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Jul 12, 2019

Moving and empowering our girls forward

Thank you so much for your continued support! You have been making our work to empower strong girls and building safe communities possible.

We have been busy working hard and implementing new activities to better serve our girls, trainers, and the community.

Due to your support, Boxgirls has been able to solidfy key partnerships that will better equip us to serve our girls even better and build confidence for their next steps. 


Launching the Girls Go Forward Project

Earlier this year we launched a new project: Girls Go Forward. In partnership with the Thope Foundation and their iSTEAM modules, and principals and sponsors at our schools, we began the Girls Go Forward Afterschool Clubs that was combined with the Boxgirls Maths and Sport Hubs. The girls enjoyed the combination of math, sports and the arts, which made for a dynamic experience.


First Holiday Club in Harare

Boxgirls was pleased to collaborate with a 3 primray schools for their first Holiday Club. We expanded on the initial Holiday Club model to include LEGO modules. We were so happy to see how engaged and curious the girls were in the technical side of the activities and share their learnings with others.


Standing for girls empowerment on Africa Day with CTV

In June, Boxgirls continued our community involvement on Africa Day. Because of our programming, Boxgirls was able to address a broader range of young people with our coverage on CTV! We were featured on the Ekse Youth Program for many to see and learn about what we do and the impact we have made thus far. 


Girls in the Lead Partnership

Boxgirls South Africa is now a proud partner of Girls in the Lead, an international network and e-learning platform that brings together women leaders in the area of girls sports for development to share resources to enhance our programming. Along with organizations in India, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, and the USA, we are continuing the global mission of empowering and enabling economically independent and socially resilient girls. You can learn more at


Graduating Boxgirls

We would like to extend a congratulations to all the Boxgirls who graduated from the program in June!


Our work is far from finished and we are excited for what the future has in store! Keep up with us on Facebook and check us out at


Feb 22, 2019

A perfect way to end a successful RespAct year

garbage-collage designed by the children
garbage-collage designed by the children

We look back on a year full of powerful children engaging courageous in raising awareness to environmental justice and participation of children in public spaces.

In the last month of this successful RespAct year 2018 the children of Karl-Weise school in Neukölln gave all to contribute to environmental awareness in their neighborhood as well and brought the year to an end that we are very proud of.


Project week Karl-Weise school Berlin 5.12.- 7.12.2018

During the project week the children of Karl-Weise School were introduced playfully to the topic of environmental justice, their role in the issue and possibilities of participation and engagement. 

Cooperation-games and group-trainings were an important part of the project week to reinforce a culture of cooperative solution-finding and appreciation of the diversity of resources in the class-room that can be helpful in many ways when it comes to engaging in political and social conflict-zones, as well as participation in decision-making, children’s activism and environmental-awareness raising. 

Excursion to Tentaja

On day 2 of the project week we did an excursion to tentaja, which is a place of encounter in the former Airport Tempelhof. The team of tentaja offered a variety of sport games for the children again for the aim of reinforcing cooperation and team-building.

On the walk to Tentaja the children consciously observed their surroundings. What do I see around me? How looks nature in my neighborhood? What kind of plants can I observe? What kind of animals do I see? What are the modes of transport that are used? The observations and findings were surprising to the majority of the kids, even though it describes their everyday surrounding they concluded that paying attention to certain things changes the perspective.

On the way back the children did the same focusing on garbage this time and startet collecting garbage for the garbage-collage that they designed the following day. The findings were even more shocking and many questions on the WHY? and HOW? arose, that were discussed passionately.



Throughout the following days the children learned about the concept of upcycling.What could be formed out of garbage? Can it be reused as the same item or can something completely new arise?  The children handcrafted lanterns out of Tetra-pak milk cartons, that they brought from home and designed colorful collages out of the collected garbage.


A Garbage-quiz was conducted at the beginning and the end of the project week. This way the children could observe their own learning process and many questions could be answered, as well as many questions were added.

Christmas-market on the Warthe-Platz

The culmination of the project week was the presentation of the project week’s products on the popular family friendly Christmas market of the Quartiersmanagement Schillerkiez in Neukölln Warthe-platz. The Christmas market chooses every year the most beautiful Kiez-lanterns. 

3 of the RespAct children’s lanterns got crowned with prices for the most beautiful lanterns in the neighborhood.

Manual on environmental justice

In the last year we additionally to the wide range of projects with RespAct were able to restructure and update our manual on welcome-culture as well as our Manual on environmental justice. The manuals have the aim to spread our methods and project designs in order to enable social workers, teachers and educators to carry out projects on the topics.

Handcrafting lanterns out of old milk-packages
Handcrafting lanterns out of old milk-packages
RespAct-project week stall at the Christmas market
RespAct-project week stall at the Christmas market
Christmas market Neukolln
Christmas market Neukolln
educator of the class&children with their products
educator of the class&children with their products
educator of the class&girl with her garbagecollage
educator of the class&girl with her garbagecollage


Feb 22, 2019

Strong Girls engaging in the fight against violence

2018 what a successful year in the name of girls-empowerment

We look back on a very successful year full of strong girls fighting themselves towards more equality and rights.

We have worked with many old and 220 new faces this year, at the different locations and projects of Boxgirls South Africa.

We are proud of all the girls that participated, enriched and engaged in our Girl-Power Hubs, Math and Sports Hubs, the Girls leadership week in Harare and the After School Clubs. We look proudly back to our girls taking initiative and self organizing girls-rights-events in their schools.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to spread our expertise in the gender sensitive approach and the Boxgirls tools, to facilitators of other sport for development organisaitons.

Our Boxgirls Manual was released and is available for free download for everyone who wants to take part in girls- and women empowerment by using our approach and tools.

Check it on

The last months of the year 2018

Holiday leadership programs

Starting on the 26th of November until the 7th of December we offered our Holiday leadership programmes to girls in Site C and Harare, who are most in need. 

The Holiday leadership program was a full day program with a lot of work as well as fun. We worked with the girls in intense working groups on violence prevention and sexual health. The work sessions were accompanied by sport exercises, that supported the working process by putting theory into action and brought some relaxing fun into the intense discussions on the topics.

The girls finished their programme with an amazing performance, that they prepared especially for their parents, to share their learnings and spread their message throughout the community. 

16 days of activism Event

The last day of our Holiday Club in Harare was dedicated to the 16 days of activism. In joint action with community leaders and organisations, Boxgirls South Africa organised an event to stand up against violence against children.All surrounding community sports clubs, educational and health organisations joined the programme. This was a very exciting moment of mutuality in the fight against gender-based violence and inequality. The girls got to get to know other children engaging in sports and their activism!

In total we estimate about 400 guests that were taking part in the event. Our Boxgirls had the chance to give an insight in their learnings and make a case against violence against children. We are very proud of their achievements and engagement!


We are ready for 2019

In January 2019 we prepared for the new school year, to welcome the girls well prepared to our Afterschool Clubs. 

Outlook for the year 2019

Boxgirls Holiday Camps 

We are very happy to announce that our holiday camps have been very successful and will continue throughout  this year as well.

New Cooperation

We build a new cooperation with Thope Foundation. Thope Foundation is a non-profit organisation working to improve the education landscape for young girls in South Africa. We are very happy to have them on board.

International Womens Day

We are looking forward to the International Women’s Day on the 8th of march.

Stay tuned on our Websites (Links below) and celebrate with us the 8th of march!


We are very thankful for your support, thanks to you we were able push forward social change and empower women and girls in South Africa!




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