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Village Earth helps reconnect communities to the resources that promote human well-being by enhancing social and political empowerment, community self-reliance and self-determination. We do this by strengthening intermediate and grassroots organizations through fiscal sponsorship, networking, training, research and advocacy.
Nov 19, 2015

Update on the Lakota Lands Recovery Project

LLRP's Pine Ridge Land Information System

Dear supporter of the Lakota Lands Recovery Project,

The Lakota Lands Recovery Project (LLRP) is a grassroots support organization that serves the region of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The LLRP is working to support grassroots organizations on Pine Ridge that are working to reclaim and consolidate tribal lands and access the resources needed for the Lakota people to live on, protect, and utilize it, helping to return the balance between economy, ecology, and culture.

In past reports I've discussed our work in advocating for reform/forgiveness of the USDA's Indian Tribal Lands Acquistion Program, a loan program that started in the 1970s and which has seriously compromised the soveriegnty of some Native American Tribes by limiting their ability to make decisions about their own lands and forcing them to divert limited funds from leasing their lands to servicing poorly conceived loans held by the federal government. At the beginning of the year I reported about our progress finally getting USDA to respond to our Freedom of Information Act Request (on the very last day allowed by law). I'm happy to inform you that we have been working with a reporter to take the data we've compiled and turn it into an article. At this time, I can's say which publication it will appear in but we are pleased that this information will be made public and hopefully encourate the USDA to renegotiate or forgive these exploitative loans. 

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of this initative!


Nov 17, 2015

Fall 2015 Report

Dear Supporter of Village Earth's programs to support grassroots organizations. 

You are receiving this report because you donated to this project through OR signed up to received news and updates about this important initiative. 

We are pleased to announce that this fall we have added three new innovative grassroots organizations to our Global Affiliate Program. If you're not familiar with the program it serves as a support structure for grassroots and intermediate organizations around the globe that foster the long-term empowerment of marginalized populations and communities. To date, we are partnernered with 20 different organizations in 14 countries. 

The three organization accepted into our program include:


Institute for Cultural Affairs - Nepal


CRDT’s mission is to sustainably improve food security, incomes, and living standards of subsistence rural communities in support of environmental conservation throughout Cambodia. We do this by providing sustainable livelihood development through community organization, business growth and environmental protection.


A Cambodia free from poverty and environmental degradation


Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT)


CRDT’s mission is to sustainably improve food security, incomes, and living standards of subsistence rural communities in support of environmental conservation throughout Cambodia. We do this by providing sustainable livelihood development through community organization, business growth and environmental protection.


A Cambodia free from poverty and environmental degradation


Growing Liberia Democracy


GOLD has set as it mission to promote poverty reduction as well as democratic and high quality governance in Liberia. The promotion is done through targeted interviews and continues with concept mapping exercises and community capacity building. The promotion seeks to empower local authority and their community to be able to effectively engage their law makers as to make policy decisions favorable for Liberians and to be fully transparent.


The Vision of GOLD is that everyone in Liberia has a good life and that the Governance of the country is of high quality and Democratic is ensured.

Also during this period, Village Earth implemented a comprehensive organizational capacity assessment which will establish a comparable baseline for all of our global affiliates. While we are still waiting for all the results to come in, we hope to be able to report on this date after the new year. 

Most recently, we have been actively supporting our affiliates to develop end of year fundraisign plans and look forward to working with them over the Holidays to help them achieve their respecrive fundraising goals. For the lates information about these campaigns, please like our

Thank you!

Nov 17, 2015

Quarterly Project Report


September-November, 2015


First of all, we would like to give a special thanks to everyone who donated so far, although we still have lots to go but you have touched our heart and you should be proud of yourselves too and we really need more donations to continue our missions to empowering our Cambodians people in our community.    

We are very pleased to write about the progress of our projects to you, so you feel cool that you are going to decide to join us to transform our community.


We are educating more than 200 children in our community recently. Most of them come from poor families who really need support from us. 


After working for 6 months on teaching English to around one hundred students, now we finished our old semester.

On 7th October 2015 we celebrated our graduation ceremony. In this ceremony, our top 3 and hardworking students in each class were rewarded in order to congratulate for their achievements and to encourage all students to work harder in their education. We also invited student’s parents to join this ceremony to get them involve with us in following up and encouraging their children to study.

Our new term has started on 20th October 2015. In this semester, we had discussed and prepared our teaching plan for each book beforehand to ensure our teachers have a common and specific lesson to teach so that we can know our students’ ability clearly from one level to another level that is easy for us to adapt with them in every semester. Moreover, we are also trying to get our students familiar with English by speaking English as much as we can while teaching and try to empower them to use English in class and outside with teachers and friends.


On 9th October 2015 we celebrated our preschool graduation ceremony. We invited their parents to join so we had a chance to give them the message of the significance of education and empower them to involve and pay attention on their children’s learning, if they want to move out of poverty and want their new generation to live in a prosperous life.

 We had 8 preschool students and seven of them are graduated and have  enrolled at public school to pursue their study in grade one, but they still continue studying with us in Khmer class to improve their Khmer knowledge and to keep tract on their behavior and their learning at public school. In HHA, we taught them Khmer alphabets, kid songs, arts and crafts, living values, and maintain their good behavior at all time. We hope this can help them to be a good children, good students, and good citizens in the future.


Our Khmer class was opened when our team saw the absence of education of some children who on their ages to school, but they did not because of their families financial challenges and their parents did not understand the important of education.

After opening this class for two semesters, we see that it is very effective for those children to have the equal opportunities to school as others. All of them are enrolled at public school and still continue studying Khmer and English with us through our scholarship program.

One more problem, our team found out was some students who study English with us have limited Khmer knowledge on writing and reading ( lack of good education at public school), so it make them a bit difficult to learn English.

Regards to this, we open two Khmer classes, morning and afternoon for those students to improve extra Khmer knowledge with us and we are planning to work with the public school teachers in order to strengthen their quality of teaching.


Besides working with the children to have the education and better behaviors, we also provide the sewing skills and life skill lessons to adults or children’s parents to make sure they have the skill to gain the good job, so they can have money to support the families.


Our sewing classes have started on the 13th of July, and will be graduated on the 31st of December. They have been learning very well. In advance class, they learned how to make shirts, trousers and dresses. In expert class, they learn how to make traditional top and traditional dress.

The classes are postponed because we got a lot of products order, so the students need to make in the class instead of the lessons. They were happy that they can earn some money when they are learning in the same time.

Three students will be graduated from our advance class and they are moving to expert class and 3 students will be graduated from our expert class.

We are going to start the new term on the 02nd of January 2016.  We supposed to have eight students for the new beginner class. We have been recruiting new students and we have three students interested in this class so far. This term we extend our target to more villages because we want to have the students from different village to learn.


Our students have just finished a big uniform order from Bayon School. Some of them made the mistakes with measuring, but they learnt a lot from it. They said, they have much more confident after they made so many of uniform.  Most students feel ashamed with their mistakes but they are still happy to fix them and learn from those mistakes.

Besides the uniform, we also got the order from the individual business owner to make 175 Kromar straw string bags which we have already finished. Moreover, we get the order from a Tour Company to make 200 environment bags for their tourists. It is good opportunity for us to work with them because it is not one time orders but it is on-going that we get a good profit.



Our community support is aim to support the community with microfinance loan, providing necessarily workshops for their everyday lives such as domestic violence, budgeting and child protection workshop and also scholarship program for our students and staff. We are only going to highlight some challenges with microfinance as other programs are doing fine.


We have two additional borrowers who are using our loan at the moment. In total we have 13 loans.

Most loans used for whole sale vegetables at the market and the rests used for rubbish collection business, road side business and sculpture business and animal feedings (pigs, ducks and chicken).

Most of them are OK with the repayment, but only two loans that have the problem. One villager, who is a rubbishes collector, has bad business because the market price is cheap and another one villager who is a flower seller, she delivered a baby, so she has to spend a lot for her family. We have delayed their repayment to help them to stand up again.

Another problem we face was the animal feedings business because those animals died, so our villagers lost the money (animal diseases and limited knowledge on feeding). To solve this problem, we decided to stop providing loan for this business because we don’t think it is effective loan anymore. 


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