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Pathfinder's mission is to ensure that people everywhere have the right and opportunity to live a healthy sexual and reproductive life. We believe that reproductive health is essential for creating better opportunities throughout life. When people take charge of choices about when and how often to have children, they not only have the opportunity to lead healthier lives, but they also gain confidence and can better pursue their education, contribute to the local economy, and engage in their communities.
Aug 13, 2013

New Girls Enrolled in Project

Girls at school
Girls at school

Pathfinder International launched our girls’ empowerment project in November 2012 as part of the Girl Effect/GlobalGiving Challenge. We were pleased to receive so much support from individuals like you
in just 30 days. Your investment in this project has allowed us to conduct the
following activities:

Our team held preliminary meetings with the Amhara and Addis Ababa Women’s Associations to inform them of the project and to begin thinking about girls to be selected for scholarships and leadership roles in girls’
clubs.  From the Amhara region, the Dera woreda was selected as a target area for the project as school dropout rates among girls is high because of poverty and early marriage. In Dera woreda, our staff held a half-day consultative meeting to establish a scholarship beneficiary selection committee.

In Addis Ababa, four schools in Yeka sub-city were selected as many of the students are from slums and face extreme poverty. In addition to the four schools selected by the project, the Addis Ababa Women’s Association selected three secondary schools: Salyesh secondary school (Yeka sub-city), Debreselam school (Kechena
sub-city) , and Beherawe Betemengest school (Arada sub city). The same kind of scholarship committee mentioned above was established for this target area.

Since the creation of the committees, 30 female students (20 from Amhara region and 10 from Addis Ababa) have been recruited to receive scholarship benefits and begin participation in established girls’ clubs at their school.

In addition, we recently conducted a small-scale needs assessment on how to strengthen or establish girls’ clubs, and the types of books needed for library support at the selected schools. This needs assessment identified the barriers and requirements for the continued education of our female students. The needs we identified were:

  • A lack of knowledge about gender
    issues, impacts of early marriage, sexual and reproductive health concepts and
    awareness of the importance of girls’ education in the community
  • A shortage of instruction materials
    such as text books and reference materials in the libraries of both schools
  • The remote location of the schools
    from the girls’ homes required students to rent dorms closer to the school
    which necessitated additional funds

From May to July 2013, the first round of scholarship payments covered tuition and school materials, and was distributed to 27 girls for two months of education. In addition, the project distributed information,
education and communication (IEC) materials about skills education and education transformation at two high schools. The project was also able to procure profiles of its scholarships students in order to better understand the
needs, strengths and challenges of our beneficiaries and facilitate their scholarship grants.

Girls reading together
Girls reading together
Jun 21, 2013

Update on IGA Beneficiaries May 2013

GlobalGiving IGA Project

March – May 2013


With generous support from the GlobalGiving donors, Pathfinder International has received a total of $18,421 since the project’s inception in 2008 to setup an income generating activity (IGA) program for low income Ethiopian women. This support has been used to empower low income women to become productive and self-sufficient in their households. To date, this project has selected 97 beneficiaries with the help of the Addis Ababa Women Association (AAWA) and organized them into two commercial sectors: the poultry development group and the small-scale restaurant venture.

New beneficiaries assisted during the reporting period

The funding amount received during this reporting period was not sufficient for the recruitment of new beneficiaries into the IGA project. While there were no new beneficiaries assisted during the reporting period, the funding amount received was allocated to women already enrolled in both the Poultry Development Group and the Small Restaurant Group.

Progress report of the last 15 women assisted in the second quarter of 2013 (January-March 2013)

As there were no new beneficiaries this quarter, we wanted to report on the tremendous progress of our most recent IGA recipients:

The Poultry Development Group

Five women were trained on poultry development skills by the woreda government agricultural office experts; subsequently, they engaged directly in the business and with the support of the experts, the team managed to:

  • Buy 30 Holland hybrid hens from the Jalene Yedoro Erbata Team Enterprise located in the Akaki sub-city. The enterprise is specifically working on breeding such hens for poultry purposes.
  • Purchase poultry feed from Kality Animal Feed Enterprise and water supply equipment from suppliers.
  • Acquire services of a veterinary doctor to treat and spray the poultry shed to avoid the spread of infection.
  • Arrange the quarters given by the local administration in such a way that it suits the poultry development scheme by partitioning the area with wire.

In addition, the women were able to acquire other cleaning materials necessary for the poultry shed have been placed in the designated location for further use.

Beneficiaries wear their protective gowns in the poultry coop for sanitary reasons and take turns to work. There is a general feeling of positive expectation that once the hens start laying eggs, the group will be earning a minimum of 3000 Birr per month (US$160.00 per month) in 2 months’ time from egg sales.

The Small Restaurant Group

Likewise, the local restaurant group began producing and selling different food items to their customers in the shed that was provided by the Addis Ababa Women Association. The ten women work on a shift basis with five women working in each shift. As the women are popular and well-experienced in food preparation, they now have a fairly large number of customers and are making good earnings every day. Although it looks like it has a promising future prospect, the monthly cost turnover has not yet been estimated.

Jun 21, 2013

Update on Scholarship Beneficiaries June 2013

Pathfinder International Ethiopia and Addis Ababa Women Association

GlobalGiving Girls Scholarship Report



GlobalGiving donors have generously supported Pathfinder International’s project to empower women and girls in Ethiopia by providing scholarships for their continued education and mitigating their risk of drop-out. Since May 2008, Pathfinder recruited 70 female students who received primary and secondary school scholarships. We are delighted to report that six young women from our program have moved to the university level this past quarter (January-March 2013). While one student was unable to stay with the scholarship program, the remaining 63 students were able to remain in school and progress to higher grade levels. The following table indicates the students’ grade level and number of students enrolled.

Total number of scholarship beneficiaries as of June 2013

 Grade No. of Girls

6 1

7 7

8 4

9 12

10 16

11 9

12 14

University 6

Left Program 1

Total 70


New admission during the reporting period

The funding amount received during this reporting period was not sufficient for the recruitment of new beneficiaries into the scholarship program. While there were no new beneficiaries assisted during the reporting period, the funding amount received was allocated to students already enrolled in school for their continued education.

Progress during this reporting period

As scholarship beneficiaries entered the program, they received an initial scholarship for their schooling and were eligible to receive extension scholarships as resources became available to continue their education. The ongoing support of GlobalGiving donors has allowed many of the project’s women and girls to receive extension scholarships. At the end of this reporting period, students who were enrolled in 2008—when this program first began—have been able to stay in in school for 50 months. Other scholarship beneficiaries hope to continue on this path with the ongoing support they receive.

Students of the GlobalGiving Scholarship program have not only been able to attend school, but also to stay in school. Among the 70 GlobalGiving scholarship beneficiaries, 60 students have successfully used their initial scholarship for schooling. The challenge for these girls now is to acquire funding to finish their high school studies and finalize their secondary school education.

The students gave their testimonials that without assistance from the scholarship program, they would not have achieved much in their educational pursuits. They also stated that they were able to fulfill basic school-related expenses through the scholarship funds. The possibility of the extension of their scholarship will pave the way for them to enroll into university and they are hopeful that their wishes will be granted.