Jan 24, 2020

"Working Toward Farming in Spring" - Letter from the Mayor of Obuse-machi

Letter from mayor
Letter from mayor

As part of emergency assistance activities for Typhoon No.19 (Hagibis), Civic Force has been leasing five pressure washers free of charge to the disaster volunteer center at the Obuse-machi Social Welfare Council in Nagano since October 19, 2019. Obuse-machi is known for their famous chestnuts and many tourists visit the town this time of year to enjoy this snack. However, the number of tourists have decreased drastically this season due to the disasters. In the midst of this recovery period, Civic Force received a letter from the Mayor of Obuse-machi. A section of the letter is extracted below:

"Typhoon No.19 on October 12-13 that hit Japan brought immense damage to our town. The flooding damage was wide-spread across 130 buildings, the Chikuma River bank, 130 hectares of farmland, and public facilities including a drainage station.

I would like to send my sincere gratitude for the tremendous in-kind support and well-wishes from people in and outside of Obuse-machi including Civic Force. While nine households are still living in temporary housing, families whose homes were flooded are now working toward reconstruction in spring. Thanks to the volunteers, the debris has been mostly removed. Thank you very much.

However, rehabilitation of the damaged farmland has just begun. While many well-wishers have been helping us to remove mud, I would like to ask for your continuing support as we aim to recover by the farming season in spring."

-Mayor of Obuse-machi, Ryozo Ichimura

Oct 25, 2019

Immediate Response to Provision of Relief Items

It has been two weeks since Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in Japan, leaving 83 confirmed dead and 11 missing in its wake. The 19th typhoon to hit Japan this year, the people of Japan were still recovering from Typhoon Faxai from September. Prior to landfall, Civic Force and our partners remained on high alert and responded quickly by sending our search-and-rescue team.

From October 13-16, Civic Force participated in a patient transfer operation for 228 patients. The operation assisted the Sanikukai Clinic in Nagano that experienced continuing power and water outages. The patients were transferred to eight nearby hospitals.

Civic Force also conducted needs assessments at three evacuation centers around Nagano. Toyono-Nishi Elementary School, Showa-No-Mori Fitness Center, and the Hokubu Recreation Center were converted to receive evacuees. Civic Force distributed such relief items as clothing, hygiene products, cups, medical masks, etc.

Civic Force has expanded the target area for needs assessments by going to affected areas in Fukushima Prefecture. Soma has been experiencing a water outage so our team delivered portable water containers.

Additional items Civic Force has distributed include:

  • 5,600 winter clothing items to evacuation centers in Nagano and Obuse
  • 1,200 pairs of socks to Chikuma city hall, Nagano
  • 5,712 pairs of underwear to evacuation centers Nagano and Fukushima Prefectures
  • 5 pressure washers to Obuse, Nagano

Civic Force is continuing to support the victims of Typhoon Hagibis by distributing much needed relief items. The evacuees temporarily staying at evacuation centers and victims able to stay at their homes have changing needs to we are trying to meet. We thank you for your support and please spread the word on the situation in Japan.

Sep 4, 2019

West Japan Floods - Final Report

Reconstruction Cram School
Reconstruction Cram School

NPO Partner Projects was launched in August 2018 to support the reconstruction efforts of the areas affected by the West Japan floods. Projects has so far supported seven partner organizations in three prefectures.

The NGO Collaboration Center - “Reconstruction Cram School” for Aid Workers and Local People

The NGO Collaboration Center operated bus services for volunteers in Saka Town, Hiroshima Prefecture immediately after the onset of the disaster. The Center also organized volunteers to provide footbaths for the affected people once a month. Utilizing the experience and network of the past disaster support projects, the Center organized the “Reconstruction Cram School” for aid workers and local people to provide them with an opportunity to study cases of disasters and reconstruction efforts in other areas. Although the collaborative projects with Civic Force was completed at the end of April, the NGO Collaboration Center is steadily continuing its assistance efforts.

Hichiku Volunteer Center (Currently called Riera) - Study Tour to Disaster-Affected Areas for Aid Groups

Hichiku Volunteer Center, based in Ehime Prefecture, organized a study tour titled “Learning from the Affected Areas” in May. Around 30 people from local groups in Uwajma City participated in the tour. The group visited Asakura City and Toho Village in Fukuoka Prefecture and Hita City, Ohita Prefecture, which were affected by the Northern Kyushu torrential rain in 2017. The participants met and discussed with local residents who were involved in the reconstruction efforts for temporary housing and local businesses. One participant said, “We learned about the disaster recovery efforts in Kyushu which began one year before ours. They show me what we should do next for our own community.”

Soul Visiting Nurse Station - Providing Opportunities to Meet with Doctors

Soul Visiting Nurse Station, based in Mabi Town, Okayama Prefecture, operates more than 120 home visits a month. At the same time, they host a community café several times a month to provide a place for local people to socialize and promote visiting nurse practices. Soul is also involved in disaster prevention study. The staff members visited Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture in June 2019, which was damaged by torrential rain in 2015, and met with local residents and medical professionals involved in the disaster reconstruction efforts.

Arts and Sports for Everyone (ASE) - Boccia Gathering in the Affected Areas of Okayama and Hiroshima Prefectures

Building upon the experience of the Kumamoto Earthquake, Arts and Sports for Everyone (ASE) aims to prevent isolation of temporary housing residents. ASE held a boccia* gathering at a reconstruction event for Mabi Town in May. ASE organized another boccia gathering at the temporary housing area in Saka Town in July and facilitated socialization between the local residents.

Hichiku Volunteer Center's Study Tour
Hichiku Volunteer Center's Study Tour
Soul Visiting Nurse Station
Soul Visiting Nurse Station
Arts & Sports for Everyone
Arts & Sports for Everyone


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