• Location: Dallas, TX
  • Occupation: English teacher
  • My Passions: There are lots of them! I love to take photos and hand color them, shoot and edit video, read, watch films, walk my full-of-personality Jack Russel, ride my bike, cook, spend time with friends. And I love teaching English.
  • About My Inner Philanthropist (why I give): Thanks for giving us this opportunity to make a positive difference in a world that can sometimes seem hopeless. I read about Globalgiving in the NY Times and was really excited about the opportunity to be able to contribute to something that can make a real difference in the life of a young girl in Nepal, a poor woman in Ethiopia or a starving child. I give because we who have MUST give and because I feel better when I do it--a little less hopeless about the state of the world.

alisonv's Giving Stats: