Markus Faigle

  • Location: Honolulu
  • My Passions: Seeing all the other GG projects amazes and inspires me. Zahana allows implementing ideas for social change I have been learning and thinking about for a long time. And, beautiful minerals, photography that tells a story, and good friends, plus…
  • About My Inner Philanthropist (why I give): Zahana is a project where the creative energy of many people converges with the goal to change the reality in Malagasy villages. I believe that people know best what they need the most. Asking them what they need is the best approach to lasting social change. While Zahana’s approach “makes sense” most of our supporters say, it is not done often enough in development work. Eliminating poverty is possible, if we set out hearts, minds and pocketbooks to it. Zahana is one way to do that.


Zahana's Challenge 2008 Registry / 1 project

Building a second school in Madagascar General Fundraiser / 1 project