Mar 15, 2021

Report from Margarita in Quarentine

Margarita at Home
Margarita at Home

The corona virus pandemic has affected our entire program in Guatemala. The schools are closed.  The students in the scholarship program are at home.  They have been affected in different ways.  Margarita reports below on how the pandemic has affected her and her family.

“Well, in my studies I’m doing well. We have not gone to school for a year.  The school is sending me assignments. In literature and philosophy, I will be turning in all my assignments.  I already have sent most of my other projects in. I only have one assignment left to do. I do not understand it.  I asked my teacher about it, but he has not responded yet. That is the only assignment I have left to close out the second period.” 

“In my family, thanks to God, we are in good health. I will tell you that in my family, we grow corn. We already planted it and it’s growing.  I do chores and I cook meals since I am at home.  If I am doing my assignments, my mom does all the chores and cooks the meal.” 

“At my house, we are digging a well.  The public water does not arrive here, so my family thought of digging a well. It is now about 10 and a half meters deep.”

“The coronavirus has affected my community.   Here in San Jose Poaquil there are now seven positive cases of coronavirus. Of these seven, three are my neighbors.  They live half a block away.  There are many families in quarantine. My family is affected. We cannot work or sell because they suspended the market. Three people in my family no longer have work.  We cannot do anything for the time being.”

Thankfully our staff has been able to adapt to the situation and they  are working from home and keeping the programs going.  Everyone, both students and staff,  deserve a heartfelt thanks for adapting to the circumstances and doing what needs to be done in this diffcult time.

Feb 18, 2021

A Report from Deysi

Deysi at Work During the Pandemic
Deysi at Work During the Pandemic


Deysi is an intern at an accounting office in her hometown.  Her high school training was as a bookkeeper.  This placement gives her an opportunity to get work experience in her profession.  Below is her report on her experience.

"I want to share with you the experience I have had during these times.  It has been very helpful to my career to be able to develop myself as a person.  I have worked with things related to SAT (Guatemalan IRS) that were complicated for me and other activities, but over time I've had experiences that teach me.  Last time I was negligent concerning a client who did not present a declaration.  With this, I learned to be very attentive so there are not fines.  With time, I am learning I must be more attentive to what I am doing.

I am very satisfied to know that I am contributing to the business and at the same time to society with the work I do.  To work  helps me stay productive.  The other is that I feel that each day I am learning new things, having more knowledge, reinforcing the skills that I have to be able to be more efficient in the activities I do.

The people I work with are nice and I learn from them every day. They help me with my doubts or situations that appear a little complicated for me.  They help me resolve them.  The atmosphere is very pleasant since my coworkers are persons of good character.  They are not always angry and serious.  They are always laughing and so it is a nice atmosphere to work in.

In this situation, I can be with them with all the precautions necessary during the pandemic.  We meet and talk.  It is an experience for me since I am not very sociable and it is very cheerful to socialize with my workmates.

I feel more each day like a professional person.  One of my goals now is to be able to continue working in this business where I am and then continue studying.

The scholarship that I receive is a great help for my family.

I hope to continue learning during the time that continues, increasing my knowledge and experience to grow as a person.

Thanking you for your fine attention.  I leave you.


Nov 11, 2020

Ingrid Shares Some Thoughts With You!


On this occasion, I am pleased to inform you that the classes are still virtual.  The assignments are sent by scan and the research assignments are sent by email. It could be said that it is much better. Since we receive classes from home, we are no longer traveling. On the other hand, it costs us for the internet that we use. However, this is how we must continue.  This is how I will finish my high school career.  From what is being said now, this is the future.

My parents have been in good health. They don't work daily because there is not enough work available.  It is difficult to earn money. My sisters are in junior high and elementary school.  The school is sending them worksheets so that they can continue working on schoolwork and can finish the school year.

This month they have opened almost the entire country.  The curfew is now from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Those are hours when people stay at home anyway. Here in San Martín Jilotepeque, no public transportation has yet circulated on the orders of the mayor.

At the beginning of all this I was depressed because I was not going to celebrate my graduation as I imagined.  Now I have overcome it.  What matters most is to be well, and finish my studies no matter what. The important thing is to finish as that shows the effort of many years.


Ingrid Canil

2020 Students Meeting Together Before Covid
2020 Students Meeting Together Before Covid
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