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Jul 27, 2016

Celebration of the Day of African Child

Thank you!
Thank you!

Reach Out Cameroon celebration of the Day of African Child with (41) deserving Children at Mah Di’s Orphanage in Kumba-Cameroon.

 Overview of the Day

On June 2016 , Reach Out Cameroon joined the International community in celebrating the International Day of the African Child. This year we initiated a local fundraising campaign and we were able to earn support from individual donors from our community of well-wishers/partners to carry out this activity with children of the orphanage.

About the Activity and Support provided

 We were warmly welcomed with children and their care givers and after a very interactive exchange with kids, we discussed about their rights, they presented their poems each one carrying an important message about children, peace, community, human rights and education and we sang and danced many songs.

 This was followed by the presentation of gifts brought by the team of staff and volunteers from Reach Out Cameroon. The gift package was composed of:

  1. Educational items (Books, pens, pencils, rulers)
  2. Food provisions (Rice, beans, groundnuts, oil, sugar, Milk, tea )
  3. Clothing Items (shoes, dresses)
  4. Hygiene and sanitation items (Soap, teeth brush)
  5. Bedding items (blankets)

Children were so happy to receive the support and were thankful to all those who have been supporting them, you and us. Walters; who is one of the teenagers in the orphanage said to us: “Knowing that outside there someone is thinking of us, and our situation, make us happy, and gives us courage and Hope in the life. Thank you and May God bless you more for all the supports that has been provided to us so far”.

 Our day at the orphanage was concluded by a round visit of their ongoing projects : the construction of a center for educational support which is done by big boys of the orphanage who are in technical schools; the piggery (just expanded with 5 more piglets), the poultry, the fish pond which has big fish now and has just been expanded thanks to you supports and the family farm.

 Our Impression

 Our visit to Mah Di’s orphanage was a very inspiring and motivational day as we met Mah Diana, a very generous , loving and carrying woman, who despite her little conditions, compelled to take care of the most deserving and to be a “mother” to more than 60.

Here children are very welcoming, intelligent, happy, they support each other and happily participate to work and projects in their humble home just as one big “family”; though their conditions are difficult, they never complain about life, there are always thankful to every person who support them in one way or another.


Thank you for your endless support!!!

Mah Di
Mah Di's children and staff with Reach Out's staff
Azebeke enjoying some treats
Azebeke enjoying some treats
Thank you again! keep in touch with us!
Thank you again! keep in touch with us!
Jun 13, 2016

Progress report April - May 2016

Time for evaluation!
Time for evaluation!

Dear donor,

You might remember from past reports that we have been really struggling to make the girls we assist practice bookkeeping regularly, with very mild succes rates. GlobalGiving applies the values “Listen, Act, Learn and Repeat” to continuously improve and learn. Inspired by this spirit we looked at the problem of bookkeeping, our past actions and the girls we work for, we saw what we could improve and we changed our methods. What were the results?

1)   100% success. ALL newly supported girls are doing bookkeeping. This is unprecedented in our programs.

2)   These girls are multiplying your money! and now with the exact data we can tell you with  accuracy. On March 21st they received 30,000 francs, some 54 dollars each. By June 21st, if they continue to work at the same rhythm, they will have made at least 122,300 francs, 223 dollars. This is including those who are not doing very well (Renata, for example, had an accident that put her out of business for a month) and ignoring the fact that there are great improvements after the first steps (Many of the girls start somewhat timidly and not making much profit, but after the first month they have a stronger stream of revenue after some basic changes of direction). The highest performing among them are making two to three times this figure.

3)   Even when accounting for the costs of training, administration and follow-up, we can say that in 3 months, for every dollar you donated, they multiplied it by more than 3. This money is now making them take better care of their children, more independent of men, and making them grow even more, roughly half of them have already increased their working capital by one third. Do you want to multiply this impact even more? Well... today is GlobalGiving Bonus day! For every 10 dollars you give globalgiving will add 5 to your donation! Check the full conditions at the end of this report.

What did we do different this time?

Full transparency and an incentive: Grantees got 30,000 francs now and will get another 50,000 francs 3 months after if they have been doing the business, following up with us and doing bookkeeping. There was a clear set of rules that everybody understood, and  a good prize for complying. The main reason we could do this? Thanks to you we have more secure funds than before! and we could plan with bigger amounts of money, not only for one grant but for the next one.

Longer trainings and more practical excercises. We increased our preliminary training to three days instead of one, with a lot of practical exercises to ensure that everybody will master the practice before starting up.

Immediate and constant follow-up: But the most important thing. We went right away to the field. Before we used to give one month before checking on them. This time it was a week, we checked what they had purchased and worked on their bookkeeping, and we did not stop till all of them were on the right track. Most of them did not get it exactly right the first time, but all of them were fluent at it by the third time, in less than a month.

But does it have an impact on them? Does it matter at all if they keep records? After all some of the best business women we have met were iliterate, and had their own systems to account for their profits. Well, our past research contrasting those who do and those who do not keep records found that on average, those who do are having stronger businesses, and bigger amounts of working capital. But what do the girls have to say?

“I’m grateful to discover how much I gain. If not I will just use my money anyhow” “I see how much I’m profiting and I mind more how I spend it.” “I’m impressed even myself” Esther Mba, she sells second handed clothes to feed a family of 6 and besides her profits she has been saving 7000 francs (13$) a week.

“Before starting the bookkeeping I was not aware of how much money I could actually make. If I had a good day I would just buy some nice things to eat that day. Now that I see that I’m making 18,000 (33$) a week I feel like I need to do something important with that money.” Elekta, sells meat snacks, taking care of her elderly parents and her child without help from anybody.

 P.D: Partner’s Reward Bonus Day is here, and thanks to you we are holding the status of SuperStar, which means a 50% matching bonus on any donation, 10 dollars become 15, 100 become 150 and so on up to 1000! Bonus Day starts at 9.00 EDT, 15.00 in most of Europe. You can check the time in your timezone here ( ) Please share the good news among your friends, and consider a small donation!

 P.D2: We have been publishing personal stories of the girls in our facebook account, you can get them all following the links:

The promising Constance:

Claudine and her perseverance:

Coliance, Positioning herself as a supplier of smoked fish in her community,

Bianca, who wants to go to University

The multitasking Elizabeth

May 10, 2016

Progress report March-April 2016

Workshop on Business management and more!
Workshop on Business management and more!

During the month of March 2016 26 girls underwent a 3 days intensive training, 18 of them receiving a business grant to start or improve on their businesses. This was only possible because of you.

The training focused on bookkeeping, business management and some exercises and games to spur creativity. There were also separate lessons on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender Abuse, topics directly connected to their well-being and direct economic development. The main objective of the training was that each girl should produce a business plan presenting her idea, from which we evaluated if the person was ready to receive financial support.

A disbursement ceremony with presence from relevant community members and family was held one week after. Each of the girls did a speech presenting herself and her plans. Some revealed themselves as very good speech makers, bringing up laughter and applause. They took the opportunity to start advertising their business, or to commend the rest to be responsible and work together to make Tole a place to be proud of.

To make the ceremony more entertaining and educative we showed “Belleh” a short Cameroonian comedy on gender inequality (it depicts a man who suddenly wakes up on a world with gender roles reversed). The producers of the movie graciously donated a copy to the program and we want to thank them again. You can check out their facebook page and trailer (, it’s really worth seeing! You will get a good insight on the communities you are helping.

At the end each selected girl received 30,000 francs (50$), they are expected to receive another 50,000 (83$) in three months if their first steps are satisfactory. 30,000 are enough to start up a humble business in Cameroon, but it's the 50,000, after getting more experience and testing what works and what not, that will be a complete life changer for them. To guide them during these first months, we have already been supporting them technically in their business places and houses. You will get to know more about that in our next report.

Do you want to know a bit more about the people you supported? We included a section in the business plan to set up goals for the future. These are some of those goals:

“6 months: I will be selling to small suppliers” Esther, 29

“After 4 months I will create a provisions store and later add a fridge and I will have cold drinks and yogurt” Hermine, 22

“I will help other’s become like me“ “I want to be going to other countries to buy and supply here” “I want to create something that is different, something that no one else is having in Tole” Carine, 20,

“In 6 months I will be employing somebody” Itoe, 25

“I will be able to help others in need” Nicoline, 18

We have also inaugurated series in our Facebook Page (, “Entrepreneurial Women” every Wednesday we will bring you their stories so you can put a face to the persons you helped and know how much impact you are having in so many lives. This Wednesday we started with Bianca, a young girl starting to make his way as an entrepreneur who has a very clear goal: She wants to go to University.

Thank you very much for being there for them, you have changed 18 lives forever, and there are more to come.

P.D: Last thing! We are now fundraising to create Boys & Girls Clubs! . We want to educate and capacitate the next generation, stopping them from committing the mistakes of the past and breaking the cycle of poverty. There is less than 60 days to support this project and small donations are really really welcome, just one or two more will catapult its visibility and it will rank among the most popular projects in GlobalGiving.

Thank you again!

Working on the business plans in groups
Working on the business plans in groups
Writing their plans while soothing their children
Writing their plans while soothing their children
Encouraging participation is part of the process
Encouraging participation is part of the process
Sexual education
Sexual education
Disbursement Day! Thank you!
Disbursement Day! Thank you!



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