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Apr 11, 2019

Continuous improvement is the key

Dear Donor, may you receive a warm greeting. Thank you very much for your donation, it is so rewarding to know that the work we are doing, with your help, is resulting in the improvement of the living conditions of thousands of children in need through the access to quality and timely health services

This is mainly you have helped us achieve !, your contribution is really impacting thousands of low income families living in the deprived communities of the Punta Cana tourist destination.

Nowadays the clinic continues offering health prevention programs, outpatient consultations, dental care, vaccination, emergency, laboratory, pharmacy services, x ray services, training program.

The staff of the pediatric center is committed to serve the children in the community and meet the needs of each family, going above and beyond to make sure that they are getting the help that they need. 

In this regard, taking as a framework the inter-institutional agreement with the entity Clínica de Familia the COPE project was developed, in the months of January and February of 2019.. This project, through a process of participatory and collaborative accompaniment with the staff of the center, using the COPE methodology (Oriented Client, Efficient Provider) and to which practical management tools are incorporated; Its main objective is to improve the functioning and quality of health services offered to users and greater efficiency in the use of resources. Main tools: Staff self-evaluation (focused on the rights of users and health providers), user flow analysis, user satisfaction surveys and review of files. A Quality Committee was created in the center to provide periodic and constant follow-up to the action plan developed.  As a result of our alliance with the aforementioned entity an expert pediatrician came from the USA as a volunteer to give a workshop to the medical staff (on March 13 and 14, 2019 ) on the detection of disabilities in childhood patients

 Please see the two pictures attached. 

Relevant statistics: More than 6,773 children vaccinated and more than 9,878 patients attended in emergency, since May 2017. More than 30,000 annual patients  

The construction of the unit to serve children with disabilities (diagnosis and treatment of autism, down syndrome, brain paralysis,  learning difficulty) has started. We are planning to post this project separately in the Global Giving website, given its scope and social impact it will no longer be a new area of the pediatric center but will operate independently as a specialized health center. Please see the picture attached 

There are still many needs to meet, we hope that you will continue to partner with us in our commitment to make it:

  • Missing medical equipment and furniture
  • Periodic staff training programs
  • Periodic supply of medical supplies and medications.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the project. If you have any comment, advice or question, please feel free to direct them to us and we will answer as best we can. 

Thank you very much again for your outstanding support

Best wishes,



Mar 27, 2019

Helping to create life projects

Dear donor, may you receive a warm greeting. We would like to start our report by expressing to you our sincere gratitude. Your donation is making a great impact in several vulnerable communities through the improvement of the educational quality and the infrastructure of the Ann & Ted Kheel Polytechnic School

This and all the reports to follow will update you periodically on our progress and how your donation work here in the community of Veron, eastern region of the Dominican Republic. 

We are delighted to inform to you about the recent achievements:   

  • 20 recent graduates concluded on last December a two-month internship at Grupo Puntacana company (in the areas of Hospitality, Infrastructure Maintenance, Human Resources, Laundry, Electricity and Water Supply, Purchasing) in order to complement the technical skills training provided by the school through the direct contact with the work environment, in fact some of them have been hired by the aforementioned company. Please see the picture of the closing ceremony
  • Counting on the company ETC-Iberoamerica as supplier, we have continued the second phase of the Microsoft certification program for the benefit of 45 fourth, fifth and sixth graders, who are being trained in Microsoft Office software
  • The expansion of the cafeteria is already finished, the space added will be used to storage the snacks that are daily served to the students during the break time. Please the picture attached
  • Through an alliance with the entity MUDE we are developing since the last January the project "Youth with future. Building Life Projects for Adolescents of Verón -Punta Cana’”:, which is conceived as a community intervention of an educational nature that aims to sensitize and train adolescents on the importance of developing social, personal and emotional skills as essential tools to protect them from risks that could affect their lives in the short and long term. It is aimed to make visible and reduce the risk factors to which the adolescents and young students of the Ann and Ted Kheel polytechnic are exposed, in three main axes: prevention of pregnancy in adolescents, prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (ITS) and promotion of a culture of peace through playful techniques, reflections and creative actions that encourage healthy behaviors 
  • Representatives of the Foundation, MUDE, the Ministry of Education, the Polytechnic (Director, school counselor, representatives of the parents association, a group of students) as well as some members of the community attended to the presentation act that took place on January 16th, a few days later the implementation of the project began in the school. Please see the pictures attached
  • We hope to develop in the upcoming months the Escolarte Project which has as one of its objectives the creation of a musical band at the school In the upcoming months we will keep you updated on the progress of our project.

If you have any comment, advice or question, please let us know and we will respond as best we can.

 Thank you very much again for your support, we really appreciate it ! 

Best wishes !

Feb 11, 2019

Coral transplantation update!

Table I
Table I

The transplant effort of coral fragments during the year 2018, began in the month of April and was completed in the month of December. During this period, a total of 1,023 fragments of the Acropora Cervicornis coral from the Puntacana Group Aquarium were transplanted. This corresponds to 887.38 meters of living coral tissue (Table I).

Table I. Number of fragments, total of transplanted tissue and number of tissue receptor sites of Acropora Cervicornis coral per month, during 2018. 

These fragments were transplanted in 9 different optimal sites as receptors of coral tissue (Table II), 4 of them were established during this season.

Attached are some photographs of the coral gardeners doing different activities within the process of transplanting coral fragments.

Table II. Geographic location of the transplant sites during the year 2018.

Table II
Table II
Coral Gardeners working (1)
Coral Gardeners working (1)
Coral Gardeners working (2)
Coral Gardeners working (2)
Coral Gardeners working (3)
Coral Gardeners working (3)
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