Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Donors,Amount Raised (USD),Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 183,26909,Job Skill Training for Women Manual Scavengers,Victoira Asirvatham,9970,Society for women's Education and Awareness Development,0,0,0,0 183,21155,Toilets in Slum Schools,Sewa International,9848,"sewa International Inc,USA",0,0,0,0 183,27293,Sanctuary and Hospice Homes for Unwanted Small Pet,Fenella Speece,9717,"Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, INC",0,0,0,0 170,26544,HELP FUND A SKILLS CENTRE FOR ORPHANS IN ZAMBIA,Alex Bwaluka,9609,Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development,3,45,0,45 35,26660,Educate & Empower 1017 Youth in Rural South Africa,Sarah Robbertze,9330,The Sumbandila Scholarship Trust,44,"5,688",0,"5,688" 183,27148,Help Save a Horse From Slaughter,Diana Murphy,9009,VOICE FOR HORSES RESCUE NETWORK,0,0,0,0 183,27294,Building Sustainable Community in Bafut,KONKANKOH JOSUAH,8703,BETTER WORLD CAMEROON,0,0,0,0 167,27182,Changing Urban Lives Through Food Forests,Christopher Wild,7701,Food & Trees for Africa,1,50,0,50 183,26749,Liberation Movement for Girls from Sexual Abuse,Dr. T. Singh,7126,OPTIMIST ORGANISATION,0,0,0,0 183,26742,Veterinary Care for the Pets of the Homeless,Maia Shwartz,6524,Portland Animal Welfare Team (PAW Team),0,0,0,0 183,27105,Buy Bicycles for 68 Village Health Teams in Uganda,Fredica Baguma,6360,Rural Health Promotion and Poverty Alleviation Ini,0,0,0,0 180,26948,Prevention Early Child Pregnancy in Tanzania,Joseph Ndatala,6282,Ebeneza Group,1,12,0,12 87,26874,Help Indigenous Midwives Save Mothers' Lives,Maria Fernanda Martinez,39081,Corporacion Horizontes Proyectos con la Comunidad,46,"1,419",0,"1,419" 183,27112,Create Friendly Learning Place for 500 Kenyan Kids,Precious Hope,39080,Precious Hope Community Centre,0,0,0,0 165,26944,Combating Child labor through Education Project,Mahabir Chaudhari,39067,Backward Society Education (BASE),2,60,0,60 183,27039,Rehabilitate 100 traffick survivor girls in India,SWAPAN MANNA,39064,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 108,27153,Proper Nutrition for 10 families with Huntington's,Mariela Campo Oviedo Campo Oviedo,39062,FUNDACION DE COMUNIDADES VULNERABLES DE COLOMBIA,13,595,0,595 183,27493,Support 200 PLHIV Retain on ARV treatment,ICDp Papua,39061,Institute of Community Development and Empowerment (ICDp),0,0,0,0 182,27001,Sanitation Program in 13 communities of fungurume,TWITE BANZA,39056,ASSOCIATION LAMUKA,1,6,0,6 62,27328,STEM Education in Botswana: Girls Getting Geeky,Lisa Jamu,39041,Stepping Stones International,46,"5,105",0,"5,105" 6,27216,Transforming Maternal & Child Health in Myanmar,Chris Jones,39040,Health and Hope UK,82,"11,708",0,"11,708" 183,27173,Engage 50 Sex Workers on Livelihood in Nepal,Ramsharan Pudasaini,39035,NARI CHETANA SAMAJ NEPAL,0,0,0,0 64,27091,Moldova Small Business Assoc. Fights Corruption,David Smith,39032,Alianta Intrepridnerilor Mici si Mijlocii din Moldova,59,"5,070",0,"5,070" 91,27190,Special Education Centre for 30 Indian Children,Madhu Tugnait,39028,Icha Foundation,18,"1,292",0,"1,292" 183,27046,Empowering 100 Women Ebola Survivors in Liberia,Salome Gofan,39014,Rural Integrated Center for Community Empowerment,0,0,0,0 165,27225,"Protection of 3,000 street children in mine in DRC",margueritte NGOMBE,39003,MAISON FARADJA,2,60,0,60 107,27186,Completion of 4 Classrooms for 120 Children,ngo humaes,38998,Human Must Access Essentials(HUMAES),6,620,0,620 183,27024,Provide Healthcare to 1000 Villagers in Bangladesh,Mohaiminur Rahaman,38991,Duwell International,0,0,0,0 140,27128,No More Invisible Girls: Confronting Trafficking,Susana Chavez,38990,Centro de Promocion y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos - PROMSEX,6,180,0,180 183,27289,Let's help kids in wheelchairs to really whizz!,Laura Wilson,38986,danceaid,0,0,0,0 134,27272,"Equiping a Centre for 8,000 Women in Nairobi",PENINAH MWANGI,38980,BAR HOSTESS EMPOWERMENT AND SUPPORT PROGRAMME,3,200,0,200 183,27175,Quality Education for 1500 Under-served Children,Katha India,38978,Katha,0,0,0,0 119,26968,Send 1000 Children living with Tigers to School,Corinne Taylor-Smith,38968,Tigers4Ever,9,370,0,370 183,27257,Protect families with safer drug policy,Izzy Taylor,38961,Transform Drug Policy Foundation,0,0,0,0 145,26809,Feed an Orphan Child,Vishnu Vardhan T,38958,NTR MEMORIAL TRUST,5,150,0,150 82,27142,One Health in the Argan Forest,Julie Garnier,38945,Odyssey Conservation Trust,10,"1,558",0,"1,558" 183,27210,Martenal Childbirth to3000 Mothers in South Africa,Phindile Agatha,38919,Kwanhliziyonye resource care center,0,0,0,0 181,27200,support 3500 hiv/aids affected people south sudan,Adong Lacere,38907,Charity Aid Foundation (CAF),1,10,0,10 153,26998,Assist College Athletes Graduate After Sports,Bob Kirby,38903,Silver Spoon Sports Inc.,3,120,0,120 144,27183,DofE adventurous journey for young offenders,Lyubomira Velcheva,38893,The Duke of Edinburgh's international Award - Bulgaria,15,160,0,160 44,26858,Transform the Lives of Children in East Africa,Tracey Allard,38891,"The African Dream Initiative, Inc.",46,"5,440",0,"5,440" 63,26802,Transform the Lives of 50 Orphan Children in India,Jothi Chetty,38885,Asha Deep Foundation,47,"5,073",0,"5,073" 47,26833,Multicultural Music and Dance for 500 Students,Travis Clarke,38879,Young Imaginations Inc,43,"5,415",0,"5,415" 99,27266,Classrooms for E. Baltimore After-school Programs,Justin West,38878,Capoeira Social Project,1,"1,000",0,"1,000" 183,27014,Develop of 120 Peruvian Social Youth Entrepreneurs,Milytza Almeida,38874,DIACONIA,0,0,0,0 183,27179,Empowering Children in Need in Western Kenya,Johanna Wiest,38870,Dentists for Africa,0,0,0,0 183,26894,Livelihood Promotion for 120 Poor Women in Bihar,Sabiha Naaz,38850,Mahila Sewak Samaj,0,0,0,0 183,27201,Maharashtra Edu-Training Center for 200 Villages,Prashant Hajban,38848,SHREE SAPTSHRUNGI EDUCATION SOCIETY CHANDRAPUR,0,0,0,0 12,26706,Every kid deserves science,Albena Koleva,38846,Muzeiko Foundation,71,"8,199",0,"8,199" 183,26937,"Build Houses to 20 Widows in Kagera, Tanzania",AMOS LWANKOMEZI,38837,COMPACT DEVELOPMENT ACTION(CODEA),0,0,0,0 157,27167,Help Enroll 100 Girls to Schools in Rural Pakistan,Riaz Ahmed,38833,Organization for Regional Development and Environmental Restoration (ORDER),3,90,0,90 183,26986,Solar Home Systems for 1000 Nigerian Families,Shani Eribo,38810,The Nigerian Economic Summit Group,0,0,0,0 183,26903,Sensitized 15000 People on LGBTQ in Nepal,Raju Lama,38809,Sudur Paschim Samaj,0,0,0,0 183,26987,Provide Basic Needs to 250 AIDS Orphans in Kenya,John Mutua Kivunja,38808,Parkview Orphans Achievers Shelter,0,0,0,0 94,27002,Help construct a sustainable Community in Colombia,Thomas Macintyre,38791,FUNDACION MENTES EN TRANSICION,36,"1,132",0,"1,132" 152,27247,Palace of Culture at Newlyn Art Gallery,Tamsin Young,38780,Newlyn Art Gallery Ltd,2,122,0,122 183,26932,Save 450 HH in Drought Displacement Somaliland,kinzi Kowden,38776,Women Rehabilitation and Development Associaiton,0,0,0,0 183,26884,Vocational Skill Training Courses for Rural Girls,AJOY KUMAR,38774,CREATIVE ACTION FOR NECESSITOUS DEVELOPMENT FROM LIVING ENVIRONMENTS(CANDLE),0,0,0,0 183,27133,Remedial Teaching Support,Emma Bales,38761,The Reading Seed,0,0,0,0 8,26913,Educate the Most Underserved Children of Pakistan,Nasira Habib,38753,Khoj-Society for People's Education,104,"10,986",0,"10,986" 176,27215,Promoting Nutrition for 500 Children in Gaza KGs,Mohammed AL-Alami,38752,Life and Hope Association,1,25,0,25 176,27180,Engage 40 Children Living with HIV in Nepal,Abhimanyu Bista,38749,SPARSHA Nepal,1,25,0,25 89,27015,COVID-19 emergency online education in Colombia,Lilibeydy Manrique,38733,Fundacion ABLE,26,"1,355",0,"1,355" 10,27056,Protecting Tanzanian Women and Girls from Violence,Vera Pieroth,38732,UZIKWASA,75,"10,339",0,"10,339" 183,26906,Connect 4 Rural Counties in Kenya by Internet,Rural Connect Network,38726,Rural Connect Network,0,0,0,0 33,27051,Fund Jamaican Farmers in Climate-Smart Aquaponics,Mary-Lynne Lasco,38722,"INMED Partnerships for Children, Inc.",70,"5,809",0,"5,809" 161,26880,View World Forests with Virtual Reality Exhibit,Eric Vines,38718,World Forestry Center,2,75,0,75 155,27284,Build 100 Ducks a Home!,Sophia DiPietro,38706,All Species Kinship,2,110,0,110 95,27252,Skilled and Educated Children for Better Bosnia,Edin Mujacic,38700,Centar za odrzivi razvoj,16,"1,099",0,"1,099" 4,27067,Help Document the Legacy of a Global Peacebuilder,Imad Karam,38691,Initiatives of Change - International,106,"17,206",0,"17,206" 80,26905,Educate 500 Youths from Kibera Slum in Kenya,Victor Odhiambo,38675,GARDEN OF HOPE FOUNDATION,20,"2,118",0,"2,118" 182,26897,Maison de la Femme,Claude Alex Ndambi Moutandi,38673,Association Aide aux Femmes et Enfants,1,6,0,6 111,27155,"Spay/Neuter Surgery Training in Veracruz, Mexico",Jennifer Rivera,38666,The Mckee Project,5,540,0,540 2,27146,Legal Aid for Palestinian Kids in Military Courts,Brad Parker,38659,Defense for Children International - Palestine,315,"33,028","4,000","37,028" 183,27060,Project QUEST Health,Todd Gonzales,38654,Project Quest Inc.,0,0,0,0 23,27217,Build a School Gym and Community Hall in Hungary,Szabolcs Katai,38645,Szabad Waldorf Nevelesert Alapitvany,137,"6,552",0,"6,552" 104,26973,THE ABC OF SEXUALITY,Leslie Marily Mejia Castellanos,38644,Asociacion AMA,3,690,0,690 183,27003,Safety Training for Volunteer Leaders of Youth,Peter Green,38643,Post 58,0,0,0,0 183,27027,Educate the Underpriviledged,Deepak D,38618,SHREE VEERANJANEYA EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST,0,0,0,0 183,26923,6000 villagers benefit from a clinic at Mayezane,Hlengiwe Sibanda,38615,Hope for Mtshabezi,0,0,0,0 183,26870,"Train 100 Peer Educators in Adaklu District, Ghana",Samuel Yao Atidzah,38601,GOSANET FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 176,26976,Nursery School In the Village of Lamwo District,Jennifer Nyeko-Jones,38598,Sirayo Nyeko Foundation,1,25,0,25 59,27228,Support 100 Girls In Barbados,Alian Ollivierre-Skeete,38594,I AM A GIRL NGO,44,"5,137",0,"5,137" 183,26907,Education and Food Campaign,Enokenwa Enokenwa Burnley,38592,Fountain of the Less Privileged,0,0,0,0 183,26990,Enhancing Women's Capacity to Prevent GBV,regional centre for international development coor RCIDC,38568,REGIONAL CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COORPERATION,0,0,0,0 147,26795,Youth & Mental Health - Awareness Programme,Deborah Thiart,38567,SA Federation for Mental Health,3,135,0,135 183,26811,Mobile technical training for 810 poor youth women,Shahidul Islam,38565,Uttaran,0,0,0,0 124,27230,Build a New Future for 33 Children in Paraguay,Gabriela Casabianca,38552,ENFOQUE Ninez lazos para crecer,8,280,0,280 183,26891,Eliminating 157 Child Labour in Agriculture,Sopheap SUON,38549,Inspiration for Advance Learning and Development Organization (I-LEAD),0,0,0,0 183,27202,Educate orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda,JOVAIDE DEVELOPMENT,38541,JOY VALLEY INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT (JOVAIDE,0,0,0,0 183,27208,Help learners find their purpose in South Africa,Zukile Mkhaliphi,38538,The Cross Overs,0,0,0,0 3,26873,Great Futures Start Here,Maria Jose Orellana,38532,Fundacion Hearts of Gold,104,"20,587","1,000","21,587" 133,26841,Rehabilitation of Family Toilets of Sever Poverty,youth vision,38527,Youth Vision Society,1,200,0,200 83,26814,Restore Corals for 400 Fisherfolks in Wasini,Moses Ziro,38519,Africa Nature Organization,22,"1,476",0,"1,476" 142,27040,Kickstarting our Urban Rooftop Garden for Kids,Catherine Scerri,38516,Bahay Tuluyan Foundation Inc,4,165,0,165 176,26912,Help an Orphan Child,Simon kurgat,38512,Overcomers Children Centre,1,25,0,25 145,27207,Access to maternal care for 500 villagers in kenya,anthony githae,38503,ALICE NURSING HOME,2,150,0,150 25,26933,Support Education for 100 Girls in Ethiopia,Tamara Horton,38502,Studio Samuel Foundation,52,"6,455",0,"6,455" 183,26925,Education Access for 200 Orphans Children Tanzania,Frowin Kahemela,38501,"Tanzania Health, Education and Socio - Economic Organization (TAHESO)",0,0,0,0 56,26836,Making Education a Right NOT a Privilege,Carissa Holtz,38500,The Carrot Project Corp,58,"5,195",0,"5,195" 183,27129,Providing Preschool for the Under-Serve Communites,matilda Benson Mensah,38494,THE ALL TRUST FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 183,26865,Empower 2000 Young Women in ICT & Human Rights,Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation,38485,Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation,0,0,0,0 18,27102,College Experience for 30 Students w/Disabilities,Katie Fahrenkopf,38475,Living Resources Corp,76,"7,525",0,"7,525" 183,26904,Good Nutrition Prevents Stunting of Children,Shah Sachal Sami Foundation,38469,Shah Sachal Sami Foundation,0,0,0,0 127,27218,Help 60 diverse young people to become UK leaders,Veronica Martin,38435,Aleto Foundation,5,247,0,247 153,26792,Student-to-Student Lunch Project: Rural Bangladesh,M. Nazrul Islam,38425,"MB3 Foundation, Inc",3,120,0,120 176,27282,CASA of Contra Costa County (CA) Expansion Program,Ann Wrixon,38415,"Court Appointed Special Advocates Program, Inc.",1,25,0,25 183,26922,To Save One LIFE is to Save All of Humanity,Nassar kizza,38403,EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES WORLD WIDE,0,0,0,0 170,26882,Empowering 1000 Rural Women through Microfinance,David A Mansallay,38382,Business Umbrellas Sierra Leone,2,45,0,45 183,26930,Educational Project for Children Out of School,Sorie Sankoh,38362,Community Advocacy for Relief and Development Organization (CARDO),0,0,0,0 177,27290,Fund a Childrens Hospital,Carol Laing,38318,Sheets of Love,1,20,0,20 167,27267,Give Every Child the Right to Clean Drinking Water,Lilian Kamanzi Mugisha,38270,Amref Health Africa,1,50,0,50 81,26946,Build 2 Classrooms for 400 Children in Zimbabwe,Mathamsanqa Moyo,38268,Community Foundation for the Western Region of Zimbabwe,14,"1,944",0,"1,944" 19,26797,Support Palestinian& Jewish Youth Leaders in Jaffa,Rafi Barkan Bocarsly,38263,Sadaka-Reut Arab Jewish Youth Partnership,76,"7,038",0,"7,038" 14,26943,Bangladesh Roadside Tree Plantation,Mujibur Rahman,38262,Poverty Eradication Program (PEP),48,"8,077",0,"8,077" 24,27017,"Save Sick, Injured, & Orphaned Birds - California",Teresa (Terry) Whatley,38261,Avian Underdogs Rescue Association,197,"6,502",0,"6,502" 53,27135,Philippine Medical Outreach 2017 for 2000 patients,Thomas Stern,38257,The One World Institute of Sir Dr. Thomas Stern and Yolanda Ortega Stern,68,"5,219",0,"5,219" 183,26844,"Safe Haven for Haitian Orphans in San Pedro, DR",Renee Douyon,38254,Love For A child,0,0,0,0 131,27087,PEACEFUL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS AND BEYOND 2017,Gilbert Watimah,38246,QUAKER PEACE INITIATIVES KENYA,4,212,0,212 171,26969,Land for Center of Excellence for 300 Slum Youth,Eric Omwanda,38243,Mathare Foundation Youth Group,1,40,0,40 176,26883,Early Cancer Detection for Low-Income Community,Dennis Gonzalez,38210,The GGI Foundation Inc,1,25,0,25 183,26927,Construction of Houses to 700 Widows in Kenya,wyclife obwanga,38183,ASAO SUSTAINED EFFORT FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND EMPOWERMENT GROUP,0,0,0,0 22,27063,Day Activity Center for Challenged Young Adults,Birkat Reut,38178,Birkat Reut,56,"6,616",0,"6,616" 103,27259,Toilets and Drinking Water for 398 School Children,Al saccoh,38176,Sierra Leone Children's Funds,17,695,0,695 167,26921,Enforcing Tenants Rights Through Technology,Georges Clement,38175,JustFix Inc,1,50,0,50 183,26945,Build 15 Houses for Orphan Families,Hope for Mothers and Children,38166,Hope for Mothers and Children Agency,0,0,0,0 27,27101,Educating orphans & the disadvantaged in Kenya,Tracey Neale-Ferreira,38123,Roko 20,45,"6,240",0,"6,240" 118,27117,Educate 50 high school students from Rwanda,Josiane Isingizwe,38113,Acts Of Gratitude (AOG),6,400,0,400 183,27158,Build Ambulatory care centers for 10 village Ghana,Yaa Nyantakyi,38102,Sanys Health Assistance Program,0,0,0,0 183,27069,Give foster pets a second chance in Chile,Catalina Moreno,38095,Fundacion Garras y Patas,0,0,0,0 173,26861,Use Sport to Help 5000 Girls and Women in Cameroon,Francois georges Nyeck,38093,Association internationale femmes et population,2,31,0,31 125,27222,"A new book for 14,300 children in Mitchells Plain",Taryn Lock,38059,Let's Read to Rise,4,255,0,255 133,27165,Canteens4Kids! Providing Eco-Friendly Alternatives,Nicole Griffin,38020,World Progress Now,4,200,0,200 176,27185,Create Employment for 100 Youths in Nigeria,CVL Limited By Guarantee,38018,CVL Limited By Guarantee,1,25,0,25 183,26779,Give 790 Children Access to Education in Ethiopia,Mary Anna Noveck,38007,imagine1day USA Foundation,0,0,0,0 183,27013,Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism,Rhoda Omoile,37999,Care and Development Centre,0,0,0,0 183,27042,Help children with learning difficulties in Uganda,Backup Uganda,37984,Backup Uganda,0,0,0,0 183,26826,Refab Lab: A Community Workshop Incubator,Jeremy Idleman,37981,Refab,0,0,0,0 50,26999,Help Syrian Refugee Children Stay in School,Hamed Behravan,37969,The Democracy Council of California,44,"5,300",0,"5,300" 183,26829,Play Area for Children With Cancer in Mexico City,Diego Parada Herrera,37967,"Vuela Sin Limites, A.C.",0,0,0,0 183,26866,Music to Go Anywhere,Mary Thompson,37958,Community Orchestra of Central Oregon,0,0,0,0 183,27094,Sensitize 5000 Dokolo Women on Reproductive Rights,Yiga Musa,37941,The Community Health Rights Network(COHERINET),0,0,0,0 167,27054,Unspoken Smiles Fellowship,Jean Paul Laurent,37934,Unspoken Smiles Foundation,1,50,0,50 54,27019,Equip a sickle cell community lab in Cameroon,neba ambe,37925,Fr John Kolkman Foundation,43,"5,205",0,"5,205" 183,27126,Every Tooth Counts,Theresa Anselmo,37923,Partnership for the Children of San Luis Obispo County,0,0,0,0 183,26924,ECED Training for Community School Teachers,Kiran Ghimire,37883,Kadam Nepal,0,0,0,0 182,26910,Sexual Health Among 5000 Young Students in Togo,Kafui Koffi AKOLLY,37879,Association of Volunteers for the Promotion of Youth (AV-Jeunes),1,6,0,6 143,27172,1 Bed 1 Life: The Gift of Addiction Recovery - US,Jean Krisle,37874,"Ten Thousand Beds, Inc.",3,160,0,160 183,26961,"Save 4,011 HIV Adolescents in Kenya",Rose muema,37870,GENERATION Y HIV EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME,0,0,0,0 5,26546,Housing for People Living w/ Mental Illness,Stephanie Monroney,37815,Plymouth Healing Communities,70,"15,095",0,"15,095" 176,27068,Build 5 Playgrounds for Children in Afghanistan,Keith Reynolds,37806,Olive Branch Playground Builders,1,25,0,25 183,26958,Support Livelihood to 60 Teen Mothers in Tanzania,Hamenya Paschal,37794,Kigoma AIDS Control Networkk,0,0,0,0 183,26942,Rescue Endangered Homeless Children in Costa Rica,Scott Pralinsky,37784,Casa Milagro Foundation,0,0,0,0 183,27008,Hands-on science for 3500 underserved kids,Tzipor Ulman,37781,Science is Elementary,0,0,0,0 183,27297,Support Girl Child Education - Livingstonia Malawi,Rockin Mwabanga,37769,Mtende Homecraft Foundation,0,0,0,0 181,27130,Mon Valley Circles - Circles Out Of Poverty,Rose Alexander-Staples,37749,Mon Valley Circles inc,1,10,0,10 183,27074,Help 300 Young Women Learn Computer in Liberia,Nema Sagno,37736,Youth for Education & Agriculture International Liberia,0,0,0,0 86,26803,Sweet Fields - organic farm & education center,Barbara Donnini,37731,Sweet Fields Incorporated,43,"1,425",0,"1,425" 171,27120,UPCYCLING HANDMADE PRODUCTS BY 100 KENYAN ARTISANS,Julius Otieno,37725,KICK ARTISANS DEVELOPMENT SELF HELP GROUP,1,40,0,40 176,27254,Amplifying voices on the migrant trail to Europe,Eva Erlach,37708,Ground Truth Solutions,1,25,0,25 174,26952,Youth Volunteers Want to Help Refugees in Serbia,Goran Mitrovic,37707,Association People's Parliament,2,26,0,26 70,27321,Adopt free treatment -1000 Hepatitis C Patients,laila rizvi,37657,The Health Foundation,16,"5,001",0,"5,001" 183,27285,Help 26 Canadian Men Cheat Death with Recovery,Wayne Steer,37626,Fresh Start Recovery Centre,0,0,0,0 92,27092,Build School for 120 Brazilians in the Rainforest,Stuart Lloyd,37569,Instituto Floresta Viva,6,"1,163",0,"1,163" 46,26908,Design Education for Artisans of Kutch India,Judy Frater,37564,"Somaiya Kala Vidya, a division of K.J. Somaiya Gujarat Trust",41,"5,420",0,"5,420" 141,27149,Help Us Keep Our Community Library open in Codito!,Mujeres Fresia,37553,Corporacion de Mujeres Fresia,7,170,0,170 114,27232,Help Victims of Military Conflict in Ukraine,Illya Bogomolov,37551,INTERNATIONAL CHARITY ORGANIZATION INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CARE,12,485,0,485 183,26916,Support Young Scientists and Biosciences Research,Ikechukwu Okoli,37536,Biosciences Research Support Foundation,0,0,0,0 65,26850,Educate and Empower Street Children in Kigali,Molly Richardson,37511,Foreningen Retro,71,"5,069",0,"5,069" 11,26980,Educate 270 Children in Northern Nigeria,Bitebo Gogo,37469,Keeping It Real Foundation,59,"10,005",0,"10,005" 172,27277,Support STEM Education for Underserved Students,Kewanta Greer,37417,"Feed the Mind, Inc",2,35,0,35 68,27012,"Restore Mateos and Andreas hearing , Guatemala",Patricia Castellanos,37367,Fundacion Sonrisas que Escuchan,45,"5,025",0,"5,025" 167,27081,Support DABAGA INSTITUTE of Agriculture Equipments,TULIME ORGANISATION,37352,Passionate Heart Tanzania,1,50,0,50 183,27302,Education is our Way for Peace and Democracy,SAWSAN ELSHOWAYA,37341,ASMAA SOCIETY FOR DEVELOPMENT,0,0,0,0 48,27241,Support Literacy for Brazilian Children,Milena Cascarelli,37315,"CENPEC - Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas em Educacao, Cultura e Acao Comunitaria",52,"5,410",0,"5,410" 30,27089,Survival of Animal Welfare Charity in Zimbabwe,Jane CLEGG,37303,SPCA MUTARE,107,"6,161",0,"6,161" 183,26955,Feed & Send 25 Orphan Girls to School in India,Hassain SyedC,37301,Star Youth Association,0,0,0,0 171,26788,"Healthy Bodies for 400 Children in Kayamandi, SA",Kim Klir,37299,Vision AfriKa,1,40,0,40 150,26702,Information Centre for Blind People in Mongolia,Teigen Bywater,37294,Mongolian National Federation of the Blind,3,131,0,131 9,25868,Empower 300 Bal Sansads in Bihar To Drive Change,Zaheera Vaz,37291,QuestAlliance,123,"10,695",0,"10,695" 20,26941,Help People with Intellectual Disabilities -Serbia,Margareta Kecman,37265,Creative Educational Center KEC,68,"6,818",0,"6,818" 183,26962,Zero Stunting and Malnutrition among 510 Children,Evode NGAYABO,37246,Strive for Health in Rwanda,0,0,0,0 167,26022,Build a Health Center in Katoyi-Masisi (DRCongo),Justin Shukuru Muhawe,37239,CAAP-TUJITEGEMEE,2,50,0,50 183,26820,THE #TwendeGreenCampaign,Caroline Nzuki,37232,ECO ETHICS INTERNATIONAL KENYA,0,0,0,0 71,26832,Empower Survivors of Modern Slavery in Tanzania,Kelly Bean,37230,African Road Inc.,57,"4,720",0,"4,720" 16,26789,Act Now to Prevent Famine in Kenya & Somaliland,Abi Betts,37213,Health Poverty Action,57,"8,030",0,"8,030" 181,26775,Tics for Social Inclusion of Youth in Peru,Jack Burga,37134,COPEME,1,10,0,10 115,26975,Give 100 Brazilian children a better future,Nubia Mequita,37129,Associacao para a Restauracao do Homem,20,474,0,474 183,26655,Empower Impoverished Adolescent Mothers in Tanzani,Rosemin Janmohamed,37099,Bright Future For Young Mothers Canada,0,0,0,0 40,26876,Training African Pathologists in Cancer Staging,Michael Wilson,37093,African Strategies for Advancing Pathology,52,"5,526",0,"5,526" 183,26771,Cup of Goodness For At-Risk Children For 6 months,South Kolkata Hamari Muskan,37071,South Kolkata Hamari Muskan,0,0,0,0 183,27021,Strengthening the Fight against Cancer & other NCD,Neha Tripathi,37018,Cancer Aid Society,0,0,0,0 55,26675,Bring Sight to Blind Children in Rural India,Pawan Sinha,37002,Project Prakash Foundation,48,"5,204",0,"5,204" 176,26918,Plant a Tree and Clean Up 20 Communities in Ghana,Eric Komla Amedjakou,36997,Giving Life Nature Volunteer,1,25,0,25 162,26482,Build Sporting skills for200 CWD&youth in Zimbabwe,Sibongeni Maidza,36971,Sport 4 Socialisation Zimbabwe (Also known as Support for Socialisation Zimbabwe),3,72,0,72 183,27194,Innovation of the Aloe Vera value chain in Jordan,Alessandro Bartolini,36963,Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II onlus,0,0,0,0 176,27055,Haitian Women Small Business Initiatives Project,"Gerda Augustin, MD",36958,"Destiny OutReach Center, Inc",1,25,0,25 28,26995,Water for Learning in Kenyan & Ugandan Schools,Anna Spinks,36939,Education Partnerships Africa,117,"6,175",0,"6,175" 183,26805,Post-earthquake livelihoods Recovery (Muisne),Julio López,36926,FONDO ECUATORIANO POPULORUM PROGRESSIO,0,0,0,0 57,26414,Give People Access to Clean Water,Rathindranath Pal,36919,Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation,46,"5,186",0,"5,186" 183,26428,Provide Educational Support to Orphans in Zambia,Derick Mulenga,36914,ITUNA COMMUNITY ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN ASSOCIATION,0,0,0,0 7,26612,Support Mental Health and Wellness in Taiwan,Adam McMillan,36909,Community Services Center,77,"11,628",0,"11,628" 183,27283,Grassroots CleanTech at SED2017,R. Bong Vergara,36894,Special Service for Groups/CYPHER,0,0,0,0 181,27023,Help the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Own Land,,36855,trust future uganda,1,10,0,10 38,27082,Provide WASH libraries and Pads4Girls in Nigeria,Nguzo Ogbodo,36843,Hope and Dreams Initiative,51,"5,540",0,"5,540" 183,26917,WASH in Schools,Gassimu Mallah,36824,People's Development Organization,0,0,0,0 167,27049,Educational Support For 500 Poor Children,Kelvins Iniongun Dzeremo,36798,Foundation for Economic empowerment & Educational Development (FEED-Africa),1,50,0,50 183,27018,Continue 50 Adolescent Girl education in India,Alok Sahai,36779,Bhartiya Mahila Evam Gramin Utthan Sansthan,0,0,0,0 183,26868,Empower 50 People Living with HIV,King Salifu,36747,Total Child Care Initiative,0,0,0,0 183,26812,Help Girls Stay In School During Menstruation,Nancy Mavunga,36736,Afrika Leadership Development Institute (LeadAfrika),0,0,0,0 41,26759,Vulnerable Youth Learning and Education Project,Mustard Seed Mission Taiwan,36735,The Mustard Seed Mission,52,"5,510",0,"5,510" 183,27124,Communities Access & Control over Natural Resource,Mark Kebo Akparibo,36688,Community Self-Reliance Centre(COSERE),0,0,0,0 183,26621,Empower 100 Women Displaced by Boko Haram Crisis,jennifer okeke,36681,jennnelo foundation for women and oral health advancememt,0,0,0,0 182,26936,Help Tagdicht People to Dig New Well,nabil makhrobi,36616,association tagdicht issaguen for social development,1,6,0,6 167,26793,Teaching People to Build Better Homes in Africa,Javed Sultan,36615,SARID INC.,1,50,0,50 183,26705,Yoga for Wellness Tanzania,Ayesha Samji,36604,Yoga for Wellness Tanzania,0,0,0,0 183,27047,Parent Adult Children against Human Trafficking,Soma Bhowmick,36585,Suprava Panchashila Mahila Uddyog Samity,0,0,0,0 155,26592,Improve Coffee Production in Embu,Paulino Damiano,36567,Trees for Kenya,1,110,0,110 116,27035,Post Earthquake Classroom Furnishing Project,Rabindra MAHARJAN,36562,Shanti Education Initiative Nepal,7,430,0,430 98,27309,Restore hearts in Aleppo,Daphne Keys,36534,Global Hope Network International,14,"1,049",0,"1,049" 114,27227,Help Mongolian Single Moms Escape Trash Salvaging,Ross Oke,36521,Green Asia Network,7,485,0,485 183,26859,Ending Early Marriage in Rural Malawi,Sann Jali,36511,FOUNDATIONFOR YOUTH EMPOWERMENT,0,0,0,0 90,26443,Support the Incomplete Orphanage Building,Lars-Johan Johnsen,36502,SevaChildren,9,"1,315",0,"1,315" 156,26611,Project Penya,Kimberley Williams,36469,The Grow Africa Foundation,1,100,0,100 183,26664,Child Friendly Village of Tisri Block,Savera Foundation,36448,Savera Foundation,0,0,0,0 183,26785,Sponsor A Child Education in North Central Nigeria,Fatima Suleiman Abdullahi,36436,Islamic Counseling Initiatives(ICIN),0,0,0,0 183,27177,Education for 200 of Guatemala's poorest children,Mary Morris,36386,Friends of Guatemala,0,0,0,0 183,26857,Tailoring Training for 300 Household Women,Faisal Jamal,36384,Core Skill Focus Organization,0,0,0,0 43,27095,Counselling for 300 children in Romania,Gabriela Popescu,36366,Te Aud Romania,42,"5,446",0,"5,446" 183,26895,Send Orphans and Vulnerable Children to School,Amanuel Yoseph,36365,Better Generation Charity,0,0,0,0 183,27156,Provision of Classroom Furniture to 457 Children,Collin Nyabadza,36346,Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT),0,0,0,0 13,26774,Advancing education and opportunity through Rugby,Sally Pettipher,36302,The ATLAS Foundation,41,"8,095",0,"8,095" 183,26186,Saksharta by Digitization 5000 Women in Rajasthan,shekhar mahajan,36288,SAHYOG CARE FOR YOU,0,0,0,0 183,26625,Slow Learners Project in Govt Schools in Karnataka,Venkatesh Murthy Murthy,36285,SRI VIVEKANANDA SEVASHRAMA,0,0,0,0 154,26796,Help Build Leadership Capacity of Rural women,Kavita Gurung,36234,Mahila Shakti Bikash Kendra Nepal,4,115,0,115 168,27010,Plant Clinic for Sustainable Agriculture,Maheswar Ghimire,36216,Society for Environment Conservation and Agriculture Research and Development,1,50,0,50 109,26800,Saving Guatemalan Children With Cancer,Marijose Vilá,36188,Fundacion Ayudame a Vivir,11,555,0,555 77,27031,Save Infant Lives with Breast-Feeding Education,Zecki Gerloff,36157,DocImpact,37,"2,645",0,"2,645" 183,27022,Purchase of a Truck to Market Women's Cocoa,Life Link Foundation,36153,Life Link Foundation,0,0,0,0 183,27093,MS Persons Cognitive & Psycho Therapy in Tamilnadu,MS Society of India Chennai Chapter,36128,"Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, Chennai Chapter",0,0,0,0 183,26954,Nairobi Mobile Food Business Employs Young Kenyans,Paul Miller,36121,African Kids in Need,0,0,0,0 183,26953,Construction of one borehole in Fankyenekor,william Tsakpa,36100,VULNERABLE AID ORGANIZATION,0,0,0,0 121,27052,Active and Positive Ageing,Casmed Moldova,36054,Center for social and medical home care CASMED,17,349,0,349 183,27005,Creating Life for Chronic Children thru Gardening,Akhila Vuntla,36007,"Kids Need Support 2, A Nonprofit Corporation",0,0,0,0 183,24965,Learner 2 Learner Solving Global Problems,Tracy Hanson,35968,Next Generation Global Education,0,0,0,0 183,26934,Help Vivian's Children go to School,Kenneth Uwadi,35967,Youths for Human Rights Protection and Transparency Initiative,0,0,0,0 21,26798,Teach Visual Arts to Kids in South Africa,Lou Billett,35945,African Angels,57,"6,629",0,"6,629" 183,26599,Send 100 Girls to School at Walia in Chad,daniel laou,35935,ACDEED,0,0,0,0 183,26565,Supplementary Support to Mobile Health Unit,Udayendu mishra,35916,SOVA,0,0,0,0 130,27234,Provide Dental Care to 18000 students in India,Dr. Tony Thomas,35883,Trinity Care Foundation,3,220,0,220 183,26412,Garment Making For Improved Livelihood of girls,Morris Chris Ongom,35881,Global Forum For Development-GLOFORD Uganda,0,0,0,0 183,27256,Ladies Of Distinction "All About Me",Nita Page,35850,Purpose Driven Youth Empowerment,0,0,0,0 45,26674,Support 50 Excellent Students in Cite Soleil,Daniel Tillias,35832,SAKALA (Sant Kominote Altenativ ak Lape),53,"5,436",0,"5,436" 183,27238,Digital System to Professionalize 400 Artists,Magdalene Reddy,35822,Durban African Art Centre Association,0,0,0,0 167,26722,Revolving Fund to Respond to Human Trafficking,Sok Phay Sean,35816,Child Helpline Cambodia (CHC),1,50,0,50 181,27204,Mobile App to Report Child Abuse,Haitham Merhi,35803,himaya,1,10,0,10 105,26561,Empower 15 000 Youth Through Life-Skills Education,Wanda Moller,35798,MOT South Africa,9,635,0,635 183,27352,Help Widows of Fallen Soldiers to Start a Business,MBGEMBGE FANGA Laura NDIWANE,35754,FALLEN PATRIOTS FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 167,26619,Education Support to 100 Girl Children in Tanzania,Samwel Akili,35747,Saviak Foundation For Development Training and Education Centre,2,50,0,50 176,26758,Empower Women and Girls in Africa with Clean Water,Pauline Egan,35728,Water Underground,1,25,0,25 177,26808,Girl Child Redemption:A Tribute to Girl Abduction,kyohairwe kay,35721,Coalition for human rights education,1,20,0,20 73,26528,Parkinson Walk-Fund Raising for 50Poor PD Patients,Kibra Kebede,35695,Parkinson Patients Support Organization-Ethiopia,41,"3,965",0,"3,965" 183,26485,Help Vietnam save endangered wildlife,Dawid Forouzan,35693,Center for Hands-on Actions and Networking for Growth and Environment (CHANGE),0,0,0,0 183,27330,SleepWithMe Challenge,ChinaNext Foundation,35617,ChinaNext Foundation,0,0,0,0 183,27016,Skill Building of 100 Persons with Disabilities,Lakshay Singhal,35550,Sarthak Educational Trust,0,0,0,0 183,26616,"Give Piglets to 20,000 Ugandan Women",Muliwabyo Justus,35548,Integrated Development for Marginalized Community (IDMC).,0,0,0,0 183,26794,"Educate, Equip, Empower Girls and Women in Nigeria",Safiya Ibn Garba,35535,Empowering Women for Excellence Initiative,0,0,0,0 183,27137,60 Car Seats for low Income families in Chicago,RAUL TINOCO,35477,Rincon Family Services,0,0,0,0 183,27181,Empower 100 Less Privileged Women in Zimbabwe,Moreblessing Mutswiri,35442,Sanning Foundation Trust,0,0,0,0 183,27219,Keep a girl in school,Rajesh Choudhary,35383,Nari Nidhi,0,0,0,0 183,27340,"Create Jobs for Women of Kahawa Soweto Slum, Kenya",Agnes Mugane,35368,Rural & Urban Community Initiative Support Organization (RUCISO Kenya),0,0,0,0 136,25535,School Without Walls,LifeBuilders Initiative,35367,Life Builders Initiative for Education and Societal Integration,7,192,0,192 183,27121,Grow the Wrestling Program in Fauquier County,Susan Ruppel,35363,"Fauquier Sports Foundation, Inc.",0,0,0,0 156,27098,Support Nutrition Intergrated Component,helen nhlane makukula,35361,Womens Hope for Change,1,100,0,100 183,27260,Support 60 Senior Citizens in Tanzania,Atilio Mbungu,35354,Ilula Orphan Program,0,0,0,0 93,26818,Let's Talk about our Health,Veronique OGE,35339,ACER-RUSSIE,18,"1,145",0,"1,145" 182,27104,hunger-childrens-55-feeding-education-in-india,Mrs.Vaddi Ratna Ross,35318,ASSIST MINISTRIES,1,6,0,6 183,26951,A School Library for Vulnerable Children in Zambia,Katy Dore Dore,35275,Zambia Orphans Aid UK,0,0,0,0 183,26164,Providing healthcare to 710 pupils in Uganda,Masika Moreen,35240,MUNKUNYU PARENTS PRIMARY SCHOOL,0,0,0,0 99,26974,Send 350 Girls to School in Ghana for a Year,Achievers Ghana,35238,Achievers Ghana Education,1,"1,000",0,"1,000" 170,26449,"Provide 2,500 Haitians Access to Clean Water",Meg Orazio,35068,Hope for Haiti,2,45,0,45 183,27250,Ugandan Boat Ambulance and Prenatal Day Clinics,Jessica Restucci,35048,Maternal Earth Inc,0,0,0,0 183,26761,Give a Future to Children in Need,sophia lawrence,34992,Society for Children and Womens Development (SCAWD),0,0,0,0 176,26920,Working Children Going Back to School in Zambia,Cooper Chibomba,34987,Youth First Development,1,25,0,25 58,27141,Provide Housing & Jobs for 6 Women Leaving Prison,Ellyson Goetz,34984,Benevolence Farm,58,"5,165",0,"5,165" 183,26938,Support Home for Kids Battling Cancer,Catherine Wambugu,34914,Hope & Courage International,0,0,0,0 29,26979,Support 120 survivors of sexual violence in Uganda,Gayle Clifford,349,The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project,45,"6,166",0,"6,166" 76,27270,Change 30 Lives through Music in West Adams,Lila Hood,34811,Blue Violin Foundation,22,"2,805",0,"2,805" 183,26699,Child Care Home in Ghana West Africa,Dorothy Page,34730,"God's House of Refuge Child Care Home International, Inc.",0,0,0,0 78,24828,Music Classes in the Amazon for 30 Students,,34703,Conservacion de la Naturaleza Amazonica del Peru A.C.,15,"2,509",0,"2,509" 183,27211,Help for Avalanches Affected People in Afghanistan,Nasem Zahed,34701,Sustainable Development Organization for Women- SDOFW,0,0,0,0 183,26772,Saving Cordia Tree through Spice Production,Seralegin Abera,34683,God for People Relief and Development Organaization,0,0,0,0 183,27044,So that we can tell our story as we Raise Giants,Kgomotso Khosa,34681,Raising Giants Organisation,0,0,0,0 97,26821,Build A School For HIV/AIDS Orphans In Uganda,male kenneth,34650,christ hope reachout ministries uganda,7,"1,065",0,"1,065" 183,25917,Empowering Local Community to Use Renewable Energy,Mary Bahdousheh,34647,Jordanian Climate Change and Environment Protection Society,0,0,0,0 183,25014,Community Development Project,Justine Ediegu,34607,Youth With a Focus Teso (YWFT),0,0,0,0 183,27295,Transporting Medical Textbooks to Malawi,Sheena Jagjiwan,34590,Medic to Medic Ltd,0,0,0,0 176,27275,"BRIDGE - Give Disadvantaged Kids a Chance, Hungary",Adam Nemeth,34533,Devai Szent Ferenc Alapitvany,1,25,0,25 31,26349,Clothes for 300 Children At Don Bosco Trivandrum,Fr. Saji SDB,34461,Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society,64,"6,154",0,"6,154" 176,27176,Educate a Child Affected by Prostitution in Uganda,Didas Kayiranga,34409,Help the Street Girl Uganda,1,25,0,25 139,26887,Food Governance for 600 Kanari Families in Ecuador,Alan Adams,34407,Asociacion de Productores de Semillas y Alimentos Nutricionales Andinos MUSHUK YUYAY,4,182,0,182 166,26878,Build a School for 3000 Village Children,Dr.Dominic Diing,34295,Aid and Care,3,55,0,55 165,26662,Empower 240 Women in Northern Pakistan,KIDF Pakistan,34293,Karakuram International Development Foundation (KIDF) Pakistan,1,60,0,60 167,27113,Help Conrad Lewis Give Vision to Thousands,Donna Price,34284,Lewis Vision Improvement Foundation,1,50,0,50 183,26984,Empower a Teen Mom in Kenya,BETHA AKOTH,34275,International centre for education and talent development,0,0,0,0 79,26680,Early Childhood Development in Napo Ecuador,Magdalena Martinez,34206,MAP Internacional Seccion Ecuador,25,"2,169",0,"2,169" 183,26852,Reducing Vulnerability in Juveniles in Detention,Mambu Samadu Feika,34154,www.prisonwatchsl.org,0,0,0,0 52,24754,E-Libraries for Post-Earthquake Ecuador,Libraries Without Borders,34101,Libraries Without Borders,53,"5,224",0,"5,224" 183,26589,Project Proposal for Children with Disabilities,Kashmir Humanity Foundation,34095,KASHMIR HUMANITY FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 167,25731,Decent Living for Homeless Children of Guatemala,LIVE ONG GUATEMALA,34033,Asocacion para el desarrollo del liderazgo visionario y emprendedor LIVE,1,50,0,50 102,26530,Free of Cost 1 Year Education to 217 Girl Students,Hamid Majid,34023,Sona Welfare Foundation,42,735,0,735 176,26575,Bring Light to the Remote Homes in Cambodia,Marc Jenni,34020,Child's Dream Association,1,25,0,25 171,27116,Reaching the most marginalized girls in Benin,Stephanie Cate,3399,Batonga Foundation,2,40,0,40 183,27199,"Transforming 1,000 children's lives through music",Marcus Patteson,33969,Norwich & Norfolk Community Arts / Sistema in Norwich,0,0,0,0 183,27301,Protective services to street children in Juba.,Awish Buti,33889,Buti Foundation(BF),0,0,0,0 183,27152,Drinking water for saving life in Les cayes,Juno BATAILLE,33824,FONDATION FIDEH,0,0,0,0 75,27399,Build a School Building in Rural Ghana,Richard Bussy,33782,Onechild Ghana,6,"3,812",0,"3,812" 183,26626,Save Children from Severe Malnutrition (SACSEM),Mih Bibian Mbei,33761,BIHNDUMLEM Humanitarian Association Of Peace and Hope.,0,0,0,0 84,26877,Empower 100 disadvantaged women in rural Colombia,,33703,Fundacion Soy Social,17,"1,469",0,"1,469" 34,27006,UPYA: resilient housing innovation in Colombia,Ana María González,33702,Fundacion por la Educacion Multidimensional-FEM,82,"5,805",0,"5,805" 183,26451,Help an Elderly Cause,Guru Kalburgi,33691,Omashram Trust,0,0,0,0 148,27009,HELP 50 WOMEN FIGHT POVERTY IN NIGERIA,Adepeju Oti,33410,Global Youth Leadership and Girl-Child Foundation,5,134,0,134 164,26701,Support Shammah Secondary to Educate Orphans,Ferdinand Shideko,33384,TANZANIA AMAZING GRACE OUTREACH FOUNDATION,3,61,0,61 126,27154,PARTI Youth Service,Winston Ashby,33314,PARTI Program,1,250,0,250 183,26436,Build a High School to Educate 1000 Kids in Uganda,Dan wagidoso,33302,Community Child Development Orphanage,0,0,0,0 106,27205,Provide Safe Shelter for Families in the Mid-South,Vachenzia McKinney,33253,"Le Dujour HERO Village of the Mid-South, Inc.",10,625,0,625 163,26597,Green Schools Project,Albert KUNIHIRA,33216,Greening Uganda,2,70,0,70 183,27306,Improving Livelihoods of 200 Villagers in Rwanda,AIME KAYUMBA,33182,Rural Development Initiative(RDI),0,0,0,0 183,27193,"She Leads! 30 girls, 30 villages, 30 leaders",Charlotte Rwema,33179,Organisation of Women in Sports(AKWOS),0,0,0,0 183,26911,"Youth, Violence and Crime in Sierra Leone",Moiyatu Braima,33143,Campaign for National Unity-Sierra Leone( CNU-SL),0,0,0,0 183,27161,Educate and Medicate 500 Children in Nigerian Slum,Tosin oladeji,33102,The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents And Youths Wellbeing Initiative,0,0,0,0 156,26993,Train 100 Women on Land Rights in Siaya,Rogers Ochieng,33014,Support Community in Democracy Alliance (SCODA),2,100,0,100 122,26399,Support Poor Children's Education in Uganda,Godfrey Sseremba,32957,Sprout Care Foundation,2,337,0,337 183,27273,MingaLab 2017: Innovation Fund for Colombian Peace,Paula Moreno,32934,CORPORACION MANOS VISIBLES,0,0,0,0 126,26967,Education & Emergency Aid for 136 Girls At Risk,Gertrude Micheni,32854,"FORUM FOR WOMEN IN DEVELOPMENT, DEMOCRACY AND JUSTICE",5,250,0,250 120,25140,Groceries with Elderly Women,Phati Bukhrikidze,32717,Women and Development,7,365,0,365 176,27107,"Educate 150 Girls in Tech,Engineering & Maths STEM",DORCAS TSHUMA,32710,Triumphant Hand of Mercy Initiative NPC,1,25,0,25 156,27255,Resilience Academy Mental Health Classes for Teens,Sharon Gibbons,32703,Pieta House,4,100,0,100 32,26312,Educate & feed 300 children in Swaziland!,Kim Roques,32700,All Out Africa Foundation,52,"5,961",0,"5,961" 183,25939,Protecting the Rohingyas Refugee Women and Girls,Md Mahbul Haque,32660,Bangladesh Centre for Human Rights and Development (BCHRD),0,0,0,0 183,26644,Help Blind Children in Tanzania,Mabokela Saidi,32654,Tanzania League of the Blind,0,0,0,0 183,27178,Help me pay my fees after XII.,Sudeshna Bhojia,32651,Visamo Kids Foundation,0,0,0,0 183,27262,Construction of a Community Hall for Rural Health,Rex Packianathan,32641,DOVE,0,0,0,0 183,26407,Empower Refugee Women with Job Skills in Cameroon,Susan Stasi,32609,Rose Academies,0,0,0,0 183,27171,Lets make America green Again,Barry Archer,32481,Barak Source For Learning,0,0,0,0 113,27160,Support for SDA School Pupils in ICT,Ernestina Appiah,32320,Healthy Career Initiative,1,500,0,500 183,25459,Leadership Training for Girls,Toti Jean Marc Yale,32246,Education and English for You (EEFY),0,0,0,0 183,26810,Help Us Get 40 Marginalized Women into Business,Daniphord Mwajah,32225,TWIGA VISION TANZANIA,0,0,0,0 138,25749,Provide clean water to 4600 villagers in Eritrea,Berhe Gebrehiwot,32154,"Senai Foundation, Inc.",4,185,0,185 146,27192,Stop Famine in South Sudan,Patrick Joseph,32081,South Sudan Kuku Association of North America,3,140,0,140 176,26620,Send deprived Child to Primary School in Pakistan,Shahid Amin,31949,Center for Research and Social Development (CRSD),1,25,0,25 183,26847,Combating Malnutrition to 380 Orphans in Tanzania,,31945,Tanzania Food Garden Network (TaFoGa Net),0,0,0,0 182,26766,Provide Clean Water for 89 Congolese Homes,jacques kabinda,31931,Association for the Protection and Development of Youth in Congo in single APRODEC,1,6,0,6 183,27034,Support Poor Rural Pupils through 1000 Solar Lamps,christine Muhongerwa,31897,SaferRwanda,0,0,0,0 159,26966,Girls Boarding Education Center in Rural Tanzania,Theopister Mhagama,31761,Dare Organization for Development and Human wellbeing in Tanzania,3,81,0,81 158,26552,Improving the lives of People with Albinism,Peter Ochwo,3174,UPIMAC,1,87,0,87 183,27314,'Rise Up'-Empowering 100 women in Mbotela Nairobi,John Paul Mbasro,31685,Volunteers Without Borders,0,0,0,0 183,27170,Help Stop One of The World's Biggest Killers,Vivek Mishra,31561,Ganga,0,0,0,0 69,26598,Mindanao Sanitation and Food Security Project,Cesario Sayre,31493,Asset-Based Community Development with Equity Foundation,45,"5,021",0,"5,021" 183,26408,Strengthening Women Entrepreneurs in Teso region,Joseph Apetu,31491,Innovative Youth with Action Uganda,0,0,0,0 171,26687,"Saving Lives of 5200 Households in Rutshuru, Congo",John Ntonta,31472,East Eagle Foundation,2,40,0,40 176,26645,Support Cancer Patients & Orphans in Uganda,Arthur Omul,31471,CANCER PREVENTION AND CONTROL IN UGANDA(CPCU),1,25,0,25 183,26631,Supporting 300 Orphans Through Education,Dauda Koroma,31459,The Needy Today,0,0,0,0 183,27298,RURAL YOUTH VOCATIONAL SKILLS TRAINING CENTRE,Nelson Zakeyu,31438,DRUG FIGHT MALAWI,0,0,0,0 149,26982,HIV Prevention to 1000 Youth in South Sudan,Festo Bali,31395,SOUTH SUDAN COMMUNITY CHANGE AGENCY (SOSUCCA),2,134,0,134 176,24561,Educate 350 orphan & slum children in India,Sai Seva Trust Orphanage,31371,SAI ANADHA SEVA TRUST,1,25,0,25 183,27168,Children of Tukutu Community Badly Need A School,Marvella Odili,31316,Save Our Needy Organization,0,0,0,0 135,27240,Turn around the lives of 30 vulnerable young girls,Joanna Burrows,31302,Charnwood 20:20,12,195,0,195 176,26994,Send 120 Pygmies Children to School in Cameroon,Georges Gabin BOYOGUENO Y'OSSANG,31167,CAMEROON KOLPING ASSOCIATION,1,25,0,25 166,26939,Support 1000 South Sudanese in Food Security,juuk lang,31158,Community Action for Rural Development and Self-Reliance (CARDS),3,55,0,55 183,27000,Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Matobo,Ednah Bhala,31148,Maranatha Orphans Care Trust,0,0,0,0 182,26963,Save 4250 women & children's lives in Sierra Leone,Mohamed Mansaray,31131,"Association for Health,Education,Agriculture and Development in Sierra Leone.",1,6,0,6 117,26768,Solar Lighting Lamps to 500 Villagers in Nigeria,Julius Maduka,31116,Edom Development Group,4,410,0,410 167,27221,Let's help farmers in Drought Affected areas,Ashok Pawar,31006,Social Empowerment & Voluntary Association,2,50,0,50 183,27145,buy a 29ft pamper pole for youth at risk Belgium,Yamina Krossa,30983,YAR Vlaanderen vzw,0,0,0,0 175,27131,Water and Sanitation,Usman Ibrahim,30982,El-Ehsan Charitable Relief Foundation,1,26,0,26 183,27118,Makers Labs for children of Santa Ana Costa Rica,Rina Jimenez,30931,"Fundacion para la educacion, cultura y medio ambiente Tree of Life",0,0,0,0 183,26681,Help Expand Farm for Orphans and Homeless Children,,30902,sunils social services home,0,0,0,0 181,27245,Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Scholarships,Beth Lovain,30882,Scholarship Fund of Alexandria,1,10,0,10 183,27007,Plant a Tree for Me! Give the Gift of Habitat!,Odessa O'Brien,30843,Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife,0,0,0,0 183,26755,Protecting Children from Malaria on Ukerewe Island,Colin McArdle,30809,Kids Aid Tanzania,0,0,0,0 181,26899,Moringa for the Nutritional Health of 1000Children,TOSSOU Béranger,30784,YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA),1,10,0,10 183,27288,food security for 100 vulnerable families,james ANDRE,30744,Mopab,0,0,0,0 183,26409,Shelters To Take on Animals in Need,Joy Laudahl,30622,Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue,0,0,0,0 183,26703,Oldest Nature Magazine Needs Funding,I.S Shanmugaraj,30525,Persatuan Pencinta Alam Malaysia (The Malaysian Nature Society),0,0,0,0 110,26848,Give Cleft Babies A Chance To Smile,Anupam Sarkar,30500,Mission Smile,3,550,0,550 183,26804,Save 40 Orphans & Vulnerable Children in Nigeria,Joy Eze,30423,Ability-in-Disability Initaitive,0,0,0,0 176,27136,Screening & Awareness of Colon Cancer,Chris Evans,30386,Colon Cancer Coalition,1,25,0,25 183,26420,125 Children in Haiti No Longer Have a School,Jules Faustin,30373,Children for Christ Inc.,0,0,0,0 137,26692,Donate to Educate Nigerian Girls for One Year,Keturah Shammah,30223,Girls Education Mission International,1,190,0,190 183,27195,Equip A Child with School Supplies,Joseph&Eunice Oladaiye Foundation,30168,Joseph & Eunice Oladaiye Foundation,0,0,0,0 183,27004,Educate the Vulnerable Children in Kenya,Charles Ngiela,30143,Kenya Christian School For The Deaf,0,0,0,0 183,26867,Making More Room for the Draft Horses,Lida Mosovich,29913,Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue,0,0,0,0 177,26718,Mini Lab: A Space of Love in Leon XIII,Construyendo Sonrisas en CR,29884,Construyendo Sonrisas en CR,1,20,0,20 183,27151,Young girls future leaders,Daniel Akena,29870,Safeplan Uganda - DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,0,0,0 176,26900,Help Students with Mental Disabilities Speak,Disha Foundation,29831,Disha Foundation,1,25,0,25 183,26549,Support Teen Parent's Hotline in Kenya for a Year,Arinolah Omollo,29808,Women United Against Poverty in Kenya (WAUPIK),0,0,0,0 183,27278,Support Menstrual Hygiene for Girl Child in Uganda,Samuel Bogere,29675,Centre For Support of Orphans and other Vulnerable Groups-Uganda,0,0,0,0 183,27123,Vehicle for intellectually & physically disabled,Desiree Behr,29635,Woodside Special Care Centre,0,0,0,0 183,27280,Promote agroforestry to improve climate change,Esther Khonje,29616,Philadephia Foundation,0,0,0,0 61,26638,Light for 200 of Nepal's Poorest,Aysha Rajput,29430,Pollinate Group,75,"5,120",0,"5,120" 37,26656,Prosthetic Limbs for 50 Poor Bolivian Amputees,matthew pepe,29207,Bolivians Without Disabilities,63,"5,551",0,"5,551" 176,26717,GWOZA Early Childhood Development Project,Peter Adewunmiju,29202,DIVINE ACT CHARITABLE TRUST,1,25,0,25 183,27271,Provide Cookstoves for 2000 Households in Kenya,Joram Mathenge,29177,KIANGURE SPRINGS ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE,0,0,0,0 183,26822,Help 500 Deprived Women and Girls in Imo & Ekiti,Triumphant Health And Development,29141,Triumphant Health and Development Initiative (THAD),0,0,0,0 183,26950,Train 300 Trainers on Organic Food in Malawi,Kenwilliams Mhango,29139,African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect,0,0,0,0 183,27198,Buy 400 Deaf School Girls Sanitary Pads in Kenya,Josephine Aska,29032,Federation of Deaf Women Empowerment Network Kenya,0,0,0,0 183,26422,Education and Social Protection for 500 Kids - DRC,Marc BALOLEBWAMI,29026,managementsystem asbl,0,0,0,0 126,26791,Mountain Gorilla conservation Fish Ponds in Uganda,John Bosco Tusingwire,28928,Community Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation,3,250,0,250 167,26525,Operation Dog Food,Connie Hellwig,28587,Feed the Dog,2,50,0,50 183,27029,Educate 100 Orphaned Children Working in Agrifarms,Charles Mokaya,28523,Human Development International NGO,0,0,0,0 88,26983,Start 3 Village Pre-Schools as Models in Cambodia,Caring for Young Khmer Organization,28501,Caring for Young Khmer,7,"1,360",0,"1,360" 178,26806,Nutrition and Feeding,Ken Surridge,28403,Porridge and Rice,1,20,0,20 183,26845,Photo Workshop for 20 Deaf Students in Vietnam,Susan Tileston,2829,MY STORY photo project association,0,0,0,0 176,27224,Empowering Bangle Girls,Kateja Sarwat,28057,SHELTER PARTICIPATORY ORGANIZATION (SPO),1,25,0,25 183,26091,Conserving 80 globally endangered Francois Langur,Fernando Potess,27680,People Resources and Conservation Foundation,0,0,0,0 183,26767,Project Anti-Litter for 1000 Students in Ghana,Elijah Mensah,27152,Keep Ghana Beautiful,0,0,0,0 183,27265,Nutrition & Healthcare for 400 Children in Rwanda,Albert MUSABYIMANA,27129,Peace and Hope initiative,0,0,0,0 183,27236,Build a Classroom in a Rural School in Karamoja,Ambrose Oduch,27125,Child Way Uganda,0,0,0,0 183,26949,Bringing Back the Smiles,SANKALP JYOTI,27004,SANKALP JYOTI,0,0,0,0 181,26964,Provide a Health Post for 6 Farm Camps in Nigeria,CERPHEC BENIN,26839,Center for Research and Preventive Healthcare,1,10,0,10 183,26610,Classrooms for 500 Children in Sierra Leone,Tanu Donald Suaray,26776,Orphans in Need Ministry Sierra Leone,0,0,0,0 183,27011,Support Patients Registering for LGFB Workshops,Amber West,26652,Look Good Feel Better Trust,0,0,0,0 183,26727,WOMEN AND GIRLS DIGITAL HOUSE,STAESEN STAESEN,26375,STAESEN (Students Travel And Exposure Senegal),0,0,0,0 177,26602,KALO Food Security Project for Children,NKUMU ASSANA KIRIKA,26325,KALO TELEMA,1,20,0,20 183,27109,"Screen 5,000 Women for Cervical Cancer in Malawi",Peter Gondwe,26283,Life Concern (LICO),0,0,0,0 169,26486,Clean Water Supply to Drought Hit Areas of Uganda,World Action Fund,26262,World Action Fund,3,46,0,46 1,26970,Improve Learning Outcomes for Ugandan Children,Aaron Kirunda,26225,enjuba Spelling Bee,64,"37,415","3,000","40,415" 176,26801,The Girl Fund,Jean Purviance,26155,World's Children,1,25,0,25 183,27032,Start Up an Institute for Good Governance in Nepal,Nagendra Rijal,25758,Sakcham Rural Nepal,0,0,0,0 183,27097,Educate 150 children prone to slavery in Pakistan,Ghulam Hyder,25621,Green Rural Development Organization (GRDO),0,0,0,0 142,26548,Give a Better Life to 500 Orphans in Namibia,Constancio Mwandingi,25495,Solidarity Community Care Organisation,4,165,0,165 166,26991,PAW (People For Animals On Wheels ),RAVI DUBEY,25305,PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS TRUST,4,55,0,55 177,27188,Provide Medicine and Feed 10000 IDPs in NE Nigeria,John Ede,24961,Ohaha Family Foundation,1,20,0,20 17,27041,Community Hub for Young Women in Nepal,Amuda Mishra,24586,Ujyalo Foundation,56,"7,661",0,"7,661" 183,27269,Help Serve A Village build a library in Kenya!,Serve A Village,24344,Serve a Village,0,0,0,0 15,26985,Provide Blanket Health Care to 510 Destitute Kids,G.K Swamy,24161,Purkal Youth Development Society,66,"8,046",0,"8,046" 183,26746,Provide Education for 450 Colombian Children,Carlos Hernandez,24077,Fundacion Futbol Para El Futuro,0,0,0,0 183,27276,Knickers and Pads will Keep Girls in Schools,Ronald Kirabo,24028,Think Youth development initiative Uganda,0,0,0,0 85,26839,Water filters for children in Colombia,Lucila Cecchi,22780,Genesis Foundation,23,"1,440",0,"1,440" 42,27166,Sensitize 15000 children to reduce salt in India,Alpana Saha,22542,George Institute for Global Health,51,"5,508",0,"5,508" 123,26403,Love Link for Taiwan,Ray Hung,21772,United Way of Taiwan,3,310,0,310 26,26834,Help Gaza Kindergartens Heal,UPA Staff,19783,"United Palestinian Appeal, Inc.",56,"6,435",0,"6,435" 183,26940,Providing Bicycle to 150 Rural Students in Ijawaya,Sharafdeen Mohammed,18780,Centre for Youth Initiative on Self Education (CEYISED),0,0,0,0 142,27164,Reading Families,Gaby Vallejo Canedo,18584,Thuruchapitas Library,6,165,0,165 101,26637,Nutrition Support for Orphans' Education Center,Mutyaba James Claude,18545,Empowerment For the Poor-Uganda (EFPU),8,925,0,925 183,26659,Restore Health of 500 Malnourished Tribal Children,Prakash Michael,18531,Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti,0,0,0,0 100,25129,Bringing Quality of Life to Adopted Orphan Child,FRDP Pakistan,18354,Fast Rural Development Program,17,926,0,926 167,27020,Credit of goats to 130 young households in DRCongo,Mulala Bahati Paul,17856,ENTREPRISE COOPERATIVE KALEMBELEMBE ECOOKAL,2,50,0,50 183,26571,"Help us Train 1,000 Teachers in Dadaab",Shanyn Ronis,17817,Education Global Access Program,0,0,0,0 72,26558,Nutritional support for integral development,Bola Pra Frente,17813,Centro Esportivo e Educacional Jorginho - Bola Pra Frente,47,"4,166",0,"4,166" 183,26825,Ride to School Project,James Edumadze,17773,Family For Organised Life Foundation,0,0,0,0 176,27157,complete building for 70 stigmatised autistic kids,Cornelia Boateng,17562,Creating New Beginnings Charitable Organisation,1,25,0,25 167,26696,Support the Refugees Soccer team of PEPA,Appolinaire ZAGABE,17347,PEPA/Organization (Pleaders of Children and Elderly people At risk),1,50,0,50 183,27122,Professional Development for Teachers Worldwide,Chris Sherman,17345,Teachers2Teachers-International INC,0,0,0,0 183,26520,build skill of 200 women of 20 village in India,Geeta Bahin,17339,Gram Seva Sansthan,0,0,0,0 183,26213,Combat Lack of Gender and Racial Diversity in STEM,Zhunquin Wang,17298,Spark Technology Education,0,0,0,0 112,26167,Rebuild a Filipino School for 275 children,Paola Vecchiato,16997,Kito Onlus,11,510,0,510 128,27103,"Medi-App, Detecting Child Abuse When It Occurs",Mara Glennie,16980,TEARS Foundation,4,243,0,243 183,26751,Raising Income for 1000 Small-Holders in Kenya,Dominic Kimani,16589,SEED SAVERS NETWORK,0,0,0,0 183,27324,"20,000 to assist children with special needs",Norma Center,16499,Easter Seals North Georgia,0,0,0,0 132,26614,Water Tanks from Plastic Bottles in 50 Needy Homes,Stephen Ssemutumba,16254,Butakoola Village Association for Development,4,210,0,210 183,27196,Improving Income Earnings of 100 Ugandan Refugees,Kakinda Ibrahim,16218,Access Youth Initiative-Uganda,0,0,0,0 176,26898,Ramadan feeding project in Eastern Uganda,Katumba Sowali,16110,Bugisu muslim development centre (BMDC),1,25,0,25 67,26676,Promoting Literacy in South Africa's townships,Nikki Knowler,15734,help2read,43,"5,060",0,"5,060" 51,26871,Support Indigenous Students in the Face of COVID19,Milton Lopez,15725,Instituto Chaikuni,52,"5,299",0,"5,299" 183,26935,Life Skills for School Dropout RuralGirls in India,John J Kennedy,15718,Society for Community Action Network-India (SCAN-INDIA),0,0,0,0 183,26864,"Education for Underprivileged Slum Children, India",sober satheesh,14729,Hope Worldwide (India),0,0,0,0 74,26439,Bring Yoga to Foster Kids in Los Angeles,Y.O.G.A. for Youth,14360,Y.O.G.A. for Youth,42,"3,849",0,"3,849" 151,26184,Help Educate 100 Needy & Worthy Children in Kenya,Josephat Marwanga,14227,GRAPEVINE HOPE CENTRE,6,130,0,130 157,26524,"Health care for 10,000 women and their babies.",George William Akora,14219,Youth and Women Empowerment (YAWE) Foundation,1,90,0,90 183,26888,Help Women with HIV and AIDS with 10 Chickens,Patrick Jonathan Mwale,14162,Communities in Development Activities,0,0,0,0 39,27212,Provide Early-Childhood Care to 250 Children,Lily Oyare,13854,Little Rock Inclusive ECD Centre,44,"5,538",0,"5,538" 36,27300,Support 2000 Students in Cambodia,Claire Backhouse,13735,This Life Cambodia,57,"5,569",0,"5,569" 183,26915,Support Girl's Education in North Rift Kenya,JUMUIYA WOMEN FUND,13532,JUMUIYA WOMEN GROUP,0,0,0,0 181,27127,Build Maternity Center for 5 Villages in Nigeria,BLESSING MMEJE,13444,YOUNG PROFESSIONALS FORUM,1,10,0,10 167,26997,Shipping Supplies to Source of Life Clinic,Allison Sobiech,13313,Rays of Hope International,1,50,0,50 60,26686,Help Victims of Child Sexual Abuse in Cambodia,APLE Cambodia,13041,Action Pour Les Enfants - APLE Cambodia,52,"5,125",0,"5,125" 160,27291,Drinking Water Hand Pumps in Needy Areas in India,Silas Paul,12890,Smile always Foundation,2,80,0,80 183,27140,iPad Birthday BASH,Lenore Thawley,12761,Healing Hunter Foundation,0,0,0,0 96,26965,SOFT Skills for Strong Women Working with Disabled,Viorica Ghinea,12549,Association of Consultants and Experts on Social Economy Romania,29,"1,066",0,"1,066" 183,26500,"Dog Coats for Homeless Pups in Portland, OR",Lisa Edgington,12194,Rosie's Room,0,0,0,0 49,27235,Help 200 of Uganda's Most Vulnerable Children,Lynne Pritchard,12189,Redearth Education,46,"5,362",0,"5,362" 66,26547,Vocational Training to 50 Adult with disability,Kshama Kaushik,12157,Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Sanstha,42,"5,065",0,"5,065" 155,26862,Mobile Health Truck to Sustain Girls' SRH Access,Numfor Munteh,11925,Cameroon Agenda for Sustainable Development,3,110,0,110 183,27132,Therapy horses need sand for their arena,Cathy Calvin,11603,Rosie's Journey of Hope Therapeutic Riding Facility,0,0,0,0 129,26947,5 Hubs for Youth ICT Skilling and Empowerment,Timothy Walsh,11559,Kawempe Youth Centre,3,240,0,240 157,26992,School Kit Donation - Gift Hope to a Childs Future,Swetha Rao,11494,Yuva Bengaluru,3,90,0,90 183,26971,Creating forum and conducive environment for youth,Rose Nyoni,11373,Gender Empowerment Foundation,0,0,0,0 181,27030,Distribute free Water Bottles and Lunch Boxes,MUKESH GARG,11338,Parivartan sandesh foundation,1,10,0,10 179,26902,Give Orphanage Graduates Resources to Succeed,Andriy Nazarenko,10540,Orphans' Future Foundation,1,15,0,15 183,27258,Sustainable Uplifting Optional Livelihood (SOUL),REACH NGO,10205,REACH,0,0,0,0 183,26760,Help Feed 200 Pupils in Patmos Mathare Slums-Kenya,Richard Wanjala Manya,10079,PatmosCare and Development Centre,0,0,0,0 183,27206,Support A Soul To Rest In Peace (SASTRIP),PILLI SRININVASRAO,10054,SIBARD,0,0,0,0