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Community Vision Underprivileged and marginalized groups are aware of their rights to participate in decision making, have equal access to resources and benefits, and become self-reliant within a supportive policy environment for sustainable development in Cameroon. Core Values ACT: Accountability, Commitment, Transparency Organizational Mission REACH OUT supports underprivileged and marginalized groups within the communities on health issues, wealth creation, and provide capacity building and information through the use of participatory approaches and advocacy. Vision for the organization REO is a self-sustained organization, attracting skilled staffs that work in cohesion to deliver se...
Feb 5, 2016

Progress Report December-February 2016

Talk with them!
Talk with them!

Dear Friends,

It’s been close to one year and we can say that the journey they started eleven months ago when they entered into GlobalGiving has brought results, including a fully functioning fishpond that will have its first yield this March. 500 fish! If properly sold it’s basically their budget for half a year. In these eleven months the orphanage has completely changed its face and its issues: feeding, clean water, hygiene and health are all properly addressed; now we are talking about full sustainability and bringing up a school/vocational training center for the orphans and the community.

In fact, this relationship is not one sided, there are some things we have seen in Mah Di’s that we have learned and we are now advising other orphanages to copy as best practices. The way they keep clear records of donations and sources of revenue, the way they diversify their revenues among different sources, most of them good business ideas, the way they built a relationship with the community around them. This December the store room was full of bags of rice and other items given by individual benefactors, like you they care about the orphanage and they provide what they can. One day we were even surprised by the bike driver carrying us there, he did not only know the orphanage, he was a donor himself!

Since our last report, you, we and they have:

  • Started construction of the poultry, the first payment was done and the pillars and the floor are being built up as you read these words. With such a structure the orphanage will be able to raise bigger, healthier chicken and continue growing. They will provide the resources to be adding chicken, but they can hardly come by the kind of capital for building such structure, that is why we are stepping in. We have uploaded a separate microproject in order to build a fully functional poultry, so far we can only provide for half of the desired size. If we exceed the goal we will also provide the chicks and feed. You can support them following this link, initial donations (no matter how small) are great because they help give visibility to the project, this microproject will last 60 more days before it is retired by globalgiving.
  • Built a small piggery to better rear pigs, the old one was a very old structure that crumbled when a young male got too excited.
  • Provided sportswear for the orphans, a friend of the organization provided the clothes and these will make the cost of schooling less of a burden for the orphanage.
  • Admitted 4 children from the community to the nursery school, who are paying their fees on installments, this project is already turning into a business!
  • Added a new baby to the family! He was brought to the orphanage by the Ministry of Social Affairs due to a family story we cannot disclose, he is now number 41.

We hope you are pleased and we want to close with some stories of our boys and girls, as told by Mah Diane.

“Bridgette (8) loves book. She loves to read, she scatters the whole library at any chance. She loves book, but you give her housework…. Anyway she is very good, she is 7 and teaches the children in the nursery from time to time, she teaches numbers, letters and songs she remembers from nursery herself. It was her initiative to start teaching. She says she wants to become a teacher when she grows up. I did not say anything but I love to see her teaching and I always give her some small sweet after class. But don’t give her housework she will run away… she has some small stubbornness in her.”

“Emanuel (21) is hard working, youths get to the age of adolescence and start getting ideas of their own, they don’t have time for you anymore, but he continues growing and getting more and more responsibilities. He is managing the fishpond, in fact we want to do more fishponds now, he has learned from the technicians how to build it and care for it and we think we can expand at half price. He will be the one building the poultry, leading the rest of boys. He gets construction jobs during school breaks and employs the other older orphans, and he always brings something for the house. He does not look like a teenager. Any problem; he is the one gathering all the other orphans to discuss. And he does not know how to keep secrets, if something is wrong I just go to him and he simply tells me, he just can’t lie or hide anything, it’s not in his nature. –Mom, better I tell you and we see what we can do-”

“Monica (4)… she gets up very early and wakes me up. Then she spends all day petting other children, she is always following everyone and beating, hugging, petting and always laughing”

We thank you for changing their lives and promise to continue reporting on their progress

P.D: Remember you can follow us on facebook and you can support the new microproject. Share it among friends and consider a small donation!

P.D2: As the picture says... talk to the children of Mah Di's! If you want to share a message of encouragement for the children write to us on facebook or directly by mail at

Monica leading the way during a visit to the farms
Monica leading the way during a visit to the farms
Mah Diane
Mah Diane
Thank you and remember to support the poultry!
Thank you and remember to support the poultry!
Jan 7, 2016

The journey continues without us

Latest disbursement in the orphanage
Latest disbursement in the orphanage

This January 4th Rahim started his second semestre of the second year in university.

In order to manage scarce resources for the highest outcome, and according to our internal policies, Reach Out Cameroon is aiming to support the most promising students solely.

Unluckily, Rahim's grades weren't sufficiently well enough to be eligible for support by Reach Out Cameroon for another year, he still has courses pending from his initial year, we were waiting for these results to decide.

Rahim is a kind, humble and responsible young man, who has been doing as much as possible to do good in University, there are many explanations to his failure (lack of appropiate feeding, radical change of environment from the orphanage and medical problems that made him endure an operation during past year...), and we understand all of them, but still we cannot help the fact that in Cameroon there are so many other vulnerable people needing such support, managing similar circumstances and getting excellent grades. We hope you understand this very hard decision.

Nevertheless, Rahim's journey isn't over yet:

Father's House Orphanage is now able to provide enough funds to make a continuing stay of Rahim in the University of Buea possible, this has been feasable thanks to the sacrifices of the Orphanage director and FABASSO (the Faith Building Association) a group of women living with HIV that are supporting themselves and the orphanage, and made a pledge to ensure that Rahim will be able to continue his education.

We decided to give the last donations for Rahim directly to the orphanage, as they will be the ones supporting Rahim. They will be used on the orphanage's poultry to generate funds for Rahim and other orphans while improving their feeding and to provide legal birth certificates to many of the orphans. We hope you find this will spent, please bear in mind that these are necessary expenditures and liberating the orphanage from them will allow to better take care of Rahim.

We want to thank all the noble donors who gave Rahim an helping hand when there were no means to provide for him, you sparked his journey and you should be very proud of that.

Again, thank you for your kindness and your trust in Rahim.


P.D: You can stay connected to Reach Out Cameroon through our Facebook account: as well as other projects we have on Global Giving, the Keep a Girl Alive project, that supports a new generation of female micro-entrepreneurs: and another orphanage, Mah Di´s orphanage:

Rahim's brothers & sisters dancing to say thanks
FABASSO, the group of women supporting Rahim
FABASSO, the group of women supporting Rahim
Dec 18, 2015

You've done it


Dear friends,

With your generous donations, Lovelyn managed to set up a stable micro-business while also paying the school fees her children and her monthly rents and expenditures.

In June she started selling roasted corn at a small stand covered by an umbrella, she was quickly able to diversify her business with peanuts, oranges and bananas. By mid-September her total capital had doubled the original business grant.

She was pushed back by some incidences like her son getting sick with malaria and typhus, forcing her to spend an important part of her savings from the last months on his treatment, and a steep increase of corn prices that pushed her to stop selling corn for a while. But her business is stable and growing every month, the whole family remains healthy and well-nourished and savings are starting to accumulate both for the business and the household.

We also followed up legally with her problems in the community. The landlord was driving her away of her life-long selling spot, on the false accusation that it was her small child that started the fire that burned out several houses. Since Lovelyn pays her taxes to the council this situation was fairly easy to address, Lovelyn is back in her place and they are left in peace.

Now it’s time to finally secure her future. Your donations also allow for a second grant, this will be used in the next month to lift her definitely of her risky situation and abandon the threat of a poverty trap. The business continues to grow and she dreams of adding more fruits and vegetables and also phone credit. We continue working with her and we are together building up a plan for the future.

Long past are the days were her only concern was were to sleep at night, she now dreams and thinks on how the next 5 years will look like, on how to upgrade from her road post and how to ensure her children will finish their education and go to university, she is thinking of upgrading to a clothing store a few years, we will continue reporting on how she builds her future. You can keep connected with her story through the Keep a Girl Alive project, the one that has identified and helped more than 70 girls like Lovelyn:

During these past months we also started helping another woman on similar circumstances, an abrupt catastrophe also liquidated her business and threatens her life, we are now fundraising for her so that she will be the next Lovelyn. Her name is Sussan and this is her story:

Lovelyn is tremendously grateful for everything you did for her. For the first months, any Reach Out volunteer or staff passing in front of her stand is greeted by a free cob of corn, to the point that we had to advise her to stop being so generous with her business profits. This uncontrollable gratitude was directed to us, but it should have been directed to you. You made this possible. You changed 4 lives forever.

P.D: Remember you can stay connected with Reach Out Cameroon through Facebook.

Selling with her child
Selling with her child

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