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Nov 3, 2016

27th Daintree Property Rescued thanks to You!

Rainforest Rescue Volunteers planting trees
Rainforest Rescue Volunteers planting trees

Thanks to your support, a 27th block of rainforest has been rescued in the lowland Daintree Rainforest. Lot 32 Cape Tribulation Road, Kimberley, makes it the third connected Rainforest Rescue property recently purchased to build a new wildlife corridor connecting Lowland Daintree National Park and Nature Reserves in the Cape Kimberley Queensland region.

The Lowland Daintree Rainforest lies between the Wet Tropics of Queensland and Great Barrier Reef UNESCO World Heritage Areas and has a vital role in connecting these two significant ecosystems. 

The recent bleaching of significant areas of the Great Barrier Reef is a striking reminder of the impact of human activity on our ecosystems.

However by creating permanent rainforest corridors and by connecting protected landscapes, we give the unique flora and fauna of the Daintree a strong chance of survival while protecting river catchments flowing onto the Great Barrier Reef.

Thanks to you we have managed to do just this, by rescuing Lot 32.

Rainforest Rescue’s CEO, Julian Gray, has created a thank you video to acknowledge your support. You can view it here.

Soon volunteers will begin helping Rainforest Rescue plant around 500 seedlings to help restore damaged rainforest here. On Lot 32 there is also a road which needs to be blocked off to eliminate any cars driving over freshly planted seedlings.

What seemed a problem initially is looking to potentially have a very positive solution – by undergoing research and development we have found that by using recycled tyres, we may be able to work with suppliers and funders to turn these scraps into protective barriers to prevent roads entering the newly protected property.


Thank you for helping us Protect Rainforests Forever.

Nov 2, 2016

Lot 46 Regeneration Success Sets Global Standard.

Chair of Rainforest Rescue Board, Madeleine Faught
Chair of Rainforest Rescue Board, Madeleine Faught

Thanks to you, regenerated Lot 46 in the Daintree has continued to be hailed as a success story in terms of large scale rainforest regeneration, not only in Australia but also across the world.

At a recent local rainforest awareness raising event near the Rainforest Rescue HQ, the ‘18th Annual Big Scrub Rainforest Day’, Dr Robert Kooyman, Rainforest Rescue’s Scientific Adviser, updated the community on the success of Lot 46 as it continues to thrive.

Dr Kooyman has been involved with protected area and conservation management for over 35 years and his research and publications are world renowned. Robert believes that the “… reforestation of this important lowland area has significantly and measurably improved habitat values and protected and enhanced World Heritage values in the landscape.”

He has also credited the regeneration of Lot 46, from severely damaged property to thriving rainforest now as “…one of the best global examples of full property restoration in a critically important area with very high biodiversity values.”

The success of Lot 46 is your success.

Our colorful Rainforest Rescue stall at this event also attracted a steady stream of people full of enthusiasm seeking more information on how to be involved, and make a difference through Lot 46’s success. The Rainforest Rescue team kept the supporters especially happy with back to back table tennis games!

Dr Robert Kooyman, at the Big Scrub Event
Dr Robert Kooyman, at the Big Scrub Event
Table tennis at the rainforest awareness event
Table tennis at the rainforest awareness event


Sep 21, 2016

World Cassowary Day Shines Light on Habitat Protection

School children showcasing Cassowary habitat
School children showcasing Cassowary habitat

World Cassowary Day is set to be bigger and louder than ever this year with not only the Rainforest Rescue team, but the entire Daintree Rainforest community, many states within Australia and the concerned global community all hosting information and events to raise funds and increase education around the endangered Southern Cassowary.

A community fun day in the Daintree itself will see many market stalls, live music, educational talks by Wet Tropics’ experts, children’s entertainment tents, Cassowary Treasure hunts, crafts, face painting and storytelling. Rainforest Rescue's Julian Gray has been invited to speak here at this local event, with business partners selling Cassowary merchandise at the markets also pledging proceeds to the 'Save the Cassowary' campaign from sales on the day.

All ages are drawn to the plight of the Cassowary and thousands of miles away from the Daintree itself, distance is proving no barrier in communicating the message of saving the endangered Southern Cassowary. Kindergarteners are joining in the spirit of World Cassowary Day by educating other school children, teachers and parents alike on facts about the Cassowary and displaying what Cassowary habitat looks like.

The contribution you have given Rainforest Rescue to date is incredibly important especially on the back of new evidence showing further support that in fact Cassowary habitat – and specifically wildlife corridors - is the main limiting factor to Cassowary population.

With only 4,000 cassowaries remaining across Australia, the greatest threat to their survival is specifically the creation of wildlife corridors to help populations move to new areas. To date you have enabled us to plant over 250,000 trees and rescued over 100 hectares of threatened Daintree rainforest in Australia, critical Cassowary habitat – Thank You so very much.

While there is a lot more habitat to save, Rainforest Rescue could not have already made such impact in the Daintree without your invaluable support.

Daintree World Cassowary Day promotion
Daintree World Cassowary Day promotion
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