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Oct 10, 2019

Rehabilitation of Persons with Mental Illness


Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) at APD Belagavi has been in operation since July 2018. According to the 2011 census, 1553 persons are suffering from mental illness in Belagavi. The Program is active in 2 blocks. (Belagavi and Bailhongal) of Belagavi District of Karnataka

This Program is collaborating under DMHP (District Mental Health Program) of govt. health department at Belagavi. We have identified 480 PWMI (People with mental illness) from Belagavi and Bailhongal blocks through Asha workers, Anganwadi teachers, and student volunteers. These PWMI were linked with Govt. hospital to received treatment from and participated in Monochaithanya camps run by Govt. Due to this they are on regular treatment with the follow up of Asha workers.


We organized sensitization program for Asha workers, Anganwadi teachers, Multi-purpose Rehabilitations Workers (MRWs), Village Rehabilitations Workers VRWs), community people and other volunteers. The objective was to reduce stigma and misbeliefs about mental illness and make them aware and responsive to people suffering from mental illness. The sensitization program runs for 5 to 6 hours and covers symptoms of mental illness, treatment, importance of mental health and social security schemes. Through this program 259 different stakeholders were oriented and can now identified people with mental illness.


Capacity Building Program (CBP) was done with the objective of training Asha workers intensively so that they were able to bring about social and behavioral change in the patients. The program focused on understanding mental health, importance of early identification, side effects of treatment, and social security schemes for mentally ill patient’s people, resources for rehabilitation of patients and role of Asha workers in community mental health to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

We built the capacity of 65 Asha workers of Bailhongal through 2 days capacity building program. The program included training classes, motivational videos, and various activities. For this program, we invited resource persons from Government hospital (Psychiatrist), District Mental Health Program. Our own resource person from APD also trained the Asha workers.

After the Capacity Building Program, the trainees Asha workers were tested through question paper about their knowledge of mental health.


After sensitization and CBP we conducted, mental health survey along with Asha workers and volunteers in villages for identification of mental health patients. We recommended the identified people with mental illness for treatment at government hospital and follow-up through Asha works.


We also organized parents meeting (1 day) for 45 caregivers and PWMI, to strengthen their knowledge and create awareness among them. We also reviewed the current status of PWMI and suggested future actions for recovery.


Now we are doing follow up of 401 PWMI. These peoples were identified by Asha workers and different volunteers after Capacity Building Program and Sensitization. We ensure that they receive free treatment from a government hospital or nearby Public Health Center every month. We also follow up with Asha workers about regular treatment, side effects, and rehabilitation of these 401 PWMIs.

We are happy that 3 of them have fully recovered, joined the hospitality course run by APD and secured job for themselves.

Sep 17, 2019

Meals for Skill Development Trainees


Malnutrition is a major public health emergency in India today, with about 50% of the population suffering from it in some form - protein-calorie deficit leads micro-nutrient malnutrition. Malnutrition including micronutrient deficiencies often lead to permanent damage including impairment of physical growth and mental development, and to added health care costs.

Livelihood programme at APD is designed in such a manner to work for the holistic development of YwD’s. During the course of training, APD provides food and accommodation facilities for the YWD who hails from rural parts of Karnataka. Nutritious food is provided to ensure a better nutritional status of trainees.  

Currently, the YwD’s are undergoing horticulture training. There is an exclusive kitchen and dining hall for students has their meals. Such facilities have ensured the sustenance of trainees during the course of training.

Jul 26, 2019

Educate 200children with disabilities in Bangalore

Sincere thanks to Global Giving for supporting APD’s Shradhanjali Integrated School. One of the major purposes of SIS is to promote Inclusive Education and this model is much needed to sensitize the mainstream schools to accept the Inclusive Education system. Through your long term support, we have been able to achieve the desired results and provide education to children with disabilities. 

In the academic year 2019-20 we have a total of 205 students in school. We are working towards improving the quality of education by enhancing the skills of our teachers and Innovative teaching practices, planning for digital teaching and for computer lab, incorporating alternative communication & teaching for children with CP, as per the measurable indicator 90% of the learning progress is achieved in last year. For Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) we follow methods like Formative assessment (FA) and Summative Assessment (SA) to assess the student’s level of learning. Overall 163 children have been rehabilitated like speech therapy, sign language, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. SIS is a resource center, shares knowledge and skills among model school teachers and the partner staff.

Art Therapy

Ms. Vinitha conducted Art Therapy for selected children.

 Children are very creative and enjoyed drawing, coloring, and painting. The aim of this activity was to focus on developing concentration.

Wheelchair Tennis

Selection of children for Wheelchair Tennis.

 Totally 19 students who are 8 to 15 years old were selected for testing. Out of which only 5 were chosen for Tennis coaching in the month of May 2019.


This activity enabled children to anticipate rains after Ugadi festival and expect the saplings to grow.

Students were thought about nature, festival, rain, seeds, and planting concepts.

alents Day

Recognized talents & rewards 2018-19. One of our Chief Guest gave Inspiring speech for children and shared his experience as a student of SIS

Encourage and nurture talent in students.

Students were inspired to pursue talents and good conduct.

Parent-Teacher Meeting grade nursery to 7th

Parents attended the review and report card meeting with class teachers.

Report cards were handed to parents and the progress of child was discussed.

Training on Emotional Skills and Methods of teachings.

All the SIS teachers attended the training.

It was focused on Emotional skills, Emotional feelings and methods of teaching activities. The activities were very creative and Innovative. Seven methods were used on the topic "Tree ". The 3V's were very necessary for teaching.

Visual 55%, Vocal 38 % and Verbal 7% with the percentage.

Training on communication skills and classroom management.

All the SIS teachers attended training.

It was focused on Communication skills and Classroom Management. Types of communication, forms, Do’s, and barriers of communication and effective communication

Summer camp

One day summer camp was organized by Srushti Montessori house of children and Sahayog at Balabhavan, Cubbon Park, Bangalore. 12 children and 2 staff participated.

 Children were very creative and actively learned pottery, clay modeling, photography, painting, singing, and dancing. It was a good opportunity to find an area of interest and gain different skills.

Training on Personality Development and Self Esteem.

All the SIS teachers attended training.

 It was focused on Personality Development and Self Esteem. The activities are Roleplay on Emotional skills and performance by teachers and focused on self Esteem, positive steps to improve our self-esteem.

CRE Training

2 Staffs attended the training at MAP Education center

It was excellent training. Staffs were benefited from it.

School re-opening and Capacity building meeting for new admission parents

Teachers welcome students for students for the academic year 2019 -20. Conducted orientation for the new admitted children and their.

Created awareness of APD parents. Sense of belongingness was created in the mind of children, parents, and staff which motivates their enthusiastic arrival to school every day.

World Environment Day

Celebrated World environment day through quiz competition

Children came up with answers to the questions and teachers asked them to research further to know more about environment.

Drawing Competition

Drawing competition was held for all the students on behalf of Environment day the topics were all about saving the environment

Children were allowed to express their thoughts about saving the environment through art.

Bhoomi Habba (Earth festival)

30 children and 6 staff participated in the expo held at Vistaar.

It was exposure to the children and staff and they were able to develop contacts with the other participants and entrepreneurs were interested to share their skills with our children.

Advocacy Meeting

Created awareness on disability rights.

Awareness was created about DDRS and child-centric grants.

Visit to Nehru Planetarium

Visit to Nehru Planetarium for sky watching with 60 children and 5 teachers.

Children enjoyed learning about galaxies, universe and planets. Science teachers made the day an enjoyable one by explaining the main concepts in the technical park at the planetarium

Inspection from National Institute for Open Schooling Staff

From NIOS, two Inspectors visited our school.

The inspection was done. SIS will be the center for NIOS classes. This will be an added advantage for APD’s service and will benefit all CwSN

Audition for singing class

Audition for singing class was held.

Music training will be resumed on every Saturday by our vocalist volunteer. Body movements and focus on rhythm enables each child to develop skills of concentration.

Full attendance reward.

7th standard students were rewarded for the full attendance of a class.

Students are encouraged to attend classes every day. Each class with a day’s full attendance will be presented with a trophy.

Awareness program

5 teachers attended rainwater harvesting awareness program.

Teachers gained extra information about rainwater harvesting

Radio FM Program on Yoga and Art

20 children 2 staff were involved in the interaction. Ms. Usha Raj from Radio One 94.3 FM interacted with the students and staff about the uses of yoga and art for disabled.

The program was broadcasted in radio one 94.3 FM

Inauguration of Special class

Inaugurated the special classroom with students, parents, special teachers, and principal.

Selected student in academics and therapy is given by special educators regularly

International yoga day

Children and staff assembled in the small ground Our students spoke about yoga Ms. Sudha conducted a yoga session.

Awareness about yoga was created. Yoga session will be followed regularly for all children both CwSN’s and able-bodied

Meeting with Vidhya on playable

Kavithamma, Sudhakar, Catherine Kavitha attended the meeting. New updates, syllabus were discussed and a demo was given.

Provided the basic knowledge to use the Playable for effective learning.

Orientation by Javeria Banu

Strategy, plans, budget, and priorities of APD on 60th year anniversary were discussed.

It was useful for our staff to know about the plans of APD to involve and inspire them to be part of it.

Baseline assessment

Baseline assessment Papers were prepared and assessment was taken.

Teachers are aware of the child’s current stage. Assessment results will be entered in Goonjan as the academic year continues

Parents meeting

Awareness of APD and SIS was through video display and presentation. Teachers took a turn to explain about school activities. The briefing was done on Fees and travel.

Parents were made aware of the school and APD

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