Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Amount Raised (USD),Donor Count,Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 201,31614,Help Northern Uganda's Dogs,Sarah SCHMIDT,15072,"Central Valley Coalition for Animals, dba The BIG FIX",0,0,0,0 201,31795,Burundi: Donation of Cattle to 6 Needy Families,Irene Ho,45433,Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32025,APDM ASSISTIVE DEVICES WORKSHOP,Charles Khaula,43042,Association of the Physically Disabled in Malawi (APDM),0,0,0,0 201,27711,"Early Education, My Fighting Chance from Abuse",Cooper Chibomba,34987,Youth First Development,0,0,0,0 201,31599,RedGivers 2018,CYLF Team,36696,Changing Young Lives Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,31791,Educating 200 Teenage Mothers in Rural Communities,Josphat Njobvu,35212,Advocacy for Child Justice,0,0,0,0 201,32006,Build a community children library in Karu Nigeria,Godfrey Edidiong,38591,Global Vision Educational Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32057,Prevent violence against 1000 children in Kasese,Samuel Masereka,45702,Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development,0,0,0,0 201,29332,Cayman's Secret Weapon to Stop Climate Change,Catherine Childs,31979,The National Trust for the Cayman Islands,0,0,0,0 201,30207,Bring Back 5 Beekeepers to St John US Virgin Isle,Jasmine Adolphe,44426,"Save the Bees, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,31506,Organic Farming for SmallScale Farmers in Tanzania,Janet Maro,37996,Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania,0,0,0,0 201,31649,Trees per Child in 10 primary Schools in Bunyala,Lucas Wandera,40840,Ingoo Community Empowerment and Environment Conservation Organiastion (ICEECO),0,0,0,0 201,31718,Moringa for Health and Water Purification,Paulino Damiano,36567,Trees for Kenya,0,0,0,0 201,31743,"Help 5,000 students reduce their school's waste",Elizabeth Gangware,46983,Green Up Our Schools,0,0,0,0 201,31877,Light Up East Timor,Chris Turner,45939,Alternative Technology Association (Renew),0,0,0,0 201,31996,"Provide water for 8,500 Sierra Leoneans",Foday Kabba,15062,Kiwanis International Freetown,0,0,0,0 201,32018,Enhanced livelihood and tree planting in Rorya,Ocheche Magare,46744,Nyancha Environmental Conservation Group,0,0,0,0 201,32044,Four Toilets for 200 Villagers in Elekuru Nigeria,Adepeju Oti,33410,Global Youth Leadership and Girl-Child Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,31581,Rehabilitation Center 'PHOENIX' (Latvia),Sergey Alexeev,44018,Latvia renaissance foundation,0,0,0,0 201,31058,Bamboo homes for Ecuador Earthquake Survivors,Cristina Latorre,44141,Fundacion Raiz Ecuador,0,0,0,0 201,31548,Refugees seeking to restore their lives,Daphne Keys,42274,Global Hope Network International UK,0,0,0,0 201,31968,Help Disaster Victims Throughout the US and World,Ben Williams,46820,Matthew 25: Ministries,0,0,0,0 201,32062,Refugee crisis in Uganda,Tania Begum,38403,EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES WORLD WIDE,0,0,0,0 201,30057,Women Employment,Khamar Rahman,43177,Vanitha Jyothi Mahila Sangam,0,0,0,0 201,30261,Cassava and Plantain Farm Project,Jeddlee S Kinnii,25065,Foundation for Educational Loan Services,0,0,0,0 201,30844,Bring hope to 300 malnourished children in India,Prakash Michael,18531,Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti,0,0,0,0 201,31325,Seed money for poor Dalit widows & women with HIV,P.Sagayamary Tamilarasi,42659,Society for Women Education and Economic Thrust (SWEET),0,0,0,0 201,31523,SUSTAINABLE ERADICATION OF POVERTY IN KIMBI VILLAG,Nche Sam,41302,Family Outreach Ministry Cameroon (FOMCAM),0,0,0,0 201,31584,Entrepreneurship Training for 100 Kenyan Youth,Staci Alziebler-Perkins,40559,"Imagine x Inspire x Innovate Foundation, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,31607,Avocados as food and money,Theoneste Uwayezu,44473,Focus on mothers and children,0,0,0,0 201,31726,Old Aged Home for Needy Older Person,HARIPADA GIRI,11419,BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL SOCIETY,0,0,0,0 201,31762,Converting 5000 Unemployed to Start ups in Nigeria,Michael Okon,35447,Enterprise Club of Nigeria,0,0,0,0 201,31774,Basic needs for 100 Ex-Women Prisoners In Uganda,Noah Bawakuno,42935,WOMEN & CHILDREN AID IN THE PRISONS OF UGANDA,0,0,0,0 201,31802,Provide cows to 5 deprived families in Namayumba,TWDA Tusuubira Women's Development Agency,37465,Tusuubira Women's Development Agency,0,0,0,0 201,31812,Rooting Out Infant Malnutrition,Happy Arnold,39448,Youth in Agriculture for Economic Development,0,0,0,0 201,31861,WOMEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT FOR JUSTICE,Edward Saimon,29867,Umoja wa wawezeshaji KIOO,0,0,0,0 201,31908,Economic and Social Support for OVC,SEIFU WODAJ,47013,Concern For Integrated Devlopment,0,0,0,0 201,31923,Sustain 100 rural artisan women in Egypt,Shereen Allam,47655,AWTAD - Association for Women's Total Advancement and Development,0,0,0,0 201,31975,"Strengthening the Nutrition Program, 63 children",Fabián Sebastián Laguna Rodríguez,45991,Fundacion Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer,0,0,0,0 201,32019,Support 128 Disabled People Agriculture Machines,Timothy Achimpota,45706,Morogoro Development Organization (MODEO),0,0,0,0 201,27064,SUPPORT RURAL YOUTH & UNSKILLED LABOUR FOR SKILL D,sandeep kadam,26114,RAMPARVA SAMAJIK SHAIKSHANIK SEVA SAMITI,0,0,0,0 201,30735,Better Tomorrow By Educating Children Today,Christopher Nyika,44359,Zimbabwe Childrens Educational Trust,0,0,0,0 201,31402,Let Kids Be Kids-Save girls against child marriage,Javed Hussain,44948,Sindh Community Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,31510,COMPUTERS FOR DEAF STUDENTS.,Tumaini Ngajilo,33845,TANZANIA EMPOWERMENT FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITY AND GENDER HEALTH ORGANIZATION,0,0,0,0 201,31531,Build Library for 500+ children in Timor Leste,MAHON Training Center,44875,Many Hands One Nation (MAHON,0,0,0,0 201,31550,Educate 100 Underprivileged Tribal Girls in India,Dr. Vinod Prakash,25019,"India Development and Relief Fund, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,31572,Help 20 Children with Special needs in therapies,Sharon Society of Pondicherrry,41255,Sharon Society of Pondicherry,0,0,0,0 201,31577,Support 300 Ebola Orphans,Abu Bakkarr Sesay,40549,Preach Peace Organization,0,0,0,0 201,31587,Support for Education of 250 Poor Children,bruno savio,46108,SAMUGAM Trust,0,0,0,0 201,31622,CHIAS AND GINGERS GROWING PROJECT,Kiwole Awali,41717,KWAGAWA ORGANIC FARMERS,0,0,0,0 201,31655,Support Vulnerable Children,ISAIAH ODINGA,44196,ORECHA YOUTH GROUP,0,0,0,0 201,31661,"Help Ebola child survivors in Kali, Sierra-Leone",Blessing Rogers,34573,Hope for children International Inc,0,0,0,0 201,31667,Support girl child education in Malawi,Rockin Mwabanga,37769,Mtende Homecraft Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,31672,Help support NYC's only adventure playground,Rebecca Faulkner,45492,play:groundNYC,0,0,0,0 201,31690,To feed 300 Hungry Children by 2019 in India,Aleem Khan,37646,INDIRA WELFARE EDUCATION SOCIETY,0,0,0,0 201,31698,Education for 500 Refugee Children in Rural Uganda,Ntakiruti James Gihoma,42533,Youth Initiative for Development in Africa (YIDA),0,0,0,0 201,31702,Educate a Deprived poor and Marginalized Children,"Community,Action, Devpt,Liberative,Edu",39273,"Community Action, Development, Liberative and Education (CANDLE) NGO",0,0,0,0 201,31705,Build Education Awareness for young children,Sonti Mofokeng,42859,Ahisanang Sechaba,0,0,0,0 201,31732,Brighten poor Bangladeshi youths with technology,Mohammad Farooque,46191,Computer Literacy Program for Underprivileged,0,0,0,0 201,31734,CONSTRUCTION EARLY CHILDREN CENTRE IN TANZANIA.,Joseph Ndatala,6282,Ebeneza Group,0,0,0,0 201,31735,Youth Reconciliation Schools,Paula Monroy,44776,Fundacion para la Reconciliacion,0,0,0,0 201,31746,Educate a Child in India,sophia lawrence,34992,Society for Children and Womens Development (SCAWD),0,0,0,0 201,31796,Build Two Classrooms for Orphans in uganda,Robbinah Hakiza,25269,God's Mercy orphanage Centre,0,0,0,0 201,31801,SHOES FOR ORPHANS OUTREACH NIGERIA,GODWIN OSUNG,43709,Cohesive Communities Development Initiative,0,0,0,0 201,31811,Provide Laboratories to Nigerian rural schools,Nelly kusimo,45371,Society Empowerment for Transformation Initiative,0,0,0,0 201,31826,Educational Aid for Disadvantaged Children - Ghana,Bernd Brauer,46327,SAPH Vision Quest Association Inc. (t/a New Beginnings),0,0,0,0 201,31827,Build a School for 6500 Poor Children in Uganda,Blair Samuel Musasizi,41651,AFRICA FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (AFCOD-Uganda),0,0,0,0 201,31841,Give the Gift of Opportunity in Rural Guatemala,Brian Buntz,46187,Young Dreamer Network,0,0,0,0 201,31842,ENSURE CHILD RIGHTS &DEVELOPMENT THROUGH EDUCATION,Lipika Das Gupta,46368,Development of Health & Agriculture Rehabilitation Advancement (DHARA),0,0,0,0 201,31862,Provide lunch for 200 orphans in mile 91,Tanu Donald Suaray,26776,Orphans in Need Ministry Sierra Leone,0,0,0,0 201,31881,Computer Literacy Program in Iringa Tanzania,Maryline Mamuya,44723,Global Outreach Tanzania,0,0,0,0 201,31921,Widening the horizon of children through ICT,Deepa Rai,45660,Nepal Rises,0,0,0,0 201,31926,PROVISION OF BICYLES TO 60 SCHOOL GIRLS,Population Management Challenge,45014,POPULATION MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE,0,0,0,0 201,31936,Engaging Communities to Improve Schools in TZ,Amy Ewert,7212,Global Partners for Development,0,0,0,0 201,31955,Help orphanage graduate have access to resources,Andriy Nazarenko,10540,Orphans' Future Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,31983,Life Beyond Horizon !!,Dr R A Joseph,33396,Integrated Institute for the Disabled,0,0,0,0 201,31984,Help marginalized women through Tailoring Training,Otaigo Elisha,46715,BRIGHTEN DEVELOPMENT FOR WOMEN AND YOUTH ORGANIZATION,0,0,0,0 201,31995,A Better World,Victor Tello,45834,Promotora Mexicana de Valores Deportivos A.C.,0,0,0,0 201,31997,solar light for 50 rural schools in ghana,Timothy Fiadzoe,46257,PUBLIC INTEREST RESEARCH AND ADVOCACY NETWORK (PIRAN),0,0,0,0 201,32003,Breaking the cycle of unemployment in Africa,Jean NDONGUI,46461,LEB CONGO,0,0,0,0 201,32030,Educate Out of School Zambian Rural Girls,Paul Zulu,46519,Sport-Aid Development Trust,0,0,0,0 201,28375,Sponsor Tailoring and Beautician Course for Women,Awadhesh Kumar,35846,Balajee Sewa Sansthan,0,0,0,0 201,30611,"Education and Healthcare to 2,500 BAKASSI Children",TRIUMPH NYONG,40733,LIFE-SAVING CENTRE,0,0,0,0 201,31004,Empower 320 Women in Northern Pakistan,KIDF Pakistan,34293,Karakuram International Development Foundation (KIDF) Pakistan,0,0,0,0 201,31154,Empowering Communities to End Child Marriage,Pearson Malisau,45081,Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI),0,0,0,0 201,31525,Help 50 orphan girls hygiene and sanitation,Hassain SyedC,37301,Star Youth Association,0,0,0,0 201,31561,Save a Youth from Spousal Abuse in Ghana,Sophia Atadana,44204,Bendoweh Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,31588,End early marriages for 3400 girls in Malawi,Dan Nthara,46050,Foundation for Community and Capacity Development,0,0,0,0 201,31616,Bring Reproductive Health to Youths in Adaklu,Samuel Yao Atidzah,38601,GOSANET FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 201,31618,House homeless women w/wo children.,Cheryl Howard,41117,"Accompanied By God's Love, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,31663,Save 250 Girls from FGM,Chris Paul Mbuvi,42952,msasi,0,0,0,0 201,31693,Community Development,Mary Broach,47021,Tabitha USA,0,0,0,0 201,31694,Low - Tech Irrigation Pumps for women Farmers,Ripples Foundation USA,44085,Ripples Foundation USA,0,0,0,0 201,31797,Increase Breast Cancer Awareness in Bangladesh,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,42488,Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness Society,0,0,0,0 201,31834,IMPROVED AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES FOR 80 KOLO WIDOWS,Reinah Akinyi,28548,KOLOO WIDOWS SELF HELP GROUP,0,0,0,0 201,31836,Develop 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Indian Villages,Santosh Parulekar,34384,PIPAL TREE FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 201,31920,Stop Child Marriages- Send a girl to School,Kenwilliams Mhango,29139,African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect,0,0,0,0 201,31927,Light from Solar for 250 Tribal Families in India,GUZZARLAMUDI. Z VARAKUMAR,47432,KANTHI SAMSTHA,0,0,0,0 201,31956,Educate rural girls in Nepal to stop going abroad,Narayan Maharjan,35819,FOCUS NEPAL,0,0,0,0 201,31982,Empowerment of Widows through Micro-Enterprises,Thomasamma Kommareddy,47387,Development Society for Poor,0,0,0,0 201,31988,Support Children & GBV Survivors in Rumbek S.Sudan,Mangar Mawut,46764,Pro-active Green Movement 'n Peace Vehicle,0,0,0,0 201,31994,Providing services to 300 GBV survivors in Somalia,Fadwo Jim'alle,47226,Somali Women and Child Care Association,0,0,0,0 201,32022,Train and Change Lives of 500 Women and Girls,Joseph Pumai,46769,People's Action For Rural Development,0,0,0,0 201,32052,I need help attend Vimukti School with dignity,Lavalina Sogani,10652,Vimukti Sanstha,0,0,0,0 201,32053,Let's Make Talking about Periods Normal,Anamika Lama,28554,Childreach Nepal,0,0,0,0 201,27929,Fight cholera outbrake in Zomba rural district,Sammy Aaron,39744,Action Hope Malawi,0,0,0,0 201,30334,Orphans are taken care of in masera village.,elddah onyancha,34616,Dominion AIDS Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,30809,School Sanitation Tanzania,kari korhonen,43803,Art in Tanzania,0,0,0,0 201,30990,Health Facilities at your door (700 Villagers),Ajhar Ali,11750,Nav Bhartiya Nari Vikas Samiti,0,0,0,0 201,31528,Boxing grannies,claude Maphosa,39592,A team fitness lifestyle,0,0,0,0 201,31534,Community Health - Test and Treat!,Elizabeth Selhore,44366,Sahara CFRCAR (Centre for Residential Care And Rehabilitation,0,0,0,0 201,31600,Save 80 Ugandan albinos from Skin Cancer,Michael Sabiiti,14355,Site for Community Services Programme(SCOSP),0,0,0,0 201,31628,Educate a child to break the chain of illiteracy.,Bwambale Eugene,35396,Basu Community Rural Development Organisation,0,0,0,0 201,31633,Donate birth kits to save 1000 women in Nigeria,Muhammad Saddiq,34403,Rural Health Mission Nigeria,0,0,0,0 201,31691,Treating 2500 Poor TB Patients in Rural Delhi,Dr. T. Singh,7126,OPTIMIST ORGANISATION,0,0,0,0 201,31711,Moringa for Nutritional Health of 1000 children,TOSSOU Béranger,30784,YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA),0,0,0,0 201,31714,Bowl of love,alexandra celestin,46651,Lakou Association,0,0,0,0 201,31720,Centre for the rehabilitation of children (Dnipro),Catherine Gavrilenko,34350,Charity fund POMOGAEM,0,0,0,0 201,31766,NOSTALGIA SENIOR THEATRE RENOVATION,Mikheil Tsitsishvili,34425,Catharsis,0,0,0,0 201,31783,"Healthcare for 8,000 people from Kolkata slums",Jaydeep Chakraborty,36960,Calcutta Rescue,0,0,0,0 201,31806,Building of a Mother & Child Unit in Tanzania,Health Amplifier,46030,Health Amplifier,0,0,0,0 201,31848,Build 150 toilets for 150 families in South India,Sheila Benjamin,45920,South Central India Network for Development Alternatives (SCINDeA),0,0,0,0 201,31905,Rehabilitation for 75 victims of Human trafficking,Chidiebere Anyanwu,46896,The Smile Mission INT'L,0,0,0,0 201,31989,Free Healthcare Hospital for 300 Orphans & Widows,USAIDIZI ORPHANS,45341,USAIDIZI ORPHANS ORGANIZATION,0,0,0,0 201,31990,Solar kits for safe motherhood in Bugiri,mulinda robert,47091,Young Mothers Health Initiatives Uganda,0,0,0,0 201,30957,Health for 120 children in Mexico,Adriana Zapata,39460,Fundacion Casa Alianza Mexico I.A.P.,0,0,0,0 201,31422,A Home for All,Anne Noble,42154,"The Lord's Place, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,31570,HRFP's Safe House for 50 Minority Victims Per Year,Naveed Walter,43842,Human Rights Focus Pakistan,0,0,0,0 201,31712,Help Homeless Needy People in India,Vijay Kshirsagar,43147,Sahyadri Gramin Vikas Bahuddeshiya Sanstha,0,0,0,0 201,31759,vzw de Sfeer,Heidi Lowie,39131,vzw de Sfeer,0,0,0,0 201,31764,Help for Disabled Support Program in india,SANJAY RATHOD,14387,SAIRAM HEALTH CARE CHARITABLE TRUST,0,0,0,0 201,31765,Help Renovate 100 Damaged Houses.,R . BALU,14869,BUDDHA OUTCAST SOCIAL SOCIETY - BOSS,0,0,0,0 201,31865,Mobility for 50 Romanians with disabilities,Anca Beudean,46237,Fundatia Motivation Romania,0,0,0,0 201,32013,Supporting Human Rights Education in Africa,Abdul-Ghani Oyaifo,39180,International Society for Peace and Safety,0,0,0,0 201,32021,Combating Xenophobia in South Africa,Arnold Badza,43757,Swahili Language Board of Southern Africa,0,0,0,0 201,32054,Empowering human rights for 500 returnees,Sake Mathieu,46729,Association Communautaire pour la Promotion et Protection des Droits de l'Homme- ACPDH,0,0,0,0 201,29618,Halli Club,Heidi Naude,40042,Halli Trust - Non-Profit Organisation,0,0,0,0 201,31701,Soccer for Peace Africa,Appolinaire ZAGABE,17347,PEPA/Organization (Pleaders of Children and Elderly people At risk),0,0,0,0 201,31945,Rock'a'Fellas Football Club & Netball club,Nino Solomons,45689,Rock'a'fellas Football Club,0,0,0,0 201,31785,Solar Alternative to Kerosene Lamps in Afghanistan,Nasem Zahed,34701,Sustainable Development Organization for Women- SDOFW,0,0,0,0 201,28925,Help us Fight Hunger in Bogota,Banco de alimentos Bogota,35057,Banco de Alimentos de Bogota,0,0,0,0 201,31504,ACTION AGAINST HUNGER,Oladele Afunmiso,43867,Consolation Foundation For Less Priviledge,0,0,0,0 201,31630,"Fund for Provide Cloths, Food & Dinner",Ahilya Sanstha Latur,31957,"Ahilya Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Latur",0,0,0,0 201,31987,Compost Pit for Food Security of a tribal Family,Ameen Charles,17336,Community Development Centre,0,0,0,0 201,32011,Stabilizing the livelihoods of 600 IDPs in Mundri,Bejur Paul Anthony,47285,Rural Vision south Sudan,0,0,0,0 201,31414,Rescue the El Cano Archaeological Park museum,Jack Mayo,43630,Fundacion El Cano,0,0,0,0 201,31853,ATAT Project,PREM GROVER,41177,SEVAC Foundation Uganda,0,0,0,0 201,31894,Art as a basis for peace for children in Sincelejo,CARLOS ANDRES HOYOS RUIZ,47066,corporacion cultural INCLUARTE,0,0,0,0 201,32016,Help Disadvantaged Children Thrive through Arts,Emmanuel Muhire,39632,Ingeri Arts,0,0,0,0 201,31831,Aware on Transgender rights 500 Government bodies,Raju Lama,38809,Sudur Paschim Samaj,0,0,0,0 201,31527,Save the forest of gibbons in Indonesia !,Constance Cluset,42645,Kalaweit,0,0,0,0 201,32142,Save 2000 children from child marriage,Sankalpa Community Based Rehabilitation-Nepal,46848,Sankalpa Community Based Rehabilitation-Nepal (Sankalpa CBR-Nepal),0,0,0,0 201,32165,"Help 50 Orphan,Disabled,HIV+ children in India",Vijaya Bhaskar,45366,THERESSA MAHILA MANDALI,0,0,0,0 201,32229,Mini Managers Work Prevention In Your Community,Rodolfo Alva,46064,ALTERNATIVA CENTRO DE INVESTIGACION SOCIAL Y EDUCACION POPULAR,0,0,0,0 201,32312,Children Camp Kozara 2018,Murisa Maric,45790,Udruzenje gradjana Demokratija-Organizovanje-Napredak,0,0,0,0 201,32333,CHILD EDUCATION CHILD RIGHTS AND PROTECTION,CHAKKUMAR ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE CASS,45115,CHAK KUMAR ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE,0,0,0,0 201,32388,End Violence Against Children in Communities,Sok Phay Sean,35816,Child Helpline Cambodia (CHC),0,0,0,0 201,32457,Educate and Empower 50 girl children in India,Praveen Vempadapu,13446,Kidpower (A Welfare Society),0,0,0,0 201,32458,save 1500 children from sexual abuse in Ejigbo,Ogechukwu Ezeokoli,45763,Teens Economic and SociaL development Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32462,Half - way House - Damian,Ranc Emanuel,41700,Ranc Emanuel,0,0,0,0 201,32164,Turning Waste into Wealth,NPO RRAA,43873,Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan,0,0,0,0 201,32258,"Support IOP Plant 5,000 trees in Ilula Township",Atilio Mbungu,35354,Ilula Orphan Program,0,0,0,0 201,32331,Decent Water for 500 Rural Dwellers,Tola Winjobi,47725,CAFSO-WRAG for Development,0,0,0,0 201,32422,"Help Support 40,000 Organic Farmers in Nigeria",Ogbonnaya Edu,38231,FARM AWARENESS FOR FOOD PRESERVATION INITIATIVE,0,0,0,0 201,32443,City by City,Nicole Harris,45580,Climate Mobilization Project,0,0,0,0 201,32189,Make Participatory Budgeting a Reality in Kenya,Yves Niyiragira,47808,Fahamu Africa,0,0,0,0 201,32315,Reduce neonatal mortality in Eastern Ukraine,Christian CARRER,41288,International Humanitarian Foundation AICM Ukraine,0,0,0,0 201,32392,Help to setup permanent Community Disaster Radio,JOHN NELSON,46905,SARANALAYAM,0,0,0,0 201,32078,Life Skills Education to 200 rural teenage mothers,Caroline Adio,46567,Rural Women and Youth in Development Uganda,0,0,0,0 201,32116,Milling Machine For Orphans-Led Households Uvinza,Anthony Kilugala,45652,Women Rights Action Group (WRAG),0,0,0,0 201,32139,Build 1 Craft Centre for 300 artisans at Kibera,Laban Mtware,39252,KENYA INITIATIVE ON SELF SUSTAINABILITY,0,0,0,0 201,32147,Build a Collection Center for Oregano Growers,Fundacion NTD,47402,Fundacion NTD Ingredientes,0,0,0,0 201,32152,Provide 120 teen mothers with vocational skills,Pacifique ICYIMANITEGETSE,47095,Teen Mothers Integrated,0,0,0,0 201,32162,Empower 100 Youth with Disabilities in Rwenzori,Josephat Muhindo,47421,Karambi Group of People with Disabilities,0,0,0,0 201,32267,Establishing 30 Women Entrepreneurs in India,Savita Jadhav,36757,Sadhana Institute For Sustainable Development,0,0,0,0 201,32317,Empowering the Needy in Kenya,shonasisters womengroup,47552,SHONA SISTERS WOMEN GROUP,0,0,0,0 201,32344,Dehydrator Food by Solar Energy,Antonio Angeles,45506,"Ecologia y Comunidad Sustentable, A.C.",0,0,0,0 201,32345,Train 150 unemployed graduates in Cameroon,NELSON AMMEN,38338,The Association for Integrated Sustainable Development Initiatives,0,0,0,0 201,32371,Processes of productive rejuvenation and modificat,Fidel Marcos Fernández Cubas,44286,ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVES OF THE PERUVIAN AMAZONIA,0,0,0,0 201,32377,Help People with Lupus in Nicaragua,Johana Patricia Blandon Argeñal,42970,FOUNDATION OF SYSTEMIC ERITEMATOSOUS LUPUS OF NICARAGUA,0,0,0,0 201,32410,Solve un employment for 1000 youth in Africa,Solomon Kayiwa Mugambe,47752,Mentor Coach Empower Uganda,0,0,0,0 201,32414,LEARN 100 BURUNDIAN YOUTH TO FISH IN AGRIBUSINESS,MBANZAGUSERUKA Christian,47105,"Burundian Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, BCIE",0,0,0,0 201,32425,Halfway-house for 100 ex-inmate in Nigeria Prisons,Maduagwu Florence,31664,GLOBAL PRISON OUTREACH INT'L,0,0,0,0 201,32465,Empowerment of Rural Women on sustainable practice,Shantharam R S,43386,Deepa Academy for the Differently Abled,0,0,0,0 201,32073,Education and Skills Development for At-Risk Youth,Edward Swisshelm,46515,Innovations and Technical Services,0,0,0,0 201,32079,"Teaching 10,000 Kenyan Children to Read",Lenka McAlinden,45224,Just be a Child,0,0,0,0 201,32084,"EDUCATION for 220 VULNERABLE STUDENT, TURKANA",TUBAE CBO,46115,Turkana Bio Aloe Organization (TUBAE),0,0,0,0 201,32129,Provide employable skills to Youth age 16-18 years,Juliet Abajong,47279,Basic Foundation for Women Empowerment,0,0,0,0 201,32138,Schools Support Fund,Children's Hope,46589,Childrens Hope Initiative - Sierra Leone,0,0,0,0 201,32143,Send 250 Ebola and Mudslide Orphans to School,Mohamed Koroma,43607,Jersey African Support Services,0,0,0,0 201,32153,School Materials for Orphans in Kigoma Rural,Isack Credo,45832,Youth Development and Relief Association (YODERA),0,0,0,0 201,32161,Access to Quality Education to 500 Ghanaian girls,Michael Ologo,43445,Apostle Padi Ologo Traditional Birth Centre,0,0,0,0 201,32175,Provide Free Education to 50 Tribal Children,Mahaila Ningshen,46075,TRIBAL CULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY,0,0,0,0 201,32177,Sponsor Educational Trips for 150 Indian Children,Outreach Pudiyador,47301,Pudiyador Association for Community Empowerment,0,0,0,0 201,32190,Build 2 Dormitories for 600 girls in Samburu,Daniel Lekisembe,45348,Samburu childrens programme,0,0,0,0 201,32191,Back To School Campaign For 180 Pupils,Florence Ogonegbu,47312,Mega Impact Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32202,We need friends for improving lives,Amigos De San Cristóbal,44893,Amigos de San Cristobal AC,0,0,0,0 201,32203,Provide Chairs & Tables-St.Mary's School-Belize,Rev John Clark,46043,St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church,0,0,0,0 201,32208,"Teach computer 46,000 underprivileged students.",Mamoudou Doukouré,46507,Educations Services,0,0,0,0 201,32209,Empowering 224 Disadvantaged Guinean Children,Bernadette Sylla,44481,"Thee Bee Project, Inc",0,0,0,0 201,32232,Education is the key for 1000 children in Kole,Adong Winnie,44529,Ladder Ministries Uganda,0,0,0,0 201,32240,Make Entrepreneurship Accessible,Juliana Cardona,36190,Street Entreprenerus,0,0,0,0 201,32260,Benefit School Aged Girls,Dessisa Kabeta Bante,40889,Vision of Community Development Association,0,0,0,0 201,32261,Supporting Education of 25 Children with HIV,Maria Peres,47008,Committed Communities Development Trust,0,0,0,0 201,32262,education and food for 350 rural girls in India,VINOD KUMAR KANATHIA,31966,ADI GRAM SAMITI,0,0,0,0 201,32285,Child rescue mission and Education,Simaloi Joshua,46909,Mwanga Community Based Organization,0,0,0,0 201,32302,Help in Renovating AGAPE ECD School,Nicholas Juma,47189,Uzima Aid,0,0,0,0 201,32318,Overcoming Religious Objections to Family Planning,Luca Badini,47494,Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research,0,0,0,0 201,32321,WASH MODEL SCHOOLS,Pradeep Khadka,43272,Splash Nepal,0,0,0,0 201,32329,Solar Energy for Education in Puerto Rico,Luis Rodriguez,45677,Friedrich Froebel Bilingual School,0,0,0,0 201,32335,Educate 250 Slum children in India,Nitesh Paliwal,10648,SHRESTHA,0,0,0,0 201,32336,Education for 400 disabled children in Tanzania,Teresa Wells,47485,EdUKaid,0,0,0,0 201,32342,Authors in School Programming,Lynn Alberding,45886,"Wondermore, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,32346,Zanzibar Alternative Learning Pathways (ZALP),cathryn maccallum,32090,Sazani Associates,0,0,0,0 201,32350,Develop 70 mentors for Fatherless youth in Oregon,Tim Davis,44799,Brothers of Valor,0,0,0,0 201,32368,FOOD TECHNOLOGY FOR 200 GIRLS MUZINDA SCHOOL,NTIGIRINZIGO MOISE,45545,INITIATIVE FOR PROMOTING RURAL HEALTH AND INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT IN BURUNDI,0,0,0,0 201,32378,"Gift a Digital Tablet, open a world of learning !",Geoffrey Kilonzo,47023,Imara Academy,0,0,0,0 201,32380,Gift a smile to 100 unprivileged children,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,39064,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 201,32381,Liberation of the Girl Child Through Education,CISE Cisemalawi,37556,CISE Malawi,0,0,0,0 201,32399,Education Support for 200 Poor Indian Girls,Srinivas Angara,40529,MAHILA MARGADARSHI,0,0,0,0 201,32402,Educating 400 vulnerable children in Juba County,Aboi Talib,47367,Mubadiroon Organization,0,0,0,0 201,32404,Care and Education Support for Orphan Children,Niru C,12890,Smile always Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32412,Kagoma County Rural Poverty Alleviation Project,Isa Maganda,46202,Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre,0,0,0,0 201,32415,Grow&Cook classes for 50 disadvantaged Hants kids,Catherine Waters-Clark,47486,Inspero,0,0,0,0 201,32428,AFLATOXIN MANAGEMENT 4 INCREASED WEALTH AND HEALTH,KING DAVID AMOAH,39530,Ecumenical Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (ECASARD),0,0,0,0 201,32433,"Young people, the future of our society",Shemaya Asociatia,37042,Shemaya Association,0,0,0,0 201,32440,EDUCATE AND SHELTER 150 TERROR VICTIMS IN NIGERIA,Aina Odusola,40557,The Friends of Refugees and Displaced Persons Initiative (a.k.a The FORD Initiative),0,0,0,0 201,32442,Hostel for 300 girls Malili,Peter Chanza,42771,"Love,Faith and Hope Ministries 2013",0,0,0,0 201,32446,Supporting Poor Girls in Higher Education,Abdul Ghafoor,45290,Hamdam Development Organization,0,0,0,0 201,32448,Support 250 marginalized girls back to school,Society for Women Development,30828,SOCIETY FOR WOMEN DEVELOPMENT AND EMPOWERMENT OF NIGERIA,0,0,0,0 201,32449,Prerana Nurture Merit - Rural Empowerment,Ram Sastry,36885,PRERANA,0,0,0,0 201,32451,Teach Preschoolers Tomorrow's Skills Today in TT,Miriam Davis,43487,The Cotton Tree Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32463,Nurturing the talent of the future!,Blayne George,43498,Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust,0,0,0,0 201,32085,Shelter and Farming for 78 homeless Ugandan women.,Ndagire Hope Lydia,46802,CHEL Child Mothers Development Organization.,0,0,0,0 201,32110,EmpowHer through Film: Help Girls Tell their story,Solomon Asuquo,39503,African Girls Empowerment Network,0,0,0,0 201,32188,End Poverty Among Rural Women,Kilby Lungu,40230,Gender Files Limited,0,0,0,0 201,32215,Support 140 Widows in Handiwork Skills in Kasese,Baluku Richard,45676,Mama Dorika's Island Of Happiness - MDIH,0,0,0,0 201,32216,Help us to support 8 women empowerment programs,Alexius Anselme Manyanda,44912,Peace Building and Capacity Development Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32231,Enhancing Employability through skill training,Jonathan Karyampudi,47514,Rural Care Ministries,0,0,0,0 201,32323,Creativity that Empowers Orphans and Widows,Kelly NGYAH,17400,Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association (MAHSRA),0,0,0,0 201,32328,Preparing 1000 UK young people to learn by leading,Veronica Martin,38435,Aleto Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32349,Help keep 50 Challenged Girls in School in Nigeria,Sandra Omo Idugboe,42587,Safe Love International,0,0,0,0 201,32387,Help Teen Girls Make Social Justice Theatre/Music!,Toya Lillard,45243,viBe Theater Experience,0,0,0,0 201,32403,8000 miles can save a mother's life,Deqa Salat,46860,Hear Women Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32453,Gabby Harris Anti-Violence Scholarship Program,Vachenzia McKinney,33253,"Le Dujour HERO Village of the Mid-South, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,32470,BUILD LIBRARY/COMMUITY HALL FOR 300 ZAMBIANS,Lillie Situnyama Zulu,39478,CHIKULUPILILO EMPOWERMENT (CECO),0,0,0,0 201,32081,Maternal Health for Unreached Women,Raja Shaleem Samuel Gill,33139,United Care Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32092,Spread of Hepatits B & HIV: Support Children/women,Jim Morrison,42057,Health Development Project -Sierra Leone,0,0,0,0 201,32105,Educate 300 students of HIV and poverty in India,Ruwndar Joykumar,39859,Christian Social Development Organisation,0,0,0,0 201,32225,HELPS THE NEWBORN AND AN ADOLESCENT MOTHER,ONGEDES fundación,42054,ONG GESTION Y DESARROLLO SUSTENTABLE -ONGEDES-,0,0,0,0 201,32226,1000 Care Packages,Keshia Adams,45818,Liftying You For Tomorrow's Success Inc,0,0,0,0 201,32307,Provide Shelter for 50 Street Children in Nigeria,Eno Okpo,41084,E-Enable (Enabled to Enable),0,0,0,0 201,32382,SOLAR ENERGY AT UPON THIS ROCK MEDICAL CENTER,James Umekwe,41838,Clarrion Call Inc.,0,0,0,0 201,32384,Homedika: Healthcare Is In Your Hand,Gamal Albinsaid,39378,Indonesia Medika,0,0,0,0 201,32389,"Donate $22,000 in Mattress and Blankets to Orphans",Rick Jackson,42877,AYUDA AL NINO BOLIVIAN,0,0,0,0 201,32397,Empower 1000 Diabetics via Therapeutics Booklets,Tania Mokeerunsingh,44881,APSA International,0,0,0,0 201,32460,Save Mother & Child lives with bicycle ambulances,,47713,Women and Children First (UK),0,0,0,0 201,32156,Support Birds O'Prey Wrestling,Susan Ruppel,35363,"Fauquier Sports Foundation, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,32233,Teach 50 kids to swim in Benin,,40860,Swim Benin,0,0,0,0 201,32396,BUILD INDIA THROUGH SPORTS (BITS),Kammela Sai Baba,42885,Sports Coaching Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32423,Empower and Support Children through SoccerAcademy,Pascal L.,45098,Mengo Youth Development Link,0,0,0,0 201,32435,BUILD INTER-ETHNIC TOLERANCE THROUGH SPORT,Azra B.,44922,"Uduzenje za sport,edukaciju i rekreaciju START",0,0,0,0 201,32454,London Youth Games Runs The Big Half Marathon,Nicky Affleck,36136,London Youth Games Foundation,0,0,0,0 201,32125,Reliable Air-to-Energy & Water Access for All,Varnell Castor,47738,"Castor Air 2 Electricity & Water Solutions, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,32256,Support technology for future generation Tanzania,Robert Kawala,38957,Empathy Development Vision,0,0,0,0 201,32134,Feed 100 Children and Help them Plant their Garden,Dan wagidoso,33302,Community Child Development Orphanage,0,0,0,0 201,32319,Support The Archetype UK at World of Dance LA,Daisy Byaruhanga Ayesiga,18718,Innovative Vision organisation (IVO),0,0,0,0 201,32363,Rescuing communities with mimic activities,Luz Piza,40853,"Organizacion de Educacion Ambiental, A.C.",0,0,0,0 201,32140,Improved HIV/AIDS and STI care services among MSM,olubiyi oludipe,47322,Improved Sexual Health & Rights Advocacy Initiative,0,0,0,0 201,32242,Contaminated Water Project for 600 Families,Mary Michelle Arsenault,44710,KIWONNONGO FOUNDATION INC,0,0,0,0 201,32394,Water Access for Deprived Children in Rural India,vijay mathew,47221,earth&us,0,0,0,0 201,32223,CIC-DIAGONESTIC CENTRE TO SUPPORT SPECIAL CASES,Thomas Lomnan Jabon,42156,AFRICA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE,0,0,0,0 201,32359,"2 Farm Wells in Kentira, Morocco",Leighton OConnor,42238,"Good Hope, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,32490,HELP US HELP LUCY!,Anne Sommer,46089,Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals,0,0,0,0 201,32480,Restore hearing to 420 children affect by HIV/AIDS,Louis Banag,47563,African Aid Organization,0,0,0,0 201,32532,Equip 250 OCKHI Affected Tribal Children Education,Ramkumar Selva,9316,CENTRE FOR SOCIAL RECONSTRUCTION,0,0,0,0 201,32471,Ten motorcycles for garbage collection,abdel aziz diallo,47060,Action For Africa (AFA),0,0,0,0 201,32492,HELP 2000 FAMILIES COOK SAFELY IN KENYA,Joram Mathenge,29177,KIANGURE SPRINGS ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE,0,0,0,0 201,32515,Drought Management and Relief Food Aid Project,Eston Kakhome,31786,Evangelical Alliance for Relief and Development(EVARD),0,0,0,0 201,32487,SKILL TRAINING FOR TRIBAL YOUTHS IN KALAHANDI,Abhimanyu Rana,35112,Kalahandi Organisation for Agricultue and Rural Marketing Initiative (KARMI),0,0,0,0 201,32498,IMPROVEMENT OF FISH CULTIVATION CAPACITIES IN ASOC,Teresilda Alvan Mroi,42836,ONGD ATUPCAN,0,0,0,0 201,32526,Welfare Monthly Scheme for Widows,Khalid Hameed,46129,Al Rehman Welfare Organization,0,0,0,0 201,32475,THE POOR ORPHANS AND OLD AGE HOME,Mrs.Vaddi Ratna Ross,35318,ASSIST MINISTRIES,0,0,0,0 201,32481,Computer literacy for 600 youth and orphans,Nomvula Ntshakala,33533,Jabavu tholimpilo care,0,0,0,0 201,32488,Education for Special Needs Children in Nigeria,Basirat Razaq-Shuaib,41735,The Winford Centre for Children and Women,0,0,0,0 201,32491,CST Enrichment Programs,Christi McDaniel,31547,Children Striving Together,0,0,0,0 201,32493,"Build 3 Classrooms for 113 pupils in Hohoe, Ghana",Peter Koomson,46921,Pyramid Centre for Sustainable Development-Pyramid Ghana,0,0,0,0 201,32495,"Hospitality Vocational Training, Myanmar",Aline Albasini,45667,Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud - FXB International,0,0,0,0 201,32496,Empowering Peru - Early Childhood Infobarometer,Lourdes Herencia,29135,Asociacion Salgalu para el Desarrollo,0,0,0,0 201,32501,A BUILDING FOR EDUCATION,Gugulethu Boa,47703,KIDS FIRST ORGANISATION,0,0,0,0 201,32511,Promote 50 First Generation Graduates in Trichy-TN,Manickam Padmavathi,10938,Community Renovation and Organisation Advancement Trust (COROAT),0,0,0,0 201,32523,Reducing poverty by Accelerating Girls Education i,Hassan Maku,41232,Olivu Women Association for Development,0,0,0,0 201,32543,Classroom Furniture For Samahuru High School,Collin Nyabadza,36346,Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT),0,0,0,0 201,32479,Reel Camps for Girls,Vera Zambonelli,45059,Hawaii Women in Filmmaking,0,0,0,0 201,32476,"2000 students in Nairobi, in dire need of toilets",Lawrence Dieto,30042,Child Regional Education Support Services (Cress Kenya),0,0,0,0 201,32485,Mercy in Motion for 100 in Zambia and Sierra Leone,Elaine Livas,47452,Mobility Worldwide,0,0,0,0 201,32522,Healthcare to 500 vulnerable youth in Kenya,Judith Namasaka,44370,africandivinechurchselfhelpgrouporganisation,0,0,0,0 201,32499,Counter Extremism through educating Kids for Peace,Ms Haleema Akram,41236,Health And Rural Development (HARD) Balochistan,0,0,0,0 111,32037,Build 1x4 classroom block for 300 pupils in Zambia,Dhally Menda,47062,Save the Girls,"1,000",11,0,"1,000" 110,31562,Empower a Girl: For Self-Reliance in Uganda,George Obua,41987,Kole Intellectual Forum,"1,022",31,0,"1,022" 109,32310,Mujeres Adelante,Sarah Marjane,28541,Partners for Andean Community Health (PACH),"1,050",18,0,"1,050" 108,32040,Rehabilitating coral reefs damaged by bleaching,Andrew Bruckner,47556,Coral Reef CPR Corporation,"1,055",17,0,"1,055" 107,32004,TRAIN 200 NIGERIAN YOUTHS TO BE SELF-RELIANT,Orogun Andrew,45557,Allis Vivere Foundation,"1,141",23,0,"1,141" 106,31563,Van to conduct literacy programmes in South Africa,Taryn Lock,38059,Let's Read to Rise,"1,223",7,0,"1,223" 105,31792,CAPE TOWN DROUGHT RELIEF FOR THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS,test test,46269,The Cape of Good Hope SPCA,"1,266",38,0,"1,266" 104,32214,Educate 3000 children against societal risks,Mai Huong Nguyen,41234,Alliance Anti Trafic,"1,310",20,0,"1,310" 103,32297,Support 40 orphans and make school improvements,Cossy Kiyingi,47354,Happy Totos Foundation,"1,320",4,0,"1,320" 102,32100,Sponsor Valle Arriba-Medicine & Clean Water,Brendan Sieber,47795,John Carroll University,"1,366",21,0,"1,366" 101,31937,Hope for 500 UK women affected by trauma & abuse,Naomi Salisbury,47568,Self injury Support,"1,444",45,0,"1,444" 100,32309,Rotary Shelterbus for the Homeless in Birmingham,Courtney Rachal,47434,Rotary Club of Birmingham Breakfast Charitable Trust,"1,464",39,0,"1,464" 99,32341,"Help feed Hurricane Maria's 50,000 refugees in FL",MEANS Database,46012,"MEANS Database, Inc.","1,547",17,0,"1,547" 98,31911,Educate 600 girls in Faisalabad Pakistan,Tahir Masood,47374,"Education, Awareness & Community Health (EACH)","1,564",43,0,"1,564" 97,32438,Early intervention for special needs kids in India,Tamahar Trust,36724,Tamahar Trust,"1,686",10,0,"1,686" 96,31813,Robotic Project for 60 students in Cundinamarca,Andrea Lombo,43947,Fundacion Vision 20-20 Colombia,"1,745",4,0,"1,745" 95,31980,Teach reading and writing to 450 illiterate Uganda,Kezabu Resty Mutaawe,47092,Change African Child International,"1,885",2,0,"1,885" 94,32020,Native Language Story Books for Ladakhi Children,Sujata Sahu,43168,17000 ft Foundation,"1,990",14,0,"1,990" 200,31529,Save The Newborn in North Gonja District,Habib Haruna,43576,Pure Trust Social Investors Foundation,10,1,0,10 200,31708,Rehabilitation of children from prison,Maxwell Chambari,47273,Care At The Core of Humanity (CATCH),10,1,0,10 200,32026,Help Investigate Eco-Crimes in Southern Africa,Anne Driffill,44394,Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalists NPC,10,1,0,10 200,31863,Restore Health To 5000 Ibadan People With Diabetes,Benjamin Olorunfemi,46252,Rays Of Hope Support Initiative,10,1,0,10 200,31854,Empower 50 Nigerian Trafficked Victims,Joseph Osuigwe,41772,Devatop Centre for Africa Development,10,1,0,10 200,31501,Clean Water for Govt Primary School Children,Gopalakrishnan palanisamy,43857,"SOCIETY FOR EDUCATIONAL ,ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT",10,1,0,10 200,32049,"Save Life of 1,500 Donkeys in Afghanistan",Samiullah khan,45286,Active Help Organization for Women and Children- AHOWC,10,1,0,10 200,32288,Help for Shelter Rescues Animals from Slaughter,Daniela Shehu,46656,Jill Phipps associazione etica antispecista,10,1,0,10 200,32361,Building a Community School in Slum Areas in Egypt,Aliaa Abd ElAziz,47378,Tawasol for Developing Istabl Antar NGO,10,1,0,10 200,32326,Empower 350 Widows/Youths in Nawfija town Nigeria,Virginia Ifeadiro,47471,Initiative for Food Environment and health Society,10,1,0,10 200,32291,"Pilot sex ed app with 1000 teens in NM, MS, and TX",Vichi Jagannathan,46980,"MyHealthEd, Inc.",10,1,0,10 200,32362,Building a school for the poorest children,abdullah alsuraihi,36872,youth for homeland (YFH),10,1,0,10 200,32374,Empower 300 kids for a decent living,Rajneesh Ranjan,34420,OM Foundation,10,1,0,10 200,32185,Support a Daasanach girl with School Fees in Kenya,Siggi Hosenfeld,46962,Daasanach Development Organization,10,1,0,10 200,32252,"Empowering & Training 10,000 African Women Champs!",LiveWell Initiative,27304,LiveWell Initiative LWI,10,1,0,10 200,32334,"Health Care for 10,000 Women and their babies",George William Akora,14219,Youth and Women Empowerment (YAWE) Foundation,10,1,0,10 200,32379,End the Starvation of 100 Teenage Mothers & babies,Franklin Abugri,42636,Well-Live Ghana,10,1,0,10 200,32432,Reconstruction Of Animal Shelter in Latvia,Dana Sablinska,41147,The Pet's Second Home / Otra maja dzivniekiem,10,1,0,10 200,32494,Rehabilitate 300 Cacao Farms in Southern Belize,Gabriel Pop,46774,Na'lu'um Cacao Institute,10,1,0,10 14,32068,Enable 1500 Kenyan Rural Farmers for Agribusiness,Consolata Achieng,45940,The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust - Kenya,"10,300",57,0,"10,300" 13,31839,Help 100 traumatized Palestinian children succeed,Wendy Blome,45418,American Friends of the Spafford Children's Center,"10,616",82,0,"10,616" 12,31942,Transform teens who have family in prison,Amy Friedman,45741,"POPStheclub.com, Inc. (DBA POPS the Club)","10,833",149,0,"10,833" 173,31925,Build 6 toilet facilities for 300 people of Swada,Hopeworks Ghana,44112,Hopeworks Ghana,100,4,0,100 173,32194,Restore Hope To PTSD Grenfell Tower Children,Simone Haynes,47553,Principles In Finance,100,4,0,100 173,32324,Project Hearts-N-Tails,Ulrike Szalay,46771,Canines-N-Kids Foundation,100,4,0,100 173,31786,Help 10 Public Schools to access internet Tanzania,Evance Kessy,36825,Arusha Node Marie,100,1,0,100 173,32150,Give Education Materials To 80 School Children,Livinus Mwebesa,43930,Big Hug Foundation (BHF).,100,1,0,100 173,32330,Promote Safe Delivery for 250 Mothers in Gulu,Komakech Denis,43523,Concerned Action For Health (CAFH),100,1,0,100 173,32411,Rett UK - lifejacket of support to our families,Becky Jenner,47498,Rett UK,100,1,0,100 11,31940,A museum to tell the story of St. Martin,Mark Yokoyama,46819,Les Fruits de Mer,"11,064",108,0,"11,064" 172,32327,200 Children of Sri Lanka receive Free Education,Kathryn Lucas,29976,Sunray foundation,110,8,0,110 172,31509,"Providing basic Livelihood needs (Food ,NFIs kit)",Amin Alsharafi,33435,Life Flow For Peace & Development Organization,110,2,0,110 172,32478,"Antarctic Trip: Research Penguins, Climate Change",Ron Naveen,47304,"Oceanites, Inc.",110,2,0,110 171,31832,"Build a fish farm, save Nigerian women from Penury",Chukwudi Anyanaso,46685,The People and Planet Life Foundation,114,2,0,114 170,31818,Change the lives of dogs and cats in Venezuela,Katherine Fernández,44575,Red de Apoyo Canino,115,7,0,115 199,32241,Expand Services to combat the Dire Opioid Crisis,Jennifer Oprisiu,47619,Home of New Vision,12,1,0,12 169,32376,Leadership Academy for 1000 young women in Nigeria,WELTI WELTI,45473,Women Economic and Leadership Transformation Initiative,120,4,0,120 169,31947,Help 36 needy Children go to school in Uganda 2018,Joyce Jojo Wanyana,44941,LLIAM CHILDREN'S MINISTRY,120,3,0,120 168,31998,Youth Awareness to End HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis B,DENIS KISUBI,45525,GIVE HOPE UGANDA,125,5,0,125 168,32089,Support 600 rural children to school in Nigeria,Ndifreke Patrick,46023,The Bridge Foundation for Youth Leadership,125,5,0,125 168,31966,Tomorrow Now: Education for South Sudan Girl's,Ryan O'Grady,46380,Humanitarian and Development Consortium,125,2,0,125 168,32155,The Clown Care Project for Children with Leukemia,Smile Donate,45890,Charity Fund Donate Smile,125,2,0,125 10,32184,"Build a Cooker for Pirates Youth Group, Mathare,KE",Community Cooker Foundation,45199,Community Cooker Foundation,"13,899",85,0,"13,899" 167,32148,Protecting the health of AIDS Orphaned children,Amidou Tchedre,45916,ACTIONS POUR L HUMAIN (APH),135,10,0,135 198,31986,Project for the Empowering Various Affected Women,M.S.Mohemmed Sadique,46898,Association of Social Activities Development Sri Lanka (ASAD Foundation ),14,1,0,14 9,32198,Help At-Risk Children with Hearing Loss,Jennifer Lynch,47609,Potomac River Clinic,"14,120",122,0,"14,120" 8,32196,WASH and Maternal Health Initiative - Ethiopia,MacKenzie Burdic,45143,Village Health Partnership,"14,438",67,0,"14,438" 166,32278,"Feed a Child, Stop Malnutrition in Sri Lanka",Kandasamy Kajan,47338,Vavunathivu Development Organization,140,9,0,140 165,32298,Give Syrian Children Hope for The Future,Janet Ravn,29685,Danish Refugee Council (DRC),145,5,0,145 165,31901,Help giving for Cassava-Grater Machine,Amadu Kamara,34789,Kaddra Inc,145,4,0,145 165,32316,50 After School Children Need Computer Literacy,Petros Ndlovu,45474,Petjes Resources Consulting (NPC),145,3,0,145 164,32128,Construction of a Youth Centre and Library,Patrick Pratt,47357,Make Our Leaders Foundation,146,3,0,146 197,32050,Menstruation with dignity for 1000 Uganda Girls,Patrick Mwesigye,36954,Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum,15,1,0,15 163,32024,Bosnian War: Support 375 Victims Tell Their Story,Ada Hasanagic,47709,"Association Transitional Justice, Accountability and Remembrance in Bosnia and Herzegovina",155,8,0,155 7,32276,Vivaldi x2: release our new recording worldwide,Camilla Scarlett,47547,La Serenissima,"16,411",242,100,"16,511" 6,32108,Support a Home for 25 Homeless Girls in India,Suresh C K,47461,ATMA Foundation,"16,545",259,-1,"16,544" 162,31912,Support literacy program for children in Tobago,Donna Trim-Stewart,47450,Empowerment Awakening Resource Centre Inc.,160,5,0,160 161,31845,Support 200 volunteers to prevent Hepatitis E,Constancio Mwandingi,25495,Solidarity Community Care Organisation,165,6,0,165 160,31932,Build libraries for 2 deprived schools in Akweley,EMMANUEL EBO KWABENA MUSEY,37051,BOOK TO READ FOUNDATION,166,3,0,166 159,32281,Online counselling for people affected by cancer,Ruth Knagg,47601,We Hear You,168,5,0,168 5,32263,Sustainable Solar-Powered Water Kiosks in Ghana,Sunil Lalvani,45370,Project Maji,"17,566",59,0,"17,566" 4,32311,"Free Medical Access for Teenage Mothers, Bulgaria",Olya Georgieva,47620,Trust for Social Achievement Foundation,"17,599",86,0,"17,599" 158,31971,Empowered Camping,Michelle Rasmussen,46000,"Village of Life, Inc.",170,4,0,170 158,31715,Build a Cafeteria to feed 150 children in Mexico,Brenda Martinez,46588,"Paper Houses across the Border, Inc.",170,3,0,170 196,32029,Help Provide Education for 1200 Orphan in Cameroon,Ong Africa Association,37087,Ong Africa Association,18,1,0,18 3,31794,Opportunities & Hope for Guatemalan Maya Women,Diana Alvarado,45850,Highland Support Project,"18,300",75,"1,000","19,300" 157,31716,New Instruments for 200 Chicago Youth!,Dandria Williams,46956,Infinite Scholars Program; Symphony of Change Inc.,180,6,0,180 156,32484,"A better life for 60 elderly people in Higuey, DR",monica medina,39998,Fundacion Frank y Haydee Rainieri,182,3,0,182 155,32103,Black Student Success Summit,Dionne Preston,46006,Black Educational Achievement Movement (BEAM),190,4,0,190 154,31820,Get cooking in Nepal with Solar Cookers Intl.,Caitlyn Hughes,47358,Solar Cookers International,195,4,0,195 93,32059,Train and Skill 240 Mothers in Kenya for Business,Daughters of Kenya (DoK),36621,DAUGHTERS OF KENYA,"2,015",2,0,"2,015" 92,32039,Provide Help for Children and Teenagers in Mexico,Mónica Sanchez,25697,Club de Ninos y Ninas de Nuevo Leon,"2,075",50,0,"2,075" 91,31847,Educare for 150 underprivileged children,Shahidul Islam,38565,Uttaran,"2,346",11,0,"2,346" 90,32450,Help 2000 Haitian Families Regain Self-Sufficiency,Marie-Rose Romain Murphy,47719,Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action (ESPWA),"2,396",30,0,"2,396" 89,32299,Tharuni Swecha: Cycle to School Campaign for Girls,THARUNI NGO,47424,THARUNI,"2,640",19,0,"2,640" 88,32207,No glamour- Basic Toilets in North East Nigeria,Fatima Shuaibu,43024,UMMA GLOBAL FOUNDATION,"2,665",13,0,"2,665" 87,32046,Empower 4 Mozambique coaches to teach 100 in rugby,Amanda Nurrenbern,45665,"ADEDAR, Inc.","2,676",40,0,"2,676" 195,31627,Sewing Machine to a Displaced Women In Yemen,Abdulalem Mahyoub,40242,Smile Organization for Relief and Development(SORD),20,2,0,20 195,31999,Hope Alive for 100 Victimised Women in ibadan,Sarat Akinade,47052,Initiative Against Gender Discrimination and Female Abuse,20,2,0,20 195,32413,"RAISE MONEY FOR PLANTING 324,000 TREES IN UGANDA",adula robert dickson,17651,NUEPHA,20,2,0,20 195,31742,Restore Ecosystems to Conserve Environment (RECE),World Action Fund,26262,World Action Fund,20,1,0,20 195,31790,To Provide meals to childrens with disabilities,MURUGESAN K,47007,Theni social Rehabilitation And Development Trust,20,1,0,20 195,31280,Free Tribal Outpatient Clinic,nwtws tribal society,42661,Nilgiris Wynaad Tribal Welfare Society,20,1,0,20 195,32407,Educate & Motivate Girls in Rural Schools,Tholoana Moeketsi,39923,Smart Ladies Society,20,1,0,20 195,32104,Improve health of orphaned kids in Cameroon,Linus Ayangwoh Embe,42016,ASSOCIATION FOR COMMUNITY AWARENESS (ASCOA),20,1,0,20 195,32314,WASH (Water And Sanitation for Health) program,Emily Onuffer,41658,Warren Majengo Foundation,20,1,0,20 195,32224,Psychological Support to Syrian Refugees in Turkey,Civil Care,42759,SIVIL HIMAYE DERNEGI,20,1,0,20 195,32366,Plant 50000 Trees to Save 2 villages in Cameroon,OIPA CAMEROON,45490,INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION - CAMEROON,20,1,0,20 195,32554,Help Village Children Meet Education They Need,Dr. Dominic Diing,34295,Aid and Care,20,1,0,20 153,32482,Support feedback education for young professionals,Feedback Labs,48089,"Feedback Labs, Inc.",200,7,0,200 153,31598,Daily Lunches for Underweight Children in Nepal,Ram Hari Ghimire,36618,Rural Institution for Community Development,200,3,0,200 152,31502,Sponsoring Special Education to Hearing Impaired,D.P.K Babu,2843,Ashray Akruti,218,2,0,218 2,31938,TEACH CODE LITERACY TO THE RURAL YOUTH IN VIETNAM,Manuela Nieth,47758,The Dariu Foundation,"22,483",71,"2,000","24,483" 151,31805,Help Saved by Music Foundation children get a home,Saved By Music Foundation,42084,Saved By Music Foundation,225,2,0,225 150,32337,Circle of Life Native American Indian Cultural Ctr,Ray Emanuel,41024,Native American Indian Associaton of Tennessee,238,4,0,238 148,32459,Empower 100 Women and Girls in Sierra Leone,David A Mansallay,47674,The Upper Room Development and Relief Agency (TURDRA),239,2,0,239 149,32444,Help the Iberian lynx survive in the wild,Diana Birnbaum,43014,Asociacion Wildness of Life,239,9,0,239 1,32305,3D Printed Microscopes for STEM Teaching in Kenya,William Hoyle,47751,TechforTrade,"24,886",142,"3,000","27,886" 147,32086,Safe Water - Healthy Students - Improved Lives,Tajamul Hussain,9217,Indus Welfare Association,241,7,0,241 194,31760,Add more shelter for rescue horses in Dunkirk Md,Sharon Hancock,36596,Lilly Pond Foal Rescue,25,1,0,25 194,31778,Empowering Resilient Women Pilot Program,Natalia Ortiz,47729,The CLEO Institute,25,1,0,25 194,32008,Increasing Digital Literacy to 100 More Children,Sibusiso Tshabalala,47506,Cognitive Paths,25,1,0,25 194,31508,Light Up a Home in Zimbabwe,Story Chokurongerwa,42291,Chipindura Park Residents' Association,25,1,0,25 194,31043,Speech Therapy Clinic to Work on Speech Impairment,Ronke Katagum,34499,Zamarr Institute Ltd/Gte,25,1,0,25 194,31772,Retain 150 MSM in HIV/STI services in Nigeria,CERPHEC BENIN,26839,Center for Research and Preventive Healthcare,25,1,0,25 194,31756,Drinking water for 350 students in Telangana India,Madhu Krishnamoorthy,43142,Jaldhaara Foundation,25,1,0,25 194,32088,"Re-Enroll Orphans in Education, disrupted by war",Godfrey Obua,45692,Rural Women and Coordination-RWYC,25,1,0,25 194,32296,"Habitat Puerto Rico - Help Plant 750,000 Trees",Ana Carrion,45774,Puerto Rico Conservation Trust,25,1,0,25 194,32230,Giving New Forest Young Carers time out for fun,Marie Shotbolt,47683,Community First New Forest,25,1,0,25 194,32270,Social Inclusion of Blind people in Brazil,CRISTINA BRANDAO,43296,Fundacao Dorina Nowill para Cegos,25,1,0,25 194,32325,Fighting Against Female Genital Mutilation,Isaac Kwabena Kakpeibe,42153,Tim Africa Aid Ghana,25,1,0,25 194,32375,WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL AND ARTISAN TRAINING CENTER,BUGONDO NTIBONERA,36622,Association Refugee Elderly Persons in Uganda,25,1,0,25 194,32277,Reduce FGM medicalization by 50 midwives in Guinea,Inter-African Committee (IAC),45085,Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children (IAC),25,1,0,25 194,32365,Pay tuition to 500 poor children to finish school,Ruth Jeng,44681,The Peach Foundation,25,1,0,25 194,32416,Mental Health support for 42 traumatized children,WoH Volunteer,42012,Fondacija Krila Nade/Foundation Wings of Hope,25,1,0,25 194,32430,Mapping services supporting Drug Users in Athens,Nikos Stergiou,47762,Diogenis Drug Policy Dialogue,25,1,0,25 194,32429,Help People with Intellectual Disabilities,Isa Degaspari,25628,Associacao de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais de Sao Paulo,25,1,0,25 194,32122,Train 22 young LGBT defender in Cameroon on rights,François Patrick WAFFO LELE,47325,Avenir Jeune de l'Ouest (AJO),25,1,0,25 194,32364,"Heal, free the lynx from durance-one of its kind",Kastriot Korro,45114,Royal Albania Foundation (RAF) Our foundation working in Albania and Western Balkan,25,1,0,25 146,32398,"Education support to former child laborers, Nepal",Pratibedan Baidya,45254,IM Swedish Development Partner,250,3,0,250 146,32219,Global Platform for the Greater Good - AidHub,Alan Morgan,46895,AidHub International Ltd,250,1,0,250 193,32082,Help Support Vitavin's Education in Thailand,Alex Matsangou,32079,Children and Youth Development Association,26,1,0,26 192,32306,Kids First Bromley,Barry Winchester,46559,Community Links Bromley,27,2,0,27 145,32441,Bringing Acupuncture to the Midwives of Uganda,Richard Mandell,15749,The Global Acupuncture Project,270,5,0,270 145,31717,Help Prevent Child Brides in South Sudan,John Travis,45773,Drop in the Bucket,270,3,0,270 144,32469,Information in the right language for the Rohingya,CLEAR Global,45737,"Clear Global, Inc",279,4,0,279 86,32033,Engaging Communities to Conserve Giant Manta Rays,Kerstin Forsberg,47415,Asociacion para la Conservacion de Ambientes Marinos y Costeros,"3,341",47,0,"3,341" 85,32369,Providing Inclusive Education in Tanzania,Katharine Thompson,32194,Amani Foundation,"3,530",14,0,"3,530" 84,32447,Indian handicrafts are magic and generate income,Sue Burke,47673,Grassroots Empowerment Initiative,"3,867",20,0,"3,867" 83,32158,Drinking water for a primary school in Uganda,Lucas Akol,39149,Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northen Uganda (SCOEN),"3,949",18,0,"3,949" 191,32540,Restore Trees in Somalia,hussein isse,47622,World Care Trust,30,2,0,30 191,32464,Schooling 100 Children of Earthquake Victim Family,Concern Nepal,44184,Concern for Children and Environment Nepal (CONCERN Nepal),30,1,0,30 143,29334,Combat hunger and feed 275 families in Tennessee,Pai Mushayamunda,41817,Good Samaritan Ministries,300,12,0,300 190,31924,Construction of Menstrual Hygiene Toilet for Girls,,8644,Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society,31,1,0,31 141,31431,Leadership Empowerment for 200 School Girls-Ghana,Maame Afon Yelbert- Sai,45048,Moremi Initiative for Women's leadership In Africa,310,10,0,310 142,31770,Help 50 girls stay in school & watch them excel,Bronwyn Oh,43760,Social Capital Network,310,11,0,310 140,32253,Farming with kids and critters,Lisa Kaiser,41683,Pinedora Farms,325,6,0,325 139,31301,Gift a meal for 70 children at a school in India,Sshrishti Trust,10497,Sshrishti,362,8,0,362 82,32009,Raise the Girlz to be Future Leaders in Jamaica,Girlz Goals,46985,Girlz with Goals,"4,236",28,0,"4,236" 81,31992,Women Economic Empowerment: Snail Farm in Ghana,Nuria Badiella,45561,Africa Youth for Peace and Development,"4,253",61,0,"4,253" 189,32001,HepC Medicine to 500 villagers in Myanmar,Phong Pham,46044,Institute of Asian American Adult Development,40,1,0,40 138,32002,Restore a house to mobilize 100 ignored labor pool,Halt Poverty,45242,Halt Poverty,400,9,0,400 138,31737,Gift a Smile to 81 Cleft Children in India,Dr. Tony Thomas,35883,Trinity Care Foundation,400,3,0,400 188,31851,Help 200 Orphans get Health Insurances in Tanzania,Sadath Mwamsema,38396,Community Development Watch -CODEWA,41,2,0,41 187,32217,"Build a School for 3,000 orphans in rural Uganda",DESTINY WINGS INTERNATIONAL (DEWI),46490,DESTINY WINGS INTERNATIONAL (DEWI) LIMITED,42,2,0,42 137,31867,"Support Greek farmers,Shepherdog breeds & wildlife",Loukia Argyriadou,47776,"Callisto, Wildlife and Nature Conservation Society",420,3,0,420 136,32408,Engage 150 kids to keep the beach clean in Greece,Anastasia Charitou,46728,"iSea, Environmental Organization for the Preservation of the Aquatic Ecosystems",458,9,0,458 135,31659,Help Provide Education to 200 Children in Need,Alex Bwaluka,9609,Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development,471,6,0,471 134,31773,Support Leadership Project for Girls in Bongo,Pearl Alimo,47307,Greight Foundation Inc.,475,8,0,475 133,31524,Build a Centreprise for 500 Ugandan women &Seniors,Hellen Ziribagwa,43264,Pass It on Trust Uganda,497,5,0,497 79,31758,Quality education for kids of disadvantaged group,Bibhuti Ranjan Mishra,46664,Amara Sabai Kailaspur Nandakumarpur Joutha Sanstha,"5,000",61,0,"5,000" 79,31898,Rescue 100 Abandoned Dogs in Mexico,Alma Colorado,45914,"Hagamos Mas por Santa Rosalia, A.C.","5,000",51,0,"5,000" 79,31903,Develop character & provide leadership education,Jeff Aradine,47735,"Cascade Pacific Council, Boy Scouts of America","5,000",41,0,"5,000" 80,32266,Save lives and support families via clean cooking,Simone Santi,46424,Afrilanthropy,"5,000",50,0,"5,000" 78,32222,Create a Lab for 150 Students Overcoming Poverty,Kader Kaneye,47658,African Development Universalis (A.D.U.),"5,003",60,0,"5,003" 77,32097,Empowering at-risk Teenage Girls in Peru,Claudia Esparza,32527,Emprendedoras del Hogar,"5,024",73,0,"5,024" 76,32254,Leveling the Playing Field For 5 Female Founders,Lisa Canning,44760,IAEOU,"5,025",43,0,"5,025" 75,32304,Solar-Powered Livelihood Center for 1375 Filipinos,Fahly Poblete,44823,"Global Peace Festival Foundation Philippines, Inc.","5,060",40,0,"5,060" 74,32271,INVEST IN LIVES OF 100 TEENAGE MOTHERS IN GHANA,comfort glikpo,18632,Dels Foundation,"5,074",40,0,"5,074" 73,19863,Libraries for Poor Children in India,Dharmaraju Kakani,28038,Basic Research Education And Development Society,"5,085",74,0,"5,085" 72,32201,Plant a Tree in Mali,Laura Striegel,41964,Biopal vzw,"5,088",43,0,"5,088" 71,31979,Training Ugandans in Trauma Informed Care,Amy Paulson,46218,Healing Together,"5,092",47,0,"5,092" 70,32007,Give 150 Peruvian babies a safe start in life,Mayra Delgado,45755,Asociacion Civil Kirawawa,"5,097",110,0,"5,097" 69,32279,Send a sex worker child to school in AP for a year,HELP AP NGO,47690,Society for Help Entire Lower and Rural People,"5,113",70,0,"5,113" 68,31873,'Youth Peace' Campaign in the U.S.A. and the U.N.,Douglas Alan Wain,47588,War Against Violence Corporation dba YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.,"5,120",45,0,"5,120" 67,32284,New roof for 150 scholars in Covadonga Guatemala,Carla Gonzalez,32939,Fundacion Herencia Viva,"5,132",37,0,"5,132" 66,32385,"San Skate - Skate and Youth Center in San Luis, DR",Isabell Kirckau,46488,SuTrA - Support Trust Abroad e. V.,"5,133",61,0,"5,133" 65,31798,We all love a shower,James Clarke,43698,Respond,"5,134",95,0,"5,134" 64,32117,"Help Us Recycle 5,250 Pounds of Plastic Wastes",Colleen Supanich,45425,Compartiendo Nuestras Bendiciones ONG,"5,136",50,0,"5,136" 63,31704,"Vocational Training for Freed Child Slaves, Nepal",Hannah Coppersmith,39987,Nepal Youth Foundation UK,"5,175",53,0,"5,175" 62,31755,Responding to Deadly Conflicts in Western Kenya,David Zarembka,45981,Transforming Community for Social Change,"5,214",63,0,"5,214" 61,32186,Supporting Champions!,Nick Parr,47695,International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport (INAS),"5,240",42,0,"5,240" 60,31991,EVENING STUDY CENTERS FOR POOR CHILDREN,kannammal munusamy,47271,ASSOCIATION FOR RURAL AND TRIBAL IMPROVEMENT,"5,260",42,0,"5,260" 59,31902,Children and Youth Health and Nutrition Project,Jed Christian Sayre,43052,Association of Locally Empowered Youth in Mindanao (ALEY-M) Inc.,"5,291",58,0,"5,291" 58,32133,Empower 20 Young Changemakers from Myanmar,Kyaw Kyaw Min Htut,47137,BEAM Education Foundation,"5,293",52,0,"5,293" 57,32409,A library to welcome the refugees in Athens!,Ioanna Nisyriou,47671,We Need Books,"5,303",55,0,"5,303" 56,32187,Deliver 200 UK Wheelchairs to Moldovan Youth,Victoria Dunford,17006,MAD-Aid,"5,333",81,0,"5,333" 55,32167,Poultry project to feed 300 orphans in Uganda,Ssebbula Mesach,46594,Balikyewunya Foundation,"5,340",48,0,"5,340" 54,31913,Help 60 Rwandan Students Fight Poverty with Trees,James Anderson,47829,World Resources Institute,"5,345",79,0,"5,345" 53,31967,Help Provide Hay for 82 Rescue Horses in the US,Laurie Calhoun,47818,The Foxie G Foundation Inc.,"5,355",46,0,"5,355" 52,32077,Self-Defense and Yoga for Refugee Women on Lesvos,Melinda McRostie,47706,Starfish Foundation,"5,379",76,0,"5,379" 51,32234,FSU EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM,ONG FSU,41207,Fondation Secours Universel,"5,390",51,0,"5,390" 50,32439,Ugly Fish: Let's Feed 990+ Schoolchildren in Kenya,Lisa Peracchio,47039,East African Children's Fund,"5,451",46,0,"5,451" 49,32313,Routes to Justice for Migrants in Libya,Chloe Dennis,47483,Lawyers for Justice in Libya,"5,455",51,0,"5,455" 48,32383,Barli Institute for Rural Women - Mona Foundation,Mahnaz Javid,9523,Mona Foundation,"5,475",73,0,"5,475" 47,31891,Providing health care to 1000s in Bujumbura slum,NTAHUBA PARFAITE,46930,Friends Women's Association,"5,600",46,0,"5,600" 46,32174,Raise 300 boys in India to be gender-equitable,Christina Furtado,47677,Equal Community Foundation,"5,616",59,0,"5,616" 45,32075,"Dental care for 10,000 Tanzanians",Carolina Benalal,45005,One World One Smile,"5,620",43,0,"5,620" 44,31739,Help schools address mental health and suicide,Danny M. Cohen,47108,Unsilence,"5,710",68,0,"5,710" 43,32340,"Empower 1,000 Students with Civics/Media Program",Lisa Hoadley,46241,Civic Life Project,"5,905",47,0,"5,905" 42,31868,SWATT-TEAM: sexual violence responders in Zimbabwe,Asha Emmerson,39436,Oasis Zimbabwe,"5,909",60,0,"5,909" 41,31843,Help Ugandans Obtain Vital Health Services,Partnership for Transparency,16865,Partnership for Transparency Fund,"5,957",59,0,"5,957" 186,31612,Early Childhood Education Project - Sri Lanka 2018,Serving Humanity Foundation,30214,Serving Humanity Foundation,50,3,0,50 186,32343,Grow the Youth Activist Movement Worldwide,Mary Giardino,47855,"Earth Guardians, Inc.",50,2,0,50 186,32405,Conducting Health Camps in 100 Tribal villages,Rebbapragada Ravi,47046,Samata,50,2,0,50 186,30103,Help 73 Tanzanian vulnerable Children go to school,Owen Jackson Lazaro,39157,Timiza Action Foundation (TA Foundation),50,1,0,50 186,32151,Pigs Give Wings to 50 Rural Women in Zimbabwe,Elizabeth Mpofu,41042,Zimbabwe Small Holder Organic Farmers Forum,50,1,0,50 186,32367,Micro Finance for 200 Rural Women in Liberia,Serveh Flomo,13505,Alliance for Women Advancement,50,1,0,50 186,32456,The Recovery Project: For Sex-Trafficked Victims,Adeshola Bello,45594,"Freedom Foundation for Social, Educational and Health Reform",50,1,0,50 186,32525,Support 1000 Tribal Children Education in India,Joseph Joute,8396,Bible Hill Youth Club,50,1,0,50 186,32537,Working Skills Centre in Argentina,Magdalena Olmos,17519,Fundacion Reciduca,50,1,0,50 132,32452,Harmony Preschool - Invest in the Next Generation,Elizabeth Dickey,33556,Ready for Reading,500,8,0,500 185,32200,Childhood Cancer in Greece,Odysseas Panagoiliopoulos,47802,NGO KARKINAKI,54,2,0,54 184,32351,Support and Encourage Children in Learning English,Nadiya Manchandra,36295,Donbas.Integration,55,2,0,55 131,32061,"Dig a Well, Plant Trees, Buy a TukTuk - 300 Widows",Heather Leathers,14584,Global Fund for Widows,570,5,0,570 129,32157,Teach 15 families in Cartagena how to grow trees,Sofia Lissbrant,47233,Fundacion Jardin Botanico Guillermo Pineres,595,11,0,595 130,31754,Kids Saving the Rainforest,Jennifer Rice,47448,Kids Saving The Rainforest,595,7,0,595 40,31761,100 Scholarships for At-risk Youth in Afghanistan,Timor Karimy,47200,Bamyan Foundation,"6,030",51,0,"6,030" 39,32427,Give HIV+ mothers in Kenya a future,Patricia Korver-Kicak,45640,ChildsLife International,"6,032",44,0,"6,032" 38,32159,Theatre for 1000 deprived children in Palestine,Iman Aoun,46578,ASHTAR for Theatre Productions and Training,"6,043",53,0,"6,043" 37,31904,Creating a Safe Space for Women and Girls in India,ElsaMarie DSilva,39920,Red Dot Foundation Global,"6,048",80,0,"6,048" 36,32265,Build Science Lab for 500+ kids in village school,Vikash Sharma,47075,Bal Mangal Educational Trust,"6,195",44,0,"6,195" 35,32373,Empowering trans-women in Pakistan,Tahir Khilji,47086,VISION,"6,257",49,0,"6,257" 34,32141,Support Knowledge to have a Greater Impact,Ali Reza Kazemi,47350,Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities,"6,278",51,0,"6,278" 33,31713,Supporting Children with Disabilities in Pakistan,Sadia Mirza,45601,MAITS - Multi-Agency International Training and Support,"6,407",48,0,"6,407" 32,32287,Support an Afghan Girl's Year at School,Shabana Basij-Rasikh,45451,"School of Leadership, Afghanistan (SOLA)","6,545",57,0,"6,545" 31,32124,Help 20 Children in Nepal to Walk on Their Own,Jennifer D'Amico,47351,Healing the Children,"6,653",61,0,"6,653" 30,31965,Education for Underprivileged Children in India,Udai Malhotra,38298,SHIKSHA,"6,682",53,0,"6,682" 29,32238,Support Free Air Ambulance in Remote Guyana,Josh Brown,42353,Remote Area Medical,"6,779",69,0,"6,779" 28,32166,Educate and Empower Children in Rural India,Ranjana Sengupta,42116,Nanritam,"6,873",54,0,"6,873" 27,32170,Promoting Transition to Home Orphan-Care!,Anna Cavolowsky,47167,ONETrack International,"6,977",46,0,"6,977" 183,31640,Help 5000 Nigerian Girls with Pad for Menstruation,Ukaoma Uche,43370,Solace For She And Child Care Initiative,60,2,0,60 183,32273,Save 200 Orphans from Child Labor in Rural Uganda,Ambrose Oduch,27125,Child Way Uganda,60,1,0,60 128,31669,Safe Water and Good Hygiene Campaign in Uganda,norman juuko,38230,NANGABO ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AND ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT (NECEA),600,4,0,600 127,32372,Improve menstrual health for 500 girls in Uganda,Susie Weldon,47035,Faith in Water,617,13,0,617 182,31513,Support 100 orphan girls sexually abused in congo,Thadde Isay,41646,RAAPS-UK(NETWORK OF ACTIONS AND SUPPORTS FOR SOCIAL PROTECTION),62,2,0,62 181,31568,"IHOPEE, INC - Equip a library",Rose Okwany,44451,"Ihopee,Inc",63,3,0,63 126,32181,Help Greeks Play Wheelchair Rugby,Περπατώ Perpato,47559,Association for people with mobility problems and friends Perpato,645,10,0,645 125,32154,Help 15 Girls in Bali Graduate From High School,Ayu Ratna Wulandari,28753,Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi,648,5,0,648 180,31977,"Feed 1,530 Kenyan School Children with Porridge",Francis Amonde,45990,Hope Alive Campaign,65,3,0,65 124,32236,Clean Water for 200 Displaced Syrian Families,Chantel Kehoe,34119,David McAntony Gibson Foundation,657,9,0,657 123,32255,Storybooks by N. Korean Women Victims of Torture,NK DB,16618,Database Center for North Korean Human Rights,670,20,0,670 122,32180,Justice&Care: Rescue & Empower Trafficked Children,Jaya Raizada,45988,Waste Management Society,672,11,0,672 121,32206,Mental Health Care for Families in the Middle East,Daniel Xu,46102,Medair United States,680,4,0,680 120,32114,Support Students in Ghana create Solutions,Elizabeth Patterson,45374,Girls Education Initiative of Ghana,685,9,0,685 26,31744,Help support 1 million sexual violence survivors,Jeni Ambrose,45508,Global Change Project Inc.,"7,025",40,0,"7,025" 25,32010,Protect 50 street children from abuse in Quetta,Aftab Ahmad,46374,Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust (CPRT),"7,502",70,0,"7,502" 24,32455,Empowering Women & Girls in Auroville & Bioregion,Mita Radhakrishnan,35742,Auroville Language Laboratory,"7,507",94,0,"7,507" 179,32199,Vocational Training for 8 Guatemalan Youth/ Annual,Ralph Carnesecchi,45711,"Training For Christ Ministry, Inc.",70,3,0,70 179,32332,Empower 50 Women Entrepreneurs in Nicaragua,Flora Yameogo,26759,Asociacion Red de Empresarias de Nicaragua,70,2,0,70 119,32182,Support 25 Rural Children Education in Liberia,Anthony S. Kolaco,37320,Learning Squared,714,7,0,714 118,32393,Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone & IGNITE Series,Stephanie Filo Jones,36558,Girls Empowerment Summit Sierra Leone,740,15,0,740 23,32420,"Support innovative learning for children, Senegal",Karima Grant,14995,ImagiNation Afrika,"8,150",54,0,"8,150" 22,32244,Life-changing preschool in Guatemala,Rachael Rhude,47828,"Maya Childcare, Inc.","8,154",50,0,"8,154" 21,31970,Support Maternal Health in Rural Haiti,Project Medishare,423,"Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc.","8,378",48,0,"8,378" 20,32290,"Refugee Educator Academy: Reaching 10,000 Teachers",Diana Woolis,47728,Carey Institute for Global Good,"8,540",67,0,"8,540" 19,32102,Educate and empower at risk children through dance,Fiorella Macrobio,47617,Fundacion Gramo Danse,"8,747",67,0,"8,747" 18,32031,Give a Gift of Home to a Homeless Family in India,Prasoon Kumar,45166,BILLION BRICKS LTD,"8,868",54,0,"8,868" 178,32283,2000 Trees To Save Community Water Source in Abuja,Gabriel Aborele,43207,Green Mobilisation Initiative,80,3,0,80 117,32168,"Send 50 Girls to School in Domasi, Zomba Malawi",Jean Kalinga,43298,Children's Hope Malawi,831,7,0,831 177,31840,Empowerment for disadvantaged girls and women,,45369,Purewish Foundation Uganda,85,3,0,85 177,32386,Better Education for 20 Rural Children of Necocli,Lorena Leal,46024,FUNDACION PARA EL FOMENTO DE LA JUSTICIA VERDAD Y GARANTIAS JUDICIALES,85,3,0,85 116,32239,Health & Nutrition for Mothers & Children in India,emanuela Plano,44567,PYARI ONLUS,860,14,0,860 17,32248,Donate trees to help impoverished families in Peru,Pachamama Raymi,47081,Pachamama Raymi,"9,090",48,0,"9,090" 16,32418,Clean Water for 500 Families in Cambodia,Joshua Lange,45265,Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation,"9,110",50,0,"9,110" 15,32406,Enable Career Guidance for 1500 Young Indians,Rita Pani,47764,ANTARANG FOUNDATION,"9,901",64,0,"9,901" 115,31703,BPO - LEARN AND EARN AT VIDYADHIRAJA,Vidyadhiraja education society,42718,VIDYADHIRAJA EDUCATION SOCIETY,901,1,0,901 114,32048,Early support to 20 special needs children,Darina Raykova,45349,Friends of Karin dom Association,911,12,0,911 113,31833,Marche's earthquake: give kids a new civic center,Paola Vecchiato,16997,Kito Onlus,917,10,0,917 112,32028,Constructing a Craft Center for 500 Women in Ghana,Dorcas Apoore,40226,ADVOCACY FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION AND GIRLS EDUCATION (ASIGE),920,7,0,920 176,32395,Capacity building training to the health workers,Suman Gurung,42210,Birat Nepal Medical Trust,94,2,0,94 175,31637,Emergency Relief Aid for Needy Ethio-Somali IDPs,Abdullahi Mohamed,34998,Nomadic Pastoral and Relief Foundation,95,1,0,95 174,32067,"Sanctuary for 999 deprived adults, Nottinghamshire",Janette Hughes,47521,Lasting Differences CIC,97,6,0,97