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May 8, 2020

Rehabilitation of Persons with Mental Illness

Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) at APD - Belagavi has been operating since 2018 July. According to the 2011 census, 1553 persons are suffering from mental illness in Belagavi. The Program is inactive in 2 blocks. (Belagavi and Bailhongal) of Belagavi District of Karnataka

This Program is collaborating under DMHP (District Mental Health Program) of govt. Health department at Belagavi,  we have identified 480 PWMI from Belagavi and Bailhongal blocks through Ash workers, Anganwadi teachers, and Student volunteers. These identified PWMI get free treatment from a government hospital and Monochaithanya camps running by govt. And they are on regular treatment with the follow up of Asha workers.


     Every month second Tuesday conducted Manochaitnya camp (Super Tuesday) at Bailhongal government hospital along with DMHP and KLE hospital Belagavi. 35 PWMI get treatment every month and new cases also get treatment and follow up for next month.


Now we are doing 401 PWMI follow up cases, these peoples are identified by Asha workers and different volunteers after CBP and Sensitization, these people are getting free treatment from a government hospital and nearby PHcs every month. From January to |April 230 PWMI gets free treatment and all PWMI is on follow up by Asha workers, volunteers and Anganwadi teachers.


  Here we are doing 2 types of counselling one is direct counselling (face to face) other is telephonic counselling from January to April. We have done 13 counselling, it includes PWMI, career giver, school children and college students.


  One recovered PWMI trained in hospitality livelihood training in APD and now she is working at women’s hostel Belagavi as Assistant cook.  

Mar 20, 2020

Meals for Skill Development Trainees (40796)



Malnutrition and disability are both major global health problems. Malnutrition can lead to disability. Disability can also lead to malnutrition. Recent studies have found that children with disabilities admitted and treated for malnutrition are more than two times more likely to die than non-disabled children. Malnutrition is a major public health emergency in India today, with about 50% of the population suffering from it in some form - protein-calorie deficit and/or micro-nutrient malnutrition. Malnutrition including micronutrient deficiencies often leads to permanent damage including impairment of physical growth and mental development, and to added health care costs.

Livelihood program at APD is designed in such a manner to work for the holistic development of YWD’s. During the course of training, APD provides free food and accommodation facilities for the YWD who hails from rural parts of Karnataka. Nutritious food is provided to ensure a better nutritional status of trainees. Apart from food provision we also ensure that students learn the preparation of food to make them understand what exactly goes into their food. This also helps them in the future for self-sustenance.

Currently, there are 20 trainees undergoing horticulture training. Every day’s lunch is provided under the midday meal scheme of ‘Akshay Patra’ which is wholesome nutrient food.  Breakfast and dinner are prepared at the center itself and it is ensured to provide eggs and banana once in a week. There is an exclusive kitchen and dining hall for students to prepare and have their meals. Such facility has ensured the sustenance of trainees as well as improvement in their physical and mental health which in turn promotes a better learning environment.

Jan 31, 2020

Educate 200children with disabilities in Bangalore

Founder’s day

Founder’s day was held at Balbhavan to commemorate the birth of an organization and its founder Ms. N. S. Hema.

 Annual Sports meet

The sports meet was held in Charles’s ground, Approximately 200 students with their parents participated in the customized and fun-filled track and also field events and drills. Prize distribution was held in APD Big ground. The sportive spirit was encouraged. Students realized the value of co-operation and team spirit.

 Teacher’s training

Counselor Gifty trained teachers on soft skills, self and classroom management and emotional intelligence.

 Lion’s club drawing competition

Lion’s club drawing competition was held in SIS Dining hall under the theme “PEACE”. 35 students participated. Children were engaged to develop creativity and open-ended thinking.


Parents capacity building by PT, OT and SLT

110 parents attended the training held in SIS dining hall. The therapists addressed the parents.

 CRE Training

Two teachers attended training in Davagere about Writing disorder. Types of Dysgraphia, fine motor skill and gross motor skill. How to improve in handwriting, spellings and reading. Diagnosis and assessment of writing disorder.

 CP Training.

Ms. Amala conducted the training on Cerebral Palsy for teachers. Definition of CP and its types. It was based on daily living. Therapy and mobility aids. She spoke about the communication techniques with CP Children which is Observe, Wait and Listen.

 Dance competition

All the houses red, blue, green and orange performed well. The theme was based on kannada Rajyothsava. The Orange house won first place, red house second place and blue house third place. Patriotism, house spirit, co-operation, teamwork, competitiveness was built through this activity.

 Makkala Samvada Karyagara

Two teachers along with five children attended the workshop conducted by Mobility India in association with KCRO and other organizations Ms. Lilavathi and Dr. Rohini Katoch Sepath, IPS were chief guests. Chief guests inspired the participants and in the next session, participants were briefed about parliament and the selection program. The workshop session was held after lunch, children were grouped and asked to prepare for presenting their problems and they were called to present group-wise. It was a good opportunity for our children to learn about parliament and also they learned to co-operate and compete outside the school.


Maths Putani exam

Students actively took part in the Putani exam from class I to VII. 55 students participated.

Math problems were solved by students the paper was thought-provoking and enabled the student to take up challenges in answering the paper.


Gardening in SIS garden

Nursery and preparatory children were allowed to sow seedlings like sunflower, marigold and enjoyed the activity. Children learned about seedlings and came to know how difficult to grow plants, Enhanced fine motor development and Introduced kids to scientific concepts.


Unnati Talent Exam.

Students took part in the talent exam from class III to VII. Totally 25 students participated. Conducted at SIS. Problem-solving, Increasing vocabulary, Identified and assisted individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education. Career exploration and aptitude assessment are also enabling through this exam.


Chinthana Talent Exam.

Students took part in the talent exam from class IV to VII, Totally 25 students participated.

A timed, paper-and-pencil-based, reading, writing, and assessment that established a baseline measure of career readiness.


HAL Visit

Visited HAL Museum, 51 children, 5teachers, 2support staffs, along with the 4 parents went to HAL. 51 students and 5 staff visited the HAL Museum and observed the Jet, Helicopters and parts used in the Airplanes’ and photos from the year it started. The main outcome expected from this visit is to improve performance and relationships back at school. School trips also made a major contribution to the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills.


Children’s Day Celebration in SIS

Whole children from SIS gathered in the small ground. Teachers performed by various activities like Skit, Dance & Song. Children enjoyed very well and at last, they also joined the dance & we brought the entire wheelchair to the stage & we made them too to dance.


Visit JBN Garden Fair.

Garden Fair to JBN, plants, seeds and manures. 40 students visited the Garden Fair. Students enjoyed watching plants and flowers. Vegetables and medicinal plants were many, students identify few plants. Gardening created to respect and protection towards the environmental.


Kannada Rajyostava

All students gathered in the small ground to celebrate Rajyostava. Kannada Rajyotsava was celebrated on 20th November in our school. The dance performance was given by Hearing Impaired children.

 Preparation of Pani Poori

Children accompanied teachers and enjoyed the activity of making The yummy dish call Pani Poori.

 To give the handbills to aware about the garden fair in JBN

2 teachers and 6 volunteers went to give handbills in the defense area and HAL II stage. It was a new experience to give the create awareness

 Rotary club Bangalore

Students gathered in the small ground for the activity from classes Nursery to VII. Volunteers organized activities like prayer, storytelling and mask making. Students had great fun.

 Model Exam

Model Exam for class VII. To prepare them for the final exam. The question paper was printed in a format suitable for every student. Students wrote the exams with volunteer help. To face the board exam without fear and to do with confidence was the main focus of these exams.

 Visit HAL Museum

52 children, 3 teachers, 3 support staffs and two drivers went to HAL.

Children enjoyed the day; they were watching curiously all the models and they watched a short movie there related to HAL.

 IDPD Sports Day

Conducted in the Kanteerava stadium. Various NGO’s took part. 40 students took part actively in running race, slow walk, wheelchair race, shot put and march fast. 11 students won in the events. Developed Self-Esteem. Leadership Skills. Teamwork. Stronger Relationships developed in this event.

 IDPD Day Cultural (Dance) Event

On the 28th of November 2019, a Cultural (Dance) event was conducted at Balbavan. 10 Hearing Impaired students participated in this event from class 1st, 4th,5th, 7th standard. 10 of Hearing Impaired children gave a performance. They were Better Communicators. During rehearsals learned to respect. Each other and Time Management.

 IDPD Day Drawing Event

On the 29th of November 2019, a Drawing event was conducted at Balbavan. 25 students participated in this event from class 1st to 7th standard. Transport was arranged by SIS.

 Foil paper activity by Zainab team

Mrs.Zainab (volunteer), and made the children color in the foil paper and pasted them. Help manipulate art materials and develop they are fine motor skills.

 Capacity building for parents of CP children

Parents of all Cerebral Palsy children were given training on handling their children with special needs. 15 parents were given training and they interacted with their counterparts. Related question and doubts on handling their ward were answered by the resource person.

 Tata Class Edge Training

Ms. Mrigya from Tata edge conducted the training for teachers in class VI 9 teachers attended the training. The practical session allowed teachers to practice and learn new updates on the usage of the smart board and Tata classes.

 Volunteers from Northern trust

Volunteers from northern trust conducted greeting card-making activity for Class I, Quiz and debate competition for V, VI, VII Students. Students of class I actively participated to create beautiful cards with the help of volunteers and teachers. This, in turn, helped to enhance their creative ability and confidence. Volunteers also conducted the quiz and debate competition. Students were enabled to discover and develop skills like confidence, curiosity, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

 Exposure visit to Visveshwaraiah Museum

30 children from class I with two teachers and one support staff and few parents visited the museum. It was a knowledge gaining visit for All students, teachers and parents. Children observed various working mechanisms of machines. The most interesting and enjoyable part of the museum was the sensory music.

 Sign Language Training for Parents and Hearing Impaired children

SIS Nursery and preparatory class students participated in fancy dress competition. Students were happy to show up in their favorite roles. Helped to find their inner passion. And the understanding of the children about the different works like police, doctor etc.

 National Conference On Inclusive Education

APD, Brotherhood and NIEPMD collaborated National Conference On Inclusive Education at Untied Theological College, Benson Town. 3 teachers attended the program. Helped us to update with current happenings related to inclusive education. Workshops on assessment and curriculum, the importance of early intervention, School Environment and personal safety was helpful to add to the knowledge pool of teachers.

 Celebration of World differently-abled day in Preeti Nivas Trust.

30 children from class I to Class V, 2 teachers and few parents participated in the celebration of the differently abled day arranged by Preeti Nivas trust. The program started with prayer and was followed by various cultural programs from different trusts and NGO’s. SIS children performed a dance. Students had an opportunity to exhibit their talent and were helpful for developing a community network.

 Nakshatra specials-Bhumi’s Annual talent festival for specially-abled.

Various competitions like Painting, Dance, Song, Mehandi, Rangoli were organized for the Disabled Children's/Adults. 25 students participated in this program from class 1st to 7th Breakfast and Lunch and Transport also was provided.3 teacher and 2 support staff accompanied the children. Students had an opportunity to exhibit their talent. Skills such as group interaction. Participation. Facing challenges during the events was strengthened.

 Exposure visit to Cubbon Park

Nursery children were taken to Cubbon park. Children were delighted with the freedom to play. Joy rides Made them fee wanted. The greenery and the ambiance enabled children to relax.

 Mysore Trip

15 students of class VII 9 teachers, 2 support staff and 6 parents went to Mysore for a one day trip. Visited Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden, Mysore Palace, and Church. It was a final year trip for class VII helped students to socialize with teachers outside the school environment. To expose them to a new culture of locals and to give the experience to connect education with the real world. The zoological park was much of learning and understanding the need to conserve natural resources.

 State Level cultural activity competition for Deaf Children's/Aduby Karnataka State Federation of Deaf (R) Banglore State Level cultural activity competition for Deaf Children's/Adult by Karnataka state federation of the deaf (R) Banglore was held at Rangoli metro art center. Painting competition and cultural activities like dance and mime were organized on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 15th December 2019 (Sunday) from 9:00 Am to 5:00 PM. 15 students participated in this program from class 1st to 7th standard accompanied by 2 teachers

 Exposure Visit to dairy day Ice Cream Factory

50 Students, 5 teachers, 2 supportive staff and2 parents visited the Dairy Day Ice Cream Factory at the Harohalli Industrial Area, Kanakapura. Students were exposed to factory environments & helped them to learn outside the classroom with exposure to real-world connections. Students were amused to see the organized way of operations at the factory. Careers for PWD in these areas were thought-provoking.

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