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The mission of Develop Africa is to facilitate and establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa through capacity building, empowerment and transformational education. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa. Our focus is on impacting and changing lives.
Jul 24, 2013

How Well Are the Kids Doing in School? Excellently! - Thanks to YOUR Support


We are delighted to share a brief report and report cards from the field - from Joshua - one of our Directors in Sierra Leone.  In the following paragraph he explains how your support has made a huge difference. 

For over three years now, your interest in the children's education has yielded positive results. None of the two hundred and fifty children that attend the after-school lessons have had to repeat a class. The scholarships and after-school lessons coaching support that you helped provide made a lot of difference in their academics. We are very grateful to you for the books, school materials etc. that you have helped us with. We want to say thank you very much. God will bless you and your families. Some of the children can now read very well. Thanks so much for your kind assistance.

 Thanks to your involvement, the kids have not repeated a grade / class.  The coaching program helps the children with their homework and covers the basics that they need to know.  The scholarships also help ensure that they stay in school - covering critical tuition and related costs.

How Well Are the Kids Doing in School?  Excellently! - Thanks to YOUR Support.  Accompanying this report are two report cards showing how well the children are doing.  As you can see from their grades and comments, they are doing very well.  Comments include the following:

  • "Excellent work.  Keep it up"  (Israel)
  • "Excellent work"  (Margrette)

YOUR support truly made the difference - enabling us to support this worthy investment into the lives of these precious children!

How You Can Help Further:
It's back to school season and we are hoping to provide up to 500 scholarships for the children this year.  

Can you help make the education dream a reality for 1 child by donating $25 or more today?  

For each $100 scholarship that you help provide, we will email to you a personalized thank you note from the child benefitting from your support.  

This is an excellent way to boost education in Africa.  Please give today.  Thanks for your support!


Israel Report Card
Israel Report Card
Margrette's Report Card


Jul 1, 2013

Thanks for Helping to Keep Karim to School ! - Let's Send 200 More Children to School

Karim - budding leader
Karim - budding leader

Karim was born in a village called Boya in the Mile 91 area North of Sierra Leone. His father, Joseph, was the main provider of his family.  Joseph unfortunately lost his job shortly after Karim was born.  Then due to a prolonged heart condition he had suffered, a year later, he passed away.  Karim, Sulaiman (his elder brother) and his mother, Isata, then moved to Freetown. Karim started his schooling two years after their relocation.  

About 3 years ago, after a series of mishaps, Isata mysteriously abandoned them and ran away from home.  She has since not been seen.  Karim now stays with his elder brother in a single bedroom apartment with no running water and electricity.  Sulaiman is unemployed and relies on people with building renovation work to make a living.  Karim loves to go to school and he has excellent grades. He is an avid reader.  He has a cheerful personality and is a role model - not just to younger children, but also the older children.   He also enjoys helping out with community activities – coaching younger children etc.

Karim’s condition is typical of many of the children in Africa – broken families – living in poverty and at risk of dropping out of school.  With such a background, you can understand how important it is for him to continue his schooling – and your support is making that possible.  Without the support that YOU help provide - that takes care of his schooling - his future is unsecure and bleak.  Given that his brother is currently unemployed your support made a huge difference in ensuring he stayed in school last academic year.  It's a joy to know that we made a difference - helping to cover yet another leg of his education.

The new school year starts very soon and together we will continue to support Karim's education.  We additionally have over 200 new children that have approached us asking for education support.  We would love to provide a scholarship for each of these children and your donation of $100 will help keep 1 child in school.  Without your support many of them will drop out of school - as their parents are not in a position to cover their tuition and related school costs. 
Please make your best donation today toward giving hope, education and a brighter future for Karim and these precious children.  Let's send 200 more children to school together - bringing hope and a bright future!

Got any ideas on how we can raise additional funding to cover the education of these 200 children?  We would love to hear from you.  You could for instance hold a special fundraiser or create a fundraising page on GlobalGiving. If you need more information on how to do so, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Thanks for your support! 

Karim and brother, Sulaiman
Karim and brother, Sulaiman
Jun 11, 2013

Girls, If Given The Opportunity, Will Excel and Bonus Matching Offer - June 12th

Head teacher and computer quiz competition winner
Head teacher and computer quiz competition winner

Great news: We have a thank you video message for YOU from the Mrs. Jojo, Head Teacher, at the FAWE school. This video was recorded at the end of a computer quiz competition. 

In this video she expresses her sincere appreciation to Develop Africa Donors (YOU included) that have helped make the lab and training possible. She explains that the school is very grateful for the on-going training that YOU help to provide.  It is your on-going support that makes this possible.  Without your support, this would not be on-going.  

She explains that the provision of computers and training is a dream come true - because the children are less-privileged. FAWE is delighted to be able to boast of having a computer lab.  She tells us that this does not exist in other institutions.  She states that the completed quiz competition demonstrated that girls, if given the opportunity, will excel.  Age does not count as the youngest girl came first.  She says "Bravo" to all donors and invites more support.

Watch the Video

Mark your calendars: On June 12th - online donations to this project will be matched at 50%.  This means that your donation of $50 will become $75 - helping to provide more training for these precious girls.  YOUR donation will give additional opportunities to these girls to excel.  This is a great way to make your donation go even further.  Could you help us secure these additional funds by making your donation on June 12th - as early in the day as possible to ensure we secure the matching funds?  Thanks again for your support.

Thanks again for helping to give additional opportunities to these girls to excel... and for making their dreams come true!



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