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Nov 22, 2019

End of the 2019 academic year

We have reached the end of another year of classes, and this year we have had 249 children! At the moment they are on holiday in their homes for a few weeks and will return to school in January, 2020, for the new academic year.

This academic year has certainly been very valuable and productive. All of the children who have participated in our program have received good quality teaching which has been adapted to their particular environment.

Our 31 facilitators, who are also young leaders of their communities, have done an incredible job through their teaching of each of our children. This has taken place alongside with the great work carried out by our Coordinators in each of the departments where we work.

Throughout the year, there has been a great amount of collaboration between the children, Facilitators, Coordinators, community leaders, parents of the children, and the Directors of the schools in each of the communities. We are extremely grateful of everyone involved, as this has allowed our children to receive an education that will serve as a sound base for their future education as well as their social development.

We are delighted about having worked this year in four different departments of Guatemala, these being, El Quiche, Huehuetenango, Solola and Retalhuleu, and this has covered twenty-two very rural and remote communities.

This is very valuable for us as it means that we are achieving an important objective of supporting, and offering pre-school education to children aged four, five and six years of age, who would not normally have had access to an education.

It is also important to mention the significant role played by our donors, since without them this would not be possible. We are truly grateful to our treasured donors, and especially grateful of the confidence that they have shown in our program and what we are doing. A big thank you to you all!

Best wishes,

Magic Classroom

Nov 13, 2019

"Patriotic month"

"Freedom is something that is earned and obtained, not given away"

Guatemala is a very cultural country and full of traditions, that is why we want to tell you all about the activities that our teachers carried out, regarding the Independence Day. This year 198 years of independence were completed, which indicates that we are close to reaching 100.

September is known as the patriotic month, since most of the activities carried out during this month have to do with the date of independence. We also take the opportunity to teach you more about the culture of the country, the symbols that represent the country, history and civics.

Most of our teachers perform a parade or civic walk, on a theme of conscience or that has to do with independence, in their community. In the images you will notice what I am talking about here.

Children learn more about the variety of ethnicities and people we inhabit in this country, also about the symbols that represent the country; as they are: the Ceiba, the Monja Blanca, the Escudo, the Quetzal, the Marimba, the Flag and Tecún Umán; a brave man who fought against Don Pedro de Alvarado, for his people and thus achieve independence.

We had to use a lot of imagination and creativity to carry out the activities for this month, for example: some of our teachers made crafts on symbols, worksheets and other posters in small groups to have a better learning.

Fathers and Mothers also participated and supported their children in these activities, without a doubt their help was also key to get the children to develop better. The children of the community of Cerritos in Patzicía-Chimaltenango, had a lot of fun and will be able to notice in the images how the mothers supported our teacher and how creative she was with her children ...

Guatemala is a multicultural and multicultural country, which has beautiful landscapes; That is why we invite everyone to visit this beautiful country, so they can enjoy biodiversity. And of course you can appreciate all this, when visiting our children and teachers in each of their communities, please do so, and you will notice the need and support we need to continue teaching and training good children; so they have a better future ...

Well this has been all for this time, in our next report we will write to you as we close the school year.

See you soon.

Community of San Juan del Obispo
Community of San Juan del Obispo
Parental involvement was very important
Parental involvement was very important
The children presented a very funny dance
The children presented a very funny dance
Civic act
Civic act
Panatzan community in San Martin Jilotepeque
Panatzan community in San Martin Jilotepeque
Sep 25, 2019

Chance for all Senegal in children's road safety

Here we are facing another battle of chance for all Senegal: children and road accidents !

To have repeatedly gone to hospital to rescue and assist a child, a talibé, a homeless child, Chance for all Senegal decides to put its resources to solve this problem.

Thus Chance for all Senegal has chosen the month of September, a period we all know the holidays are in full swing and the children with lots of energy escape the vigilance of parents not to mention street children. This is then an opportune time to reframe the children and raise their awareness on road safety issues and with the collaboration of the Senegal Red Cross on first aid.

It is through lively and fun activities that children have learned about these subjects. Under the guidance of the instructors and chaperones, Maodo now knows, when to cross the road you have to look left and right. Another kid Arona, knows not to run when crossing the road and if there is an adult on a busy road ask to be crossed. We taught them about traffic lights, even if Saint-Louis town doesn’t have any…..LOL, just in case they moved to Dakar with their Marabouts.


Indeed, at the traffic lights, they know that green does not allow pedestrians to cross, yellow is a hurry to get to the sidewalk and red is a clear path for all pedestrians. At the white stripes on the road: the pedestrian crossing, the children know that there is more safety to cross, they have priority. It was in a small groups and in a pleasant competitive games spirit that all these points among others were covered. In addition to that, children now know who to call first in case of a road accident and that goes without saying the first safety, survival measures to be taken according to their ability as a child.

The road next to Corniche in one of the busiest, with more accidents and it is not every day that we want to run to the hospital because a child has been involved in an accident (said Amina an Vieux from Chance for All staff ).In this month of  September, in the middle of the holidays, the children are full of ardor and above all left to themselves and who is more exposed than the talibés and the homeless children?

Aware of this and always present for the cause of the children, Chance for all Senegal is now extending its activities to fight against road accidents, especially for these children.

It was a great pleasure to hold all these activities and to see the children retain the instructions and note their importance.

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