Jun 8, 2015

Mistletoe Elimination from Trees

For over a decade Green Care Association have been working on the promotion of Tree Nursery and Out planting in Community water Catchments and Forests. These efforts have help to stabilize the water table and improve biodiversity in the areas concern. Some of the trees planted have medicinal, cultural and ecomomic values like Prunus africana, Polysia fulva, Cordia dichotoma, Trema guineensis and many other species. Some of these trees have been seriously attacked by a parasitic plant Mistletoe. These Mistletoe help to make it difficult for the main plant to grow. It is for these reasons that Green Care Association decided to eliminate the parasitic plant by recruiting guys to cut down the Mistletoe, which so far remains the best approach to eliminate it. Thanks to Global Giving funds which enabled us to register some success in this domain. The project is attracting public attention and response. We remain very grateful to our Global Giving donors.

Jun 8, 2015

Traditional Hives to be improved upon

Having been working with local untrained bee farmers for over six years Green Care Association decided to identify farmers who are willing to convert traditional hives to top bar using local material like Bamboo. Thanks to openness of some local craft men like Mr Bouba who are ready to carry on the change. Being traditional leader, Mr Bouba is willing to also help spread the word and practice to other crafts men and farmers. He is to be trained in making top bar hives out of bamboo for Green Care to make available to local farmers.

Thanks to Globalgiving funds this project is seeing the light of day. This is to be followed by serious promotion thereby making possible cheaper hives, easier labour, Increased quantity and quality of honey for the common good.

Jun 8, 2015

Rapid Yam set multiplication

With growing demand to diversify agricultural products, Green Care recently decided to intensify the production of  Rapid Yam sets for local farmers. This is done in efforts to assist the many farmers who want to grow Yams but are having lots of difficulties because of lack of enough seeds. Green Care bought the material and equipment necessary for the multiplication of Yams sets with Global Giving funds. After a season the seeds are made available to farmers to plant as much as they want. Some request from interested farmers are already being registered.Thanks  to our donors on Global Giving who are making it possible for us to continue helping our community dwellers.

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