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Aug 7, 2018

Progress Report - April to June

Dear donors,


The Anglophone Crisis is shaping each project and activity in the region right now. I’m heartbroken to have to explain that, at times, children have had to run away from their houses because the conflict was too near. “Bullets were entering their dorm, so we had to go” (Mom Commy, Father’s House). On the other hand, the crisis is also an opportunity for heroes to shine. Mah Di’s orphanage has decided to host a young mother running away from conflict and her child, and we also know they have been helping many children of displaced persons, keeping them safe while their families find a suitable place. Despite all difficulties, Mah Di’s orphanage and Father’s house remain sanctuaries struggling to protect and give a better future to destitute children.

In the past 3 months, with your donations, Mah Di’s orphanage has expanded their poultry farm, bought a sewing machine and they are currently constructing a toilet. Father’s House has set up a Palm Oil business and a piggery. On their own initiatives, they are also doing amazing things. As you will see in this report from Mah Diana, they have purchased two cows to begin a livestock rearing business!

Before that, I want to remind you that this week is YOUTH WEEK, and until the 12th of August, if you sign up for a monthly donation, the first donation is doubled! Also, we are trying to find a new name for this project, if you have an idea, you can help us out here:



We are very grateful for your moral and financial support to the Centre.

From the month of April to July 2018 the following was going on:


a)      Birth Day Parties

Some visitors organised birthday parties and food and drinks were brought. The children enjoyed it. PHOTO

b)      The 16th Day of the African Child

The children, alongside children of other orphanages and homes in Kumba jointly celebrated this day at the Kumba City Council Hall. On this day, Mah Di’s Centre for Children in Distress’ Authorization from the Ministry of Social Affairs was presented by the administrative authorities. PHOTO [The procedure to obtain such a document is lengthy and complicated, and this is a critical moment in the history of the house.]


 a)      Crops

During this period weeding and harvesting took place. There is an increase in maize, groundnut and vegetable production. 

b)      Animal Husbandry

This time the centre has added some cows, Rabbits, and sheep to the existing projects. We are able to get to this stage because you provided the means. Thank You. PHOTO


Donors, Thank you so much for not relenting your effort in this God’s service. The centre went through the 2017/2018 school year successfully. It was also because of your support. Our children took part successfully in different national examinations (Government Common Entrance, First School Leaving, Class Promotion Examinations…)


The children were trained on how to prepare the following:

a)      Flour ball

b)      Pap, liquid corn

c)      How to administer vaccines to the animals and take care of them. PHOTO


a)      Displaced Lady and son

The centre supported a lady and her six-month-old son by providing her some materials to start-up a small flour ball business. [she is a victim of conflict that has run away from other areas of Meme Division after losing everything to war] 


The prisoners of Kumba Centre Prison were also supported with some Materials. 


 a)      The Poultry and Piggery Buildings are extended. PHOTO

 b)      A sewing machine was purchased for the children to be trained on how to mend their torn dresses.  


Thanks for being our providers, donors. God bless you all.


Remember, it’s youth week! If you sign up to give a monthly donation, the first one will be increased by 100%!!

Birthday Party
Birthday Party
Official Center for Children in Distress!
Official Center for Children in Distress!
Our new cow!
Our new cow!
and sheep too!
and sheep too!
Learning how to vaccinate the cows
Learning how to vaccinate the cows
The poultry
The poultry's expansion is finished!


Jul 25, 2018

Keep a Girl Alive training 20-23 June 2018

Since 2012 Reach Out Cameroon has been working with girls aged from 18 to 35 to help them break out of poverty by themselves. This year 2018 we have helped 76 new girls from the village of Tole. From the beneficiaries and Reach Out’s team we would like to thank each one of you, donors, for your support to the program. We have seen a steady increase in beneficiaries and in prosperity.

The girls are monitored and assessed monthly by Reach Out’s team through surveys and their bookkeeping records. The monitoring has helped us keep records of whether the program is working and from what I have experienced being with the team for the shortest time (month) as a volunteer, is nothing short of amazing. The girls have gained experience and are getting confident with every training session we do. They are asking important questions such as “How do we save money?”, which will help them grow and understand business. Their ambitions have changed from unrealistic dreams to some real achievable goals. I had one of the beneficiaries say at the beginning of the training how she wanted a million CFA (about 1,800$) and at the end, she realized that is not reality, what is achievable is sending her children to a better school. The program gives the girls a sense of hope and understanding. It helps them realize they can stand on their own and be more independent.

So personally I would like to thank each one of you donors for what you have accomplished with your kindness and generosity. This is my first time volunteering for a program and I feel this is an amazing and inspiring program as it teaches independence and drives the beneficiaries to have a business mentality which I know is very important. 

The objective of the Project is to improve the girl’s lives through the businesses they start. To take them out of poverty and move forward without restrictions and independently earning their own money.  

My understanding of the programme created by the KGA is to teach the beneficiaries how to use the money wisely, why they should choose a business carefully, how and why they should save money, how they can invest their money correctly and the importance on bookkeeping. Also to teach them how to be responsible for what they do in life. To teach them to be focused, responsible and accountable.

The main objective is to improve their average income of each girl after a period of time (a year).

On Wednesday 20th June 2018, we held a programme in Tole for the new recruit of girls. It was the 3rd batch of girls of the year. The training consisted of bookkeeping, entrepreneurship, savings, business creation, and sexual reproductive health. The training concluded on the Thursday 21st June 2018.

On Friday 22nd June 2018 Reach Out Cameroon distributed to the new girls in the programme a capital of 30,000 CFA grants for their businesses.

1st day (20 June 2018)

  • Introduction
  • Baseline survey
  • Bookkeeping
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Savings (including homework)
  • Business advice
  • Lunch
  • Concluded the 1st days training at 2:30

2nd day (21 June 2018)

  • Homework corrections
  • Revision on bookkeeping
  • Comparing two business
  • Sexual Reproductive Health
  • Lecture from Blanche
  • Business planning
  • Closing remarks
  • Lunch
  • Reminded the girls to meet at the Chief's palace 23 June 2018 to collect their grant

3rd day (22 June 2018)

  • Arrived at the Chief's palace at 9:00
  • Started with an opening prayer
  • Advice from the KGA team
  • Presented the grants to the beneficiaries (the beneficiaries signed for their grants once received)
  • Finished with a group photo


Thank you very much for making it possible!

Project participant  (Blanche) teaching new girls
Project participant (Blanche) teaching new girls
Follow-up with Victorine
Follow-up with Victorine
Bookkeeping practical excercise
Bookkeeping practical excercise
Thank you!
Thank you!
Jul 19, 2018

Helping Gladys help herself

Gladys is one of the most impressive girls we have worked with since we started our program in Tole in 2012. From the time she received the grant till now, there has been really a lot of improvement and everyone around her can testify about it. She is the breadwinner of her family and has to put every bit of her energy to see that her business succeeds.  She started buying and selling banana in Tole and made a great profit out of it and later on decided to get into motorbike spare parts business and built the small mechanics shop that inspired this project. The business has been good so far and she keeps accurate records in her books. Thanks to you, donors.

With your support, we gave her a business grant and later on she also took a low-interest loan to improve their business. She was able to pay back very quick, in 3 installments instead of 6. Your generous donations that started this chain.

Gladys has had some challenges so far but among which is the fact that other competitors have entered into the same business. ’’The turnover is not the same compared to when I was the only one selling motorbike spare parts in Tole’’  there are now some other people selling spare parts in tole and the competition is really tough given the fact that one of them has a motorbike mechanic (repairer) which has made her lose some customers. Despite these challenges, she keeps growing. ‘’I always make  profit no matter the situation’’.

‘’I want to say thank you for helping me and the others especially us the ladies to do business and making us become useful not to be jobless and not depending on our boyfriends and family any longer. Thank you’’

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