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Oct 8, 2014

Renewal of Free Arts Training Project for 2015

Free Arts Training Students in Yike Performance
Free Arts Training Students in Yike Performance

Dear Donors and Friends of Kampot Traditional Music School for Orphaned and Disabled Children - Khmer Cultural Development Institute - KCDI,


Over a year has passed since you all began supporting our project, "Free arts training for over 400 children, Kampot Cambodia" at our school. Thanks to your generosity and continuity, our project has been running ever since, reaching out to the hundreds of very poor children in Kampot Province and providing them with a free training in traditional Cambodian arts.

Your help has been fundamental in ensuring the success of this project, we would not have been able to continue without your support. Did you know that this project is important for the following reasons and has achieved these same goals?

- Poor children can at last have access to free traditional performing arts education of the highest calibre, thus sharing in their cultural heritage and learning about their identity.

- Talented children can pursue the arts from primary school to high school level and take exams at KCDI to prepare them for entrance into the Royal University of Fine Arts and a career as a professional musician or dancer.

- Tuition of the arts helps towards the goal of preserving traditional Cambodian culture for the next generation of young Cambodians and ensures the survivial of this World Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO).

- Our school is part of a far-reaching program by the Ministries of Culture and Education to promote traditional Cambodian culture and to ensure that every primary school child has access to this learning. Unfortunately the Ministries in question do not have the resources to reach out to all of Cambodia nor do they have enough teachers, that is why this project in Kampot Province is held to be so important and unique and why our school, the Kampot Traditional Music School is held up as a role model for the rest of Cambodia.


Where do our Students Come from?

Students currently atttending these courses of Pin Peat, Mahori music, Classical Cambodian ballet, Folk dance and Yike Theatre are from three main state schools, "Samdech Ta", "Dipok" and "Kampot Krong". This is a quote from the head teacher of Dipok state school,

"Sometimes our students come to school without shoes on, or shoes which are falling apart. They come to school without books or stationary. They come from outlying rural areas in Kampot which are very poor. If the Kampot Traditional Music School didn't provide free tuition, these students would never be able to attend the arts lessons there."

From the photograph included in this report, you can see our Yike students giving their first major performance. These young students have in the space of one year, gone from being absolute beginners, to giving important theatre performances.



It is vital for the well-being of our students currently attending these arts training courses and for future primary school students to come, that we continue this extraordinary successful project. We have organized the coming academic year's curriculum, our current arts teachers from the Royal University of Fine Arts and the Ministry of Culture and National Theatre remain with us and are enthusiastic in continuing this program.

We will be expanding our program to include the tuition of Small Shadow Puppet Theatre (Sabaik Lakoun Toch) and Miniature Instrument Making:-

Sabaik Lakoun is an ancient art form dating back over 1000 years. It is a much loved and revered art, but yet in Kampot Province there is no puppet troupe. Learning the skill of shadow puppetry and how to make puppets will enable our school to learn a new and important art, reach out to more students, provide a therapeutic and holistic art form, as both our residential students and outreach students work on new educative story lines, practice funny voices and learn new ways of self-expression. Above all the citizens of Kampot can come and enjoy wonderful puppet performances and help contribute through small entrance fees, towards the upkeep and running costs of our school.

Miniature Instrument Making is a way of learning a new handcraft skill, directly connected to the mission and central theme of our school....Traditional Cambodian Musical Instruments! We can't afford to make large real instruments like gongs, because they require a metal foundry to melt bronze. But we can promote miniature instruments using local materials and help students and teachers learn new skills and through the sale of these tiny instruments, for our school to raise money to help us be more self-sufficient.

Please help us make sure our Free Arts Training continues for this coming academic year 2015 and help us with the start-up costs of these two worthwhile curriculums in our arts-training program; by joining our:-

GlobalGiving Fundraising day on the 15th October, where your donation will receive 30% matching funds from GlobalGiving. The Fundraising day starts at 09:00am Washington time and ends 11.59pm (23.59) Washington time.

Please check the World Clock Website for the right time to donate from your part of the world!

Thank you for all your very precious support and please keep on helping our important work.


Sep 3, 2014

The long road to success

Dance performance by Chanrika
Dance performance by Chanrika

Thank you

Before I begin our latest report, on behalf of everyone at the Kampot Traditional Music School for Orphaned and Disabled Children-KCDI: Thank you all so much for your wonderful response to our Global Giving Bonus Day.

We raised enough funds to feed, clothe, house our children and pay our Cambodian staff to teach and care for them, for more than 2 months. This is really wonderful.


The long road to Success

Background: It is not easy for a child to grow up without parents or family even in a loving enviroment as our school. Our staff are like family for our children, helping them to feel loved and wanted in this society. The tuition of performing arts helps our children to feel a sense of purpose and dignity, helps them to heal. Our scholastic program from primary until university level helps them acquire vital education necessary to make informed choices as they grow older.  Our staff are always available for children to talk about their needs and feelings.

Yet as for every child in the world who grows into an adolscent, there are many diversions and distractions and it is sometimes hard to remain focused and to perservere, sticking with one's goals and aspirations.

Today: I would like to shine a light on Chanika* who since she was a small girl first entering into our school after her parents died, has quietly studied hard both at classical Cambdodian ballet and also in her academic studies. A beautiful person with a sense of humour and calm determination, a kind person, helping take care of her younger roomates, we are all so delighted at the success she has brought for herself through her courage and hard work.

Recently she completed her final Baccalaureate exam and if all goes well, she has a choice either to go to University in Kampot and study there, or as principal ballerina at our school and with enormous talent, she has also been offered the possibility to go to the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh and gain a degree as a professional artist.

Please help us to help her go to University either in Kampot or Phnom Penh and follow her dreams by donating $2800 to our school to cover University costs, lodging, food, clothing and study materials for the coming year.

Chanrika featured on the front cover of our CD. You can see her photo here.

Thank you


*In order to protect her privacy we have not used her real name. She gave permission for this report to be published and her photo used.

Chanrika rehearsing
Chanrika rehearsing


Jul 15, 2014

Participate in Bonus Day and really help our school

A dancers hands create the Suprech (prayer)
A dancers hands create the Suprech (prayer)


For all our Dear Supporters,

As you know our project has been a real success, so much so that we are carrying it onto next year, this thanks to each one of you who have donated and especially thanks to those who have made reoccuring monthly donations.

Our 400 Outreach free arts training students recently began their first series of concerts. Their enthusiasm is really heartwarming. We are really suprised at their attendance rate and their determination to continue. Our teachers are very happy about their progress, especially in the sectors of traditional music and Yike theatre.

On behalf of our school - the Kampot Traditional Music School for Orphaned and Disabled Children-Khmer Cultural Development Institute, I would like to invite you all to participate on our GlobalGiving Bonus Day.

This is how it works:- The Global Giving Bonus Day begins July 16th at 9am Washington time and ends 11.59 Washington time USA. Please see here below what time it is in your country to know when to donate! Please remember that the earlier you donate, the better chance there is of our receiving matching funds! Remember to donate on the right date and at the right time, otherwise we won't receive a matching donation.

For every donation you make, our school will receive 40% of matching funds from GlobalGiving. PLUS if we manage to have the most individual donors we will receive a donation from Global Giving of $1000 ($500 second prize). Also if we manage to raise the most funds, we also receive a donation from Global Giving of $1000.

For this Bonus Day Payments can be made by creditcard or Paypal Only

Here are some of the times in your countries for the 16th July Bonus Day:-

Washington   09:00

London         14:00

Rome           13:00

Jakarta          20:00

Berlin            15:00

Phnom Penh  20:00


Every amount is welcome, even the smallest sum goes towards our goal of helping our school and local community and Cambodia as a whole. Please do participate, because if we all work together, we may be able to raise enough funds to support our school for the whole of the next year!


Children on our residential program
Children on our residential program
Our garden
Our garden


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