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Mar 19, 2020

A Letter from Darli

Darli 1
Darli 1

Darli's parents were killed in a  car accident when she was small.  Her aunt and uncle took her and her other siblings into their home.  It is difficult for them to provide for Darli and her siblings plus their own three children, but they have given Darli a loving home.  The scholarship you help provide is a great help to the family as they struggle to keep all the children in school.

Darli has set as her goals for 2020 to pass her second year in  high school, get good grades in all her courses, especially her seminar course, and give all her effort to her prepractice teaching. When she graduates, she wants to work as a teacher, continue studying at the university level, and earn a degree.

What is happening right now, she tells you in her letter below.

Dear Friends,                                                                                 

I hope this letter finds you and your family well and your lives full of blessings.

My name is Darli and I am 17 years old. I am in 11th grade at Las Águilas High School studying to be an elementary school teacher. I study there in the afternoon because the career I wanted was not offered in the morning.

On January 15, classes started. I am grateful that they are going well and I am learning many interesting new things. I am paying a lot of attention to my classes in order to get good grades. My classes are easy for me except for math, which is a little difficult. However, I know that I will be able to overcome this challenge.

On February 4, I started my prepractice teaching class and am very anxious because I get nervous when I talk in front of the class. However, I know that I am able to master my nerves and will do well. I will need to make different things to teach a class on animal sounds. 

My family is grateful for our health. The twentieth of January was the festival for Saint Sebastian, our patron saint. Everything was joyful because there was a parade. My aunt and many other families decorated the front of the house. Thanks to God, everything was beautiful at night. My cousins and I went to see costume dances, as is customary to do here. It was wonderful spending time with my family.

I really like doing my homework, helping with the chores, living with my family and helping my cousins with their homework.

Thank you for all of the support you are giving me. It is very helpful to my family and me, especially during my studies. I wish you many blessings and happiness in your beautiful home.



Your donation is supporting Darli and the other scholarship students as they work to better their lives.

2020 Students
2020 Students
Feb 24, 2020

Aura Has Reached Her Goal - A Permanent Job

Last week, I got word that Aura had finished her internship and was hired fulltime with the accounting firm!   This is the news that we joyfully hear.  Aura has been working toward this goal since she went back to school, starting at sixth grade at 17 years old.  She has navigated the full six years of secondary education and a year as an intern, faithfully working hard and looking ahead to this day.  She has done her part, but without the support she has received all along the way from all of the Kateri supporters it would have been much more difficult, if not impossible.  She gives a big thanks to all who have been with her,  She believes our motto, "Everything is possible with a little help from a FRIEND!"

As we see the success of the young women in the intern program, we have decided to make it a focus for our work.  Scholarships for secondary education are not as needed as in the past.  We have seen many new scholarships available.   The Kateri intern program is unique and is where we feel we can make the greatest impact.  This year, in addition to Aura, we have four more young women in the program and will be adding five more in April.  They are all working hard with the same goal as Aura-a permanent job!

Of the 25 young women who have participated in the intern program since its small beginning in 2004, over 75% have gone on to find employment  You can celebrate with these young women who have reached their goal.  

Kay Sweeney

Managng Director

Dec 17, 2019

Mayra Is Frustrated No More!

Mayra at Graduation
Mayra at Graduation

For Mayra, this year was very special because it was her last year  of school.  She graduated from high school! 

It has been a long road.  She left school after fifth grade.  Her family did not think a girl needed to be educated. As the years passed she felt frustrated in the life she was leading.  Fortunately, in 2004, she met Candelaria Sut, a member of the Kateri Fund staff.  She expressed her frustration to Candelaria.  Candelaria told her about the Kateri Fund and encouraged her to apply for a scholarship and go back to school. After ten years, at 23 years old, she went back to elementary school and finished sixth grade. Now, in 2019, she has a high school certificate and a career as a secretary and office worker ahead of her.  Her life has changed thanks to the support all of you have given her.  She says thank you.

Mayra with her mother
Mayra with her mother
Margarita and Yessica 2019 junior high graduates
Margarita and Yessica 2019 junior high graduates
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