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Apr 9, 2018

Progress Report: Identification and selection

New Participant: Solange
New Participant: Solange

Dear donors.

We spent February and part of March identifying and selecting new participants for the program. 129 women applied. In late March we began helping the first 18, this April, June, and August we will expand with another set of 20 each.

Choosing was hard. It was hard because it’s always hard for us to see so many people in need and take decisions on who will be helped or not. Roughly 80%-90% of the 129 could qualify for the program. Moreover, we had never attempted before in the program an identification process of this scale. We had to build a more refined selection system that is fair, helps us select those most in need and protects us from fraud.

We began by going to the community and getting a list of vulnerable women. The Chiefdom, the Women Groups, the local Health Center and the churches all gave their inputs. But we also carried out door-to-door identification to ensure we were getting everybody. After, we moved to 1-on-1 interviews and home visits. We collect information on the family members, occupations and the assets and conditions of the house.

We have now an updated database with 129 girls and growing. From now on, when we train, check businesses or visit participants in their houses, we keep identification forms with us. This way we are ready to interview any girl that shows interest on the spot and never lose her. This is important as many of the most vulnerable don't have phones. 

We were trying to answer the question, with our increased budget thanks to growing support, should we expand out of Tole? The answer is not yet. There are more than enough women and girls living in extreme poverty we have not yet touched. Expanding will increase logistical costs and reduce the total number of women assisted. But if we keep growing at the same rate we should be expanding next year.

It was quite a bit of work. But we are happy to do it and help you help those most in need. Your impact will be higher on every person that we find living on 16 dollars a month, instead of say, 50 or 75. So we try to be thorough.

By the time you read this, some of the 18 new girls have already started changing their lives. They have found an occupation, some income for themselves and might have already improved in their feeding. But more important, for the first time in a long while, they look at the future and they see a reason for hope. Some have even started saving with us!

I have to inform you of another great opportunity with GlobalGiving. Today, starting right now and until the 13th of April, the Little By Little Campaign is running. Small (50$ or less) donations have a 50% bonus, and new recurring (monthly) donations a 100% bonus!! Please share and consider a small donation! There’s no better day than today!

One last thing, when we produced our project video we had a lot of footage we did not use. We decided to take some time to translate these longer interviews and put them on youtube. We have also accompanied them with data on each girl in some blog posts in our website. You might enjoy checking out Joy, I’ve updated her blog post with the latest data of February and March.

Next month you will get to know your new girls! 

Remember, today little is more, any donation up to 50$ will grow 50%, any registration for a monthly donation will grow 100% (until 200$). Combined, if you sign for 20$ today, we will get an extra 30!!

Have a great day

1. Receiving Applicant girls
1. Receiving Applicant girls
2. Pre-interview
2. Pre-interview
4 applicant girls leading us to their houses
4 applicant girls leading us to their houses
3. second interview and household visit
3. second interview and household visit
New Participant: Modestine
New Participant: Modestine
Joy checking out her video on youtube
Joy checking out her video on youtube
Apr 5, 2018

December 2017 to March 2018 Report




Dear Donors,

We want to thank you so very much because during this period you made our environment different by creating joy and peace in the hearts of the children. The activities that took place are:


The senior children, who are attending the Technical College, did a workshop training on building and construction for the little boys and girls in our primary school. They taught them how to use cement for plastering on construction brick walls. It was so interesting to see how the children demonstrated on an uncompleted building at the Centre. (Photo attached)

We also did workshop training on the preparation of yogurt using powder milk. They did it and shared among themselves. They were very happy and loved preparing it all the time. My intention is that they can do in the future to earn income for themselves.

After the workshop they have been doing their own yogurt in the house, one day I sold it and bought some children's sandals with the profits, other times the children eat it as a snack.


The children a day before the party assigned themselves to tasks like cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. they did the shopping and preparation themselves.

On the day of Christmas, they served their visitors with chin-chin [local pastry], popcorn, drinks, and amongst their songs was the Christmas carol. (Photo attached)


During this period they were also allowed to visit the Kumba City Council Amusement Park and Azi Children Foundation in our community. (Photo attached)


The children are allowed to draw up the activity rosters themselves. They do this in a meeting organized by the senior children. The roster is done in rotating manner. (Photo of the meeting attached)

Amongst the children, Bridget loves babies. I asked her to be with our new baby all the time. She is very neat, loving and caring, she has a passion for babies, she likes to bath and feeds them. She loves children in general, she likes also cooking and teaching the little children and helps out in the nursery school.


We do the following sustainable activities with your support;

Piggery, Poultry, Fishery and Tomato cultivation,

To realize the above project the management and children join hands manually to do the cultivation. (Photo of Charles in the farm attached)


The children are very helpful to this community in the following ways:

-During the dry season, there is a water crisis so some of the people in the community fetch water from the center’s borehole.

-Some children in the community are coming to the school in the orphanage nursery and primary schools. (1st Photo attached)

-We give helping hands to some underprivileged people in the community by providing them with some foodstuffs and clothes. (Photo attached)

-The center sometimes assists the community in clean up campaigns.


They are:

-Cleaning of the premises


-Fetching of firewood


The Preventive Health District Unit did a lot concerning the children health. Consultation with the children is free and some prescribed drugs are provided by these mobile-health services.


The children come within and out of the community.  They are placed in the center by the Social Center of the Ministry of Social Affairs after carrying out social inquiries about them.


-Some of these children are relocated to their family

-Some of them after graduation from school pick up jobs in and out of the community

-Some do vocational training and after the training become self-employed

-Some have furthered their studies and even gone abroad


To see these children be hardworking, responsible and productive. For this reason, the center thinks of coming up with a vocational training institute in future.


Donors, we are very grateful for your donations.  The center is able to go an extra mile in the various areas mentioned below because you donated.

-School Fees for the children in Secondary School

-Payment of some teachers/workers



-Construction (buildings)





There is an existing Facebook page for the center.  You are free to get in touch with us to know more about us.


The center has a story building with four classes for the nursery and primary school.

The children have projects that they carry out


-More classes are needed for next academic year

-Dormitory and baby unit needed to create enough space for the children’s convenience

-Sewing machine to training the children on sewing

-Full-time social worker and classroom teachers to attend to the children’s problems

-Existing building needs renovation

-More sleeping material like bunk beds, bed sheets, mattresses, and tents

-New Pit toilet

-Playground to be equipped with the following:

-Swing, slide, see-saw etc


Donors, thank you so very much for accepting to work with us in this service of taking care of the underprivileged.  God bless you all more abundantly.




Construction workshop
Construction workshop
Christmas celebrations
Christmas celebrations
Visit to the Amusement Park
Visit to the Amusement Park
Meeting of house leaders
Meeting of house leaders
Tomato Farm
Tomato Farm
Lady Supported by the orphanage
Lady Supported by the orphanage
Thank you!
Thank you!
Apr 2, 2018

Thank you


A letter from Collins of Ma Di’s orphanage to the Reach Out team concerning appreciation to all the donors for what they have done.

I will start by thanking each and every one that help to support the project financially and greeting to all of you a special thanks to Reach Out who has been one of our benefactors assisting in the improvement of the place.

Indeed I am very happy with what you people have done and I am really grateful for that.

Thanks a lot.

Concerning how I will use the money and my plans for the future.

I will love to sponsor myself to further my education to the highest degree and I will love to expand my business to grow. Once more I will love to thank you all for your good work and as you keep on with your humanitarian works God will continue to bless you in abundance.

I love you all and wish you the best in everything you do.


Thanks to your support Collins has started setting up a Poultry. He received a small business grant that accounts for about 30% of your donations. This has been used for construction and will buy his first set of 100 chicks. The rest of the money will be used in successive business grants. He is being orientated by the founder of the orphanage, Mah Daina, who has successfully managed a poultry business for years (and many other businesses!) and also by Charles. Charles is the older child of the house, he already set up a poultry last year and is the main man taking care of all the chicks of the orphanage and doing minor construction jobs. He is the one that has taught Collins how to take care of chicks, and they are building the poultry space together.

Successive grants will be given as he learns more about how to handle his business in the coming months.

Thank you for believing in him.


Building the poultry
Building the poultry
The poultry as it is right now.
The poultry as it is right now.
Meeting: our staff, Mah Di
Meeting: our staff, Mah Di's founder and Collins
Thank you from everybody at Mah Di
Thank you from everybody at Mah Di's orphanage!


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