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Jun 5, 2013

Monthly Report vol.22

Osechi arrived to evacuees at temporary housing 

We respectfully offer our New Year’s greeting.

Although sustainable and substantial community reconstruction has only just begun, some disaster victims seemed to spend the New Year holidays more peacefully than last year. On December 31, 2012, disaster victims living in temporary housing compounds received osechi in a set of three stacking containers, provided by AEON Co., ltd. The box was filled with Japanese and Western foods, supervised by Zenya, a famous Japanese restaurant in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. They hoped victims could spend the New Year holidays happily and positively. A total 600 boxes were delivered by non- profit-organizations assisting local communities, including Alice Box, Peace Nature Lab, and Tree Seed to 17 temporary compounds, houses with seniors and children’s nursing homes.

Providing fancy food boxes delighted the people. One of them said “It has been too busy and upset to prepare osechi. Thank you so much”. Some people made a phone call to convey their gratitude on January 1.

Wish everyone good luck for this year.


What we do in hard times

Civic Force launched the “Mid- and long- term reconstruction support activities,” which focuses on support for reconstruction of disaster areas in a mid- and long-term viewpoint. Additionally, we also launched a new organization “Asia Pacific Alliance” with five Asian countries, where experience natural disasters frequently.

Meanwhile, the aftershock with a seismic intensity of a lower 5 struck the Tohoku region on December 7, 2012. The earthquake reminded us of the importance of disaster prevention and reduction.

A natural disaster strikes when people lose their memory of the previous one.

In 2013, we will make an effort to strengthen our alliance with corporations, governments and NPOs to prepare for next big scale disaster in addition to our current support activities toward Tohoku.

We cannot see the real recovery of the Japanese economy, which had stagnated for a long time. As the time has passed, not only disaster victims but also supporters are put in a tough situation. We resolve to focus on better results and more efficiency to surely support those who need help.

If you need further information, please find attahced file.

Jun 5, 2013

Monthly Report vol.23

Resuming Support to Fukushima Evacuees

One year and eleven months have passed since the Tohoku earthquake. The population in the affected areas saw a rapid declined in the wake of the disaster, and while people are gradually returning, the population of Fukushima Prefecture has continued to decrease. According to the Reconstruction Agency, the number of people who have fled the prefecture due to the incident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant has risen to 57,377 (as of January 2013).

In Yamagata Prefecture, which has accepted the most evacuees, some have been forced to lead a tough dual life between both prefectures, with only the husband remaining in Fukushima and the wife and children fleeing to Yamagata, for instance. This serious situation is expected to stretch into the future, and requires flexible support not only from national and local governments but from the private sector.

Given these circumstances, Civic Force has resumed its support of Seikatsu Club Yamagata, a project to accept people from Fukushima taking refuge in Yamagata run as an ‘NPO cooperative partner project’.


If you need further information, please find attached file.

Jun 5, 2013

Monthly Report vol.24

Two years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

As we continue our support activities in wide-ranging areas, we asked our supporters to send their messages, so that we can convey the thoughts and feelings of the people in the affected areas and in all other areas, in both directions.

Here are some of the many messages we have received:

Male in his 50’s, living in Tokyo:

Some time has passed since I had the opportunity to do some volunteer work in Kesennuma Oshima, but I feel that reconstruction is steadily moving forward, based on the information from volunteers in the area. I imagine that you are still having inconveniences, but I am always thinking of Kesennuma Oshima. I am trying to be of some help through advertising goods and events related to Oshima on Facebook.

Male in his 30’s, living in Miyagi:

I have hardly rested since the disaster. I have been frantically tackling whatever problem was in the way, and the going has been tough at times. But just when I am about to give up, I am always helped by the casual words of encouragement from the people who have come from other areas.

Female in her 30’s, living in Osaka:

Two years have passed since I saw those scenes through the TV screen on March 11. Ever since then, I have been searching every day for what I can do. I’ll never forget “3-11.” I can only do the little things, since I am so powerless. But I’ll continue to do whatever I can. I’m sure you are still living in hard and inconvenient conditions that we cannot even imagine, but I will always pray for your good fortunes and early recovery of Tohoku.

Two years since the Great East Japan Earthquake

Two years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011.

In the disaster areas which suffered unprecedented damages, some regions are making steady progress towards recovery, as buildings such as public facilities and corporate buildings and infrastructures such as roads are being reconstructed. On the other hand, most individual victims are still living with dark shadows in their hearts, which are cast by the sorrow of losing their loved ones, homes and property or by the pain of having to live far away from their hometowns.

During these two years, we at Civic Force have provided on-site support in the disaster areas and heard the voices of many people: people who are working to create new industries in order to bring people back to their home lands, where industries have declined and depopulation is progressing; people who devote themselves to developing and promoting renewable energy; people who have committed themselves to living together with the evacuees from Fukushima who arrived immediately after the disaster; and people who regularly visit temporary housing to cheer up the elderly people by selling daily goods and holding tea parties. Witnessing the painstaking effort of these people, Civic Force has shared their spirits and supported their activities. Their words and sense of mission for reconstruction have sometimes significantly changed the views or even the life of our staff members.

Civic Force’s support activities for the Tohoku region are sustained by approximately 50,000 individuals and almost 600 corporations and organizations. A person who has been remitting 500 yen every day since the disaster; people who have supported us by utilizing their specialties such as music, art and IT skills; celebrities who have asked their fans and colleagues to make donations; people who have sent us messages because they wanted to at least convey their feelings, as they are unable to travel to the affected areas… We have been encouraged and supported by all these people and their messages, which also included critical comments at times.

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