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Sep 15, 2016

Sumando Manos: 2nd and 3rd Quarter Newsletter. THANK YOU

Pediatric visit to rural school in Misiones
Pediatric visit to rural school in Misiones

Dear friends,

With your continued support we can consitently provide help for underprivileged children and their communities in rural areas in Argentina throughtout  projects in health, nutrition and education 

In order to optimize resources, we continue to integrate other groups and organizations that support the same communities and thus provide a long term solution to gradually improve the quality of life of children.

 The director of one of the schools had written us concerning the donation of blankets that were needed urgently

"................. perhaps in the photos you cannot see their eyes, you’ve got no idea what I was watching those faces, those eyes, I wish I could translate it into words. A mom approached me and literally told me: I don't know how to thank for the warm night my children and I had. We went to bed and slept warm after so long that we did not wanted to get up. It’s been a long time since we slept throughout the night because of the cold. Thanks for all the warm nights that Sumando Manos has given to our people"

This message is for each of you. We are only the liaison between your generosity and children in need.

 We continue to accompany the schools that are part of our program "Breakfast for a Child" in Chaco and Misiones with nonperishable breakfast and lunch food. For most children, this is the only meal they have during the day. There are more than 600 children on this program that could not be possible without your help.

We want to emphasize the heroic work of rural teachers, who travel great distances to schools that usually don't have drinking water, electricity, medical assistance, reliable transport, or even decent housing. In some areas, they face vinchucas infestation and other insect, vectors of dangerous diseases. The enthusiasm and dedication of these teachers are admirable and, an example to follow. The future of our children in rural communities depends on them.

 Through our joint project with the foundation Sumando Solidaridad, we have sent shoes for 96 children from the School 909 in Colonia Invernada, San Ignacio, Misiones province.

 During the first part of 2016, Santa Clara Civil Association traveled to Salta, Jujuy, Misiones and Santiago del Estero to provide pediatric and dental care in rural schools. A group of volunteer professionals traveled from Buenos Aires to El Soberbio (Misiones) to deliver food, clothing , school supplies and provide medical

and dental care to children in several schools and villages in the area. In each school dental records for each person were completed.

The first school visited was El Boton. Dentists provided care for about 70 people, including children, adolescents and adults. Volunteers shared lunch with the children at school, and locals and then continued with the primary care of the nurse . Here they left fuel for school stove.

They also visited the School in Colonia Pepiri. Dental care and primary health care were given to the students of this community. The next day they visited the School of Paraje Lapacho where they treated about 90 people , including children, adolescents and adults.

Then, accompanied by the school teacher in Aldea Jejy, dental care , primary care and first aid were offered to 60 people from the Aboriginal community. Later, they visited the village of Pindo Poty; where they were carried out the same activities with about 70 people.

Professionals and volunteers are facing the challenges of long trips on lonely roads and inclement weather with absolute dedication and commitment to this cause .

The journey from Bs. As. to the provinces of Salta and Jujuy, began with a visit to the Boarding School No. 4130 "Batalla de Salta" in Paraje Santa Ana, municipality of El Potrero, Department of Rosario de la Frontera,

Salta. For two days, dentists and pediatricians saw about 50 people, including children, adolescents and adults with the participation of pediatricians from the city and the nurse who accompanied them on the trip.

Volunteers spent the night at school with the children and teachers who live there on weekdays.

Then they continued their journey to La Quiaca, in Jujuy and traveled all day to arrive at night. Early in the morning they went to School No. 42 "Fray Mamerto Esquiú" in Sansana. In addition to medical and dental care, they left clothing, food and other critical supplies for school. There they saw 20 children and some adults in the area. The dentist gave a talk to teach about the care and cleaning of the teeth.

The next day they traveled to the School No. 416 “Soberania Nacional" in Cerro Colorado; 25 children and 6 adults were treated and food and clothing were also delivered.

Then to complete the journey, School No. 364 "Jorge Uro" was visited in Tafna, where they were received by the teacher. The group delivered food, clothing and other donations and cared for 20 children. Immediately

after they went to School No. 271 in "La Cienaga", where the teacher was waiting for them and gave food, clothing and 12 children received medical care.

The trip to the province of Santiago del Estero, included visits to schools No. 845 “Juan D. Roldan” in PARAJE TACO ATUN and School No. 297 José Zapiola in PARAJE TALA ATUN, where about 170 children received medical and dental care , and they also received donations of clothes, shoes, toys and nonperishable food to schools.


We continue our joint efforts with the Asociacion Civil Pequeños Pasos y Centro Conin from Loma Hermosa (Gral. San Martin, province of Buenos Aires). This association provides support and health services. It is a space where mothers, children, and adolescents can develop social skills. Those skills allow them to grow and also

helps prevent adverse situations and promote a healthy attitude. The beneficiaries are children from birth to preschool age, pregnant women and children 6-15 years old amidst social risk. The Conin Center for the prevention of child malnutrition offers permanent assistance of pediatricians, nutritionists, care and early stimulation, social workers and psychologists, among others. Each of the 112 children participating in the

program receives a weekly food basket. The center also offers workshops and training workshops for mothers.

 Our commitment towards the activities of the Organization SAI continues steadily. In LOS OLEROS, Posadas, Province of Misiones, we continue with the bi-monthly medical service. It involves about 30 children per visit.

The community turnout was extensive, and everybody presented typical seasonal problems. As always, attention has been meticulous and in each case teh doctors took the opportunity to teach prophylaxis, prevention, etc.

Moms felt very contained and grateful for the service received. This is very poor workers’ community that struggles every day to alleviate its deficiencies.

Despite having a very good medical facility in the neighborhood's center(C.A.P.S.), the shortages of medicines and necessary medical care for residents is constant. Adults in the population also attend the Health center in search of solutions to their problems since they don't have another medical institution nearby.

In VARELA FLORENCIO we continued with the pediatric and dermatology's services, the doctors saw an average of 15 children per visit. The most common conditions are parasites, respiratory infections, eczema, scabies, and boils. Each patient is treated and given the necessary medicines. The Odont-pediatric visit attended 8 children with a high rate of caries. In dermatology 7 children and 16 adults were treated for skin conditions and warts.

In Gonzalez Catan, Buenos Aires' Province, the pediatric visits were conducted as usual. The doctors attended around 40 children per week and several mothers. The most common problems were respiratory and skin diseases. During the day the kids were offered breakfast, lunch and recreational activities.

In the center “Morada de Paz” in Grand Bourg, province of Buenos Aires the volunteers held a medical visit with specialization in Optometry and Educational Psychology focusing mainly in visual impairments and visual disability, health problems and academics. About 20 kids were seen in this occasion.

In Noccan Kani , Recreo, Province of Santa Fe, volunteers hold activities for the children 3 times a week; about 115 people attend in total, 70 of which are children. As always the activities include sewing, used clothing donation and community activities snack. On Sundays the activities include human values education, games and snack is served. Once a month a bag with food items for each family is given. Approximately 15 children receive academic tutoring and support.

The bi-monthly visits to the Community Home "Mamitas" in Posadas, Misiones where young mothers or pregnant girls from slums live; these girls have been rejected by their families and they have no place to live.

There are approximately 15 girls living there some with their children. At every visit they have given donations of various foods, clothing and footwear for children and adults, toys, diapers, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene, etc. This home does not receive help from any civil institution or government. Girls receive containment, love, medical care and good nutrition. They also learn crafts, cooking, they can continue their studies, etc. They are able to gather some funds for their own needs by selling their crafts, working in the garden, selling empanadas, etc. Despite their own needs they perform the service attending a neighborhood diner for poorer neighbors.

Volunteers also visited the Guarani communities of "Tava Mirí" and "Pindoty-I" in San Ignacio, province of Misiones. Between 70 and 80 children took part and received nonperishable food for their families. Each community consists of 10 to 12 families each however the amount varies. In each community there is a satellite classroom where indigenous children attend and share with children non-indigenous children. The teachers show great responsibility, interest and special importance to feeding children, both those who attend school as well as their siblings.

Apart from the curricular education, special attention to hygiene and health of both children as well as mothers is provided. The basic provision of food, by the government, has been hampered by the interruption of the delivery of the corresponding items. We collaborate by donating: food, school supplies, clothes, shoes, cleaning supplies, etc. Thanks to the donations received they have been able to perform reforms and necessary repairs to keep the space of children in the best way possible. When visits are given in time school break where the classroom does not work, each family is given a bag containing food. On the last visit we could see a very special construction made by the youth of the community, it was a shower built with tacuaras (reeds) having

an inclined part of the roof where there is a spiral made with pipes in plastic bottles . When the sun is reflected in the bottles, heats the water passing through the pipes and thus get hot water for bathing.

The service at the School Sai in Talitas, province of Tucuman, where every Saturday around 40 children come to participate in human values workshops, recreational activities, and a meal. Families receive food donations and footwear according to the needs that arise.

 We continue to work with FANDA in the Campaign “Ponete las Pilas” - in so far as the year we donated 1320 hearing aid batteries that meet the needs of 17 kids for the whole year  and  we remain committed so that more children can use their hearing aids.

We are happy to continue working with Camino a la Casita, an organization that began 15 years ago with volunteer activities for children, adolescents and their mothers. Our collaboration has been essential for the completion and equipping of the pediatric office.

Thanks to the relentless and tireless work done by Teresa in Buenos Aires, we were able to reach many children. Teresa with her aides and donors, absolutely committed to our organization, carry out a valuable task. In her hands are the organization, review, assign, storage, and shipment of the donations to various schools throughtout the country and organizations in our network of support. During the last 5 months more than 400 boxes were sent, containing clothes, shoes, toys, sport articles, school supplies, first aids supplies, kitchen and bath supplies and utensils, as well as appliances, furniture, and other articles to cover basic needs.

Given the precariousness of the health system to which children have access, we would like to thanks to the work of volunteer doctors, it becomes a key tool for the prevention and care which directly impacts the quality of life of children and their families.

Thanks to the Santa Clara Civil Association, Sai Foundation Sumando Solidaridad, El Camino de la Casita, Fanda Association and Association Pequenos Pasos for their commitment, dedication and love for children. In this way, we continue to grow, but even more, that we continue our commitment to provide our unwavering support for children in need.

 Thank you all for giving us the tools to make this a reality throughout  your constant support and trust.

Pediatric Service in Santiago del Estero
Pediatric Service in Santiago del Estero
Dentist services in Jujuy
Dentist services in Jujuy
School receiving donations in Jujuy
School receiving donations in Jujuy
Campaign "Breakfast for a Child"
Campaign "Breakfast for a Child"
School in Chaco
School in Chaco


Jul 27, 2016

Every donation goes to a good cause.

Sumando Manos
Sumando Manos

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your support we are able to continue with the pediatric visits to remote zones in Argentina, helping underprivileged children Health, Nutrition and Education's programs.

In order to optimize the resources, we are leveraging and integrating other groups and organizations supporting the same communities and providing a better long term solution to gradually improve children’s quality of lives. Thanks to Asociación Civil Santa Clara, Fundacion Sai, Sumando Solidaridad, Camino a la Casita, Asociación Fanda y Asociación Pequeños Pasos for their partnership.

In that way, we continue growing, but even more so, we continue to keep our word in our commitment to provide constant aid to our children in need.

Thanks everyone for giving us the tools to make this a reality.

Our program “Breakfast for the Children” continues in Chaco and Misiones. Approximately 600 children benefit from it and receive breakfast and/or lunch. This is a key campaign at many of these schools since this is the only meal the kids receive during the day. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. With 10 dollars we can provide breakfast to a child for an entire month.Children living with food insecurity, lack a stable and reliable means of getting the meals they need.

The food that underprivileged children receive at the school usually is their only daily meal. Communities under the poverty line are extremely vulnerable to hunger, and they can’t provide what children need to grow and learn.

Reduce malnutrition related to lack of food (quantity and quality), lack of hygiene and nutrition education, sickness and risk development is the objective of this campaign that along with other projects run by our organization to provide drinking water and pediatric and dental services has dramatically decreased extreme cases and infant mortality due to malnutrition in the places where we arrived with help.

Pediatric, Ophthalmologic, and Odonatologist Services, as well as complementary meal program is provided to rural schools and feeding centers located in Tucuman, Santa Fe, Misiones, Chaco, Santiago del Estero, Catamarca, Salta, Jujuy, Entre Rios, Corrientes, San Luis and Buenos Aires reaching out around 7000 children.

We continue working to implement   the equipment needed for the extraction and distribution of safe drinking water in rural school, also a revision for previous implementations to ensure they are working accordingly. 

Contaminated water is a severe problem in rural schools because it hinders unhealthy childhood development and it produces extreme malnutrition in children. 

The completions of these projects complement the key role of the teachers and principals in rural schools who take care of the academic aspects as well as a proper nutrition. 

Thanks everyone for your donation through GlobalGiving, and to all the people supporting us with a variety of donations in Argentina throughout the year: hygiene supplies, clothes, shoes, school supplies, toys, sport supplies, kitchen supplies, etc.

For more details about our projects and activities please visit our official website.


We are grateful for being the liaison between your generosity and the children in need.

Hygiene Class
Hygiene Class
Donation 3
Donation 3
breakfast for a child
breakfast for a child
Donation 4
Donation 4


May 2, 2016

Sumando Manos Foundatoin. Campaign: "For a child breakfast"

For a child breakfast 1
For a child breakfast 1

Dear Friends, since 2010, the campaign provides food for rural schools in Chaco and Misiones in a monthly basis.

The food that underprivileged children receive at the school usually is their only daily meal. Communities under the poverty line are extremely vulnerable to hunger, and they can’t provide what children need to grow and learn. 

Children living with food insecurity lack a stable, reliable means of getting the meals they need.

Reduce malnutrition related to lack of food (quantity and quality), lack of higiene and nutrition education, sickness and risk development is the objective of this campaign that along with other projects run by our organization to provide drinking water and pediatric and dental services has dramatically decreased extreme cases and infant mortality due to malnutrition in the places where we arrived with help.

During last quarter 2015 and the first quarter 2016 we have included 2 addition schools located in Pampa del Indio (Chaco).

This campaign actually covers 7 rural schools providing food for around 600 children from Qom and Wichi’s communities.

Schools Information:

  • E.E.G.B.Nº 239 “Pedro Inchauspe”, Paraje Pampa Chica, Pampa del Indio.(150), Principal: Hugo Baricheval
  • Jardín de Infantes #8 “I. P. Bufano” Turno Tarde, Pampa del Indio. (23), Principal: Isabel Giménez
  • Escuela Nº 916, El Gramillar, Pampa del Indio. (17), Principal: Ruben Alfonso
  • Escuela Nº 395, Paraje Pampa Ombu, Pampa del Indio. (17), Principal: Elias Jovanovich
  • Escuela Nº 1015, Paraje Campo Nuevo, Pampa del Indio. (75), Principal: Mario Perez
  • Escuela Nº 939 “Francisco Caceres, Paraje Cuarta Legua, Pampa del Indio. (262), Principal: Alicia Diez
  • Escuela Nº 373, Paraje El Botón, El Soberbio, Misiones. (42), Principal: Osvaldo Bordón.

Thanks for supporting and trust on our organization to be the liaison between your generosity and the children in need.

Children Breakfast
Children Breakfast
For a child breakfast 3
For a child breakfast 3


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