• Location: Endicott, NY
  • Occupation: Therapeutic Horsemanship Instructor, Art Education
  • My Passions: Horses, Children, Farming and the Environment. I want our children to have that connection to the earth that grounds them, encourages hard work and solid ethics. Being able to bring that to children with special needs makes me whole.
  • About My Inner Philanthropist (why I give): I give because I am able. I believe that we all have something we can give and that we should do so freely. Money is not something that I have a lot of, but I do have time, talent and heart...those I share daily with the students and animals who are part of our growing program. We all have personal gifts that we can share, it might be time, it might be money. Each gift makes a difference, so I keep on doing it!
  • My Twitter page: borrowedfreedom


Bring the kids to the farm! General Fundraiser / 1 project