The Baby Buggy, Inc.

Baby Buggy provides essential items for infants and children to New York City families living in poverty. We accomplish this by collecting new and gently used items from corporations and families and delivering them to the communities with the highest rates of family poverty. Working with a network of social service sites throughout the five boroughs of New York, bringing cribs, strollers, clothing and diapers to families in need, we have delivered over 2,600,000 items to date.
Feb 15, 2011

Greater Support for Bronx Families in Need

Baby Buggy has been striving to increase distribution in the Bronx through Baby Buggy’s Family Resource Center at St. Anthony’s Head Start as the Bronx continues to have the highest child poverty rate across boroughs, with 82.9% of families with children living in poverty.   Baby Buggy was thrilled to be able to provide families enrolled in it's Bronx Family Resource Center  with a recent donation that included 7,144 items!  This donation included many gear items, including high chairs, strollers and car seats, as well as diapers, clothing, bath products, bedding and feeding supplies.  For the holidays, Baby Buggy was able to provide these families with 200 gift wrapped presents of toys and dvds, as well as books and holiday chocolate bars as a special treat. 

In the past six months, Baby Buggy has been able to distribute over 11,945 items to families enrolled in the Baby Buggy Family Resource Center at St. Anthony’s – a 129% increase in distribution compared to the previous 6 months.  Baby Buggy continues to refer the families at St. Anthony’s to various community resources providing services ranging from housing and immigration legal services to benefits screening and banking services in the community.  Baby Buggy often receives feedback that client families enrolled in the FRC are more likely to follow-through with these referrals, participate in educational offerings at St. Anthony’s and take the related action steps because they are receiving Baby Buggy donations as incentives.  The staff at St. Anthony’s is very thankful for this because it makes it easier to engage their clients, increase participation in various offerings, and make great strides at improving their current situations.  The following anecdote describes the impact of Baby Buggy’s FRC at St. Anthony’s:

‘Buggy is a way to service families in need.  Baby Buggy has been a God send to us.  It is a great feeling when a family enters the program and via a home visit we are able to identify that this is a family who will benefit from Baby Buggy donations.  It gives you a good feeling to open up the Baby Buggy Family Resource Room and know that these families can be taken care of immediately.  On the positive side for St. Anthony's we have seen a higher percent of parent participation during meetings and workshops and through volunteering’.

Maria Ramos, Center Supervisor at St. Anthony’s Head Start

Baby Buggy is looking forward to continuing our support of Bronx families in need through our Family Resource Center.  We will continue to donate items that are most essential for the families we serve, including baby gear, winter gear and clothing, diapers, as well as books and bath products.  Many thanks for supporting our work.

Nov 18, 2010

School Supplies, Winter Gear and Holiday Gifts for families in the Bronx

Baby Buggy's most recent donation to the Baby Buggy Family Resource Center at St. Anthony's Head Start in the Bronx included over 3,740 baby items and gear, which included the usual items ranging from diapers and strollers to car seats and bath tubs.  This donation also included adorable Halloween costumes so that the children enrolled in this program (and their siblings) would have beautiful costumes and be able to participate in Halloween festivities!  

This donation also included additional school supplies to ensure the children continue to have all the necessary supplies to be confident and successful in school.  We also supplied them with a range of winter gear to keep these little ones warm throughout the fall and winter.

Baby Buggy donations are distributed to client families enrolled in the Family Resource Center at St. Anthony's to meet their critical needs for baby items and gear.  Baby Buggy also distributes books, toys, bath products, etc. that can be distributed to families as incentives to encourage participation in various educational workshops addressing debt reduction/credit repair, career development, nutrition, safety, parenting, etc.  These incentives are also distributed when families reach their personal goals that have been set with the Family Workers at St. Anthony's.  These goals often include going back to school, obtaining employment, opening a checking/savings account, saving a specific amount of money, etc.

For the holidays, Baby Buggy is going to donate wrapped gifts of toys and books for the children at St. Anthony's and their siblings!  Baby Buggy wants to ensure the families enrolled in the Family Resource Center have all the baby items, gear, and winter clothing they need, as well as holiday gifts to bring some cheer into their lives during this holiday season.

Sep 1, 2010

Back to School!

Baby Buggy continues to support the 60 families enrolled in the Family Resource Center in the Bronx; these families receive regular donations of critical baby gear, diapers, clothing and many other essentials. Since March 2008, Baby Buggy has donated 87,269 items to client families enrolled in the Family Resource Center!

We recently sent a donation of over 1,000 items to the Family Resource Center to help these families participate in exciting 'back to school' rituals as they now have the necessary supplies and resources to do so. These donations will certainly help the children get off to a great start this school year!

Baby Buggy is currently recruiting client families enrolled in the Family Resource Center to participate in a Credit Where Credit Is Due workshop cycle that is scheduled for October. This will help these families develop personal financial plans, create a monthly budget, open bank accounts and improve their credit scores - this workshop is such a valuable resource. The combination of Baby Buggy donations, which help to off-set the expenses associated with purchasing costly baby supplies and gear, and these financial education workshops can truly help improve their financial situation!