$100 for a Bird of Peace from Afghanistan

Your free gift when you donate $100 to: Grow Peace in Afghanistan: Educate 3000 Women

$100 for a Bird of Peace from Afghanistan

$100 keeps 3 students in school for a month and helps pay the crafters of these beautiful Birds of Peace. Each bird is hand crafted with Afghan linen and hand embroidered by Afghan women working for Boumi.com. Boumi.com was founded to create jobs while supporting education through Aid Afghanistan for Education. Both organizations need your support through the purchase of these beautiful birds. The designs on the bird are in the Farsi language and are words meaning "Peace," "Hope," "Happy," "Grateful," and others. Truly these Birds of Peace deliver Hope and Peace through education and jobs. You may visit Boumi.com/products to see colors and designs. We will do our best to match your color choice but cannot guarantee an exact match. Each bird is approximately 30 inches long and 1 foot at its deepest section, not stuffed. Stuff them as a pillow to cuddle and love, or hang flat on your wall as a tapestry.

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