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Pitch In For Baseball helps underserved children grow emotionally, socially and physically through the games of baseball and softball. We leverage relationships with key stakeholders in the industry, like Major League Baseball and Little League International to expand the impact of our organization's efforts.
May 20, 2013

Equipment Arrives In Uganda

The container full of equipment made it through customs and arrived to the fields in Uganda.  This is an exciting moment for both Pitch In For Baseball and the Uganda Little League.  Children all throughout Uganda will be given the opportunity to play baseball thanks to all the donations we received.  Even though the container packed with over 6,000 pieces of equipment arrived, our help is ongoing to the kids in Uganda.  The Uganda Little League hopes to continue their success in Little League World Series qualifiers and make it back to the World Series in Williamsport again this year.  We plan to support the Uganda Little League with equipment and continue to grow the sport of baseball in the country for many years to come.

Mar 20, 2013

Sandy impacted leagues make a comeback

Pitch In For Baseball's work in the New Jersey and New York area goes on.  With each donation we make we see the faces of the kids, parents, coaches and league administrators.  The relief and joy on their faces when the equipment arrives is truly priceless. 

Media in the New York Metro area has taken a great interest in the work we are doing.  This is a link to a story below that ran in the New York Times detailing the impact of our Staten Island donation.  News coverage has found also its way to NY1, Channel 12 NJ and Channel 12NY as well as CBS New York (see video link below).

For the kids and communities it comes down to a simple fact.  Playing baseball matters to kids.  In the case of recovering from a natural disaster, kids are asked to make a lot of sacrifices.  Families use limited financial resources to repair their homes, replace damaged vehicles and other unanticipated needs.  Asking a kid to give up their baseball season is something we don't allow to happen.  If it is within our power to get them the equipment and uniform related help they need, we will do it.

In total we are now up to 23 leagues impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Between 9,000-10,000 kids who otherwise wouldn't be playing ball will do so.  We are proud of the work we do, but recognize that it couldn't happen without the financial assistance and equipment donations are network of supporters provide.

This work is our greatest accomplishment to date.  As part of our team, we wanted you to know that we are continuing to make a difference.


Feb 15, 2013

A great day on Long Island

A new glove finds a new home
A new glove finds a new home

February 13th was a truly great day for Pitch In For Baseball and an important day for the kids and volunteers at Island Park, Oceanside American and Oceanside Fast Pitch Little Leagues.

With operations manager, Tom Schoenfelder at the wheel, we delivered a truck load of gear that will give these leagues a chance to provide baseball and softball in these communities this spring. 

We are we aware of the healing power of sports.  You can see it already in the faces of the league administrators, parents and most importantly the kids.  These pictures tell the real story.

Over the next 2 weeks, we will make similar deliveries to Bayonne, Bayshore, North Merrick, Rockaway and East Rockaway.

We are truly privileged to do this work!

Restocking the shelves
Restocking the shelves
The cutest child ever to play softball
The cutest child ever to play softball
Happy together
Happy together