Jun 8, 2021

We Believe Lot 18 is Worth Saving Forever

Aerial View of Lot 18
Aerial View of Lot 18


At Rainforest Rescue it’s not often that a single property comes up that leaves all of us speechless, yet Lot 18 Cape Kimberley Road is such a property. With your help, we can protect it forever. YOU make the difference between development and thriving, protected rainforest.

Lot 18 Cape Kimberley Road—the name belies the true majesty of what this area of pristine rainforest represents—is almost 9 hectares of mature Spur Mahogany and Mossman Mahogany, as well as several Silky Oak species including Fishtail Silky Oak, Briar Silky Oak, Cream Silky Oak, and Red Tulip Oak. And so much more!

It provides a rich and vibrant habitat that supports our beloved and endangered Cassowaries, the wonderful spotted-tail quolls, the tree kangaroos, tiny jumping spiders, and large-shelled snails ... the list is significant as is this crucial habitat.

Our Ecological Advisor, Allen Sheather, noted the property’s significant conservation value. “Lot 18 borders the National Park and World Heritage Area on three sides and its western boundary is against a lot that is also as undisturbed.”

Allen noted that the species present, “exemplifies established, mature rainforest— it is missing any weed incursions and has a very high, intact canopy populated by many large buttress rooted trees and not so many mid-canopy species that can often be seen even in good rainforest that has endured severe weather events.”



"The vegetation found on Lot 18 is Complex Mesophyll Vine Forest on foothills and appears to be a very good example of such. It is completely undisturbed right up to every boundary and beyond", says Allen Sheather, Ecological Advisor for Rainforest Rescue.

It is a sublime expression of Nature at its most beautiful and mere words to describe it do not do it justice; the sights of untouched rainforest, the sounds of silence punctuated by occasional bird calls, the humid richness, calm and sense of serene one-ness with Nature.



There are times where one connects so deeply with nature and a single property such as this, that to protect it forever is not just an opportunity, but a duty—a duty borne out of the love and admiration for an untouched part of paradise, and because someone must do it.

The only way we will be successful to rescue this very beautiful, very whole, and very worthy parcel of rainforest is together – and today I need you.

Together, we can buy back and protect this outstanding rainforest property.

In this video Justin McMahon, Rainforest Rescue Land Manager, tells us what makes Lot 18 so special.

Inside View of Lot 18
Inside View of Lot 18
Justin, Rainforest Rescue Land Manager at Lot 18
Justin, Rainforest Rescue Land Manager at Lot 18
May 12, 2021

The Lot formerly known as 46

Traditional owner conducting smoking ceremony
Traditional owner conducting smoking ceremony

Because of YOU – and your ongoing commitment to the forever protection of Lot 46, Cape Tribulation Road in the beautiful Daintree lowland rainforests - last weekend, an extraordinary achievement was recorded.

Lot 46 – this incredibly precious piece of land, which back in 2010 – was pulled off the market and rescued by Rainforest Rescue - was granted Nature Refuge status. Just brilliant!

This 28 hectare property was deeply neglected, devastated by exotic oil palm production and impenetrable with weeds. From a sad, overgrown junkyard to now a thriving, healthy rainforest – the forever protection and regeneration of Lot 46 is simple mind blowing. Says Madeleine, Rainforest Rescue Chairperson:

“The efforts, energy, and determination that have carried out the restoration of this property have very quickly turned into a gift – for Lot 46, the surrounding rainforest, the cassowaries, the catchment, and for the myriad of species that now call this thriving rainforest home.”

It was imperative that Rainforest Rescue bring this rainforest land back to Country, and on approaching the local Yalanji Language Committee, we were able to grant Lot 46 with the traditional name of Kurranji Bubu (Cassowary Land).

In warmest acknowledge to the Traditional Owners, the Solomon Family,’ Kurranji Bubu’ represents a ‘coming home’ of this piece of rainforest, bringing it back into the heart of the Daintree and returning it to its rightful owners.

A throwback to the start of this wonderful rescue and repair story of Kurranji Bubu (formerly known as Lot 46), is detailed in depth on this link.

These remarkable outcomes are only possibly through YOUR continued trust, support and commitment to the work that Rainforest Rescue does tirelessly in the unprotected Daintree lowland rainforest.  A truly magical gift – back to Nature – forever.

With your help we'll be able to repeat this success. The plans to build our new nursery is picking up speed, on its completion, our production of trees will soar from the current 27,000 per year to 150,000 ... this will provide for the replanting of almost 20 hectares of rainforest habitat every year!

Gurranji Bubu marks a very important milestone in our journey to rescure, restore and protect unprotected Daintree rainforest but there is still more work to do. We're happy to know that, with your continued support, we can do it!

Thank you, from the bottom of our Rainforest Rescue hearts.

Ecological Advisors Allen & Barbara
Ecological Advisors Allen & Barbara
Lot 46 to Kurranji Bubu - Aerial Timeline
Lot 46 to Kurranji Bubu - Aerial Timeline
Lot 46 to Kurranji Bubu - Tree Planters
Lot 46 to Kurranji Bubu - Tree Planters


Apr 19, 2021

Thriving Flora and Fauna

Emily Silverstone, Daintree Manager at NightWings
Emily Silverstone, Daintree Manager at NightWings

On the Ground!

We know that the most interesting Rainforest Rescuers to you are the crew on the ground in the Daintree, and we can’t say we blame you! They are doing awesome work. There has been strong tree planting lately, what with 500+ seedlings going into the ground at NightWings; planting seedlings in areas that in the past were planted too far apart—doing it this way will encourage the growth of the canopy.

Life abounds at NightWings too, with monitoring by the Daintree crew capturing increased activity of frogs, tadpoles and birds. In fact it was thanks to the focus of our friends at the Australian Quoll Conservancy, with their monitoring of the Spotted Tail Quolls in the Daintree region, that a roaming male was recorded here at NightWings too. Lots of quick, solid tree growth as well. #TreesAreTheAnswer

Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road

Years after the (nearly) 50,000 trees were planted to regenerate Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road in the Daintree, local flora and fauna are continuing to benefit enormously. We asked for an update on Lot 46 from both Justin McMahon (Rainforest Rescue Daintree Land Manager), and Ecological Advisor, Allen Sheather ... yet again, the Southern Cassowary played a starring role!

Justin says "I’ve been watching the local male and female cassowary using Lot 46 year after year for the last 5 years for refuge, feeding and raising chicks. It is a valuable corridor to move between other neighbouring properties throughout the year but also provides valuable food sources seasonally of fruit of all sizes for the chicks to the adult birds."

Allen reinforced that "Cassowaries are continuing to use Lot 46 in increasing numbers, as with more and more trees, come more fruit production (cassowary’s food sources), so increased cassowaries." He also commented on the massive 27-hectare property as a whole saying that "it is looking spectacular—many canopies are closing over, meaning very little weed activity."

Further life abounds on Lot 46, with Justin adding that, "since November the Buff Breasted Paradise Kingfishers have returned from Papua New Guinea for breeding once again. Some pairs have taken up residence for feeding to refuel after the long trip but also have excavated several nest sites within the termite mounds that grow from the forest floor. Conditions are perfect for the termite mounds … for an airconditioned nest for them. Breeding is now in full swing with the chicks hatched and growing fast preparing for the big flight back north before the rains really set in."

See Your Impact in Action

Our Annual Tree Planting event is going ahead this year and locked-in for Saturday, May 1st, at NightWings Rainforest Centre and you're invited! Visit www.rainforestrescue.org.au/save-the-date-tree-planting for full details ... we would love for you to be there.

Thank you again from all of us at Rainforest Rescue, we appreciate you and your support SO incredibly much.

Marine Deliens, Nursery Manager
Marine Deliens, Nursery Manager
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