Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center

We work with abused American women and children in foreign countries to provide domestic violence, child abuse advocacy and sexual assault advocacy, resources and tools so that they can navigate the complicated jurisdictional, legal & social international landscapes, to be able to live free of abuse either in the foreign country or back in the United States via an international toll free crisis line, 866-USWOMEN, accessible from 175 countries, serving a population estimated at 7 million American civilians living overseas, 1.1 million military personnel and their dependents and the 68 million Americans that travel overseas every year.
Jun 26, 2015

Dakota Is Thankful For Your Help

Dakota went overseas for a one-year high school study abroad program in France in September 2014. The night before she was flying home to the USA one of the sons of her host family came into her room and raped her. He held a knife to her throat, gagged her and tied her to the bed. Her bedroom was in the basement and the parents room was on the second floor on the other side of the house. She was in shock. This was someone who she trusted. He had befriended here immediately when she arrived in France.

He used a condom, saying no one would believe her that it was not consensual. When he left the room she couldn't even think straight. The next morning he pretended like nothing happened. Like he was still her best buddy. Dakota felt like she was in a nightmare. Her host parents kept asking her if she was okay on the way to the airport. She told them she was just sad because she was leaving.

Dakota called us when she got home. She does not want anyone to know. She is getting counseling thanks to donations like yours. It will take time, but with support, she is going to be okay. She did ask the study abroad program to not send anymore girls to that family, saying it was probably better to send boys because they would have more in common. She doesn't want it to happen to someone else.

Jun 26, 2015

Whitney Got Home In Time To Have Her Baby!

When Whitney contacted us earlier this month she was terrified. She was 6 months pregnant with a baby boy. Her fiance in Spain became emotionally abusive when she was a few months pregnant. He became moodier and moodier, then one night in a rage he pushed her down to the floor. Whitney was so afraid he had hurt the baby and she wasn't going to risk it happening again. And she did not want her baby to grow up with an abusive father. But her window of opportunity to get on a plane was closing.

We worked quickly to get Whitney a new American passport since her boyfriend had taken hers.Then got her on a plane and back to the USA to her parents' home.

Whitney is doing well and so happy that she will not be trapped in Spain under the control of her abusive fiance.

Here is part of an email from Whitney:

"The baby is kicking a lot. I think he is jumping for joy that we are home and safe!"

Thank you for helping us help Whitney! The AODVC Team

Jun 15, 2015

Nicki and Tabitha Love Their New Home!

Because of generous donations like yours, Nicki and Tabitha were able to move into their home in May. We helped them flee from Turkey back home to the USA in April. Nicki was teaching English in Turkey after her divorce. She met a Turkish man who was wonderful to her and her daughter Tabitha, at first.

After six months they all moved in together. Not too long after that, Nicki began to notice that Tabitha, who was usually very chatty, became quiet and withdrawn. When Nicki asked Tabitha if she was okay Tabitha said. "I don't want to play rocket ship in the bathtub."

Nicki gently asked Tabitha what she meant. When she realized what Tabitha was saying she was horrified. He partner was taking baths with Tabitha when she was at work. His erection was the rocket ship.

We were able to get Nicki and Tabitha back to the USA within days. They are now living safely in their own home.

Thank you for helping! The AODVC team.

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