• Location: worldwide
  • Occupation: ich danketsu - 一致団結 (a megapeng compilation for japan tsunami and earthquake relief)
  • My Passions: we decided to make a free download and really really hope that people will USE THE DONATION BUTTON!! through this way we make sure that all incoming money will go right away to the help organisations and we don't need to touch it.
  • About My Inner Philanthropist (why I give): the catastrophe isn't over!!! so please HELP!!! RELEASE DATE IS 1. OF MAY 2011!!! check FEATURED BANDS: rodeo- scream club- toxic lipstick- räuberhöhle feat. sisen- trippples nippples- les trucs- aunty panty- broken doll- randy twigg- dirty hands on a trash like you- press eject- tannhäuser sterben & das tod- kania tieffer- kitty kawaii- ponymerry COVER DESIGN: sara cialiCKK- krawalla MIXING: gerald RELEASED BY:
  • My Twitter page: megapeng

Projects Supports:

Building Resilience in Japan
Building Resilience in Japan