Jul 24, 2009

Safety has a price

Dear All,

You’ve all heard about our urgent need of a vehicle to safely transport the underprivileged children from their home to Daktari. As we couldn’t carry on the project without a safe and legal vehicle to pick up and drop off the children we had to make numerous plans to purchase a vehicle on a loan. This wasn't easy but we made it!!!

We are now very happy to have a beautiful Toyota Quantum and can carry on the good work. The police have nothing to say anymore when they stop us on the road and we even think they are jealous and surprised by the way Daktari always manage to find solutions even when they are so difficult to get over. Thanks to our great supporters.

Unfortunately the loan to pay every month is affecting our monthly expenses very badly and we need every donation, even as little as 10 $ to refund the price of the car.

Tell us what you think of our car. We are so proud of it!!!!

We thank you for your continued support.

Have a nice summer holiday

Ian and Michele

Jun 8, 2009

vehicle urgently needed

Picture of the vehicle needed
Picture of the vehicle needed

In august 2008 Daktari bought a Chana 10 seater vehicle to safely transport the children to and from their village. Unfortunately recently we discovered the vehicle is not registered as a 10 seater but only as a 2 seater. The business that sold us the vehicle has since closed down and we cannot be refunded or have the vehicle legally changed!!! It is now vital that we get a 10 seater or more vehicle that is legal to transport the children and volunteers every week. This is why we are urgently requesting assistance from the generous supporters of Global Giving to at least find sufficient funds for us to pay a deposit to purchase a suitable vehicle.

May 13, 2009

Building a camp for a retired cheetah

Disinfection of a duiker camp
Disinfection of a duiker camp

We started Daktari Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage because we found out that most of our local underprivileged children didn’t have access to wildlife although it’s a part of their heritage. Most of the local children and their family can’t afford unfortunately to visit national parks or private game reserves because of their high cost. It is very easy to blame a population of not taking care of their environment but what do we do to help them to understand the benefit of it? What do we do to make sure that all of us will still be able to come on holidays in South Africa in 20 years for the pleasure of seeing an elephant or a lion? This is what we do at Daktari. We educate underprivileged children to care for their environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage, by inviting them for a stay of 5 days with us in the bush.

During their stay the children are shown many wild animal orphans. Children learn how to clean animal cages and camps, disinfect them against diseases, and to give proper animal care. They learn about animals and how to find out more about them using books from the library. Children also go on bush walks and learn about animal tracks, trees, and many other things about nature. They always show a great interest in the small animal we have but they are missing out on their favourite animal which is the Cheetah. We have already made an impact on the local population as twice leopard and cheetah cubs have been saved from cruel hunt. Twice children who have been at Daktari have given pressure to their parents to call the services of Nature Conservation to remove the predators from their cattle farm instead of butchering them. We still need to reinforce this position. Kindly De Wildt Cheetah project has offered to give us a retired cheetah so the children can learn about them and the beauty and importance of wildlife. To ensure an adequate enclosure for the captivity of the animal we have to build a very big enclosure and need your involvement

Please let us know what you think of this update by providing feedback on our comments section!

Feeding a young bushbuck
Feeding a young bushbuck
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