in a 1000 homes,Ali Corbett,53611,Starting Chance Trust,"5,097",52,,,0,"5,097" 85,34357,A new school for children in the slums of Calcutta,Alessandra Chiesa,36960,Calcutta Rescue,"5,001",40,,,0,"5,001" 246,35552,Support Community Systems for Healthier PLWHIV,Alemtsehay Bekele,36381,Bethsaida Support for Children and Youth Association,0,0,,,0,0 200,35009,A New Chance for 50 Refugee Families in Serbia,Aleksandra Popov,49180,Center for Regionalism,160,3,,,0,160 83,35106,Literacy = Libertad.,Alejandra Mejia,51003,ConTextos,"5,025",45,,,0,"5,025" 45,35351,Building a Home for the Torres Family in Mexico,Alana Berry,53130,"Construyendo Comunidades Integrales, A.C.","6,400",59,,,0,"6,400" 246,35540,"Train 200 poor kids for white collar jobs, Mumbai",Akhil Shahani,52980,Shahani Academic & Global Empowerment Foundation,0,0,,,0,0 94,35266,A Caravan Comes True!,Ahmad Abou hoch,54432,Union of Relief and Development Associations,"4,085",14,,,0,"4,085" 246,35508,Empower 200 children with uptodate digital skills,Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation,38485,Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation,0,0,,,0,0 146,35366,Hope for 50 children with Down syndrome in Nigeria,Adetola Makinde,40879,MOYINOLUWA RAINBOW FOUNDATION,865,8,,,0,865 246,34672,Sponsor a Girl child,Action Initiative for Development AID,49814,Action Initiative for Development(AID),0,0,,,0,0 246,34646,SUPPORT STREET CHALID,Abu Bakkarr Sesay,40549,Preach Peace Organization,0,0,,,0,0 246,35032,Small Loans To 40 AIDS/War Widows In Jubek State,Aboi Talib,47367,Mubadiroon Organization,0,0,,,0,0 233,35318,Women Empowerment and Resource Center,Abiola Crown,33917,Time to Heal,25,1,,,0,25 246,35440,Football To Eyeball Program,Abhijit Gupta,49957,Yugrishi Shriram Sharma Acharya Charitable Trust,0,0,,,0,0 229,34282,Educate and feed 131 orphans in soweto slums,Abelle Victor,49918,Joy of hope children's home,30,1,,,0,30 246,35551,Supporting Human Rights Education in Nigeria,Abdul-Ghani Oyaifo,39180,International Society for Peace and Safety,0,0,,,0,0 246,35129,raising awareness on disaster among 1000 students,Abdul Rahman Kowa,44356,2017 Mandela Washington Fellows-Sierra Leone,0,0,,,0,0 246,34806,Sustainable development for women and girls,Abdul Ahmed,53702,BASEI EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE,0,0,,,0,0 246,35166,Save a Drinking Water Source From Germs,Abai Victor Asondo,52502,Bridgers Association Cameroon,0,0,,,0,0 246,35480,Increase access to water 1500 people in Somalia,AWCCSomalia NGO,43963,Action for Women and Children Concern (AWCC),0,0,,,0,0 246,35152,Prevent120 adolescent schoolgirls drop out,ATHANAS EVARIST,52813,FADHILI TEENS TANZANIA,0,0,,,0,0 246,33820,PROVIDE EDUCATION AIDS TO 40 RURAL CHILDREN,ARUN Khumlo,46075,TRIBAL CULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY,0,0,,,0,0 190,34922,Send 10 orphans to a vocational training in Kenya,ANN NYAWIRA,53149,COMPREHENSIVE BASIC SERVICES KENYA(Cobas Kenya),208,9,,,0,208 246,34776,30 scholarships for community leaders in Colombia,ANA GUTIERREZ,27992,FUNDACION ORGANIZMO,0,0,,,0,0 242,35147,Leave no Girl behind: Education is our right,AGINATHA RUTAZAA,54436,TUSONGE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION,13,1,,,0,13 246,34676,Support New School For 200 Autistic Children,(Lisa) Ngat Tran,46515,Innovations and Technical Services,0,0,,,0,0 246,31045,Training Accredited Professionals GreenStar Africa,,39649,Green Building Council of Zimbabwe,0,0,,,0,0 39,33441,Help Educate 150 Disabled Children in India,,50100,Shishu Sarothi Center for Rehabilitation & Training for Multiple disability,"6,677",86,,,0,"6,677" 87,34601,Cote d'Ivoire Rising-STEM Scholarship for Females,,52052,"IUGB Foundation, Inc.","5,000",53,,,0,"5,000" 129,34934,Support Learn Fresh and NBA Math Hoops,,52233,Learn Fresh Education Co.,"1,350",20,,,0,"1,350" 209,35221,Clean and Safe Water for Better Health,,48559,Generation John Christopher Stevens NGO'S,120,3,,,0,120 221,34333,Educate children of migrant laborers in Pune,,49228,Asha for Education,65,2,,,0,65 246,34424,Give Education Materials To 80 Children,,43930,Big Hug Foundation (BHF).,0,0,,,0,0 246,34407,Raise money for Holiday Swim Program 2019,,40860,Swim Benin,0,0,,,0,0