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The mission of Develop Africa is to facilitate and establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa through capacity building, empowerment and transformational education. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa. Our focus is on impacting and changing lives.
Apr 8, 2013

Leadership Online Reading and Discussion Circle

Girls in Mentoring Program
Girls in Mentoring Program

Dear friends and supporters-

Here's and update on the first Leadership Online Reading and Discussion Circle that took place on Saturday January 26th

All leadership mentees were present and participated in the one hour online reading and discussion circle. The facilitators of the online book reading and discussion circle were Drs. Crystal Hurd and Jasmine Renner.  Two books  namely on Think Twice You Can Be Creative by Jasmine Renner  and Self Leadership by Pentti Sydanmaanlakka  formed the main discussions of the reading circle.

The books were assigned in advance to all leadership mentees for reading, reflection and preparation for the online book discussions.  In addition, several pre-teaser questions based on articles from the books were sent to the mentees about a week in advance of the online session.

The Reading and Discussion Circle was vibrant, engaging and very successful.  Leadership mentees engaged in lively and constructive discussions about leadership skills and challenges from excerpts of the books.  The mentees posed questions to mentors, interacted with mentees, provided examples and illustrations of self-leadership and creative leadership as it applied in Sierra Leone and discussed several issues pertaining to creative and self-leadership. The mentees also discussed how to effectively execute and utilize their leadership and creativity skills inspite of the challenges they face in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Crystal Hurd, a guest mentor, posed several questions on Self Leadership such as: In your own words “what is self-leadership?” and “What qualities do you need to be an effective leader?”   The mentees engaged in a vibrant discussion and provided examples of what self-leadership meant to them.  Dr. Renner also posed questions on Creative Leadership such as: “Name one or two things that you feel you are creative and can do?”, “What are some main challenges preventing you from doing it?” and “List three things you will like to invent before you die?”   These questions spurred interaction, engagement and online networking and activities amongst mentees and mentors and fostered a vibrant online discussion and reading circle.

The Online Reading and Discussion circle was reported to be a huge success as mentees familiarized themselves with guest mentors and networked amongst each other. Each mentee was required to do a follow-up reflection of the questions and the online activity in their designated Leadership Journal.

Thank your supporters for your donations and support of this program. Together we are making a difference in the lives of these promising youths.

We are excited to also report that our projects are participating in the Give Forward matching campaign. The campaign will begin on April 9th and run through the 16th or until matching funds run out. Microsoft is offering a 50% match, with $100,000 in matching funds available!  Our current projects are available here. It's a great opportunity to supersize your donation - making it go further.  Please join us in transforming the lives of many youth. Save the date - and be sure to donate early on on April 9th to secure matching funds.  Thanks so much for your support!

Apr 4, 2013

I really appreciate all your substantial assistance towards my educational pursuit

Christiana says thanks to Give For Youth donors
Christiana says thanks to Give For Youth donors

Dear friends and supporters-

Thanks so much for your support provided towards the education of Christiana.  We are delighted to report back to you with a video message from Christiana herself where she expresses her love and appreciation for your generosity. 

Feel the Joy - Watch the thank you video from Christiana

In the video, with joy, Christiana says: "I really appreciate all your substantial assistance towards my educational pursuit.  I am really grateful. I don’t know what to say at this point in time.  I am so much filled with joy inside of me."  Clearly she is overwhelmed by the goodness of the support received.  Your support meant a lot to her!

She concludes by extending a blessing to you saying "May God bless all your families. Grant you all your heart's desires. Thanks very much! You make me feel (laugh)... so good. Thank you.  I love you! May God bless you!" 

Just watching her video made me feel fulfilled.  I hope it makes you feel fulfilled too - that together we brought joy to Christiana.  This is true significance and making the world a better, happier place!  Thanks to your support, she is doing great in school and making steady progress.

We invite you to join us in making many more lives happy by making a special donation or signing up for recurring donations today. Our on-going educational support helps ensure that youths (and girls in particular) stay in and complete their education.  Thanks so much for your support!


Apr 4, 2013

Thanks to Treated Bednets Provided, Beneficiaries are Free from Malaria

Dear friends and supporters

It's a pleasure once again to share a project update - this time in the form of a video.  It certainly helps to see and also hear about the impact we are making together.  Sometimes, we may be disengaged or not fully grasp the impact of our intervention - providing nets.  The video helped me realize again how essential nets are to life and health in Sierra Leone. 

In the video, Joshua conveys gratitude on behalf of the community (in Wellington, Freetown, Sierra Leone) and Door of Hope for the provision of insecticide-treated bed nets.   He explains that as a result of the provision of hundreds of nets, the children, women and men are no longer under threat from malaria. Thanks to your generosity and that of Develop Africa donors, many lives are now malaria-free.

Watch the video

The linked WHO report confirms that "Mosquito nets have been key to bringing down the death toll from the disease".  Global targets for combating the disease are under threat as the rate of increase in funding is leveling off.  Given this decline in global support, it's all the more important that we increase our efforts to combat this disease. Let's continue to ensure that many more families are able to live in good health - free from malaria.  The nets we provide together will help them live longer by making sure that they are malaria-free.  With these nets the beneficiaries can focus their energies and resources on other important issues. 

We welcome your on-going support that enables the provision of many more nets. Through your special large gift today or by signing up for a recurring donation, we will together do so much more.  Thanks for helping to maintain funding for the provision of nets - setting people free from the threat of Malaria!


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