Help create jobs in Nigeria and receive a discounted Newseum ticket!

Your free gift when you donate $15 to: Create 150 Jobs in two years in Northern Nigeria

Help create jobs in Nigeria and receive a discounted Newseum ticket!

100 tickets from the Newseum have been donated to Leadership Initiatives to help raise money for our programs in Bauchi, Nigeria. Tickets are valid for any three consecutive days until the end of 2013 and can be used for all ages.

Each donation goes towards Leadership Initiatives partnering with local government and business leaders to provide promising individuals with entrepreneurial, leadership and project management training.

These young leaders then identify obstacles to development within their own communities, design workable solutions, and create sustainable business models to overcome those obstacles.

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Please note that we can only ship gifts to addresses in the United States. In addition, we cannot accept check payments for any donations that include a complimentary gift. As a thank you for your donation, you will receive this free gift. This will decrease the amount of the tax deduction which you may claim based on the fair market value of the gift. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the tax-deductible value of your donation.