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Aug 28, 2017

Girl Power in South Africa

Strong Girls.
Strong Girls.

The Boxgirls community is growing

In June the 1st group of Boxgirls in 2017 graduated from our Boxgirls 16 weeks Afterschool Programme. In total groups of 20 girls from six primary schools in Khayelitsha participated. 

At the graduation event parents, teachers and members of the school community were invited. The girls were given the stage to share what they learned at Boxgirls with the school members in the audience. One group of girls did for example explain the community maps they created in order to map out safe and unsafe places as well as helping points in the community.

We directed a special thank you to the sponsor teachers of the schools for their support for our program. They were proud to see the development of their girls.


A special THANK YOU is also directed to YOU! Your donation makes our work possible!


Kick off new Boxgirls Holiday Club

As the requests for our programm are growing and the alumnae of our Afterschool Clubs are approaching us regularly asking to continue with Boxgirls we continued working on ways to serve the needs.

These winter holidays we kicked off a new holiday format of our Girls Leadership Programme. 80 alumnae of our Boxgirls Afterschool Clubs from 6 different primary schools in Khayelitsha participated during the 6 days full-day programme. Our new format aims to deepen the life skill training of the Afterschool Clubs in combination with sport exercises, focusing on self-defence.

Freetime activities for girls in Khayelitsha during holidays are limited, which is why holidays can become a time of increased risk, especially for girls.

The Boxgirls Holiday Club offers a safe space to the participating alumnae, where they can deepen their leadership and violence negotiation skills together with girls from different primary schools.

Joint action, please!

To reach Boxgirls vision of a world where women and girls can life dignified lives in safe communities, where they are valued as equals and have control over their sexuality and economic development we are not standing alone. We are continously reaching out to differnt partners to enrich our work and take joint action for shared impact.

We welcomed volunteers from Student Athletes Abroad, who came from the US to spent their time supporting the media work of Boxgirls to spread our word.

Our joint work with the Action Impact Network members continues as well. We are working on a set of pragmatic indicators and data collection tools to measure the collective impact of youth sport-for-development and peace interventions.

After the first testing of the indicators for the organisational survey and surveys directed to the programme staff we are currently testing the survey directed to the participants of our programmes.

We are looking forward to the first testing results and continued joint action for shared impact!

Additionally Boxgirls was invited to the Community of Practice workshop on strengthening the collaboration between NGOs and schools, supported by the Afterschool Game Changer Network and the Learning Trust. It was a great sharing of best-practices from afterschool Programs and school representatives.
Only together we can make a change!

THANK YOU, you are Boxgirls strong!

This year your donation already made a difference to more than 200 girls from disadvantaged communities in Cape Town. You are helping our project to grow and being able to give girls most in need the possibility to learn along with other girls in a safe space and build basic leadership and academic skills, which will support them in reaching their future goals.

Strong Girls. Safe Communities.

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Boxgirls writing down their superpowers.
Boxgirls writing down their superpowers.
Learning the boxing stance
Learning the boxing stance
Holiday Club - Girls becoming friends
Holiday Club - Girls becoming friends


May 31, 2017

A summer full of RespAct

Together. Clean. Active.
Our RespAct project on beautifying Kreuzberg playgrounds, took another leap. The INA Kita in Kreuzberg has agreed to jump-start the initiative and provide space next to the playgrounds to house toys, balls, and other playground equipment for children to play with. Then, when the children are done, the toys can be returned to the space and stored safely until the next child wants to use the public space.

Children take it to the streets
As part of the project, children also formulate their wishes for an improved and more beautiful neighbourhood. Together, we take their desires to the streets. Previous campaigns among others targeted the urgent need for cleaning up dog dirt from the streets and pay attention to dump waste properly. In order to achieve sustainable impact, we seek talks with parents, neighbours and teachers to take the waste problem centre stage.

A summer full of RespAct
Meanwhile, summer is getting closer and the RespAct team is getting prepared for the 2017 summer camp for children and adolescents in Berlin. Between July 24 and August 4 there will be 10 days of fun, interactive learning and ideas on how to improve the Neukölln and Kreuzberg neighbourhoods. The agenda comprises workshops on environmental topics such as waste separation and avoidance, upcycling, excursions and a neighbourhood rallye. Following the objectives of last year’s summer camp, RespAct aims to reach even more children from socially deprived neighbourhoods this year. The RespAct modules strengthen children's self-efficacy, resilience, civic participation and know-how on the preservation of nature.

For the 2017 summer camp we still have to cover costs for the children’s meals and care. Therefore, we would ask you to make a donation under To make all children benefit the most from the program and support them in their personal development.

Best wishes and lots of thanks for your support,

Your RespAct Team 

May 31, 2017

Boxgirls' proven impact

Boxgirls making a statement for their rights
Boxgirls making a statement for their rights

Impact evaluation of the Boxgirls project
From January 2016 until March 2017 the impact of the project was evaluated by the German Sport University Cologne partnering with local researchers. They weregathering data on the girls’ development regarding their

  • self-esteem,
  • social capital,
  • violence negotiation skills,
  • school performance and the program’s overall feasibility.

Surveys were handed out to the girls and their teachers, interviews were conducted with the girls and report cards were collected prior to the participation at Boxgirls (Pre-test) and after the participation at Boxgirls (Post-test). The study design follows a randomized controlled trial approach, randomly assigning girls to either control or intervention groups.

The results
And the evaluation’s results are impressive: The conclusion of the report highlights positive significant changes in the girls’ general and academic self-esteem, their violence negotiation skills, their confidence in standing up for themselves against authority and dealing with situations of violence, their academic performance and their awareness of local support networks. Further a high overall satisfaction of the girls with the program activities could be seen.

More strategies for safe neighbourhoods
Furthermore, girls participating in the Boxgirls programme developed more avoidance strategies for dangerous situations as well as greater knowledge of intervention possibilities than the control group. After participation in the program, more girls would talk to someone about their situation and ask for help rather than ignoring it.

We are thrilled to further develop the project and constantly enable more girls access to the positive results of the program. Thanks to your donations we can make a long-lasting difference for girls and young women in South Africa. Support Boxgirls for strong girls and safe communities within the townships:

Lots of thanks and best wishes,

Your Boxgirls team

Boxgirls framing their strategies
Boxgirls framing their strategies
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