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Jan 7, 2015

Back to University of Buea after the holidays

It’s been three months and Rahim has succesfully adapted to his new life as a Geography student. He will not be writing exams till March so we cannot inform of his first grades yet, but he has been following all his courses, even though sometimes that required additional investments on materials.
The change from the orphanage to student life in Buea was not easy, a lot of things went on at the same time. Anyone who has been a student knows how the first year is, add to that coming from a very humble background, being new in a city, struggling every day with economic scarcity plus being just 18. But he has managed with inspiring maturity.

On the financial side as you know we have not gathered enough support yet, we could assist with the fees and some small academic expenses, but the bulk of the support came from Faith Building Association (FABASSO) of Muyuka. Fabasso loaned Money for the rents and feeding of the whole year for Rahim. Fabasso is a small group of people living with HIV that shares business practices, savings and moral and nutritional support among otheir things, they continue to be partners and beneficiaries of Reach Out, and even though their members are struggling in the informal economy, they  have been supporting the orphanage for years, now they assisted Rahim. As we thank all of you we also publicly thank them, we are all part of this fight.

We hope all of our donors had great holidays with their families, Rahim did have them too although there was little time for leisure. He went back to the orphanage and spend most of his time assisting with house chores, since he is the eldest and one of the few adults, cleaning and even cooking for the children were parts of his daily tasks.

We will continue giving information about him through facebook ( and further globalgiving reports.

Rahim plans for the future also include earning some income as a photographer as he keeps studying, we are looking into the vialiablity of it and we will support him as we know how crucial it is for him to have a sustainable way of earning a living, so he can go through all of his academic years. For the long run we know that if he is lifted through these first rough patches, eventually he will succeed in life and transform into an example and a benefactor for all the kids of the Father House’s Orphanage.

As you can see you are not supporting only one boy, but a whole community.
Thank you for everything on our behalf and his.

P.D: We apologise for lack of new pictures, the holidays caught us and this report is due, but we will be updating the project with pictures from his Classroom this same morning, as soon as they reach us.We hope they might be available by the time this report is being read.

Nov 11, 2014

A new bright future thanks to you

group picture with office of the Chief present
group picture with office of the Chief present

Dear Donors,

Last Sunday Florence’s family started a new journey towards self-sufficiency, and it is all thanks to you.

We could deliver on some immediate needs of the family (school fees, feeding, and treatment for baby Franklin, who was sick with malaria) but most important, we brought the ingredients for them to start two ventures. Firstly, they will be selling gateau (local pastry) in her house, this was agreed because they were already doing it last year, but stopped because capital was slowly reduced by their life expenses. Secondly, Melanie (15) has stepped-in. She has taken responsibility and will be cooking and selling chin-chin and ground nut sweets (again, typical local products) while in school, and she will also be part of the Gateau business. The senior lady on the pictures is the grandmother of Florence, she puts the expertise on the team, since she did Gateau for a long time herself. Great-grandmother, mother and daughter will work to push the family further.

Even the younger members of the family, like Gabriel, have a strong sense of responsibility and willingness to help, every few days he tries to teach English to his great grandmother. In all fairness their progress is small, but it shows the great attitude that every member of this home has. It might be the positive side of their life of scarcity, the three young brother and sisters have developed a maturity, humbleness and love for each other that are inspiring for any other family in the world. You can see it on the way they help their mother around the house at any moment, on the serious look on Visneida’s face when we were discussing with the older ones about the management of the business or on how the two children play with each other without need of toys. Florence might be blind but she has four extra pairs of loving eyes working for her. No doubt Franklin will soon join the team, let’s just hope it does not have to be too soon. With their well-being improved thanks to you; he should have some time to be a kid.

Our main concern now is that between all of them, with Melanie being the key part of the team, they can keep appropriate records of their business and maintain a clear separation between family expenses and business expenses. We will be monitoring on their situation and their records biweekly, it is of almost no cost for us since we have so many reasons to go to Tole village. The expenses do not cover all money donated; we will keep some to use it for a financial push in a few months time, once the business is set in movement, or in case an emergency arises.

Sunday was a great day for those working at Reach Out and we left Florence’s home with the feeling that besides all their problems they are going to make it work, we hope that you feel the same way.

P.D: You can get more information on Reach Out through facebook ( and very soon also twitter (@reachoutdev1), you can also check our other three projects in globalgiving: Aba, another story of a brave woman making it against all odds ( the parent project Keep a Girl Alive, which contributes to identify cases like this one and generally provides training and finance to vulnerable women to start micro businesses ( ) and our project to sponsor Rahim, and orphan from one of our partner orphanages who made it all the way to University. ( ).

Discussion about the business and what lies ahead
Discussion about the business and what lies ahead
Oct 15, 2014

Thelma education is safe and secured

Thelma has been in Buea school for the Deaf for a month now and she has adapted quickly to her new life, they estimate that she will be able to use sign language by the end of the period, in December.

We could provide all the materials required for her full year, some of them will be used for the next years to come like the mattress and we at Reach Out will make ourselves ready for next year with a small Project that supports the rights of disabled, specially children, in Tole. We have come to the understanding that the situation of disabled people in the village is particullarly hard for the combination of barriers that affect their development and opportunities.

Her mother is also improving on her business and is slowly coping with the idea of having her child in boarding school, it is very sad that there is no other option for a deaf child in Cameroon but to be separated for most of her days from her mother, but she and us know that education and sign-language are crucial for her to develop herself fully and sadly she cannot learn that in Tole village.

You can keep supporting women like her mother through our parent Project, and if you care specially about disability issues we have created another one for the family of a blind single mother (Florence), also living in Tole. Today, 15th of October, from 9.00 to 23.59 EDT, globalgiving gives a 30% extra for every donation (up to 1000$ per donor per project). And it is a great opportunity for helping improve these vulnerable women life, so between one small project and the next one we can slowly start making of Tole a place fit to live and develop for everybody. You can find the hour in your timezone here

Keep a Girl Alive project



Thank you for securing Thelma, you can truly say you changed a life with your decision.

thelma with some of the items provided
thelma with some of the items provided
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