Mar 1, 2021

Lombok Clinic Now Open and Fully Operational

For two years following the devastating 2018 earthquakes in Lombok, we provided disaster relief healthcare from tents. Battling the elements was ongoing, as our teams and patients not only endured aftershocks, they also faced repeated destruction as monsoon season rain, mudslides and storms destroyed the tents where they lived and worked. When the floodwaters receded, our teams would dry up, clean up, repair and re-erect the tent clinic, and immediately resume patient care.

We had to enable our Lombok team to have a proper permanent clinic to support patient care. And we were finally about to do this. Construction was completed in September 2020, and our Lombok clinic is now open and operational.

Our deepest gratitude to Nurse Liman Wijaya, his wife Mimi and two daughters who weathered many hardships, including relocation from Aceh, in order to serve. Midwife and Executive Director Budi Astuti, her husband Bapak Tunjung, Bapak Sandiyasa and Bapak Pastika all worked tirelessly, from finding the ideal land in the area of greatest need, to overseeing the construction of the new clinic every step of the way. We are so grateful for our hardworking staff and for all our donors.

Feb 24, 2021

Angel Hiromi Clinic Farewells Senior Midwife & Builds Isolation Birth Room for Covid Moms

The Angel Hiromi clinic in Papua serves indigenous and historically disenfranchised women of color who are at a greater risk for higher morbidity and mortality in pregnancy and childbirth. 

For the first months of the pandemic, PPE/hazmat suits were not available at all for the Papuan staff. To remain open, the team wore heavy plastic rain suits in the equatorial heat. Thanks to a grant from GlobalGiving, we’ve been able to send stock of PPE to the Hiromi Angel clinic.

In 2020, about 2-6 laboring moms per month were transported from Hiromi Angel to a public hospital for childbirth due to reactive COVID-19 rapid tests. These mothers suffered considerable trauma as a hospital birth was not their choice and they are at risk of not receiving culturally appropriate care in public hospitals. Our new isolation room will end this practice and provide a safe place for these women to give birth with our midwives and experience safe, loving, gentle care.

Due to the significant need in Papua, we will be building an ISOLATION BIRTH ROOM for women who are Covid-19 positive to safely deliver their babies. We will be breaking ground on this project in early 2021. Thanks to all our donors to the Papua project for helping to make this possible.

Four of our midwives in Papua contracted the virus, and sadly our most senior midwife, Farida Salman, died. Executive Director Rachel Monoach and her husband Ronald lost their uncles, Pastor Marcos and Pastor Erwan. Rachel’s mother and Auntie Ruth were still recovering from the virus when two more family members passed. During this time, Rachel and Ronald went above the call of duty and adopted a newborn baby abandoned at our clinic by a 13-year-old girl. They named their baby girl Rejoice Hiromi.

Despite their losses, our team in Papua has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to serve patients and keep the clinic open 24/7. They have shown tremendous courage, perseverance and grace. To ensure patients there continue to receive the best care possible from Bumi Sehat, staff have created socially distant and safe environments for childbirth classes, prenatal yoga and acupuncture.

Construction has finished on new staff housing quarters and medical supply storage which are now complete.

Dec 4, 2020

Thanks to You, We Beat Our Goal!

You did it! You helped us beat our funding goal, and get enough to not only buy a new microscope, reagents for STD tests, a good stock of COVID-19 rapid tests, but vital protection gear for our staff so they minimize their risks of being exposed to COVID-19. This could not have happened without your generous donations and your support. We are so grateful for your help in these challenging times. 

We used the extra funding -- and $5000 that we received from GlobalGiving as a separate grant -- to ensure that our clinics have ample stock of COVID-19 rapid tests and PPE to protect our patients and our staff until well into 2021.

Your generosity will have a lot of consequences. Women won't have to pay for a COVID-19 rapid test when they come to give birth at our center. Patients can be quickly assessed and admitted for birth. They won't have to wait for hours in a hospital for test results or be transferred between hospitals because rapid tests are not available or the patient can't afford to pay one. They won't have to risk the adverse consequences of delaying medical attention for hours, especially if they are high risk patients or have a history of birth complications. Patients with medical conditions such as STDs will get prompt diagnosis and treatment. Our midwives and nurses feel protected both physically with PPE and also by knowing that all the patients they treat have been fully tested for a range of conditions.

Having a baby is a powerful and life-changing experience for a woman. We love it when we hear stories like Charlotte's who had her first baby at Bumi Sehat in 2018. When it was time for her second baby to be born last month, Charlotte returned to Bumi Sehat to give birth. Even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, she said there was nowhere else she would consider having a baby. She trusted that the staff would protect her, her new baby and themselves and make sure she had a safe birth. Charlotte had a healthy baby girl and was able to go home after a few days. 

Thank you for supporting us in these challenging times while we continue to serve the Bali community.

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