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Africa SOMA sees education as a central tool in improving the lives of all people. In Kenya, progress has been made in expanding access to education, however large hurdles remain: quality is often low, secondary schools are prohibitively expensive, and often the most vulnerable groups, such as Maasai pastoralists, continue to be unable to access even primary education. Improving participation in schooling requires creative solutions that lower barriers to entry and improve the learning environment. Our programs aspire to contribute to such creative solutions. We work in partnership with local organizations and community members and promote community investment and involvement in all of our p...
Oct 17, 2013

Meet Gideon and our previous scholars!

Gideon, one of Africa SOMA
Gideon, one of Africa SOMA's 2013 Scholars

"It [the Africa SOMA Scholarship] will help me to continue with my education and continue with my goals that I have set for my life" - Gideon, one of Africa SOMA's 2013 Scholars

Africa SOMA is continuing to fundraise for the four year high school costs of our 2013 scholarship students. To facilitate this work we have been creating microprojects associated with this project which allows us to highlight the talents of the individuals who are the recipients of our scholarships. In September Africa SOMA was pleased to see that the microproject fundraising for Damaris' secondary school costs reached it's goal. 

With this in mind we would like to introduce you to Gideon, one of our two male 2013 scholarship recipents, and our current microproject focus. Gideon loves math and his goal is to become an electrical engineer when he grows up. You can learn more about him by checking out the microproject associated with him here (

Africa SOMA has been offering scholarships to the highest achieving students in the Elangata Wuas school district since 2005. As a result we have many past scholars who have gone on to further their studies or enter the workforce. Recently, Isaac, a member of the Africa SOMA team, caught up with some of our previous scholars. Ruth started a bachelors degree in Human Resource Management this September at Kenyatta University. Everlyne also started a  teaching diploma this September at the Polytechnic University of Nairobi. Tony is currently back in Elangata Wuas working as a teacher at Inaudot Primary School and hopes to start University sometime soon. Nathan started a bachelors degree at Egerton University in Wildlife Management. Africa SOMA would like to wish all our previous scholars the best of luck in their future educations and careers and thank all our previous supporters for their investement in Kenyas future!

Thank you again for investing in the students of Elangata Wuas. Your hard earned money is being well spent on the education of bright Kenyan students who hold the future of Kenya in their hands. 

On behalf of them, the Elangata Wuas Community and the rest of the Africa SOMA Team, thank you. 


Aug 1, 2013

Microprojects pave the way for more personal scholarship donations

Damaris, one of Africa SOMA
Damaris, one of Africa SOMA's 2013 Scholars

In an effort to raise funds for Africa SOMA's 2013 Scholarship winners, we have begun creating individualized microprojects, under the umbrella of this Global Giving project, in order to highlight each individual student to potential donors. All the money raised directly through this project will be divided equally among our students however we wanted to give potential donors the chance to get to know our students on a more personal and individualized level. I encourage you to check out these related microprojects.

We have already had enormous success with fundriasing for Monica, one of our scholarship students, as she works towards her dream of becoming a doctor. Monica would like us to say "Thank you" to all of those donors that contributed to the great fundraising success of her microproject. We have great confidence in Monica and thank all our donors for helping provide the finances necessary for her to pursue this goal.

Currently Africa SOMA's has two summer interns, Brooke and Helen, working on the ground in the Elangata Wuas community. As volunteer teachers they have become very aware of the rewards and challenges the community's hardowrking students engage with on a daily basis. Our interns have been interviewing the 2013 scholarship winners about the impact Africa SOMA's scholarship has made on their lives, how their adjusting to high school as well as thier future plans and goals. Damaris, one of 2013's two female scholarship winners was recentlly interviewed regarding the impact her schoarship has had on her life. 

Again we would like to thank our donors for their support. Education has long been understood to be one of the most successful methods for increasing the social mobility, health, climate change resilience and empowerment of not only the youth that are educated but their communities who benefit from the ripple effect of education.

Thank you for choosing to support Africa SOMA in our work. We could not do it without you. 


Apr 2, 2013

Announcing Africa SOMA's 2013 Scholarship Winners!

Africa SOMA is proud to announce our 2013 Scholarship Award Winners!  We are excited to award full four year high school scholarships to the two top scoring boys and girls in the Elangata Wuas District. The 2013 top male students are Olubi (Scarlet) from the KMQ Primary School  and Leken (Gideon) from Elangata Wuas Primary. Tumanka (Emily) from Indupa Primary and Oseur (Damaris) from Elangata Wuas Primary School are the top two 2013 two female students awarded with Africa SOMA’s scholarship.  Each of these students studied very hard in order to be the leading students in the district. With these scholarships Leken, Olubi, Tumanka and Oseur will be able to choose which high school they will attend for the next four years. In a region struggling with drought and unpredictable rainfall patterns education allows youth a greater range of options for their livelihoods. While many of our previous scholarship students continue to raise livestock they have diversified this traditional income source with a wide variety of other career pursuits.

On February 28th Africa SOMA held a comedy fundraiser at Montreal’s Comedy Nest and raised $850.00 towards the cost of supporting our 2013 Scholarship winners over their four year high school career. We encourage you to tell your friends and family about our cause and help us move closer to our goal of fully funding these students.

Africa SOMA believes increased access to education is key for the long term economic, cultural and environmental sustainability of the Maasai living in the Elangata Wuas region. Thank you for joining us in our work towards this cause. 

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