Jun 22, 2017

A hopeful message

Emelia Booysen
Emelia Booysen

A hopeful message
These days, the kids are still working hard to get their high school degrees. All of the fifteen kids are still in the programme and are working hard every day. They are still grateful for the opportunities they can get from United Through Sport and “Change a Child’s Life” project. All the donations will go towards books, food, transport, uniforms, stationary and school fees. So far we are about half way towards our fundraising goal to support all of the children.

To help us reach our fundraising target we have organised a sponsored run, with the runners being volunteers from United Through Sport. With this run we will try to get as many donations as possible. The run will be held on national ‘’Youth Day’’ in South Africa. Which is a perfectly fitting day to be able to complete our goal and cover the cost for these children for the rest of the year. If you want to follow this event, please go to the Facebook page of ‘’Change a Child’s life’’, here you can follow the whole run, while we’re filming it live for you. We will organise another run in the Netherlands as well, which is happening in a few weeks. The goal of this run is exactly the same as the run we have organised in Port Elizabeth to help us reach our final fundraising target for the year.

Once again, thank you for the donations we have received so far, which have covered school fees, transport, books and extra tuition for the 15 children for the first 6 months of the year. We really appreciate every donation, it is really giving these children a chance to change their lives. We hope you will keep supporting us, to reach our goal.

‘’I still work hard every day, I really appreciate the support I get from UTS. Going to school makes me feel good every day’’ - Lorenda (not her real name)

Apr 18, 2017

UTS Beneficiary wins University Bursary

United Through Sport (UTS) is a development through sport organisation, meaning we use sport  as a tool to develop children and youth in the programmes holistically, and not only to develop their sporting abilities.

In the Senior School of Excellence (SSE) programme, we have placed a number of children from disadvantaged schools on scholarships at top schools in the city. Most of the children are placed on sport scholarships at the different schools, but we have a number of children that are awarded the opportunity based on their academic abilities more than their sport potential or talent.

One such child is Chadleigh, who is in grade 11 at Alexander Road High School and has been on our scholarship programme for four years now.  This young man has always impressed his school, parents and UTS with his school grades, and has always been an inspiration to his classmates to give their best in their school work. His warm, friendly and outgoing personality makes him very popular with his peers too. Amongst a few other activities,chess is one of his favourite things to do and that is no surprise as some of his skills can be attributed to his love of the game.

Recently, Chadleigh took part in a Maths and Science Olympiad, amongst 6 scholars from his own school and 16 other schools with a total of 275 learners in the competition. In the senior division of the Maths Competition, Chadleigh outdid his fellow participants by taking first place, winning himself a cash prize and a bursary for any course of his choice in the Science& Maths department at Rhodes University when he finishes school in 2018. He is thrilled at the opportunity and cannot wait to finish school to study at such a prestigious University in 2019! “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world and I am very fortunate to be accepted at Rhodes on scholarship” he explained with excitement.

It indeed is very rewarding to the organisation when the beneficiaries flourish and have the opportunity to change the cycle of poverty that they come from. Well done to Chadleigh and we salute him for all the effort he continuously puts into his school work.

Mar 2, 2017

Grateful kids

Tamzyn Grootboom at high school
Tamzyn Grootboom at high school

A thankful message

We would like to thank you so much for your donation!

In January the kids started at a top level high school. Because of your donation we made it possible to bring these kids to school every day. Also the books and stationary has been bought for these kids because of your donation!

They are working hard at high school at the moment and they are so happy for the opportunity they got.

Last Friday Larissa (intern at United Through Sport, Project Manager of ‘Change a Child’s Life’) had an interview with one of the 15 kids we’re raising money for. She followed Tamzyn Grootboom at Alexander Road High School, one of the best high schools in Port Elizabeth. Tamzyn told her about the difference between this high school and the high school in her township, where she was supposed to go without support of United Through Sport.

The township high school is not strict in rules and the facilities are very bad. This decreases the quality of education. Her friend who is going to that high school has a lot of free time and doesn’t get any home work. A lot of people she knows quit school there because they don’t see any reason to be there. These people rather try to find a job and try to earn some money.

Tamzyn says her days are long, she gets picked up every day at 6am and is back home at 5pm. Every day she has a lot of home work, I asked her what she thought about that difference. She said how happy she is, she feels privileged. She realises that not a lot of people she knows have this opportunity. It assures her of a better future and after high school she is ready for University.

Her goal is to become a doctor: ‘because I get to help people and save peoples life.’ Her goal changed because of the opportunity UTS gave her. With the education at the high school in her township her results would not be good enough to go to university and to study to be a doctor.

We are still raising money, it is hard to keep these kids funded because the high school is expensive.. We gave these kids an opportunity for now but we won’t be able to afford the school for five years.

It is still really important to continue and give these kids the opportunity. They are working so hard at the moment to stay in high school, these kids deserve this change to let them be able to keep on follow their dreams. They really want to make a difference in this world and in their lives. 

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