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Jan 28, 2019

New Trees for a New Year

HeroTREEs: 2 year old Acrocarpus Flaxinifolia
HeroTREEs: 2 year old Acrocarpus Flaxinifolia

From October to December 2018, our HeroTREEs colleagues and farmers worked hard to ensure a successful close to the year planting a whopping 3,718 new trees. These new trees will directly contribute to reduced greenhouse gases, increased water quality, and an increase in the carbon content of the soil.

In addition to new trees being planted, Choma Street nursery prepared and nurtured 2,200 new seedlings ready to be planted in 2019. Of those seedlings, there were: 

900 Acrocarpous
800 Pinus
300 Simbaulanga
100 Ficus
100 Misumba

A significant amount of training was also undertaken in the last quarter of 2018 with 90 farmers from Ruvuma, Mgambazi, Tulo, Choma and Kisosa in attendance. The training covered a number of topics including the collection and storage of seeds, their plantation in polythene bags, nursery establishment and the care of new seedlings.

A new year brings new goals for both APOPO and Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania, and with your help we'll be working to find more indigenous species in both seed and seedling form to establish a brand new nursery. We'll also be working hard to transplant the seedlings which have reached maturity and are ready for planting. 

Both APOPO and Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania thank you for your continued support of this important project and we hope you'll continue to support us into 2019.

HeroFARMER: Abdallah managing his nursery
HeroFARMER: Abdallah managing his nursery
Nov 26, 2018

You can clear landmines this #GivingTuesday

Bundoeth fears for his pupils
Bundoeth fears for his pupils' lives.

It’s almost Giving Tuesday - this year it falls on November 27th (tomorrow). One day of the year dedicated to celebrating generosity and giving back. This year, we ask that you use Giving Tuesday to support APOPO in our big push to clear Cambodia of as many landmines as possible.


"My name is Bundoeth and I have been the headmaster of our local primary school for four years. There are 128 children at this school. The school is situated in the middle of what used to be live minefields, on the edge of the main road from Siem Reap."


We meet many Cambodians like Bundoeth; people who must consider the threat of stepping on a landmine just to do their job and complete daily tasks that we take for granted.


"Many of my pupils have parents, siblings, or grandparents who have been maimed or killed due to leftover landmines from the war"


Whether it is going to school, popping out to the supermarket, farming to feed your family or running a small business too many people are putting themselves in harm's way just to survive

Leftover landmines and explosives threaten more than a third of the world’s countries, including Cambodia, which has the highest number of amputees per capita in the world. These weapons remain active long after hostilities have ended, causing terror, killing indiscriminately and hampering the development of vulnerable communities.

Tomorrow, between 00:00:00 ET and 23:59:59 ET you can help us Clear Cambodia.

  • Global Giving are offering to match all new, recurring donations up to $200 per person started on #GivingTuesday and throughout the fundraising season. That's your donation, DOUBLED.
  • There's also a $150,000 incentive fund depending on donations raised, and bonus prizes which mean further funds towards our goal.

Remember, just $10 can clear 30 square meters of land for local people removing the threat of loss of life or severe injury.

With your generous help, we can Clear Cambodia.

School children celebrate with APOPO
School children celebrate with APOPO's deminers.
APOPO's deminers and HeroRATs in Cambodia.
#GivingTuesday is TOMORROW, be ready!
#GivingTuesday is TOMORROW, be ready!
Nov 12, 2018

Q3: The Goldman Sachs HeroRAT

Another Day, Another Mine for the GS Rat
Another Day, Another Mine for the GS Rat

It's time for your HeroRAT update!

The Goldman Sachs Gives rat continues to do well in the field with some great numbers for the third quarter of the year 2018. 

In the months of July to September your HeroRAT cleared a whopping 6858 square meters of land in 40 days. Working a total of 8725 minutes across the quarter. The GS rat successfully detected 5 anti-personnel mines and 4 items of unexploded ordonnance - incredible!

With an incredible nose, the GS Rat was able to clear land which has now been handed back to local communities, empowering them to live, work and plan without fear. Many of the local communities we help depend upon their land to provide for their families - with your help they're now able to grow crops and guard their livestock without the horror of losing life or limb.

How does the GS Rat do it?

Conventional mine-clearance approaches use machines and deminers with metal detectors. When the APOPO HeroRats are added they can significantly speed up operations, making considerable cost savings and getting people back on their land as quickly as possible.

HeroRATs like your GS HeroRAT only detect the scent of explosives and ignore scrap metal. A single HeroRAT can search an area the size of a tennis court in 30 minutes - this would take a manual deminer with a metal detector up to four days depending on the level of scrap metal present.

When the GS Rat indicates the presence of explosive, a deminer with a metal detector arrives to carefully excavate the marked position and confirm if a landmine is present - it is then safely detonated on the spot under controlled conditions.

The GS Rat commuting to work
The GS Rat commuting to work
The danger is real for many local people
The danger is real for many local people
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