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Jan 8, 2019

We finished the year 2018

A beautiful finished craft
A beautiful finished craft

Hi everybody, how are you?

First of all I want to apologize for not having more information about us, I have no excuses, but I hope you like to know how we finish the 2018 school year.

The Truth is that we are very grateful to God and to all the people who are part of the program, because without the effort, the effort, the dedication, the empathy and the Love that we have for our children; it would not have been possible to finish one more year. And of course, of course, we are also very grateful for all the donations and the support provided by our beloved sponsors.

All teachers agreed that it was a year of new learning and teaching, because experiences always teach us what to do and what not to do. During the month of October, we worked hard to review all the topics seen in the year with our children, we finished preparing the children who pass this year 2019 to first and culminate with the closing of the year. Later in our reports you will be able to know more about the boys who pass to first grade ...

We are very satisfied with the work done, because the results were very good, our goals and objectives proposed during the year 2018; Some of us were very helpful and others were not, but this serves as a lesson for this new year.

We also appreciate the fundamental help given by parents, by those who made an effort to help their children and by keeping in mind that if they were not interested in their children's education, we would not improve the country .

In our next report I will write you about what we are already doing to start with much desire, energy and enthusiasm this year 2019 ...

Closure in El Sitan / Patzicia Village
Closure in El Sitan / Patzicia Village
She is Emma, in the hamlet El Naranjito
She is Emma, in the hamlet El Naranjito
Here is Beatriz with her children in San Martin
Here is Beatriz with her children in San Martin
Children of Glendy in El Sapito Village
Children of Glendy in El Sapito Village
Dec 18, 2018

New from Guatemala

Hello dear friends, 

We are happy to be able to share with you the advancements that we have had with our kids; to date the educational advancement in our kids has been large! They know the differences between letters and numbers! They also know the colors and geometrical shapes! Alongside this learning our kids are more dynamic than they were at the beginning of the year, they are much more sociable and they express themselves with more confidence. This shows us the importance of children receiving preschool education: it is extremely important that our kids in rural areas can and do have the right to receive this type of preschool education.

In the following months many of our kids will begin another school year, but now they will begin with public school. We desire the best for each of our kids and hope that what they have learned in our program will be a greatly useful base for their success in their first year of primary. 

Soon we will have a report on the academic success of our children in primary school and the impact of our nutrition program on anemia, stunting and incidents of sickness, especially diahria. I am confident that the results will show the effectiveness of our program.

 Best wishes to all and we will be in touch soon!

Nov 29, 2018

Juggling competition

This month, Vieux our supervisor (for his love of football) had a really nice initiative by organizing a Juggling competition.

Since kids are passionate soccer fans and know above all, football stars such as Lionel Messi, Sadio Mané, Ronaldo, Mbapé, Vieux and Cheikh, found that would be very funny to organize that tournament.

That was a real moment for children to express joy and solidarity between themselves.

We know that Education is much more important, but there are some talented kids who will need to be identified and express their abilities. For our part, we will have to encourage developing that talent.

Before starting the competition, Vieux met Khali Diaw the coach of Medina Marmiyale (local football club in Darou). Vieux’s idea was very welcomed by him and every Saturday and Sunday, he came to train kids to try with balls.

In Africa, football is one of the most popular sports, for example, in all the neighborhoods, young people used to gather together, close to houses, in any kind of space which can serve as a yard, in order to play soccer.  And during the World Cup, everyone is busy, watching TV or listening to the radio if they don’t have TV;

After three weeks 3 weeks of training, we chose 12 young very talented and we bought jerseys and candies in order to offer them to winners and supporters altogether.

Six groups of 2 had to start the competition. Each participant had 30 seconds to show the best of him and the winner of each little group was qualified to the next step.

Then we had three groups of two. The competition was very tight at that stage but we finally had our three finalists. One of them was automatically eliminated by the public but nevertheless he benefited of a soccer jersey (Which was really cool : )

And then we came to our two heroes Adama and Bachir.

Vieux did a very special introduction of our two winners before the results. Supporters were shouting and clapping their hands saying like: Allez! Go! LOOOOOL

Well the tournament was over, Adama won the competition and as there were remaining two beautiful jerseys, he chose another one as a gift for his little brother.

The losers were encouraged and they enjoyed their candies.

The coach Khali congratulated all the team members for that initiative and children for their efforts;

Also he found several kids with real potential to develop in the future.

It was a great moment.  

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