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Jun 27, 2018

RespAct in the neighborhood to empower kids

We are working together with children, families and educators to take our program to more neighbourhoods but that is not new. New is that we our focusing on networks like resident's board, neighborhood comittee, district communitees, networks against violence, organisations for equality and institutions for self empowerment. 

This way we were able to connect to way more people who work with kids & youngsters. People who work daily with or for them. And ta da … now we have reached more than 700 educators, teachers and social workers to help develop our sports and democracy modules in workshops representing over 300 schools, youth clubs and sport institutions.


50 Schools

500 kids & youngsters

700 educators, teachers & social workers 

Here in Berlin we have continued to be visible and promoting RespAct at small and large events. From June 2017 till July 2018 we lead sports activities and discussions at local neighbourhood events organized by educational institutions over to huge conferences by the Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Family.


Summer Camp 2017

One of our biggest events in 2017 was the Summer Camp 2017 with about 100 children and youngsters from over 7 schools and over 25 partners. It took place for 10 days and brought together participants from 8-14 from Welcome classes who just arrived in Germany or with a migration background. We did this with kids speaking over 10 different languages – none of them German. In fall 2018, we will launch an autumn camp of 10 days and we have over 30 partners already wanting to join. We will have over 120 kids and will keep growing. In Berlin, we work in the districts Mitte, Kreuzberg and Neukölln which created a network of over 50 schools. 

Help us to reach more kids and start new summer camps in 2018!


Your RespAct Team

May 29, 2018

Strong Girls and Safe Communities Boxgirls 2018

Boxgirls showing their skills to community
Boxgirls showing their skills to community

Dear Boxgirls supporters,


Enkosi kakhulu to all of you from our Boxgirls in Khayelitsha, South Africa! This means “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” in isiXhosa the mother tongue of most of our girls.

We are grateful to see the group of supporters for our girls grow each month.


With the start of the school semester in January 2018 Boxgirls Afterschool Clubs were back in the primary schools. Twice a week our Boxgirls coaches meet the girls at their schools. The first days are always really exciting for both the girls and our coaches. Who will be in the group? How is it going to be learning basics in boxing? From the first session, our coaches are creating an atmosphere of support, respect, encouragement and safety. The girls get to know each other and are quickly becoming a team, a group of friends, who learn from each other and give each other support.


“I like Boxgirls because I can be myself.

There is no one questioning you.”

– says Anathi – 12 years


In 16 life skill sessions combined with sport exercises the girls learn to value themselves and others, to approach each other with respect knowing how to set their own borders. In role plays they train conflict negotiation and how to keep themselves safe. They learn to stand up and raise their voices, to ask questions and be curious, and to present what they have learned to others.


“We want to create a sisterhood and a safe space where the girls feel free to talk openly about issues facing them. We want girls to have a voice. We want these girls to believe in themselves. We need to educate them so that they do not find themselves making decisions that would jeopardise their future. We need to boost their confidence. Girls should never feel inferior or less important. “

- says Boxgirls team member Nwabisa


Every Saturday, and during exam time also in the week, we support our girls with Math and English tutoring combined with sport training. Some of our girls are struggling to read and write in English and they are lacking behind. We offer these girls a safe space where they can learn and ask questions they may be shy to ask in the classroom. Teachers are sometimes catering for more than 30 students per class, which makes it a challenge to adjust the pace of learning to meet the needs of everyone. Writing and reading as well as mathematics are the basis of future success for the girls. We need to support them from an early age so that they can achieve the knowledge, education and employment they are aiming towards. Learing together is just so much more fun!

“I like that I learn about Math and English.

Boxgirls taught me how to check my

math answers in my test.”

– Olwethu – 11 years


On the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, Boxgirls hosted a girls’ rights event to spread our word on the empowerment of girls and thereby the empowerment of the boys around them. Here the girls also have the opportunity to present their learnings to their parents.


We were hosting our first gender training to other sport for development organisations and were happy to share our experiences and knowledge on how to create inclusive and gender sensitive programmes with other coaches.


Support us so we can continue our work. Every $ makes a difference and provides us with much needed materials and makes it possible for us to run Boxgirls’ Afterschool Clubs, Homework Hubs and Holiday Clubs in Khayelitsha.


Be part of the Boxgirls community and advocate for girls most in need!


All the best,

Boxgirls South Africa Team

Boxgirls learning as a team
Boxgirls learning as a team
Boxgirls preparing for their exams
Boxgirls preparing for their exams
Becoming friends
Becoming friends

Feb 26, 2018

A fresh start in the new year and a big THANK YOU

One of our new Boxgirls during Math& Sport Hub
One of our new Boxgirls during Math& Sport Hub

Dear Boxgirls heroes,


We want to send a big THANK YOU to all of you for your on-going support of the Boxgirls in Khayelitsha! Looking back from the time when we started fundraising for the Afterschool Clubs until today we were able to collect 12.000$ for supporting the girls through our afterschool activities.

Since 2015, when we started offering Boxgirls Afterschool Clubs in more than one primary school in Khayelitsha, we reached 1.895 girls in 19 different primary schools.

All these girls experienced learning in a safe space where everyone is valued equally and can find support amongst each other and by the Boxgirls coach. They learned to believe in themselves and their unique talents, to respect and support each other and to raise their voices talking about their ideas, opinions and rights. Most importantly the girls learned where they can turn to if ever they are in the need of help and how they can keep themselves safe.

Every Saturday these girls are coming out to our Maths & Sports Hub, where they get support with their Maths homework and are a source of motivation for each other to focus on their school work. With Boxgirls Maths is fun!

We can see the change in each of our Boxgirls. And we will continue our work. In January this year another 150 Boxgirls joined the Afterschool Clubs.

Help us make our work possible. Every donation makes a change and contributes to

  •  Offering empowering Holiday programmes, tutoring and Boxgirls leadership sessions to most in need girls in Khayelitsha.

This year we will additionally offer workshops on the Boxgirls methodology to other program leaders to make sports more accessible for girls most in need.


Latest news:

In the end of November 2017 until the beginning of December girls from our northern and southern sites in Khayelitsha joined the Boxgirls Holiday Program. The girls learned about their own strengths and setting borders. We were reflecting about gender stereotypes and what are important elements of positive and supporting friendships. A nurse from the local clinic came to visit and was there for all the curious questions from our girls about their bodies and the menstruation cycle.

We learned a lot together and on top of that: It was really fun!

The Beautiful News South Africa featured our coach and Boxgirls Alumna Ndivile Mafenuka and helped us spread the word on what we do at Boxgirls. The video was done during the Holiday Club in December 2017, we think it is amazing, you can watch it here:


Do you plan to travel to Cape Town and want to experience the Boxgirls community? You can now book a mini Boxgirls workshop via Airbnb experience. Check the link below and spread the word!

Boxgirls helping eachother during training time
Boxgirls helping eachother during training time


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